Fat Lady Sings for Miron


Miron's Song

We anticipate severe partying in Town Hall for the next few days followed by winds of change. The long range forecast is for calm winds and moderating politics.


26 Responses to “Fat Lady Sings for Miron”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Some comments/observations from the Inauguration ceremony:

    -Alvin, show up on time.

    -The outgoing Town Council member comments are nothing short of self-serving drivel. Say thank you to your constituents and your family, wish the new people good luck, and shut up. You would have thought that many of them were running for office again.

    -Alvin, don’t make excuses for Miron. If he did “many good things for Stratford you would have been able to list them.

    -Alvin, your outgoing comments and spectacle you made proved that you are not to be taken seriously.

    -Mike Henrick, shut the hell up. You are an embarrassment to yourself and your party.

    -Terrible news about Emma Brooks…it doesn’t sound good. If you didn’t know, Emma was in a very bad accident and as Stephanie Phillips reported, she is in critical condition.

    -As predicted John Harkins declared an emergency and signed the order to get the firetrucks. The numerous members of the fire department rose immediately to give a standing ovation. So Chief Cavanaugh, were you lying before the election or after? Were you against the new trucks before you were for them?

    -Nice shots at Miron without using his name by John Harkins.

    -The new members of the council looked like deer in the headlights when they took their seats on stage.

    -Jason Santi looked like he just came off the set of a Soprano’s episode. Black suit, black shirt, silver tie. I wonder how he’s going to do without people writing his material.

    -The official program listed the colors to be presented by the police color guard, the fire color guard, and the EMS color guard. One problem. The EMS color guard didn’t show. The reason? Donna Best decided to have an officer’s meeting at the same time of the inauguration. Nice going. I have a feeling Donna Best isn’t going to be long for her job.

    I left after John Harkin’s speech so that’s all I have.

  2. 2 1george1

    Mike it was one of your better posts.
    I agree with almost all .. of the first 1/2
    and much of the last half.

    Yeah … Alvin made a fool of himself.
    But he was funny and well intended.
    > Even using MICKEY MOUSE CLUB theme
    as FOUNDATION for his song is TOO,
    TOO, TOO deliciously IRONIC in the
    way some of us view the politics!
    > Then to sing and misspell the word
    Council, and acknowledge it ….
    It bought a great laugh!

    > Only Alvin created the awards for the
    HS Athletes, which some of them will
    remember all of their lives and was great
    for them to take home to parents/families.

    > Henrick talking about Christian / Conservative
    values …. makes me wonder about pereceptions?

    I keep open mind on new Administration.
    However, there was a VERY BAD START that the
    more things change!

    I can access the “oath” of office.”
    I gotta get a copy of Kurmay’s prayer.
    I gotta get a copy of Stratford Pillars of Character.
    Put them infront of all the Attorneys and Town
    Political Committees, and ask them IF THEY ever

    Emma is a very decent person and was
    very disillusioned by what she found.

    I know friends of Emma, who told me
    she became physically ill by Council /
    Town politics.

    Emma missed many Council Meetings
    in past months because she was in a
    prior auto accident, which I didn’t
    know until I saw her 3 months ago.

    Emma has a daughter and doing what
    she can as a single mom and went on
    the Town Council for the right reasons.

    My prayers are with her. But …

  3. 3 sudds

    Does anyone know harkins new e-mail address???

    He’s already signed on for the fire trucks as his first order… we have GOT to convince him that his second has GOT to be replacing those GOD-AWFUL rope lights on the trees around town???

    Does anyone else get a sudden need to puke every time they see them??? Looks like something out of the @#$%ing Blue Man Group to me!!!

  4. 4 sudds

    Oops… no disrespect meant Mr. Mayor (just a typo) on the harkins vs Harkins thing.

  5. 5 greghousemd


    “-The official program listed the colors to be presented by the police color guard, the fire color guard, and the EMS color guard. One problem. The EMS color guard didn’t show. The reason? Donna Best decided to have an officer’s meeting at the same time of the inauguration. Nice going. I have a feeling Donna Best isn’t going to be long for her job.”

    Speaking with my contacts at EMS, under Ms. Best’s leadership there are only 2-3 Honor Guard uniforms left for any personnel to use at such events. Efforts have been made by the staff to implement the honor guard for such events as this and all efforts have been ignored by Ms. Best.

    In addition to there being no dress uniforms for any employees to display like the Fire and Police have, much of the membership is from out of town, and for the staff that does live in town, Ms. Best made absolutely no effort to have any EMS members attend the event last night. EMS members that did attend last night did not have permission to attend and they had no idea that the EMS honor guard was event invited. Needless to say they said they were quite embarrassed that their honor guard was not present and let the town down on yet an other important night.

    Aside from this there are a litany of other management issues that have gone completely ignored by Ms. Best. I’m told that this barely even scratches the surface of shenanigans that Ms. Best has gotten away with.

  6. 6 sylvia67

    Shame on you Alvin O’Neil. How could you compliment Miron when you know damn well he was a disgrace to our town?. What are you looking for? I just don’t understand where Alvin is coming from and if he likes to play these kinds of games then it is best he stays out of politics and concentrates on his business. John Harkins did a wonderful job last evening and he got several standing ovations. Our town will be a town for all seasons and respected by everyone now. I am so happy for the town employees because they couldn’t ask for better as a mayor. I have known John for a good many years and he has a great understanding of people. Thank G-d John was elected because otherwise I know of 10 families that were going to put their homes up for sale and so was I if Miron got in again. G-d was good to all of us!

  7. 7 1george1

    I was told the Town e-mail addresses are the same as under the
    Mironocracy .. first initial + last name + @townofstratford.com

    I loved Alvin using the Mickey Mouse Club theme song as basis for
    saying goodbye to the town council.
    The irony of unintentionally calling the Town Council a Mickey
    Mouse organizations is too, too delicious.
    Then to misspell Counc … cil, and realize the mistake was sooooo
    All of em are political,
    But Alvin actually grew.
    As people I like many of them, but politically ….
    I respect Emma, the most.

    Miron actually did some good things. Even if by accident.

    The Harkins start was a huge step in the wrong direction,
    despite what bloggers will write.

    I am finding the CT POST positions on firing police and going
    after pensions to be disturbing.

    I have advised the unions to have a defensive position, and
    very soon, I suspect they are going to need it, whereas before
    I controlled certain information. Now (like hope) it sits in the
    box of pandora,

  8. 8 pcsperling

    I couldn’t make last night’s swearing in, but the best part of my morning occurred after I dropped my daughter off to school and headed to the highway to go to work. I passed a Welcome sign for Stratford and Miron’s name was no longer there and John Harkins’ name was! I smiled a huge smile, and went on with my day, knowing that Stratford is now in very good hands! A man who will work with and for the people of this Town!

  9. 9 nomoreyears


  10. 10 sylvia67

    You are absolutely right. Our town will flourish under John Harkins. First of all he was raised by a wonderful set of parents and John has impeccable manners, which only reflects on his parents. He has a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters. He can relate to families and all people. We are so lucky to have him and it was worth all the work many of us put in. Jason said from day one he will win by a landslide victory. I guess Jason wasn’t wrong after all. I was so shocked that the former town council allowed Buturla and his police chief brother to work under the same umbrella. If that was not a conflict of interest I am wondering what it was. You can rest assure that a lot of legal issues were covered up by both these brothers. An investigation needs to take place to get to the bottom of the Miron administration’s activities, without question. Why did the outgoing town council not react to this serious situation? This doesn’t make them look good either.

  11. 11 1george1

    Sylvia is right about the manners and deportment of Mr. and Mrs. Harkins.
    They are excellent.

    However, to claim one can not understand the motivations of the Town
    Councils and other “players” is naive at best.
    Motive is spelled: M O N E Y

    Syl believes in some people that I do not believe deserve her friendship.
    However, people can believe what they want and like who they choose.

    Mr. Harkins gave the Republicans and Fire Dept what they believed they
    wanted by “CIRCUMVENTING the BID PROCESS” by ordering the BUYING of
    2 OVER PRICED Feehan Fire Trucks.
    * The internet is filled with better values of price and features.
    * Cybart and the Fire Department have called too much attention to
    themselves, believing they can control the issues forever.
    * The national and local situations are coming to critical mass on the
    economy, needs for borrowing, costs on pensions / benefits for this
    to not back fire on very good people who have made bad mistakes.
    > I have knowledge which can mitigate damage for many….. but …

    I not sure how 10 or 5 year or even 3 and 4 year purchasing delays by the
    mostly Republican dominated Town Councils who could have bought one
    or more Fire Trucks, suddenly becomes an emergency, when expedited
    BIDS could have gotten delivery cheaper.

    Certain things look like BRIBERY and PAYOLA, based on gestaltist view of
    Stratford political issues since the involvement of Burturla, Florek and a
    few others!

    To syl + anti Burturla / Miron people:
    Incidently, now that Burturla is no longer Town Council, and Miron is no
    longer Mayor, it will free them to make TONS of MONEY with AVALLON
    Condos in AVCO and to be able to use their INSIDER’S KNOWLEDGE in
    relationship with
    the AIRPORT,
    subvert LONG BEACH WEST,
    and be involved for contractors in the RAYMARK CLEAN UP.

    Motive spelled: M O N E Y

    Mr. Harkins also acknowledged Saved Stratford and the Rail Road commuter
    group as examples of involved citizenry.

    FYI: My favorite blogger, PCS, indirectly got props from Mr. Harkins.

    FYI: My second favorite blogger, STAR, wrote some good posts recently
    about the good aspects of teaching and realities of the job market.

    Syl has not blogged much until recently. However I respect Syl despite
    political disagreements (especially aong some of her email address friends)
    and many political agreements (especially about Mironuts).

  12. 12 1george1

    It is not in my best interest to spell out certain things.


    People with limited intelligence blame me for their criminality
    and think I am one of the only people who know what they did,
    how they did it, why they did it, when they did it, and how.

    People have read my Town Council, Letter to Editor and blog
    writings and fed me information
    (often for their own benefit or agenda)

    However I ABSOLUTELY KNOW this stuff has been allowed from
    the higher ups and the OUTSIDE.

    Time after time, when the BIG MONEY becomes available, those
    outside come in and SWOOP UP the SPOILS, taking away those
    corrupt swag.

    The POLITICALLY CONNECTED will have died off.
    The POLITICALLY CONNECTED’s CONTACTS will have died off.

    The results will not be pretty.
    I have tried to warn people to do right and not do wrong.
    However, it is getting time for me to back out of trying to help
    people who do not want nor deserrve my help – advise.

  13. 13 mikereynolds

    So did everyone get their new assessments in the mail this weekend? Mine dropped for the first time in 12 years. It went down $32,000. Anyone else?

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “It went down $32,000. Anyone else?”

    Mine went down a tad….but they haven’t expanded the runway yet.

    It matters not. What will matter is the mil rate set by the Council.

  15. 15 rex525

    I was down in the city on buisness yesterday, when I arrived home this morning I couldn’t help but notice the air in Stratford tastes so much sweeter. I wish our new Mayor the best of luck, may God bless him, his family and our town. It’s truly good to be optimistic again.

  16. 16 starlooker

    Mine went down 26,000…

  17. 17 greghousemd

    Warning the Below may cause Nausea

    Miron and top administrators depart with $240,000 in payouts, leave without warning

    Ex-mayor and 5 others collect $240,000 in all, fail to aid transition
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 12/17/2009 09:46:24 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Former Democratic Mayor James R. Miron and five of his top administrators and staff assistants departed with a total of $240,000 in sick and vacation cash-out benefits — including two aides employed for only six months who received $20,000 each, the new mayor, John Harkins, and his administration discovered during its first two days in Town Hall.
    Also, all five — including former Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley, Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom, Finance Director John Norko and the two mayoral aides unexpectedly did not show up for work Tuesday, which was the first day under the new Harkins administration.
    That leaves the new Republican mayor without three of his top administrators just as the town is getting ready to begin the new budget process for fiscal 2010-11.
    After McCauley, Winterbottom and the two aides did not notify Harkins, his staff, or anyone at Town Hall that they had left their positions, and were promptly terminated, Harkins said.
    Only Norko, who submitted a resignation letter last month, had notified the town he would be leaving, but even he did not specify an exact date, according to the mayor’s chief of staff, Adam R. Bauer.
    Miron signed off on the cash payouts before working his final day in Town Hall last Friday, according to Bauer.
    Bauer said it appears Miron, McCauley and Winterbottom received about $40,000 each, and Norko cashed out at nearly $50,000. He said an

    estimated $30,000 also appears to have been paid out, although it is not clear at the present time who received the payments and how much they were for.
    “This could be a very serious situation and we are investigating whether these individuals were paid more than their cash-out agreements called for, or whether the mayor had the right to even sign them,” Bauer said. “We also have our attorneys investigating whether the failure by four of the officials to properly notify the mayor they were leaving could impact their eligibility for the benefit payouts.”
    Harkins said he is “very disappointed” by the actions of the former chief administrative officer, human resources director and finance director.
    “Without a resignation letter or even a phone call to indicate they were quitting, we were expecting them to report to work Tuesday as scheduled,” Harkins said. “The usual protocol would dictate that they make some attempt to notify us, but sometimes people do things their own way, and this is the way they decided to leave.”
    The new mayor said Miron never met with him during the transition process. “He sent me some e-mails and we spoke on the phone once or twice, but he never wanted to get together in person,” Harkins said. “That made things a little tougher, and the fact these administrators just didn’t show up Tuesday makes things more difficult. But it’s a new era and we’ll get through it.”
    Harkins said others have jumped in to help out during the personnel shortage, including Assistant Finance Director Susan Collier, an active Democrat and Miron appointee, as well as Democrat Town Clerk Susan Pawluk.
    “These are individuals who have expressed an interest in staying, and I said throughout my campaign I would not force people out just because they are Democrats and not members of the GOP. We are looking to retain the most qualified people we have, and add people who want to work for the town and are dedicated to the town. That apparently was not the case with some of the individuals who have departed without giving us any notice at all.”
    This isn’t the first time these administrators have been involved in a controversy involving money.
    Earlier this year, just months before the former mayor ordered a salary and hiring freeze and demanded union givebacks to achieve no tax increase for the next budget year, he issued salary hikes of between 6-10 percent to McCauley, Winterbottom, Norko, as well as Collier, Pawluk, Police Chief John Buturla and Public Works Director Maurice McCarthy. All contributed to Miron’s unsuccessful re-election campaign.
    “This is the town of Stratford’s version of AIG,” former Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick said at the time, referring to the public outrage over bonuses paid to executives of the troubled insurance giant. “The mayor really pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes on this one because he’s not allowed to dish out these increases without council approval, and we never approved or would have approved these kinds of increases during such a fiscal crisis.”
    Now, Harkins says he wants to move on and hire new top administrators as quickly as possible, “hopefully by next month, after the holidays.”
    But he also wants to get to the bottom of both the cash payouts to former Miron administrators, and why some of them never contacted the town to officially resign.
    “We should know more about this in the coming days,” Harkins said. “Right now there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.”
    Miron did not return repeated calls seeking comment Thursday, while McCauley, Norko and Winterbottom could not be reached for comment.

  18. 18 mikereynolds

    What a bunch of scumbags.

    You want to leave fine. But how about being professional and leave letters of resignations? How about sending the mayor an email letting him know you’re out?

    And how about the king scumbag? Payed out all his people and himself before jumping ship. Sounds like he didn’t do jack for the last month he was in office. Then again he didn’t do jack for 4 years so why should the last month be any different.

    Looking forward to hearing the Miron defenders explain this one.

  19. 19 phineast

    Mike- there never and I repeat NEVER has been ANYTHING professional about the “Miron team” . They are a group of “political whores” in my opinion and that will never change. On a positive note, Ms. Mc Cauley will not have another CAO job for a very long time if ever and that goes for the rest of the group also. Miron can’t work a BMD because he will go to jail for a statute violation and I don’t believe there is anyone stupid enough to hire him after his continuous exhibition of bad judgment that extends long before the mayoral term. Winterbottom will slither where he will and honestly it is worth the cash out to get rid of the bast@rd(my opinion of course).
    I look forward to the investigation that will go on about this because it will change how cash out occur in the future-(Frat Peer is already saying that Mayor Harkins is screwing people over because of this….becareful….(or the door will be hittin’ ya where the good Lord split ya-you are not as insulated as you think-just a heads up in case you aren’t aware-)
    John said he was gonna rip the lid off this town and expose all the wrongs….it has begun. There is much more to come.

  20. 20 mikereynolds

    Who the hell is Frat Peer?

  21. 21 1george1

    I spoke to Mayor Harkins late monday night as he was leaving his office
    after the swearing in. This was to give information and get information.
    Mayor Harkins referred me to his Finance Director on 1 question.
    I asked him who his appointment was?
    He told me it was still John Norko.

    Mr. Norko has been a professional in conduct with me in the past.
    If everything is true, as written, then I am disappointed in Mr. Norko.
    Reason I write that is that Mr. Weisel has ommitted facts and slants
    reports, based on years of personal experience and observations.

    I never warmer to Mr. Winterbottom – at all!
    I am not surprized – at all!
    Based on what I saw with the O’Meara fiasco and meanness, and the
    answers given at Pension Board meetings, Mr.Winterbottom was a
    wasted salary, and unlikely to be missed.
    Perhaps Mr. Harkins will find someone competent and useful?
    H R has been a very, very mixed bag in Stratford.
    I would doubt ANY RECORDS found in that office.

    I wonder if Town Attorney Bishop has been sent ALL OPEN Stratford
    cases from Esq. Burturl, Esq. Kelly, and others, to be in Town Hall

    Mrs. McCauley was a disappointment, in keeping facts and documents
    from being transparent. Another wasted salary.

    Esq Burturla has been on Town Payroll since 1996.

    During that 12 YEAR Time:
    Stagnation: Shakespeare + AVCO + RAYMARK = BILLING
    Exonomic Exodus (lost jobs), instead of Development:
    * Dianon to Shelton (350) * Mobil Chem (350) * (Bargain News 400+)
    * Coca Cola (250)
    Bradleys closed years +
    ECS – Education Cost Sharing > lost $ 83 Million
    Unfunded Mandates over $ 5 million year Town + BoE = lost $ 120 M
    PENSION OBLIGATION increased $ 12.2 MILLION to $ 17.4 Million
    (Average Obligation 1990-1994 under $ 4 maybe under $ 3 Million.

    Under 1000 Defined Benefit Plan employees project over $ 1 BILLION
    in a 60 year window – where even UNION leaders are SHOCKED and
    KNOW they will face REPUDICATION, which I warned THEM to document
    the blame on Burturla + friends.

    Early 2010 the Defined Benefit Plan will hit $ 18.4 Million Obligation.
    A MIL was $ 4.6 Million (before Miron cut Harkins Revenue).

    If INSURANCE COST were cut in HALF by TRUE COMPETITION, and some
    Negotiated realable premium increases HARKINS could LOWER the MIL
    RATE by 5 MILS.

    So dear readers, if you did not have NORM + BURTURLA + FRIENDS
    – 2 MILS = ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Clean Raymark + AVCO 12k Jobs

    Obviously a couple of Mils would go back into outrageous things like
    replacing Stratford HS + State of Art Equipment + Senior relief +
    Veteran support + Low income support + Energy saving/cost avoided
    During the (so far) 3 years 7 months of Miron + Feehan + Henrick
    $ 5.2 Million Pension Obligations + 119 Retirees

    —Pension Obligations in 4 year sets
    $ 5.2 m Miron / Feehan / Henrich (Mr Conservative) 2005 to 2009 (110)
    $ 3.6 m 2001 – 2004 (126 retirees, include 63 in gold parachute year)
    $ 3.3 m 1997 – 2000 (109 retirees, big bump in Pensions $$ started)
    Any 4 years prior well under 100 retirees and under $ 1.8 m
    Obviously, some people died: reduced payment to Beneficiaries)

    The POLICE + FIRE are in a TRAP, where they will be on defensive.

    DRUG TRAFFIC allowed enemies of CONSTITUTION to take over Candidates
    WARS + CRIMES funnelled money to enemies of CONSTITUTION
    OIL PRICES Transferred Wealth off shore + to BIG OIL
    All stocks, except OIL + WAR went down and have been BOUGHT UP
    Most private PORTFOLIOS were savaged forcing many into CREDIT CARDS
    BUSINESSES offshored, CLOSED to non union competiton, DOWNSIZED

    The GOVERNMENT is prohibited from BUILDING THINGs
    (Protect / Destroy / Repair)

    70 % of GDP / GNP is Consumer Spending.
    How do Private Sector Consumers spend, with
    NO JOB

    Yeah – there will be NO REPUDIATION of $ 100,000 PENSIONS and

    I have been told by many people who voted Harkins and even Miron,
    that I knew the facts better than anyone in the debates / meetings,
    however they had to vote against the other guy or for their guy as
    they definitely WANTED ONE or DID NOT WANT THE OTHER.
    > Nice to hear.
    > I knew I had no chance to win.
    > I wanted the sane people in the unions to volunteer change.
    > I wanted the sane business people to pressure good government.
    > At my age and weight, without kids, I should care less about any of
    you and just be selfish instead of inviting people to fear that I am
    messing with their scam …
    but the scam is a PONZI SCHEME like MADOFF
    More than 1/2 took out more than they put in.
    The other 1/2 will be lucky to get 1/4 of what they put in.

    If the Government or a Civil Suit proves there is FRAUD or CONSPIRACY
    the contract can be REPUDIATED as NULL + VOID.
    I want intelligent UNIONS who get good pay + benefits + pensions that
    are V I A B L E.
    The people steeling the SYSTEM want POLICE who are DISHONEST or
    COWED into doing whatever (slaves) are told.
    We have many good cops.
    But Phin wrote the other day, a realization that COPS have to go against
    their selfish PENSIONS to do the RIGHT THING and protect their Pensions
    and protect and serve the People.

    The USA and Stratford have problems, all because our PEOPLE of TRUST
    and PROFIT are GREEDY SHORTSIGHTED and do NOT care about the
    faithful execution of the CONSTITUTION … mandates.

    Shalom – Merry Christ man – Happy New Year – God Bless the USA

    LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ……. SOME

  22. 22 jezebel282


    So far as I can tell he’s a lieutenant that seems to be in charge of “training” and the Police Athletic League. Although, looking at his picture, “athletic” isn’t the first word that springs to mind.


    He also seems to be one of Buturla’s Golden Circle Boys.

  23. 23 1george1

    My opinion: Interest saved on various Bonding is the 14 year effect of

    Mirons/ Burturla / B UTTER NUTS – Norm – Louie – Wm Cabrol – Florek – Kelly
    Schirillo – and a few people I like more than I like those people.

  24. 24 1george1

    Was that spelled FRAT PEER
    or FRAT BEER?
    or “F” RAT PEER?

    No offense to a person’s real name.
    But Stratford personnel names sometimes look like it were
    done by CENTRAL …. Casting

  25. 25 1george1


    Stratford, Milford police chiefs vying for top cop job in New Haven
    Published: 09:51 p.m., Monday, February 1, 2010

    By Richard Weizel


    The police chiefs of neighboring Milford and Stratford were among
    finalists interviewed Monday by New Haven city officials to fill the
    pending police chief vacancy in the state’s second largest city,
    police sources said.

    Stratford Police Chief John Buturla, hired in May 2007 by former
    Mayor James R. Miron, and Milford Police Chief Keith Mello, who
    took over that city’s department in 2006, were both interviewed
    by New Haven officials Monday to fill the vacancy being created
    by outgoing Police Chief John Lewis — who is retiring after serving
    as chief since 2008 — but will stay on until a replacement is found.


    Before being hired as Stratford police chief nearly three years ago,
    Buturla had served as New Haven’s chief administrative officer for
    Mayor John DeStefano Jr. — who is still mayor.


    Buturla, who has had a tumultuous tenure as Stratford chief —
    including a nearly unanimous “vote of no confidence” by the
    department’s 110 officers in 2008 when they cited the chief’s
    “anti-union campaign,” including what they called a “politically
    motivated” internal investigation resulting in the demotion,
    suspension and ultimate arrest of union president Joseph McNeil.


    McNeil, demoted from captain to sergeant, is awaiting a court
    hearing and appeal on the two matters. He strongly denies the
    charges against him, believing they were “trumped up” by Buturla
    and the former Miron administration regarding the release of
    damaging personnel documents to the public and media about
    Christian Miron, the former mayor’s brother, who applied to be
    a police officer and was about to be hired at the time.

    (TRUMPED UP? – Completely credible = all part of the script?)

    Stratford Mayor John A. Harkins said Monday “I haven’t spoken
    to the chief about this, and I didn’t know he was looking for a
    new job.

    (What else will the Mayor claim he doesn’t know about?
    Will this be PRETEXT for new “fascist controls?”)

  26. 26 jezebel282


    Go John!

    Seriously, go John.

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