We Still Have Plenty Left


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When you don’t show up for work (you know, like Miron?) it is called “Job Abandonment”. And guess what? You are not entitled to any pay or benefits. As we all know, this is really a case of First Degree Larceny as well as Conspiracy to Commit Larceny.

Miron and top administrators depart with $240,000 in payouts, leave without warning
Ex-mayor and 5 others collect $240,000 in all, fail to aid transition
By Richard Weizel
Updated: 12/17/2009 09:46:24 PM EST

STRATFORD — Former Democratic Mayor James R. Miron and five of his top administrators and staff assistants departed with a total of $240,000 in sick and vacation cash-out benefits — including two aides employed for only six months who received $20,000 each, the new mayor, John Harkins, and his administration discovered during its first two days in Town Hall.

Also, all five — including former Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley, Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom, Finance Director John Norko and the two mayoral aides unexpectedly did not show up for work Tuesday, which was the first day under the new Harkins administration.

That leaves the new Republican mayor without three of his top administrators just as the town is getting ready to begin the new budget process for fiscal 2010-11.

After McCauley, Winterbottom and the two aides did not notify Harkins, his staff, or anyone at Town Hall that they had left their positions, and were promptly terminated, Harkins said.

Only Norko, who submitted a resignation letter last month, had notified the town he would be leaving, but even he did not specify an exact date, according to the mayor’s chief of staff, Adam R. Bauer.

Miron signed off on the cash payouts before working his final day in Town Hall last Friday, according to Bauer.

Bauer said it appears Miron, McCauley and Winterbottom received about $40,000 each, and Norko cashed out at nearly $50,000. He said an estimated $30,000 also appears to have been paid out, although it is not clear at the present time who received the payments and how much they were for.

“This could be a very serious situation and we are investigating whether these individuals were paid more than their cash-out agreements called for, or whether the mayor had the right to even sign them,” Bauer said. “We also have our attorneys investigating whether the failure by four of the officials to properly notify the mayor they were leaving could impact their eligibility for the benefit payouts.”


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  1. 1 ronmoreau


    Nothing about the failed leadership of Mr. Miron and his administration surprises me. My guess is the shredders were over heated in many town departments over the last several weeks.

    Mr. Harkins will have many obstacles to overcome. Nothing John can’t handle. With him at the helm, we will all benefit, not just a select few.

  2. 2 1george1

    More important than shredded and missing documents are replacement documents.

    Ron, have you check 2008 Fire Truck pricing on the Internet?

    3 years 7 months under Miron / Feehan / Henrich – Pension Obligation:
    $ 5.2 million increase, with 5 months to go.

    4 years prior
    $ 3.6 million increase, with 7 more pensioners (126 vs 119)

    4 years prior
    $ 3.3 million increase, with 109 pensioners

    NO OTHER 4 YEARS had over 100 PENSIONERS or OVER $ 1.8 million
    added obligation

    How does one spell B R I B E R Y to a few?
    If it walks like a duck …

    In another post, I estimate Mirons/Burturla will cost Stratford Tax payers
    over $ 2.5 BILLION in a 60 year window with certain people getting high

    POLICE + FIRE were super ticked with GOLDEN PARACHUTE adding to

    POLICE + FIRE were super ticked with the outrageous Miron Pensions
    approved by the Republican Pension Board.

    NOW STARTED to DAWN on them that they have been SET UP to be

    The real villians NEED SCAPE GOATS, as they plundered the USA by
    WAR VEHICLES – Ships – Planes – Helicopters – Trucks/Tanks -etc
    Raiding PUBLIC ASSETS making TEAPOT DOME look small.

    They needed to corrupt POLICE – COURTS – LAWYERS – ELECTED
    to eliminate oversite, investigation, indictments, convictions

    The GOOD COPS are furious about the WORSE COPS .. but there
    has been a SILENCE and allowing corruption to continue ….

  3. 3 sylvia67

    I have said this before and will say it again: the town needs a Forensic Audit. We should not be surprised at what Miron has taken and done. A search warrant needs to be obtained so his home can be searched, as there is presumably town property to be found there. His actions give us no reason to put any trust in this man. Why would several people in Miron’s administration leave without notice? That also highlights the need for a complete investigation into all the offices these people worked in. Mark my word, there will be several people arrested or fined when all the facts come out, and Miron can run and hide all he wants, but the truth and integrity will prevail.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    I wonder if anyone thought to stop payment on the checks?

  5. 5 sylvia67

    jezebel282 on December 18, 2009 said:

    I wonder if anyone thought to stop payment on the checks?

    Jez, I fully agree with you and something is not right here at all. Why would John Norko donate to Miron’s campaign $1,000 from himself and $1,000 from his wife?. That in itself sent out some a very serious message to the public. He was not the only one who did this Burturla is another one. That should also be checked out and where is all that money. John Norko was the first one to resign when Miron lost. I wonder why?????

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Speaking of bullsh*t, there is this from the Bridgeport Post

    “Transition off to a rocky start
    Updated: 12/18/2009 04:14:22 PM EST

    His wholesale rejection by the voters of Stratford last month could not have been easy. But former Mayor James R. Miron and his team have no excuse for what appear to be extreme steps to make the transition to new leadership as hard as possible.

    Miron and five of his top administrators and staff walked out the door with a total of $240,000 in sick and vacation cash-out benefits, the new administration found, all the while doing little to help the incoming mayor. The assistants also gave no notice before leaving their positions, simply deciding not to show up for work once Mayor John Harkins took office.
    It’s a slap at the town they so recently represented.

    The new mayor also said Miron never met with him during the transition process, relying instead on a few phone calls and e-mails. This is hardly acceptable, and did little to help the town through an uncharted situation.

    The cash payouts to top administrators may have been allowed, but the fact the new administration was blind sided by the revelation shows a lack of respect for town residents.

    And by not giving notice before leaving their jobs, they sent a message that political payback mattered more than the good of Stratford.

    Lest anyone think otherwise, though, the problems that kept Stratford down run much deeper than Miron and his staff. Upon taking office, for example, Harkins said, “For too long, partisanship and politics have put the lives of Stratford residents at risk.”

    This is too much. Miron’s priorities are open to question, but his commitment to the safety of Stratford residents is not, regardless of the controversy over new fire equipment.

    If Harkins truly wants to set a new tone, he needs to leave battles of the past behind.

    Stratford has no experience with a mayoral transition — this is the first one. But the town now has a good example of how not to do it.”

    As usual, the Bridgeport Post has it a bit wrong. The Town of Stratford transitioned very smoothly from Town Manager to Mayor. Ben Branyan couldn’t have been more gracious or helpful.(Look what happened to him).

    Here we have administrators who have abandoned their jobs and STILL take our money. It’s outrageous. We should make every effort to retrieve our tax money.

    This is not the time “to leave battles of the past behind.”. When you are beaten and raped, you don’t just dust yourself off and say “oh well”.

    We have four years of incompetence, deception and greed to correct. Make no mistake, there are still Miron appointees that are still a danger to Stratford residents.

  7. 7 phineast

    Nice bracelets…they will look better on Jimmy.
    Jez, you are right. We have had 4 years of incompetence,deception and greed that needs correcting-unfortunately it is going to take about 15+ years to get past the beginning of the messes that Jimmy and friends made. His last act as mayor has nailed is political coffin and is what will ultimately be his cell door slamming. Karma will get that man one way or another. We have to keep revealing his treachery to the public- if I were the T.A,. I’d be slapping a lean on the Lenox ave house until this is sorted out-and I’d be doing the same to all the recipients of Jimmy’s windfall. At least that will ensure that if there is any wrong doing that we have a shot at recouping some of the money. It should be the first step in the correction of the biggest mistake that this town has had to endure-Jimmy and his gang- time to go after each and every one that has lied to the public and compromised our community and taken ill gotten gains with them–all of them. Also time to finish cleaning out the hr office-winterbottom is gone now it is time shovel out the rest of the sh!t, LL, if you know what I mean. Well past time. Then we can move on to the rest and finally move forward.

  8. 8 intimeone

    Since every one is concerned about what you think is incompetence, deception and greed, has any given through that Mayor Harkins, is taking the tax payers to the clearners? He turned in his letter December 14, 2009, notifying the State his resignation takes effect Jan 5, 2010. This means he will collect a pay check from the Town for three weeks and from the State as a Representative at the same time. To top this off, because the effect date is January 2010, Johnny’s pension from the State will be higher. If he can reap this off the tax payers back, why would you deny others from getting what their contract said they would get i.e. sick time, vacation time etc? Not even out of the gate, and Johnny’s at the heard of the class.

  9. 9 ronmoreau


    You mean to tell me that the Mr. Miron, in the 4 years he was in office, NEVER took a day off, and warrants severance pay to the tune of $40,000?

    Not to mention the other clowns that took the 20/40/50k as well?


  10. 10 ronmoreau


  11. 11 ronmoreau

    I hope you guys all go to JAIL.

  12. 12 ronmoreau


    That quarter million they stole is a slap in the face ,to all of us who take the time from our families,( Democrats and Republicans alike) and volunteer our time on boards and commissions in our town of Stratford.

    The sad part, about the whole thing is, you will probably get away with it just like Jim Miron will get away with screwing all those people out of head stones.

  13. 13 ronmoreau

    There is a lot of truth to what you say..GEORGE.

  14. 14 ronmoreau


    That’s why I’m a Republican.

  15. 15 ronmoreau

    Sorry Jim you didn’t do the head stone thing, your dad did.

    My mistake.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “This means he will collect a pay check from the Town for three weeks and from the State as a Representative at the same time.”

    You’re kidding, right? The “pay” for a State Rep is well under the poverty level. As Minority Whip, you think maybe Harkins might want to to transition a tad more efficiently than, say, Miron did?

  17. 17 phineast

    To intimeone- Show Me the Contracts. Prove the entitlement. You can’t. Miron is an incompetent and corrupt(my opinion) example of a mayor. Harkins is giving up his seat without having to be brow beaten to do it, he did it according to protocol. He also didn’t go into the finance office of the state and demand that checks be written for himself and all of his campaign people that were also involved in state government. John is following proper protocol. Miron has never followed proper protocol-never followed the charter unless it was convenient and Never followed contracts unless there was something in it for him. All you have to do is look at the grievances during his term-he doesn’t even follow court orders correctly. He is supposed to be an attorney–in my opinion he should lose his right to practice because of his in ability to follow court orders. Now IF Miron had RETIRED from the town (like Harkins is retiring from the state) and was not kicked out of office so hard that his a$$ hurts, then perhaps I might agree with you. But until ALL those contracts are posted for us to review by someone credible-like Jez- who verifies information-all I can say to you is I don’t buy a word of what you have said. By the way- I have never seen a contract that enitiles a person to what Miron gave his 2 assistants unless they had been there for more than a year….just on that alone it makes me think that Miron is guilty of larceny and misappropriation of public funds.
    intime- just in case you are wondering-people are watching what Miron is going to be doing over the next few years…he can’t work for anyone that did business with the town. State statute…….so BMD, and all the other atty’s that did work for the town are out………..maybe we will get lucky he and his gang will at the least leave Stratford and at best get out of CT.

  18. 18 1george1

    Thank you for the acknowledgement that there is a lot of truth in my post.

    Local level, most of the financial mischief occured under Republicans control
    of Town Councils and Boards of Ed.

    National level,

    Moved to: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/georges-page/#comment-9440

  19. 19 mikereynolds

    I have been led to believe that Miron and his cronies left their town positions and are still in possession of town property like computer. Whether or not they are laptops I don’t know. And that the information on those computers is needed for town business and is nowhere but on those computers.

    No idea if this is true or not; just what I’m hearing.

    Also, there is growing dissent in the EMS ranks. It appears that Mrs. Best is not getting the job done and ruling EMS very Miron-like; in that if people complain they are subject to disciplinary action. Equipment is not being ordered or maintained and the condition of the ambulances is horrible.

  20. 20 1george1

    SUN TSU: Art of WAR

    YEARS a BUSH – CLINTON has been in White House
    > BANKRUMPT leaders in Industries
    > OIL / GAS Prices
    > SEPT 2008 Bush – Paulson T. A. R. P.

    How is your JOB – PENSION security?
    What will you do when they change the Contitution to Magna Carta

  21. 21 greghousemd


    Mrs. Best had her attorney send a letter threatening to sue members of her department when they organized a no-confidence vote against her.

  22. 22 mikereynolds

    Holy crap. When its get’s that bad…when you have to have an attorney threaten the volunteers, haven’t you already lost?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “Mrs. Best had her attorney send a letter threatening to sue members of her department when they organized a no-confidence vote against her.”

    Mrs. Best has an attorney?

    Maybe he has heard of the First Amendment…or perhaps the NLRB?

  24. 24 1george1


    How many members of the EMS department are paid?
    Does the EMS department have a Grievance – Arbitration procedure?
    How many members of the EMS department Unpaid volunteers?
    NLRB can not do much about helping Unpaid volunteers?
    NLRB defers to Grievance Aribration process, if one exists.

    NLRB can over turn arbitration only if they find proveable there
    was fraud or conspiracy, and rarely malpractice or incompetence.

    NLRB and courts find for Management or Unions.
    An individual can file against Union, for the NLRB to intercede.
    The NLRB is led by a politically appointee, who was named by the
    President and ratified by Congress.

    I suggest that if there is a bonafide issue … why has a copy of
    “the letter” not found its’ way to Weizel or Kovach or WTNH or
    News 12 or Fairfield County weekly of WICC-WEBE.

    As blogged in the past, I admire the EMS work doen by JON +

    I have zero knowledge of the issue, except as posted on the blog,
    an I wanted people to be leary of Jeze’s reverence for NLRB.

  25. 25 intimeone

    If those of you who think the pay for a State Representative is below poverty level, why don’t you ask yourselves, Why would anyone keep running for re-election if they get paid so little? Maybe they like the feeling of power, potential political growth, good times, the food or maybe in my opinion just stupid. If you waste the next few years watching Mr. Miron the former Mayor, who will be watching Mr. Harkins, as he makes his next move (the two demo fire trucks that need further apparatus were number one) to repay those members of the police and fire department who gave him their support for his win. Remember the cost of getting those two demo’s up to their full potential to put out a fire will be on the tax payers backs. When Miron was Mayor his administration had to report only to him – There was no need for Miron to get approval from Harkins. Harkins told some of the department heads they did not have to worry about their jobs – suddenly the positions were posted on line. Now, who did that Santa?

  26. 26 greghousemd


    “Holy crap. When its get’s that bad…when you have to have an attorney threaten the volunteers, haven’t you already lost?”

    There lies the issue, All three that were served letters were volunteers, 1 was the volunteer EMS association president at the time, and 2 were volunteer supervisors.

    The volunteers are the only town employees that do not have the benefit of a union, basically they have to each individually file a grievance with HR after they are disciplined on a case by case basis. I believe that particular issue was referred to HR and Miron at the time and nothing was done. (Shortly after this occured, Mr. Best announced he was running for mayor).

    Ex., within the last year Ms. and Mr. Best followed an individual Ambulance crew around town for over an hour in their personal vehicle, and indicated that they violated “about a dozen” different SOP’s. They found out that they were being disciplined via certified letter about a week later, and received multiple written warnings and verbal warnings without being offered an opportunity to defend themselves.


    “Does the EMS department have a Grievance – Arbitration procedure?” Basically the process is that Mrs. Best sends certified letters to the home of an employee (Volunteer or Paid) without interviewing them, indicating that they have been disciplined for “ABC” indicates the severity of the discipline (Written or Verbal) and indicates that if the employee has an issue with it they are to schedule a meeting with her. There is no opportunity for any employee volunteer or paid to offer explanation for anything, its simply discipline and it is up to the volunteer to take it upon themselves to go to HR and contest the discipline. There is no room for representation.

    Now from what I’m told this only applies to certain people, there have been double standards that are set for certain people, particularly when it comes to something Mr. Best has done (Mr. Best serves as Captain and second in command of the department, and yes its a conflict of interest)

    “How many members of the EMS department are paid?” 1 Full time Administrator(Mrs. Best) 1 full time secretary, 4 Full time Paramedics, and 15-20 “Per Diem” personell who fill gaps in volunteer staffing “as needed”

    “How many members of the EMS department Unpaid volunteers?” There are approx: 100 volunteers, 68 log hours regularly, and only about 20-30 make their mandate 144 hours as defined by the departments SOPS.

    The morale in the EMS department is as low as the Police and Fire departments if not lower, The department has lost many qualified volunteers and paid individuals who truly care about this town due to tactics intimidation and personal vendettas.

    Refer to First Responder gets last word here for a prime example of how the department is run.

    Where as you will see due to lack of management and harassing and hostility towards a paid employee the town lost miserably at arbitration. These same tactics are used against volunteers who have no representation or money to defend themselves like Mr. Jasinski’s union did.


    “Mrs. Best has an attorney? Yes, I don’t know what firm or attorney specifically, but i remember being told it was a firm out of Bridgeport.

    Maybe he has heard of the First Amendment…or perhaps the NLRB?” I guess it doesn’t apply to a volunteer who has no representation, is offered none and doesn’t want the hassle or have the money to afford fighting for a job they are not even paid for.

  27. 27 jezebel282


    “I guess it doesn’t apply to a volunteer who has no representation,”

    My mistake. I didn’t realize how many unpaid volunteers there were. Perhaps you should contact someone anyway to discuss organizing some representation? You know, like these guys: http://www.teamster.org/content/organizing-assistance-request-form

    It would seem that the most difficult part of Ms. Best’s job would be attracting, training and retaining dedicated and talented personnel. That doesn’t appear to be her concern, does it?

    Perhaps you can appeal to her supervisor, James Cavanaugh?

    Oh wait….never mind.

  28. 28 phineast

    Intime- most of the postings you speak of are due to people not showing up for their jobs an running away with funds they may not be entitled to. The other openings were subject to a “freeze” apparently so Miron could take money for himself instead of providing service to the community. Santa had nothing to do with it. 🙂
    Miron can wait and watch all he wants but he is politically through in this town and most likely EVERYWHERE else. His own fault. If he tries to come back in any way shape or form , I will be one of thousands demanding a mental evaluation of him- which we can do. He’ll never survive an eval that he can’t buy off the one doing the evaluating…..seems to run in the family(in my humble opinion of course!).

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “Why would anyone keep running for re-election if they get paid so little?”

    You should really ask any member of the Town Council or Commission. They dedicate hours and hours every week for nothing. I have always wondered why anyone in their right mind would do that. Perhaps you should ask Greg why he dedicates an inordinate amount of time saving lives with EMS for no pay.

    State Reps (and Senators) are paid a measly stipend so they can AFFORD to get to Hartford and back. Why? Why would anyone dedicate time to government. It’s not for the fame and glory, that’s for sure.

    “as he makes his next move (the two demo fire trucks that need further apparatus were number one) to repay those members of the police and fire department who gave him their support for his win.”

    Having met most of those union members who supported Mayor Harkins ( I get the feeling you hate the sound of that) as well as many many citizens, I honestly believe the only thing they request from Mayor Harkins is fairness.

    Ordering two firetrucks are not “repayment” to any union. That is simply twisted thinking. Seven Stratford citizens have perished in fires this year alone while many times fire apparatus can’t even make it out of the driveway. That is not repayment to a union. That is protecting us.

    “Remember the cost of getting those two demo’s up to their full potential to put out a fire will be on the tax payers backs.”

    You mean like the $240,000 he just removed from the Town bank account?

    “Harkins told some of the department heads they did not have to worry about their jobs – suddenly the positions were posted on line.”

    Did you happen to notice that these department heads did not show up for work? They just abandoned their jobs and absconded with our money.

  30. 30 greghousemd


    “My mistake. I didn’t realize how many unpaid volunteers there were. Perhaps you should contact someone anyway to discuss organizing some representation? You know, like these guys: http://www.teamster.org/content/organizing-assistance-request-form

    I’ll pass it on to them.

    “It would seem that the most difficult part of Ms. Best’s job would be attracting, training and retaining dedicated and talented personnel. That doesn’t appear to be her concern, does it?”

    Well I guess that shows when for starters Ms. Best has allowed her training Lieutenant to retain his position despite having not worked in a year and a half. Oh and that same officer is apparently the one supposed to be in charge of recruitment.

    The horror stories that I keep hearing everyday about the Miron-like management makes me wonder why anyone would continue to volunteer there and be persecuted.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    “why anyone would continue to volunteer there and be persecuted.”

    That’s easy. Because for most volunteers, firefighters and cops the job of saving lives is more important than the surrounding politics.

    And let us make no mistake here. This should absolutely clear to every citizen in Stratford. The actual reason cops, firefighters and EMS show up every day, day in and day out, is to save lives. When they are persecuted, reprimanded, arrested, suspended or denied equipment that harms every citizen in Stratford.

  32. 32 greghousemd

    “And let us make no mistake here. This should absolutely clear to every citizen in Stratford. The actual reason cops, firefighters and EMS show up every day, day in and day out, is to save lives. When they are persecuted, reprimanded, arrested, suspended or denied equipment that harms every citizen in Stratford.”

    Couldn’t have put that better myself. Its just a pity that such an important organization like EMS can such an corrupt leadership.

    “I have zero knowledge of the issue, except as posted on the blog,
    an I wanted people to be leary of Jeze’s reverence for NLRB.”

    I’ll see there is a copy of the letter that was sent threatening to sue the members of the Stratford Vol. ems association for organizing the vote of no confidence, and send it to jez to post.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    A PDF or JPG would be fine.

  34. 34 sudds

    ‘And let us make no mistake here. This should absolutely clear to every citizen in Stratford. The actual reason cops… show up every day, day in and day out, is to save lives.”

    You mean it’s NOT for the donuts??? 😛

  35. 35 1george1

    Thank you for
    1 – Your Volunteer (or paid) service in EMS to me and everyone in Stratford
    2 – The FYI reply to my questions

    I would be interested in JON’S reply, since he posted here in the past,
    and I know Ben Proto is an active blog reader. (Jon’s campaign manager)

    There are at least 2 sides to every situation.

    Being followed around on the road and writen discipline reminded me of
    the exact same type of harassment I suffered working to the USPS.
    Several people who lived on my Postal Route, gave written statments
    that they felt it was a Public ENDANGERMENT, since children played on
    the streets (cul-d-sacs)

    I can identify with you the same way I identify with Mark Haddad victims.
    Exact same M. O. I and co-workers suffered.

    I wonder if anyone did a study on the NET WORTH of Rep Harkins, before
    he became elected and after he became elected?

    It is pretty amazing how Senators and Congress start barely millionaires
    and win up with significant increases in NEW WORTH, far exceeding the
    sum total of their annual Government PAY?

    Before it became a “TAG LINE” for NBC series, I told JOHN BURTURLA
    that on 9/11 Police, Fire, EMS, + Military RAN TOWARDS DANGER!

    However, for many of those people, besides being a passion and labor
    of love and duty, it is also a business decision where pay, benefits, and
    pensions become issues.

    We have a mixture of good cops / fire, and others, and less good who
    are perfectly willing to quid pro quo on fire trucks for O. T. / Pensions,
    while Republicans and Democrats steer
    Contracts like: Insurance, Building, Repairs, Studies, etc;
    Fees like: Attorney pay, Pensions Finders Fees, Bond Fees
    Jobs like: Board of Ed + Town + Subcontractors

    There is NOTHING to be ASHAMED of related to HONEST WORK for

    However, even the UNION and POLITICAL LEADERSHIPS were shocked
    at what MIRON + FEEHAN + HENRICK 4 years did to Stratford and the
    last 12 – 14 years of Mirons / Burturla / Butternuts / Florek – Kelly did
    to Stratford!

    Either it is a complete lack of SHAME
    or BOTH.

    Like BILLIONS Bernie Madoff PONZI SCHEME cost investors, the
    political parties vampires cost Stratford Tax Payers BILLIONS.

    I can’t wait for the cover stories related to borrowing another

    Right now the TEA PARTY has a HIGHER RATING than Democrats
    and Republicans combined!

    Why not send the same EMS letter to Weizel, Kovach, and other media?

  36. 36 greghousemd


    I personally have gotten sick of seeing the EMS lose good people to the harassment and hostile environment for voicing their opinions on how to improve the service to the town, and in the process this town has lost out on good qualified individuals and from what everyone tells me, Jez is correct in the statement “the most difficult part of Ms. Best’s job would be attracting, training and retaining dedicated and talented personnel.” but it doesn’t just stop at personnel.

    I’m sure some other public safety personnel that blog here will be able to confirm just how difficult the EMS administration can be.

    “Why not send the same EMS letter to Weizel, Kovach, and other media?”

    Good question.

    “I would be interested in JON’S reply, since he posted here in the past”

    IMO, I’m sure that being Donna’s husband and a Captain/second in command of the same department, he will not confirm or say anything here that may negatively reflect on his wife or himself.

  37. 37 mikereynolds

    Another possible problem for John Harkins is that if he makes a move against Donna Best, she and her husband are going to cry to whoever will listen that its all politics. John doesn’t need that kind of crap right now.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “Another possible problem for John Harkins is that if he makes a move against Donna Best, she and her husband are going to cry to whoever will listen that its all politics.”

    That’s not quite true. Jon Best has been accused of all sorts of things and has stood up to most of it quite well (except for that Loschiavo connection).

    Perhaps a solution might be for personnel issues to be removed from Ms. Best’s burden and placed elsewhere….like HR. She can focus on urgent issues like maintenance, schedules and recruitment.

    Whatever happens, you can be assured that Jon Best, being a good husband, will definitely not like anything that happens to his wife in a negative way. As he should. And no one will misunderstand that.

    However, as Mayor Harkins has said, politics MUST be removed from emergency services.

  39. 39 greghousemd


    ” she and her husband are going to cry to whoever will listen that its all politics.”

    Your absolutely correct. She used the same tactic against Miron.
    It certainly wont be because:

    “The official program listed the colors to be presented by the police color guard, the fire color guard, and the EMS color guard. One problem. The EMS color guard didn’t show. The reason? Donna Best decided to have an officer’s meeting at the same time of the inauguration.”
    The town losing a huge arbitration case vs. Mr. Jasinski due to her single handed actions.
    The ambulance fleet being in the deplorable condition.
    Failing to cover the calls
    harassing members of the department and creating a hostile work environment
    Being the only department that didn’t put any additional personnel on during the snowstorm.

    (The Fire Department put an additional manpower specifically to respond to medical calls while EMS had only 1 Ambulance on during the peak of the storm)

  40. 40 jezebel282


    Is that why the FD beats EMS to every medical 911 call?

  41. 41 intimeone

    The posting for the position(s) appeared on line before the positions were vacated. Get your facts straight – no one mentioned EMS or any other volunteer positions. Stick to the issue. When Officers and firefighters are hired they should take their position knowing the basic fundamental is to save lives and in some cases catch the “criminal”. However, some appear to be more concentrated on what benefits they can get from the Union and they use it as a bargining tool or how much of a pension they will get when they retire. That in of it self would possibly support they lacked the basic fundamental reasons for taking the job in the first place.
    1 George 1, here is some facts for you. State Representative Cafaro (R) who has been traveling from Norwalk to Hartford for at least 14 years, wants to be our next governor, (Remember him he gave the oath to Harkins) is an attorney. So what we can expect in Stratford for the next 8 months is that the Republican Town Committee will permote that to every extent possible. Speaking of attorney’s, the law firm of Florek and O’Neil are involved in a Legal Malpractice suit. Attorney Tom Thornberry, remember him he was a Town Attorney too is a party in that same Legal Malpractice case. Attorney Kevin Kelly told the Republican Town Committee it is his opinion that the Republican Town Committee can hold their monthly meeting at Mill River Country Club, (a private club) as long as they announce to the public where the meeting is held. The two important thing they forgot to post is the time of the meeting and the usual meeting day. They no longer announce it in the CT Post. Let’s not forget, State Central Committee person Norman Aldrich holds a personal membership in that club. Oh, please don’t forget, a Town Committee member (the domestic insurgent) who works in the Town hall for many years, use of Town Property to accept fax’s in and send out information out to her “informent friend” that has caused the tax payers and Town to suffer many of the indignities the tax payers we are left to live with in Stratford. Seasons Best.

  42. 42 greghousemd


    From what I’m told, “who gets there first” is really determinant on where the call is in relation to the ambulance at the time. Sometimes the Stratford ambulance responds from the hospital when finishing another run. Being that EMS is located at Stratford PD basement, it would be unlikely that EMS would beat FD to oronoque or lordship anytime. But I’m told when the call is a “central call” its pretty split on who gets to the call first.

  43. 43 jezebel282


    “The posting for the position(s) appeared on line before the positions were vacated. Get your facts straight

    Seems the facts are pretty straight. Norko’s last day was Nov 26th, Winterbottom quit and McCauley disappeared.

    Stratford Job Openings

    C.A.R.E.S. Administrator

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Crossing guards

    Finance Director

    Human Resources Director

    Part Time Evening Receptionist

    Part Time Parent Educator

    Part Time Program Coordinator

    Part Time Youth Program Facilitator

    Part Time Youth Program Facilitator

    What was your point again? Or are we going to be subject to disjointed little conspiracies of who’s a member of which club like George favors us with?

  44. 44 intimeone


    To clarify I think you must be looking for a job- if so you should see if you can transfer into one. You if you like can become a the second in command of the conspiracies you are already involved with. Please don’t look for job with CSI, they hire pros.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    Love your sense of humor. Unfortunately most of the “conspiracies” I deal with here are real and are documented.

    “Please don’t look for job with CSI, they hire pros.”

    You mean like trying to match DNA from stationary to innocent cops?

  46. 46 phineast

    Intime- You are so outtatime……it really is pathetic. Show me your proof that those positions were posted prior to them being fired. They were fired the day that Harkins took office because they didn’t show up, then the positions were posted. That is what happens when a position is considered vacated due to employee negligence-in this case absence with failure to notify the administration. Bam, fired. It is not like any of them were at death’s door from an accident and unable to call-they made a conscious, immature and unprofessional choice after absconding with 10’s of thousands of tax dollars-which is classic of the behavior of the last 4 years dealing with the Miron gangbangers, actually you sound like one of them…don’t be applying for any jobs in town….the people will be laughing at you…….
    Tons of EMS references in posts 26, 27, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. They may not have any positions posted for hire but there are issues that people have valid concerns over and the right to discuss.
    During the last 4 years there was a behavior that was allowed to go on that will no longer be tolerated by the citizens of this town-If people have a problem with an administrator’s action, like what was described in EMS, I am confident that they will be able to file a complaint in the Mayor’s office. After enough complaints the Mayor can take action–document, document, document…….
    The lid is just starting to get ripped off the town-look out–there is much more to come.

  47. 47 1george1

    Greg & intime seem to have inside knowledge of EMS + POSTINGS.

    Besides inviting JON to post on EMS, why not extend the invitation to

    On EMS – I defer to those more expert than I.
    If Gavin ever decided Stratford needed cleaning up, his comprehension
    of details dwarfs mine. And I am GOOD …. VERY GOOD!

    In the NEW YEAR the POLICE and FIRE Unions are going to have to make
    serious decisions. At a later date, it can get VERY, VERY UGLY with all
    kinds of FINGER POINTING and …. worse …. far worse.

    – –

    Q – Intime posted about
    1 – Malpractice suits,
    2 – FOI POSTS and RTC Meetings at Mill River CC.
    3 – Republican Governor

    1 – Devil is in the details. Control docketing and framing =
    control the out come. What ever those issues … simply
    a warm up for the real show …. I am sitting it out …
    I did what I could …. people are adults …. they have to
    live with themselves … they have to answer to X + Y + Z

    2 – Seems like Republicans should speak up or roll over?
    Smart money is on the later. Last Republican with integrity
    and balls was Diane Buda. (Sorry Ron and “some” others)

    3 – I want Linda McMahon, whose WWE does parodies of
    the USA Socio-Political systems, is actually dead on of the
    way the USA really works. Kinda like Blagjovich & MADOSS
    oooops, I meant MADOFF … or was it mO.S.S.-A.D.? or maybe
    it was mO.S.S.man?
    – I want a picture of Butternuts with Califano and McMahon.
    – I want a picture with the mALLOYS > Tom + Dan
    – I want a picture with the Harkins > John + Tom (?)

    I wonder who scripts things?

    Very interesting anagrams involving

    Barack Hussein Obama
    Osama Bin Lauden
    Joseph Biden
    George Herbert Walker Bush
    George Walker Bush
    George Bush
    Barack Hussein Obama

  48. 48 1george1

    Too bad we don’t have Harkin’s commuter parking garage …..

    Then I could have a place to meet intimeone, like woodward n
    bernstein ….. who were in deep …. cover 😉

    Hint on the anagram.
    Which one matchs?


    What is the anagram in Nixon
    and the “brand” left on TFK?

  49. 49 intimeone

    Phineast – Harkins could not fire someone that has already reassigned. He probably was upset because he couldn’t take advantage of their knowledge and ability to help him figure out what he is suppose to do and that is why he thinks he fired them. If he really fired them, they can collect – at the tax payer’s expense. Glad you know that people have a right to voice and discuss their concerns. From where I stand, it sounds as through only you feel, (not think, because you can’t) and your gangbanger kind have an exclusive patent on those right. Get on the right track, no one made reference to the EMS. Speaking of gangbangers, and trying to match DNA, have you tried your sister?

  50. 50 greghousemd

    “Besides inviting JON to post on EMS, why not extend the invitation to

    Absolutely if they choose to post and contribute here I would welcome it.


    you are an individual who clearly cares a great deal for this town and someone who looks for the truth.

    The next time you see “GAVIN + CALZONE” , My challenge to you is to ask them about the corrupt leadership at EMS, and anyone else here who feels the need to take interest in finding the truth about another segment of corrupt leadership in Stratford’s third branch of public safety, talk to them, ask them about why EMS is failing the town in is mission statement and what can be done about it.

  51. 51 jezebel282


    “Speaking of gangbangers, and trying to match DNA, have you tried your sister?”

    This will be your first warning. This is not CT Post Topix. Vulgar personal insults are not appreciated here. My suggestion to you, and all other bloggers, is to think first THEN type.

    “If he really fired them, they can collect – at the tax payer’s expense.”

    It is called “Job Abandonment”. You cannot collect a dime for that. In fact, in all probability, it violates whatever “contract” they might have had.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “State Representative Cafaro (R) who has been traveling from Norwalk to Hartford for at least 14 years, wants to be our next governor, (Remember him he gave the oath to Harkins) is an attorney. So what we can expect in Stratford for the next 8 months is that the Republican Town Committee will permote that to every extent possible.”

    Nice call on Cafero, by the way. Are all your predictions this accurate?

    Cafero not running for governor
    Norwalk representative cites family obligations in staying out of race
    By Brian Lockhart
    Staff Writer


  53. 53 phineast

    Jez, it is interesting to watch what happens when someone’s cage gets as rattled as intime’s apparently is….maybe the bracelets pictured in the other thread are waiting for intime… ya just never know do you. There are 90+ officers just dying to slap those suckers on the members of the former admin.

    Intime- you have negated your own argument-if they resigned there is no problem with posting a job opening. 🙂 My exact choice of words was incorrect- he terminated those who did not show after they left with all the funds. That is the one way he could be sure they wouldn’t be back to try and take more.
    Intime-I never said you weren’t allowed to state your opinion–just pointed out some inaccuracies is all, no need to be so touchy. Harkins is going to do just fine without those administrators-he has very qualified people that are assisting him and guess what? He has all those that miron was foolish enough to alienate that are more than willing to assist if needed. We have 4 years of f’d up records, destroyed records and missing records to contend with–and the destroyed and missing records are the ones that actually constitute far more than a computer crime. You see the former mayor is THE one that is responsible for ALL of that documentation-and he is the one they are going to go after-if for no other reason than to prove a point. The word disbarment comes to mind in addition to silver bracelets.

  54. 54 cstratct


    As a proponent of the last administration, I have to say you’re on your own with this argument. As for all the talk of illegal activity and arrests, I’ll believe that when I see it. Until there are actual charges, that seems like a lot of bluster and wishful thinking, along with a healthy dose of sour grapes.

    That said, what those administrators did was a slap in the face to all the people who supported the last administration. Their actions were unprofessional, classless, and indefensible. They could have submitted their resignations to Miron effective his last day so that Harkins could have had his people in place and ready to go, not scrambling wondering where they were or if they were showing up for work. Their actions were simply unacceptable.

    And while the payments for sick/vacation time may be legal, the manner in which it was handled leaves a lot to be desired (and I’m biting my tongue here). In relation to the overall town budget the total amount is small, but the timing, combined with the administrators not showing up on Tuesday, disgusts me. And I supported the former administration.

    This was an ugly election to say the least. I hope moving forward that the tone changes, although if some of the comments made here are any indication, I doubt it.

    I’ll say what I said after the election, the Democrats need a house cleaning so that new people can take the party in a different direction.

  55. 55 mikereynolds


    We agree on very little. Regardless, that was well said and I agree one hundred percent.

  56. 56 jezebel282

    Cristopher and I agree on many many things that are non-Miron issues. I may be sitting next to him at the DTC meeting.

  57. 57 intimeone


    A word to the wise, should be sufficient even to your friend blogger “Phineast”, who used the words gangbuster, I must be one of them” first – so don’t call the kettle black. “No sour grapes here, no rattled cage”. Just calling it as I see it. I sure hope “ya just never know” cstratct, “do you maybe the bracelets pictured in the other thread are waiting for you”. If, “there are 90+ officers just dying to slap those suckers on the members of the former admin”, can be alluding to the filling an election promise. As to which group I belong, I will leave you to continue to figure it out; be sure of one thing I never committee petty theft and had it knolled based on any political connection or favor.

  58. 58 mikereynolds


    I just figured out what group you belong to…the illiterate. Nice job spelling.

    “I never committee petty theft”?

    “and had it knolled”?

    Nothing like illiteracy to help bolster your credibility.

  59. 59 1george1

    I believe it was published that Norko resigned in November,
    effective very early Dec. May have been a date.

    As for Miron, McCauley, Winterbottom .. don’t let the door ….

    I agree with most of Christopher’s assessment.

    Greg – I tell Gavin all the time, that if he ever decided to go State’s
    evidence, this town would be far better off.
    Gavin finally asked me to stop blogging it.
    Someone might take it seriously!
    While Gavin + Calzone have separate issues with Jon + Donna, they
    are neck deep in decisions screwing up this town, in my opinion!

    Everything in town seems to have to be done on the sly….
    A case could have been made for the new Fire House + EMS, which
    could have already been built with the extra money spent on the
    under $ 2 Million Fire House
    > over $ 6 Million actually spent

    What is the over / under on the EMS boondoggle?

    If the Fire Department is getting there faster than the EMS, could
    there be intentional sabotage, to justify ……

    Nah …. next thing someone might suggest the 10 years to took to
    get 2 Fire Trucks could there be intentional sabotage, to justify ……

    Nah …. next thing someone might suggest the 9 years to took to
    get Raymark Cleanup close to finished could there be intentional
    sabotage, to justify ……

    Nah …. next thing someone might suggest the 18 years to took to
    get AVCO close to STRATING could there be intentional sabotage,
    to justify ……

    Nah …. next thing someone might suggest the 27 years to took to
    get SHAKESPEARE close to STARTING could there be intentional
    sabotage, to justify ……

    Nah …. next thing someone might suggest the 15 years to took to
    get ECS close to FULLY FUNDED (and now falling back) could there be
    intentional sabotage, to justify ……

    Cattcchhiing …. the Berchem / Kelly / Florek / Willinger / B – utter nuts
    Billing Machine?

    While they RAKE in the REAL MONEY … they get others to LICK their
    BOOTS and take their FALL… WHILE Seniors, Vets, low – mixed – other
    income residents + Businesses are B E T R A Y E D by some of those who


  60. 60 jezebel282

    The legal loophole Miron will use is that he “terminated” the group and that is why they are entitled to pay outs.

    Now his problem will be finding a judge in Connecticut that believes that.

  61. 61 jezebel282


    I’m not sure what you are talking about at all.

  62. 62 cstratct


    Perhaps if your post was coherent we might be able to respond. I had an easier time understanding Lucky’s speech in Waiting for Godot.

    I’m sorry everyone, I couldn’t resist the obscure theatre reference. But if you know the play and that particular speech, you know what I’m talking about.

    Just for laughs:

    Have a good holiday everyone!

  63. 63 jezebel282



    I thought it was just me…

  64. 64 phineast

    Chris, the above posts, are the best you have ever done. Personally I loved the theater reference. 😉
    Intime-I have to agree with Jez, Mike and Chris-what are you babbling about?
    The 90+ I spoke of are the ones that voted no confidence for the pd admin, not to mention the way that the miron admin screwed over the entire dept how they handled just about every issue that was brought before them. I do believe that there are over 90 of them that would get extreme pleasure out of legitimately slapping the cuffs on miron and his cronies. Since there were no election promises you are S.O.L.
    I do hope that you get a sense of humor from Santa, good grief, sounds like you could use it. I do tend to forget that sometimes j/k and sarcasm is misunderstood over the internet-most of us here call it as we see it-and many times we see it differently-and yes, disagree. That is part of life.
    I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday!

  65. 65 citizenkane1

    Have a look at the artical just put on up the CT. Post site.

    I am Shocked I tell you, Shocked. Miron actully called Harkins a liar.


    Maybe they all are going to give Dick the money to pay back all the money he stole from those griveing families.


  66. 66 mikereynolds


    I don’t know where to begin. The arrogance and audacity by Miron is stupefying.

    The idea that he can terminate those people right before he leaves office so they can get extra money is insulting to the taxpayers of this town. Its one thing to be laid off and get some type of severence. But this is so self-serving and so under-handed that I don’t know whether to be shocked or angry.

    I can’t wait to see McCauley or Winterbottom get municipal jobs somewhere else. Didn’t these so called professionals think there was something wrong with this?

    “Miron accomplished that, in part, by terminating the officials and allowing them to receive 60 days of additional pay plus their full 2010 vacation and sick pay — money they would not have received if they resigned, according to records released Tuesday by Harkins and his aides.”

    Is this in their contracts? Is this in the charter? Regardless steps must be taken to make sure something like this never happens again.

    And for that weasel Miron to call John Harkins a liar over this and the whole transition is maddening. John Harkins makes Miron look like an ambulance chasing low life…oh, wait.

  67. 67 greghousemd

    “And for that weasel Miron to call John Harkins a liar over this and the whole transition is maddening. John Harkins makes Miron look like an ambulance chasing low life…oh, wait.”

    Truly incomprehensible at the arrogance.

  68. 68 nomoreyears

    intimeone = miron licking his wounds while on meth.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    Harkins: Miron OK’d sweetheart deals for departing officials
    Stratford’s new mayor says $224,000 in compensation approved by predecessor was improper
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 12/22/2009 08:53:59 PM EST

    STRATFORD — The newly inaugurated administration of John A. Harkins contends the previous mayor, James R. Miron, signed off on excessive and potentially improper payouts to himself, three top administrators and two staff assistants totaling $224,000 just before leaving office two weeks ago.

    Miron accomplished that, in part, by terminating the officials and allowing them to receive 60 days of additional pay, plus their full 2010 vacation and sick pay — money they would not have received if they resigned, according to records released Tuesday by Harkins and his aides.

    The documents show that Miron, Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley, Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom, Finance Director John Norko and the mayor’s administrative aides, Devron Wilson and Eric Castater, were given a total of nearly $40,000 in payments that Harkins’ officials believe they are not entitled to.

    Harkins and his town attorneys, Tim Bishop and Kevin Kelly, believe some of the payments are improper, including:

    * Accrued sick and vacation time the departed officials claim they never took, but that “cannot be fully substantiated,” Harkins said.

    * Professional development days that were not valid because there are no written evaluations within the past year, as required.

    * Additional money under a “perfect attendance” category that was eliminated last year.

    * Vacation and sick time claimed by Miron, who as mayor received 15 vacation days in his first year and 20 days in each subsequent year of the four-year term.

    Miron, a Democrat who was the town’s first mayor, received a $90,000 annual salary. He was paid $44,456 when he left office Dec. 14 for vacation and sick time.

    McCauley, who was the CAO for two years, received $52,615, about $15,000 more than her benefits called for, Harkins officials say.

    Norko, the finance director for 3½ years, cashed out at just under $51,000, about $14,000 above his entitlement, they contend.

    Winterbottom, the human resources director hired 18 months ago, was paid $42,446, about $6,000 above his rightful benefits, according to the new administration.

    Castater and Wilson, hired last March 3 at salaries of $50,000 each, both received more than $20,000 as Miron waived the requirement of 60 days’ notice for both, allowing them to qualify for their unused sick and vacation benefits, including those for 2010.

    Miron disputes that he or his officials did anything wrong, even suggesting in a phone message to the Connecticut Post, left in response to questions, that it was Harkins who was not willing to meet with him during the transition.

    Harkins “is lying,” the former mayor claimed.

    “Both myself and the town administration worked very diligently to make sure the transition went smooth, despite Harkins making it very difficult every step of the way,” Miron said. “Each employee received what he or she was entitled to, and from what I saw, though I didn’t actually calculate it, as that was done in the Finance Department and Human Resources, everyone received an appropriate post-separation settlement.”

    Miron also called back later, saying “I’m a private citizen now. I don’t believe any of these (cashouts) were excessive or improper. My advice to Mayor Harkins is to forget about me and concentrate on running his own administration.”

    Harkins expressed outrage at the money Miron authorized for himself and departing administrators.

    “The disgusting part about all of this was that here was an administration, particularly Mayor Miron, who was quick to point out how others were abusing the system and hurting the town, yet in the end they used the system to benefit themselves,” Harkins, a Republican, said Tuesday. “The former mayor went after those receiving union pensions while he was in office, called for an across-the-board wage freeze last year while giving these very administrators 6 to 10 percent salary increases, and yet when it came time for he and his top administrator to leave, took advantage of the town and abused the system. That is clear.

    “We are consulting with our legal staff right now about that and if it is determined that any taxpayer money was spent illegally, we will consider taking whatever action is necessary to recover it,” Harkins said.

    All five Miron officials unexpectedly failed to report for work Dec. 15, the first day of the Harkins administration. That left the new mayor without three top administrators just as the town is getting ready to begin preparations for the 2010-11 budget.

    Only Norko, who submitted a resignation letter last month, had officially notified the town he would be leaving, but he did not specify an exact date, according to Harkins’ chief of staff, Adam R. Bauer.

    “We had hoped for an orderly transition and we did expect all three of the top administrators to be on the job that first day, and then we were prepared to go from there,” Bauer said. “Whether we would have kept them on up to 60 days or replaced them sooner, we were certainly prepared for them to show up for work last Tuesday.”

    While Winterbottom and Norko could not be reached for comment Tuesday, McCauley, contacted by phone at her Easton home, said she would have to review the information released by Harkins before commenting on it.

    “I worked for Mayor Miron, not Mayor Harkins,” McCauley said when asked why she left without giving any notice to the new administration. And herein lies the problem for the last 4 years. Sweetheart, you did NOT work for James R. Miron. You worked for the Town of Stratford. Every paycheck you cashed was honored by the taxpayers of this Town. Also, Norko had responded in an e-mail recently that he “fully cooperated” with the Harkins transition team before leaving.

    Harkins denied Miron’s assertion that he had not been willing to meet in person about transition issues.

    “That must be another theory of his, and we know how accurate his theories are,” Harkins said, referring to Miron’s comments just before the election concerning his belief that Harkins had made a deal with the police and fire unions to gain their support. “I want to make it clear that we don’t want to look back any more, we want to look forward and work to change the system so that this doesn’t ever happen again.”

  70. 70 phineast

    miron=intent to defraud the public of funds. This is strictly about his intentions–
    by the way, what were his “grounds” for termination of his “top staff”?-if he improperly terminated them it sets the town up for a whole different scenario of issues

  71. 71 1george1

    My opinion is that Harkins + Bishop do not DARE to go after Miron
    and others. This is not a can of worms, but a mountain.

    As I previously blogged, Weizel’s report confirmed
    1 – Norko had resigned in writing in Nov, effective Dec
    2 – Miron, McCauley, Winterbottom leet door hit them in …

    In early 1999, I spoke to Town Attorney Burturla about phony Mossman
    case …. Burturla’s reply: “I work for the Town Council…”

  72. 72 cstratct

    Where to begin. (Deep breath) Okay…I’ll start by saying what I’ve said before, but expanding it now to include the former Mayor. This last act was an insult to all of the people who supported the former administration. I was disgusted reading the article. Now that we know he actually fired these administrators, their absence is explained, but the manner in which this situation was handled is disgraceful. What this does mean is that Miron orchestrated this mass exodus. He had to plan this with each administrator, and no one is claiming they were blind-sided by being let go, which means they all had a hand in it.

    Unethical, insulting, and deplorable are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind at the moment. I could go on but you get the picture.

    I make this next statement not as a defense of anyone but as an attempt to not overstate the situation: I don’t know if what occurred was illegal or not, I’ll wait for the town attorney to make that determination before jumping on that bandwagon. Was there a date at which those payments for 2010 would have been required regardless of who did the firing? If so, what amounts were people entitled to and what is the difference? Let’s get beyond “contending” and “alleging” and determine exactly what was excessive. If it is determined they received more then they were entitled to and they refuse to return the money, take them to court. Perhaps if there is an attorney on the board he/she can tell us whether this is a criminal or civil matter.

    Here’s one truly ironic twist to all this: With Miron “firing” all these administrators it absolves Harkins from looking overly political had he gone in and cleaned house (although that would have been within his right as the new Mayor). Mayor Harkins doesn’t have to worry about anyone accusing the new administration of being on a witch hunt. In that respect he did Mayor Harkins a favor.

  73. 73 mikereynolds


    I’d have to agree with your possible explanation. While obviously what was done was indeed unethical, insulting, and deplorable, it may simply be exploiting the system. If their contracts or the town’s personnel policies allow for payouts for unused vacation and sick time and that vacation time is provided up front as opposed to accrued then the payouts could be legit. Appalling but legit.

    Furthermore, if this quote doesn’t sum up Jim Miron then I don’t know what does…

    “I’m done. I’m a private citizen now,” Miron says. “I have no interest in discussing this. I did everything right. These folks received their post-separation pay in accordance with their employment agreements. Does that need to change? That’s for the new mayor and the town council to decide, not me.”

    I ask again….How the hell do people support this guy? This quote could be paraphrased in this way, “I’m taking my ball and going home, screw you.”

    Here are some questions I’d like to see answered:

    1. Does the charter allow the Mayor to make these decisions unilaterally?
    2. Since they were “fired” are they allowed to collect unemployment?
    3. Is the Mayor allowed to determine his own payout?
    4. Did anyone, like HR, keep track of these individual’s vacation time? And if so, did they get paid more than they should have?

  74. 74 cstratct

    That was the only point I was making Mike. I’m disgusted by the whole incident, regardless of whether it was “legit” or not.

    You raise good and important questions. According to the charter:

    Section 1.2 – Duties of the Mayor

    1.2.12. “The Mayor or his or her designee shall act as the bargaining agent and personnel director for the Town, with the exception of the Board of Education, in all labor and employment matters, including authority to retain the services of labor consultants and attorneys to assist in such matters.”

    1.2.14. “Adopting as well as updating a written policy for recruiting, screening, investigating and hiring all Town employees for positions in accordance with approved job descriptions. In addition, the Mayor shall, on a monthly basis, report to the Council regarding employment vacancies, promotions and recently hired employees.”

    Reading this as a layperson, it sure seems to leave the door open to a host of potential manipulations such as the one we have just witnessed. Again, whether the actions were “legit” or not will probably depend on the interpretation of the charter.

    And just in case I didn’t use this one yet: nauseating.

  75. 75 1george1




    Town Attorney + new Mayor investigate Miron + 3 top administrators?
    Investigation falls under Stratford Police Chief?
    Will he investigate those people and the Town Attorney who is the
    sole interpreter of the Town Charter, under Miron?

    How was what Miron did, different than PENSION computations?
    > I DO KNOW there are DATE specific / contractual differences
    and in other ways … but NOTHING will happen to JIMMY.
    > Will CHRISTIAN get heavy 6 figure settlement under new Mayor
    + new Town Attorney + new Town Council
    > Will DICK get sudden “windfall” to pay all DEBTS and then get
    accelorated rehabilitation, because he has been a PILLAR of the
    COMUNITY for some many years?

    > The soap opera continues … “As Stratford turns …”

    > We need Linda McMahon as Governor and Senator to get more
    believeable scripts from the WWE/WWF, than Stratford?

    If gambling was legal …. I would be laying odds on this one? 😦

    Ron + others – what do you think?

    You know the players and the cover stories they have used for
    decades ….. orchestrated …. good word

    however, I am curious …

    In order to orchestrate, don’t you need more than 2 people?

    If things were illegal and done by 2 or more people ….

    would that make MIKE REYNOLDS and CSTRATCT conspiracy
    theorists? 😉 (teasing)

    – Last point.

    MIKE your posting has dramatically improved … dramatically!
    Are you the same Mike Reynolds, from 2 years ago? 😉

  76. 76 cstratct


    I didn’t use the word “investigation,” I used the word determination. The town attorney has to determine whether this violated the charter or the contracts with the individuals in question.

    That’s a far cry from a police investigation at this point. It may come that eventually, but at this time it seems it is more of a civil action then a criminal action, which is why I posed the question about that earlier.

    And while I know you were teasing about the conspiracy theorists line, it’s not really a conspiracy or a theory at this point. None of them have come out and stated that they wanted to be let go, so we have to assume they were “on board” with the decision. Who came up with the idea? Take your pick but to a certain extent it doesn’t matter because it is the action not the individual that has angered me. Not to let anyone off the hook for this, because I blame them all, regardless of who thought it up.

  77. 77 mikereynolds

    As to the transition, or lack of transition, I know that John Harkins wanted to speak to department heads without the presence of Miron. Miron objected; he wanted to be present for all meetings. I guess he didn’t want people telling the new mayor anything he didn’t want the new mayor to know, at least not before he left office.

    This is probably what caused the breakdown in communications.

    The Town Council unanimously passed the motion to make John Harkins an officer of the town for the purposes of the transition. While this does not put him at the same authority level of the Mayor he certainly had a right to sit down with department heads without the presence of current mayor.

    At some point Miron needed to understand that he got beat, beat handily, and that the town, and himself, needed to move on. His impeding the transition process by insisting to be present for all meetings didn’t do anyone any good. Unfortunately that’s how Miron works.

    His arrogant, vindictive, and irrational behavior has not left this town in a better state than when he first took office. This new administration will struggle for quite some time to undo the damage of the last 4 years. To quote our former, disgraceful mayor, “Harkins talks a big game about moving forward and changing the politics of the past, but there’s a lot of work to be done, and he’s more focused on Jim Miron,” Miron said. “I think that’s going to get old real quick with the people in town.”

    What Miron fails to recognize is that he did quite a bit of damage to Stratford. John Harkins has every right, and I would say is obligated, to not let Miron off the hook. Regardless of what the all-knowing editors of the CT Post think. If there was wrongdoing of any kind the town should take punitive action. I’m not just talking about the payouts. I’m sure in the days ahead more revelations will be made about questionable actions made by the Miron administration. The town will certainly be saddled with any pending litigation brought against the town during the Miron reign of terror. If the town settles or loses this litigation whose fault will it be? It certainly won’t be John Harkins’ fault. The blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of one man. So Miron will have to forgive everyone for focusing on him. He created quite a mess and no one is about to forget.

  78. 78 jezebel282


    “and I would say is obligated, to not let Miron off the hook.”

    Before you put fresh horses in the barn you have to shovel a lot of manure out first.

  79. 79 intimeone

    reynolds, Dummy, who ever said you were arrested – just referring to a newspaper reporter who worked for the Register arrested for lifting a comb now works for the CT Post. You have a very bad complex and may be paranoid. Don’t knock any one’s class that is far above yours. I find it fascinating, you people must be infatuated with our former mayor Miron, you just can’t let go of him. Get over it – he is no longer you whipping post. Find another “bone” to chew on.

  80. 80 1george1

    Mirons / Burturlas are NOT the only one to damage Stratford.

    I believe the Attorneys and Town Committees did far more damage
    and were allowed by National and State personnel.

    I estimate Burturla / Berchem obligated and cost Stratford $ 2.5 Billion
    over a 60 year period.
    I believe it was done intentionally to manipulate/orchestrate zoning,
    bonding and other changes, without fear of referendum repudiation.

    Be careful what you wish for ….

    The plan appears to use the TEA PARTY to replace the Democrats and
    Republicans, while slipping in demigod puppets to worsen the CHAOS?

    Be careful what you wish for ….

    may be tommorrow’s CONVICTED

  81. 81 jezebel282


    “Get over it – he is no longer you whipping post.”

    You have the most interestingly skewed view of things. Mayor Moron has been whipping employees and taxpayers for years. He has finally been fired. But the show isn’t quite over yet. Now it’s time to dig up the dead bodies, collect the evidence and let justice be served.

    “newspaper reporter who worked for the Register arrested for lifting a comb now works for the CT Post”

    You’re suggesting we “get over it”? LOL!

    Besides, have you ever seen Rich Weizel? He wouldn’t know what to do with a comb anyway.

  82. 82 intimeone


    I think you should get over it. When were you fired from the town? Can’t believe you mentioned Rich Weisel’s by name – or did you mean weasel? Maybe you can get him a job as press secretary to you friend Harkins. He owes his a “flavors” with all that green and yellow press he has given. You are right about one thing he should comb his hair – can’t believe the CT Post keeps him on. “I’ll get your drive way plowed if you give me a vote” is a long stranding motto of your political cronies. Isn’t that the way the Republican’s get elected? Jes, come one, let loose, hate to see you carry it when you go to dig up those dead bodies you seem to know all about. Can it be you helped put them there, Digger Odell! !

  83. 83 jezebel282


    “When were you fired from the town?”


    You don’t really want to get on my nerves. You are woefully unprepared.

  84. 84 ronmoreau

    intime wrote,

    “I think you should get over it. When were you fired from the town? Can’t believe you mentioned Rich Weisel’s by name – or did you mean weasel? Maybe you can get him a job as press secretary to you friend Harkins. He owes his a “flavors” with all that green and yellow press he has given. You are right about one thing he should comb his hair – can’t believe the CT Post keeps him on. “I’ll get your drive way plowed if you give me a vote” is a long stranding motto of your political cronies. Isn’t that the way the Republican’s get elected? Jes, come one, let loose, hate to see you carry it when you go to dig up those dead bodies you seem to know all about. Can it be you helped put them there, Digger Odell! !”

    Another perfect example of why the DTC needs a total cleansing.

  85. 85 mikereynolds

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    I hope everyone gets something special under the tree or in their stocking tomorrow.

    What would make this Christmas perfect would be for Jim Miron to get an arrest warrant or subpoena in his stocking.

  86. 86 ronmoreau

    Merry Christmas Mike, Happy holidays one and all.

  87. 87 phineast

    Ron- post # 84, you are absolutely correct as is Jez on this. The Dmoocratic party needs to have a lynching of their pathetic example of leadership. The current status is a “Jim Jones” mentality inside those ranks…such fools.

    Mike- it won’t be for Christmas but I do believe that this time he actually will be getting a set of cuffs but this might even get a grand jury to convene….karma is going to be a b*tch for Jimmy. That is all he has left now-along with being a very poor sport. I’m betting the $$$ he took for himself is all gone already-none of the clan can hold on to cash it seems.

    To everyone, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday!

  88. 88 intimeone

    Jeze, Ben got himself fired when he breached confidentiality – that why others got let go too. That’s why the Repub’s got him a job at the BOE.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.

  89. 89 starlooker

    I wish all a Merry christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year

  90. 90 phineast

    Intime-as always there is more than one way to see a situation. miron and Ben parted ways of that there is no question. miron had NO intention of keeping Ben past the first 6 months. The catalyst however for the parting was an ethical difference of opinion. Ben has ethics and miron doesn’t. It was again one of those situations that miron felt HE was the mayor and could do whatever the f he wanted. Ben disagreed. Ultimately, Ben still serves the community and does an excellent job(miron does not and did not), he understands how both sides of the town budget work in a very intimate way and is meticulous in how he performs his duties-not to mention he has good solid ethics and sound judgement. If you have ethics you were NOT useful to anyone in the miron regime, and miron, like a 2yr old child can’t handle being told no-it really is that simple.
    There was nothing “confidential” that was breached-only an ethical breach followed by some really bad decisions on miron’s part which ultimately cost him the election. As we have seen and miron has clearly demonstrated, he never had the best interest of the town in mind only the best interest of his own wallet and the wallets of his friends. He was a lousy mayor, and in my opinion he is a waste of humanity. It really is a shame because he wasted an incredible opportunity with his ignorance, obstinance, bad judgment and lack of ethics.

  91. 91 jezebel282


    “Jeze, Ben got himself fired when he breached confidentiality”

    Really? On Christmas day that’s what you’ve got?

    Miron said Branyan resigned because he got a better job didn’t he? Are you saying that Miron lied (gasp!).

  92. 92 1george1

    I noticed (at the time) that Ben and Jim parted ways AFTER the Mayor’s
    first Budget was done. Probably a co-incidence? 😉

    The Budget is kinda like a MAD LIB, where the same template is used annually
    and the numbers change from year to year.

    The most obscure part of a pretty reader friendly Budget is the section as
    it related to Police Budget, where the Stratford:
    Mayors / Manager
    Finance People,
    Human Resources
    Town Committees,
    have a need to separate and hide the various bribes to people who have
    to keep the FOXES from RAIDING the HEN + GOOSE HOUSES.

    However, the politicians need to BRIBE Military leaders / police and others
    to be their praetorian guards, against the public.

    Or is it pray-torean guard?
    Or is it prey-torean guard?

    There are many good cops, not just in Stratford.
    Until they step up enmass …. Drugs, Wars, & Crimes will continue to
    afflict the USA, including their children ….

  93. 93 1george1

    A couple things the Miron Administration proved.

    1 – Any idiot can create a budget.

    2 – Any group of idiots can adopt a budget.

    3 – The key people in government oversight and running the political parties
    lack integrity, decency, morality, ethics, self respect, and love for the USA
    and the fiduciary mandates involved in protecting and serving public trust!

    4 – The PILLARS of CHARACTER in the STRATFORD HS Auditorium are a complete
    and total joke, whereas each series of political actors for the AT LEAST last 22 years seem to be more interested in creative cover stories and feather bedding their own nest, because obviously they have BEEN TAUGHT ZERO self respect by their parents, families, clubs/religions, traditions/rituals, and they fail to recognize the “all seeing eyes,” “holy sees,” and the mirror – mirror on the wall,
    who art those who are UNFAIREST of us ALL?

  94. 94 mayor2013

    Why in heaven would anyone be surprised by these actions??? I cannot for the love of me understand???? Of course, Miron and all the others, will take whatever they can before their departure. He called in all of his “cabinet” and offered the same deal to each of them – and he urged them to take it because it would not be available from the new administration. These are the 5 including his honor who ran with the cash.

    Now I might add, if Mayor Harkins thinks that those who stayed are going to work for his enchancement and enforce his policies – then he is really stupid. Come on now, Susan Collier???? Give me a break. This is the same woman who was and is best friends with the former mayor. They wined and dined together all of their lives. This is the same woman who holds a leadership position on the town committee. This is the same person that got herself a 10% increase in salary. This is the same woman who works whenever she feels like because she answered to no one except Miron and he did not care if she was there or not!

    Come on Mayor Harkins, you cannot possible be so nieve.

    And, you should take a serious, very serious look at the goings-on in Ms. Pawluk’s office as well. If you think everything is just rosy cozy – again you are very nieve. You would be very surprised. She is another who was richly rewarded with a 10% increase in her paycheck by Miron. Do you think she got that for her competence and dedication? Take a look, a very serious look at her attendance from afar – and take a look at the actions of her staff.

    Oh, my goodness, are you in for a shock.

    Do yourself a big favor – ask for all of their resignations – the entire “cabinet.” You have many among you who can and will work for you and your goals for the town of stratford. Keeping any of them will be a mistake.

  95. 95 mikereynolds

    Here’s a good one from Beth Daponte in the CT Post today:

    I have been very disappointed for years with the Connecticut Post’s lack of insightful coverage of Stratford, but recent coverage seems particularly shameful.

    I am surprised that the Connecticut Post finds newsworthy the fact that employees who resign are compensated for unused sick and vacation time. Being compensated for unused time is standard practice with many employers. The fact that Mayor John Harkins, with the assistance of the Connecticut Post, is trying to stir up voter anger of this practice is certainly disappointing.

    I was also surprised to see that the Connecticut Post did not find it alarming that Mr. Harkins has allowed for the standard bidding practice for high-expense items to be circumvented by a mayoral decree. He declared that circumventing public bidding must be done because there is an “emergency.” Exactly what is the “emergency?” How much time is saved? How much money is being overpaid because the situation is being declared an “emergency?” Who benefits? Do any officials have ties with the no-bid company? The Connecticut Post has not asked these important questions.

    The Connecticut Post has not reported on Mr. Harkins simultaneously being mayor and holding other employment. Until January, he is also employed by the state, in violation of the Stratford Town Charter that he has been elected to uphold. He should have submitted a letter of resignation upon being elected mayor to take effect the day he was sworn in.

    Without high-quality investigative reporting, there is no watchdog over government. The Connecticut Post’s reporting on Stratford for years has been very poor. Stratford residents only ask that the Connecticut Post start performing its duty as a member of the independent press in asking relevant questions, providing insightful reporting, and seeing through the politically motivated cries of “news.”


    I certainly hope that Ms. Daponte doesn’t try to run for public office anytime soon. Based on this editorial I can’t see her getting many votes from Stratford residents except for friends and family.

    She sees nothing wrong with people getting paid for unused vacation and sick time. Great, neither do I. However when people get paid for vacation and sick time they had no chance to use then there’s a problem. These Miron cronies got paid for vacation and sick time for 2010. Check you calender, we’re still in 2009.

    Ms. Daponte doesn’t think there is an emergency need for firetrucks in Stratford. Really? When the heirarchy of the Fire Department inform the Town Council that they have a truck breaking down on the way to emergency calls and that they have a de-certified from use 1979 engine that is the backup she doesn’t think there is an emergency? Really?

    Now let’s do some math. When a new truck costs $600,000+ and takes a year to get here and you can buy TWO trucks for $800,000 and have them inside of two months you don’t think there is any money or time being saved? Really?

    If I didn’t know better I would think that former Mayor Jim Miron put Ms. Daponte up to this letter or at the very least Ms. Daponte is taking a page out of Jim Miron’s playbook. That worked really well for Mr. Miron in the last election didn’t it?

    Ms. Daponte, some advice, before you start sniping at a Mayor who has been in office less than 30 days and who was elected in a landslide, you might want to be silent and be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  96. 96 1george1

    A custom fire truck may cost $ 650,000 or $ 6,500,000 (like the $ 1.8 m fire house)
    However, what would the purchased fire trucks cost compared to what the SPEC
    were on the ones bought.

    There are many people who believe their has been quid pro quo.

    Accrued Vacation time, Sick Leave, and Holiday Pay?
    If people get no Vacation time, Sick Leave, and Holiday Pay in their first year…
    or if there is prorated accumlation, then retiring or quitting would justify any
    accrued and owed time.

    Adding it into pensions?
    Adding Uniform allowance into pensions?

    Sylvia thinks Mr. Weizel is the best reporter ever.
    I like Rich as a person ……
    I agree with several peoples stated or writen positions about the CT POST
    and Stratford!
    I think Mike Reynolds nailed them the other day.
    Mixed feelings about Ms. DaPonte’s posting, basically agree with certain
    parts of it, but there is a bias….

  97. 97 mayor2013

    Mayor Miron was employed for 4 years – received severence pay of $45,000+
    HR Director was employed for 1.5 years – received severence pay of$40,000+
    CAO was employed for approx. 3 years – received severance pay of $52,000+
    Finance Director was employed for approx. 4 years – received severance pay of $51,000+
    2-Mayoral Aides were employed for 6 months – each received severance pay of $20,000

    Calculations for this outrageous payment was done by the HR Director and the Finance Director according to the former mayor.

    And the current Mayor has directed the town attorney (s) to conduct an investigation as to whether or not the payments were legally disbursed. Please, I’m going to vomit! Please know that these amounts do not include whatever payment was due to them in their annunities and/or 401K’s.

  98. 98 genuinephyllis

    Who is mayor 2013?? Who posted this? the delusional one?

  99. 99 genuinephyllis

    I agree with Mike Reynolds on everything he posted here with regard to the Beth DaPonte letter. Is this woman a resident of Stratford? She sees no emergency need for firetrucks? Unbelievable!

  100. 100 jezebel282

    “If I didn’t know better I would think that former Mayor Jim Miron put Ms. Daponte up to this letter or at the very least ”

    Sadly for Ms. Daponte she will continue to defend Miron(s) and help them crush whatever political ambitions she still harbors.

    The entire DTC needs to step away from Miron(s) and rebuild. If not, they will always be associated with corruption and incompetence.

    There is simply no reason to continue to be apologists for the Mirons. They are done in this town.

  101. 101 1george1

    I think you read the Mayor 2013 backwards.
    I believe Mayor 2013 was posting about the outrages of the severance.

    Many people agree with the last 2/3rd of Miron’s letter to the editor
    about the fire trucks, after his dellusional supposed accomplishments.
    Ms. Daponte was correct about the Fire Trucks award circumventing
    the BID PROCESS.

    I spoke to Mayor Harkins outside his office, as he was leaving the night
    he was sworn in and told him it appeared as though his decision was
    Mayor Harkins told me I was entitled to my opinion.
    I told him he is entitled to his opinion.

    It is too bad the POLICE, FIRE, and TEACHERS across the USA have sold
    themselves to the political parties, who have committed treason since
    the Eisenhower warning…….

  102. 102 mikereynolds

    From connpost.com:

    BRIDGEPORT — The new year may finally bring a resolution to the case of Richard Miron, the 72-year-old father of Stratford’s former mayor, who is accused of defrauding $85,000 from dozens of grieving people who say they purchased headstones from him.

    The case against Miron, Stratford’s former Democratic registrar of voters, has been pending in Superior Court since his arrest last spring. But prosecutors and Miron’s attorney apparently are trying to dispose of the case in a way that could keep Miron out of prison if he provides restitution to those who say he bilked them.

    “The matter is pending and there are joint efforts to identify all the anticipated creditors and make restitution prior to a disposition,” said Miron’s lawyer, John R. Gulash. Miron had pleaded not guilty in April to a first-degree larceny charge.

    State’s Attorney John Smriga declined comment on the case.

    Miron, the owner of Lakeview Monument Co., is accused of stealing about $85,000 from more than 50 people who contracted with him to buy headstones. Police said he didn’t supply the headstones and refused to give the victims their money back.

    The alleged thefts came to light in May 2008, when Bridgeport police officer Verna Kearney complained to police that she had paid nearly $3,000 to Miron for a headstone for her deceased husband, Nelson Kearney, a veteran police officer, but had not gotten the stone or a refund.

    Police said since that first arrest, both they and Kearney have been contacted by numerous other people claiming to have been ripped off by Miron.

    Among other new allegations are that Miron defrauded a Bridgeport synagogue out of nearly $3,000.

    Police said officials of Congregation B’Nai Israel, on Park Avenue, paid Miron $2,800 in 2005 to replace four headstones in its Kings Highway cemetery in Fairfield that were damaged by a car crashing into them. However, Miron never did the work and didn’t respond to calls for a refund.

    According to the arrest warrant affidavit of Detective Frank Podpolucha, a number of Miron’s alleged victims were widows buying headstones for their recently deceased husbands, parents buying headstones for dead children and children buying headstones for parents.

    In many cases, after allegedly paying Miron several thousands of dollars for the headstones and getting neither the headstone nor their money back, the grieving families said they were forced to pay more money to another company to get a headstone, police said.


    ” But prosecutors and Miron’s attorney apparently are trying to dispose of the case in a way that could keep Miron out of prison if he provides restitution to those who say he bilked them.”

    Now where is a 72 year old unemployed crook who doesn’t own a home going to come up with enough money to pay restitution to his victims?

    I bet his son, the ex-mayor, who just paid himself $45k+ dollars can help him out. I wouldn’t be surprised if his cronies who got those huge payouts also kick back money to Miron.

    I hate to sound like George but if Miron knew restitution to the victims would keep his father out of jail he could have orchestrated this whole payout thing so that he could give his father the money to pay the victims.

  103. 103 1george1

    I can only take partial credit on the probability that Christian
    will probably get a nice payday under seal from the town,and
    together with Jimmy’s cash out …………..

    Jeze was THERE FIRST!

    That will likely not be the only settlement under seal…

  104. 104 jezebel282


    “State’s Attorney John Smriga declined comment on the case.”

    I can almost understand Smriga’s desire to negotiate some sort of settlement of this case. IF Miron were a normal person.

    Someone who steals thousands of dollars from grieving families trying to honor their loved ones clearly has big problems.

    If we have learned anything at all from Brooke, Richard, Christian and Jim it is that you just don’t trust a Miron. Especially with money. If Miron makes FULL restitution in CASH that is one thing. But these victims have already been cheated once by Miron. Twice would be a greater sin.

  105. 105 phineast

    In this case restitution is not enough. A clear message needs to be sent that if you are 12, 22, 0r 72+ this behavior is unacceptable, period. If a deal is cut, it will be Blumenthol that will be paying in the long run because there will be a movement to vote him out. As Jim Miron learned, all it takes is a whisper of the truth to fall. That same fate can befall anyone-but especially those who allow criminals to go unpunished. Stealing is stealing. Daddy miron has created a pattern of behavior that is rampant in his family. That can NOT go unpunished.

  106. 106 jezebel282


    I don’t disagree.

    Smriga may not be familiar with how much damage was caused by Miron. In the end, Smriga is a lawyer and will seek the easy way out. Let us hope the easy way involves CASH for the victims and a conviction. Payments over time would be another slap in the face for the victims. The likelihood of Dick Miron actually paying it is miniscule.

    I doubt the DTC will be free of Dickie unless there is a felony conviction. Although most residents of Stratford would prefer jail or prison time.

  107. 107 1george1

    Bridgeport Assistant CT. State Prosecutors:
    1 – Joe Harry is a former Stratford Cop.
    2 – Michael DeJoseph was on Stratford Ethics Commission and his
    family is friends with Sylvia.
    3 – Berchem, Moses, Devlin, Kelly, Bishop, Florek, have all dealt with
    various CT. State Prosecutors & Judges, as well as U. S. Attorneys &
    Federal Judges

    The is ZERO chance smRIGa
    1 – is unfamiliar with Stratford politics
    2 – will not be acting according to orders

    Most Stratford residents have minimal knowledge of who the players are
    or the damage they have done. However there is a significant minority
    who know many pieces of the puzzle …..

    I believe there is ZERO CHANCE of JAIL TIME.

    The Mirons have leverage and political connections.
    This whole scenario creates plausible deniabiltiy in the minds of the
    political manipulators, regardless of claims of jail time.

  108. 108 sylvia67

    Yes, indeed Richard Weizel is one of the very best reporters we have ever had in this town. The others were bought off and I had the late Richard Peck removed from here also as a reporter because of such goings on with the Democratic Party. I was on every major board in this town and I knew we had reporters that were being bought off by both parties to report what they wanted. George, I am telling you that Richard Weizel only writes the facts and will never repeat anything without checking it out. It is too bad that you can’t and others can’t control him, but I admire him for this and the Conn. Post knows darn well that I am right. I am very disappointed in you I thought you were a man of integrity and that is what you wanted from a reporter. Richard Weizel is such a person and he has integrity and will never report something he can’t back up. That is what I call a great reporter. He is the best we have had in Stratford in all my over 40 years of living here. The late Councilman Albert Cioffari knew me from the time I was six years old and he would fully agree with me if he were living today. He was himself fed up with the reporters. He would fully agree with me today if he were living that Richard Weizel is the very best we have had.

  109. 109 mayor2013

    If Richard Miron serves no jail time for the horrible acts of crimes he committed; it would be a travesty of injustice. Any person who can take hard earned money from grieving families with no intention of fulfilling his obligation is a felon. Richard Miron is a felon. And, any money he comes up with to make restitution will be highly suspect.

  110. 110 phineast

    Sounds like a petition in the making to me…..he should at the very least have to make full restitution with interest, AND serve jail time to put that felony conviction on his record. The people he financially and emotionally raped should settle for no less.

  111. 111 sylvia67

    Richard Miron will never see a day in Jail mark my word. What he did to those grieving families is a down right crime, but again the Mirons have always done rotten things to people and have gotten away with it. You should not be surprised either our legal system needs a huge cleaning out of the lawyers that are legal crooks themselves. I can say this because my many family members and my late husband’s were top notch Judges, lawyers, and prosecutors in this country. We only knew from the best I find today’s legal system to be awful. Something is very wrong with the way the Judges are picked and I think that is a huge problem also. I have many friends that are lawyers and judges and they feel the same way I do today. So there is something very wrong with our legal system. Just look around and see who has become a lawyer and you will then agree. I am wondering if they lowered the bar exam??????

  112. 112 1george1


    We have different experiences with Richard Weisel.
    Richard is capable of doing very good work and has done so.
    Richard is also capable of having an agenda and slanting his reports.
    Richard is also capable on not covering legitimate issues and ignoring
    positions that certain people do not want covered.

    On Mr. Weisel, we have to agree to disagree, like you think highly
    of Lou DeCilio and others, in whom I feel went to the dark side,
    after a promising start

    I had to shame Mr. Weisel into giving even handed coverage during
    the election, where the only times he (very rarely) mentioned was
    to mock me as a GADFLY, and my biggest coverage was wearing the
    TIRE around my neck, which did get the REAL STORY included, BUT
    IGNORED highly repected Bob Sammis, who also raised financial

    Mr Weisel NEVER gave me CREDIT for any of my IDEAS that were
    implemented in Stratford.
    (there are many).
    > GRANT WRITER increase REVENUE over 1 MIL x 2 years
    > SHAME BoE politicos: create ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN
    > BREAK BoE BUGET down: Collected Tax vs. GRANTS
    > more

    I do not mind honest criticism, and take much of it here.
    I often even agree! 😉
    I strike back when they go beyond reasonableness. 😦
    It is necessary to be mean to mean people who are cowards
    and bullies, who can dish it out, but not take it!


    You and I both believe the political justice system needs an

    I believe Richard Miron will NEVER SERVE JAIL TIME.

    I believe his allies are stronger than the bloggers allies.

    I also believe the MIRONS are not nearly as bad as many
    other people in Government. Especially at International
    and National levels.

  113. 113 intimeone

    The only reason Sylvia thinks Richard Weisel, is a good writer is because he writes on the subjects she wants him to write on. She makes the spitballs- Weisel throws them. He has the Freedom of the Press to cover himself, he protect her from being sued. Abuse of the press is as old as the time. All you have to do is drive by her house to see him coming or going. If he isn’t getting what he thinks is a story worth publishing,what is he really doing there so often?

  114. 114 jezebel282


    “All you have to do is drive by her house to see him coming or going.”

    That’s how you spend your time, in front of Sylvia’s house?

    “what is he really doing there so often?”

    Personally, I would go just for the kugel. Everyone knows that the best source for Weizel’s stories is this blog.

  115. 115 sylvia67

    intimeone on January 3, 2010 said:

    The only reason Sylvia thinks Richard Weisel, is a good writer is because he writes on the subjects she wants him to write on. She makes the spitballs- Weisel throws them. He has the Freedom of the Press to cover himself, he protect her from being sued. Abuse of the press is as old as the time. All you have to do is drive by her house to see him coming or going. If he isn’t getting what he thinks is a story worth publishing,what is he really doing there so often?

    What are you talking about I think you have lost your mind writing such lies??. You should be half the human being that Richard Weizel is. Perhaps you are a jealous person and wish you could write and report the truth as Richard has. He protected me from being sued? By who? You better know what the heck your writing about because that is why you are using a phony name because you are not at all honest and therefore, people like you have no place on this earth. intimeone, what a name to pick you are in zero time frame as far as I am concerned.

  116. 116 phineast

    Sylvia- it is interesting that intime thinks the only way a story gets published is to be bought off–seems like they speak from personal experience in buying off reporters, and were unable to succeed with Weizel. The quotes the post prints are sometimes misquoted and that can be from the writer and/or the editor..but when I asked Weizel what it would take to get a story written (and this was one that ultimately ended miron’s political career when the piece got published more than a year after the info was outed) he said that he has to get all stories cleared through his editors and ultimately it is an editorial decision, not his.
    So intime may be correct if they are talking about the Star-where the writer IS the editor…but the Post is different. Sounds like they were totally frustrated by not being able to slant his articles–as most of Weizel’s pieces are balanced even if I don’t agree with them all the time.
    Syl-don’t waste your time on intime-so not worth the effort. miron is gone for a clear reason-and those that belong to his cult can jump off the same cliff as he did if they want to continue to follow someone who is a waste of humanity….it’s that old “jim jones” quote coming around again….

  117. 117 intimeone

    Sylvia, Tick, Tock, remember Campbell? Which cliff did you want him to jump off of? Since you always brag about knowing everyone for years tell your newer ozone, friends what you did to him. Glad your nasty self is showing again after all these years.

  118. 118 1george1

    I have long time personal experience with various people in the star,
    bard, post, and others.

    There is absolutely no doubt the POST management has an agenda.

    The CT. POST Editorial staff ONLY makes EDITORIAL COMMENT if there
    has been a story about the issue.

    I very strongly suspect there is a relationship of reporter to editor,
    as there is to Police or State Police to State Attorney, or
    FBI, D.E.A., A.T.F.+ E., IRS, Secret Service, etc to U. S. Attorneys.

    > Of course the President / Executive Branch appoints Department
    and Agency heads at the Federal Level. Legislature Confirms
    > Governor appoints Department and Agency heads at the State Level.
    Legislature Confirms
    > Mayor appoints Department and Agency heads at the Local Level.
    Legislature Confirms

    Analygous to the courts APPOINTMENT and ELECTION SYSTEM.,

    By understanding incest in Stratford Politics, I could understand how
    the USA became over run by DRUGS and INEQUITIES.

    MONEY TALKS. It attracts septic rats to political committees for whom
    POWER to diver the public treasury, inviting abuse.

    There are people determined to break the system, by allowing grand
    theft to make the situation so bad, it forces change.

    Ranking UNIONS people in town recognize there is a pension tsunami
    on the horizon. I am pro union and anti-corruption – abuse.

    It seems at odds, with the preferred interest of certain people.
    However a very good program if FAR BETTER than loss of everything
    and potential jail ……

    Ask Mayor Harkins as to why and who PASSED the ANTI CORRUPTION
    LAW where government people can lose PENSIONS and be JAILED.

    Ask TOM MURRAY about the AFFADAVIT I told him I would be willing to
    SIGN, about BURTURLA, admitting BURTURLA and others, but NOT the
    UNIONS, are responsible for the ABUSES!

  119. 119 sylvia67


    Everyone can now see how troubled you truly are. I know it must be frustrating to have lost the election, and even more so that you can’t respond to anything I have said with ice for the fire. So you are saying all these nasty things instead, which I can’t even relate to. Who is Campbell?! What are you alleging? Why don’t you get your facts straight, stop lying, and try being classy for a change.

  120. 120 intimeone


    Always a winner; Never frustrated. If you can’t relate you are responding. Here is a hint, Officer Cambell -who we will not forget.

  121. 121 sylvia67

    You are absolutely wrong and probably have me mixed up with someone else. I just got off the phone with the Police Dept. and they never had a policeman by the name of Cam(p)bell. What are you trying to prove, making all these unfounded allegations? Why don’t you talk about your beloved mayor, Jimmy Miron, and all the things he did? We won’t be able to forget him because the taxpayers of this town will be paying for his arrogance, incompetence, and corruption for years to come. Again, just stick to the facts or I’m not going to react to anything more you have to say, because nothing you have said is worth saying.

  122. 122 jezebel282


    I am not really sure what you gain by attacking Sylvia other than diverting attention from Miron’s theft of $240,000 more of our money.

    I am certain that if Miron got any Christmas cards this year one of them would have been from Rich Weizel. Miron was a gift to Mr. Weizel. Every single day there was a new bit of incompetence, deception, corruption, intimidation or lying to write about. Sometimes the Post had to assign another reporter just to cover the overflow.

    How could any journalist (or blogger) resist?

    As for the Star, it is a tad better. At least Kovach tries to get one by the editors once in a while. But the Star has a long way to go to recover any credibility. Especially after the shenanigans of Fred Musante and Linda Goodman.

  123. 123 1george1

    I have family named Campbell, out west.
    One joined military recently.
    In CT. for awhile.
    I wonder if intime is sending a message?

    Years ago I worked with a “HADDAD.” (COMMON ethnic name)

    Many situations in Stratford mirrored treatment of me in past.

    I saw FRED recently.
    Whatever happened to Linda Goodman?
    She never smiled.
    She supposedly took a job working ffor Miron.
    Promptly disappeared.

    I guess Rich Weisel is happy he never took job Miron offered?
    Rich called it “his Mr. Potter moment!”
    (MOVIE: It’s a wonderful life)

  124. 124 intimeone

    Your have been and will always be a deeply troubled person. Your long time established pattern of attacking good persons will forever permeate what was fresh air in Stratford to stink like skunk. No story here just TRUTH. If you can’t remember Cam(p)bull, Is it likely you made up that story too. Remember, that person may have been a beloved to some persons. Check other Departments. What did you gain by all the stories, allegations-attacks – threats you do on others. It certainly can not be Peace of Mind. Stick to the issues; don’t drag other people into your arguments team leader. Hope your feeling better.

  125. 125 sylvia67

    We all know who you are and you are one disgrace to Stratford. It is just a matter of time that you will pay dearly for all your wrongs. Stay cool, because I will not waste another minute answering you again. So do what makes you happy because you are a lost sole and have some serious issues that need some help. You have been crying out for help for years and unfortunately people have been taking advantage of you and this makes you feel powerful. You are being watched closely.
    Never Again so don’t waste your time on me. I have better things to do then answer your stupid postings.

  126. 126 intimeone


    First you write “I’m not going to react to anything more you have to say; then you write, “Never Again so don’t waste your time on me”. Please make up your mind -in Gods name keep your word, “don’t react ever again” it saves valuable time for everyone including you
    who feels stupid.

  127. 127 phineast

    George-last I heard Linda Goodman was still in the PD records dept.–I wonder if she is in charge of the shredder since lo retired. 😉

    Jez- post #122-you nailed it perfectly.

  128. 128 genuinephyllis

    intimeone or should I say L>A>P….what is exactly your problem? You have unjustly attacked in this forum Sylvia Guberman. You should be 1/2 the person that she is. Perhaps that is why you need to make up falsehoods about Sylvia? Nothing you can say or do will besmirch the charecter of Sylvia. Can you say the same of your lack of good charecter…your reputation which is no where that of Sylvia’s? You may want to put your efforts into working on your own self improvement as you have been on more than one ocassion proven to be the laughing stock of Stratford. You will be subject to the same scrutiny and litigation you have subjected others to should you decide to persue your charecter assasination of that fine upstanding woman. I would recommend you back off and retract your false allegations before you are held accountable for such. As there are many witnessess to your actions….fully aware of your identity!

  129. 129 jezebel282


    “Jez- post #122-you nailed it perfectly.”

    Thanks. Some people say I am pretty good at nailing. It’s a gift…

  130. 130 genericscreename

    et al:

    I have observed and experienced over the years in town the manner in which certain people direct anger, hate and political payback to those who do not fit into their agenda.

    People have used others do do their bidding, set the agenda and then lash out at those who do not fall into line. Over the years there have been superfluous lawsuits, harassment suits, unjust terminations and political patronage on both sides.

    Reading the above posts only makes me wonder why I still live in this town. Some here love Richard Weisel, others despise him. Those who know the facts know he is biased, those who have actually dealt with him know that he writes in sensationalism tones and that it is very rare that he puts all the facts on the paper. Years ago he misquoted the minority leader once when he never even spoke to the man (ergo falsified a quote) and stated ” That Mr. H stated the roof at Honeyspot school could not be repaired because the foundations of the building were cracked”. I remember reading that and shaking my head, when I approached Mr. H and inquired, he made it quite clear he had never even spoken to the man. ( this is just one of many instances where his credibility was in question) I do remember the fact that he did get arrested for shoplifting a few years back, and that alone makes me wonder as to his character.

    That being said, I believe that there are very few reporters in the United States who are accurate 100% of the time. I also believe that there are those on this blog who are portraying themselves as decent human beings, yet are other than that in reality. ( some people like to sue people, some people like to harass people, some people like to create controversy for others, some people just like to hear themselves speak or read their typewritten prose) and then are those people who actually contribute to this blog in a professional, clear manner, objectively without causing controversy, only raising thought levels and making those who read this blog think.

    IBM’s published motto/slogan is”THINK”, ……….contributors to this blog, please take head and try to do the same and publish your thoughts in a respectful accurate, factual manner, and lets all try and be positive.

    Have a great 2010

  131. 131 genericscreename

    correction, I meant to say the Majority leader, not minority leader.

  132. 132 phineast

    Generic-I give you credit for making the correction on your own-even your fingers can type in error, as do mine on occasion. We are after all, human. I neither love nor hate Weizel-but at least with his reporting during the miron term of terror he more often than not got the meat and bones of the article correct though his exact “quotes” may have been off. I for one, appreciated the fact that he helped to blow the lid off some of the corruption in this town-notice I said some-It isn’t over yet. I do wish it was but alas, it is not. Reporters are supposed to be objective, but they are also human-that is why they usually present more than one perspective in an article-notice I said usually. There were times that the star was so slanted I thought for sure it would fall over. The most balanced reporting came from Trist Deroma during his tenure at the Bard. You are correct Weizel loves sensational headlines-nothing wrong with that-after all his job is to report the news that sells papers. All his work has to pass through his editor before it is printed. It would be like me telling you that an attorney can’t twist and warp a statement to suit his or her purpose-it is their job-that is what they do. Doesn’t mean any of us has to like it, but we do have to deal with it.
    It is my hope that with our new Mayor, that the articles we will begin to see will be more positive-but first all the sh!t has to be shoveled out that was left behind by the previous mayor and his staff, and the new Mayor has to find all the things that were “inadvertently” taken or tossed by the previous mayor. Until that is finished we will continue to see negative headlines. We also need some real, positive and decisive actions to be taken by the new mayor to demonstrate zero tolerance for past practices that have gotten Stratford all the negative attention that it has received-even if it means putting someone from the previous administration under indictment. That would send the loudest and clearest message of all. That would actually create positive headlines by getting permanently rid of the negativity. Like you, I hope that we see lots of positive things come out of town hall-real soon, I’d like nothing more to talk about how well this town is run, how fair our taxes are, and how much it has to offer.

  133. 133 jezebel282


    “Some here love Richard Weisel, others despise him.”

    I think we can all agree that the next recipient of the Pulitzer will not work in Stratford.

    Once again, neither the Bridgeport Post nor the Star are the New York Times.

    Only a cursory review of this site would give any reasonable person the understanding of why there were only one or two stories over the last four years that were positive about Miron. And even those were disproven or turned out to be the work of someone else.

    There is only one reason why the Post or anyone else printed mostly negative articles about James R. Miron and that reason is James R. Miron.

    In case anyone forgot, this thread is about Miron and his gang stealing $240,000 in CASH on his last day.

  134. 134 1george1

    I agree with Phyllis about Sylvia.

    English is a second language for Syl.
    Sometimes her e-mails or blog posts are not perfect grammarically.
    However, MY POSTS, EDITOR LETTERS and EMAILS are imperfect,
    and English is my primary language! 🙂 😉
    I believe Syl means well.

    Conversely Syl believes Rich Weisel is a great writer.
    I have posted differently.
    The above posts by generic, phin, & Jeze are closer to what I believe.

    The CT. POST has a Business agenda.
    I believe many people believe Harkins will be or is part of the problem,
    despite the support of the posters.
    Berchem – Burturla DO HAVE the Board Of Ed contract for the last 6 years,
    with Holcolm and 2 others doing most of the Hourly work.
    Cornish is an Attorney. She handles certain issues saving tax payers $$.

    PREDICTION: You will read NOTHING from JEZE or OTHERS about getting
    BERCHEM out of Board Of Ed, which Republicans control/controlled!
    NOTHING will be posted on the BLOG.
    NOTHING will be sent to NEWSPAPERS.
    BURTURLA helps FEED the PENSION ABUSE, and to many BLOGGERS are PAID
    FOR, just like slaves, who will say, write, do anything for masters & self? 😦 😉

    The arrest for a comb should be a non issue.
    I can get 10 combs for 99 cents.
    When I was a youth, I swiped a couple comic books in a local store,
    where I spent much money. I am sure the owners knew. I was stupid.
    Well, I am still stupid ….. 😉
    In my life I have seen a lot of stupid mistakes by people who were drunk,
    or absent minded or young or went with PEER PRESSURE! 😉

    It is a huge difference than groups of people plotting to get and abuse
    positions of profit and trust for personal gain.
    And when people who know the LAW willfully violate the LAW … 😦
    I estimate Burturla, Florek, Kelly + friends cost Stratford $ 2.5 Billion
    over a 60 year window.
    People who know better, let it happen …. 😦

    I agree that stealing $ 240,000 should be prosecuted or at least partially
    However, those computations were analygous to PENSION RETIREMENTS,
    $ 5.2 million in 42 months
    $ 3.6 million prior 48 months
    $ 3.3 million prior 48 months
    no other 4 year period was over $ 1.7 mllion

    The $ 17.4 million annual pension obligation is almost 4 millions that Tax
    Payers should not have had. Then add INSURANCE ABUSE and realistically,
    Stratford Mil rate would be in low 20 Mil Range if we had honest lawyers
    and ranking police?
    How does a Capt or Lt as part of management, get union positions and not
    paid wage?

    1990 – 1994 entire PENSION OBLIGATION averaged under $ 4 million TOTAL.
    The 1998 Pension Bond completely paid it and repaid interest + principal
    for 3 years ……..

    PCS …. NOT heard comments from you for awhile,
    but I know you believed the “line” about that $ 9.1 million repayment
    was union money……Like most things in Stratford, things are partial
    true, starting out certain ways.

    Union leaders will claim things certain ways, like Norko, Miron, and others.
    But they know the truth.
    They know right from wrong.
    It is difficult to step up and tell hard truths.

    However … I tried to protect exceptional pensions from being lost due to
    the exceptional greed of a few, and abuse by too many.

    If these people as parents judged themselves they way they try to teach
    kids and the way they judge other’s analygous activities ….
    We would have a better town, better state, better country….

    But everything is being broken down ….

  135. 135 1george1

    The $ 17.4 million pension obligation should have read almost 4 Mils.

    I wrote 4 millions.

    I estimate the pension obligation is more then twice what it should be
    1 – Over computations
    2 – Added pensioners within Golden Parachute

    The USA looks like the MAGNA CARTA or USSR Constitution is in effect
    rather than the U. S. Constitution.
    > The BARONS & ROBBER BARONS rule areas,
    > The PARTIES aparatchik are given special pay, benefits, retirements
    that the working man and woman and business owner do not get.

    AWARD RECIPIENTS will own houses in the NEW WORLD ORDER, cause
    foreclosures like that MILFORD WIDOW who committed SUICIDE!
    Story on SUNDAY CT. POST front page, as she had an award winning
    beautiful HOME (NOT House, but FAMILY HOME).

    Everything for the STATE and the PARTY, just like Orwell

    Liberty and Justice for S O M E …!

    Who will be the first $ 200,000 pension.

    Burturla – Berchem 1099s under MIRON exceeded $ 500,000 and even
    $ 700,000…. why not …. POLICE SOLD their souls and integrity for $$$
    PENSIONS and O. T. …. didn’t they?

    NOT A PEEP from JEZE??

    Unless JEZE has INTEGRITY, and answers, instead of erasing …..

    Mirror mirron on the WALL …

  136. 136 1george1

    I had to go back to re-read Phyllis’s
    post, which appears to identify
    “intimeone” by “her” initials?

    I supported the 2 % Budget Cap.
    It was too bad it was lost in court.

    I was disappointed when I found out
    who some of “Jon’s” supporters were,
    because I could trace those peoples
    actions back to Dick Miron, who was
    a front for people who harmed:
    – My family
    – My coworkers
    – My friends
    – Me

    I did not like the treatment JEZE’S friends
    received at the hands of the MIRON/BMD
    people, finding it an extention of the way
    I and my USPS coworkers and my father +
    his coworkers were treated.
    – So again, I tent to favor Jeze + Syl + Phyllis

    I disagree with some of RAY V political decisions.
    However RAY V was old time political boss who
    had his loyalties out front.
    RAY made good things happen.
    RAY made mistakes.
    He personally was not greedy, whereas Burturla …..
    Kelly ….. (Florek does not overdo, “Town” money)

    1 – When RAY V talked (did not say much) I found he
    would look me in the EYE and what he said was TRUE!
    2 – It didn’t matter if I liked it or not (I respect both)

    Conversely, I have heard some extremely weird info
    from certain people about RAY that is NOT consistent
    with my first hand dealings with RAY V.

    I met Phyllis ONCE, where she knew me and introduced
    herself to me.
    I still would not recognize Phyllis if I tripped past her.
    However, my information from Sylvia’s long time circle of
    friends, including phyllis is entirely consistent with the
    othe rinformation I received from other people.

    Sylvia, has high regards for Lou and Imbro
    Lou started great. I believe went to the dark side.
    I believe he succumbed to peer opportunity and
    could, like GAVIN, be beneficial to Town.
    However, I believe both need priority changes

    I have mixed feelings about Imbro and have reached
    out to have a one on one talk.
    Not likely to happen.
    Police + Fire personnel + Police chiefs all have lists of
    people who died of “apparent natural deaths” and have
    lists of “auto accidents.”

    So far, their reaction is inconsistent with OATH of OFFICE

    Norm has done nothing to me, but I do not think he is good
    for the town.

    There are no perfect people.
    Each group has “issues.”

    I see more important issues at a higher level, which should protect
    the families, friends, and long term interest of others, who so far,
    have yet to act on what they know to be true …..

  137. 137 genuinephyllis

    @ George stated”I met Phyllis ONCE, where she knew me and introduced
    herself to me.
    I still would not recognize Phyllis if I tripped past her.”

  138. 138 1george1

    You have a different avatar here than in the past and different than

    Generally, I remember your appearance, and I am sure I could pick
    you as being different than many people.
    However, you caught me by surprize and were gone quickly when
    you and the gentleman you were with did not see the person you
    were seeking.
    No offense to your colorful avatar, but it does no do you justice. 😉

  139. 139 intimeone


    Your spelling needs improvement and so does your lack of talent for identifying. Glad your not a key witness to any type of case, you would probably convict the wrong persons maybe even get yourself convicted based on self incrimination.

  140. 140 jezebel282


    Apparently Warren Holcomb and Berchem Moses and Devlin are still handling labor issues for the Town of Stratford and continuing to embarrass us at $325/hour.

    Bad move, Mayor Harkins. Bad move.

  141. 141 1george1


    What happened to your broom?

    Not the one your critics claim you ride on… 😉

    The one you claimed Harkins was going to use to sweep BMD outta town? 😦

    There are bloggers who huff and puff, but nothin gets dunne …
    The same band of thieves continue to have their fun …

    Stratford Treasury and US Treasury / Economies starting to look like moma
    hubbard, who lived in a shoe. She was supportin so many political boon
    doggles, she didn’t know what to do ….

    When the new CAO and Finance Director go the cubbard, they may find it
    bare, but the plot is afoot to BORROW $ 100,000,000 for more GRAFT and
    not for REPAIR…….

  142. 142 jezebel282


    “Kinda like I tried to do with Jim Miron blog, which I haven’t checked.”

    Do you work at SETI? Attempting communication between your planet and Miron’s?
    Your planet does seem to be a lot nicer than Miron’s.

    I’d give up if I were you. Miron’s version of reality is not even close to anyone else’s. No matter what, he fired his top 5 people and cost the taxpayer $240,000 in cash. Oh yeah, that includes the $40,000 check he got from the Town too. As if anyone can verify his unused vacation and sick time. And he STILL didn’t pay the printer from his failed campaign.

    He will never understand morality or ethics.

  143. 143 ronmoreau

    “As if anyone can verify his unused vacation and sick time.”

    It’s amazing that most of these white collar workers that work for the town are never sick or take vacation days. I guess playing 18 holes of golf during buisness hours is in the small print of their contract.

  144. 144 jezebel282


    If Miron was real (when would THAT ever happen?) maybe he should include this suit under “frivolous”:


    3.5 years now of unnecessary legal expense for the Town not to mention the subsequent tens of thousands of dollars persecuting Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto.

  145. 145 1george1

    Jim replied on the PATCH that he would post his accomplishments
    on his blog. I think that’s called home turf.

    I might copy & paste.
    I would not post.

  146. 146 jezebel282


    “he would post his accomplishments”

    We tried that once here. What a waste of time. Most of what he claimed was someone else’s work or would have happened anyway. But I wonder if he will mention how quickly, how much and how often he raised taxes.

  147. 147 phineast

    Jez- a moron by any other name is still a moron….in this case an unethical moron.

  148. 148 1george1

    The Stratford Lawyers lost a case on the Miron’s person cash out.

    I wonder how motivated they were to win, to stop cash outs?

    Harkins would have had to give back $ 21,000 last year over his
    ONLY $ 90,000 PAY.
    He would not have been able to collect $ 21,000 for each of his
    4 years.

    There might have been ramifications into Police Managers’ Cash
    Outs, which might have caused the Police to INVESTIGATE the

    In this case Jim Miron is right.
    Lawyers are going after the cases and billing the hours and
    who would believe they have a desire to win.

    Also…who is the Lawyer handling the case?

    Florek & Kelly both were on the Miron / Burtula payroll.

    People always ask the wrong questions …

  149. 149 jezebel282


    Judge upholds Miron payouts
    Daniel Tepfer
    Updated 12:41 am, Thursday, June 13, 2013

    STRATFORD — A judge on Wednesday slammed Mayor John Harkins’ attempt to recoup about $14,500 from payouts former Mayor James Miron made to two staff members upon leaving office. And the judge ordered the town to pay the former employees’ legal fees.

    “I just hope the people of Stratford have learned from this that a contract is a contract, and political administrations have no business getting involved,” said Frank Cochran, who represented former Miron loyalists Edmund Winterbottom and Devron Wilson. “Hopefully, this should end it.”

    Harkins did not immediately return calls for comment. (Surprised?).”

    You would think that with a budget of $1.8 million/year we could find a Town Attorney that can actually win a case. Especially easy ones. In any event, this case is no endorsement of Miron or his tactics. It is actually only a small part of the ex-mayor’s problem. There is a vast difference between what is right and what is legal.

    It is apparent that judge Owens (the same judge in Best v. Town of Stratford) must wonder why Stratford voted itself such a rickety Town Charter and why mayors won’t follow it. Oh wait, the Republican and Democratic Town Committees packed the Charter Comissions didn’t they?

  150. 150 jezebel282

    “Bauer said it appears Miron, McCauley and Winterbottom received about $40,000 each, and Norko cashed out at nearly $50,000. He said an estimated $30,000 also appears to have been paid out, although it is not clear at the present time who received the payments and how much they were for.”

    Errr…whatever happened to Adam Bauer anyway?

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