Mulligan Gets His Wish!


Stratford Pension System

Stratford to investigate pensions

Written by John Kovach
Monday, 08 March 2010 22:12

The Town Council Monday night unanimously threw its support behind a call by Mayor John A. Harkins to investigate Stratford’s pension plan.

Harkins told the council that although an auditor could be hired by his office solely under a professional services contract, he wanted their support in terms of the resolution.

Pensions for some retirees have been criticized as “inflated,” and the resolutions talks of an untenable situation.

The good news: Someone is finally lifting the rock and looking underneath
The bad news: We will never hear the end of this from George.


20 Responses to “Mulligan Gets His Wish!”

  1. 1 1george1

    I hope that someone contact the Star and Post, besides myself,
    to have them look and publish information about Captain McNeil’s
    grievance about the highest pension and NOTE the DATE of the
    PENSION and then the DATES of the other alleged activities which
    were alleged to be causal to Captain McNeil’s
    criminal charges

    Which came first?
    Whistle blowing and the grievance?
    Allegations OR “SET UP” causal to “chilling” the grievant?

    Whereas the Fire Department O. T. & Pensions under FEEHAN
    and subsequent FIRE TRUCK SCANDAL about a “NEED” for FIRE
    TRUCKS, bought without BIDS after Mr. FEEHAN was a Councilor
    for almost 9 of 10 years, looks ……………. ????

    The POLICE RANK and FILE and neighboring POLICE and UNION
    O V E R W H E L M I N G L Y supported

    on CHARGES against him AND took a POSITION against ABUSES
    of DISCRETION by RANK personnel makes the Stratford POLICE
    appear, more than H O N O R A B L E, but H O N E S T and
    W I L L I N G to actively work against selfish and less than honest
    S E L F – I N T E R E S T !

    I can NOT know whether Captain McNeil, Soto, or Farmer were
    guilty of a CRIME ???

    I have heard rumors both ways.

    However, there are MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES causal to the
    COMMISSION of a CRIME, whereas a GREATER GOOD and the
    H O N O R A B L E execution of FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION against
    C O R R U P T superiors, can give McNeil, Soto, and Farmer
    “just cause” to attempt to act in the only way to expose the
    “corrupt” within Administration, Town, and Politics.

    This can be a victory for:
    McNeil, Soto, + Farmer, who may be guilty of specific crime, but
    may have “just cause” to force ANY JURY to find NOT GUILTY!

    From what I have seen from Stratford and C O R R U P T i c u t, + USA
    there is a strong possibility at least one of the defendAnts may have
    been manipulated or “did a deal” to manipulate the situation to entrap
    McNeil and a need for at least one more to cover the reprisal angle
    for filing the grievance ……. (pure speculation on my part)

    Yes the Prosecution can move to suppress evidence and limit
    the jury via jury pool.

    However, the Prosecution can be put in a PUBLIC RELATIONS BOX,
    especially for APPEAL!

    Part of my way to help Stratford and Pension Portfilio is to have
    R A T E S have to become extremely high because …..

    Part of my way to help Stratford and Pension Portfilio is to have
    certain ACTS and non ACTS of CT. Legislators and Investigators
    found L I A B L E for misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance
    for causing material and relevant damage to Stratford Tax Payers
    and (union) Pensioners.

    Part of my way to help Stratford and Pension Portfilio is to have
    certain ACTS and non ACTS of USA Legislators and Investigators
    found L I A B L E for misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance
    for causing material and relevant damage to Stratford Tax Payers
    and (union) Pensioners.

    Evidence is clear, plain, evident, overwhelming, and preponderant
    that there are ATTACKS on UNIONISM.

    My specific targeting of political decisions does everything to help
    the UNION CAUSE to portray “E N T R A P M E N T,””C O L O R – of
    the L A W,” and “R E P R I S A L,” not just for C R I M I N A L and
    C I V I L – A C T S, but also for N.L.R.B. filings, which has PURVIEW
    for F R E E – D I S C O V E R Y, as does C R I M I N A L proceedings.

    C I V I L Discovery is easier for McNiel, Soto, + Farmer to control,
    but far more expensive.

    – Jeze please do not move the below, nor above as they are relevant
    and since you named this blog for me, doesn’t that open …. ?

    The DEMONcratic Mironasties and Be UTTER NUTS RepubliCONNartists
    want their cake and eat it, while the NATIONAL RTC Agenda is to
    control labor costs by destroying unionism in order to enslave workers
    and DCF/Familial destruction including Jail/Prison + Parole + Probation
    + Rehab.
    Jailing cost $ 60,000 annually per prisoner >
    Stratford Schools cost $ 11,000 annual per student / fodder
    Which is more humane, intelligent, decent, and cost effective?

    (see Federalist # 79)
    (Control aman’s means of subsistencance and you control his will! )

    I have one finger on each hand for Rockefellers + Bush + Cheney +
    DNC + RNC + European Royal Families, KGB Allies, O. P. E. C.
    petrodictators + Asia/Africa/Hispanic Drug Warlords + etc!

    I am an AMERICAN working man.

    I support the U. S. Constitutions from enemies foreign + domestic!

    I support legitimate Laws, Regulations, Rules, Ordinances, + Unionism!

    I support good pay + good benefits + good retirement + good lives
    of the AMERICAN working women and men, and business owners
    who deserve Milton Friedman’s hypothesis: “permanent income”
    and “theory of rational expectations” and “positive economics.”

    I pick and choose which concepts that he and Keynes and others
    proposed. Unfortunately the USA appears advancing towards his
    theory of “negative income tax.”

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Jeze please do not move the below, nor above ”

    You have your one free pass.

  3. 3 jezebel282
  4. 4 1george1

    Isn’t this “my” site, to post as I please?

    Isn’t that the way it worked, where you move my posts in
    blogs, not directly related, but often rebutting a blogger
    or attempting to show relationships?

    Thank you for the link, which I will copy to the press.

  5. 5 1george1

    The blogger’s hero and surrogate savior John Harkins was
    quoted as stating the Pension is Stratford’s single biggest
    financial issue.

    Yet what have the bloggers posted in this string?

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “Yet what have the bloggers posted in this string?”

    Except for your monologue on drugs, tobacco and unionism, neither have you.
    You have a unique talent for killing conversations.

    But just to get it rolling one more time….

    It has been a common union practice in some departments for those nearing retirement to “bulk up” on overtime for the last two years of their employment. This results in pensions that are ridiculously out of proportion with the actual salary of the employee.

  7. 7 1george1

    Prior to 1995, Stratford did not have a defined benefit program which
    “common union practice in some departments for those nearing
    retirement to “bulk up” on overtime for the last two years of
    their employment.

    – NET RESULT which we also agree:

    This results in pensions that are ridiculously out of proportion
    with the actual salary of the employee.

    – Now contrast definitions and pensions related to comparing:

    defined benefit pension
    defined contribution pension

    Maybe you are the only one willing to debate me?

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “Maybe you are the only one willing to debate me?”

    From time to time. Depends upon your coherence.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    The Wall Street Journal:

    Cuomo Probes Pension ‘Spiking’
    New York Is Latest State to Focus on Jumps in Its Workers’ Salaries on Eve of Retirement


    New York became the latest state to shine a light on the practice of pension “spiking”—big increases in a government worker’s salary just before retirement to boost the lifelong pension payout.

    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Thursday his office was investigating what he called “manipulation” of government workers’ salaries and overtime pay to increase their pensions, which are mostly calculated based on the final years of income. Mr. Cuomo called the moves a burden to taxpayers.

    Spiking, which is legal in most places, has come under increased scrutiny in the past couple of years. As private-sector workers have fallen upon tougher times and have seen their retirement savings shrink, anger has grown over what are perceived to be overly generous retirement benefits for public employees. In particular, six-figure pensions that can result from spiking have drawn headlines.

    California, Massachusetts and Georgia are among some states with bills or proposals pending to ban pension spiking or to make it harder to do.

    Local governments are also moving on the issue. Earlier this month, the board of the Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Association approved a measure that prohibits using increases in pay in the final years of employment to get bigger pensions. The rule only applies to new hires.

    Carroll Wills, communications director for the California Professional Firefighters union, which has about 30,000 members, said his organization is studying the California bill on pension spiking to ensure it doesn’t infringe on collective bargaining rights and doesn’t eliminate legitimately earned retirement benefits. “To the extent the legislation focuses on people who manipulate things to artificially pad their retirement, that’s what reform means, not attacks on the system as a whole,” he said…..

  10. 10 1george1

    “To the extent the legislation focuses on people who manipulate things to artificially pad their retirement, that’s what reform means, not attacks on the system as a whole,”

    This is the obvious target – union workers.

    Anyone who reads my blogs, letters to the editor, political junk, knows
    I have pointed fingers at past Town Committees’ leaders / Lawyers /
    Town Councils – Mayor / Managers / Dept heads – rank.

    Have worker been silent and complicit, to gain benefit?

    However what are motives of the people who GRANT …. ?


    We know the workers’ QUID and they are one set of QUO.
    Hiring – Promotions – Duties – Pay – Benefits –
    Pensions/401/Annuity – Expenses – Parking – etc.

    QUID pro Lawyers
    QUID pro Accountants
    (referral fees from)
    QUID pro Insurance
    QUID pro Construction
    QUID pro Professional services
    QUID pro Venders
    QUId pro hireeees / promoted
    QUID pro

  11. 11 1george1

    I am pro union – legitimate union & workers.

    Not chiefs, captains, & lieutenants who are somehow union
    and not management? Nothing agains the honest ones!

  12. 12 1george1

    Pension meeting tonight, with FEB Market results.

    I expect minor loss in invesments, but portfolio to be under $ 90 million
    from $ 92 million (after $ 7.375 m added) because $ 1.45 million a month
    goes to pension obligations.

    Everyone has expected the market to test 7,000 before the 3rd Q.
    Because everyone expects it, the correction is likely delayed.

    The market rises on bad news and gets killed when no one expects it.

    Health Care issue is rising, across the nation and is crucial to address
    before the jobs creation, because it will be a built in cost.

    Even a terrible Health Care Bill is far better than no bill at all, and I have
    huge problems with what little I know about contrasting views of the bill.

    How does one pay for Health Care if one does not have a job or is under
    employed with virtually no discretionary income, as is the case for far
    too many people.

    The unions will be taking it on the chin, when the counterpoint is,
    WHY DOESN’T the PRIVATE SECTOR still have these free Health Care?

  13. 13 1george1

    Time Bombs

    HEALTHCARE huge mess – baby boomers getting older
    Non viable PUBLIC PENSIONS putting pressure on STATES / TOWNS
    – CA is complete disaster
    FOREIGN DEBT – Greece + Italy + Spain
    INFRASTRUCTURE has deteriorated from roads / rails / wiring
    FACTORY JOBS – union variery – huge losses = more union in government
    than in private sector. Some claim union = mafia?? So that means …. ??

    GOOD JOBS with benefits……

    Baby Boomers can no physically do construction jobs, nor healthcare
    which is badly needed.

  14. 14 1george1

    I was pleased to see a 2 % investment increase in the pension.
    The portfolio stayed over $ 91 million at tonight’s meeting from

    There were 7 issues addressed by the Ordinance Committee.

    Brief presentation on Community Development of annual $ 700,000+
    money for low income and public use.

    Unlike bloggers I attend meetings.

  15. 15 1george1

    I got to Pension meeting late.
    There was a brief meeting of Florek + couple others in Attorney office.

    I asked Tom Murray how he liked his $ 7 MILLION FIRE HOUSE which
    was supposed to cost under $ 2 MILLION.

    Tom turned to fellow Fire Fighter and said if they took a vote 95 % of
    the Staff would want to go back to the old Fire House…
    Tom was rhettorical and got concurrance…..

    Tom broke up everyone when he stated they have a storm drain, where
    the water goes AROUND the DRAIN and then out the rear of the property.

    Dempsey broke up everyone, when he asked

    Dempsey is in a union.

    The other Fireman piped up that the side of the new FIRE HOUSE
    has a major leak (peoples bank side) in one of the walls.

    I suggest they catch and save the water for the next FIRE,
    It got a laugh.
    Dempsey got best laugh will Murray # 2

    I caught a couple of comments from the union guys, which
    showed they respected my attempts to protect unionism
    while at the same time pointing out bad abuses.

    I am catch carp from anti – union people and also people who
    did not think highly about Syl + Ray.

    In certain ways Mirons / Burturlas were far worse than most of
    the old guard, who I believe slid right in with them.

    I was not involved when Ray + Syl were in their prime.
    I completely understand and do not disagree with much criticism.
    Plus they knew some very bad people.

    But unlike the new crew, Ray looked you in the eye and told
    you the (limited) truth. Ray knew his roots, like it or not.
    At times there has been a war domestically.

    Syl fought some unpopular fights and had not forgotten her roots,
    unlike many of the last couple of Town Councils

  16. 16 1george1

    I went to my October blog post and pasted an e-mail sent to
    Mayor / 6-7 councilors, collier, later ben / irene, press, key
    union people and others.

    It awaits moderation?

    I played by Jeze’s rules.
    for a change .. 😉

  17. 17 jezebel282


    As promised I have linked your Town Attorney opinions banning recalls and upholding term limits.

    Term Limits

    Banning Recalls

  18. 18 1george1


    Thank you for linking the above.

    I e-mailed to you, Town Attorney Burturla’s opinion telling
    Town Clerk Pawluk not to issue 3 Referendum Petitions to me.

    2 have merit, which was an intentional trap by me, as I knew:

    1) the PENSIONS would, likely. not be a referendum item, but why not?
    2) to recall Gavin, who just happened to be 3rd District Council where
    I have standing to request recall.
    3) I blieve the 3rd request does not have merit. To be able to go back
    to the prior form of Government, where the second to last paragraph’s
    reasoning contradicts his unilateral decision NOT to issue a petition,
    as he desribed in the paragraph directly above this paaragraph.

    What I wanted Esq. Burturla to do, he did:

    1 – refused to authorize petitions to me for referendums;

    2 – wrote we have a whole new charter and not a revised charter

    3 – wrote we are under the “home rule act”

    4 – wrote we are not under the “special act charter”
    (allows the grandfathered rights)

    This was issued Dec 4, 2008.

    The March 27, 2008 opinion about RECALL to the Charter Revision
    Commission # 2 (headed by Mayor Miron’s / Town Attorney Burturla’s
    Stratford Housing Authority attorney Florek) was directed to CRC #2
    member Jon August, Esq.

    If I were to suggest that there was a plan all along for Burturla to have
    Jon August retained to represent a certain controversial police officer
    I might be derided as a conspiracy nut …. 😉

    And I may be? 8)

    But then what about a certain Mayor Miron agreement, purportedly
    signed well in advance of …..
    uhmm,,,,, what was the date of that signature?

    Amazing FBI sees nothing going on in Stratford, isn’t it?

  19. 19 jezebel282


    Questions on police pensions
    Published: 04:23 p.m., Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    There has been much focus in town on the police pensions. How does a police officer retire on $134,000 a year for life and how does he accumulate such massive overtime? Why was the chief of police not held to account for this? When this individual had overtime of $25,000, were any questions asked by the chief of police?

    Were any questions asked? No, not one question. When an individual makes $125,000 of town overtime in a 12-month period, the rules are not being followed.

    The Stratford Police Union asked many questions. The union even filed several grievances to stop the violations of the contract and Stratford police policies. The chief’s response to all this? Nothing. This was and will be the largest pension ever paid out by the town of Stratford. There are many questions on how this was achieved and who approved the overtime. The contract is clear that all overtime for a captain must be approved by the chief or deputy chief. Can they say they did not know?

    A captain in patrol does not have flex hours. How did this person flex their hours multiple times so he could collect overtime? How does this benefit the town? The Stratford police policy states no officer will work more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period. This patrol captain was allowed to violate the policy multiple times. Why did the former Stratford police deputy chief intervene when I requested training records from Bridgeport Police training division and order the lieutenant in Bridgeport not to release records to anyone without his authority? I received the records and it showed that the captain took the same class multiple times on an overtime basis.

    The chief must be a good steward of his budgeted funds. His failure to act created the $134,000 yearly pension. Contracts are negotiated to protect both employee and employer. The Stratford Police Union made every effort to have the abuses stopped, but we were ignored by the chief.

    A manager at any private industry corporation who allowed this type of flagrant disregard for company policy and contracts would have a serious problem. The chief of police needs to be held accountable for allowing the highest pension in Stratford’s history.

    Joe McNeil


    Stratford Police Union

    Local 407

  20. 20 1george1

    isn’t that a CRIME?

    If there is FRAUD, in calculating hours which is money,
    isn’t that a CRIME?

    If a Police Chief, D/C, and Captain, know there is FRAUD,
    isn’t that a Conspiracy and isn’t that a CRIME?

    If there is a THEFT of TIME, which is MONEY, or of PUBLIC WORKS
    material, isn’t that a CRIME?

    If officials lied on a Police Report, or other sworn materials,
    in order to get a WARRANT, isn’t that called PERJURY and isn’t
    that a CRIME?

    If someone sells 70 items costing over $ 1,000 each and never
    delivers, isn’t that a CRIME?

    I thought police investigated CRIMES and created documentation
    in order to get a WARRANT based on Probable Cause and then
    the US or STATE’S Attorney creates a BILL of PARTICULARS in order
    to get an INDICTMENT?

    Would someone explain the exact process and why what appears
    to be crimes, do not seem to get the same treatment as a teen

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