Sins of the Brothers


Axis of Evil?

Yet more unfinished business.

In March 2008 (yeah, THAT long ago) the CT Post ran a story about Mayor Moron’s brother, Christian, questioning his qualifications to become a police officer. A report was leaked (later to be determined by a court to be a public document) detailing his deficiencies.

In Oct of 2008 ( Captain Joseph McNeil, (Local 407 President) was demoted to sergeant and suspended without pay for 90 days.

Capt. McNeil (approximation)

In December of 2008 a civil defamation suit was filed by Christian Miron against Captain McNeil, Shawn Farmer, (previous local 407 president) and Mike Henrick (former Council chair).

In June of 2009 Captain McNeil (still Local 407 president), Lt Orlando Soto and Shawn Farmer are arrested after a warrant is shopped around by Chief Buturla for “computer crimes”.

Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto are suspended without pay on June 24th 2009.

And here we are today. Let us remind ourselves that neither by preponderance of evidence or evidence beyond a reasonable doubt has McNeil or Soto been found guilty of anything. Let me repeat that; Neither Captain McNeil nor Lt. Soto have been found guilty of anything. They are, as I type, innocent.

And yet, through administrative punishment by Mayor Moron and Chief John Buturla, Captain McNeil has been punished twice and both have been denied their careers and income.

It is time for this injustice to come to an end. It has been permitted to go on for far too long.

The majority of voters from both parties have elected John Harkins to end this personal vendetta and return Stratford to an honest and ethical Town. The way to do that is to stop this persecution. We call upon Mayor Harkins to simply do the right thing. At the very minimum, Harkins can immediately direct Buturla to change the suspension without pay to suspension with pay and stop the suffering of both the McNeil and Soto families. He can then go on and request that the State Attorney either bring this to trial or withdraw the charges completely.

This must be done immediately. There is absolutely no reason this should not be done by the close of business today. Any delay will damage Harkins credibility with the PD (already seriously damaged), the unions and most importantly residents and taxpayers.

So, if you are reading this, Mayor Harkins (or maybe your chief of staff is reading it) do the right thing and do it today.

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    A little perspective:

    Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto have gone 240 days (eight months today) without pay. Zero.

    Justin Loschiavo has gone 264 days at full pay.

  2. 2 rex525

    “This must be done immediately. There is absolutely no reason this should not be done by the close of business today. Any delay will damage Harkins credibility with the PD (already seriously damaged), the unions and most importantly residents and taxpayers.”

    Jezebel, I couldn’t agree more, I remember slogans like “restore the pride”, “bipartisanship” and “transparent government” being bantered about last autumn.

    As the last few word press topics have shown it does not seem like these important issues have been addressed in a timley manner. Do the words: sha.qer ‘ed’a .kha lo-ta.’a.neh (or in english) “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” mean anything to government officials anymore? I hope so, our public safety professionals deserve better and so do we, the time to act is indeed now.

  3. 3 jezebel282


  4. 4 1george1

    In the USPS I went 10 months without pay and only had unemployment,
    No one was about to hire me. So I could relate.

    I was suspended and fired. So I can relate.

    I was union steward and McNeil is union president. So I can relate.

    I had to sell an investment for my retirement, a building lot in southbury
    to survive.

    The national / regional union had their own agenda, of forcing small
    local branches to merge into large branches, so union dues would pay
    for full time union people.
    The USPS management want that too. Why?
    Local union reps write grievances while they are on Managment time.
    Our tiny Southport baranch was merged with Fairfield whose union dues
    were close to $ 30,000 which the regional union wanted for his own!

    Result the union rep sold me at Arbitration where I still lost 1 month pay,
    and putting my career in jeopardy, because discipline is progressive.
    1 on 1 LIES from Management
    SUSTAINED GRIEVANCES about Harassment
    A stream of turnovers in what was a stable office.
    Term “GOING POSTAL” had made the LEXICON.

    I NEVER had disciple from Sept 1971 to Dec 1984.
    Suddenly NEW MANAGEMENT from BROOKFIELD CENTER (Jodi Rell relatives?)
    and I had 2 Emergency suspensions with concurrent terminations in
    8 months?

    One of my sources recently told me Harkins team reviewed case
    vs. McNeil, Soto, and Farmer and will not touch it.

    Conversely, January Pension Meeting Harkins was sitting next to McNeil.

    I like McNeil. I have looked in his eyes. Never hides. Never looks like he
    is hiding anything nor gives that look back, trying to look innocent.

    People I know and trust, grew up with McNeil and his family.
    They rate Joe as impeccible.

    Conversely, when Burturla was in the Town Attorney Bull pen, I would
    move to a front row where I could see his eyes and hear him.
    Burturla could not look me in the eyes, as his open hand would shield
    his cheek and eyes from my gaze.

    I sent Burturla, Berchem, Kelly, & Florek an e-mail last month.
    I blamed them for costing Stratford over $ 1 Billion in lost revenue
    and added obligations over a 60 year window.
    I e-mailed that when I see them, I see the creature from Predator.

    (Kelly + Burturla went along on my civil trial vs. Mossman, where
    certain police, certain Justice Dept, certain FBI covered each other
    and area politicians, who I beleve murdered my parents, 2 uncles,
    gandmother, neice, and other people over a protracted Time period.
    My sworn testimony is on the unaltered Civil Trial transcript.
    No one ever tried to charge me with perjury, which I invite!
    The Hartford Federal Judge in the Chamber next to mine was former
    U. S. ATTORNEY Christopher Droney, who in 1995 + 1996 replied in
    writing he would not investigate those deaths, nor a series of 16
    deaths 1992 – 1994, over 18 months. It was just after the C.I.A. year +
    review of my F.O.I.
    “We have done a thorough and exaustive search for all records related
    to you, your father, and x, y, z, in every place one could reasonably
    expect a response.”
    “None was forthcoming.”

    TRANSLATION: We have information. You ain’t getting it.
    My father and I each had 2 FBI Background Checks.
    He was WW II Combat VET + USPO-USPS Fairfield Employee
    I was 6 year USN Reserve Sea cadet + USPS Southport Employee

    From my e-mail to Burturla/Berchem/Florek/Kelly

    Burturla e-mailed me, cc Berchem to NEVER E-MAIL HIM AGAIN.
    I reply e-mailed:

    Florek & Kelly EACH puppy dog eyed me at February Town Council
    meeting with EACH quickly looking away.
    At different times, they also had hand shielding eyes from my gaze.

    Often I will close my eyes in Town Council.
    It helps me to hear better.
    I often get that sense when someone is staring at me, and open my
    eye to catch their gaze, and the almost instantly turn eyes away

  5. 5 1george1

    John Dempsey almost never talks.
    Ray V and JR were as quiet.

    Last night at Town council before Ordinance Meeting John to Barnaby,
    Hoydic, and I and talked about his union President claiming to do great
    job for John’s union membership.

    John’s UNION PAY RATE went from $ 27 to $ 18 hour.

    John said he saw his union president at Danbury mall.
    John pointed to MCDonald’s job fair, managers starting at $ 19 hour.
    John said his union has to go to school for ?????

    Jan 2010 first time in US History since unions began.
    More people in government are in Unions
    then people in the private sector are in Unions.

    In my eyes the enemies of the people of the USA are SLAVE STATE
    Politicians who work with Big OIL who work with RUSSIA + OPEC +
    ROYAL FAMILIES and work with COCAINE and RAW MATERIAL Exporters
    in exchanges for weapons and Munnitions.

    I never wish any one ill.

    However, if – when Cheney dies, I expect he will go straight to HELL
    and our real problems start. …..
    Cheney might just take over HELL from the DEVIL and make things
    WORSE for the DAMNED??

    With eyes on the souls of the living … 😦

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “I was suspended and fired. So I can relate.”

    We are all very happy that you can relate. I know I will sleep better tonight knowing that you can relate.

    I believe the point was that Mayor Harkins can do something about this injustice NOW not 20 years ago.

  7. 7 1george1

    Was that hebrew?
    If so, does it mean ditto?

    I agree with Rex’s post abot government and society in general.

    bear false witness?

    University of Chicago philosopher Leo Strauss claimed

    1 – people would not elect politicians who told the truth.

    2 – art and language contained hidden codes and messages.
    He contended that often artists were against those things/people they
    appeared to support.

    3 – Unfortunately many of Leo Strauss followers were neo-Cons, who it
    appears perverted his beliefs?

    4 – Robber Barons: note the patrons of
    Chicago University is Rockefeller U.

    They shipped Robert Gates, George Schultz, Leon Panetta,
    and others to become University Presidents and Directors,
    to pervert the best and the brightest to serve the disciples
    of the PLANT AGE NET and JOLLY ROGER’S Skull and Bones
    of the PRIVY COUNCIL and OBE (Order of the Bath)

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Amen = אָמֵן

  9. 9 jezebel282


    The Local 407 site is back, including the blog!

  10. 10 1george1


    Thank you for the translation, the empathy, and the update.

    FEDS have decades of tapes related to Rowland, Ganim, Newtown,
    Fabrizi, and Russia brothel.

    Now they make claims about Shelton where Danny D and Norm
    have friends.

    I believe the police and fire unions walked into a trap, where the
    money trail is wide and deep.

    I turned information to a cop, about a couple of NY License Plates
    in Jimmy and C. A. O. parking slots an afternoon in late july or august,
    when I was collection petition signatures.

    I will not say if he was a fan of Mirons / Burturlas or McNeil / Soto /
    Yet I was told the plates came up empty.
    Further, I was told the FBI often uses NY Plates in CT.?
    After the debate at Oronoque, I asked Jimmy about if he had talked
    to the FBI.
    First he said no.
    Then he claimed several years ago the FBI asked him about a reference.

    I still remember the story about the guy who wanted to testify about
    Fabrizi and friends….
    FBI squashed.
    Fabrizi was an admited COKE ….
    FBI squashed.
    Russian brothel busted.
    FBI squashed.
    Lauretti and Botti allegations…..

    Naterea AVCO contract.

    Hanney Shakespeare contract was not valid according to
    Miron / Burturla
    Harkins / Bishop

    According to “CHRIS” Bishop’s partner Kelly claimed the contract
    was valid.

    The Same Kevin Kelly who opined Stratford Grandfathered rights
    are intact under a revised Charter and Burturla opined we have a
    whole new Charter, and lost all 1st Amendment initiative/petition

    Anything new on Terry Backer, acccording to Ffld County weekly website?

  11. 11 1george1

    I like McNeil.

    A cop who I never met, prior to SHS debate told me Soto was the finest police officer he ever worked with.

    I met Farmer in past, but do not remember him.

    On the other side we have ……..
    Well I would think it looks like a perp walk ….

    Anyone think the B UTTER NUTS would not try to blame others,
    use cut outs, roll over and make deals, if, If, IF FIB ever made move?

    Above picture of McNeil (look in his eyes) is not flattering (could be
    a wide variety of reasons)

    Top Cop / Mayor picture may belong in Post Office …. Ooooops ..

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “Above picture of McNeil (look in his eyes) is not flattering (could be
    a wide variety of reasons)”

    You have to blame my source. Apparently, Joe is not buying him enough beers.

  13. 13 mayor2013

    I say AMEN to that. Let’s go Adam — earn that title!!!!!!!

  14. 14 jezebel282

    ‘Inconclusive’ medical reports delay decision on Stratford cop
    By Richard Weizel,m.
    STRATFORD — A town-appointed doctor who conducted a medical examination on seizure-prone police Officer Justin LoSchiavo has advised the town there is no way to guarantee the officer won’t have another seizure while driving his patrol car or carrying a weapon, town officials said.
    LoSchiavo, 31, the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo, crashed his patrol car into four vehicles at the intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues while suffering a seizure last June.
    Town officials, with the backing of the police union, decided Tuesday to extend the officer’s “light duty” for up to four more weeks while evaluating if he’s capable of returning to his patrol duties or should be terminated for medical reasons.
    The town-appointed neurologist, Dr. Samuel Bridgers in Hamden, conducted a medical exam of the officer last Thursday, but was not clear enough in his report about whether or not LoSchiavo could return to active police duty, said Adam Bauer, chief of staff for Mayor John A. Harkins.
    “We can’t get into specifics, but the report is ambiguous and there are a list of questions that still need to be addressed,” Bauer said.
    Harkins said Tuesday that’s why officials need to seek more information from the doctor before making a final decision. Town Attorney Tim Bishop said recently a report from LoSchiavo’s personal physician several weeks ago also did not “make it entirely clear” whether the officer is fit for duty.
    “There are areas that are not clear that we feel still need to be answered,” Harkins said. “We have questions about the report before we make a final decision, things we need to clarify. Any decision has to be based on information we (town officials) are comfortable with.”
    While LoSchiavo on Monday reached the 180-day plateau for light duty under the police union contract, the local bargaining unit agreed to allow the town to extend that provision four more weeks.
    “This is a fair way to proceed,” said Sgt. Joseph McNeil, the police union president. “It allows the officer to work and be paid a few more weeks while the town continues its evaluation. Otherwise, he would have to take more of his own sick days, and he might not have any left.”
    LoSchiavo, assigned to light duty in August after his driver’s license was seized and suspended following the June accident, has worked in the department’s Records Division. While he had been out sick last week, he resumed light duty Monday, officials said. His drivers’ license was restored about two months ago.
    Officials say they are determining whether LoSchiavo must be dismissed for what appears to be a serious medical condition that should have precluded him from being hired during the previous administration of Mayor James R. Miron.
    In 2005, two doctors, as well as the former police chief and chief administrative officer, advised against hiring LoSchiavo because of his long-standing seizure disorder, which included suffering one while driving within a year of filing his application to become a police officer. A former police detective assigned to evaluate LoSchiavo, Nelson Dinihanian, also recommended in 2005 he not be hired for both medical and other reasons.
    LoSchiavo and his Bridgeport lawyer, Jon August, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

    Incredible. Captain McNeil stands up for Justin Loschiavo. Here we have McNeil, without pay since June 24, 2009 agreeing to extend a full four weeks of full pay to Justin Loschiavo who has never missed a pay day.

    How embarrassed should Harkins be? Every day he allows McNeil to be suspended without pay, it is a hardship on the entire McNeil family and almost all of the PD. Or do politicians ever become embarrassed by anything?

  15. 15 paradisegreen

    A little perspective:

    Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto have gone 240 days (eight months today) without pay. Zero.

    Justin Loschiavo has gone 264 days at full pay.

    While one can argue Justin’s employment, he broke no laws. McNeil and Soto (not to mention Henrick) did. That is, as unfortunate as it might be, the difference.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “While one can argue Justin’s employment, he broke no laws. McNeil and Soto (not to mention Henrick) did.”

    That is an opinion and definitely not a fact. No one has ever proven McNeil, Soto or Farmer ever did anything or was even involved. There are only unsubstantiated allegations.

    Henrick committed no crime whatsoever. He is merely named in a weak civil defamation suit.

  17. 17 paradisegreen

    I know you believe that Jez, I do. Whether the town (“political figures”, mayor, town attny, etc) decide to actually do the right thing and continue the investigation, is perhaps not likely.

    I will say that councilman Henrick acted in a very self centered, ego-maniacal manner. By inviting WTNH into his kitchen before any press release/notification was made to neither the Miron family nor Stratford residents was in very poor taste and you cannot deny that Mike Henrick made that choice solely for self gratification.

    In regards to the officers that inappropriately released personal information of Christian Miron; yes, that is a crime. While I assume I will not be a jury member – if it comes to that – I do know that camera and printed, documented evidence have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that those individuals participated in foul play and exposed to the media and certain, selected members of the Town Council as elected at that time.

    Jez, you can hate the fact that Lochiavo was hired. You can hate the fact that Christian Miron applied to be an officer for the Town of Stratford. That is your right and your fight. I think that the blame you are placing is “misplaced” if you will. Christian is a good man, from what I have heard. Stays out of controversy, works hard, etc. same with Justin. It is not these boys fault that they are now thrust into the controversy of Stratford politics.

    The officers that released Christian Miron’s personal records to the media were in the wrong and did break the law. Period. Should he have applied in the first place? I think not. Poor choice for many reasons. But that said, enough is enough. Stop bringing both Justin and Christian’s name into the blog or the media. They are not at fault and deserve some peace. If you want to question the employment choices of either one, blog about the people who were responsible for those choices. Leave these two men to move on with their lives and let it go. Neither one asked for this (I assume), I just find the constant mention of their names to be abusive. Both of them simply applied for employment. Both were simply looking for a way to support themselves. Take it out on irresponsible HR. That is where the blame might really be.

  18. 18 phineast

    P-green- I am not at all convinced it was the police department members that released the documents. I t may seen likely to some, but i am not convinced. C.M.’s document release could just have easily come from within town hall as there were copies inside town hall as well. Interesting-you say the release of that information was illegal-but in actuality the charges were only about the usage and access of computers and information contained there in and not the actual leaking of the information-according to statutes there is absolutely grounds to put the public safety ahead of these individuals. Do I agree with how it was done? No. But someone needed to protect the people of the town from the corruption in town hall, HR and the PD Brass that was directly involved with this. Since the mayor was part of it as was the pd chief and the HR dept, someone who was obviously frustrated took action-the wrong kind of action-but at least it was action. In actuality the “copies” could have come from the chief himself and there is no way to prove or disprove it-because he failed to properly secure the computer system–it WAS HIS RESPONSIBILITY to secure the system-he is the chief after all. So why isn’t his azz out on suspension without pay? His lack of action was what allowed access within the pd to begin with. In my book that is the first head to roll in this situation from an administrative perspective.
    “While one can argue Justin’s employment, he broke no laws…” What makes you so sure about that??????? Last I heard, there we federal laws protecting minorities that may have been violated when the HR momma and devil daddy conspired to break them with Justin’s knowledge and permission. Fraud.. Collusion, Aiding and abetting? and a whole host of other things can be applied and that is just a general warm up…there is more that can be added.
    The big difference is that McNeil and Soto were presumed guilty by the miron administration(and that is a violation of constitutional rights)-when good ole’ suck the money pit dry Justin and (even C.M.) is presumed innocent. Seems to me you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
    You also say that CM and Justin are not at fault..wrong again. They were a part of it at the very deepest level-if people use bad judgment that hurts others on one hand you say it is ok but on the other you say it isn’t…so which is it???? Justin allowed his family to intervene and circumvent the proper hiring protocol-he almost killed someone-and now you want us to say oh poooooor Justin… hooo give him a pension for things that existed long before he was hired????? Ohhhh pooooooooor CM for having a brother and father who are such idiots and taught him everything he knows about nepotism and even maybe corruption??? But you want me to slam the iron door on the people who actually were looking out for your protection and mine???? The ones who were looking out for you and me deserve at least equal sympathy and understanding as the ones who were abusing the system to begin with.
    Justin and CM will have peace when they walk away from Stratford how they came–empty handed(that is when they will no longer be public figures). Only then will we grant them their wish for peace–Our wish is for them to take their hands out of our pockets and actually find a job they are capable of and go to work. Until then they are fair game during open season.
    The bottom line is the Workers, residents AND visitors of Stratford are much safer without Justin on the road. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive, period-your life could depend on it during his next seizure–and I can pretty much guarantee there will be another one…and if he takes his meds. he should be operating or using dangerous equipment–hmmm that would include a gun–this makes him unsuitable and unfit to perform his duties.

  19. 19 phineast

    sorry – it should say he “shouldn’t” be operating…

  20. 20 phineast

    P-green- one more thing-if you think Justin works hard, I have a couple of bridges and a portfolio I want to sell you……take another drink of that koolaide…but have it checked first for pharmaceuticals….

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “I just find the constant mention of their names to be abusive. Both of them simply applied for employment. Both of them simply applied for employment. Both were simply looking for a way to support themselves.”

    Abusive? It was Christian Miron’s choice to sue McNeil, Farmer and Henrick. That makes it public. I won’t even go into applying for a job where your brother is the Chief Executive.

    Justin hit a stopped citizen with his partol car and crashed into four other parked cars. Then he took 264 days days at full pay of injured on duty/light duty/sick days. That also makes it public.

    “By inviting WTNH into his kitchen before any press release/notification was made to neither the Miron family nor Stratford residents was in very poor taste”

    Poor taste is not a criminal offense as you first stated.

    “I do know that camera and printed, documented evidence have shown beyond a reasonable doubt”

    Actually, you know no such thing. The “camera evidence” is not admissible due to several hours of missing data and there is no printed evidence since anyone (really, anyone) could have accessed the report.

    What I hate is people using their position as an advantage over others and people who game the system for their own benefit while others suffer for being honest. That’s what I hate.

  22. 22 mayor2013


    You took the words right out of my mouth. And now I am going to add a few more. Mayor Harkins, fire Justin Loschiavo! And direct his mother to take her retirement or risk termination. For God sakes grow some balls already.

  23. 23 mayor2013


    You might convey to the Police Union that their blog is not user friendly.

  24. 24 rex525

    Justin LoSchiavo will get four more weeks of pay until all of the facts are in (with the help of Joseph McNeil) that shows McNeil has class.

    Captain McNeil and Lieutenant Soto not being switched to PAID suspension by the Harkins administration while they are constitutionally presumed innocent, shows in my opinion a gross lack of class. Restore the pride? I agree with mayor2013 “for G-d sakes grow some balls already”.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “You might convey to the Police Union that their blog is not user friendly.”

    I have offered my consulting services but they are cops, you know.

    They are just lucky George can’t figure it out either.

  26. 26 mayor2013

    Maybe they like it that way. I do not understand it and rarely go to the site. I tried today after reading your blog and message – it is no better as far as I am concerned. And, they need to update their information and keep it current. It is their loss that they do not retain your services. I see a 20,000+ hit count – so maybe they are happy with just cops reading and blogging. So, I say so be it. But they have lost s sincere advocate.

  27. 27 jezebel282


    Ahem….that’s 265,863 hits

  28. 28 1george1

    While Paradise Green may or may not have legitimate points,
    I agree with most of Phin’s points and most of Jeze’s points.

    As far as Mayor 2013 and Rex point about restoring McNeil, Soto, & Farmer
    and / or what to do about LoShiavo low jinx …. there are due processes
    which need to be followed, but should certainly be expedited, transparent,
    unbiased, reasonable and fair.


    Maybe you should ask the police WHY they put their Website back up?

    It might have something to do with an e-mail I sent to them and the press
    and the “powers that are?”

    Maybe not …..

    However, I do research and actively attempt to effect affirmative change
    in ways and means consistent with certain peoples hypocratic oaths and
    with sworn oaths of office.

    However, if things do not fit into your myopian view of relevance and when
    you wisecrack instead of thinking and working outside the blog ….

    do I get credit for about 40 % of the blog hits?
    I suspect you are over 50 %

    that would leave about 25,000 hits over 500 day period = 50 hits a day,
    with a total of an estimated 50 different posters in 500 day period
    with some wander in and others wandering out.

    I have reason to believe your core of readers / posters is maybe 120 – 140?
    However they are the people I want to reach and you are fun to debate
    and post with.

    It is amazing how much more mello you are with Jimmy out of office.

    The blog swear words are way down, since a couple months after Topix
    was closed forever.
    Even Kane and Cyclops were far from the worst.

    The level of quality debate is much higher than the past, although
    I miss gavin and jon, but not Jimmy, nor fahan.
    I suspect FOS was a certain Councilor – Lawyer, quid pro quo

    Paradise writes like a certain Miron apologists, but is entitled to his
    opinion, and not completely without merit …

  29. 29 mayor2013


    Mayor Harkins and his administration (Adam Bauer) support and encourage “free money.” Of course, the free money is coming from us. Stay tuned for another day and I’ll update you – do not have the time today.

  30. 30 1george1

    Monday night I discussed with the Mayor and Mr. Bauer:

    Adding 2 Master Degreed people in Library Sciences to Library Staff
    to find grants for
    Board of Ed

    I told them the head of Google (Eric Schmidt?) has oft stated the key to the highest and best use of the Internet is the ability to search and find.

    Who better to do so than 2 Master Degreed people in Library Sciences?
    In order to cost justify their job, they would have to find grant minimums
    for the Library, Town, and Board of Ed.

    I further pointed out this has been my hot topic to the Town Council during
    Budget Workshop and Forums, for FREE MONEY.

    I told them Miron implemented and Christine K and her predecessor found
    $ 6 million in Grants Stimulus for 2009 – 2010
    $ 4 million in Grants Stimulus for 2010 – 2011
    so far.

    Further, find and list and bill all Federal / State unfunded manadates for 20
    years, where Branyan and Norko EACH believed unfunded mandates exceeded
    $ 5 million MINIMUM on BoE and Town Side.

    What I did not tell them is that Irene Cornish implemented a power point
    proving that the Board of Ed Budget was not equal to Town Budget since
    about 25 % of BoE comes from STATE GRANTS.
    The power point was Irene’s idea.
    Miron was absolutely stunned when presented in round 1 a couple years ago,
    but recovered the second Budget Public Hearing, with smoke and mirrors.

    Miron implemented Grant writer shortly after that because the more GRANT
    MONEY from FEDS / STATE, the less COLLECTED TAXES from Residents/Business
    or more the parties can steal ……

    GAVIN even gave me acknowledgement and credit from the Council on some
    of my suggestions that were implement.

    Oh the $ 6 million + $ 4 million in 2009 – 2011 …

    A mil is $ 4.5 or $ 4.6 million
    These are in addition to what Pat Naylor does for BoE.
    Not all of the 25 % originated from Pat, initiative.
    However, I believe all or almost all of the 25 %
    comes from grants / stimulus and follow ups Pat writes.

    If Research Librarians can find added Grants for BoE.
    I am confident Pat is capable of gaining a fair share, with support.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    It’s time to change the batteries in your calculator.

    I’ve done these numbers for you (several times) before. There are over 10,000 comments posted here alone. Yes, yours are the longest and most irrelevant. But, you don’t even have to come to this site to read comments. There is a little box at the bottom. If you check it, the comments will be emailed to you. But this site averages 500+ independent views/day.

  32. 32 1george1


    You are responsive.

    You can thank me and are welcomed for me giving you the opportunity
    to take a bow – wow, for qualifying your numbers! 🙂

    Remember that time you were ticked at me …..’
    NO, NO NO, there really was a specific time and reason!! 🙂
    I passed your blog site address to the past Town Councils and you were
    not at all happy with me …..
    However, it helped increase your circulation and I have the attention
    of the people I want to read positions of mine and others.

    I bet you did not know this, however I enjoy a good exchange of facts
    and opinions ….. I try to learn from mistakes. I admit making mistakes.
    And right outside the Mayor’s office is a neat fishing hole, just like here! 8)

    Jeze, you still have battery operated calculator?
    Didn’t you realize you can mulitply, divide, add, subtract using google bar?

    Jeze, I am glad I could help make your life easier, with tha FYI! 8)

    I enjoy opting in, at my convenience, rather than being notified.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “Jeze, you still have battery operated calculator?”

    My keyboard is older than most of the people in the PD/FD. When I speed dial my finger just goes around faster till it hits the curved metal bar.

  34. 34 1george1


    I just saw your replacement photo for Joe McNiel.

    It strongly suggest you have healthy female libido, or …

    pssst …. don’t tell anyone, but …..

    the apparent spare tire around my waste …..
    is not really my stomach …. 😉

    What is life w/o a dream?

  35. 35 jezebel282

    Now that I have stopped laughing about Miron’s letter ( it is time to turn to more serious matters.

    The latest feeble excuse I’ve heard for the continued suspension without pay of Captain McNeil and Lt Soto is that the Harkins administration is afraid (Really? Afraid?) of what people might say in the unlikely event either one or both might be convicted of something.

    Stunning, isn’t it?

    A citizen, not to mention a police officer, is denied his career based solely upon the sworn accusations of two or three people who’s word would not be accepted if you asked them what time it was. And let’s be clear about this. That is the only actual evidence that exists.

    In addition to that, and we’ve said this before, no one, not even Richard Miron, is presumed guilty in this country. As a reminder, Richard Miron continued to collect his Town paycheck for eight months after being arrested on dozens of counts of First Degree Larceny.

    At some point a Chief Executive Officer must rely on his/her judgment and make a proper decision. Captain McNeil has served the Town of Stratford truly and well for sixteen years. He also has the complete support of every single officer in the Stratford PD with the exception of the Buturla Boys. He has risen through the ranks of the PD to become a Captain and president of his union.

    Therefore, and I am speaking directly to the Harkins administration, every day that you continue to let this injustice continue in the hope that it will be resolved for you someday in the future shows a lack of conviction (literally) and character on your part. This is not one of those instances when time will heal the wounds. Time itself is causing the McNeil and Soto families to suffer.

    And so, Mr Harkins, sit down, write the memo and send it to John Buturla with a copy to Ing. Do it today and demonstrate to us that you have the character you claim to have.

  36. 36 1george1

    I blogged a few weeks ago that I heard conflicting information about
    the guilt/innocence of the officers.

    There is a process, that Harkins would be unwise to circumvent, the
    same way they circumvented the BID process.

    Jeze, just because you say so – Harkins should jump?

  37. 37 jezebel282


    “Jeze, just because you say so – Harkins should jump?”

    Just because you didn’t say so he shouldn’t?

    If you claim to have character and profess to be fair and just then occasionally you have to demonstrate just that.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    So there is Captain McNeil and Lt. Soto and their attorneys at the Fairfield County Courthouse at 10 AM yesterday as scheduled.

    But where is the State’s Attorney and judge? Nowhere. The hearing time was changed to 2PM. It would be nice if someone told the defendants. After several confusing phone calls the hearing was rescheduled (again) and pushed to May 28th.

    Another month and a half of no pay for McNeil & Soto. 11 months of suspension without pay.

  39. 39 ronmoreau

    “Innocent untill proven guilty.” Even the policeman that “T” boned and killed the 2 Milford teenagers last year was presumed innocent and suspended WITH pay.

    “11 months of suspension without pay.”


    As you said earlier I also believe both officers just want to be made “Whole” again.

    If this travesty continues much longer, I wouldn’t blame them at all for suing the pants off of this town.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “I wouldn’t blame them at all for suing the pants off of this town.”

    I understand that process is well under way. Apparently, Harkins is unwilling to make any sort of move to mitigate the damages already incurred. The window to limit the damage by making them whole is rapidly closing. When the case is dismissed or the verdict is not guilty and the lawsuits are filed there will not be a single citizen who won’t understand why we are going to be paying a LOT of money to McNeil & Soto.

    Let’s hope there is a wrongful arrest suit against the State Attorney as well. Misery does love company, doesn’t it?

  41. 41 ronmoreau

    And we taxpayers just keep paying and paying.

    Talk about wasteful spending.

    You think the town attny. budget is big now?

  42. 42 1george1

    Judges, States Attorneys, U. S. Attorneys, various law enforcement have a
    network of mutually protecting participants.

    Further, they get protection from personal suits, by rulings they were
    “acting” in “official capacities,” whereas “color of the law” is something
    the courts try to protect against.

    Remember the guy who was shot 20 times with over 50 shots in NYC when
    he was reaching for his keys on his front steps?
    Those were very, very, special police, who knew alot about DRUGS in NYC.

    Imagine if police arrested every corrupt politician, judge, attorney?
    We would have overflowing jails with people who belonged there,
    and we might eliminate crime, if DRUGS ceased to be imported or
    transported to the fodder land.

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