Is EMS Best?


This Will Save Your Life

Are we (yet again) facing another Administrator that thinks that being Chief is more important than protecting our lives? There seems to be much evidence of that recently and we will explore these issues in depth in this article and welcome comments.

Let us first state that Stratford EMS Services save lives. Day in and day out they are professional, proficient, caring and gentle. This blog will not be used to question any member of the EMS service’s dedication and effort. And if there is any question as to whether or not they really save lives don’t bother….they do. Trust me on this one.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Reprinted for convenience

    Documentation included.

    On November 5th 2007 Mayor Moron terminated the employment of John Jasinski, an EMS Paramedic at the request of Donna Best, EMS chief.

    The hearing for termination was attended by the usual cronies meaning Edmund Winterbottom, the Department Head Donna Best and, of course, James R. Miron. The only thing that was left out of this proceeding were two independent witnesses. The charge? Swearing. (Honest!).

    Despite the testimony of two independent witnesses as well as Mr. Jasinski’s denial, it was decided to terminate his services as one of only four paramedics.

    On September 22, 2009 a hearing was held at the Department of Labor (does Miron have a coffee cup there with his name on it?) Board of Mediation and Arbitration. They found that two independent witnesses did not corroborate Ms. Best’s allegations. We forget the term used when independent witnesses do not corroborate what was actually said. But we are sure one of our readers can think of it. The result being that the DOL ordered the Town of Stratford to reinstate Mr. Jasinski immediately.

    Yet again, we find that James R. Miron will fire anyone for little or no cause whatsoever. We do not know yet what legal fees have been born by the Town (us) for pursuing this case of swearing but we are sure they will be substantial. Welcome back Mr. Jasinski.

    You can read the entire hearing here:

    Jasinski-DOL Case

  2. 2 nomoreyears

    Privatization would benefit the town greatly. Get rid of the volunteer service and transfer EMS to the FD. Contract with AMR or another ambulatory service for transportation and or EMS. Many municipalities have been doing this for years with significant savings.

  3. 3 greghousemd

    nomoreyears- EMS is completely self funded through its own enterprise fund, which is funded by collected insurance money. There we do not affect any taxes

    Stratford EMS does something NO COMMERCIAL SERVICE WILL DO:

    IF you are a STRATFORD resident and are uninsured and need an ambulance, or you are unable to pay for the remainder of the ambulance bill, Stratford EMS does not pursue the person for the remainder.

    IF this were AMR or another ambulance companies, they would nickel and dime the citizens.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “Get rid of the volunteer service and transfer EMS to the FD.”

    Get rid of 100+ unpaid volunteers and replace them with highly paid union employees?

    What a great idea! If you own shares of AMR or you don’t pay tax here.

  5. 5 1george1

    Anyone involved in EMS, deserves credit for what they do to benefit people.

  6. 6 1george1

    I respect the jobs the Police + Fire do.

    The PENSION ISSUE, sooner or later, among others will cause
    irreparable harm.

    There are some things money can not buy.
    Like respect.
    And self respect.

    Madoff had one of the BEST RESUMES anyone could want.
    Yet …. now ….

  7. 7 jezebel282


    After only a small bit of research, it is apparent that there are some serious problems at EMS.

    None of these problems appear to emanate from the staff of volunteers, which is dwindling.

    There happen to be a LOT of senior citizens in this Town who are dependent or will become dependent upon EMS services. We are not even speaking of families or people that work in Town….yet.

    Turning responsibilities over to a Fire Department that has is own serious equipment, management and budget issues is not an appropriate solution.

    The more documentation I uncover, the worser it becomes.

    Between John Buturla, James Cavanaugh and Donna Best Stratford citizens should be VERY careful when they strike a match or cross the street.

  8. 8 1george1

    Almost 40 % of Stratford residents are 50 + years old.

    I prefer professional police and fire to volunteers and auxiliaries.
    Conversely Stratford EMS has the LARGEST or one of the LARGEST
    Volunteer EMS in New England, do’t they?

    If I were cynical ….

    I might wonder who would profit if the EMS got SOOOO BAD that ….

    But that would NOT HAPPEN in Stratford ………….. would it?


    Look at our proud history under Mirons / Burturla / B uttter NUTS,
    since 1987?

  9. 9 jezebel282


    State orders town to rehire medic

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 23 December 2009 10:03

    A paramedic has been reinstated by the Stratford Emergency Medical Services at the order of the state Department of Labor, after he was dismissed for allegedly using “inappropriate” language at an accident on Interstate 95 on Sept. 25, 2007.

    John Jasinski III was rehired contingent upon completing certification, which he has done.

    “I’m happy to have my job back,” Jasinski said. “I love being a paramedic. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a paramedic.”

    He will not, however, receive the back pay the union requested, according to the state Department of Labor Board of Mediation and Arbitration.

    Jasinski, the sole paramedic on duty that night, was terminated by then-Mayor James R. Miron after he allegedly swore at Stratford EMS Chief Donna Best in the back of an ambulance while treating a severely injured infant.

    The unresponsive child had been extricated from one of the damaged cars by a state trooper and bystander prior to the arrival of the EMS. The bystander immediately began to perform CPR on the child.

    According to documents from the Department of Labor’s Board of Mediation and Arbitration, Best entered the ambulance while Jasinski and other emergency medical technicians were treating the child, and ordered one technician out of the back of the ambulance to assist other patients.

    Jasinski and the remaining EMTs in the back of the ambulance reportedly told Best the infant was severely injured and another technician was needed.

    At that point, Best alleged that Jasinski swore at her. She closed the doors, and the unit left for Bridgeport Hospital.

    After the patient’s care was transferred to emergency room staff, Jasinski began to write the report in a room at Bridgeport Hospital. According to documents, Best ordered all Stratford EMS members except Jasinski and those in his ambulance from the room. She reportedly accused Jasinski of leaving his gear at the scene and making others clean up after him.

    He denied doing so, according to the documents, and told her there was a policy for members to retrieve one another’s equipment.

    The equipment left at the scene belonged to the Fire Department.

    Jasinski reportedly told Best he would not talk to her without a union representative present. She “dismissed” his request, according to the documents, saying she could talk to him any time she wanted.

    They disagreed on the allegation that Jasinski swore at Best and his need for union representation, and Jasinski finished his shift without speaking with or seeing Best.

    Best filed a complaint with the town’s Human Resources Director later in the day, alleging that Jasinski became “enraged” and used “inappropriate language” toward her.

    Jasinski, Best and other EMTs present in the ambulance all filed affidavits with Human Resources.

    Neither of the other crew members said they heard Jasinski swear at Best. The driver said he heard Jasinski tell Best to leave the ambulance because of the severity of the injuries and need for treatment, and that passengers trapped in one of the vehicles were screaming.

    Documents stated that Jasinski and a union representative attended what they believed would be an informal meeting with Miron on Oct. 24, 2007 to explain his version of events only to find it was a formal hearing to determine the appropriate level of discipline.

    Best and the director of Human Resources also attended the meeting.

    On Nov. 4, 2007, Jasinski’s employment was terminated. Miron, according to the ruling, stated that the reason was Jasinski’s language, and that a prior suspension figured in the decision.

    Miron declined comment, referring inquiries to his decision of Nov. 5, 2007. In ruling for termination, he cited “multiple disciplinary incidents, including suspension, within the [previous] 12 months,” in addition to the incident of Sept. 25, 2007.

    Jasinski served as a volunteer with the Stratford EMS before becoming a full-time paramedic on Aug. 1, 2005.

    The Mediation and Arbitration Board report stated that Best and Miron testified regarding Jasinski’s employment history, and that the matter before the board was the grievance process that led to his termination.

    The union contended that the town failed to follow procedures in terms of notice for disciplinary hearings and the inclusion of letters in the record; that there was no proof for Best’s allegations, which were not supported or contradicted in statements by two EMS members; and that Miron considered Jasinski’s suspension 70 days after the alleged misconduct despite a pending grievance on the charge.

    Attorneys for Jasinski could not be reached for comment.

    Jasinski said Dec. 15 additional cases involving the labor dispute were still pending.

  10. 10 greghousemd

    During Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day (All busy days of the year)

    Police & Fire are at normal staffing,

    EMS Management has Slashed staffing by 50% compared to “regular” days of the year. So what you can expect is that if more than 1 person has an “medical emergency” at the same time, you can expect long wait time while Bridgeport is contacted.

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the ruling by the Labor Board made over a month ago? Maybe two months? This is just making the Stratford Star now? I find the timing curious that it was published only after Miron left office. Is there a pro-Miron bias by Mr. Kovach?

  12. 12 greghousemd

    looking at what was done to Mr. Jasinski with union protection, JUST IMAGINE what is done the Volunteer staff who have no representation or protection. I can only tell you that everything that was done to him is done to other people who don’t have the money to stand up and hire representation.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    You mean volunteers aren’t pounding on the door just to work for Donna Best?

  14. 14 greghousemd


    Not after they wait MONTHS and have to make numerous phone calls just to get in!

    Then there is the people that make it into the volunteer ranks:

    A) having no idea who she is (that is, until they violate something in the bible written by Mrs. and Mr. Best) which will end up in violating probobly 6-10 different commandments (policies or procedures) because its all redundant and repetitive.
    B) new members are not FIT tested as required by OSHA

    C) The new member almost never make it to a point where they can work on their own, because there is no official training process or period to determine that they’ve proficient enough to work on their own.

    So the end result is Stratford EMS loses the volunteer to another department like Shelton or Trumbull because they offer more to volunteer without the hassle or fear of persecution, double standards , and roadblocks at every effort to help.

  15. 15 greghousemd

    (On a sidenote to the above: OSHA gave numerous corrective action mandate to Stratford EMS 3-4 years ago after Mr. Jasisnki filed a complaint to OSHA which prompted an inspection where the department was cited for 5-10 violations) this was before Mr. Jasinski was terminated.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    That would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the EMS administration is not concerned with recruitment or maintaining morale within the department. A reasonable person would also conclude that a first responder who is fearful of his own supervisors will not make the instantaneous decisions necessary to save lives in emergency situations.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the ruling by the Labor Board made over a month ago? Maybe two months? This is just making the Stratford Star now?”

    You are correct. It was published here on Oct 5th.

    It is just another example of the fine service brought to you by Jezebel.

  18. 18 greghousemd


    “That would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the EMS administration is not concerned with recruitment or maintaining morale within the department.”

    recruitment: there is none
    retention: there is none
    morale: there is none

    (The FIRE DEPARTMENT honored an EMS Lieutenant and EMT (both volunteers) last month at the FD retirement dinner for outstanding service on a 911 call, something the EMS Administration would never consider doing)

    (EMS has had a few members with 30+ years of service retire the last few years and they didn’t even receive a thank you let alone honored at a dinner, nice isn’t it?)

    “A reasonable person would also conclude that a first responder who is fearful of his own supervisors will not make the instantaneous decisions necessary to save lives in emergency situations.”

    Anyone who voices a different opinion is put down, or threatened with a lawsuit from the Administration, take your pick.

  19. 19 nomoreyears

    If EMS is funded by taxpayers than dump it and privatize. I find it hard to believe that taxpayers don’t pay for any of EMS’s funding. But, I will take your word for it Dr House. According to Dr. House it is entirely funded by EMS itself. If that is correct keep it. But, have the fire department run it like they do in other municipalities.

    I am an outsider and no longer a Stratford res. I used to be an insider but your taxes were killing me. Same house almost the same location 1/2 the taxes. Maybe someday my family and I will return when things return to normal. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Festivus!


  20. 20 jezebel282


    “But, have the fire department run it like they do in other municipalities.”

    Have you heard who the Fire Chief is?

  21. 21 greghousemd


    EMS is completely self funded by the money recieved by billing for its services to insurance companies. (This billing went into affect in 2005) Proof EMS Funding does not affect taxes and mill rate is located in Chapter 88 of the town Charter available to you here:

    If you are really concerned about taxes, the Fire Department running it will drastically affect the taxes, we’re talking at least a million in startup costs just for the equipment alone.

    The proper solution is to get someone managing the department the right way. EMS could right now cover near 100% of its call volume and every single staffing issue be solved if there was proper management and accountability.

    My example I will re-iterate. During Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day THIS YEAR, Ms. Best has elected not to staff a second ambulance at all any of these days. This is a MANAGEMENT decision.

  22. 22 1george1

    It would NOT surprize me IF
    1 – Everything posted above was TRUE
    2 – Everything posted above was UNTRUE (highly unlikely)
    3 – There is a MIXTURE in the perceptions

    The account published by Kovach & Star does not appear to be
    pro-miron, as Mike Reynolds wrote.
    > Why was there a 2 month delay from when Jeze posted it?
    > Did anyone send it to the Star or Post?
    > Has it ever been published by the Post?

    If TRUE (as appears likely) it is justifiably bothersome and another
    situation with which I can relate as analygous to USPS days.

    A Letter to the Editor by a former USPS coworker note how my
    management made claims about my conduct in situtations where
    they arranged for me not to have witnesses.

    In my case and in Jasinski there was also DOUBLE PENALTY of

    mirrored USPS Management’s maliciousness?

    If things were true in the article, why was there no back pay?
    Something is missing.

    The Mediation and Arbitration Board report stated that Best and Miron testified regarding Jasinski’s employment history, and that the matter before the board was the grievance process that led to his termination.

    The union contended that the town failed to follow procedures in terms of notice for disciplinary hearings and the inclusion of letters in the record; that there was no proof for Best’s allegations, which were not supported or contradicted in statements by two EMS members; and that Miron considered Jasinski’s suspension 70 days after the alleged misconduct despite a pending grievance on the charge.

    Attorneys for Jasinski could not be reached for comment.

    Jasinski said Dec. 15 additional cases involving the labor dispute were still pending.

  23. 23 greghousemd


    If my source is correct, Mr. Jasinski worked a different occupation ( dont know what ) while he fought to get his Paramedic job back. I believe that may be why no back pay was awarded.

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Woman struck by train at Stratford RR station
    By John Burgeson
    Staff writer
    Updated: 12/23/2009 11:39:35 PM EST

    STRATFORD —- Local and Metro-North police are investigating the apparent death of a woman who was struck by a Metro-North commuter train Wednesday evening at the railroad station in the center of town.

    Although her death could not be officially confirmed, emergency workers and others at the scene said she did not survive.

    The accident occurred at 8:16 p.m. on the New Haven-bound side of the station.

    Dan Brucker, a Metro-North spokesman, said that she was struck by a Waterbury-bound train.

    The engineer, he said, “saw a male and a female on the tracks.”

    He said that the engineer sounded the horn and applied the brakes, locking up all of the wheels. The male, he said, scrambled onto the platform, but the woman, who was not identified, could not make it to safety before the train, traveling on track four, could be brought to a stop.

    The initial call on the police radio indicated that the victim was “eviscerated.”

    She was transported to Bridgeport Hospital.

    It is our understanding that the transportation was provided by Bridgeport because 4 out of 5 of our ambulances were sitting in park last night. Why? Because no one was scheduled to staff them.

    4 out of 5 idle? One ambulance for 50,000 people?

  25. 25 greghousemd


    An update to that info, 4/5 of the Ambulances were indeed not staffed, AMR Bridgeport transported that individual, Stratford EMS provided a Paramedic via “a flycar”.

    Which some see as “ok” when you consider that: the highest possible care by any pre-hospital providers was being done, but when in fact the only thing that had the chance of saving this poor womans life was the Operating Room by the fastest transportation possible which only an ambulance can provide. It is my understanding that The Fire Department and Stratford Paramedic had to wait 15-20 minutes while an ambulance responded from out of town.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    The only comment I can generate is “UNACCEPTABLE”.

    Whoever created the schedule should be ashamed…and then arrested.

  27. 27 1george1

    If someone is on unemployment or another job after being unjustly fired,
    then the amount “provided” or “earned” is deducted from base pay he/she
    would have earned from the fired position. when reinstated.

    I believe there are punitive inequities such as lost O. T. from the fired job,
    and I do not believe consideration is given to having worked O. T. at the
    replacement job or jobs.

    $ 10,000 would have been earned straight time + $ 1,500 probable O.T.

    Works average 60 hours week in replace ment jobs to earn $ 8,000.

    Labor department would award ONLY $ 2,000 for step level pay and
    ignore the $ 1,500 probable O. T. FROM “maybe 4 hours a week.”

    That means the worker had to work 16 EXTRA HOURS O. T. to earn
    $ 2,000 less than step level pay, but really $ 3,500 less than probable

    Police like O’Meara, McNeil, Soto, & Farmer lost O. T. opportunity,
    which I do not believe an arbitrator can award … if they get honest
    arbitration … and if the sue … if they get honest judge + jury +

  28. 28 1george1


  29. 29 greghousemd

    “The Fire Department and Stratford Paramedic had to wait 15-20 minutes while an ambulance responded from out of town.”

    FYI: After speaking to some Police Contacts, it seems that there was only a 10 minute delay , and that the Stratford Paramedic made it on scene at almost the same time as the ambulance that was sent from Bridgeport.

    Sidenote: Merry Christmas to everyone.

  30. 30 sylvia67

    I strongly urge our Mayor Harkins to clean house and hire people that have absolutely no attachment to politics. I am fed up with all the cronies that have been placed in positions and yet are not even qualified to handle their duties. It’s time we say never again and mean it. I am sure John Harkins will do the right thing because he has deep feeling and understanding for the people in the town. He wants the best for all of us and he will make sure he delivers what he says. I just worry that these Miron cronies will do their best to undermine him and continue to hurt our town while they hang on to power.

  31. 31 1george1

    I can think of several Harkins supporters, who I believe are cronies …

  32. 32 cstratct


    With all due respect, the suggestion that people with “no attachment to politics” be hired for governmental positions is simplistic. There are many, many highly qualified people with an “attachment to politics” absolutely should be considered for employment. The problem is that in an election the winner often has to fulfill the many promises made to supporters, and there are expectations from the party as well.

    Another thing to consider is that people working in all levels of government have years of experience and institutional knowledge that are extremely valuable when attempting to maintain stability.

    I understand your desire to eliminate political patronage and remove the “cronies,” but the pedestal you’re placing Mayor Harkins on is sure to lead to disappointment.

    And what “power” are you referring to? Republicans have the majority on Town Council, the Mayor is Republican, School Board, and Zoning. If Mayor Harkins determines that he is satisfied with the Police Chief, Fire Chief or others, what are you going to say then? Are you going to turn on Mayor Harkins for his decision to retain their services?

  33. 33 genericscreename

    et al:

    Please check the archives from my much earlier posts last year regarding Stratford EMS, and Mr. and Mrs. Best. Why I ask all of you, is it that it has taken this long to come to the point where all of you are discussing everything I pointed out over a year ago?

    Its all documented, now it comes out?, wow. I guess my sources were good

  34. 34 greghousemd


    Everything you said in your earlier posts were spot on, I wish i could answer for you why it took so long for all of this to come out. But, everyone has to answer for their actions at some point, I suppose now it just the time.

  35. 35 genericscreename


    I can not agree with you more, although to a point with respect to your comments regarding the new administration. I suspect that the new mayor will only hired those who are qualified, however I would support him hiring those who helped him get there, providing they have the credentials for the positions he fills, which I believe they will have.

    I find it interesting that there are those “supporters” coming out of the woodwork who were really not Harkins supporters who are now posting and claiming on this blog of relationships. I am a Harkins supporter, worked hard to get him elected and will not be appointed to any position in town hall. Those who claim they know him and supported him on this block who I know for a fact did not, yet just changed parties and alliances are hypocrites!!

    I hope the future trend of this blog is now positive and can focus on the good that this town has to offer.

  36. 36 sylvia67

    Do you think there was no conflict of interest when Miron named Richard Buturla the Town’s Attorney and his brother John as the Police Chief? The only time we should go outside of the town to replace a worker or dept. head is if there is no one present that is qualified. Otherwise these sort of things hurt the morale of the town employees. I, myself, family and many friends left the Democratic Party because of what Miron was doing, Years ago when I was involved with the Civil Rights Movement the late Martin Luther King could not believe I was a Democrat and explained to me why he was a Republican. It took me many years to discover this wonderful human being was correct. The Democrats sitting on the town committee leave a lot to be desired, because they were placed there to bring Miron a win and they could not deliver at all. Think about this and perhaps you will realize that the Democrats only come around when they need your vote whereas the Republicans are not like that at all. Take it from me!

  37. 37 genericscreename

    sorry Greg, I meant to say cstratct

  38. 38 genericscreename


    Were you not first a Democrat, then a republican, the a Democrat, then president of the United Democrats, then a Costello independent and now a Republican? Wow, how do you keep track of such a political life?

  39. 39 greghousemd


    Wish respect to your comments about EMS and the administration, im having trouble finding them in the archives, would you mind commenting on some of the issues that were brought up in this area and here:

    Right now I feel like a “lone voice in the wilderness” just trying to get the word out….

  40. 40 sylvia67

    You are absolutely wrong. I was never President of the United Dems and secondly when I worked for Costello that’s when he ran four years ago he was a Republican. Sorry you are so confused. When you make a statement make sure you have your facts in order otherwise you come across being a very mixed up person. I was a Democrat for many years and several years ago I became a Republican and am very delighted to be one.

  41. 41 genericscreename


    ok, sorry, me bad, my mistake, wrong person

  42. 42 omeara128

    I understand your desire to eliminate political patronage and remove the “cronies..


  43. 43 jezebel282


    “Right now I feel like a “lone voice in the wilderness” just trying to get the word out….”

    Not quite.

    But it is extremely difficult for people to overcome fear and intimidation…even if they work for free.

    “Growing a set” is not something the majority of people can do.

    Sooner or later your fellow volunteers will learn (probably the hard way) that nothing will change and that their dedication only feeds the ego of the one in charge. It is not sufficient to simply keep your head down and do the job. That behavior only damages the healthy and safety of Stratford residents.

    At this point (like the cops and firefighters before them) they believe that if they keep their mouths shut and do the job it will somehow get better.

    It won’t.

  44. 44 greghousemd


    “Sooner or later your fellow volunteers will learn (probably the hard way) that nothing will change and that their dedication only feeds the ego of the one in charge. It is not sufficient to simply keep your head down and do the job. That behavior only damages the healthy and safety of Stratford residents.

    At this point (like the cops and firefighters before them) they believe that if they keep their mouths shut and do the job it will somehow get better.

    It won’t.”

    You’re right, it wont, It will take someone from the public to complain to the right people and start to ask the hard questions, for example: “did someone have to die before we took a look at whats wrong with that department”

    I can tell you that it doesn’t stem from the employees (paid or volunteer) consistently the issues that arise could be mitigated, or prevented, if management was proactive in its mission to protecting the safety and welfare of the citizens of Stratford.

    I watched as 100+ people sat in fear while three of the volunteers were intimidated by Ms. Best’s privately hired attorney when there was a “no confidence” vote organized. They weren’t the first to be intimidated by this nature and I am sure that they wont be the last.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    “It will take someone from the public to complain to the right people and start to ask the hard questions,”

    We can’t until we know what’s going on.

  46. 46 1george1

    What about the 36 % of Stratford residents who are over 50 years old?

    Open ended statement – question …. for this EMS Topic

  47. 47 sylvia67

    I need to state here and now that you are a big person to realize you were wrong. I certainly have loads of respect for people that will own up to making mistakes. It can happen and you are forgiven. Yes, I forgot to tell you I was with AConn Party which was Lowell Weicker’s party and there were over 1,000 members in it at the time. It was a great party and had some of the best people involved from this state. You would be shocked to know who they were also. Richard Miron called me up and begged me to come back to the Dems to help him win chairmanship of the party. Being that we knew each other since we were 21 I came back to help him. He lied to me and I haven’t spoken to him in all these years. The late Ray Voccola put the United Dems together and it was a great party with over 88 members. You didn’t have to be a Dem to be a member either. When you are honest and good unfortunately in this town you are labeled as a trouble maker and I am always looking for more trouble makers.

  48. 48 mikereynolds

    3 ambulances out of service today.

  49. 49 1george1

    Does FEEHAN sell Ambulances?

  50. 50 jezebel282


    “3 ambulances out of service today.”

    Can you remember a time when all 5 ambulances were in service and staffing levels were appropriate?

  51. 51 mikereynolds

    The short answer is no. The honest answer is I don’t know. I wasn’t up on the problems with EMS until this past year.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    It would certainly be interesting to know how long we’ve been unprotected.

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    That’s true.

    The issue that is really irking EMS members is that there is a brand new ambulance sitting in the garage. Mrs. Best either refuses or is unable to do the paperwork and call the State to get it certified for active duty.

  54. 54 jezebel282


    “a brand new ambulance sitting in the garage.”


  55. 55 greghousemd


    There is a brand new ambulance sitting in the PD garage that hasn’t even been as much as touched since early December. IT has to go get serviced for Radios and pass an inspection from the state, neither of which have been done.

  56. 56 jezebel282


    And it sits there because we are well covered by the ones that are broken down?

  57. 57 greghousemd


    This isnt the first time this winter season, that Stratford EMS has had 3/5 or more of the Ambulance fleet broken for one reason or another. From what I heard from two independent sources its mostly all the Newer Apparatus that keeps breaking down.

    ……….Lets just say that if Stratford had the 58 car pileup instead of Shelton……we’ll you figure it out.

  58. 58 cstratct

    Officer O’Meara,

    I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but you seem to express a lot of hostility toward me, so I’ll repeat what I’ve said several times here and elsewhere: I don’t respond to these posts in order to “justify” anyone’s actions but my own. The opinions I expressed on ANY situation were MY opinions, no one else’s. I wasn’t told what to say and I certainly don’t take marching orders from anyone. You don’t like my opinion okay, I get that.

    But don’t sit there at your computer and pretend to know who I am or what I am about. I moved to this town just about 5 years ago. I volunteered for the first summer festival because I have spent the better part of my professional career (and adult life for that matter) studying and working in the arts. I also have a background in government. I was asked to serve on the Arts Commission in 2007. I didn’t lobby for it, and I certainly didn’t initiate the appointment. I was appointed because I have a background in the arts/arts policy and administration, and because I wanted to volunteer my time to something that was of interest to me and participate on the local political front.

    I’m a democrat, I’ve been one my entire life. I make no apologies or excuses for my political leanings. But let’s get this straight: I’m no one’s “crony.” I make my own decisions and am responsible for no one’s actions but my own.

    Now I would be happy to meet and discuss my beliefs with you or anyone for that matter. I have never avoided a question if posed respectfully. So how about you stop making judgments about me and my motives since you’ve never once attempted to get to know me as a person. You’ve simply insulted and berated me because of my opinion. I don’t believe I’ve ever done that to you on this or any other forum. I would ask you show the same respect.

  59. 59 cstratct


    Congratulations on discovering your political calling, although I’m not at all sure what MLK’s political affiliation has to do with this conversation.

    Fine, you don’t like the members of the DTC, that’s your opinion. I’m not particularly fond of the members of the RTC. Two different people, two different opinions.

    As to your question about hiring Richard and John Burturla, no I don’t think it was a conflict because the Chief of Police doesn’t work for the Town Attorney. If one was supervising the other then yes, that would without a doubt be a conflict of interest. But just because two people are related doesn’t automatically make it a conflict of interest. I’m sure if we went municipality by municipality, we would find A LOT of people who are related working in government, regardless of party affiliation.

    Finally, claiming that Republicans are somehow more “pure” in intent is also an individual opinion. I could say that Republicans only claim to be fiscally conservative when they’re out of power. The idea that one party has more integrity then the other is laughable. Party affiliation does not instantly make an individual more “pure” or give that person more integrity. So I absolutely take issue with you paiting all Democrats with the same brush. It is insulting and about as far from the truth as you can get.

  60. 60 sylvia67

    I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with what you have to say. If you can say there is no conflict of interest with the fact that one brother is the town’s attorney and the other is the police chief then you are lost in your reasoning. The brothers had to interact by virtue of their positions, and many of those actions were indeed conflicts. Would the town’s attorney rule against his brother on certain matters? Could the chief be counted on to enforce the law when it came to the then Mayor Miron and his brother’s interests? The Miron administrations culture of corruption was in part made possible by this conflict of interest: legal advice was tailored made to support his positions and law enforcement was reigned in to prevent challenges. We are just getting a taste of how bad things really were now. Just wait until it all breaks and the truth comes out. There are some very serious issues that are starting to come out and the Buturlas will have to do some hard explaining before they are let go.

  61. 61 1george1


    I agree with you on the Burturla / Berchem crew.

    WOULD JOHN investigate his BROTHER RICH for massive MALFEASANCE + FRAUD,
    IF, IF, IF, there was basis ( and I believe there is ample basis)?

    I will believe it when I see it about the truth coming out.
    At least NOT in the CT. POST.

    Mike Reynolds and I agree about the CT POST. vs. Stratford

    It is only a matter of time, when it becomes obvious where Harkins stands.
    I believe the EMERGENCY ORDER was a political PAYOFF, circumventing the
    BID PROCESS. I am not the only one to believe it, but I am the only one who
    will post what I believe to be the truth here on this website.

  62. 62 phineast

    Jez-it is rare that EMS is fully staffed-it is after all predominantly run by people who volunteer. These dedicated volunteers have lives beyond Stratford EMS. There is no excuse however, to have three ambulances down due to malfunction. I am of the opinion that EMS vehicles should be in top running condition, because it usually is a matter of life or death. Having served on EMS, I know how difficult it is to perform CPR on someone from their home to the ER during a “normal” response time, let alone encountering any delays-mechanical or otherwise. Every second counts, just like with the police and fire departments. The mechanics of the departments is not an area that should be”skimped” on. You want to cut corners, take back the take home vehicles and take back all the cell phones that are paid for by the town, and you can take back all the credit cards that are town cards as well. In cutting back in those 3 areas alone the town would realize about a quarter million in savings plus …and that money could go to refurbish the vehicles. It is all about choices and priorities. miron thought that allowing personnel to take home vehicles as far away as Roxbury, using our gas, our insurance and wearing out our vehicles is just fine and dandy-it is not-it’s obscene. I have no problem if it can be tracked and demonstrated that the vehicle was used to go to a meeting or a call but not to get to and from work and other personal errands. I also feel that there needs to be a policy of continuous public audit on things such as this–that would be transparency.

    Chris, I am not at all shocked that you feel that having the B boys as town attorney and chief of police is not a conflict. What I am shocked at is that you actually believe that these to departments do not interact-the town attorney is the SOLE legal authority in the town. That means that he/she can direct, order or opine the police chief. That IS considered a form of supervision. In Stratford’s situation it actually has been a conflict of interest. If the police chief was hired and his wife was working in the boe that would not be a conflict of interest. If the town attorney was selected and his brother or sister was a school janitor, that is not a conflict-they are totally and completely separate. Having the B brothers in the top legal spots is equally as bad as the Lo family using their positions to get their kids hired. Very much a conflict of interest.
    You are correct that you are responsible for you actions, words and choices-the problem is that in writing your posts you know what you mean-but how it appears to you is not necessarily how it reads to others. I have read volumes of posts written by you on the post blog and a few here and it certainly did appear that you were trying to justify miron’s actions. It may not have been your intention but that is how it read, that is quite possibly why people push you-they may have read your past writings and don’t trust you, no matter how well intended you may be.
    Just curious, what did you do in government?

  63. 63 cstratct


    I never said they didn’t interact, I said it wasn’t a confilct of interest because one wasn’t supervising the other. Were that the case, then of course it would be a conflict. Please show me where in the town charter it states that the Town Attorney has any control or jurisdiction over any department or agency of the town. The Town Attorney is the chief legal advisor for the agencies, but he/she doesn’t have authority to direct the actions of those departments or agencies.

    Here is the language from the charter (3.1.3):

    “The Town Attorney shall be the chief legal advisor of all offices, departments and agencies and of all officers and employees in matters relating to their official powers and duties. The Town Attorney shall represent the Town in all legal proceedings. The Town Attorney shall perform all services incident to his or her position as may be required by the General Statutes, by this Charter or by ordinance.”

    And I didn’t say I worked in government, I said I had a background in government.

    Finally I can’t control how people “read” my posts. I’ve made it clear that I speak for no one and no one speaks for me. I have my own opinions and beliefs based on MY personal interpretation and analysis of a given situation. What motives you or anyone else ascribe to my opinions is on you and them, not me.

    And since all anyone seems to want to do is insult and berate me for my opinion, perhaps it is best if I just leave you and yours to your echo chamber. That way you can all pat each other on the back and not have to engage with someone who may bring a different perspective to an issue. I’ve tried to maintain a respectful tone here, but I’m getting the distinct impression that an open forum for discussion is not what is really wanted here.

  64. 64 cstratct


    I have been nothing but respectful to you on this forum. I explained my reasoning with respect to the Town Attorney/Police Chief issue, and your retort is to belittle me. So be it.

    I have been reading for over a year that the FBI is investigating, charges are coming, the truth is about to come out. If that time ever comes, I’ll admit my error in judgment. But please spare me the pontificating.

    As I said to phineast, perhaps I should just leave you and the rest here to your echo chamber. If you don’t want to have an open forum of discussion that is your prerogative. But just because someone holds a different opinion then you doesn’t mean they are “lost” or not “worth the time.” Not only is that insulting, it is also a shining example of everything you say you’re against.

  65. 65 1george1

    Your post was 100 % correct.

    The Town Attorney is the sole interpreter of the Town Charter and the
    Chief advisor of what is legal and what is not legal.

    As an Officer of the Courts the Town Attorney can interceed in Criminal
    and Civil Actions by the police department and police chief.

    Conversely the police chief can direct the focus of investigation and
    compile damning or mitigating evidence.
    Police, appointed, and elected personnel all have a range of discretion.
    The term “color of the law” is about government people acting illegally,
    within their purview.

    The police can act without warrant if they believe there is an exigent
    situation and certain other situations.
    Otherwise, there are Constitutional protections about “due process”
    and “necessity” to have a Judge give concurrance, by issuing a warrant.

    The FBI is part of the Justice Department, and the Attorney General can
    advise and direct the head of the FBI that an action is Constitutional or

    Would John Burturla and Richard Burturla want the public to know their
    full involvement in oversite of both political parties and all officials?

  66. 66 phineast

    Chris, I stand by my statement. You don’t have to agree, Honestly I don’t expect you to.

    Now I will rephrase my question. What is your background in government?

  67. 67 sylvia67

    I was shocked at your reasoning when it came to the Buturlas. I don’t understand how you can state that there is no conflict of interest with these two men being under the same umbrella . I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl, but you probably wouldn’t care given that you are an echo chamber of one. While pathetic, at least you are consistent in apologizing for everything your fearless leader Miron did. But it is getting tiresome at this point, and so I’m not going to bother responding further. The evidence is right in front of you, I hope you will be honest enough to admit it. Cstratct, someday soon you will realize there are many issues that will become public concerning these two men and it is a damn shame at that also. Stratford has suffered enough embarrassment and we certainly can’t afford anymore.

  68. 68 mayor2013

    I am a little unnerved by all of this. I want to give Mrs. Best the benefit of the doubt. I hope that most of these accusations are untrue. However, if found to be substantiated then she needs to retire.

    If anyone here thinks that Richard Buturla and law firm are going away, they are sadly mistaken. Mayor Harkins appointed Bishop not as an act of bi-partianship but as a camouflage to put Kelly back into action. Make no mistake, Kevin Kelly will be running this show. And, Buturla will be at the back door instead of the front door. That is how it works with town attorneys. Kelly was kept employed by Buturla and now Kelly will keep Buturla employed. That is just the way it is. And, for the mayor to say he is having the town attorneys office studied for better efficiency – well that is so condescending to the taxpayers. Nothing will ever become of it and the money will be sailing off to the attorneys just as it always has.

    When Mayor Harkins shows some serious backbone – I’ll be back. So far, I am not the least bit impressed.

    He will soon have an opportunity to show control – when the Asst. to the HR Director. Linda Loschiavo is retired. Remember her, i. e. deputy police chief Joe Loschiave, officer Loschiavo with seizures. I want to see what kink of a package and how much money she walks off with in January. Remember Mayor, she is not in any union, she is unaffiliated.

  69. 69 1george1

    It is nice to read facts and thought out positions on this blog.

    Regardless if I agree or disagree!

    Syl, should look at the Mayor 2013 post regarding attorneys.
    As much as I prefer Syl’s suggested scenario, I tend to disagree,
    because I have seen and heard too much, that there is an almost
    void of integrity in Federal State and Local government by certain
    political people.
    (I got mine! or Dummy socialists looking to break the system!)

    I agree with Phin over Chris, who makes many excellent points
    when it come to Shakespeare, yet for his exceptional intelligence,
    he actually believes the Shakespeare contract was real and not a
    canard for everyone to be against.
    NOTE = BURTURLA + MIRON N E V E R set an A L T E R N A T I V E
    to what they claimed was a Republican Town Council Contract.

    Stratford politics seem devoid of the 6 pillars of Character and the
    12 cub – boy scout attributes!

    There are sins and crimes of Commission
    There are sins and crimes of Ommission

    If the parties spent a fraction of their time trying to be of public
    interest instead of out right thieves, Stratford would be the richest
    town on the planet!

    Right LOUIE + NORM + and friends

  70. 70 cstratct

    I’m done. Sylvia, I’ve been respectful toward you up to this point, but I’m sick of your insults. Your behavior is no better then those you condemn. I came here to discuss issues, not be berated. I’m more convinced than ever that what you all really want is to pat each other on the back and tell each other what you want to hear. Well have a grand time with that. I hope Mr. Harkins lives up to all your expectations, although I seriously doubt that will be the case when the reality of politics and governing come face to face.

    George, until that contract is dead and buried it is a “real” contract, one which Kevin Kelly supports. How do I know this? Because he and I discussed it during one of the debates, and he made his opinion on the contract very clear. I hope Mayor Harkins and the Town Council do the right thing with regard to the Shakespeare Theatre. So despite all your conspiracy theories, yes George, the contract is “real” and is still in play until someone (the Mayor or Town Council) say otherwise.

    I’m out of here.

  71. 71 sylvia67

    If you are proud of whom you are why don’t you sign your given name to all that you post? That’s what I respect greatly. I have always used my given name and therefore, I don’t have to hide behind a phony made up name. Sorry you feel that way, but if I have insulted you I am very sorry and hopefully you will realize I am right.
    There are very few people I dislike in this community and my home is always jumping with guests. People just enjoy coming to my home and we don’t all agree, but respect for one another is always there.

  72. 72 cstratct

    Excuse me miss high and mighty. My name is Christopher. At the moment I’m a member of the Arts Commission. I’ve never hidden my identity here or on Topix. The only reason I couldn’t use my Topix screen name Christopher StratCT is because wordpress doesn’t allow that long a login name. Many posters have used my name here and I have never tried to hide my identity from anyone.

  73. 73 1george1


    You are correct that the contract “can” be implemented as is.

    The political people stick to their cover stories but try to hide
    their real objectives.

    The more intelligent thing is to bring out the real contract which
    will look GREAT compared to that trash, to make it appear as though
    concessions were made and Stratford Citizens got a much better deal.

    Meanwhile they will build to their bigger objectives, and want to have
    political capital to steal what they really want.

    Chris and you are people of strong opinions.
    Each of you have your hearts in the right place.
    Chris has reasons not to like certain Republicans and Democrats,
    the same way you do, but for different priorities.

    We know who Chris is and I have talked to him many times.
    He is extremely intelligent and passionate.
    I have learned things from each of you.

    It is a nice change compared to too many apathetic people,
    and far too many THIEVES and LIARS.
    I do not consider either of you to be LIARS or THIEVES.
    In both cases, I believe some of the people you trust and like
    are NOT WORTHY of either of you.

  74. 74 sylvia67

    Thank you C?hristopher. I am a very liberal person and have no time in my busy life to listen to pure gossip. I want ice for the fire all the time. Have a very Happy New Year. Sylvia Guberman

  75. 75 sylvia67

    Have a great New Year and wishing you the best always. We will have that coffee and as soon as I find the time. Thank you so much for the compliments you always give me and coming from you always means a lot. As I have always told you when you take wrongs and make then right to the liars and crooks in town they label one a trouble maker. So I am always looking for trouble makers. I have a load of friends that mean a lot to me and I mean a lot to them. My home is always jumping with guests and Maury loved it and always spoke about at at school.

  76. 76 1george1


    Break a leg.

    Wishing you and your son,
    a hole in one.

    Enjoy your time, that you do not have to use for meetings.

    Gavin, Jon, Calzone, Greg, & EMS people
    May hippocrates heal your hearts.

    Star, Phin, Mayor2013
    To thine own self be true.

    May you be enabled
    and your brother’s helper.

    May Clash of the Titans remake late March
    restore your vision and bring back your belief
    in the best in people, who are starting to see
    themselves in the mirror.

    May you learn to accept and enjoy with an
    open heart, mind, and hand.

    Happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to all of us.

  77. 77 phineast

    Happy New Year, EVERYONE! I hope 2010 brings everyone happiness, prosperity, good health to all of you. I hope it brings justice to those that deserve it. Be safe everyone.

  78. 78 omeara128

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2010 brings the silver braclets to the wrists of the true criminals…………….

  79. 79 genuinephyllis

    Happy New Year to everyone…Hope the New Year brings TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, That JUSTICE will PREVAIL (Finally).
    Inappropriate “censorship” for the benefit of the crooked “Chosen People” ceases in that double standard forum called~TOPIX.
    Anyone have a clue why it took forever to remove racist postings yet all opinions 245+ comments were removed in the Finance Directer thread?
    @Omeara what was with that? So does that mean Moron still has the “power”??
    @Chris seems just before the removal after your several hour break… you appeared to come back swinging fully informed ..were you reprimanded by your friend(s) then POOF! all was gone…a little too fishy for me & rest of the posters

  80. 80 cstratct

    Phyllis, if you think I had anything to do with removing posts from Topix you are the delusional one. You’re an EDITOR on Topix, a point you choose to make repeatedly, so if anyone would have knowledge about what happened to the posts it should be you.

    And fully informed about WHAT? Your posts don’t even make any sense. Stop being cryptic and say what you have to say. I’ve said the same thing I said for the past year regarding the Christian Miron situation, nothing different then before. And I’ve always posted under my Topix screen name. I find it hilarious you talk of ridicule and harassment in another thread when I could make the same claim.

    Let’s get this straight: NO ONE tells me what to post or provides me with any information about any topic. What I know I know from publicly available sources.

    That said, Happy New Year everyone!

  81. 81 jezebel282


    “I want to give Mrs. Best the benefit of the doubt. I hope that most of these accusations are untrue. However, if found to be substantiated then she needs to retire.”

    No…they are true. I have confirmed most of it with several sources.

    There are very few excuses that could possibly be used. With 100 volunteers (how many more if they were actively recruited?) there should never be a scheduling deficiency.

    It seems Ms. Best is much more concerned about her own power, authority and ego than the well being of residents.

  82. 82 1george1


    CHAOS out of ORDER?


    A stone thrown among skeleton warriors, caused them to fight each other,
    instead of their intended target ….. the stone thrower.

  83. 83 mayor2013

    I would have to know with whom you checked out these allegations. If it was Fire Dept personnel – I would have to say they are not objective in this matter – they have been wanting to take over the EMS operation for many years. I would rather hear about this from a party with no bias. If I am incorrect; I’m certain you will enlighten me.

    For the poster who thought I was dilusional – I am far from it. I believe those final payouts of the mayor’s cabinet are outrageous and the people involved should be subject to criminal charges and made to repay those funds to the people of Stratford.

    And so much for Saint John Norko – who always sat at every meeting professing how honest and above board he has always been and would not ever be a part to anything that was improper. I guess all of this only applied to everyone else, right Mr. Norko? Mr. Norko, you are the most unprofessional municipal officer and a disgrace to government employees.

  84. 84 jezebel282


    “I would have to know with whom you checked out these allegations.”

    For obvious reasons, I can’t identify EMS members who wish to continue to volunteer their services to this Town. I will say it is not Fire Department personnel. They have their own troubles with a lying administrator named “Cavanaugh”.

    The amazing thing about ego-driven, incompetent and just plain mean (can you hear me, Chief Buturla?) administrators is that they actually think their staff likes them. Nothing could be further from the truth and the information spigot opens wide. All you have to do is ask….

  85. 85 1george1

    Time will tell if / when management changes and if / when truth comes out.

    So far, there is little difference from diverse positions about honest situations,
    which the watchers and listeners are well aware.

    However there are bigger fish to fry.

  86. 86 jezebel282


    The Stratford Health Department has open time slots today to receive free H1N1 vaccinations.

    If you or a family member haven’t received one (you know, like your invincible college kid home on break), now is the time. To make an appointment just click here

    or call 203.385.4090

  87. 87 jezebel282

    More Update:

    It is not often we are able to praise a department or two on these pages.

    One department deserves some praise today; The Stratford Health Department. At their recent H1N1 clinic, everyone wishing to receive a free H1N1 vaccination was accommodated. Not only that, the volunteer staff was efficient (the whole process lasted approximately 8 minutes), kind, gentle and gracious.

    Supplies of the vaccine are now plentiful and the process is an extremely smooth one. Any parent who has not had their child immunized should definitely do so.

    The next clinic will be held on January 20th:

    It is free. It is easy. It is almost fun.

    Thanks once again to the volunteers who make this happen.

  88. 88 1george1

    Stratford is a great town, with a remarkable set of
    Basket of Professional Services
    Professionals who are highly competent in their fields.

    There are people who want to cut costs with
    Volunteer Fire – (I do NOT)
    Outsourcing much P. W. like garbage pick up – (I do NOT)
    Outsoursince some police work, like road construction (I do NOT)
    Want to BREAK volunteer EMS, to gain PROFESSIONAL contracts (I do NOT)

    TAXES pay for services.

    I think I and most of the bloggers, would agree with my positions on these
    specific issues and certain other positions, like Miron ill treatment and
    that Mirons / Burturlas / B(e)-utter-NUTS are not good for Stratford!

    In seeing people last night and waching their eyes, there are many sad
    people involved in politics.

    Part of it, I suspect is feeling guilt.

    Part of it, I suspect is realizing that many people know what they did.

    Part of it, I suspect is starting to understand the impact of their actions,
    is NOT consistent with the honest intent to benefit the Town because
    they believed in people NOT DESERVING of TRUST.
    > They went along with peer pressure and are continuing, so far.
    > They went along with party pressure and are continuing, so far.
    > They went along with financial self interest pressure and are
    continuing, so far.
    > They went along with ego pressure and are continuing, so far.
    > They went along with pressure from being compromised and are
    continuing, so far.
    > They went along with ideology pressure and are continuing, so far.

    People like GAVIN and PROTO are far too intelligent, to name a couple
    NOT to be able to project the future, based on their knowledge.
    It is not that the others are unintelligent … but …

    I believe KELLY + FLOREK + COTTER + BURTURLA + LOU + B(e)UTTERnuts
    and others think the political power back them and the winds will NOT
    CHANGE……. Part of it is the ego and fun of rnning a program.

    A friend finds it all amusing how they have a plan and are working hard
    to make sure the plan comes true.


  89. 89 greghousemd

    “Want to BREAK volunteer EMS, to gain PROFESSIONAL contracts (I do NOT)

    TAXES pay for services.”

    One correction I want to make for your George, is that your taxes do not pay for even 1% of the Volunteers EMS budget. Your taxes apply to 0%.

    The Ambulances, are paid for by third party billing, (even the frequent repairs are!)
    The supplies are paid for by third party billing
    The paid staff that fill the gaps are paid for and provided by EMS’s ability to bill insurance companies.
    The NEW EMS Building is being paid for by the EMS Billing.

    The Stratford Tax payer will never be brought to collections when he or she doesn’t have insurance or isn’t able to pay the bill.

    This is a service that no other EMS Department in the area provides to its citizens.

    Anytime you gain a professional contract like AMR (American Medical Response) while they will provide a “$0.00” bid to cover your town. The thousands of people who are transported will be forced to pay any remainder in the ambulance bill, and will be brought to collections each and ever time for not having insurance.

    This is a significant downfall when it comes to relying on Commercial Ambulance services to provide for a municipality, especially in a makeup in Stratford with a large >65 year old population who are on Social Security, a “$500” ambulance ride just to be brought to the hospital and have nothing done has a significant impact on the senior citizens who may truly need that lifesaving service and don’t call because they are worried about a bill.

    Having worked in other emergency systems I can tell you that, that is a reality with many of the elderly and uninsured population.

  90. 90 phineast

    Greg, I do believe that the ems building was bonded. I’ll check on it.

  91. 91 1george1

    Thank you for the added information.

    I made a faulty cross reference and you picked it up.
    Good job. I had was no intent to post erroneous info.

    Generally I was aware of much of the information you
    posted as another volunteer public service. I strongly
    suspect many of the bloggers also have superior detailed
    knowledge as it relates to EMS, than I do.

    Just as Phin posted, I believe the old unrepairable FIRE HOUSE
    (to quote ex Chair Feehan) will become the new EMS station
    and I believe it was bonded in part thanks to GAVIN, who can
    confirm the bonding, if he chooses.

    If I remember correctly Mayor Miron’s campaign literature
    has a rendering of this “accomplishment …. 😉

  92. 92 greghousemd

    Phin and George,

    Yes the building was Bonded, and it is being repaid by the EMS Enterprise fund over a 10 year period by money collected by billing.

  93. 93 jezebel282


    Do you EMS guys even talk to Firefighters?

    Firefighters offer CPR courses

    Thursday, 07 January 2010 10:50

    Stratford Fire Fighters, Local 998, will be sponsoring first aid and CPR classes at Stratford Fire Headquarters Training room, 2750 Main Street, Stratford.

    Classes are taking place on the following dates:

    Thursday, Jan 14, 6 p.m., adult, child, infant CPR;

    Monday, Jan 18, 6 p.m., healthcare provider recertification;

    Saturday, Jan. 23, 9 a.m., first aid, adult, child, infant CPR;

    Saturday, Jan. 30, 9 a.m. adult, child CPR and AED training.

    Thursday, Feb. 11, 7 p.m., adult, child CPR, AED;

    Saturday, Feb. 27, 9 a.m., first aid, adult, child and infant CPR.

    Class space is limited to 18 with preference given to Stratford residents. If any seats remain open 10 days prior to the class date, those spots will be filled on a first come — first serve basis. Cost is $25 per person.

    Classes also are available for groups and businesses in Stratford.

    Space can be reserved by sending an e-mail to

    What are the differences between the courses?

  94. 94 genericscreename


    In response to your posting regarding EMS and Bonding Etc. I have performed some inquiries and was told that the new EMS facility was based on two prior Councilmen. Forrester and Camillo. Both of which spearheaded the plan, lobbied the council for the funds to hire a design team to do the feasibility studies and then the firm after a bid/proposal process to hire the Architect.

    Apparently it was Camillo who had it on his platform when he ran for council and Forrester headed the EMS Funding Committee which they both sat on.

    What I have been told, however is that Mrs. Best did not support their efforts for a new facility and was only obstructionist. Was told to read meeting minutes to see the things she said at those meetings. ( I have not read those minutes).

    I have been further told that the revenue from billing will not necessarily cover the operational costs, as the dispatch center is a cash cow and the costs are significantly more than Mrs. Best and the team which wanted it years ago failed to demonstrate. As a result, the EMS fund is being drained based on their portion of the costs associated with the operation of the dispatch center.

  95. 95 greghousemd


    Your 100% correct regarding the dispatch center, looking at the operational budgets from those years, having EMS and FIRE Dispatch SEPARATE cost the town around 100k, a year for 24x7x365 operation, no real increase each year, no need to pay for equipment or salary’s healthcare, other benefits.

    You are also correction in the statement:

    “What I have been told, however is that Mrs. Best did not support their efforts for a new facility and was only obstructionist. Was told to read meeting minutes to see the things she said at those meetings. ”



    Do you EMS guys even talk to Firefighters?”

    The short answer is YES. The rank and file generally have an excellent working relationship with the FIRE Department.

    However when it comes down to the EMS department doing any sort of training as an entity with the public or themselves you need to understand that Mrs. Best has allowed her TRAINING & RECRUITMENT Lieutenant not to work since Memorial Day 2008, and this person “Is the only one who is allowed to organize training” When you look at his hours for 2009, he has attended something like 10 hours of meetings, and has contributed nothing to further the public awareness and education like the FIRE Department is doing. BUT Mrs. Best has allowed this individual to hold a supervisory and very important position with the department regardless of his absence. There are other officers like the one in charge of training that also are absent and you only see 3-4 out of 10 work and commit a reasonable amount of time to the department’s well being.

    This is just another example of management at its best. (no pun intended). Im sorry to say this but EMS VOLUNTEERS have attempted to work with the Health Department who supported the idea of running a monthly CPR class (FOR the COST OF A CPR CARD $5.00) Mrs. Best has told the health department not to allow it to happen because those members are not working under EMS to do this) and as a result the Health Department backed out upon Mrs. Best’s input.

  96. 96 1george1

    Good, informative posts.
    An above post credits Camillo and Gavin on EMS HQ.

    Although Camillo is a B(e)utter NUT, he had done good things on
    the council related to buildings and grounds.
    He was also VERY ACTIVE in BOOTH PARK issues.

    There are some things about Camillo that are hearsay, and if true,
    indicate certain unfortunate issues.
    A popular blogger also told me of other issues, of which is not my
    place to post.

    Neither Camillo nor Gavin are dumb.
    Both have made contributions to the community.

    However, I nope neither goes to jail, nor has a negative legacy and
    local reputation for what their friends and they appear to be doing.

    The FIRE HOUSE was suppose to cost under $ 2 million.
    It is OVER $ 6 OR MAYBE $ 7 MILLION and counting, to date.
    It is Stratford.

    Council Chair Feehan (of all people) raised the issue about changing
    the old Firehouse to an EMS HQ, when the Councils he was on, were
    told the FIREHOUSE could not be repaired and we needed a new one?

    While a good FIRE HOUSE, POLICE HQ, EMS HQ and other buildings may
    be a necessity, like so many other things in stratford, it appears that
    people are able to profit for 300 % – 400 % of what things are supposed
    to cost?

    I was told the 2009 Fire Trucks actual total cost may be under $ 400 k,
    including fully equipped, from friends of friends in the industry.

    I wonder how much those special order “rounded or curved bricks”
    cost for the fire house?
    I wonder what the mark up was?
    I wonder who dold them or was the agent for them?
    I wonder if they paid for a few years of Hockey Season Tickets
    and for the cost of going to/from, to attend the games/festivities?

    And I wonder how many fire and police KNOW the truth about
    Stratford politics and are willing to sell their integrity and their
    personal reputations for ……

    Hey, we can justify it that every other police / fire / lawyer
    /ranking government and do it and we protect each other ….

    Let the public pay ….
    They owe us ….
    We deserve …

  97. 97 jezebel282

    “What I have been told, however is that Mrs. Best did not support their efforts for a new facility and was only obstructionist.”

    Can anyone explain why Ms. Best would want to remain in the basement of the PD instead of a centrally located facility?

  98. 98 greghousemd


    “Can anyone explain why Ms. Best would want to remain in the basement of the PD instead of a centrally located facility?”

    The same reason that:

    1) People on her supervisory staff are allowed to retain their positions despite not meeting requirements for active membership as a volunteer let alone retaining Officers positions, such as Training and Medical Operations.

    2) Having her private attorney conduct a private investigation and sending members of her department letters threatening to sue them for organizing a No Confidence vote.

    3) Putting the stop to the Fire Department demoing a new CPR device that the town would be demo’ing FOR FREE.

    4) The department failing to comply with state and local mandates for over a year, while every other service in the state found a way to comply.

    5) Suspending certain volunteers for one thing, and then doing nothing for the “special” volunteers who committed the exact same “action” that she suspended the others on.

    6) Failing to discipline “Family” when they commit actions that are clearly in violation of the polices and procedures of the department.

    To Paraphrase a former politician, I can suspect the reason is that: “I can do whatever I want!!”

  99. 99 jezebel282

    Next question

    Who the hell supervises her?

  100. 100 genericscreename

    Why not do some deeper thinking and look at the number of budget cuts four years ago, the number of department heads who were terminated then based on cut to the budgets and then look and see who the likely candidate for mayor was on the R side of the isle at that time, since Costello had gotten slaughtered in the election. Then ask yourself who was calling the shots and why was it the only department which did not get the budget cut.

    Sounds to me like the R’s were afraid of her husband, should he get elected.

  101. 101 phineast

    That was then, this is now.

    Greg-If you can produce one of those letters-I suggest that you do so post haste. Give it to all the newspapers-I can think of at least one reporter who would love to run it. No need to paraphrase-we are all well acquainted with with miron’s coined phrase. At least if the papers run it then the sun will finally be shining on anything that was inappropriate. It will be done.

  102. 102 jezebel282

    “Greg-If you can produce one of those letters”

    I know someplace that would be happy to publish it.

    (Pssst, Greg…pick me! Pick me!)

  103. 103 jezebel282

    Apparently if you are a skinny guy (like Gavin Forrester is now), Ms. Best will not let you buy a $35 pair of pants that fit. Luckily, Mr. Forrester probably needs the deduction, but the other 100 volunteers are probably a tad more stretched and to be asked for another $35 is just insulting.

    When EMS arrives at your home or business, please be careful of what you get on them. They only get reimbursed for one pair of pants per year.

  104. 104 1george1

    If the blogs posted about EMS are true by Greg + others, I concur with Phin:

    Greg-If you can produce one of those letters-I suggest that you
    do so post haste. Give it to all the newspapers-I can think of at
    least one reporter who would love to run it.
    No need to paraphrase-we are all well acquainted with with
    miron’s coined phrase.

    At least if the papers run it then the sun will finally be shining on
    anything that was inappropriate. It will be done.

    I have liked Jon and had heard good things about Donna.
    I was disappointed with Jon being supported by
    LAP Dance
    D/C Los(t)chiavo

  105. 105 1george1

    I recieved a voice mail from ex Town Councilor Camillo thanking me for
    giving him credit for work done on Building Needs and Booth Park among
    other things posted.

    I can not get into he said / she said or he said / he said, except that as
    pointed out, if certain things were true, it would affect peoples lives.

    Years ago, Mr. Camillo misread information in a way that was diametric to
    the way he read it. When I corrected the perception, he reread my position,
    and understood my position.

    I do not like what certain people have done on past Town Councils and past
    Town Committees. Again, I shall not parse.

    ample opportunity to make clear, plain and evident certain things that
    have gone on for over a decade and other things that have gone on more
    than two decades.

    Wether one considers one self part of a group or not part of a group,
    which I feel has the appearance of inclusion, it is my opinion that there
    are fiduciary obligations along ethical, moral, legal, and financial lines,
    which people of Trust and/or Profit may not recognize.
    Or they have a different perception than I do.

    TRUMBULL Health Care CT. POST FRONT PAGE story is ANALYGOUS to Stfd.

    – CA has $ 20 billion deficit
    – CA Pensions are bankrupting ….

    I am not against UNIONS.
    I am for UNIONS.

    Stratford polical mess may cause R. I. C. O. criminal and civil lawsuits
    and I have been trying to get the people to act responsibly for a few
    years, to lower the problems.

    Point of fact, I am some peoples best defense for what I KNOW about

    However, as people have died off and retired, political situations change.

    Whoever goes STATE’S EVIDENCE gets the get outta JAIL FREE CARD.

    POSITIONED to defend themselves and membership, because my
    helping to FRAME ISSUES, and STEER BLAME to the ATTORNEYS fault.

    The unions were going to take it on the chin in the future in any case.
    However, with out me FRAMING ISSUES, it would be a lot worse.

    The FIRE DEPT and POLICE DEPT did themselves no favors over last
    few months and last couple years …..

    APOLLO gave CASSANDRA the gift of foresite, while cursing her no one
    would believe her…..

    To thine own self be true …..

    Act is such a way, your children, parents, and neighbors would not
    look at you with embarassment ……

    Many people have done much good, but there are sins and crimes
    of both Commission AND Omission, in my opinion

  106. 106 jezebel282


    Once again the Stratford Health Department is providing free H1N1 vaccinations to anyone who wants one.

    The next clinic is Wednesday January 20th.

    It’s free.

    It’s quick.

    It could save your life.

    And they are all really happy to see you.

    Special Note: I have it on good authority that due to the massive amounts of H1N1 vaccine being produced, the CIA was unable to match production of their microscopic tracking devices. This batch is locator free, so even George can get a vaccination without worry.

  107. 107 1george1

    Last time I had a free government needle vaccination,
    I came down with Psoriasis.

    Low lifes who intentionally hurt people “patterned” on
    “Book of Job,” are in government and private sectors.
    (These are the perverse and pretenders, not the legits!)

    It is too bad G-D ever allowed them to be born?
    They are cursed to be the ghoulish satans to humanity.

    3 dog or G-D 3? ELI’s COMING.
    Better hide your heart ….

    1967 to 2010 = 43 years.
    Book of Eli = Judgement day?
    Eli’s coming … better hide your heart …..

  108. 108 jezebel282

    Update for everyone else except George:

    It’s free.

    It’s easy to get there.

    It is open until 7PM

    It could save your life.

    According to the CDC:

    “Millions of seasonal flu vaccines have been given safely. Millions of people have also safely received the 2009 H1N1 vaccine. CDC expects that any side effects following vaccination with the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine would be rare. Any side effects that have occurred since people started receiving the 2009 H1N1 vaccine have been similar to those experienced following seasonal influenza vaccine. Mild problems that may be experienced include soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given, fainting (mainly adolescents), headache, muscle aches, fever, and nausea. If these problems occur, they usually begin soon after the shot and last 1-2 days.”

    Once again, if you have children, siblings, spouses or parents you should bring them and yourself for a free vaccination.

  109. 109 mayor2013

    Were you innoculated?

  110. 110 sudds

    Anyone else notice that George’s posting tend to have a direct correlation to the movie posters hanging outside Entertainment Cinemas???

  111. 111 1george1

    Who was indoctrinated?

    If there was a true conspiracy theorist available, one might bring up

    If this free stuff from the government is so Great, how come many
    doctors, nurses, healthcare people refuse to take it?

    Ever since (even before) Eisenhower gave his farewell
    Federal, State, and Local decsions are causing a hell.

    If the Bush family-Reagan Administration had their way, Social Security
    would have been in the Stock Market and the Rockefellers friends and
    hireling could have stolen that too ….

  112. 112 jezebel282


    “Were you innoculated?”

    I didn’t fit the early parameters. Since there are sufficient supplies now and anyone can get vaccinated, yes, I have scheduled an appointment on the 20th at the Stratford Health Department.

    So there.


  113. 113 1george1

    I wish good health to everyone.

    And their families!

    Especially Jeze, so she maintains her strength in being able to post
    and debate.

  114. 114 jezebel282


    Thank you. That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

  115. 115 1george1


    You are welcomed for thanking me.

    However, I have never wished any bad things to anyone.
    My arguments here are of a political nature and differences of opinion.

    Unfortunately, people on the blog got nasty and personal.
    The only way to get through to them was to be nasty back.
    They can get away with being nasty when people they insult
    are not readers or posters on the blog or do not have strong
    defensible positions. (some get ganged up on.)

    As nuch as a conspiracy theorist people, including myself, want
    to categorize me ……
    what am I against?
    what do I favor?

    I am against abuse.
    The worst abuses are WAR,….

    Balance mercifully moved to:

  116. 116 jezebel282


    After much inexplicable delay a new ambulance is finally in service.


  117. 117 mikereynolds

    I believe its been in service for at least a couple of weeks. Already over 1000 miles on it.

    Not one peep about it. I believe Donna Best has placed a cone of silence over EMS.

  118. 118 mikereynolds

    See, here is an example of leadership and accountability in EMS management. If Ansonia can do it, why can’t we?

  119. 119 jezebel282


    “I believe Donna Best has placed a cone of silence over EMS.”

    She is trying. In the end she will not be successful. It is the same mistake Miron made over and over again. You do not earn loyalty through fear and intimidation. You may get compliance, but you won’t get trust.

    Morale has been deteriorating rapidly within EMS. This is especially troubling since we all rely on the generosity of spirit of the volunteers willing to serve.

  120. 120 1george1

    The quality of mercy ….

    Pound of flesh ….

    Alas a Daniel …

  121. 121 jezebel282


    The new ambulance was put into official service on 27 Jan.

    Apparently it was purchased with funds from the 2007-2008 budget. Why the delay? Ms. Best and her sidekick Jon preferred the existing box design over the van style and did everything they possibly could to delay the purchase and certification. Kind of like a “So there!” policy.

    We will get to witness this little administrative battle again because funding was allocated in the 2008-2009 budget for another new ambulance.

    Now let’s remember that not one penny of taxpayer money was used for this purchase. Other than the time wasted by Ms. Best in delaying the process. Personally, if I’m having a medical emergency I would prefer to go with the USPS Policy: If it fits it ships.

    The “cone of silence” is not very effective. Many volunteers are beginning to speak out. They are very, very tired of being persecuted for doing a good thing.

  122. 122 Kevin Giasullo


    I have been involved with EMS since 2002 in Stratford. Presently I serve the town as one of the department’s Paramedics and Lieutenant. I am also a member of town’s “EMS Funding committee” which deals with the departments funding and budget. My involvement with the department in these positions is all volunteer.

    You are correct, the date the ambulance was placed in service was Jan 27, 2010. Our department ordered the new ambulance in September 2009 and received the new ambulance December 8, 2009. You are also correct that the funding for the ambulance just purchased/delivered is 2 budgets old. Funds from FY 09 have not yet been used to purchase another ambulance.

    The cost of this particular ambulance was approximately $75,500. The cost for the “box” design ambulance runs at anywhere from approximately: $105,000-$115,000. The difference in cost is primary because one is designed and looks like a “van” and the other as a “box” design, hence their names. Both types of ambulances provide the same functions, and service, aside from one obviously being smaller a very different exterior design then Stratford is used to seeing.

    Whomever you source is, is correct. In my opinion I agree that: generally many of the employees; volunteer or paid are unhappy.

  123. 123 jezebel282

    Editor’s note:

    Disclosure: Lt Giasullo recently saved the life of a family member (mine). I have never met nor spoken with Lt. Giasullo.

    But since you may be reading this Lt. Giasullo… Thank you so much!

  124. 124 1george1

    Lt. Giasullo,
    Thank you for your volunteer service.

    I believe the name of Jon Best’s company is “Disaster by Design?”

    I found the name (if true) to be entirely too true as to what
    has happened to the USA in general and Stratford Specifically.

    Where ever people in the private sector can steal money from
    the various Treasuries, Public Assets, and break volunteer
    organizations they have been doing so, since my USPS DAYS.

    I like Jon Best, Gavin, and Bob Calzone as people.
    I admire ALL of the EMS volunteers for doing what I could not do.
    I appreciate various government and private sectors workers.

    But I do not admire many of the POLITICAL DECISIONS to STEER
    MONEY to political power brokers, abetted by “vested interests.”

  125. 125 jezebel282

    Lt. Giasullo,

    Have you met George?

    If not, let me introduce you.

    “I found the name (if true) to be entirely too true as to what
    has happened to the USA in general and Stratford Specifically.”

    No topic is too specific for George not to spin it into a national or global conspiracy.

    You can thank me later.

  126. 126 Kevin Giasullo


    I hope your family member makes a speedy recovery.

    Do you know what crew I was working with? I want to make sure I share the appreciation with them. I work on shifts with great people who put this town and its people as #1. These people (volunteer or paid) are some of the best around.
    News of a job well done will bring a smile to their faces. (appreciation sometimes doesn’t make it down to “the boots on the ground” around here.)

    my email is if you’d wish to keep the names/info private.

  127. 127 phineast

    Kevin-you are wise beyond your years……
    As a “retired” emt, please convey to every member that I also appreciate their time their expertise and dedication, thankfully I have not needed their services to date, but I am extremely grateful to know that I can rely on them, just like an insurance policy-have it but pray I never need it. This is by far the most amazing group of volunteers in the state and each of you has my heart felt appreciation. Keep up the great work-even if the higher ups don’t get it, the people that really matter do get it.

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