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Real Stratford People

We just don’t do this often enough. It is a pleasure to shine a small spotlight on jobs well done. In this case it is Diane Puterski and her staff at Stratford Senior Services.

In the Post:

Aging population to strain local budgets
Published: 04:17 p.m., Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As the aging of Connecticut’s population accelerates, now is the time for the state of Connecticut and municipalities to start plotting a course that will not only provide quality of life for the state’s elderly, but also will not break local, state and federal budgets.

Considering that experts estimate it costs about $1,100 per month to provide home care, compared with the $7,000 per month cost of long-term nursing care, it’s pretty clear where all levels of government should be concentrating their efforts and resources in the coming years.

In the 2000 Census, some 470,000 of Connecticut’s 3.4 million residents were 65 or over. Over the next 20 years, that portion of Connecticut’s population will increase by 64 percent, according to projections of the Connecticut Commission on Aging. Caring for those elderly residents is going to be an ever growing task.

At least some experts have complimented the work done in Stratford, where an active senior center — the Raymond Baldwin Senior Center — provides not only activities but outreach programs, including a van service and counseling for older adults and for family caregivers, that let seniors live independently as long as is feasible.

“What Stratford is doing is very dynamic and shows what direction we need to go in,” said Julia Evans Starr, executive director of the Connecticut Commission on Aging.

“Stratford is one of the shining stars in Connecticut regarding how the town is making it possible for elderly people to stay in their homes.” said Marie L. Allen, executive director of the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging.

It’s not just compassionate to help people stay in their homes as long as possible. It’s also the right move financially.

There are many families in Stratford that find themselves squeezed between generations. Caring for parents and raising children at the same time. They are also supposed to do this while maintaining full time jobs. Of course, this does not include seniors who’s families are not local and must fend for themselves.

Stratford Senior Services are an invaluable resource, especially to families struggling to maintain their loved ones at home. A quick phone call can release all sorts of programs provided by the State and Federal government that will really help. There are programs for nursing, home health aides, ambulatory care, meals, assistance with rent and utility bills and transportation. All you have to do is ask (203-385-4050). Sometimes only minor assistance is required to make an independent life possible.

For years now, Diane Puterski and her staff have been quietly providing these services. She has been able to shield Stratford’s seniors from the corruption and incompetence of Mayor Moron and his cronies. It is time to thank the staff at the Baldwin Center for their work in making life better for Stratford’s Seniors.

Thank you all!


5 Responses to “Shining Stars”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Now….can we do something about driving at 10 MPH with the left blinker on?

  2. 2 1george1

    Interesting the focus of the blog information is about the municiple
    employee, who appears to do a pretty good job, while the story writes
    about seniors, tangently.

    If Ed Hargus or I were the writer, I suspect the story would have more
    focus about the senior citizens.

    It is an analygous difference between the Council creating referendums
    and the public creating referendums.

    Jeze and ceertain bloggers seem ti care more about the State and certain Municiple employees that the people they are suppose to protect + serve.

    Oh, Municple Employees deserve to be protected and served as well as their
    families, since I believe in equal protection of the Law, right DDBess?

    The Municiple Employees and Teachers and retirees pay Stratford Property
    Taxes the same as all other Stratford Residents …… tick tock tick

    Not all Department Heads or workers live in Stratford …. ergo … 😉

    It is interesting to NOTE who has moved out of town and still suckers the
    remaining people to hold office, but in a couple years …. ?

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “Jeze and ceertain bloggers seem ti care more about the State and certain Municiple employees ”

    Everyone’s a critic.

    The point of the article was not just to praise Diane Puterski and her staff alone, although they certainly deserve it.

    The point which you miss is that these services are available. Sometimes just for the asking.

    Hopefully there are readers of this blog who are caring for seniors or are seniors themselves who did not know about this resource. A quick phone call 203-385-4050 would open a wealth of programs and services to them.

  4. 4 1george1

    Glad you added that information.
    I will leave it at that.

    Ed Hargus and Ray V are mostly responsible
    for the existance of the Baldwin Center.

    When the Repblican Town Council was holding
    up any relief for Veterans, even with a POOR
    Mayor Miron proposal, Miron mailed info and
    some of our greatest generation spoke.

    For as long I will wil live I will remember a very
    short and frail man with an oversized pole for
    a walking stick, s l o w l y making his way to the
    Public Forum podium.

    His home bought after WW II was long since paid.
    Yet the TAXES cost over $ 5,200 a year. 😦
    (50 % too high = my documented opinion)

    Yo DDBess and friends – His social Security for his
    and his wife is probably in $ 9 to $ 12,000 range … 😦

    This H E R O from WW II who once charged with
    fixed bayonette across France with 70 pound pack,
    had to lean and s l o w l y walk to the Podium.

    The BALDWIN CENTER provided the only H O T M E A L S
    that he and his wife got to E A T.

    The Greatest generation, back when there were REAL
    DEMOCRATS, REAL REPUBLICANS, and who put Country
    and Country men/women first.

    The BALDWIN CENTER provided the only H O T M E A L S
    that he and his wife got to E A T.

    Stratford has among the best basket of services of any town
    in the State.

    We have among the largest volunteer EMS in New England.

    We have professional – NOT VOLUNTEER – Fire Staff, I support

    We have mostly professional and decent Police, I support.

    I support the PW services

    I support good pay, good benefits, good pensions, yet can not
    in good conscience support theft and abuse.

    Effect of these priorities by GAVIN and friends?

    The BALDWIN CENTER provided the only H O T M E A L S
    that the W W II Veteran, and his wife got to E A T.

    But that generation had pride and self respect and patriotism,
    if the blog readers KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

    One of those WW I I vets would sadly shake his head in disbelief
    at Stratford politics, if he was alive today and asked of Stratford
    political allies … ASK NOT WHAT YOUR TOWN CAN DO FOR YOU

  5. 5 jezebel282



    You are wrong. There is a reason these programs exist. The major reason more people are not benefiting from these programs is that they don’t ask.

    There is absolutely no need to struggle or do without. If your not sure if your parent is cooking meals…call. If you’re not sure your parent can get the kitchen or bathroom clean…call. If your parent forgets to take medications….call. If your parent keeps the heat very low….call. If your parent won’t leave the house to shop because he/she is afraid of falling…call.


    Seniors have already paid for these services. Making a simple call can keep them healthy and alive.

    It is not about pride. People are working very hard to provide these services. Not using them actually puts people out of work.

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