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Is EMS Best?


Are we (yet again) facing another Administrator that thinks that being Chief is more important than protecting our lives? There seems to be much evidence of that recently and we will explore these issues in depth in this article and welcome comments. Let us first state that Stratford EMS Services save lives. Day in and […]

Pursuant to the Rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, a caucus will be held on January 7th, 2010, at 7:30 PM at the Stratford High School auditorium, 45 North Parade Street to endorse candidates for Democratic Town Committee and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said caucus. […]

STRATFORD — Former Democratic Mayor James R. Miron and five of his top administrators and staff assistants departed with a total of $240,000 in sick and vacation cash-out benefits — including two aides employed for only six months who received $20,000 each, the new mayor, John Harkins, and his administration discovered during its first two days in Town Hall.

We anticipate severe partying in Town Hall for the next few days followed by winds of change. The long range forecast is for calm winds and moderating politics.

Stratford superintendent retiring — but not leaving job By Richard Weizel STAFF WRITER Updated: 12/11/2009 10:56:56 PM EST STRATFORD — The outgoing Board of Education’s final decision may have been its oddest. Only time will tell if it ends up being its most controversial. The board accepted the retirement of Stratford Superintendent of Schools Irene […]

Exit Plan


Not that we want to give anyone ideas, especially those who have already had the idea, but the residents, businesses and employees of the Town of Stratford have waited four very long years for this. We have been asked if we think Miron will show up at the swearing in of Mayor Harkins. Honestly, what […]

From an anonymous (mostly) source: After the unanimous bi-partisan Town Council vote on November 9th to approve funding for appropriation of two new sorely needed Fire Engines for our residents, James R. Miron remains unavailable and unwilling to sign the emergency purchase order. As seen in on the record testimony at the November 9th council […]

We would like to thank a diligent officer (you know who you are) for his persistence in following up this dirty little exercise in power and corruption. If you will recall, over a year ago (Nov 2, 2008) a picture was published on this site: If you click on the link below, you will be […]

We had debated whether or not to post this since it is already on the Town owned website. Miron’s way of thinking It starts off with “From the first day I took the oath of office as Stratford’s first Mayor in 2005,” and then the lies simply multiply after that. (Mayor Moron didn’t even show […]

Dogstar to light Stratford factory Investors hope to turn former Exxon plant into production facility By Rob Varnon STAFF WRITER Updated: 12/01/2009 12:15:21 AM EST STRATFORD — Play it again, Sam, or in this case, Allen. Like that misquoted classic movie line, a New Haven investor is once again playing a hopeful tune people just […]