Miron Gratifies Himself in Public


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We had debated whether or not to post this since it is already on the Town owned website.

Miron’s way of thinking

It starts off with “From the first day I took the oath of office as Stratford’s first Mayor in 2005,” and then the lies simply multiply after that. (Mayor Moron didn’t even show up on his first day in office. He finally showed up at the crack of 11 AM on his second day.)

In the end, we have decided not to republish it. We can see no reason to give it a pemanent home on the internet. You may click on the above link if you wish to read it. Suffice it to say that almost everyone that stood up to Miron comes under attack. From Jim Feehan to Rich Weizel to the Firefighters union and Jay Cybart. (No mention of the PD Local 407?)

We are fairly certain that the Town’s website will not be used for Mayor’s Harkins ego and that most of the spam left by Miron will be removed.

But please, feel free to copy, paste and comment on those sections that you may find particularly offensive.


21 Responses to “Miron Gratifies Himself in Public”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Yeah he did such a great job as mayor that he got annihilated in the election.

    I love how he continues to blame everyone but himself for his lack of success. Its always someone else’s fault. I’m waiting for the “dog ate my homework” next.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “I’m waiting for the “dog ate my homework” next.”

    You won’t hear that. Miron is not caring enough to own a dog and take care of it.

  3. 3 mikereynolds


  4. 4 sylvia67

    Miron is a pathological liar. He thinks he did a great job as Mayor. He made Stratford the laughing stock of the whole state. My niece who lives in Texas heard all about him and they could not get over that he was our mayor. Carrying two load guns should have made the town’s people aware that something is radically wrong with this man. He got rid of the best and brightest when he took over only because he can’t deal with intelligent people. Maybe now he can go to Berchum, Moses, and Devlin for a job. They take lawyers who are not the sharpest knives in the draw and make sure they get involved in their town’s politics in order to bring them business. They then will make you a partner and buy you a car. There is one such lawyer from Stratford there now. Miron should be half as intelligent and honest as Richard Weizel, the Connecticut Post reporter for Stratford. He never prints an article without the facts. He investigates everything he writes. Miron has no redeeming qualities, which makes him disliked even among Democrats. We are so lucky to have John Harkins as our mayor, as he comes from a wonderful family and that shows up in the person. Miron has nothing to be proud of. Shame on all of them.

  5. 5 paradisegreen

    Seriously Sylvia?

    Weizel is notorious for creating “Enquirer” style news. I don’t care what Stratford Politician he is covering, he always warps the facts and is a legend in mis-quoting.

    Harkins has yet to prove himself in Stratford. He has most certainly NOT been an advocate for the middle class in Hartford, let’s see if he can turn those opinions around when he is an advocate for the very middle class town of Stratford.

  6. 6 sylvia67

    Seriously “Paradisegreen,” I disagree with you 100% when it comes to Richard Weizel. I have lived in this community for almost 43 years and he is one of the very best reporters we have ever had. Miron tried to get him fired from the Connecticut Post, but they knew better. Even though they endorsed Miron the first time he ran, two months later they withdrew their endorsement of him. Mr. Weizel is a fine reporter and has never reports a non-truth so if the truth hurts so be it. That’s the problem isn’t it? Everything Miron did was so ridiculous it belonged in the “Enquirer” and you’re just upset that someone actually reported on it. And not everything even made the paper, like when Miron put in writing that he wanted to “exterminate” Fahan. John Harkins has a fine reputation in Hartford and has been my State Rep. for many years. You say he has not been an advocate for the middle class? How about working with Gov. Rell and State Senator Dan Debicella to stop the EPA/DEP from dumping toxic waste in residential areas? This is but one example of many I could give, but you obviously aren’t interested in facts. Where was Miron on that issue? Was Miron ever an advocate for anyone but himself? John is a fine human being and will make us all proud, I can assure you. I am sorry you feel the way you do, but I promise you after you see John in office and what he will do for this town you will then think differently if you are still able to think after swallowing the Miron line. Miron is straight out of “Believe it or Not,” and that is a fact.

  7. 7 greghousemd

    ERRR….The New EMS Facility was something that Councilman Forrester and the Town Council had been working on for years before Miron took over. It was in fact Miron that dragged his feet on selecting someone to build it, it should have been done already.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “It was in fact Miron that dragged his feet ”

    Well, you know, it’s all about the bidding process…..

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “he is one of the very best reporters we have ever had”

    Nobody’s perfect and the Bridgeport Post is certainly not The New York Times.

    Rich has gotten a couple of quotes wrong. But in his defense there are also deadlines and editors.

  10. 10 greghousemd


    Thats right! the almighty bidding process is greater then anything, except when it comes to West Broad Streets Curbs and the Mayors Office! LOL

  11. 11 phineast

    Jez- Just when you think the sewage is gone it resurfaces more foul than ever.

    Jimmy-I read your letter-I see that you spammed it out as the joke of the day. And by the way-the election really is over, your letter makes you look crazy, desperate and pathetic-you lost and you lost big time there is no recount. Time to take a deep breath and repeat after me, “I lost the election and it is my own fault”.
    . All the work you have said “you” have accomplished in the last three weeks is nothing short of miraculous especially since you haven’t been in town hall. If you could accomplish so much from the floor of a closet why did you waste a half million on the palatial suite? You have been very conspicuously absent from town hall for far more than 3 days. People have been paying attention to your actions and lack of them for quite some time(you may have noticed this from the voting tallies). You stated that you were rebutting the editorial, has no one ever told you that Weizel is only a reporter and not an editor? We are all acutely aware that you hated Weizel because you couldn’t buy him off to slant in your direction. While I may not have agreed with every article that has ever been written in the Post, I have never seen an article by Weizel that was not balanced reporting. It is unfortunate that your actions were so insane, bizarre, vicious, ignorant and vindictive in addition to stupid; you provided material on a daily basis for them from your own stupidity and on occasion from your family as well. No matter how many letters you write you will NOT be able to change the legacy you have left behind: a legacy of ignorance, humiliation, destruction, insanity, for starters…
    All your comments about the Fire Department are prime examples or you inability to deal with reality. I was in town hall the night that Danny presented the “new” opportunity for the trucks. If you listened to him, he stated that while this is not what originally went out to bid the first time around these trucks when properly outfitted would work well. What this told me is that when the original bids went out, they really wanted the Maserati of the fire truck world and were trying to get the best for the least. Since you missed the memo in story time with Ashley that Cybart sent you, and it was again brought to your attention & you looked foolish, you took it out on everyone else. All you needed to do was say there was a problem in the bidding process and it has to go back out to bid, but you took the road of high drama, ignorance and low class because it seems that is all you know how to do. By the way Jim, you cannot block someone from the bidding process-it is not legal, you should know that. Feehan has the right to bid on what ever he wants, it doesn’t mean he will win the bid any more than your re-election bid would make you mayor for a second term. Just because you hate the guy doesn’t mean he can’t participate in the process.
    This past week when engine 1 wouldn’t start while it was to go to a structure fire to me and THOUSANDS of other people constitutes an emergency. Seconds count in the Fire Dept and the Police Dept. when they are responding. I guarantee you if it was your mother’s house that engine 1 couldn’t make it to you would have not only signed the emergency order but would have written it yourself. It shouldn’t have to have a direct benefit to you or your family to do the right thing.
    You addressed the bidding process-and crossing t’s and dotting i’s- well I want to see all the bidding documentation from when you handed almost $75 thousand dollars to Heather’s “firm” to do the “branding changes for the town” . There was NO BIDDING PROCESS for that job, which is one of the things that is going to bring you a pair of shoes with no laces. You are such a hypocrite.
    You have only 11 days left then you have to surrender the suv, the phone the keys, computers etc, etc, etc, and if you plan on going to the swearing in, I have been told that you will be searched for weapons…you will have to learn a whole new way of life-one where you WILL be ticketed for talking on your cell phone and driving, getting thrown in the slammer for dui when the occassion arises, tickets for parking illegally or better yet, towed. And you will have to start paying your own way…….. golly gee what are you gonna do????? I know, you will spam out another letter on the injustices of it all and how it’s not your fault…….
    Will you ever learn?????????????????????????

  12. 12 rex525


    “During my four years as Mayor, I have learned an unfortunate lesson: that there are some people that will never respect you. Regardless of the purity of your motives, no matter the quality of your reasoning, no matter how hard you work, they will seek to tear you down and destroy you. These people do not care about the truth or have an interest in respectful discourse when there is a difference of opinion. All that matters to them is winning their personal and/or political point.

    These people are the masters of the politics of personal destruction that do a disservice to this Town and people that want to serve in public office. Unfortunately, this rude and disrespectful behavior long predated my Administration and me in Stratford and frankly, I see no end to this behavior because, politically speaking, it works”.


    WE REAP WHAT WE SEW JAMES MIRON, AND WITH THAT- YOU’RE FIRED. (please turn the light out and take the rest of your cronies with you when you go)

  13. 13 phineast

    “Fabulous” head line to wake up to on a Saturday. Exactly what constitutes an emergency in Miron’s mind? A dead body? Maybe he would care to volunteer for that one. Enough already. We have to make it through 8 more days-technically Miron is out of office at midnight on the 14th. The good news is that the Miron family is DONE forever in this town, he may be delusional about it but they are definitely done here-redemption is not possible.

  14. 14 rex525

    Did anyone but me notice in the Post article this morning how our famous fire liar from Waterbury was silent on this subject again? More strong leadership and proven results from one of Mirons henchman. It seems that chief Moffet may have some redeeming qualities, maybe he should lead the fire dept.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    “It seems that chief Moffet may have some redeeming qualities, maybe he should lead the fire dept.”

    You mean like when Cavanaugh says, “Go out there and take a bullet for me.They might ask me about adequate equipment.”?

    That’s the problem with lying. No one believes you after that.

  16. 16 ddbess

    Still NO sign of air bottles or radios. sounds like another lie from the moron & his department head!

    Who is responcible to get the ambulances serviced, to actually call and make the appointment?

  17. 17 phineast

    Good question.
    Considering the Dept. head is the paid got to person it is reasonable to think that is where the responsibility would lie. But this is Stratford-one never knows how deep the insanity goes. We will have to definitely get that answer.

    Air bottles and radios? Did you really expect this administration to spend money the way that it is budgeted??? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  18. 18 greghousemd


    I’m told that The responsibility of every single aspect of EMS is in the hands of Ms. Best. There is no one else that has the ability to make any decision besides her. There is no second in command and no one that supervises in her absence.
    Im also told she was only in the office 1 day last week therefore “nothing was fixed”

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “Still NO sign of air bottles or radios. sounds like another lie from the moron & his department head!”

    You are probably not going to see boots anytime soon either. Don’t tell me you believed Cavanaugh/Miron?

    You should know by now Cavanuagh will say anything he thinks you want to hear, slap you on the back and laugh himself to death in his office. In fact, he’ll get you anything you want as long as it doesn’t cost money or time.

  20. 20 greghousemd


    Cavanaugh isn’t the only department head that will say anything you want to hear….

  21. 21 jezebel282


    I’m sure he’s not.

    But he seems to be the only one left that some of his staff believe.

    By the way, has anyone heard Cavanaugh apologize to Asst Chief Tom Murray yet for calling him a liar?

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