Gang Wars Coming


Pursuant to the Rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, a caucus will be held on January 7th, 2010, at 7:30 PM at the Stratford High School auditorium, 45 North Parade Street to endorse candidates for Democratic Town Committee and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said caucus.

Please fill out the survey if you are interested in running for DTC member.

DTC & RTC Logos

The two street gangs that control the political process in Stratford will be having their membership drive this coming January. The taxpayers of Stratford have been victims of their drive by shootings for years.

The Republican Town Committee (RTC) and The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) will be holding town committee elections in January 2010. It may seem as if these elections are by ‘invitation only’ but are actually open to all Stratford Registered Republicans and Democrats. It is held every 2 years following a council election. Legal notices will be posted in the coming weeks.

It is the beginning of the political process, ending with who will represent YOU in the future, at all levels of government.The members of these two committees decide who will run in the next 2 elections. It is essential, to precipitate change in leadership , that all Stratford Republicans and Democrats get involved in the process.

It is absolutely clear that the DTC needs a total cleansing. The disastrous and controversial term of Mayor Moron is a product of the Stratford DTC. We will be paying for his lack of leadership for years to come. I’m sure that there are many honest and honorable Democrats (like me)in Stratford that could be members of this ‘street gang’. If only they were allowed to. The current DTC leadership will do anything and everything they can to prevent this from happening. If we think the Miron/Burturla faction will just go away, we are sadly mistaken.They are already setting their sites on the next Mayoral election. A complete change in membership of the DTC is necessary otherwise it will be business as usual for Stratford Democrats and Stratford residents will again be subject to their drive-by shootings.

25 Responses to “Gang Wars Coming”

  1. 1 ronmoreau


    There are approx. 10,000 Democrats in Stratford. If even 1/2 of them showed up for this election, there is no place in town big enough to hold them all. Only 400-500 usuallly show up and most of them are related to someone that has been ‘invited’ to be a member.

    If Stratford Democats want to be treated to a 3 ring circus, go to this election and see for yourself how certain ‘hand picked’ individuals are placed on this committee. It will be quite an education.

  2. 2 phineast

    One of the reasons that I became unaffiliated was due to who was “running” the parties. That was just one reason…I had a lot of reasons and still have not been convinced that I would have any impact on anything by joining a party. I have to be honest, there are times that I have thought about re-designating my affiliation, just have not thought about it long enough to do anything about it.
    My Grandfather told me that as a boy he ran away to join the circus…I never thought to ask him if he meant the Democratic party….Ron is correct-it is a circus there, a felonious one, but a circus just the same.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “One of the reasons that I became unaffiliated was due to who was “running” the parties.”

    That is precisely my point. Both the RTC & DTC are the organizations (gangs) with all the power in Stratford. By not participating we are essentially giving them the authority to raise our mortgage payments at will.

    On the other hand, as Will Rogers said, “I’m not a member of any organized party. I’m a Democrat.”

  4. 4 ronmoreau

    Happy NEW YEAR everyone.

  5. 5 1george1


    “insurance premium cost for (trumbull) unionized workers and some
    non-unionized workers have risen to 11 %,”

    Of the residents and business owners in Stratford, who are not
    government employees or covered by medicaid / medicare …..
    They can not afford the premiums..

    Stratford has 3,300 Town and Education workers and retirees whose
    Health Benefit total cost averages over $ 19,000 annually with 11 %
    Who is good at math?

    $ 19 k x 11 % = $ 2,090 – let’s say $ 2,100
    Lets guess the average Town / BoE cost is $ 17,000 x 3,300 =
    $ 56,500,000

    Last Sunday Senator Dick Durbins claimed insurance cost have
    doubled in 10 years from $ 6000 to $ 12,000

    If we dropped Town Tax Payer cost to $ 12,000 annually it would
    save $ 5,000 x 3,300 = $ 16.5 million or almost the pension obligation?

    Why does Stratford Health Insurnace cost $ 19,000 -> $ 17,000 person?
    Who is collecting those healthy Insurance and Pension Fees as well as
    Town Atorney Fees?

    As previously blogged I estimate BMD – Burturla – Florek – Kelly –
    B utter nuts – Town Committees – STATE POLICE Connection has
    cost Stratford over $ 2.5 BILLION over 60 years …

    “We have met the enemy…. ”
    “He is us.”

    I e-mailed a respected union person, how I would defend Unions
    against the expected gang wars …

    I prefer the general population improve financial situations than
    having to take away reasonable benefits.

    I favor good.
    I am against abuse.
    Difference is in eye of beholder.
    However, intelligent adults understand fairness and unfairness.

    Use my suggested defenses to deflect blame to the appropriate
    causation, which hides behind lies and the past.

  6. 6 ronmoreau


    Well, tonight is the BIG night,

    No political signs.

    No large ads in the local papers.

    No one knocking on your door looking for support.

    No political mailers in the mailbox.

    The most important ELECTION (non event) to take place in Stratford tonight.

    Both Stratford political parties will be holding Town Committee elections, The Democrats at Stratford high school auditorium, the Republicans at the Baldwin center.

    I urge ALL of Stratfords registered Democrats and Republicans attend these elections and vote for the people (yourself include if you wish) who will represent you for the next two years at the town committee level of government. These elected officials are the ones who will endorse Stratford residents running for political office in every election in the next 2 years.

    Sadly, these elections are the best kept secret in town. It may appear as if this ELECTION is by invitation only but is in fact open to ALL Stratford registered Democrats and Republicans.

    Take an hour or so and attend this election. The experience may open your eyes.

  7. 7 1george1

    Because these are being held at Public locations, I believe that ANY
    PERSON can ATTEND, not just Registered party people.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Mil Rate of 18?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if BMD + B(e)-utter-nuts had to find a way to make
    an honest living? 😉

  8. 8 phineast

    Any lists yet of All the town committee members?

  9. 9 1george1

    I am sure DeCilio and Marcone can provide list of Town Committees.
    With Dodd + Rell gettin out, not a good sign for USA.

    Both are worthless scum.
    But when rats start jumpin ship, like mirons + others.

    Harkins can not or will not touch miron on final swag.
    Too many secrets

  10. 10 phineast

    Exactly what secrets would those be?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Either both the RTC and DTC have neglected to update their websites or exactly the same people were “selected” to be on the committees as the last time.

    We hope that they are simply lazy.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I apologize for the single long column. Formatting options in WordPress are limited.

    Democratic Town Committee Members
    Bruce Alessie*
    Janice Andersen*
    Meg Bachtel
    Terry Backer*
    Ann Baker*
    Ben Barnes
    Peggy Barnish
    Frank Bevecqua
    Ken Bishop
    Robert Bradley*
    Adam Brill*
    Emma Brooks*
    Richard Brown*
    Edward Buckmir*
    Richard Buturla*
    Frank Chipman*
    Susan Collier*
    Jean Collier*
    James Connolly*
    Ann Coonley*
    Fred Cotter*
    Janice Daponte
    Beth Daponte*
    Robert David*
    Sonja Devitt
    Laura Dobosz*
    Vincent Faggella*
    Maria Ferrera*
    David Fuller*
    Robert Galello*
    Ilivia Gombar*
    Laurie Goodsell*
    Robyn Greenspan*
    Heather Habelka*
    Judy Hampel*
    Danielle Hawthorne*
    Ronald Hojdich*
    Alicia Huggins
    Howard Johnson*
    Lloyd Johnson*
    Ralph Jowers*
    Richard Kennedy
    Irene Kostzeswki*
    Aubrey Kyburz*
    Flo Langdon*
    Ron Langdon*
    John Sib Law*
    Maryann Manera*
    Rick Marcone*
    Kim Muese*
    Dan Milewski*
    Kent Miller*
    Richard Miron*
    Edward Monroe*
    David Mooney*
    Denise Nelson*
    Mary Northcott*
    Gerald O’Leary*
    Marjean O’Malley
    Alvin O’Neal*
    Stephanie Philips*
    Scott Potter*
    Barry Powell
    Joan Pruzinsky*
    Ariana Rawls*
    Mary Ray*
    Bonnie Reynolds*
    Anthony Ross*
    Betsy Ross*
    Kirsten Rostedt
    Peggy Russ*
    Kathy Santi
    Jason Santi*
    Anna Scala*
    Judy Scala*
    Anthony Schirillo III*
    Julianne Shelby
    Jim Sheridan
    J. Roger Shull*
    Patricia Slauson*
    John Sober*
    Pat Sorrentino-Galello*
    Helen Tashjian*
    Paul Tavaras
    Laura Vigliotti*
    Robert Wannagot*
    Kevin Weiss
    Tara Wexler*
    Eileen Wilson*
    Mary Young*

    * Re- Elected . 17 new members out of 90.

    Republican Town Committee Members
    John Florek*
    Tom Cotter*
    C. Joseph Rivers*
    David Salik*
    Kevin Kelly*
    Bob Connolly*
    Joe Crudo*
    Michael Julian*

    Matthew Oeschger*
    Jackie Davidson*
    Ken Heltzel*
    Victor Ayala
    John Piccolo
    Chris Plantamura*
    George Grom*
    Patricia Grom*

    Ken Secskas*
    Chuck Devan*
    Sandra Zalik
    Gavin Forrester
    Ryan Erenhouse*
    Stephen Gibson
    Richard Fredette
    Michael Fine

    Edward Scinto*
    Joseph Dimenno*
    Robert Hargus*
    David LoConte*
    David LoConte, Jr.*
    John Rainone*
    Linnea Scheck*
    Kent Wahlberg*

    Casimir Mizera*
    Kevin Conlan*
    John J. Dempsey*
    John M. Dempsey*
    Murray Morse
    Charles Senft
    George Margonis

    Edward Ward*
    William DiFederico*
    Thomas Grega
    Barbara Grega
    Paul Mathewson
    Alexei Ward
    Zoe Ward
    John Zbell

    William “JR” Stroomer*
    Marianne Antizzo
    Mary Bradshaw*
    Carol Cabral*
    Nancy Cummings*
    Kevin Harkins*
    Thomas McCabe*

    Norman Aldrich*
    Robert Camillo*
    James Connor
    Patrick Gribbon*
    Larry Miller*
    Tom Moore*
    Al Schlager*
    Chris Silhavey*

    Fred Hyatt*
    Jim Feehan*
    John Harkins*
    Jody Harkins*
    Joe Kubic*
    Tom Malloy*
    Joe Vecsey*
    Malcolm Starrats

    Mike Henrick*
    Lou DeCilio*
    Jay Genetti*
    Laura Hoydick*
    Robert McDonough*
    Arthur Miller*
    Christopher Vincent*
    Chris Walker

    * Re-Elected. 21 new members out of 79.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Changes in the RTC/DTC?

    Not so much. We can see why updating their websites was not very important to them.

  14. 14 1george1

    Phin, Jan 12
    Exactly what secrets would those be?

    If I told you, would they still be secrets?

    I speculate as to who is working with whom?
    I speculate as to WHO is QUID PRO QUO and ANIMUS?
    I speculate as to WHAT is QUID PRO QUO and ANIMUS?
    I speculate as to WHY is QUID PRO QUO?
    I speculate as to WHEN was/is QUID PRO QUO?
    I speculate as to WHERE are QUID PRO QUO?
    I speculate as to HOW are QUID PRO QUO, Modus Operendi?

    Jeze, Feb 1
    Either both the RTC and DTC have neglected to update their websites or exactly the same people were “selected” to be on the committees as the last time.

    We hope that they are simply lazy.

    Geo = ANY othe choices besides LAZY?
    I know Ron Moreau and others are off RTC + DTC
    I know Gavin Forester and Rich Fredette were DTC and are now RTC

  15. 15 jezebel282


    The Republican Town Committee website has been updated and the URL corrected in the blogroll section of WordPress. At least you can tell who the committee members are.

    The Democratic Town Committee site remains down (for about a year now). Their membership remains a mystery. Who can blame them?

  16. 16 sudds

    Elected Officials – 3rd District – Matt Catalano –

    Leading on the Issues…

    Raymark Cleanup (how’s that going?)

    Open the Shakespeare Theater (isn’t he the one who fought to keep the developer out, because he was cut out of “a piece of the actions”???)

    Economic Development to ease the tax burden of homeowners (only if by “ease the tax burden”, one means “increasing taxes, while ensuring that his pet project receives a slush fund)

    WAY TO LEAD MATTY-BOY!!! *facepalm*

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “WAY TO LEAD MATTY-BOY!!! *facepalm*”

    What is your problem? Catalano never said he cared about anything else other than that theater. It’s the only reason he ran for council. He has been completely honest about that.

  18. 18 sudds

    Hmm… you’ve got a point there!!!

    I guess my problem should be with the little (R) lemmings who voted him into office!!!

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “the little (R) lemmings who voted him into office!!!”

    There were also those DTC members who spread Miron’s word that John Fahan should be “exterminated”. Can’t forget those.

  20. 20 ronmoreau


    It’s that time of the year again. This week Stratford Town Committee Republicans and Democrats will be endorsing candidates for this coming Novembers election. Look for the required legal notices posting the time and place of both events. This will be one of the last duties of both elected boards before new Town Committee elections this coming January.
    I believe the procedings are open to all registered Republicans and Democrats respectively.

  21. 21 ronmoreau


    This is actually the time and place for Stratfords registered Republicans and Democrats to ‘step up to the plate’ and volunteer their time by runing forl political office.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    ‘step up to the plate’

    I truly hope that you do.

  23. Well, all I can say is that it’s going to be fun.

    I disagree with you Sudds with your discord for Matt Catalano. I have never backed down from my belief that the SFT is Stratford’s dull diamond. It’s been dull for so long that all the “nay-sayers” can’t see anything shiny about it. Part of my heart is in that place too ~ for many reasons.

    I for one don’t want it to go to the wayside. I was actually in there on Saturday and plan on lending a volunteer hand, as do other friends and family members. My daughter will know Shakespeare, will know who he was and will know his works – IT’S IMPORTANT! My daughter will know Stratford’s history – something many of the kids and probably residents don’t know. Kind of like the 4th of July – how many didn’t know what year and from what country we claimed our independence.

    People need to stop belly-aching and get off their duffs and actually see what it’s all about.

    There are certain (not many) types of music I’m not fond of – doesn’t mean they should not exist; the same goes for the Theatre!

    Still love ya though….. ;>D

  24. 24 sudds

    Umm… just for the record… I am 100% IN FAVOR OF re-opening the theatre!!!

    (did you know that us “city kids” from New Haven used to go there when we were in grade school too???)

    I just do NOT think (based upon numerous years of them proving it for me) that the town should be the one’s who are re-opening!!! They’ve had too long now to get it done… and yet it still sits vacant!!!

    I just think that it is time to bring REAL professionals (whether it be Yale or some other group/organization… just NOT a group of amateurs who THINK that they can do it)… and get the darn thing open already!!!

  25. 25 sudds

    “Still love ya though….. ;>D”

    Phhhew… I can breathe again!!! 😉

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