Blumenthal for Senator?


Fair and unbiased investigations

Nearly two years ago (CONNECTICUT STATE OF v. LAKEVIEW MONUMENT CO ET AL File Date: 04/14/2008) AG Blumenthal finally filed a civil case against Richard Miron. Although civil cases require only “a preponderance of evidence” as opposed to “beyond a reasonable doubt” Mr. Blumenthal decided to let the criminal case against Richard Miron (the Democratic Registrar of Voters and Stratford Democratic Town Committee member) take precedence. Neither case has been to trial. We do not think it was a “procedural” decision.

Richard Miron was arrested by Bridgeport Police on 5/13/2008.

Perhaps with a tan like that, Mr. Blumenthal would better serve in a State like Arizona or California.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    We shall see tonight if the Democratic Town Committee is able to step away from Miron/Buturla or remains the party of corruption and incompetence.

  2. 2 cstratct

    So let me get this straight: Are YOU (I find the use of “we” amusing) saying it was a bad idea to pursue the criminal case rather than the civil case? Seems to me this is standard operating procedure in situations such as this. In the OJ case, didn’t the prosecutors pursue the criminal case first? Why is everything a conspiracy with you? If he’s found guilty in the criminal case the civil case is strengthened.

    And are you suggesting that the judge involved in the case is taking orders from the AG or that they are engaged in some kind of consipracy to stop the case from proceeding?

    Your conspiracy theories are often as “far out” as George’s (No offense George, but there are times your theories strain credibility-to say the least).

  3. 3 1george1

    Checking Bluementhol’s biography, you will find he worked for his
    mentor, lip LOCK LIEberman *bush kisser” who is a WAR MONGER

    Checking DeLauro’s biography, she was DODD’S office manager.

    I believe because of what the D party and unions did to me
    and USPS, Bruce Morrison vacated his Congressional seat do
    to conversations I had with him Oct 18, 1987 + his aid April. 1988.
    > Very similar to U. S. Attorney Kevin O’Conner promotion to D.C.
    after I handed him national security information a few years ago.
    > Very similar to FBI Dom Comers, former Stratford Police) being
    taken out of CT. after I sent him national security information.
    > Very similar to U. S. Attorney Christopher Droney being made a
    Federal Judge after I sent him national security information and
    patterns of LOCAL MURDERS, known about by Bridgeport FBI.
    > Very similar to U. S. Attorney Christopher Droney being made a
    ct. sTATE Judge after I handed her national security information and
    patterns of LOCAL MURDERS, known about by Bridgeport FBI.

    If you get a copy of Special Assistant Town Attorney Kevin Kelly,
    you will find that he worked as an investigator for Bluementhol.

    Sylvia and Star can confirm Kevin Kelly’s mom worked as Secretary
    for ex-Police Chief Mossman and Imbro.
    They and others told me mom + pop Kelly were good people, so I
    am not knocking mom.

    As most bloggers know, Esq. Rich + Police Chief John Burturla’s
    father Joseph retired as Statford Police Captain in 1985.
    Richard was elected Town Council and was chairman 1987-1989.

    I was busy being harassed out of my 16 1/2 year USPS career as
    we have ZERO problems from 1971 to 1984, until new Management
    forced out the top 9 of 13 employees of 1984 by April 1987.
    > 2 survivors were related to ex-Stratford Police Ron Jersey.

    CT. State Police Alumni in Stratford are John Burturla, Anthony
    Schirillo, and Tom Moore, brother in law of Mike Imbro.

    Both Tom Moore and John Harkins were on 1995-1997 Town Council
    which adopted the Defined Benefit Plan, which is BANKRUPTING
    STRATFORD. Esq. Richard Burturla has made a minimum of $ 150,000
    every year since 1996 from Stratford Town + Board of Ed.

    Berchem Moses and Devlin have controlled Board of Ed for the 6 years
    since Cornish was here and many years while OC was here.

    During the OC years Milford was paying BMD retainer of $ 180,000 year
    Rumor was while Gilardi, Burturla, & Kelly were Town Attorneys, that
    BMD had similar retainer agreement with the OC BoE.
    However, the OC BoE did not make available 1099s like the Town did,
    and the OC $ #S “CLAIMED” Statford paid BMD $ 40,000s to $ 70,000s
    during OC years.

    The (R) Town Council set up a Charter Revision Commission which I was
    able to blast in the CT. POST + Stratford Bard + Star.

    The (R) Town Council set up a Financial Advisory Commission whose voting
    members included Ed Rodriguez who was Tom Moore’s campaign manager,
    Art Stengel who is Tom Moore’s neighbor,
    and C. P. A. Thomas Angelo who in December final FAC Meeting stated
    Stratford should BOND $ 100,000,000 the the PENSION SHORTFALL.
    > Thomas was the person who caused Bob Sammis to resign from the
    FAC and for me to have to wear a NECK TIRE, because of the INCLUSION
    of the TERM: “No discernable wrong doing” was included in the report,
    which both Bob Sammis and I protested.
    We and Thomas Angelo were the 3 people who looked at the 7 POLICE
    RETIREES of JAN 2008 who averaged $ 89,000 PENSIONS with $ 71,100 Base
    Pay, which was calculated from O. T. + STRAIGHT earnings –
    1/2 from MIKE IMBRO.
    1/2 from JOHN BURTURLA.

    At the end of the night of the MAYOR – new Town Council swearing in
    ceremony, I caught and spoke to John Harkins coming out of his Mayor
    office a little before midnight.
    We discussed a couple things.
    However I told John I believed the “Emergency” Fire Truck offer was PAYOLA.

    If ANYONE chooses to call SMEAL Manufacturing and ask for a PRICE
    on FIRE TRUCKS, they defer to the CT DISTRIBUTOR for PRICING.
    – So save the BULL
    I worked MARKETING for a couple jobs SELLING from the MANUFACTURER
    to DISTRIBUTORS, WHOLESALERS and LARGE END USER and another direct
    to the end user where we were about to charge 200 % of PRICE the same
    UNITS would later sell to SAM’S CLUB / PRICE CLUB – Still a BARGAIN.

    Council Chair FEEHAN’s last year the MAYOR PROPOSED
    a TOWN BUDGET including

    This information …. all this information is commonly known and evident,

    We shall see tonight if the Democratic Town Committee is able to step
    away from Miron/Buturla or remains the party of corruption and

    We shall see tonight if the Republican Town Committee is able to step
    away from B(e)-utter-nuts/Florek/Kelly/Proto/Louie=Bill or remains the
    party of corruption and “disaster by design.”

    Last night on Charlie Rose …. ex-Senator George Mitchell n experience
    1 – It has taken YEARS for PEOPLE to AGREE
    2 – It has taken YEARS for PEOPLE to actually start to do what they
    AGREED to do.

    A truism in sales.
    A truism in politics.

    1 – What will it cost me?
    2 – What will it do for me?

    Years ago Terry Backer asked me exactly that.

    The bottom line is that as long as LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, MURDERING,
    WEAPONS TRADE is acceptable and profitable as S. O. P., it will continue.

    There comes a time and there comes a point where the emotion and logic
    emerge into a realization that it is in an “enlightened self interest” not to
    hog everything and to act irresponsibly.

    Religion, philosophy, politics, war, and business can affect both good and
    bad people to act in exactly opposite ways, based on the same information.
    However people have to make their own choices.

    I have been taught things, I wish I never knew.
    Some things I was in denial for years.
    Some things I still do not completely understand, so I can not explain it.

    However, FAR MORE than everything I know is known by others.
    They are much higher in access to techknowledgy and resources.
    They watch.
    They listen.
    They inform, extremely subtly, for their own interests.

    Much of what I have blog-ed and written in Letters are not in my best
    interest, except to try to get people to act towards good government.

    Not only am I shoveling against the tide, larger then the pacific, by I
    feel my shovel is made of mesh … and my viewers / audience is limited.

    Mirror mirror on the wall ……
    who is the fairest of us all?

    When we act in secret ways
    will we regret, in future days?

    Are our actions consistent with our self image
    or would we be shamed and belong in a cage?

    Will our children become slaves to wars and drugs,
    our will we stand + step forward for those we give hugs?

    What if others did to our food and drink
    what we have betrayed what others think?

    Will our “allegories” be from journey to stars or ‘of the Cave?”
    Will our choices be of FREE men and women or of political SLAVES?

  4. 4 1george1

    I was writing before you posted

    I agree that my conspiracy theories strain credibility
    from your life experience, and even from my experience.

    I do not expect many or any honest readers to be able to relate or understand.
    Then there are those, who actively participated in some things.

    Chris I lived experiences.
    And still, I was in denial for years, about what happened.
    Incomprehensible that US Government managers BROKE the LAW
    and mistreated fellow Americans, and were ALLOWED to do so.

    As time passed I learned more.
    I understood more.
    Conversely, if I or you do not understand something, how can you
    explain it?

    And Chris, you have ADMITTED you had believed Miron / Burturla,
    and now you ADMIT that at least on some things
    Jeze or I or others were more correct than your beliefs?

    Chris you are a highly intelligent young man.
    We all get fooled.
    Would con men tell you they were going to steal from you and
    then try to do it.

    As Clauswitz said (to the effect), “Politics is War, just by other means…”

  5. 5 1george1

    U. S. Attorney KARI DOOLEY was made a CT STATE JUDGE.
    I did not replace her name with Chris Droney’s name …

  6. 6 1george1

    The 9 of 13 people were foced out of Southport USPS by April 1988
    not 1987.

    The Police part of the Defined Benefit Paln was only from 1996 to 1999,
    when NEW MEMBERS were sent to PLAN B.
    Meanwhile this ploy gave over 100 police a license to steal, supposedly
    under legitimate “negotiations.”

    This type of stuff happened nation wide, especially in NY after the KNAPP
    invaded by other fools and traitors.

    As Nixon and McNamara have written, like so many others.


    It should be interesting tonight.

  7. 7 1george1

    Today’s CT. POST question about replacing BlueMenthol?

    The way things have been going and with the political connections,
    I am wondering if things are set up for BlueMenthol’s replacement
    to be Richard Burturla?

    Hey, his brother headed CT. Home Land Security.
    He actively worked with Kelly, who worked for BlueMenthol, who has
    as a mentor LIP LOCK LIEberman
    (bush kisser + war monger + insurance industry front)

    It is the political injustice version of the “Peter Principle?”

    Maybe “Machiavelli’s maxim?”

    The ultimate irony are the definitions of maxim:
    1 – “A succinct or pithy saying that has some proven truth”
    2 – “A general rule, principle, or truth.”

    Why irony?

    Applying terms like general rule, principle, or proven truth
    to USA politics, Corrupt-icut politics, and Startford rule of lawless.

    Know why Judges and political officials are addressed as the
    honorable or your honor?

    It reminds them of what the lack and how they and others got the job!

  8. 8 1george1

    I stopped by the DTC.
    Iasked if Jim or Dick Miron was present?
    I was told Dick was.

    I asked if it was true Burturla was to be the next Attorney General.
    Someone went to check, but did not come back,

    I had been to the RTC before and after I briefly went to the DTC.

    It is amazing how people who are supposed to be so powerful,
    would sneak looks in my direction.

    I wonder what their children and their neighbors would think ….

    It is the people who have no sense of guilt ….

    It is never too late to do the right thing.
    Right GAVIN?

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “In the OJ case, didn’t the prosecutors pursue the criminal case first? Why is everything a conspiracy with you?”

    Actually (as if it is relevant), the criminal prosecution failed and the Goldman family sued OJ. Not the California AG.

    “Your conspiracy theories are often as “far out” as George’s”

    My “conspiracy theories” do not rise to a Zen master’s level like George’s. It would take quite a bit of naivete to disregard the smoking guns and bloody knives left lying on the ground by the Mirons.

  10. 10 phineast

    naivete–good word to describe it…but may I also add the word ignorance to your description?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “may I also add the word ignorance to your description?”

    Well…you could except for one thing. Christopher is anything but ignorant. He may be an apologist for Miron or simply in denial. Perhaps he is like the audience in Peter Pan, clapping as loud as he can hoping that Tinker Bell will recover….whatever the reason, Christopher is certainly not ignorant.

  12. 12 1george1

    Phin + Jeze,

    Chris is an exceptionally intelligent and passionate young man.

    He is extremely passionate about the absurd Hanney deal.
    I do NOT believe any HONEST PERSON could support the HANNEY deal.

    Christopher is in agreement with the JIM MIRON positions about that.

    There are many HONEST PEOPLE who agree with JIM MIRON’S LETTER
    to the EDITOR about the FIRE TRUCKS.

    There are many people who are happy about slightly lower taxes.


    I believe MANY of MIRONS’ DEMOCRATS believe him and have legit
    gripes about the REPUBLICANS, just as many people have extremely
    legit gripes about the MIRON / BURTURLAS.

    I believe they (certain ones) work together.

    Neither MIRON nor BURTURLA ever set forward a counter plan on
    the HANNEY deal, either because they want the HANNEY deal or it
    would be a SET UP to make HARKINS LOOK GOOD.

    I believe the FIRE TRUCKS could have and should have been bought
    when FEEHAN was on the Town Council, which is 7 of 10 years, where
    huge debt was compiled in PENSION ABLIGATION
    $ 5.2 + $ 3.6 + $ 3.3 = $ 12.1 MILLION in pension obligation 1998-2009
    over the last 12 years, out of $ 17.4 MILLION.

    Pension obligation 1990 – 1994 averaged under $ 4 MILLION and if it
    was contained to about $ 7 million, would have 10 % lower Taxes,
    just because of that? That is 3 MILS.

    If Health Insurance cost was contained at $ 6,000 PER worker +
    retiree in Town + Board of Ed, our MIL RATE would be 8 MILS

    If AVCO + FEEDER companies were transitioned properly it would
    ADD over 1 and maybe over 2 MILS in taxes.

    With lower:
    INTEREST / PRINCIPAL repayment
    LEGIT Bidding / Awards / Change Orders
    CONTRACT raises
    FEES awarded

    With higher
    ECS money
    PROPERTY VALUES (killed by RAYMARK and economic exodus)

    I strongly believe in GOOD PAY + GOOD BENEFITS + GOOD PENSIONS
    respect for PEOPLE and legitimate contractual rights and obligations,
    which are fair, honest, and viable.

    Unfortunately, we have the Monkey’s Paw.

    Be careful what you ask for ….

  13. 13 cstratct

    While I appreciate some of the comments here, I’m certainly not as “young” or naive as you think. Considering I’ll hit the big 4 0 this year, I think I gave up the “young” part some time ago. 🙂

    I’m not going to go into this again except to say that I’m an apologist for NO ONE. My opinions are just that, my opinions, why can’t you people seem to understand that?

    And Jezebel, I know the prosecution failed. But the criminal proceedings often take precedence over civil proceedings, and it has nothing to do with nefarious plots or conspiracies.

    I’ll ask again, are you suggesting that the judge involved in the case is taking orders from the AG or that they are engaged in some kind of consipracy to stop the case from proceeding? These are simple questions that require only a yes or no answer.

    By the way phin, I’m willing to meet and talk with anyone at any time. Since I don’t believe we’ve ever met, I suggest you at least take the opportunity to engage with me directly instead of casting anonymous insults.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    I don’t believe I said “young”. I know I did say “naive”.

    “you suggesting that the judge involved in the case is taking orders from the AG or that they are engaged in some kind of consipracy to stop the case from proceeding?”

    No. But perhaps you are misreading what I said or intentionally trying to deflect the conversation. There had been five (count ’em, 5.) separate judges involved in this one action. The have been numerous Motions for continuance and Motions for extension of time. When an AG decides he’d like to delay a case, do you not think he is able?

    I am not alleging anything. Simply look at the picture above with the defendant’s son, the Stratford DTC Chairman and Attorney General Blumenthal. If I were to allege anything I would foi donations made by Lakeview Monument Company to the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee. But that would be a Federal case, wouldn’t it?

  15. 15 cstratct

    No Jezebel the “young” comment was in George’s post. Sorry, I didn’t mean to assign that to you, just responding to multiple posts within the same response.

    I wasn’t misreading or trying to “deflect,” I was simply looking for clarification. One question I would ask of the judges issuing the continuances is why? Are there sufficient grounds for the continuance? What are the reasons for the continunance? The “ability” of an AG to ask for an extension or continuance is one thing, the ability to delay a case is something else. The judge has to rule in favor of the continuance, and that’s why I thought you were implying that there was a conspiracy. The judge decides for or against based on the merits of the request. To imply that the judge’s are doing the AG’s bidding is to imply that a conspiracy is afoot.

    Please don’t misunderstand my position. From what I’ve read he deserved to be arrested and should be in court to face trial for his actions. My gut reaction is that even if he makes restitution, his prior actions still deserve punishment of some sort. Not delivering the headstones or responding to those who have paid for your services is flat out disgraceful.

    It just seemed to me you were implying some sort of conspiracy to keep the case from coming to trial. Plea bargins are reached everyday in a multitude of different cases. I don’t know if that is what is happening here or not, but as the articles state there is obviously an attempt among the attorneys trying to work out a deal. It wouldn’t be the first time and certainly won’t be the last.

  16. 16 phineast

    Jez & CT- the ignorance was not directed at the person but at the comment made by the person with regard to conspiracies….
    I am well aware that CT is passionate about the theater, and that is a good thing. The Hanney deal is awful. But by his own admission he has not been in Stratford all that long to truly get the nuances of certain relationships that need to be closely watched-this crosses all party and non party lines.
    CT may also be having a bout of selective memory-most of what you have posted has occurred(both on this blog and the post) only on occasion do you throw a bone of speculation-and usually that bone ends up getting to the truth. That is why I felt it was an ignorant statement. There is absolutely no argument that George is the conspiracy “expert”.

    Here is a question for CT-In your opinion, should Richard Miron receive a felony conviction for taking money from all those grieving families even if he (is forced)makes restitution? This is not about jail time-this is about the conviction on his record.

  17. 17 cstratct


    I’ve been here long enough and I’m familiar enough with the workings of politics to know that situations don’t always occur along party lines. Trust me, I’m more aware of it then you might think. If you would get to know me personally you might understand where I’m coming from with respect to many of these issues. In most cases I’m talking about the situation, not the individual.

    My answer to your specific question is if that is the charge and he is found guilty in court then yes. Why would I think otherwise? If a person has their day in court and is found guilty then that is that. That is why we have a court system and jury trials.

    Now depending on what evidence the AG has and all the other factors that may be at play (I don’t know the specific evidence the AG has), then the AG may decide that a plea bargain is the best course of action to close the case. The AG may reduce the charge if he makes full restitution and plead it down to a misdemeanor. I absolutely think there should be some conviction on the record, but I don’t have an opinion on exactly what the classification should be until the case is actually in court or a plea agreement is reached. Now do I think the charges should be dropped completely even if he makes full restitution? No.

  18. 18 jezebel282

    CSstrat & Phin,

    Let’s be clear. In the State of Connecticut the AG does not prosecute criminal offenses. The AG only represents the State in civil cases. Whatever the outcome of The State of CT v. Lakeview Monument there will be no misdemeanor or felony finding. Civil proceedings can only provide monetary remedies. Unfortunately, there is no Debtor’s prison in CT.

    The criminal aspect of Miron’s theft is supposed to be prosecuted by John C. Smriga, State’s Attorney. The charge is First Degree Larceny and is a Class B felony. To negotiate this to mere restitution would be unconscionable. Not only did Miron clearly commit theft by deception, he preyed upon an entire community and even advertised for new victims.

  19. 19 cstratct

    My apologies, I should have said State’s Attorney in place of the AG. But now I’m a bit confused by your original statement. If the AG only has jurisdiction over civil proceedings, how exactly did he “let” the criminal case take precedence?

    And please note that I didn’t say it should be negotiated to “mere restitution.” While I understand your outrage, it may be that the State’s Attorney doesn’t feel he has suffient evidence to obtain a conviction. It may be “clear” to you and others who were involved, but getting a conviction in court is not the same as you or I claiming something is true.

  20. 20 phineast

    CT-thank you for your answer. My question was strictly to you and nothing about the AG. Richard Miron publicly admitted to taking the money in multiple publications(can’t say it was just the post) which in non political circles is an admission of guilt. I firmly believe that Richard Miron deserves to have a felony conviction on his record which would mean he loses his voting rights. I also feel he should have to make full restitution with interest. After all, he used their money for his own gain whether it was to “pay bills”(laughable if you check his credit history) or to make large contributions to political campaigns like his son ‘s or to the democratic party… it didn’t belong to him. I don’t care if he goes to jail–I just want the conviction and restitution-I don’t want to pay one cent to feed and house Miron he can live in a cardboard box for all I care. But to make him pay cash and strip him of his voting rights…that would be karma.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Civil cases against Lakeview Monument date back to 2001. Interestingly his attorneys of record were Berchem Moses & Devlin, Kent Miller and James R. Miron.

    Where have we heard those names before?

    My allegation is that Blumenthal took years before he finally brought a complaint. My guess is that after Miron’s initial arrest on 4/30/2007 and made the papers, Blumenthal couldn’t delay any longer.

    Miron couldn’t buy a pound of granite on credit from anyone in the U.S. A few phone calls would establish that. If John Smriga can’t successfully convict Miron of First degree Larceny (not one instance but over FIFTY times. I heard it was close to 80 times.) he should probably choose a different career path. Maybe Registrar of Voters?

  22. 22 1george1

    Coincidence? Conspiracy? Unconnectable dots? What are facts?

    Democrats as of 2004:
    Lieberman + Blumenthal + Mirons + Burturla

    Lieberman preceded Blumenthol as Attorney General in what year
    and during what years for each?

    Lieberman Senate Chairman HOMELAND SECURITY in what year and
    during what years?

    John Burturla appointed CT STATE POLICE Head of Homeland
    Security in what year and during what years?

    Dick Miron was Democratic Party Chairman in what year and during
    what years?

    Dick Miron and Richard Burturla became involved in Stratford
    Democratic Party politics in what year and during what years?

    There are law enforcement persons who view this blog and let me
    change them to bring forward additional facts, in which to either
    build a case of of circumstancial evidence whereas a “reasonable
    person would have probable cause to seek a warrant of criminal
    conspiracy of INFLUENCE and CORRUPTION under R. I. C. O.
    Statutes to justify a judge issuing a warrant with prosecutors and
    /or U. S. Attorneys to build a BILL OF PARTICULARS.

    DOES anyone on this WEBSITE feel strongly enough to at least
    attempt this challenge?

    Maybe the intial poster would overlook certain facts that another
    poster might possess and thus turn unconnectable dots, into a
    legitimate case of circumstancial evidence, as it relates to the above

    However conspiracies never exists, do they?

    All government attorneys and law enforcement people and
    elected officials have ethics that are above reproach and
    NONE would EVER use INFLUENCE.

    FOLKS – you made the claims and insinuation.

    Why not have a contest to connect the DOTS?

    Nah the bloggers would actually be trying to do something,
    instead of gripin and pointing fingers, without substanciation.

    I only provided a few basic facts …. where could it go?

  23. 23 1george1

    Challenge – not change.
    I do not bother to proof read…. for fun

  24. 24 mayor2013

    Can anyone honestly post that he or she has never, ever, used his or her connections to gain a favor or ask for a favor. If any of you can, then you cast the first stone!

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “Can anyone honestly post that he or she has never, ever, used his or her connections to gain a favor or ask for a favor.”

    Never to avoid prosecution.

    There is quite a difference between a “favor” and what we are talking about.

    “Could you hold that door?”, “Would you mind dropping this off?”, “Would you mind being a reference?” are favors.

    Using the influence of office is not a favor.

  26. 26 phineast

    exactly correct Jez, exactly correct.

  27. 27 mayor2013

    If you or anyone in your family was “in trouble” with the law, you most certainly would seek out favors, if you could. And, to say you would not is being dishonest.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “And, to say you would not is being dishonest.”

    I can’t imagine anyone in my family or myself being “in trouble” with the law. And if, God forbid, they should be none of them would dream of asking for some special treatment.

  29. 29 sylvia67

    I am not supporting Blumenthal and he knows why. He did absolutely nothing when it came to Richard Miron. Why, because Richard’s son was the two-for-a-nickel mayor at the time? His trial date now is Feb. 3rd. The judge should ask him where he got the money from if he pays back all these grieving families, or even some of them. And even if he does, that is no reason for him to get off without any punishment. The Mirons have gotten away with so much over the years, and lying has been a way of life for him and his family. Enough is enough, and now it comes time where this man should be punished without a doubt. People are in jail today for a lot less, and I am watching this case closely as are my friends, also. Blumenthal has dishonored himself by putting the Democratic party first, over the interests of Connecticut voters of all persuasions. His actions in the Miron case are but one example, and is enough to tell us that Blumenthal should not be a candidate for Senate, even if he would be replacing someone as unfit for office as Chris Dodd.

  30. 30 jezebel282

    The bottom line in this mess is that if Blumenthal has any difficulty in either a primary or general election he will have the Mirons to thank for dragging him into the muck with them.

    Similarly, if John Smriga cannot convict Miron (with some jail time included) he can also kiss goodbye whatever political ambitions he has thanks to the Mirons.

  31. 31 citizenkane1

    “If any of you can, then you cast the first stone.”

    I can’t, I bought it from Lakeview Monuments!!

  32. 32 phineast

    mayor2013-Not everyone thinks as dishonestly as you do. I can see if you want to help by getting a “good” attorney for the person in “trouble”-we aren’t talking about a traffic ticket we are talking about grand larceny x80. There is something mentally wrong with people that think it is ok for family, friends or even themselves to steal from anyone, let alone praying upon grieving families, many of which were elderly. That is why we have laws…to prevent anarchy. If you think it is ok for this to happen how would you feel if each of those 80 families decided to take the law into their own hands to seek restitution? Hmmm….not so keen on that are you. I can only imagine the creatively satisfying things they would come up with to do to Dicky and those who shared in his ill gotten gains. So-I suggest you look at it from a straight forward perspective-if you do the crime you do the time-and make restitution to the families for starters-then we can talk about paying back the taxpayers for wasting precious tax dollars for pretending to be not guilty when already publicly admitting that you are.
    Your skewed thinking is exactly why you are not mayor in 2010.

  33. 33 mayor2013

    Sylvia – Didn’t you work hard for the election of the young Sen Dodd?

    Jezebel – Are you following the poll numbers of AG Blumenthal?

    phineast – I can say without hesitation and I can also cast that first stone, that I have never ever been dishonest – nor do I think or practice dishonesty. But, rather, I help or at least try to help everyone who asks for my help. I practice the Bill of Rights and I have read the constitution. I do not think Miron’s actions were “ok” as you put it. I am simply saying most people try to help others if asked. Maybe you do not. I don’t know. As you stated, we have laws. And, those very laws are being executed and manipulated by Mr. Miron’s legal team. He is entitled to them, regardless of the scumbag he is. And, I dare to say once again, anyone, and I mean anyone, in his position, would do the same and have done the same regularly throughout our history.

  34. 34 mayor2013

    phineast – I forgot to comment on your last sentence. I did not run for mayor in 2010 – but had I, I have an inkling that based on my professional record, I would have done a scad better than Mr. Miron and perhaps even might have made the race a little more interesting between myself and Mr. Harkins. But, we will never know, will we?

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “Jezebel – Are you following the poll numbers of AG Blumenthal?”

    I hear he has a slight lead…>66% to <26% depending on which Republican you choose. His toughest opponent is the wrestling lady.

    I also heard that Byszew Bisewyc Bysiewicz wants to be AG.

  36. 36 mayor2013

    Yes, Susan wants to be AG. A position she has aspired to for a very long time. Both, she and Blumenthal will easily win their elections, even though, Susan will have to survive a primary from Jepson – she will coast to victory.

    And, after that, she will primary Lieberman should he choose to seek re-election as a Democrat. Who knows, he may switch his party to Republican. His days are numbered should he choose to remain an independent. He has some serious thinking to do. He is not so humble to step down – that I know!

  37. 37 1george1

    Are any of you serious in supporting ANY of the candidates for
    Attorney General
    Secretary of the State
    Harkins seat

    If family or friends were in trouble we would petition for redress of
    grievances, seeking (legal-ethical-moral) favors and legitimate recources.
    – (Depending on situations, changes options. Example: Self Defense)

    Name one person in politics who has not directly or indirectly profited
    from CRIME or WAR?

    Name one person in politics you believe, believes in the Constitution?
    If so, why do they avoid practicing what they preach?

    Kane’s wisecrack post, was probably his best and most appropriate post.
    – However, who has hurt you (and USA) more
    1 – DICK MIRON
    3 – BUSH – CHENEY – CLINTON – GORE – (National/State Parties-Governments)

  38. 38 mayor2013

    Name one person in politics you believe, believes in the Constitution?

  39. 39 phineast

    2013-I interpreted your comment to mean that calling in favors is something that you do regularly to “help”-that is what the implication was to me. Glad to hear you are a white hatter. Like you I am happy to assist people in need-though I do my best not to “enable” people who pretend to be helpless…… I also have read the Constitution and Bill of Rights and I have no problem with people enforcing the laws-but I do have a problem with people manipulating them. No-one has the “right” to manipulate the law. (if you don’t like it work to change it) It is dishonest and it is not an entitlement. Defending people is very different than manipulating the law. Personally I feel it is grounds for disbarment-we would have a cleaner country if all the attorneys that manipulate the law instead of uphold the law were no longer able to practice!
    and you are right 2013-we will never know…….

  40. 40 1george1

    Mayor 2013
    Thank you for the compliment.

    Almost any system can work
    Almost any system can be broken.
    Unlike Bork and Scalia, I believe the Constitution is a living,
    breathing’concept which is meant to evolve and grow.

    I do not believe in strict constuctionism for many reasons.

    I am not an anarchistas I believe in good foundations for people
    to be able to have mutual and different touchstones.
    Conversely I do not like rubber stamping law with stare decisis.

    Today’s Stratford Star had a letter for Joe Pedoto which I
    basically agree with …. We are in the best time of history
    in what should be the best country in the world.
    I write that in part that Mr. Pedoto would not agree with me
    on many things, but the point he makes, I also promoted that
    we know more and have more access to tools and technology
    than any peoples in history.
    I read, there were less than 20 indoor toilets in Paris in 1820.
    The 1880s – 1890s had huge break throughs like electric light
    bulbs or telephones, if I remember correctly.

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
    Yes Mayor2013, I do believe in the Constitution.
    I am in politics.
    I do not consider myself a politician.

  41. 41 1george1

    Fein, a Greenwich resident who is a visiting lecturer at
    Yale Law School, was one of four candidates

    “recommended by Dodd and Lieberman ”

    after creating an advisory panel that helped interview candidates.

    If confirmed, Fein will replace U.S. Attorney Nora Dannehy,
    who has served as Connecticut’s top federal

    prosecutor since her predecessor Kevin O’Connor
    took a senior administrative position in the

    “U.S. Department of Justice under President George W. Bush. ”

    Dannehy in 2004 prosecuted former Gov. John G. Rowland,
    who served 10 months in prison for his corruption conviction.
    She was named in 2008 by then-Attorney General Michael
    Mukasey to investigate whether former

    Attorney General Alberto Gonzales,
    other Bush administration officials or Republicans in Congress
    should face

    criminal charges in the firings of nine U.S. attorneys.

    Dannehy, who declined comment through a spokesman for the
    U.S. attorney’s office, was one of the Four candidates

    “recommended by Dodd and Lieberman.”

    The others were former supervisory assistant
    U.S. attorney Edgardo Ramos and
    state Rep. William Tong of Stamford.

    I wonder if FIEN would investigate

    LIEberman and Dudd?

    Burturlas and Mirons?

    Blue Menthol, Kelly, and Floreck?

    Harkins and the gang who can’t think …. s t r a i g h t ?

  42. 42 1george1

    Fairfield County Weekly Website – Jeze can link:

    Sliding Through Loopholes
    A state lawmaker resigns his subcommittee chairmanship after
    questions are raised about a conflict of interest.

    State Rep. Terry Backer was for 16 years co-chairman of an obscure
    legislative subcommittee that wields enormous influence over the state Department of Environmental Protection’s $77 million annual budget.

    He is also head of a nonprofit organization called Soundkeeper Inc.
    which has gotten more than $1.3 million in federal money over the
    past six years through grants awarded by the DEP, according to state

    This week, Backer resigned his subcommittee post after being
    questioned by the Weekly about whether his dual role raised
    conflict-of-interest issues.

    The federal money is the single largest source of income for the
    operations of the Soundkeeper, an environmental watchdog position
    Backer created for himself. The organization’s total revenue in
    2008 was $366,030;
    its biggest single expense was Backer’s $108,000-a-year salary.
    (His annual base pay as a state representative for Stratford is $28,000.)
    Until last summer, Backer’s wife was also an employee of Soundkeeper Inc.
    and his son works for the nonprofit organization during the boating season.

    First elected to the state House in 1992, Backer insists he’s never used his legislative position to pressure the DEP in any way. “I never thought of it as a conflict,” he said in an interview with the Weekly. “I don’t behave that way.”

    Backer told the Weekly this week he’s sent a letter to legislative leaders
    “stating I was resigning my role as a subcommittee chair …
    because the issue of an appearance of a possible conflict ….

    more ….

  43. 44 phineast

    …..and you are surprised by this??????? This discussion has been going on for years-

  44. 45 phineast

    George -you deserve a b-i-zich slap for the last few words of post #41. You should be ashamed. I’m ashamed for you…

  45. 46 1george1

    I use my own name
    I am in the phone book, as to where I live.
    I do not post anonymously, like a ….. bitch

    specifically related to your offer of bitch slapping me because I opined
    Harkins and the gang who can’t think …. s t r a i g h t ?

    Did you notice the word “and”
    as in
    and the gang who can’t think …. s t r a i g h t ?

    The jury is still out on Harkins, with even Jeze posing questions…..
    I concur Harkins is a dramatic improvement and a gentleman.

    I note that I used the term related to bitch slapping per time of debates.

    Anyway …. you have your opinion … I have mine.
    I welcome everyone’s opinion ….
    It can make for a better stratford, especially when disagreeing, where
    merit of ideas occasionally sees the light of day …

  46. 47 cstratct


    Not to nitpick but…okay I’m going to nitpick. You gave me grief last week about a joke I made a Palin’s expense regarding a scene from a movie (Airplane!) and you castigate me for advocating “violence against women.”

    Your quote: “Why commit violence against anyone? Especially a woman.”

    Now you go and use the term “b***** slapping” not only today but admit that you used the same language during the time of the debates.

    Wow, can you say double standard?

  47. 48 phineast

    George apparently there are multiple connotations to your “straight” statement-and obviously the connotation I took it for I felt was inappropriate on this site and of a very defaming and bias nature that had nothing to do with the topic. Thus my sarcastic reference of the b-i-zich slapping…I still feel what you wrote was rude and in appropriate and if the meaning I took it as was what you actually intended you should be ashamed. When you used “the” word and were you making a self reference? j/k

    CT- George may have used the blatant vulgarity but I am sad to say that it was my fault to a certain extent….I was not so blatant….but was trying to make a point in a sarcastic manner that was missed by George. My intent was not to offend but to let him know he was offensive. As usual he takes it to the umteenth degree. 🙂
    And, wow, you are right about that standard.

  48. 49 1george1


    I can say and write double standard.
    Just as I was teasing me, you are teasing me back.

    Bitch slap has a female connotation.
    Bitch slap also has a homosexual connotation.
    Bitch slap has an unmanly connotation.
    Bitch can mean a dog

    Anyone can blog words – sticks and stones.
    I suspect you understand the difference between words and deeds.
    There are soo many double standards on this blog and in this town,
    they are doo doo deep.

    I suspect you understand I am not always politically correct.
    It is a Historic fact that the Irish were called (by some) the niggers of Europe.
    Friday night is hip hop night and the DJ plays music which contains n*******
    and all those politically incorrect ****** words.

    I got a kick outta your nit pick.

    I hope the worst thing you can write about double standard is something
    I type in jest, the same way you were teasing (i think) about palindrone?

  49. 50 1george1


    Nice halo.

    I suspect no matter what position I take, you would be against.

    I wish I had a penny for every time someone on this blog tried to offend me.

    I am more offended by the hypocracy of so many polite society people and
    the political vampires of public treasury.

    When I see some of these people, I am reminded of HS cliques and the
    kids who found ways to cheat on their tests in order to get class rank.

    I respect those who worked hard and/or had natural talents, as well as
    those who did the best with what they have.

    I ran class reunions and to have seen who blossomed and who blew it….
    Ya just can not predict …..
    I am not all that, yet, I have very few regrets with the hand dealt me.
    Blessed in many ways …
    Stupid, unecessary, cruel, idiot, pathetic, tormentor ritualists …

    I respect that vast majority of public servants who do an honest job, and
    there are many very honest and decent and relatively honest people in
    both parties, who in (sadly) too many cases, do what they feel they have
    to do.

    At least with Chris he is who he states he is, despite the blog name,

  50. 51 phineast

    George-no halo here-I accepted responsibility. Did you? Sometimes it is not what we say but how we say it(notice inclusive terminology-like I said no halos). Your inference offended. Using sarcasm, I let you know. You obviously took exception. If you had just said it like you did in #50 (at the end) it would have been clear. Sometimes clarity is important. Actually most of the time it is.

  51. 52 1george1


    Can we each agree that all of us are imperfect and that writings
    (especially in jest) can be misread do to the bias and perception
    of the writers and the readers?

    Sometimes I write for / to people who read, who are not Stratford
    residents, who have an interest in town or personal situations ….

    Sometimes I make an oblique reference based on a confidential source
    indicating certain political peoples’ preferences, which can be used to
    compromise them.

    Sometimes I go fishing, because I have unconfirmed information and I can
    not and would not intentionally post something as fact, when it is not
    verifiable as fact, but still a legitimate political opinion.

    Phin …. ever get into an argument with your wife or friend when you say
    something innocent, and THEY PERCEIVE it differently?

    If so, take into consideration most of the bloggers do not like me, and I
    have been told some fear me, because I do factually expose … games and

    Had police chiefs and Fed / State / Local political elected and appointments
    been consistently honorable and people not died or been in “accidents”
    I would not be an issue. Stratford and the rest of the USA would be OK.

    Fact is the system has been lotted and broken and done so wilfully!
    OK – for clarity sake = it is my opinion!

    Another fact is for most of this blog’s life I have been personally attacked
    whereas I try my best to keep it political, until people take a personal shot.

    Like Jeze – I wise crack, especially with assigning “tag names” to people I
    believe are political miscreants.
    Mironistas = mIRON CURTAIN
    Burturla / Miron = DICKS
    RTC kool aid suckers = B(e) UTTER NUTS

    I can not like the politics of a person, while still recognizing worthy
    personal, civic, volunteer, and other aspects.

    If GAVIN’S political directions were different and if he were available,
    he is among the more capable people in town, to be Mayor.
    I respect Gavin’s EMS and other volunteer work, and his intellect.
    “But GAVIN joined and is a member of the political gang who can’t think
    straight,” in my opinion.

    As a person, I like DeCilio. His political deviance sucks in my opinion.
    I love and resepct Carol, as a person. I don’t like Bill.

    Norm never did anything to me to my knowledge. He and Crudo have
    been active in sports for years and helped people. I do not respect
    their politics. Joe is a really nice guy and not intentionally doing bad.

    I like Barry Knott. I am furious with what he did with my suggestion on

    Schirillo is a captive of his ideology as is Tom Moore and FAC friends,
    in my opinion. What they believe is acceptable S.O.P. is abhorent to me!

    Dick and Jimmy think they are good guys. They really do.
    They think the Republicans are evil. I don’t disagree about some…..
    I disagree with their self perceptions.

    Florek and Kelly are personable and I believe they think they are white hats.
    I believe Kelly understands his hat is permanently stained.
    Florek is no dummy, but again is kinda like a Crudo.

    I am told both Proto and Henrick are FAR FAR smarter than they appear.
    – What Henrick stated in December about his Christian Values had me
    wondering about his version of the 10 Commandments + Golden Rule,
    based on his P O L I T I C A L (not presonal conduct) D E C I S I O N S?

    I like Proto + Jon as people.
    Based on political things I learned, I feel sorry for them.

    The Burturlas appear to be captives of fop group think and politics.
    They can be charming and can do / have done …. good things.
    Political actions ,,,,,, suck.

    Mark Twain: There is only one native Criminal Class = Congress.

    Will Rogers: “Never met a man I didn’t like.”

    Take the people who have been Town Councilors / Board Ed / Zoning
    Police / Fire / PW etc….. Patriotic … Civic … Community Pillars.


    Same way with the Military …. HEROES commanded by sadistic traitors.


    Same way with FBI / JUSTICE …. Eagle Scouts commanded by criminals,
    who pervert the entire political justice system into mutually reinforcing
    onion layers, where the Blue Wall is more deviant than Omerta….
    To many it is US against THEM …
    When US becomes the criminal element of MEAT EATERS and GRASS EATERS
    proecting political patrons, per KNAPP COMMISSION or FRANK CHURCH select
    Committee on INTELLIGENCE / ENFORCEMENT abuses-unConstitutional-illegal …

  52. 53 1george1

    Was I clear about differentiating political vs personal/career?

    Would you agree some people comingle?

    Would you accept my using Federal / State historic references into
    how certain people in law enforcment and intelligence / military do
    not live up to oaths of office and that “some” are the real enemy of
    the legitimate people in those organizations and general public.

    Very few people separate the wheat from the chaff, looking to see
    the good in people who committ bad acts.

    Hitler is a monster, who got an entire nation to follow him.
    To certain people in the USA, there have been US government people
    comparable to Hitler, based on HISTORY. (many were good, to many …)
    So-called ROYALS have been as bad or worse, while others have been good.

  53. 54 jezebel282

    Richard Miron pleads guilty to theft of headstone funds
    Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:11 p.m., Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    We continue to wonder if Blumenthal accepted “donations” from Lakeview Monument or Richard Miron.

    If I were his Republican challenger…….

  54. 55 1george1

    My view is Blmenthal is now, and always has been and will be a political skank.

    He aint as bad as Cheney, Rockefellers, Bushes, and certain others 😉

    Hey Jeze – 3 lines – hardly worth movin + appropriate

  55. 56 jezebel282

    Dear Mr. Blumenthal:

    Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

    You’ll be on your way up!
    You’ll be seeing great sights!
    You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

    Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.

    Except when you don’t.
    Because, sometimes, you won’t.

    I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true that Bang-ups and Hang-ups can happen to you.

    You can get all hung up in a prickle-ly perch. And your gang will fly on. You’ll be left in a Lurch.

    Miron, Richard
    Stratford, CT 06615
    Lakeview Monument Co./Owner
    primary 03/22/06
    Miron, Richard
    Stratford, CT 06615
    Lakeview Monument Co./Owner
    primary 04/15/03

    (Apologies to Dr. Suess)

  56. 57 starlooker

    Bloomie has LOST my vote…. He goes after everyone except Big Daddy….. When you have a parent who passes and in the mail you get a letter to buy the stone from him even though he is having problems. NOPE…I did not fall for this and Thank God I didn’t. At that time I see how Dickie ,the only thing in the Ct Post he cared about were the Obits and sent letter to families. Bloomie in my opinion has sunk himself in this case….Why not treat Dickie as you do the others. The only way I respect him is that he did serve our country in the Military, after that fact I have been spreading the word. What Dickie did to those familes is a CRIME. If I did that I would be in jail so fast. Remember all WWSD (What would Sylvia Do)…She would SPREAD the word.

  57. 58 1george1

    I hope all is well with your family.

    About a week after Syl passed Jason e-mailed some info that Syl
    was interested in and proud about family achievements.

    I did not want to reply that day or week.

    I replied last week and have to call Jason to make sure his checked
    Syl’s e-mails.

    I have friends who deeply liked Syl and Ray, including surprizing ones.
    I have friends who deeply disliked Syl and Ray.

    They have their reasons.

    I learned what Syl cared mostly about – her priorities.
    We argued
    We agreed
    We disagreed about some friends and people we don’t like politically.
    We agreed on others. (everyone can guess a couple)
    I forwarded some “mostly jewish” humor I get from jewish friends.
    I forwarded some political stuff
    She forwarded some things she cared about.

    Syl was very passionate against certain people and some perceived
    Syl and even Jeze and others as well over the top into nasty.

    I can understand peoples’ passions about people who wrong them,
    families, and innocents – whereas others …..

    It does not appear that I suppress my true feelings on the blog and
    the things that I could have done and wanted to do … yet I do.

    In late 1984 I choose a path.

    I knew where all of the USPS antagonists lived as well as the betrayers
    in the union regional and national, and some of the USPS + Union lawyers
    and NLRB + EEOC.

    The RAGE I knew was equal to anyone elses RAGE they have known.

    So I understand the passion of Syl, Jeze, and others.

    I appealed to Stratford, eventually after exhausting all other appeals.

    Seeing Stratford politics, I learned the type of people who turned the USA
    into a cocaine sh..hole Republic and thievery, criminality, and treason are
    in the acts within local to international politics.

    They use similar processes and modus operendi.

    The Mirons and Burturlas have slightly different motives, but I do not
    respect them as being any good, and CORRUPTicut is filled with political
    SKANKS, like the rest if USA and world politics, military, and intelligence.

    They work in lock step.

    The effect is goose step.

    There is an endless supply of a**holes who are fungible.

    ALL are WORTH EXPOSING and CONVERTING to e the people they should be
    and should want to be!

    Where MLK Jr., Christ, and others preach love.
    My motive (or style or lack of) is something other than love, but to live up
    to my 1984 pledge to my G-D and my father to get the SOURCE.

    The SOURCE?

    The SOURCE is a MINDSET, based on EMPIRICS and convoluted motives.

  58. 59 jezebel282

    Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

    Press Release

    Attorney General, DCP Sue Defunct Bridgeport Headstone Company For Failure To Provide Monuments

    April 8, 2008
    Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today sued Lakeview Monument Co., LLC and its owner for accepting about $50,000 from at least 80 consumers without providing promised headstones or other services.

    Blumenthal’s action, filed on behalf of Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr., seeks restitution for consumers as well as fines of up $5,000 per violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

    Lakeview closed in September 2007. Blumenthal’s action alleges that no later than April 2007, the company knew it could not fulfill orders, but continued accepting deposits or full payments for headstones and other work.

    “Lakeview chiseled consumers, taking cash for headstones the company knew it would never deliver,” Blumenthal said. “The company failed to keep its commitments, leaving families who lost loved ones without money or memorials. Even after Lakeview was on its deathbed — its suppliers refusing to do business — the company inexplicably, irresponsibly and illegally continued to take payment for work it could not complete.

    “I will fight for money back to consumers — restitution for memorials and service never provided — as well as stiff, strong fines.

    Lakeview required consumers to pay upfront all or some of a memorial’s cost. Starting in August 2005, Lakeview failed to provide monuments or other services for which consumers had made full or partial payments. No later than April 2007, the company’s financial condition was so bad that it could no longer pay its stone supplies and was in default with numerous creditors, but it continued to accept deposits or full payments, the suit alleges.

    Well, Mr. Blumenthal?

  59. 60 jezebel282


    The NY Times:

    Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History

    Published: May 17, 2010

    At a ceremony honoring veterans and senior citizens who sent presents to soldiers overseas, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut rose and spoke of an earlier time in his life.
    “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” Mr. Blumenthal said to the group gathered in Norwalk in March 2008. “And you exemplify it. Whatever we think about the war, whatever we call it — Afghanistan or Iraq — we owe our military men and women unconditional support.”

    There was one problem: Mr. Blumenthal, a Democrat now running for the United States Senate, never served in Vietnam. He obtained at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war, according to records.

    Sigh…Dick, what shall we do with you? First you let Miron off with only restitution (in payments over months and months) and now this? No one in Stratford can account for the spending of our tax dollars and you do nothing?

    And now you want us to send you to Washington where the corruption and waste is at a Zen level?

    I mean, honest to goodness, Dick. You’re making the wrestling lady look believable.

  60. 61 1george1

    Blue Menthol:

    Lip lock Lieberman’s protege and successor as A. G.
    Former boss of Kevin Kelly who was his “investigator” in a prior job.
    – Nice investigating KK …..
    – Another deletion / alteration in the political resume?
    mIRONman’s mascot at every ceremoney? Yeah I misspelled! 😦

    Have we gone from mIRON CURTAIN

    Democrats and Republican solution to social security of the
    greatest generation…..?
    > Over tax them where they have to choose between taxes,
    medication, heat, food, etc ….. let em die ,,, cease paying ss..

  61. 62 sudds

    Am I the only one perplexed that this story as published in the Democrat Daily… err, I mean New York Times???

    ~~ Sudds for D-3 Council ~~

    “I was only one year old when the Vietnam “conflict” ended… so we KNOW I did not serve”

  62. 63 sudds

    “”On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service and I regret that and I take full responsibility,” Blumenthal said Tuesday. But he described those remarks as “absolutely unintentional,” and said the mistake has only happened a few times out of “hundreds” of addresses he’s given.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    A FEW OCCASIONS??? ONLY A FEW TIMES??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

    Oh wait… maybe I shouldn’t use military acronyms because Dicky-boy may not understand them!!! 😛

    I mean SERIOUSLY… how could someone possibly get confused between (a) being shot at in the middle of a jungle half a world away and (b) attending Harvard Law School???

    It honestly seems like Blummy is trying to use the Jedi-mindtrick on us!!!

    ~~ Sudds for D-3 Council ~~

    “See mom… I told you that the reason I didn’t get into Harvard was because I am too honest!!!”

  63. 64 jezebel282


    “published in the Democrat Daily… err, I mean New York Times???”

    Blumenthal Claims He Misspoke About Vietnam Military Record, Defends Service

    Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, faced with allegations that he misled voters about his military service during the Vietnam War, on Tuesday acknowledged that he has “misspoken” about his record but described those instances as few and far between.

    Feel better now?

  64. 65 sudds

    1) does it REALLY surprise you that FoxNews picked up this story too?

    2) Foxnews is just as bad as (if not worse, simply because they have more viewers/readers than) most other news outlets

    3) I wonder if I can use the Jedi/Blumenthal-mindtrick on PCS?
    (waving my hand slowly)
    PCS… you WANT to hook-up with Sudds!!!

    ~~ Sudds for D-3 Council ~~

    “because rumor has it that PCS has a ‘thing’ for politicians”

  65. 66 jezebel282


    “does it REALLY surprise you that FoxNews picked up this story too?”

    Well…it is close to actual news. So yeah, it surprises me that Fox News picked it up.

    There is just no pleasing you is there?

  66. 67 1george1

    Now that Sudds reveled his age ……

    Blue Menthol lied?

    The former is more newsworthy.

  67. 68 jezebel282


    It just never stops. If Blumenthal loses this election, he can blame the Mirons/Buturlas….and himself. And we’ll end up with the Wrestling Lady.

    Red tape delays checks to widows
    Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:13 a.m., Thursday, June 17, 2010

    BRIDGEPORT — It may be one of those government bureaucratic red tape things, but to a dozen elderly widows it just adds insult to injury.

    For more than a year Verna Kearney and 72 other people have been waiting to get back the money Richard Miron stole from them for headstones they ordered from him, but were never delivered.

    Now Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s office tells them they will be getting their money soon, but only after his office hires a company to write and send out the checks.

    Last month, Miron settled a civil action brought against him by the state Attorney General’s Office on behalf of his victims and turned over a check for $60,000, the first of two payments he was to make in restitution.

    Then on June 5, the 74-year-old Miron, who formerly owned Lakeview Monument Co., was sentenced in Superior Court here to a suspended 10-year term, followed by five years probation.

    At the sentencing hearing State’s Attorney John Smriga, who handled Miron’s criminal prosecution, said he had spoken to the Attorney General’s Office and was assured that Miron’s victims would be receiving $60,000 of $78,098.28 in restitution money within a matter of days.

    The Attorney General’s Office has the $60,000 on hand along with a list of who was to get what amount. With a larger distribution, the contract to handle the checks would be put out to bid. But because the amount of the distribution was relatively small, the Attorney General’s Office checked prices with several vendors and chose “the one that will cost taxpayers the least,” said Chrisopher Hoffman, a spokesman for Blumenthal.

    In a statement released late Wednesday afternoon, Blumenthal said his office has tentatively chosen an administrator, The Garden City Group, of Seattle, to distribute the $60,000 to 73 consumers, who will receive all their money back. Once formally hired as administrator, he said, the company will begin sending reimbursement checks from the initial $60,000. It will distribute the remaining $18,000 when it’s received.

    Under the contract, Garden City will receive about $1,500 to $2,000. The payment to Garden City will come from the attorney general’s consumer fund.

    Hoffman said Blumenthal’s office “lacks the personnel, equipment and expertise to distribute significant numbers of checks. It is cheaper, faster and more efficient to hire outside vendors to distribute settlement checks than to hire additional staff and buy necessary equipment.”

    If Blumenthal’s office handled the checks, “it would have to constantly hire and let go staff or employ workers who are often idle,” Hoffman said. “If the Attorney General’s Office distributed checks, it would have to track down correct addresses when checks are returned, a time-consuming and laborious process. Check vendors’ specialties include confirming addresses, allowing them to do such work faster and more efficiently.”

    “It’s a lot of money to spend to write checks,” said Kearney, who was ripped off by Miron of $3,500 for a headstone for her husband, a retired city police officer.

    “Me and the other widows would have gladly volunteered to write the checks for free.”

    Four years ago Kearney, a city police officer, established a college scholarship fund for city youth in her husband’s name, and she was hoping to use the restitution money to partially fund it.

    “It’s a shame, our government is not working the way it should. I have had confidence in Mr. Blumenthal, but he is not doing a good job here,” she lamented. “It’s a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.”

    Blumenthal’s office said the checks would be distributed next month.

  68. 69 mayor2013

    U N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  69. 70 1george1

    My revised comments, from what I handed out June 14 Town Council:

    Speak, write, call, or email to your Elected and their political
    Town Committee members!

    Former Democratic Registrar Dick Miron,
    (Town Committee Chairman/Ward Boss?)
    plead guilty to charges of $70,000 undelivered Tombstones.
    No jail time? ($70,000=NO JAIL TIME!!)

    Google: Tammany (T-am-many)
    Hall’s wealthy patrons used government workers to assist
    plundering USA assets for (225) years, using jobs and benefits
    for votes and support! (Harriman/Rockefeller/Bush?)

    I believe Miron and others “cost Stratford over $ 3 billion” in
    “70 year obligations and lost revenues!”

    I believe people are protected by Federal, State, and area
    political powers who are stealing America, under
    “Color of the Law.” (Ultimate: Insider Traders?)

    (Like Dictators and Lords of War? Unlike, peaceful and honest citizens?)

    I believe Miron influenced Stratford politics since 1980s with Town
    Attorneys Burturla, Kelly, Florek, and other (police state) selections;
    affected Town Charter Revisions and decades of bipartisan Budget
    and personnel issues.

    I believe “no jail time” relates to political knowledge of
    Madoff, Ponzi, and Tweed-like schemes?

    Are “multiple Billions” steered (or in process) of Public assets and
    obligations: Pension computations, Health Care, Airport, AVCO,
    Shakespeare, Raymark, BoE/Town Fees,

    Bridgeport’s developments=tens of Billions!

    NO Stratford arrests: Mayors, Town Attorneys, Police Chiefs, Finance,
    or personnel?
    Police union grievance alleged top pensioner inappropriate monies?
    Epileptic hire reportedly admitted perjury and theft?

    March 18, 2010, my home was broken into.
    Thousands of documents deleted!
    Stratford: Budgets, Town Attorneys payments;
    Police, Fire, Education Pensions and Healthcare
    Excel/Word; and work product documents=gone!

    June 9 virus attack from D.C.!

    Why file police report?

    Dick & Jim Mirons’ long time friends?
    Stratford Town Attorney Rich Burturla is brother to
    Stratford’s Police Chief John Burturla who headed
    CT State Trooper home land security under
    Dodd, Lieberman, DeLauro, Blumenthal,
    (Weicker, Morrison, Rowland)
    Rell, Harkins, Bush, & Cheney.

    Miron/Harkins: same Town Attorneys and Police!

    More ominously direct communications to/from FBI,
    U. S. Justice,
    Attorney General,
    CT. Secretary of State,
    and law suit documents against former
    police chief were deleted!
    Yahoo’s emails has deletions!

    Who knows “what could be planted” on my (your) computer?

    I wrote for Stratford’s WW II Memorial Committee.
    My father was combat veteran.
    Public documents were subsequently revised.
    They taught me cryptographic icons, foundational to
    criminality and treason in Eisenhower’s 1961 (warning) speech.

    Wasn’t Eisenhower’s warning “proven” in subsequent
    clear, plain, evident & massive transfers of wealth by
    governmental planning,
    operations, and trans-actors of:

    “oil, natural gas, coal,”
    “weapons, munitions,”
    “finance, industries,”
    and more?

    Who among readers wouldn’t trust Stratford documents as
    original or true?

    Who doesn’t trust U. S. Government’s honest oversight?

    Who among readers wouldn’t trust Stratford documents as
    original or true?

    Who doesn’t trust U. S. Government’s honest oversight?

    Who among readers wouldn’t trust Stratford documents as
    original or true?

    Who doesn’t trust U. S. Government’s honest oversight?

    Cold War’s ending became convenient terrorism creation for
    fatherland security?

    Patriot “ACT;”
    “Color of the Law;”
    Constitutional circumvention?

    Pending stock crash/bottom test?
    “Money never sleeps” (update OCT 1987 movie “Wall Street”)

    Betrayers already betrayed
    greatest generation,
    low-mid income, and
    honest Americans!

    Most “America Towns-Boards of Educations” are “cutting Budgets.”

    Are Stratford’s/USA political debts paid with “your money?”

    Speak at Public Forums. Call/email to your Elected and
    Town Political Committee members!

    Write Letters to Editor about: Harkins-Malloy Stratford’s
    33.4 Mils “10.6% Mil Increase=9.75% Budget Increase” and

    Town Attorneys carte blanche check writing Ordinance.

    “Come back Shane.” (shame)


    Is this a long winded way of saying much of what REX + MAYOR 1013
    and CHRIS, and JEZE and SUDDS have generally GRIPED ABOUT?

    I did “bitch slap” UNIONS.

    But I threw multiple written Jabs and Hooks at attorneys,
    management, political parties and candidates.

    And as to where I threw written hay makers ……. ?

    This letter is oppropriate as an eulogy /epitath to the Mirons / Burturlas,
    when the devil’s pipers come for their payment.

    May they all live a long life and ruminate.

  70. 71 1george1

    Yo PT,

    A prior version of this was in today’s stratford star.

    Moved to:

  71. 72 1george1

    The BoE Budget does not break down the Health Benefits separately.

    The company which had the contract, presented to TOM MOORE’S
    FAC and the first thing they said was “NORM ALDRICH” recommended us.

    I wonder if Aldrich or Burturla or others get referral fees?

    It appears the reason for Dick Miron to “dead beat” is to create an
    illusion that Bridgeport Police and Stratford are NOT working together?

    David Dunn, Berchem, and Winterbottom all work(ed) for Brigeport and
    Dunn + Berchem have had stratford as clients many years.

    Jeze, when will you admit that “some” of your people are liars and thieves
    and working with Mirons / Burturlas / B utter nuts?

    It is not a question of competence.
    It is a question of abuse of positions of trust and profit, in my opinion.

  72. 73 jezebel282


    “Jeze, when will you admit that “some” of your people ”

    “my people”? I have people? The only people I have demand dinner on time and clean clothes.

  73. 74 jezebel282


    Schiff qualifies for primary

    Updated: Monday, 21 Jun 2010, 12:57 PM EDT
    Published : Monday, 21 Jun 2010, 12:15 PM EDT
    Mark Davis

    Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) – For the first time in state history, a candidate has qualified for a statewide primary by petition. Weston economist and author, Peter Schiff, has qualified by collecting enough signatures from registered Republicans to get on the ballot for U.S. Senate.

    I’m guessing Blumenthal wishes he never met any Miron by now.

  74. 75 mayor2013

    I’m guessing everyone in Stratford wishes he/she never met any Miron by now!

  75. 76 jezebel282


    This is certainly going to be an interesting campaign. On the Republican side you have the heartless Wrestling Lady and a cold hearted economist who is a Tea Party favorite.

    On the other side, you have Blumenthal who, at best, is a lousy administrator and at worst is a Miron crony.

    It’s kinda like South Carolina politics without the accents.

  76. 77 jezebel282

    Pronunciation: \ˈspin\
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): spun \ˈspən\; spin·ning
    Etymology: Middle English spinnen, from Old English spinnan; akin to Old High German spinnan to spin and perhaps to Lithuanian spęsti to set (a trap)
    Date: before 12th century

    Victims of rip-off get restitution checks
    Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:15 p.m., Monday, June 28, 2010

    BRIDGEPORT — It’s a case of better late than never.

    Since Friday, 73 people who were ripped off by former cemetery headstone company owner Richard Miron have been receiving restitution checks from the state Attorney General’s Office.

    It is the first of two installments that Miron, who owned Lakeview Monument Co., is to make to his victims. The first installment totaled $60,000.

    “It’s taken a long time, but, thank God, it has finally come through,” said Verna Kearney, who paid Miron $3,500 for a headstone for her later husband, a retired police officer, that she didn’t receive. “When we get our final payment then we will have closure.”

    Miron, the former Stratford Democratic registrar of voters and father of former Stratford Mayor James Miron, still has to come up with the remaining $18,000 in restitution.

    Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that his office will send the same consumers additional checks totaling $18,000 by May.

    “I am pleased that our office secured full restitution — every dollar back — for consumers cruelly conned by Lakeview Monument. Consumers will now receive most of the money paid for gravestones never received — with the rest by May,” Blumenthal said.

    “Lakeview extracted hard-earned dollars from vulnerable consumers consumed by grief and loss,” Blumenthal added. “The company and its owner continued accepting payments for monuments they could not deliver. Lakeview’s failure to provide headstones exacerbated the heartbreak of losing a loved one.”

    He said getting this money back “enables consumers to pay for headstones memorializing beloved family members.”

    Blumenthal’s office paid The Garden City Group of Seattle, Wash., about $2,000 to cut the checks for the victims.

    Kearney said she received the check Friday.

    The restitution payments are the result of a civil suit brought against Richard Miron by Blumenthal on behalf of the victims and was a condition for the 74-year-old Miron to get a suspended sentence in the criminal charges brought against him.

    “I appreciate the help the Attorney General’s Office and State’s Attorney John Smriga have provided in ensuring this case was resolved,” said John Gulash Jr., Miron’s attorney.

    Not a penny in fines? Not a penny in interest? Not a single day in jail? And it cost the taxpayers $2,000 for somebody to cut the checks? How is this a positive outcome for anyone but Miron? And when does he pay the balance?

    If Blumenthal or Smriga can’t bring themselves to fully prosecute a slimeball thief who steals from widows how effective can they be against real criminals?

  77. 78 ronmoreau


    They’re doing a GREAT job “stringing along” 2 of Stratfords Finest.

  78. 79 jezebel282

    If only they gave awards for being the biggest A-Hole…..

  79. 80 ronmoreau

    Walknig papers in November would do.

    Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate.

  80. 81 1george1


    No Jail Time?
    No Fines?
    No civil law suits?
    No court costs?

    How many times did dick Miron appear before the Judge?
    Maybe 15 appearances and 5 more scheduled?

    How long was each appearance before the Judge from the time
    he was called until the Judge ordered next?
    Maybe 5-6 minutes average?

    I estimate total time in front of Judge “might be” 1 hour?
    What are all of the overhead court cost of 1 hour in buildings
    effectivly open for about 7 hours?

    Including the rates for ALL ATTORNEYS and EMPLOYEES and JUDGE
    and UTILITIES and other OVERHEAD …. how could a court not cost
    $ 5,000 an hour, maybe $ 25,000 for a wasted hours, since attorneys
    in the bull pen could each change a few hundred per hour?

    Then there are the overpaid and worthless prosecutors.

    Add in Court workers like steno, clerks, bailiffs, guards, and office
    staff pro rated per court room…..

    Anyone has my permission to use my data or improve it and write to
    CT POST, who are more likely to publish you than I.

    But then what about

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