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Recently obtained reports cite the fact that Stratford EMS was unable to respond to ~1300 calls last year, which would be roughly 25% of the call coverage or approximately $600,000 dollars in lost revenue for the department.


Harkins: State of Stratford’s finances is dire Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER Published: 06:43 p.m., Tuesday, March 23, 2010 STRATFORD — It was a speech that never would have been given during a political campaign. In his first State of the Town address, however, Mayor John A. Harkins on Tuesday gave a blunt assessment of Stratford’s […]

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We hope that the Harkins Administration is able to post the Town Budget soon.

Frankly, I have no reason to keep talking about the past other than the Harkins team, especially mayoral “Chief of Staff” Adam Bauer, doing his best Dick Cheney impression, keeps bringing it up and distorting it. Personally, I began the process of “moving on” as soon as the election results were announced in November when I called Mr. Harkins, congratulated him and offered to help him in any way.

Documents and audiotapes obtained by the Connecticut Post through the state’s Freedom of Information Act show Stratford officials knew that police Officer Justin LoSchiavo had a history of seizures years before he crashed his cruiser into four cars last June.

Harkins told the council that although an auditor could be hired by his office solely under a professional services contract, he wanted their support in terms of the resolution.

Between now and May 30th, Stratford must generate a workable budget. For years and years this had been done on a “hypothetical” basis. The usual practice had been “we got away with this much last time, let’s add a couple of percent”. At this point it is doubtful that anyone knows how much anything actually costs. Over the last 4 years, it was even worse. Miron’s method was “let’s get it approved and I’ll steal it later”. In other words, whatever ended up in, say, the Recreation Budget or the PW budget would be transferred later to Berchem Moses & Devlin or Kent Miller.

“Our biggest hurdle is a $4.5 million health insurance premium increase based upon our utilization and claims history,” Board of Education co-Chaiman Gavin Forrester said. “We have contacted other carriers but it’s unlikely we will be able to do much better.”