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Even after December 12th the residents and taxpayers of Stratford will be burdened by the symptoms of James R. Miron’s disastrous administration. These particular examples have violated the public trust on multiple occasions by lying to the public, lying to their own staff, participating in character assassination, favoritism and persecution of political enemies.

Not only do these actions undermine the morale of two critical departments, they put the general welfare of the public in danger. In addition, these two examples have created divisions within their departments that have no business in the performance of their duties.

Let us remember that these are merely two of the most egregious examples. There are others that are less glaring. For example, there is the use of the Public Works department to reward and punish political allies and foes.


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  1. 1 1george1

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 2 jezebel282

    And here is yet another example from John Buturla:

    Former Deputy Thief Loschiavo has the run of the PD building. Loschiavo comes and goes as he pleases and is allowed all access and keeps his building key. “All Access” means that he also has access to areas where there is NCIC info as well as computer terminal access (and we already know from Christian Miron that ANYBODY can access those). Buturla claims he is a constable and suddenly his name appears on the constable list but the instructions next to it reads “NO CALLS” instead of having his phone number attached.

    Didn’t we just vote for constables on November 3rd? I KNOW I didn’t see Joseph Loschiavo’s name on the ballot. How did he get to be a “constable”?

  3. 3 1george1

    Didn’t we just vote for constables on November 3rd? I KNOW I didn’t see Joseph Loschiavo’s name on the ballot. How did he get to be a “constable”?

    “This IS Stratford!”

    Somehow I suspect Jeze and friends would prefer the title
    change from “constable,” to con, and eventually ex-con? 😉

    “This IS Stratford!”

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. 4 phineast

    Jez, There is more than one type of constable in town. We have the constables that are elected-these guys and gals serve papers like eviction notices and then we have the PD constables that are NON gun carrying law enforcement that can work “specials”. They are paid by whom ever the hiring agent is. The PD constables are per diem extras that provide a service, I believe they are town trained and many are retired officers. The DO NOT CALL next to Loschiavo’s name could be that he he doesn’t want any work, which is no surprize (which means he is taking up a spot that could be offered to someone who can actually do something for the town other than “borrow” snow blowers and power washers). OR he could be a no call because while they may be obliged to keep him on the list they don’t WANT him to participate because he is a bad risk to the community-I have never heard of that being done but then again I have never until Loschiavo heard of anyone being kicked out of the PBA either. I personally believe that the NEW MAYOR should be asking for all the key fobs back and if you are not officially employed in the PD you should have to wait to be buzzed in like the rest of the public. There is no reason EVER for anyone to have access to the restricted areas of the PD unless they are a full time employee, the building is open and staffed 24/7/365 so you can always get buzzed in. It corrupts the integrity of the department by having keys floating around and activated that shouldn’t be.

  5. 5 1george1

    then we have the PD constables that are NON gun carrying
    law enforcement that can work “specials”.
    They are paid by whom ever the hiring agent is.
    The PD constables are per diem extras that provide a service,
    I believe they are town trained and many are retired officers.

    If cushy road side jobs to stand next to gas / ui / or work was
    available at $ 65 per hour in sunny 50 + degree weather, could
    this type of constable be called to work that job, instead of a
    junior (or sowhat senior) officer?

    According to someone blog mistress respects, there have been
    police on the force, who corrupted the integrity of the dept.
    I agree with Phin.
    I agree with much of the criticism of Miron and Mironuts.
    However, some of Jim’s criticism of some personnel in town
    was legit, from a variety of sources.
    Ironically, some of Jim’s supporters’ relatives also fit into the
    category of which Jim was critical of ….

    No one is perfect.
    No group has perfect people in it.

    The police have shown me much respect from the Mossman days,
    and I respect “most” of the rank and file as good and decent guys
    who protect and serve …. more than just the political …..

    There is plenty of room for honest agreement.
    There is plenty of room for honest disagreement.

    Today we give Thanks to beable to have family, friends, and a
    relatively great situation and “rights” such as freedom of speach,
    thought, religion, + petition government for redress of grievances.

    I believe Capt McNeil was fired for filing a grievance related to the
    O. T. of the highest pensioner.

    I have known reprisal related to appeal rights.
    I support Capt McNeil.

    I have known targeted lass of careers for political reasons.
    I support Jeze issue related to political targeting of careers,
    unrelated to political appointments (kinda fair game) positions.

    I have known financial reprisal.
    I tread carefully that police and fire unions and families absolutely
    know they are beating the system and unfairly, and are gaming
    issues as cover stories.

    PSALMS 33:13
    JOHN 8:32


    You shall have no other gods before me.

    You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness
    of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath,
    or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to
    them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God,
    visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and
    fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to
    thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

    The proverb alludes to the temptation of Christ by the Devil
    (matthew iv) when the latter quotes a passage from Psalm xci.

    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing
    holy witness Is like a villain with a smiling cheek.
    [1596 Shakespeare Merchant of Venice i. iii. 93]

    The versatile personage in our popular proverbs, who‥quotes Scripture
    for his own ends.
    [1937 ‘C. Dickson’ Ten Teacups xiii.]

    Thus Candour’s maxims flow from Rancour’s throat,
    As devils, to serve their purpose, Scripture quote.
    [1761 C. Churchill Apology 15]

    The devil can quote Scripture, as we all know, so why not a politician?
    [1997 Washington Times 25 July A4]

    Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)

  6. 6 phineast

    George, The answer to you question is yes. PD constables can be called to do road jobs etc, but it is guided by the “specials” list which is in place with contract restrictions. Constables are offered the opportunity to work jobs that off duty officers do not want. For the contract particulars talk to the union board.
    I know years ago those jobs were available to officers to subsidize their salaries which historically were very low and the vendors paid them directly, that changed when the town wanted a slice of the profits and decided to act as a service provider for these vendors (like UI and GAS CO) the town was then able to set the hourly rate to include and administrative “fee” for providing payroll services and staff to the vendor. The town takes in an average of $125k per year I believe in fees-again check with the proper departments to verify.

  7. 7 1george1


    I am aware there is a premium to the town over the pay for the specials.
    I was curious IF that could be the reason for the “special” consideration
    for the ex-D/C? However the KEYS are a REAL ISSUE.

    One of the PLOYS the “planners” used to steer increased PENSIONS,
    was to leave the POLICE about 20 PERSONS SHORT.
    The junior police grab the $ 65 per hour “SPECIAL” pay, which does NOT
    count towards PENSIONS, but is analygous to DOUBLE TIME.
    This left slots to be filled by senior people which counted toward PENSIONS.

    100 % aware of the “gamed”system, as are the FBI/Justice, State Prosecutors/
    Police, and Town Attorneys.
    This is well known by many towns people and the Press.

    The same thing is true about the TOWN COUNCILS BUDGETING O. T. to
    necessary FIRE TRUCKS.
    Chairman Feehan’s Town Council BUDGETS $ 5.45 Million straight time
    with $ 1.55 Million BUDGETED O. T., while MIRON was Mayor.

    To myself and many of the more knowledgeable people in town, the
    whole CYBART & FIRE TRUCKS issues are smole screen to disguise the
    PENSION ISSUES, figuring the PRESS will ignore the ISSUE forever.

    While Miron and Burturla really did hurt people, there are a lot of
    people in both parties, and among career personnel think they are
    outsmarting everybody.

    Maybe they will get away with it?
    I do not know.
    I do not care.

    I made Police & Fire aware that I was trying to protect lives and
    livelihoods and have had reprisals.
    Silence is consent.
    The Police and Fire and Attorneys and Ward Bosses and Committees
    hacks and business community choose to ignore reality, thinking the
    well is inexhaustible and thinking they are protected.

    There is one problem with a system that is completely corrupted…..

    Even Fagin’s urchins and the Royal Courts courtesans, recognize a certainty …..

  8. 8 jezebel282


    Have we mentioned the other Waterbury alum that is in charge of Public Works?

    Below is an exchange between a citizen, Council member and…wait for it…the current mayor. You can be the judge of why he was humiliated by the voters on election day.

    (By the way, Jim, it’s i-g-n-o-r-a-m-u-s. You idiot.)

    From: “”
    Sent: Wed, November 25, 2009 10:35:14 PM
    Subject: Re: Longbrook Park Clean Up Damage

    Good luck with that you ignoramous.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
    Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 17:26:50 -0800 (PST)
    To: ; ; Susan Nuttall; JOHN Fahan; ; ; James Miron
    Cc: ; ; John Harkins; Tom Malloy; Matt Catalano
    Subject: Re: Longbrook Park Clean Up Damage

    Mr. McCarthy;

    I don’t know how many times we have to go over the same issues and the lack of attention from the staff that are servicing the park. The Town just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate the park and we can’t have Town staff blowing leaves into the pond or damaging property through carless behavior. I trust that under the next Town Administration that this type of behavior will be corrected once and for all.


    Gavin B. Forrester III
    Third District Town Council Member

    From: “”
    To:; GAVIN B FORRESTER III ; Susan Nuttall ; JOHN Fahan ;;; James Miron
    Sent: Tue, November 24, 2009 4:58:27 PM
    Subject: Longbrook Park Clean Up Damage

    Today is Tuesday November 23rd and I have witnessed that the town vehicles and personnel have been cleaning the lower section of Longbrook Park on one side of the waterway which runs through the lower park.

    Unfortunately I have also witnessed several very disturbing incidents involving these workers.

    !. There is a section of where the leaves were pushed into the brook leading from the waterfall to the larger lower pond. The large piles of leaves now are clogging the what was up until that day a free running stream of water in a section where much manpower and money was spent to dredge and underlie the waterway with crushed black stone. It is now actually clogging and damming in that section.

    2. On Monday I witnessed a town vehicle, one of two which were at the lower section being driven on the playground area until the front axle of the vehicle was buried up to the axle itself. There was a very half hearted attempt to repair the damage caused by the truck but very deep ruts now exist in that section.

    3. Two of the Concrete sided trash receptacles which cost in excess of $600.00 each were struck by the vehicle causing the sided to be smashed in and destroyed on each of two trash receptacles. One of the receptacles was then moved by the crew and place atop one of the footings for a park table which has not arrived and not been installed yet… The town vehicle was repeatedly driven over several of these forms as well and thankfully they were not damaged by the weight of the vehicles. This is just plain stupid and ignorant of workers to cause that much damage to the park in the name of a supposed clean up. Of which only one half of the lower section was raked in the first place. Thus leaving the walkways and base of the stairs completely clogged with piles of leaves and causing great difficulty in passing through those areas.

    4. While the clean up ensued a section of black plastic which was placed along the brooks edge has now gone into the waterway itself. This is along the newly created walkway with the curbing on the incorrect side. This plastic is doing nothing but causing a visual detraction. Why is it even there, and now there and in the waterway as well?

    5. While walking to pick up a group of large branches that had obviously been left by the back of the Old Field house and forgotten to have been removed, I came across the two tweaked out individuals who were waiting with suitcases of beer for distribution. The two were once again drinking beers as well and when I confronted them once again, I was addressed with outstanding verbal abusive language. Mrs. Nuttall happened to come walking down with her dog while this chance meeting was wrapping up and the individuals were leaving in their mangled vehicle that was also parked in front of the Old Field House. This was done because the gate is no longer being locked and vehicles are being seen parked down there more and more frequently. They are coming in late at night as well and making what can be assumed as deliveries as well of controlled substances which there are great amounts of remnants all along the seated wall hill side.

    This gate must be locked and maintained in order to dissuade people of this type from using the park as their personal Booze and Drug Supermarket.

    The police were contacted by Mrs. Nutall and an officer did arrive about 3/4 hour later to her home and not the park where we instructed them we were waiting. By this time the people had long since left with their merchandise (back seat of car was loaded with cases of Bud and Bud light too).

    After an initial problem with the poor attitude by the police officer, we finally were able to discuss the situation. I had to personally ask him if he wanted a description of the vehicle and or the people involved because it was apparent that he was not going to ask. Finally after I did offer the description he then stated to us that he believe it sounded just like a couple that had been seen selling drugs in another section of the town and that he would have the license plate run to find out more.

    We are also witnessing large numbers of geese coming to the upper pond as well. Now this is one of the big reasons for the Air Filtration Fountain being obtained and installed. It is now still not running and the geese are not being chased away by a non running fountain!! Could you believe that? Those geese must not have gotten the memo that someone had not signed off on the fountain to allow it to be run.. Please can this item that has been purchased be put into functioning status? Come on already.. Between the destruction of the trash receptacles, the leaves being blown into the waterway and the fountain not being run it appears that all the work that was performed over this summer and autumn are now quickly being put into reverse and we are all going to be overrun by the juggernaut of idiocy and neglect once more.

    Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Joseph A. Sorrentino
    Longbrook Park Commission.

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    An absolute disgrace.

  10. 10 justanotherreader

    While the issues with the Park should be addressed, in my humble opinion the bigger problem is that we have this type of response from the outgoing Mayor. Seriously, shouldn’t he be relieved of his duties, equipment, vehicle, keys, accesss to documents, buildings etc? He is not fulfilling his duties and is acting like a spoiled child. I would hope there is something in the charter about the consequences of a mayor’s dereliction of duties and if not, maybe some legal eagle could find something to get his rotten influence out of Town Hall now and not wait another two weeks to let him create more havoc.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “Seriously, shouldn’t he be relieved of his duties, equipment, vehicle, keys, accesss to documents, buildings etc?”

    That will happen in 15 days no matter what Mayor Moron does or doesn’t do.

    The real problem is the “leftovers”. Three of the most important positions in Town are filled by Miron appointees. None of them can be trusted to do the job they were hired for. Their only driving concern is the protection of their position at any cost. That cost is usually us.

  12. 12 phineast

    Time to go get the town vehicle. If he is not going to show up and work/help with the transition the vehicle should go and so should his pay and benefits-I’ll take a cost savings of 2 weeks.
    Jez is right the leftovers are spoiled/rotten and therefore are a problem. Throw out what you can and do what you can to demonstrate malfeasance on the others. That actually should not be too hard to do when you go through the list of things done wrong. It is time, we have had enough and have demanded action via the voting booths. I think John is up to the task, and I don’t believe that he will allow others to bog him down. We shall see. I know it is not going to be easy, but the residents are counting on John to pull it together quickly and honestly.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Incredible but true!

    Pensions for ousted officials: Some get them, some don’t
    Some towns offer plans, while others give nothing

    By Kate Ramunni

    “…Stratford officials declined to release information about whether defeated Mayor James R. Miron is owed compensation for unused sick and vacation days, or whether the single-term official qualifies in any way for a pension when he leaves office Dec. 14, despite several verbal and written requests to the mayor and Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom.

    “I am advised that Human Resources should treat this (Connecticut Post) e-mail as an FOI request and review the documentation which may be available to fulfill it. We will advise you when such review is completed as to the documentation,” Winterbottom stated in an e-mail response to the newspaper last week….”

    Sometimes you are just left speechless.

    Sick days? Unused vacation? For someone that when he did show up was there at the crack of 11 AM? The only places he could be reliably reached during the week was on the golf course or Mohegan Sun. We’d love to see his time card.

    Pension? A pension for all of the careers he single handedly ruined? He can take his contribution to the 401K and go away. We’ll keep the Town’s contribution.

    Excuse me…I think I’m going to be sick.

  14. 14 phineast

    Jez, relax-Jim has spent the last month using up his vacation and sick time-and he would NEVER survive a round through the pension board-they would laugh at any pension request. If you look at the documentation of what he was entitled to when he was hired-it is limited by the council prop to his election into office and could not be changed so he is SOL.
    The fact that it was even brought up was a slow news day but gives us the heads up to keep a watchful eye on what goes on.

  15. 15 phineast

    prior not prop..sorry for the typo

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “Jez, relax-Jim has spent the last month using up his vacation and sick time”

    Sorry…sometimes it is just so unreal…..

  17. 17 phineast

    it is surreal….
    one correction-it is Dec.14th…..

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “one correction-it is Dec.14th…..”

    Another bonus from the Charter. The term for mayor is 4 years. Moron’s term began on December 12th, 2005 (it was a dark day, remember?) . Of course he didn’t show up in Town hall at all on Dec 12th. He finally waltzed in at the crack of 11 AM on the 13th. That should have told us right there….never mind.

    If John wanted to, he could be sworn in at midnight on the 12th. He chose to wait until Monday the 14th. My guess would be that Moron’s office will be cleaned out by Dec 10th (someone should make sure his laptop, Blackberry and cars keys are secure) and he won’t be seen publicly in Stratford again. (Perhaps in Court, but that is in Bridgeport).

    If he did show up on the 14th for the swearing in, it would be extremely difficult to tell if the cheering would be for Harkins or the fact Miron is leaving.

  19. 19 phineast

    actually Jez, he can only take office on the second Monday in December-this year that happens to be the 14th. The dark day that Miron took office was indeed the 12th. Only 15 days until his can is completely kicked out.

  20. 20 jezebel282




    It can’t happen soon enough.

  21. 21 phineast

    I agree!

  22. 22 sylvia67

    Miron, you wish you had half of the intellect that Gavin has. I had many friends that taught at SHS when you were a student there, and they are amazed that you have come this far on what meager abilities you have. We are all wondering how you passed the bar exam, unless they lowered the standards. Where do you get off calling Gavin names, even if you could spell your insult correctly? This example is more evidence of what Jezabel and I have been saying all along: anyone Miron appointed has to go. They cannot be trusted and can only be counted on to carry on his legacy of corruption, arrogance, and incompetence. It will soon be a new day in Stratford when John Harkins is sworn in. We need a new staff with the best and brightest to go along with our great new mayor.

  23. 23 1george1

    Stratford officials declined to release information about whether
    defeated Mayor James R. Miron is owed compensation for unused
    sick and vacation days,

    As long as something was spelled out as to terms and conditions.
    However the Town Charters Revisions were so poorly written …
    It is extremely likely that a 3rd Town Charter Revision is needed!
    However, that presupposes there is honor in the intent.
    I believe Gavin has honor as well as others.
    However, there have been a lot of things happen which NO ONE
    has made the public aware about ….
    I guess some people may take OTHER OATHS above OATH of OFFICE?

    or whether the single-term official qualifies in any way for a pension
    when he leaves office Dec. 14, despite several verbal and written
    requests to the mayor and Human Resources Director Edmund

    Except some sort of 401.
    I believe Barnhart, Feeney, Branyan, Finance Directors, and others
    were not in the defined benefit pension, but had 401.
    I could be wrong?

  24. 24 phineast

    The terms of compensation for the mayor were set forth by the council before Jim Miron was elected. You can go back to archived minutes from when they set the mayor’s salary to see if anything was documented. Carol Cabral may remember or know where to point you to look for the information, as she was there and tends to display a keen memory about dates and other information that is documented in minutes-generally-not verbatim. I do not believe that anything was set aside other than some simple basic standard benefits and basic sick time and basic 2 week vacation package. If he has not used them up by not showing up at work through all of November, I believe the council would have grounds to challenge the fact that he received compensation without performance which would nullify his ability to collect. I believe he was allowed to participate in a 401k but that is it, no pension.
    Winterbottom has actually no authority over the Mayor’s benefit package, it seems to me that all the info requests are going to the wrong person.

  25. 25 omeara128

    A constable in Stratford DOES carry a gun and has the same arrest powers as any other full time cop, the difference, constables work road jobs or specials that go unfilled by full time officers and they cannot work patrol duty.

  26. 26 rex525

    Stratford officials urge outgoing mayor to sign emergency order for new fire trucks
    By Richard Weizel

    “We are definitely in an emergency situation and need the trucks, or we are placing the public at great risk,” (Assistant Fire Chief) Ross told the council

    Assistant Fire Chief Tom Murray said afterward that “at least the council is trying to do the right thing. I applaud the courageous actions of this council tonight to do what it takes to protect the citizens of Stratford”

    Miron appointees (Fire Chief) James Cavanaugh and (Deputy Fire Chief) Curtis Moffit were not in attendance for this crutial meeting, go figure. Almost a week later and still no public comment from either one. Jezebel, my tax dollars pay these two silent officials to protect me and my family. I find this troubling, is it just me?

  27. 27 jezebel282


    “Jezebel, my tax dollars pay these two silent officials to protect me and my family. I find this troubling, is it just me?”

    No. Not really. What I find really troubling is lying. I have a strong distaste for liars.


    Chief rebuts Fire Department allegations
    Updated: 10/28/2009 04:14:38 PM EDT

    “As fire chief for the Stratford Fire Department, I want to assure town residents that they are safe and protected.”

    “Our current apparatus is older, I would agree, but it is functional, safe and effective.”

    “Mayor Miron has restored pride to the fire service by choosing to serve the people of Stratford and the needs of our first responders, not the demands of the public safety unions.”

    “The negative statements in Assistant Chief Tom Murray’s letter about the Stratford Fire Department are untrue…”

    If you are keeping score (I am) that’s four lies in seven paragraphs.

    First, he lied to residents.
    Second he lied about the state of equipment.
    Third he lied about Miron caring about anything.
    Fourth he lied about Assistant Chief Murray and sought to discredit him for speaking out.

    That a big pile of lies that he took the time to formulate and sign his name to.

    I hope, at the very least, he has apologized to Assistant Chief Murray personally by now. Publicly would be even better and more appropriate.

  28. 28 phineast

    Doug, thanks for the correction-question-is their $$ rate the same as a regular officer
    that is paid out or do they get less? and does the town charge$$ differently for them or the same? Thanks for any information you may have.

  29. 29 ddbess


    If the contracts of the 3 department heads who live out of town (I MEAN WAY OUT OF TOWN) state that they are on call 24 hrs. a day so they get a vehicle to drive back & forth to work on the town’s dime, GIVE THEM EACH A “SMART CAR” to commute in. It seems funny that the moron is responcible for getting these-get it, SMART car. At least they wouldn’t be burning as much gas going to Waterbury for 2 & some little bum-phuck town past Danbury for the other.

  30. 30 greghousemd


    interestingly enough it seems a dead issue now that elections are over, but the current Mayor made a town wide issue of purchasing “environmentally friendly vehicles” when he took office, all the departments town wide we required to purchase “fuel friendly”

    E.M.S./P.W./Town Hall/Fire Marshall/etc all purchased vehicles from Hybrid Ford Escapes to “Smart Cars” (irony yes lol)

    PD Chief & FD Chief (at the time) got GMC YUKON’s at an EPA estimated MPG 12 city, 16 highway on 2WD models and 11 city, 15 highway on 4WD model. (they did not get the hybrid models, my assumption is 4WD as well)

    The FD Chief at the time lived in Stratford, but still , clearly not at all a “Fuel Friendly” vehicle, and the PD Chief, well we all know where he drives the gas guzzler to and from every day.

  31. 31 omeara128


    I believe but could be wrong, a constable gets the same rate on specials and road jobs as a patrolman rate…..I believe the town charges the same……..

  32. 32 1george1

    I posted this question on # 5. Doug thank you for the FYI.

    If cushy road side jobs to stand next to gas / ui / or work was
    available at $ 65 per hour in sunny 50 + degree weather, could
    this type of constable be called to work that job, instead of a
    junior (or sowhat senior) officer?

    Phin – I used the terms LIKELY + UNLIKELY related to:
    1 – Paid Time off
    2 – Pension (or 401)

    I do not know or care about all the nuances of Mayor perks,
    in part because I did not WIN the Mayoral Race. 😦
    I did NOT come close. 😦 😦
    – Seriously though, it was never on my radar about reviewing! 😉

    Actually I was at the CRC # 2 Meetings when:
    1 – Feehan had about 12 “issues” with the results of CRC # 1.
    Feehan bought out there was NO ABILITY to give Mayor PAY RAISE.
    2 – The next Month Miron spoke to the C.R.C. where everyone
    had kid gloves on to Jimmy, except Karen R + Eric Booth.
    Jimmy stated he had lunch with Feehan
    Jimmy asked for a raise.
    3 – They discussed settting a format to create a raise, which I
    suggested to be in the Mayor’s final year.
    I think Jim Orlowe suggested it separately, but after I suggested it.
    – That is why I knew Henrich + Jimmy + Dom were all F.O.S. when
    they postured about the pay raise and (JM + DC) being against it.

    Jeze of the things you state as lies, there is really only one that
    is clear, plain, and evident to any unbiased reader. It is enough:

    First, he lied to residents.
    Second he lied about the state of equipment.
    Third he lied about Miron caring about anything.
    Fourth he lied about Assistant Chief Murray and sought to
    discredit him for speaking out.

    # 1 + # 2 are compund and enough and most important to the Public.
    # 3 = opinion
    # 4 = opinion, to which I concur. Tom is capable of defending himself.
    The chief is entitled to his opinion, which he may have “some” basis for
    his opinion.
    If one states what he believes to be true, then he is NOT LYING, per
    examples of much of Stratford Press coverage of “staged events.”
    They press disseminates lies, yet they are honestly reporting what they
    have been shown at Town Council Meetings, or where-ever.

    All politicians lie to benefit vested interests and allies, needing some
    “phoney justifications” to spend money or hide things!

    The cost to the Tax Payers on these political perks is comparatively
    small when compared to the kited costs of
    along with Appointments, BID-Contracts/Change Orders, and FEES;
    UNFUNDED Mandates, Economic unDevelopment/Exodus, and Costs;

    which cummulatively add about 50 % to the BUDGET and MIL RATE.

    Many retirees played it straight and still got exceptional pensions.

    Other retirees, gamed the situation, and KNOW they took advantage
    of the politics, but can justify it in their minds because of NO COLA

    I can understand both groups, and there is a fairness issue towards
    THEM! My idea is a ROLL BACK on PENSIONS above $ 25,000 and an
    INCREASE to Beneficiaries to $ 12 – 15, with an INCREASE to lowest
    PENSIONS to $ 18,000 – $ 22,000 with varied factors.
    – All pensions would be Defined Contribution indexed to negotiated
    standard rates, with opportunities to ALSO have 401 + contribute to
    Social Security. This is a draft concept, which needs a lot of work.
    – I strongly believe the abusive Health Care Costs will be addressed
    due to the National Situation, within 3 years.
    BUSINESSES, + RESIDENTS! (Clock work Orange*)

    Then there are people who abused the PENSIONS and ruin it for
    everyone, especially the Tax Payers and brother/sister unions.
    However the FAR WORST people are LAWYERS, BEAN COUNTERS,
    MANAGEMENT, and TOWN COMMITTEE PEOPLE who allow soooooo

    * Clock Work Orange.
    Historically there are DATES and SITUATIONS which the POWERS
    (who control everything) use for pychic amusement.

    2001 and 2010 both can be translated to J. O. B.
    as in the “BOOK Of JOB”
    in simple number letter substitution code:

    J = 10
    O = 0
    B = 2

    However, 2011, LOOKS WORSE for the Bees ….

    K = 11
    O = 0

    B = 2

    NOTE: Bee can (not necessarily) refer to MacaBees,
    which can be Jewish and/or Christian and/or Catholic and/or Masonic-


    Bee could relate to ALL “WORKER BEES ….”

    Are any of your readers “WORKER BEES?”

  33. 33 dgugliotti


    This is my first time blogging. But I just had to say you are one heck of a researcher on town issues. However, some of your issues related to the police are far off. When it comes to police can you please do your research and confirm it with the union or one of its members. I had to speak up because some of the blogs related to the Stratford Police Department and its members are not accurate.

    Captain Joe McNeil was not fired. Captain McNeil was wrongly targeted for investigation criminally, civilly and internally for his role as Union president and his actions as Union President.

    Constables for the town and police are two different things. Constables for the police are a collection of retired officers and constables that were there long before I got there. They are certified police officers that work outside jobs hired by contractors such as Stop & Shop, UI, ATT, Water Co. and any one else that would like to hire an officer.

    Full time police officers and constables do not get $65 and hour. Only full time police officer get $65 but it has to be a holiday or overnight hours when it is more dangerous to be seen. The price difference was put in place I believe to try to get companies to work during daylight when it is safer. 95% of all road work is aprox. $47 paid to the officer/constable and $5.25 hourly to the town. If the company wants an officer in a car, like for night work or dangerous corners/intersections then the town charges $15.00 an hour.

    Now you know George some things can not be explained to you in detail at this point do to criminal cases, civil cases, pending lawsuits and labor disputes. I am confident that the truth will come out soon to answer everyone’s questions as they should.

    But a good start would be the police union website:

  34. 34 jezebel282

    There are two types of constables in Connecticut.

    Special Constables are appointed by Towns. In general, they are appointed to serve as police officers and expected to have or complete the requirements of the Police Officer Standards and Training Council in order to do so. Special Constables normally work under the supervision of a Resident State Trooper contracted by the town (a requirement of the Connecticut State Police if the town wishes their constables to be dispatched by the State Police or have access to the radio and computer system of the State Police). The system of Resident State Trooper and Constables is used by many medium sized towns as a cost effective way of providing increased police patrols while the State Police retain primary responsibility to provide additional levels of supervision, dispatch, Detective, and other specialized services.

    Constables who are elected officials are generally limited to serving civil process within the town they are elected by. Elections are held every two years, except communities which by local ordinance or charter have set the term of office at four years. While a small number of towns will also allow the constables to perform road traffic control and event security functions, most strictly prohibit their constables from acting in any official capacity on behalf of the Town. The authority to act as a law enforcement officer by nature of their office was removed in 1984, at which time they became subject to the Police Officer Standards and Training Council requirements. In 1984 these requirements were for 480 hours of training, which could be completed in 120 hour long “blocks” which were offered as part-time evening classes. With completion of each block came expansion of the types of law enforcement the officer could perform. While it was never common after 1984 to have elected Constables with law enforcement powers, there were a few who did complete certification. As of 2007, POST requirements of 680 hours of training provided on a full-time basis for new officers, followed by 400 hours of training provided by a certified Field Training Officer make completing the requirements to be a law enforcement officer impractical for elected Constables.

  35. 35 1george1

    Thank you for the FYI and corrections.

    “This is my first time blogging. But I just had to say you are one
    heck of a researcher on town issues. However, some of your
    issues related to the police are far off.
    When it comes to police can you please do your research and
    confirm it with the union or one of its members. I had to speak
    up because some of the blogs related to the Stratford Police
    Department and its members are not accurate.”

    I never try to present erronious information as facts.
    Even facts can be contentious.
    Dave, based on your corrections, I am not sure I posted wrong info.
    At least not based on what you did post. Please correct me:

    1) Captain Joe McNeil was not fired.
    (Not what I understood – The Firing is being challenged in a Grievance
    process with possible Arbitration Hearing.)

    My warnings to McNeil:
    1 – Arbitators try to find ways to throw a sliver to Union or Managment
    to help protect both from oversite. and civil liability.

    2 – Do NOT trust ANYONE to PROTECT your INTERESTS.
    If the UNION wants to protect you, you will win.
    If the UNION has another objective, like trading your case for someone
    who is guilty but politically connected, they will leave an opening for
    the Arbitrator to protect Managment, while protecting the Union from
    Liability. 99 % of Government Lawyers and 100 % of Labor Lawyers and
    Labor Relations people are courtesans (& criminals), in my opinion.
    > If ANY TINY item is lost in Arbitration – It can cost you a LAW SUIT.
    >> Getting back pay except for a month or a week or a day is an opening
    for Summary Judgement against a Civil Law Suit where Berchem’s firm has
    relatives and allies who are Judges, Police (Derby), Congress, Senate, and
    throughout the State and Federal process
    (similar to jobs of Proto – Cotter – Naples – K Williams – Wannagot – others)

    > Beware of the PROCEDURAL DEFECT defense, because it does NOTHING
    to EXPOSE INNOCENCE, which is what a JURY wants in a CIVIL CASE where
    you must be PREPONDERANTLY CLEAR, PLAIN, & EVIDENT in proving:
    A) Color of the Law
    B) Malice
    C) Forethought
    D) Damage

    2) Captain McNeil was wrongly targeted for investigation criminally,
    civilly and internally for his role as Union president and his actions
    as Union President.

    (Dave I agree with your assessment, with a relatively high degree.
    That is a Grievance/Arbitration, possible NLRB matter, and possible
    court matter. All depending on the results of Grievances or Arbitration.)

    (In the USPS I was fired 3 times, with concurrent suspensions.)

    (All were pretextual and political, with the unique aspect that there was
    a covert and clandestine codification human message using me and other
    as unwitting human Letter Carriers.)

    For the rest of George’s “clandestine codifications” go to

    I raised a question about a possible reason the ex-D/C was a
    NO CALL Constable and IF, IF, IF, the reason the ex-D/C want the
    position was about O. T. or related to the SPECIAL DUTY RATE?
    Dave mine were questions.
    However, I discounted that, as a prime reason, because a KEY to the
    POLICE HQ appears to be a PRIME POINT of CONTENTION?

    ” Constables for the town and police are two different things. ”

    I believe my above indicates that I am not WRONG on ISSUES NOTED,
    but instead raised QUESTIONS – which is reasonable a difference!

    However, Dave, I believe within the bottom of your post is where you
    have real issues, with what I have posted, yet can not realistically
    debate my correctness or error, because of pending litigation or
    situations. I am in the phone book. Your brothers have my e-mail.
    You can think about things and post in the future…..

    I am 100 % I do not have everything accurate about everything.
    However, you presented yourself and positions like a gentleman.
    I hope my rebuttal and request for correction(s) is accepted as
    such ,,,, Hope you had great holiday.

    From Dave to George
    Now you know George some things can not be explained to you
    in detail at this point do to criminal cases, civil cases, pending
    lawsuits and labor disputes.

    (100 % AGREED with ABOVE)

    I am confident that the truth will come out soon to answer
    everyone’s questions as they should.

    (Dave, in this system, anything can be rigged!
    I know longer worry about the Mossman civil jury finding.
    Since then I have had a portion of U. S. ATTORNEYS, FBI, JUDGES,
    politically appointed personnel placed in disdain and contempt,
    while still repecting the positions, but NOT the political stadt
    nor perverse political kulturekampf.

  36. 36 phineast

    I am guessing that the shredders are smoking today!!! The mayormobile has been at town hall most of the day and now into the night with the mayor’s office lit up like a holiday tree….wonder what could possibly need doing on a night that there is no meetings that couldn’t be taken care of during the day that you need to be “alone” for in town hall…..(save the right/left handed comments…)……

  37. 37 1george1

    Maybe someone is preparing his gift list?

  38. 38 dgugliotti


    I didn’t think for one minute that you post things that you know are not factual. In fact I believe your heart to be in the right place and only desire to have this town and its matters head in the right direction.

    Maybe I should of also included that many postings about the police are somewhat twisted no matter who posts about the police. I was just getting frustrated reading the posts that make the police look like we are bad. In fact most of us are great people who have families to support and love our jobs and serving the people.

    Yes you are right the “bad” cops need to be exposed and leave the job.

    1.)Captain McNeil is suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case and then the labor case.

    2.) Retired Person. From what I have heard at the PD officers felt that this person had such a negative impact on the officers when the person was working. That now that the person has retired the officers dont want that person in the building. The person has been coming around and the officers are complaining to the union. The union tried to address it with the chief only to be told the person was a constable. Constables have obvious access to the building. Officers were also questioning how a person could be a constable when that person had a disability pension added to that persons retirement. Officers also voted that person out of the PBA when the person retired.

    more than meets the eye here….lots going on behind the scenes…

    I personnal can’t wait for this year to be over and a better new year to come.

  39. 39 jezebel282


    “Maybe I should of also included that many postings about the police are somewhat twisted no matter who posts about the police.”


    I have checked and rechecked past postings about the members of Local 407 and cannot find a single post that is “somewhat twisted”. (I am not counting George’s posts which are always…convoluted).

    Can you explain why you think posts on this site are “somewhat twisted”?

  40. 40 phineast

    Jez, I agree with you that for the most part the people that participate on this blog are supportive of the PD, though early on there were some postings from Mironistas that were rather twisted.
    dg, You might be thinking of another blog. Though even on those there is clear support of the PD but not the chief and former and current DC.
    A question to you dg-at least one of the constables has never worked for a police department is he still considered in the exact category as the other officers? Things evolve over the years and for some reason I was under he impression that there was a difference. There probably is no difference, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance.

  41. 41 dgugliotti


    I am not sure what specific constable you are referring too.

    The law changed about part time cops, full time cops, part time training, and full time training when POST took over at the police academy. (I believe it to be better now) If they are on the list they are certified police officers and have acquired all the training required. The people that might have been on the list prior to the change might have been grandfather with some additional training. I really don’t remember, but I was one of those persons who went through the part time training just about the time of the change. I also went back to POST for this full time position. Some officers didn’t have to. It’s really up to the employer.


    what I mean about twisted is that it’s not entirely true, or may be just short of the truth, or may be false all together, or a play on words…..
    And yes you are right its every blog and newspaper.
    As always the Union Contract, Police Policies, Town Policies, Town Charter and Police Union web site @ can answer most questions. More importantly look at the grievances filed and won by the union. And even lost by the union….like filing on the pension not being paid into by the town.

  42. 42 jezebel282


    I am going to disagree with you. When I post something about the PD or Local 407 members, it is thoroughly researched and vetted. I would go so far as to say that my sources are better than yours.

    Be that as it may….Local 407’s website has been displayed on this site for years. (It’s located about midway down the right-hand side). In fact, if you notice, I am the most frequent poster on 407’s site.

    Oh….and good move on deleting the silly cowboy music on the site.

  43. 43 1george1

    It is human nature to read or be involved with things and remember
    the negative, more than the positive. (even when 99 % positive)

    Example: I ran a co-ed bowling league 1969 – 1984 which averaged 26
    teams of 3 men + 2 women or 3 women + 2 men. (130 person average)
    Twice we had all 32 lanes.
    I had the same core of 80 -90 people every year, and we had 6 FUNctions
    in a 13 week season / 2 week post season.
    However every year I had 2 miserable people.
    For 2 years, I went out of my way to try to get everyone happy.
    I came to the realization that some people will always be miserable and
    try to take down everyone else.

    In some ways some of the posters on this blog are like that.
    Often, I am the one spoiling their nastiness, often with counter attacks
    or counter points.

    Dave, after the Mossman incident, he tried to spy on me at Mr. P’s
    using local and area police. It became comical, as several people grew
    up with many of the police or had been arrested by them and knew I
    was not involved in certain stuff.
    They would discreetly tell me which one was undercover from Bpt &
    was with a stripper/hooker. Or which one was a plant drug pusher.
    Johnny’s softball team had a few police and friends. Mr. P’s sponsored
    them 1 – 2 years. The ex-owner had dated (for years) a relative of a
    Stratford Police Capt. While I am not perfect I checked out clean.

    I had a few very minor traffic situations or other things which a couple of different officer cut me slack when he did not have to do so.
    Even LoSchiavo changed my court date when handing me the Dec 1998
    Disorderly Conduct Court summons, because
    it was the 12th Anniversary of my father’s death.

    In April 1995, I appealed about a series of 16 deaths in 18 months, to
    1 – Mossman (by phone-twice)
    2 – U. S. Attorney Christopher Droney (Aug 1996) getting writen replies
    the U. S. Attorney office would not investigate
    3 – Fairfield Police Detective

    Sept 23, 2004, with Federal Judge Chris Droney in next Hartford Chamber,
    my Civil Suit vs. Mossman had unfavorable verdict entered.
    it was the 7th anniversary of my uncle/godfather/best friend’s death.

    My last minute lawyer Joe Merly was so knew to my firm, his name was
    not on the letter head. I TRIED TO GO PRO SE.
    JUDGE CHATIGNY would NOT allow
    (protecting Droney?=protecting FBI?=protecting whom?)

    I 100 % believe my father, my uncle, my niece, another uncle, my mom,
    my gram, and several other people were murdered by “apparently natural
    (pathology) deaths” by deviants inside the FEDERAL / STATE / LOCAL Blue
    Wall of POLITICS, by a very nasty subculture, of subhumans.
    (these took place very discreetly over decades for psychologic/logistics)

    I further believe this subculture intentionally “SET UP” to entrap people
    of a certain age and certain rank to get outrageous PENSIONS as a BRIBES
    using LAWYERS and POLITICAL PARTY people as puppets.
    (Pinnochio was a Puppet, dreaming of losing strings and nose grew when
    he LIED = REFERRENCE my comment about/to Jim Miron @ News 12 debate)

    (John Dempsey giggles about my crack whenever I see him.
    I wish it were not soooo true about Jimmy …. & Dicks & B UTTER NUTS!)

    I want to protect the good cops and fire and others, to be able to get
    the best possible legitimate PENSIONS and BENEFITS.

    Ironically, I am the mitigating attestor for those who thought they were
    gaming the system, basically committing Grand (Lodge) theft.

    I believe that Capt. McNiel was demoted and later fired, pending his
    (hopefully) reinstatement, in no small part due to the Chris Miron
    contrived situation, which I believe was created as a cover for the
    O. T. / HIGHEST PENSION – SCANDAL – Grievance.

    However, the creatures behind Mirons / Burturlas / certain people in
    both parties, have zero scruples.

    Politics is an extention of WAR to those people.

    The ONLY REASON I got involved in Stratford politics in 1998 was it was
    my last alternative and I believed (ignorantly) that at the local level
    where everyone in town (neighborhoods) knew their elected officials
    that there would be negligible GRAFT, PATRONAGE, & CORRUPTION.

    Instead, I found a very diverse range in the cast of local characters,
    where many people knew things about the other political party and/or
    people in their own political party that they KNEW ,… just was wrong!

    Further, there are practices that are accepted within groups that they
    look at as being ” a little wrong ” with partial corruption ….!

    Then there are many people in politics / government for the right reasons.
    Then there are many people in politics / government for sumptin to do.

    Years ago, Mr. X guessed the ratio might be about 1/3rd each.
    1/3rd SELFISH
    1/3rd SOMETHING to DO.

    Occasionally the selfish ones accidently do the most good?
    Occasionally the other groups do harm.
    I occasionally spoke to Mr. X after he left the Town Council.
    We agree on some stuff and disagree on some stuff and people.
    This includes difference of opinions about SOME PEOPLE who are
    the GOOD and who are the LESS GOOD

  44. 44 dgugliotti


    I probably should have included this in my first ever post to this site. I am a new blogger and it shows. When I refer to posting that are not accurate it’s not referring to you, but to others who post to benefit their views or just because they don’t know the facts. I am confident that your research is done well.

    Again for the record JEZ I qam not refering to you!!!!!

    By the way I ahve always wnated to say the pictures with each posting are priceless.

    The cowboy music was about the specific words in the song. Waht not a Tobey Keith fan?

  45. 45 jezebel282


    “Again for the record JEZ I qam not refering to you!!!!!”


    What is amazing is how many residents of Stratford are unaware of the professionalism and dedication of our Police, Fire and EMS personnel and the difficulties they must work through. Hopefully, your posts as well as others can provide us with the insights we need in order to support you more effectively.

    “Waht not a Tobey Keith fan?”

    You know what they say Cowboy hats and hemorrhoids have in common….sooner or later every a$$hole has one.

  46. 46 dgugliotti


    my god let it go

    some of that stuff happened before I was born……

    Ha ha ha

  47. 47 1george1

    my god let it go
    some of that stuff happened before I was born……
    Ha ha ha

    I am sure you were referring to something different than the fact that
    I wrote that people WITHIN the BLUE WALL / MILITARY / POLITICAL

  48. 48 1george1

    I am strongly suspicious of the deaths of
    Amy Knott McDonald
    Alex Kozak
    Ed Fennel
    and at least a dozen other Stratford Residents.

    Yet, Police Chiefs Mossman, Imbro, & Burturla,
    as well as other people do not have clear, plain,
    and evident facts of circumstance to warrant
    seeking to OPEN A CASE in ORDER to:

    I N V E S T I G A T E

    If a CRIME was committed

    Since this IS Stratford,
    I have the burden of proving CRIMES were committed

    but then, I suspect, several readers are intimately aware

  49. 49 1george1


    I WONDER if you and your followers ….

  50. 50 1george1

    Who fits the RITUALISTS?



  51. 51 1george1

    Some people lost jobs & careers.

    How does that compare to people who had lives taken away?

  52. 52 mikereynolds

    From the Fairfield County Weekly:

    “Harkins’ chat sessions with town employees was delayed, he says, because the current mayor, known for a somewhat brusk style of leadership, wanted each of them to meet with him before they met with the new boss — for a reason unknown to us. Miron did not return a call or an email seeking comment.”

    He has time to make sure employees don’t tattle on him but he can’t help the town get two firetrucks….typical.

  53. 53 1george1

    I thought PUBLIC SAFETY included protecting everyone’s life and health?

    In Stratford, Liberty(, Fraternity, Equality,) & Justice for some!

  54. 54 1george1

    Which reporter on the Fairfield County Weekly has relatives
    working for the town and/or pensioned?

    Which CT. POST management are related to ex-Town Attorney
    firms, and which form management of other press work for the
    CT. POST and have relatives who are pensioned?

    Are staffing and management of CT. POST Fairfield County Weekly
    kinda like Pravda & Izvestia?

    The shadow and all seeing eye …

  55. 55 jezebel282



    I WONDER if you and your followers ….”

    You can stop wondering. That’s how us Nazi blog editors roll. I’m sure my Nazi followers would agree.

    But, even though I’m a Nazi (according to you), I still believe in the First Amendment. You may continue to post but I will decide where they will be posted.

    Oh…and by the way, I honestly don’t care what your opinion is about anything.

  56. 56 phineast

    Jez…”no soup for YOU!”

  57. 57 1george1

    If you do not care,
    why reply?
    why move posts?

    You’re right. Would you rather I delete your posts?

    Moved to:

  58. 58 jezebel282


    Our information is that John Buturla, James Cavanaugh and Maurice McCarthy have been spending a lot of time trying to justify their time in office so far.

    For Buturla that has to be an enormous challenge. He spent the majority of his time persecuting his own department members and rewarding incompetence.

    For Cavanaugh it will be just as difficult overcoming his printed lies and the fact that there were SEVEN fatalities under his command (so far).

    McCarthy might have to explain why the PW budget is almost gone (is it snowing yet?) yet the school grounds and buildings are in shambles while there are freshly planted and maintained flowers around town.

    We hope that Mayor Harkins finds the feeling of his butt being kissed so often uncomfortable. We know that Miron required it daily.

  59. 59 rex525

    The shameless pandering of John Burturla, James Cavanaugh and Maurice McCarthy at Town Hall after the innauguration did not go unnoticed by most members of the majority party. If these three mistake the politeness of Mayor Harkins for stupidity they will be in for a rude awakening. I’m sure that Mayor Harkins will remember their actions during the campaign, when propriety would have dictated their taking a neutral stance. Certainly these three can never be trusted by anyone in the Harkins administration.

  60. 60 jezebel282


    “Certainly these three can never be trusted by anyone in the Harkins administration.”

    Nor by anyone that works in their departments, the media, the businesses nor the residents of Stratford.

  61. 61 intimeone


    Which former town employee works for former Town Attorney
    Tom Cotter, and is related to Attorney Kevin Kelly, who is her second cousin?

  62. 62 jezebel282


    “Which former town employee works for former Town Attorney
    Tom Cotter, and is related to Attorney Kevin Kelly, who is her second cousin?”

    I saw that movie! Kevin Bacon was related to everyone.

    You think maybe that’s why Miron fired her illegally? Or was it because she advised against hiring Justin Loschiavo?

  63. 63 1george1


    It would be toooo delicious if the the second cousin of Town Atorney
    Kevin Kelly was the former Town Employee Suzanne (R) McCauley?

    Drat – apparently because alledgedly Miron fired her illegally
    and because she supposedly advised against hiring….
    Jeze – was that the lady who won her job back?

    Jeze …. who is Suzanne McCauley related to?
    What was her maiden name?

  64. 64 1george1

    I wonder who C. A. O. McCauley is/was related to?

    She was an Easton Republican, appointed by Miron, who personified

    While Winterbottom has (deservedly) taken lumps on this blog,
    McCauley and Norko seem to have taken fewer lumps.
    I respect & like Norko most of the 3 of them.

  65. 65 jezebel282


    Stratford tightens town purse strings
    By Meg Barone, CORRESPONDENT
    Published: 12:50 a.m., Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    …”I don’t think anyone has any idea what this has done for the morale of the fire department,” Cavanaugh told the Council and mayor,…”

    Amazing, simply amazing. This is the same Chief Cavanaugh that claimed we didn’t need new firetrucks (just before the election). Yet, there he was, taking credit for improving safety and morale.

    So, now we have to ask about the morale problem before the delivery of the truck. Maybe Chief Cavanaugh shouldn’t have called one of his assistant chiefs a liar for stating we needed new trucks? And while we are at it, who was lying at the time? Chief Cavanaugh or the assistant chief?

    We have yet to hear an apology or even an admission from Cavanaugh about these obvious lies. And have the air bottles, boots and radios arrived yet?

    (Oh…just for the record, Justin Loschiavo is still on light duty and full pay at the PD and Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto are still suspended without pay. I’ll bet that’s really improving morale at the PD too.)

  66. 66 phineast

    Jez, When you speak to members of both department the morale has not improved because the leadership has not improved. Is is unfortunate that the leadership in both departments is more than just slightly lacking, is it downright negligent. The regular rank and file that have to deal with the lack of equipment or the likes of the loschiavo/CAPTAIN McNEIL/Det. Soto situation and the foul stench that still reeks in the HR office. The keys need to be taken back or disabled and measures need to be taken to keep non-current full time”town” employees out of restricted areas to prevent “suspect” behaviors-you know, like shredding or deleting….. Until these situations are eradicated the morale will be in the crapper and there will be no trust in the administration running these departments. Sad, but that is what happens when political puppets are injected into public safety-it becomes completely compromised-like Stratford.

  67. 67 1george1

    Stratford political appointee mess was around long before Mirons / Burturlas.
    I do not defend them.

    It is conduct that is not anly condoned, but protected.

    Look what happened to USA after EISENHOWER WARNING

    JFK – MLK – RFK
    WAR escalated
    LBJ – McNamara
    WARREN COMMISSION – Gerald Ford, later paid off
    DRUGS overrun USA
    OIL PRICE start spiral
    NIXON – AGNEW – MITCHELL – Watergate
    So Viet nam lost
    IRAN – IRAQ – Hostages
    IRAN CONTRA – Weapons for Cash for Drugs
    USSR quit = lower OIL prices
    USA need new enemy > create Noriega + Osama both ex-cia
    > why was Columbia not invaded
    1998 OIL @ $ 12 BARREL USSR in trouble
    9 / 11
    2003 IRAQ invaded taking OIL off SPOT MARKET
    USA killing former godless USSR’s enemies of Moslems, convenient
    enemies of Jewish – Catholic – Christians – Shriners/Masons – China
    Russia – India – Japan – INDO CHINA


    At least the world is safe for drug pushers, weapons sales, insider trading,
    lobbying-bribery, treason

  68. 68 jezebel282


    ‘because the leadership has not improved. ”

    It is understandable that there may be a bit of panic in the Mayor’s office with the departure of McCauley, Norko and Winterbottom and trying to figure out what happened there in the last four years.

    Nonetheless, it is not as if Cavanaugh will ever stop lying or that Buturla will suddenly support honest cops or that even Donna Best will start treating volunteers like..well….volunteers.

    These problems will continue to haunt Harkins week after week until he takes control of the situation.

  69. 69 1george1

    Carefull what you wish for.

    I am trying to find out how Stratford’s CFR page 31 had $ 203 Million in 2009 for

    However the Stratford Town Budget was $ 177 million

    That is $ 26 million the town had gotten and spent, more than the
    Town Budget claims it raised and spent.

    Coulda bought a lotta Fire Trucks for that ….
    Even ones with over 100 % mark up …..
    Coulda bought Fire Truck any of 9 years outta 10 that Feehan was
    Town Council,

  70. 70 phineast

    I’m thinking you will figure out where the money went,George….as I said previously-the 1/4 million was nly the tip of the iceberg.

    Jez- You are 150% correct.

  71. 71 jezebel282


    “Jez- You are 150% correct.”

    Sigh…I HATE when that happens.

  72. 72 phineast

    Jez-you notice that George still hasn’t answered about who is in charge of the “timetable” he claims is in place?

  73. 73 jezebel282


    “George still hasn’t answered”

    You feel the need to encourage George?

    He’s probably cooking up a fresh pot of allegations, conjectures, personal likes/dislikes and conspiracy theories to throw on the blog wall to see if anything sticks or offends someone.

  74. 74 1george1

    Had Jeze not erased information in the past or/and if you visit those
    sites where Jeze had moved information …
    you might have your answer …
    If you are truly interested instead of just being sarcastic?

    Hey I am often sarcastic.
    No issue with me.

    Kids, if you get your hands on the 4 pages (both sides) handed
    Monday night to Town Council + Mayor + Town Attorneys + others
    …. you will find I got close to answering the

    EVER SEE PBS … (I forget the host) with JOSEPH CAMPBELL

    Basically the PAST directs the beliefs of the present in
    each culture, according the Mr. Campbell.
    Reagan – Bush CIA, subscriber to his theories and that
    of Leo Strauss.

    Jeze may choose to move .. or not.
    It is a direct response to a couple of the above.
    No matter what I post for Phin, he will choose to claim
    I did not “Match” his parameters or answer his question

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Phin has ordered answer most tall

    Jez-you notice that George still hasn’t answered about
    who is in charge of the “timetable” he claims is in place?

    If there is a secret conspiracy and timetable, it would not
    be much of either, if the answer was obvious, would it?

    However, much of it appears to have to do with “military intelligence”
    and cultural indoctrination, in a society specializing in compartmental
    over general.

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    I ask of things that appall

    Phin attempts at me of hexed
    some may think will get me vexed

    Yet it was not I who created unfair lex
    Do we not have ample suspects?

    What Town Council Chair had presentation from former Army Judge Advocate?
    What Town Attorney’s firm merged with former Army Judge Advocate?

    Who hath ruled and researched on TEXT RON LY COMING?
    Who hath been elected to ZONING?

    Who hath gotten a GOLDEN BID?
    Doth the heated cauldron have a trembling LID?

    And if these are only pieces of the puzzle with DOTS to CONNECT?
    Will Phin be obdurious and pretentious when he doth REJECT?


    probably cooking up a fresh pot of allegations, conjectures,
    personal likes/dislikes and conspiracy theories to throw on
    the blog wall to see if anything sticks or offends someone.

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    Pot or Kettle = Did Jeze call?

    8) 🙂 😉

  75. 75 1george1

    PBS series with HOST BILL MOYERS, hosting JOSEPH CAMPBELL.

    Naturally the answer came, just after I posted.

  76. 76 phineast

    George, not trying to be sarcastic, and not trying to vex you-but I am asking you for an answer to a question, and you were the one that said you answer all questions. The only thing I asked was that the answer be concise and clear–your usual post are rarely either of those. YOU have been saying that Stratford is on a time table….all I asked is WHO IS IN CHARGE of the time table…so it seems to me there are a few ways to look at it…1) your time table is all bs 2) you have no clue as to who is really behind a supposed timetable if it actually does exist 3) or you can only make some wild guesses that this time table which you claim has been in place for decades is being run by people who weren’t even born when it was established. or 4) we can chalk it up to another conspiracy theory. Just a clear and concise answer, if you want to play mirror, mirror-turn on a Disney film….

  77. 77 1george1

    I believe certain Town Attorneys and certain Town Committee members
    have profited disproportionately, as well as certain past / present town
    employees = managment.

    That is the local group which I believe has a time table related to

    I further believe pensions / annutiess / benefits benefit both the
    workers and those who sell products and services and/or get finders
    fees or other fees, or who get clients, – quid pro quo.

    I further believe the law profession / politicians is a narrow circle
    which includes thieves and preferred friends / businesses.

    Each town has R + D Town Committees.
    A limited # of people steer / control.
    Every Town Committee has State Committee Reps.
    A limited # of people steer / control.
    The USA has National Committees, made up of State / Local Reps,
    Elected Officials, and more.


    Instead of SMOLE FILLED back rooms, we have telecast Conventions
    where speached are made to those drinking Kool Aid and eating
    caviar and possibly doing coke off $ 100 bills

    At every level, deals are made in advance, with occasional surprize
    and double cross.

    1 – WATER SEWER TREATMENT PLANT needed to be done OCT 2009.
    ….. AVCO could not function without same
    …… Will affect AIRPORT

    2 – MOSES WHEELER BRIDGE + ramps to start late 2009.
    … Economy to SCALE would allow multibillion $$ Bridgeport – Stratford
    ……. SIKORSKI I – 15 Bridge done
    ……. BRIDGEPORT prime I – 95 section done
    ……. BRIDGEPORT downtown being phased in. tested, and ready for the
    ……. EAST MAIN STREET build up from GE Boston Avenue to HARBOR
    ……. FERRY being moved closer to PLEASURE BEACH, anticipation TRADE
    …. Long Beach West for Airport, which has over 250 water acres + AVCO
    …. 78 acres RIPARIAN. FAA officials + politicians could not be bought by
    …. AVALONE BAY’S 8,000 Condos in AVCO + AIRPORT + LORDSHIP Blvd.
    ……. LAWYERS know they needed to destroy GRANDFATHERED RIGHTS of
    …. TOWN CHARTER and they needed PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY of zig zag of
    …. always keep at least 1 – 2 Charter Revision appointees to be involved in
    …. Executive Session, both as a SPY to report to TOWN COMMITTEES and
    …. as an “experienced voice” to lead / manipulate unwitting within the
    ….. Executive Sessions.

    – The above is my speculative opinion, which includes viable
    – Timetable
    – Interested local people who have proveably profited and even Phin + Jez
    have decried “SOME” of the participants, while praising others.
    – PAPER TRAIL of people who had

    From my perspective

    If they spent as much time trying to do good, they would still get money
    and everyone in town would have lower taxes, allowing higher values and
    everyone would be able to steal more …..

    Instead they called attention to themselves, created hardships, made tons
    of enemies, ran roughshod over mandates and fiduciary obligations.

    I am the only one posting my opinion on this stuff.


    Because having idiots like these locally, allows the real enemies at a higher
    level do a lot more distruction to the country including these idiots friends:
    OIL – GAS

    The real morons think we are going towards socialism.

    Other jerks think government employees with be exempt as
    about 25 % of the 90 % employeed have government jobs.

    What has happened since Eisenhower is ALL OUT WAR + TREASON

    It was called MONOPOLY in “The Robber Barons.”
    Now it is “TEXAS HOLDEM”
    It is a game to some … to KILL with impunity … and never be
    suspected, nor traceable, because there are so many layers.

    Was it the GODFATHER … “All I do is whisper … to one person, who
    tells another, who tells another … then …?

    In the Military, they do the same thing, called the chain of Command.

    Day it was announced the PAT TILLMAN died, eve of NFL DRAFT, I knew,
    just knew … it was “friendly fire.”

    Certain people in Military loves creating poster boy martyrs.

    Military needs recruits?
    Create a DEPRESSION …
    Military trains people, with housing, food, clothing, etc.
    Couple steps above being in prison…. SAD.

    We are run by CAVE MEN whose hearts and heads are as empty as my
    stuffed buddy FRED FLINTSTONE.

    Sorry Phin,
    I do not take dictation nor direction very well.
    Why not try it on subordinates?
    But I enjoy the opportunity …
    Your turn to HUFF n PUFF 🙂

  78. 78 phineast

    No huff or puff-no subordinates-
    That is as close to as a(concise) answer as I believe the will be seen from you, thanks.

  79. 79 1george1

    R U lawyer, looking provoke law suit?
    U welcomed 😉

  80. 80 1george1

    Geo = 46 characters # 79
    Phin = 96 characters # 78

    I still didn’t answer the way you demand your answer! 8)
    However, several times I answered … > U > 😦

  81. 81 1george1


    YOU are the MOST FUN I have had on the blog since pretentious
    F. O. S. was out classing me with his legal information and gettin
    his intellect kicked with faulty logic and indefensible positions!


    You are not dumb. You are well intended in certain areas.
    Why not simply agree to disagree?

    But everytime I am challenged, I will answer in my own way.
    You can do as you please as well.
    That’s the way the political rules are supposed to work.
    I defend your right to think, act, and speak.
    We can stay political or get personal, which we broached.

    Although I am having fun, I really do NOT want to hurt anyone’s
    feelings. I suspect I have gotten under your skin and I prefer to
    politically opine and question conventional wisdumb.

  82. 82 phineast

    Glad to hear you are enjoying things, George.
    Sadly, I don’t find much of this enjoyable…thought provoking at times, yes. Do I want things corrected and moving forward to the benefit of all the people? Yes I do. More than you will ever understand.
    You haven’t gotten under my skin-I was just trying to get you to live up to your word of answering all questions put before you.
    I don’t think it is any of our intentions to injure someones feelings intentionally-with a couple of miron/mironite individual exceptions–and even then, it is through their own actions that things are discussed-truthfully.
    I am not clear on what I am supposed to agree to disagree on. So for now I will take a pass on that, to be used at a later date I’m certain.

  83. 83 1george1


    How many ways I can write I believe x or y or z
    and acknowledge that I lack “simple,” “plain,” “clear,”
    and “evident” PROOF that everyone would agree is

    I did show above that there is a logical process where
    timetabled events were likely to be needed to be done
    for infrastructural needs, didn’t I?
    Forget criminality ….
    Would you or wouldn’t you agree that infrastructure
    has to be done first, before a project can be done?

    Can we agree that TIME TABLES can EXIST?

    The only other point I will even try to make tonight,
    is that my primary goal in posting is to get people to
    think and to work towards …. public interest and for
    good government.

  84. 84 jezebel282


    We have seen in recent postings and news articles the word “defamation” thrown around.

    “defamation (of character) n. the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation.”

    The key word here is “untrue”. In the examination of defamation the truth is an absolute defense. There is also the factor of whether the information was expressed as fact or opinion. In the Sullivan v. The NY Times, the Supreme Court balanced the plaintiff’s interest in preserving his reputation against the public’s interest in freedom of expression in the area of political debate. It held that a public official alleging libel must prove actual malice in order to recover damages. The Court declared that the First Amendment protects open and robust debate on public issues even when such debate includes “vehement, caustic, unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.” A public official or other plaintiff who has voluntarily assumed a position in the public eye must prove that defamatory statements were made with knowledge that they were false or with reckless disregard of whether they were false.

    Now, to my knowledge there has been only one substantial cause for a defamation suit recently (I am excluding the multitude of Miron’s statements for now).

    Fire Chief James Cavanaugh publicly stated that Assistant Chief Thomas Murray was a liar. He did so in a letter to the CT Post that was published. This is a case so obvious that we are surprised that 10 or 20 lawyers haven’t jumped on it yet.

    The criteria are there for a large lawsuit:

    1. The statement was false and malicious.
    2. It identified Assistant Chief Murray specifically
    3. It was published and read by a third party (CT Post readers)
    4. It was damaging to Assistant Chief Murray’s reputation.

    Not only has Cavanaugh never apologized in writing or verbally to Murray, he has claimed no responsibility for it.

    The only position Cavanaugh has left for the Town Attorney is to ask the judge, “How much should we write the check for and to whom should we make it out?”

  85. 85 jezebel282

    Oh…I almost forgot.

    Where are the new boots and radios, Chief Cavanaugh?

  86. 86 mayor2013

    Mayor Harkins,

    May I suggest you review the possibility of terminating the Deputy Fire and Police Chiefs – who are not covered by CGS and are both “at will” employees. It is my understanding from valuable sources, that both of these gentleman “do next to nothing” and collect their checks from Stratford, hoping to make it to 5+years and collect our generous annuity to be added to the pension checks they both already receive from their prior positions.

    You will then be in a position to insert your own selections to these posts to compliment (I use this term loosely) the two chiefs. Then, and maybe then, you will see some movement and you can go on to salvage these two very important departments.

    I know you do not like confrontation. Have someone in your administration initiate it – but you really need to do it – or you will regret inaction.

  87. 87 jezebel282


    “You will then be in a position to insert your own selections to these posts to compliment (I use this term loosely) the two chiefs.”

    Wow! Great idea! I LIKE that! Damn, you’re good.

  88. 88 mayor2013

    Jezebel thinks I am good! Look out Mayor Harkins. You know what happens when Jezebel latches on to someone – I might just pick up an early endorsement.

  89. 89 1george1

    I know you do not like confrontation.

    There are sins and crimes of commission
    and ommission

    It is amazing what is posted
    and not …

  90. 90 jezebel282


    “You know what happens when Jezebel latches on to someone”



    “It is amazing what is posted
    and not …”

    Maybe it will help you if you think of this blog as a river. If it overflows its banks it ends up going nowhere. Some readers like it when the posts have a relevant point.

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