It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over


Ex deputy Chief Loschiavo (left) and Chief John Buturla (right)

We would like to thank a diligent officer (you know who you are) for his persistence in following up this dirty little exercise in power and corruption.

If you will recall, over a year ago (Nov 2, 2008) a picture was published on this site:

Loschiavo Vehicle

If you click on the link below, you will be able to follow the pettiness, vindictiveness and outright abuse of power by Chief John Buturla and his evil henchman, Deputy Thief Chief Loschiavo.

Warning: the material may cause nausea and extreme distaste for Chiefs of Police and their snitches:

Obtained FOI Documents


Incredible yet false

Just when you think no more can be said, true to his martinet code, Buturla continues to try to justify his persecution of innocent officers. I guess there are some in the PD Administration that read this blog. We have written evidence, after all.

I suppose it’s kinda funny, but no one from the PD or the Western District Major Crime Unit ever once bothered to ask me where the photo came from. Not that I would have told them, but still.

We also assume that Buturla forgot that the vehicle was run three times and three times it came back unregistered. Had it been a civilian’s car that was stopped it would be considered an unregistered vehicle. Even so, the “investigation” has not been closed. It is “suspended” at the WDMCU waiting for more names.

(Psst…John. Just resign, it’ll be easier on everyone.)


26 Responses to “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Although these arrest warrants were denied, it indicates the flawed leadership of Miron appointees.

    This poses a serious dilemma for Mayor Harkins. While every citizen and business in Stratford would like to see the Town move forward, there are issues that remain to be resolved from four years of mismanagement, vengeance, corruption, nepotism and egomania.

    Obviously, John Buturla is one of those problems. He has lost any particle of respect the rank & file of the department had for him. He has applied double and sometimes triple standards within the department, he has relentlessly persecuted any perceived “enemy”, he has squandered tens of thousands of dollars on fruitless “investigations”, he has allowed “favorites” to shirk their responsibilities (Really? One drug search warrant in 2 years?), he has had citizens arrested for political reasons (Mr. Reut) and has lost all credibility with the public. (If you’re thinking about it, John, see Sullivan v. NY Times. It applies even in Stratford).

    We are also not too thrilled with Chief Cavanaugh who sees nothing wrong with lying to the public and dishonoring other Firefighters.

    While our desire to move forward is strong it will be extremely difficult unless we can remove the shackles that hold us in the past.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    A few things bother me here…

    First, the Chief really asked the Western District Major Crime Squad to investigate this? Really? I mean really? The Major Crime Squad??

    Second, I’m glad the State’s Attorney declined to issue the warrant. However, the Major Crime Squad actually went through and investigated this? They wasted their time on this? Really?

    Third, instead of persuing this matter in a criminal matter, the Chief should have addressed either those 3 officers or the entire department and told them to knock off the crap. Don’t use the COLLECT system carelessly. That would have been a better way to handle this.

  3. 3 phineast

    Jez- The most important piece of documentation is missing from Loschiavo’s pile of bs. It is a copy of the front and back of his canceled check. Without that canceled check the only thing he did was waste more of the taxpayers money trying to figure out how he could bilk the town out of more money-but he did it on town time it appears-and it was a “personal” matter. Wonder if there are any warrants that can be signed for that???? Interestingly this car would have drawn no attention most likely if it had been parked in the designated parking area instead of the assigned spot for the deputy chief vehicle-which this vehicle was not. Here is my question-if the Mitsubitsi was in the assigned spot for a town vehicle and Loschiavo was at work where the hell was the town vehicle? If Loschiavo was not at work, why was the town property being used as storage especially if the car was registered and running?(weren’t 2 guys in pw just fired for storing things in the town yard, with permission I might add? Seems to me either way there were policy violations by Loschiavo, and true to form the first thing he does is try to find a way to sue to get some cash out of it. Just like when he(allegedly) inserted himself and his rank into the hiring process with regard to his seizure prone son. Everyone should remember that the current top brass just may be once again trying to “shop” warrants. 11 more days….and then it will be time to throw out the trash. I am so looking forward to large item pick up.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “First, the Chief really asked the Western District Major Crime Squad to investigate this? Really? I mean really? The Major Crime Squad??”

    Yes. Really. Buturla and Col Davoren and the executive Director of the district are old buddies. Chasing down a few disgruntled cops is obviously a proper use of State funds.

    “However, the Major Crime Squad actually went through and investigated this? They wasted their time on this? Really?”

    Again, yes. They went so far as to personally interview “suspects” and their families.

    “That would have been a better way to handle this.”

    You are confusing Buturla with an actual leader. According to Buturla, leadership is showing how much “juice” you have.


    “if it had been parked in the designated parking area instead of the assigned spot for the deputy chief vehicle-”

    I think I recall that it was parked in the Chief’s spot who was at home (as usual). Either way, cops tend to be, you know, observant. Like “who the hell is parking in the Chief’s (or Deputy Chief’s) spot”? It seems to make perfect sense to run the plate BEFORE you issue a ticket. Now….how it got on to the internet I really can’t say. 😉

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Fact: It cost the taxpayers of Stratford approximately $60,000 EACH to train a police officer.

    John Buturla’s continuing presence in the Chief’s office will cause many of our highly trained and dedicated officers to seek other positions in other departments. Not only will taxpayers lose the benefit of the $60,000 investment in a highly trained officer, we will incur another $60,000 to train the replacement.

    We simply can’t afford to keep Buturla.

  6. 6 sudds

    “it would appear that access was made into the Collect System by on-duty Strafford Police personnel in order to determine registration information regarding a privately-owned automobile parked in an unauttrorized space on police deparftnent property.”

    Based on this statement (disregarding the typos)… shouldn’t there be a parking ticket issued???

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Now, now.You know better than that. Buturla only arrests officers who won’t kiss his butt.

  8. 8 phineast

    sudds- At the very least a ticket-but because the vehicle was “personal” and the dc and chief used public resources for a personal matter, THAT is where the illegality has occurred possibly and and investigation should be held and charges should be filed-at least in my humble opinion anyway.

  9. 9 omeara128

    Just to let everyone know, this is far from over…….More to come….

  10. 10 jezebel282



    Keep it coming.

  11. 11 omeara128


  12. 12 greghousemd

    GOP Mayor-elect Harkins Names Democrat Tim Bishop Town Attorney in Stratford
    December 3, 2009 at 8:49 pm by Richard Weizel
    Long-time Democrat Timothy Bishop, once an active member of the Democratic Town Committee, said he was “shocked” when Stratford’s Republican Mayor-elect John Harkins asked him to serve as the new town attorney.

    “At first I didn’t think it would be a good idea, that he (Harkins) would get a lot of grief from members of his own party and I didn’t want to be in the middle of all that political intrigue,” said Bishop, chairman of the town’s Greenway Committee and a former assistant town attorney.

    “But the mayor-elect convinced me he really wants to change the role of the town attorney from that of political supporter of the mayor to someone who will provide solid legal counsel and offer a diverse and different perspective than to merely advance his own political agenda,” Bishop said. “That made me reconsider, and now I am honored and look forward to serving in the Harkins administration.”

    Harkins will take office during a ceremony Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. in the Stratford High School auditorium, with more than 300 people expected to attend.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “Long-time Democrat Timothy Bishop, once an active member of the Democratic Town Committee, said he was “shocked””

    Yawn…I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. Now the next thing you know, Bishop, Kelley and Jackson will be the go to law firm.

    Actually, I hope Harkins/Bishop yanks every single outstanding case from the claws of Berchem Moses & Devlin. Everything from slip & falls to tax collection to unfair labor practices. There is no reason to continue spending $350/hour on Rich Buturla’s firm.

  14. 14 phineast

    Jez- Tim Bishop is an excellent choice for town attorney. Not only is he superior in his profession, but he, like Harkins, has the ability to work toward the higher good of everyone not just himself. His firm is not so large that they require the “partners” to bring in millions of dollars to justify partnership-he is the lead attorney in his firm. I believe he will prove to be the best choice for our entire town. Good job Mayor Harkins on your first official selection!

  15. 15 jezebel282


    I hope so.

    I really do.

    Hope in this Town has been a pretty rare commodity for four years when you’ve had a mayor and Town Attorney working full time to crush the careers of employees and the needs of it’s citizens.

    I’m pretty sure Mr. Bishop will sail through Council confirmation and stop treating the Town as if it were an ATM.

  16. 16 rex525

    Just to let everyone know, this is far from over…….More to come….


  17. 17 jezebel282



    Oh…I dunno…I’m getting kinda excited. Imagine, REAL evidence and not some affidavits that suborn perjury.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    You realize of course that Buturla is denying everything. He had no idea that the CSP was involved or intended to prosecute anyone…except you. His problem is that not a single person with a badge at roll call believes a word of it. The “crime” was accessing COLLECT. Hard to do from your house isn’t it?

    He has no credibility whatsoever.

  19. 19 rex525

    “Oh…I dunno…I’m getting kinda excited. Imagine, REAL evidence and not some affidavits that suborn perjury”.


  20. 20 jezebel282


    “OLD GIRL”



  21. 21 capece

    I’m curious as to why the bill from Save Way Tire wasn’t included with the “evidence”. JLo probably pulled another one of his shakedowns and made the poor guy eat it!!

  22. 22 phineast

    It is probably with the canceled check…in the mail if you know what I mean.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Even after this whole useless investigation into who can access police computers, COLLECT and NCIC what do we find?

    Of course we find Justin Loschiavo…remember Justin? He’s the one who crashed into the nurse, spent 83 days on “injured on duty” then 107 days (and still counting) on “Light Duty” all at full pay…illegally accessing NCIC to see if his license was still suspended.

    I wonder how Buturla explains THIS one to Mayor Harkins?

  24. 24 phineast

    Sounds like grounds for a double firing to me.
    Time to get the key fobs back from the lo’s and fire the kid-that is one dead weight off the taxpayer’s back-the chief is responsible for the actions of his staff so that is the second firing-and more dead weight off the taxpayers back. At the very least a suspension without pay and an application for a warrant for computer crimes is in order wouldn’t you say?

  25. 25 ronmoreau

    It will be interesting how all this works out.

    To the most casual observer….

    Huge pension paid to the father.

    A potential disability pension by the son.

    Blessed by the mother.

    Paid by, You and Me.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  26. 26 phineast

    What is wrong with this picture? Lack of a firing squad….until now.

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