Budget? We Don’ Need No Steenkin’ Budget.



TO: Department Heads/Supervisors
FROM: John A. Harkins, Mayor

DATE: December 28, 2009

RE: FY 10- Hiring and Spending Freeze

Effective immediately, a hiring freeze shall be in effect for all General Fund and Enterprise Fund positions that are vacant or that become vacant until June 30, 2010. Exceptions to this directive shall include those critical to public safety, or in the event of an emergency as determined by the Mayor. All other exceptions will be at the discretion of the Mayor with the advice and recommendation of the Finance or Human Resources Director(s).

In addition, a spending freeze for goods and services not essential to the operation of your department(s), as well as all Town employee education and travel expenditures, shall also be in effect through Jun 30, 2010. Overtime and callback during this period should also be kept to only the absolute minimum needed. Exceptions to this directive shall include expenditures necessary to fulfill existing contracts, for the purposes of public safety, or in the event of an emergency as determined by the Mayor. All other exceptions must be approved by the Mayor.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Thank you for all you do to serve the residents of Stratford.

Cc: Stratford Town Council

Remember that budget the Council passed in May? You know, with tax money allocated to each Department to function for a whole year?

Adopted Budget

Surprise! Miron overspent!

Apparently Miron figured the budget was only a suggested guideline. He took money from every department to cover his agenda, which seemed to be making sure Berchem Moses and Devlin had a very profitable year. Oh sure, there was the $40,000 worth of flowers he ordered just before the election, all the overtime to PW and the $240,000 in cash he stole, but there was also the deferred raises to the PW union, not to mention $100K a year for the rest of his life to Joe Loschiavo and payments to Heather Habelka and Kent Miller for “consulting”.

Apparently, our best hope is that it doesn’t snow again until January 2011 and if it does that it only snows a little on Mondays and Fridays between 8AM and 4 PM.


15 Responses to “Budget? We Don’ Need No Steenkin’ Budget.”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Does anyone still wonder why John Norko got out of Dodge so quickly with 50 G’s?

  2. 2 1george1

    The new Consolidated Financial Report is available

    2009 Revenue + Expenses = $ 203 Million (rounded)

    However, the Budget was $ 177 Million (rounded)

    The Milliman Actuarial Report is well overdue.
    I am curious about the early January retirements.
    Very likely to push annual pension obligations over
    $ 18 million, from $ 17.4.
    Once it hits $ 18.4 million early 2010 = 4 Mils if $ 4.6 Mil?

    However Real Estate deflation may lower 1 Mil back to $ 4.5 Million?
    If that is true, $ 18 Million obligation is 4 Mils @ $ 4.5 m.

    People are so focused on keeping what they had contractually,
    despite knowing facts around the contracts.

    Do what you want, but xx % of something good
    is far better than 100 % of nothing …..

    You read the papers, see and hear TV + Radio + Internet….

  3. 3 phineast

    After some serious research, I found out the only recourse the taxpayers have is to go after the former mayor in civil court, in addition to criminal charges being pursued.
    Taxpayers don’t have to wait for the council or the town attorney but have the right to file a suit to recoup money that was spent without council authorization on behalf of the taxpayers that was non emergent. If this is in fact correct, I think that maybe we should start lining up at the court house, though I would prefer that the council do it especially since the previous mayor’s actions are now impairing the town’s ability to rum properly.
    Can anyone else verify this is true?

  4. 4 phineast

    run not rum..though we probably wish for some rum… 🙂

  5. 5 jezebel282


    While it may be true (still working on that), the “people” would have to file the suit pro se. That means $250 bond, $350 filing fee plus whatever the process server charges for service. Then there is writing the complaint…….

  6. 6 1george1

    No one will go avter Jim Miron and friends, because ….

    There are already grumblings about the start of a Dec-Jan double cross. ….
    Crying the blues?

    Now that Payola is ratified, others will soon see true colors ……
    Will some be seein red?

    I tried to warn people they would be played.

    Maybe I will turn out to be wrong?

  7. 7 mayor2013

    Today, I visited the website. I was saddened to see the same horrible cut-out picture of the new mayor still there. Someone on his staff really needs to get a decent photograph onto the website.

    I then went on to read the mayor’s latest announcements. The mayor needs to employ somewone who knows how to construct announcements. The announcement of the new HR Director and the new benefits package reads as if someone who flunked their high school composition writing class. Now, really I hope the administration can do better than this. Of course, I am assuming the mayor did not write those articles. If he did, he needs to stop and let someone else do it.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    The real test will be how quickly Mr. Ing can get Justin Loschiavo either off the Police Force or at least remove him from light Duty and portal to portal coverage.

  9. 9 phineast

    Maybe he will clear out the whole fam damily…….

  10. 10 1george1


  11. 11 mayor2013

    Allow me to suggest that you can start building a contingency which can be allocated towards the deficit budget. Begin immediate legal action to recover the illegal funds stolen by the exiting Miron clan.

    Secondly, hire that Finance Director and do it with haste. Saying that the acting director, Susan Collier is doing an excellent job solidifies for me that all of you haven’t got a clue. Do you understand from where she came? Do you think because she did not leave with the rest of the clan that she is “terrific” and pure? Have you explored her work history? I hope for the sake of us all you are not that nieve.

  12. 12 1george1

    I agree. You have some of the blogs most intelligent posts …
    of course, except when (or if) you insult me …. 😉

    What about a R.I.C.O. Civil Suit vs. BMD + fiends/friends with a portion to bolster
    Pension Portfolio under funded, especially lowest recipients (yo DDBess)

    Majority of Recovery to
    – retire all town Debt, lowering Mil Rate, (helps all town reidents/business)
    – repair and build infrastructure / equipment / technology / energy,
    – help seniors,
    – help vets
    – help business
    – help BoE

    I like Sue Collier. However, she is friends with Jimmy and some others,
    where I do not believe it would be in anyones best interest (especially
    Sue’s best interest) for her to be Finance Director or C.A.O.

    My belief has nothing to do with Sue’s ability or integrity.
    It has everything to do with ideation, beliefs, and interests.

    When Sue was on the Town Council, she saw nothing wrong with
    people who owned houses taking out REVERSE MORTGAGE to PAY
    Stratford PROPERTY TAXES.

    Back then people had bought their HOMES after WW II for $ 20,000
    and earned very little, paying off thier mortgage and counting on
    social security and low property taxes / utilities / staples to live.

    There are some silent blog readers who can identify with the horror
    of having to draw on equity of their home to pay K I T E D taxes.

    People are paying $ 6,000 taxes for a CAPE, while others with 5 times
    the land and 4 times the living space (know who I mean?) pay twice
    what the politically UNconnected pay for small plot living space capes.

    Meanwhile the people in the know, allow perversions, for self benefit
    to look the other way …. or …. stay silent.

    What I can not understand is that so many truly good people in EMS.
    silent in the BLUE WALL, extremely analygous to OMERTA…..

    Where I criticize local abuse … the cause is at National and the
    International situations …. affecting ….. everyone …

    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out
    —because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out
    —because I was not a trade unionist;
    (Then they came for the teachers, police, fire, public works, Town
    Hall, State-Municiple-Federal Workers and I did not speak out
    —because I was not a government worker;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
    —because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out.

    I suspect Jeze and I would agree with Martin Niemoeller and my
    projection ….?

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “What I can not understand is that so many truly good people in EMS.
    silent in the BLUE WALL, extremely analygous to OMERTA…..”

    They are not so silent. How do you think I get information to post here? (It’s not like I work in Town Hall AND the Firehouse AND the PD AND the BOE AND PW AND EMS.)

    All you have to do is talk to any one of them. For any employee it is a balancing act whether they work in Town Hall or a company. I am absolutely sure if you asked any employee of Sikorksy Aircraft to Town Fair Tire what they thought of their management you would probably not get glowing compliments. All employees want to keep their jobs..especially now. Most are unwilling to risk their family’s income in order to “do the right thing”. It is perfectly understandable and I am never offended by it. On the other hand, I have never once “outted” an employee or elected official for providing information.

    The difference is that The Town of Stratford belongs to US. It is OUR safety, OUR children’s education and OUR quality of life that are at stake.

    You would be shocked at what gets emailed to: jezebel.anonymous@gmail.com

    You would be shocked even more by the persons who email it.

  14. 14 1george1

    I talk to some of the same people you talk to and get my information
    from some similar sources.

    We travel in mostly different circles. However some overlap.

    I went from being a conspiracy nut, to being …. RIGHT ON … with many
    of my debate observations and positions.

    OK . OK . I am still a conspiracy nut .. and not all of my ….. 😉

    Jeze, our blog posting does a little good as did my running for political
    office. However, people who know what is happening have to

    1 – find ways to tell other people….

    2 – find ways to stand up and be visible and get others ….

    Jeze on some issue we are diametric … that is OK.
    The positions are honestly held political beliefs which we thrash
    each other about politics (sometimes we get personal … I try …)

    However there are tons of things ….

  15. 15 1george1

    Whatever happened to Phineast & Mayor 2013?

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