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The Inevitable Conclusion

Documents show Stratford officials knew of cop’s seizures
By Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER
Published: 09:26 p.m., Tuesday, March 9, 2010

STRATFORD — Documents and audiotapes obtained by the Connecticut Post through the state’s Freedom of Information Act show Stratford officials knew that police Officer Justin LoSchiavo had a history of seizures years before he crashed his cruiser into four cars last June.

Documents also reveal that despite being rejected as a police officer candidate in 2005 because of “medical” reasons — and admissions that he stole town property, smoked marijuana, abused sick days and failed to report income to the IRS — LoSchiavo nonetheless was hired a year later.

LoSchiavo, son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo, was involved in an accident last June 6 when he lost control of his cruiser and crashed into four cars. The accident occurred while LoSchiavo was having a seizure — a medical condition known to Stratford officials and police, but something they initially refused to acknowledge.

It was nearly six weeks after the accident that Police Chief John Buturla confirmed LoSchiavo was having a seizure during the accident, and that it likely caused the crash.

On the morning of the accident, both dispatchers and officers can be heard on the tapes talking about LoSchiavo’s history of seizures, and speculating whether it caused the crash. LoSchiavo’s father, who had already retired by the time of the accident, can also be heard on the tapes identifying himself and asking a dispatcher what happened.

One dispatcher can be heard in a call to Assistant Fire Chief Ellen Murray saying, “One of our police officers, Justin LoSchiavo, has been involved in a car crash,” adding, “He has a history of seizures, but we don’t know yet if that was the cause of the accident.”

A dispatcher can also be heard on the tapes frantically telling the ambulance driver to change his Bridgeport Hospital destination to St. Vincent’s Medical Center because “the family says they are aware of his condition there.”

The files and audiotapes were released late last week as town officials continue to grapple with whether to place LoSchiavo, 31, back on patrol duty after being on “light duty” for six months. They can also dismiss him for a medical condition they believe likely should have precluded the administration of then-Mayor James R. Miron from hiring him in the first place.

LoSchiavo’s maximum 180 days of light duty expired last month under the police union’s collective bargaining agreement, but all parties agreed to extend that four weeks while town officials evaluate a town neurologist’s recent medical report they said was “inconclusive.”

“We have now submitted additional questions to the physician (Dr. Samuel Bridgers in Hamden), and expect to have the information we need shortly,” said Adam Bauer, chief of staff for Mayor John A. Harkins. “We want to assure residents the mayor’s top priorities are public safety and protecting the town from a potentially damaging lawsuit. We need more information from the doctor, as the town attorney’s office continues to evaluate his (LoSchiavo’s) lengthy personnel files.”

Personnel files released to the Connecticut Post raise questions about incidents in LoSchiavo’s past, including:

admitting to smoking marijuana on several occasions.

admitting to stealing town property, specifically grass seed in 2003 from the town’s Department of Public Works, where he was an employee at the time.

failing to provide an up-to-date driver’s license on several occasions — during interviews in Stratford and with at least one of the other eight departments where he applied to be a police officer. Explanations from the applicant ranged from “forgetting” his license to “leaving it at a girlfriend’s house.”

admitting to working “under the table” in previous jobs and not reporting the income to the Internal Revenue Service.

taking sick days when he wasn’t ill in prior jobs, and being late without his supervisor’s knowledge.

The files show that Miron hired LoSchiavo as a police officer on June 1, 2006, despite a warning by Nelson Dinihanian — a former detective assigned to conduct a preliminary background check — that the check he was conducting be discontinued because a town doctor indicated the applicant’s medical condition would place the town and department at risk.

But, without explanation, that didn’t stop the process from moving ahead several months later after Dinihanian had retired.

After last year’s accident, which occurred at the intersection of Stratford and Beardsley avenues with eyewitnesses — including a former nurse — insisting LoSchiavo was in the throes of a seizure, Miron declined on numerous occasions to answer questions raised in the Dinihanian report.

Prior to being hired, however, the town did send LoSchiavo to another town-appointed doctor — which officials said was rare — who cleared him to attend the state’s Police Academy in Meriden.

Subsequently, a May 19, 2006, report from now-retired Capt. Andrew Knapp recommended LoSchiavo be hired. “The main problems relate to medical issues which are outside the scope of this investigation,” Knapp wrote. “The candidate is recommended for employment with reservation for that reason.”

Long sections of the personnel files are redacted, which town officials said came at the request of LoSchiavo.

However, the files also cite several reference letters, including one from a psychiatrist, who strongly endorses LoSchiavo as someone who is good at defusing and moderating disputes. He was also praised after being on the force by Buturla for showing “considerable” compassion to a woman whose husband died in June 2008 after suffering a heart attack while driving and crashing his car.

In a statement released Tuesday, LoSchiavo’s Bridgeport lawyer Jon A. August said his client “provided complete and direct responses posed to him in the course of the interview and hiring process.” August disputed the town’s contention that the most recent medical report is inconclusive.

“The relevant issue is Justin’s fitness for duty,” August said. “That is or will be a medical determination. We have had an opportunity to review a typed, signed report issued by the town’s selected medical examiner. It addresses the medical issues which pre-existed Justin’s hiring and is the subject of the current inquiry. It is our understanding of the report that the town’s doctor is of the opinion that Justin is capable of returning to work as an officer on a full-time basis.

“The town suggests the report was incomplete and lacked clarity. A review of that report would clearly show that it was thorough, specific and complete,” August said. “The medical issue is the threshold issue … the rest is simply a political smokescreen.”

Smokescreen? The only smokescreen here is from Justin’s cigarettes while he’s standing in back of the PD.


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  1. 1 1george1

    admitted to smoking pot?
    admitted to “stealing grass” seed from P.W.?
    I wonder if he thought the “grass seed” was pot?

    Admitted to working under the table and not reporting it to the IRS?

    Stratford POLICE did not notify the appropriate authorities about:
    – pot smoking
    – not reporting income to IRS

    Stratford POLICE did not MAKE AN ARREST to a person:
    caught + admitting driving without a licence?
    admitting stealing P W grass seed?

    related to another police officer Stealing time, but only filed
    a series of grievances, which I have not seen the post, star, or
    others report?

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “but only filed a series of grievances, which I have not seen the post, star, or
    others report?”

    Give Buturla a break. He has been very, very busy persecuting good cops and doling out overtime and light duty to his puppies.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Let us recall who was against hiring Justin Loschiavo.

    Dinhanian (retired), Imbro (paid to retire), Eileen Murphy (fired), Ben Branyan (fired).

    That’s FOUR careers ended just so Justin Loschiavo could collect a paycheck. Did I also forget to mention that Daddy Loschiavo went from Lieutenant straight to Deputy Chief as punishment to Imbro?

  4. 4 mayor2013

    I’m confident he will be “terminated.” The mayor is being thorough. Bravo, well done!

  5. 5 1george1

    I have a limited history with questionable integrity of
    mossman – joe lo – highest pensioner, r burturla, mirons, schirillo, kelly, and others.

    The biggest surprize and disappointment was barnhart and to a degree imbro and
    kelly, who I thought had more ……..

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “I’m confident he will be “terminated.” The mayor is being thorough. Bravo, well done!”

    Me too. What would be shocking is if he allowed Loschiavo to continue to be a danger to himself and residents. This is kind of a no-brainer. Just like LBW, Shakespeare, and Pension fraud. I would have been shocked if any of these Miron-deals were allowed to stand.

    I am still troubled by Harkins failure to act upon the suspensions of McNeil and Soto. Not only is it merely the right thing to do, it is a test of Harkins true character. He is not doing so well on that front.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “Despite repeated inquiries from the Connecticut Post the past two weeks to produce any documentation that recommended LoSchiavo be hired, Miron, Buturla, Police Chief Richard Buturla, Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley and Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom declined comment or did not return repeated calls.

    On Monday, however, Miron produced a May 19, 2006, document on LoSchiavo by retired Capt. Andrew Knapp that recommended he be hired.”

    What is the phrase I am looking for? Oh yeah! “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Mark your calendars: March 23rd is the next scheduled milestone for Justin Loschiavo.

    It will also mark nine full months that Captain McNeil & Lt. Soto have gone without a paycheck.

  9. 9 1george1

    I am starting to get worried.
    I agree with some of Jeze posts.
    Jeze agrees with some of my past positions.

    What is that saying about Hell freezing over?

    Since after the revolutionary War, D.C. only had more than 10″ snow – 13 times.
    This winter 4 times…

    I still worry about Dick Cheney dying and taking over hell from the devil, using chads and money from War – Oil – Drugs to fuel his friends.

  10. 10 phineast

    Here is what I want to know BEFORE March 23, 2010
    Maybe one someone with the knowledge can answer:
    1) When an application is disqualified is there anyone that has to sign off on the fact that the applicant is no longer a candidate?
    2) What happens to a disqualified applicant’s application once disqualified?
    (and I mean applications other than Justin’s)-are they all saved or was it just Justin’s in a re-activation file?
    3) Who has the authority to re-open a disqualified application? Or must the applicant re-apply?
    4) Who has the authority to order another physician’s opinion during the application process when there are already 2 concurring opinions that the applicant is unfit for the position when one of those physicians is the applicants personal MD? Is this standard hiring practice?
    5) Was it standard policy in the town at the time of Justin’s hire that family members ie; his parents be allowed to participate in the hiring practice-or does the familial relationship disqualify them from it?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    I know what the answer to #5 is. Probably #4 and #3 as well.

    James R. Miron.

  12. 12 phineast

    which means he bears the sole responsibility for placing the public in jeopardy and betraying the public trust.

  13. 13 phineast

    Hey George-you are on a first name basis with Erin Brocovich maybe she’ll take the case of George Q. Public vs. James Miron the former mayor for his actions in betraying and abusing the public trust in the deliberate hiring of and unfit individual as a police officer that has jeopardized public safety on multiple occasions for starters….

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Your answers:

    1) No, it is noted in the background that the candidate was not qualified by the Det. in charge of the background.
    2-3) When an applicant is disqualified it is over. They may reapply but most likely would be disqualified for reasons from the first background and would not get an interview to start the process. The steps are Application-testing-interview-background-polygraph-psychological-physical agility in that order. The interview panel rejects applicants for prior problems or what would be seen as a potential problem.
    4) Only the Mayor or HR could order another medical review. It has never been done before or since this applicant. The medical evaluation sited as approval was only for the physical fitness for the academy. The doctors report was distorted to somehow cover the seizure issue.
    5) The parents should have been no where near the process. This was/is a big violation of ethics and police policy. The fact that Joe Loschiavo actually directed a Det Nilan to interview a list of approved people for a second background was near criminal and certainly an ethics violation. There also was an issue of the written test. Linda Loschiavo sent out a notice of a date, day and time for the test. But the date did not match the day. So when 50% of the applicants showed up for Thursday the 27th they were told they missed it because the test was actually Wed the 26th. The applicants complained that the date was wrong on the notice they received because it stated Thursday the 26th not Wednesday. They were told to reapply and there was nothing that could be done. This was done to reduce the number of candidates. There also was a minimum score of 83. HR waived the requirement and said as long as you pass 70 you move on. Justin score was a 70. This was the first time ever the score was lowered.

  15. 15 1george1

    1 – Your questions were good.

    2 – The movie’s name was Erin Brocovich.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Geeze guys, at least spell it correctly:

    Erin Brockovich

  17. 18 phineast

    Jez- thank you for the clear answers. These answers are just one of a million or so things that show just how badly skewed the process was to get Justin in. People need to remember that is was only Miron the moron and the HR dept that allowed this behavior. Hr recommends and the moron approves, the chief is then given his orders. According to our charter the council is not allowed to be involved or influence the hiring of an individual on a personal level-it does NOT address however the firing process. This explains why mommy Lo has been soliciting several council members for sympathy to keep Justin employed or to give him disability….and yes she has the audacity to do it on our dime.

  18. 19 jezebel282


    “This explains why mommy Lo has been soliciting several council members for sympathy to keep Justin employed or to give him disability”

    This also explains why the frustration level with the Harkins administration is so high as well. Linda Loschiavo is still in HR, Justin Loschiavo is still collecting a Town paycheck, Capt McNeil and Lt Soto are still not collecting a paycheck, Kent Miller is still the RR “supervisor” and getting cases from the Town, Cavanaugh still has not apologized to anyone for lying, Buturla is still persecuting good cops and rewarding bad ones, Berchem Moses and Devlin are still billing the Town, Sue Collier has been promoted to acting finance director, Donna Best is still beating up volunteers….

    I know Harkins is a Republican, but I think most of us were hoping for “change we can believe in”.

  19. 20 sudds

    Kent Miller is still the RR “supervisor”

    This is the only change I was hoping for…

    [Sudds] is still the RR “supervisor”

  20. 21 jezebel282


    “This is the only change I was hoping for…”

    Obviously, Kent Miller kisses it better than you. How pitiful is that?

  21. 22 1george1

    Jeze listed her priorities.

    I concur with many of the above list, especially related to McNeil,
    Soto, Farmer. Jez, didn’t you forget making O’Meara whole?

    My priorities are to make stratford more affordable for workers
    and businesses by increasing revenues and decreasing costs,
    increasing transparency and best practices, while protecting citizens’ Constitutional, Civil, and Criminal rights, and protecting among the best
    baskets of municiple services, while redirecting blame to fakers, and
    away from real unionism and workers / businesses financial /QL needs.

  22. 23 mayor2013

    If what you blogged is true – I’m looking for the mother and son to be terminated together, at once, immediately. The mother has no place in that office, that department or for that matter in this town.

    Come on mayor, act on this right now! The mother is an at will employee – no contract, no union – terminate her!

  23. 24 jezebel282


    “Jeze listed her priorities.”

    That was a list of wrongs that require righting. My real priorities are extremely similar to yours. Government (at any level) simply never works properly in the dark.

    “Jez, didn’t you forget making O’Meara whole?”

    Oh there is much more to come relating to O’Meara. And the circle is much wider in that case. Buturla really stepped in it with that one.

  24. 25 jezebel282


    “If what you blogged is true”


  25. 26 sudds

    “Come on mayor, act on this right now! The mother is an at will employee – no contract, no union – terminate her!”

    Didn’t we already have a Mayor who just fired people because he felt like it?

    I, for one, appreciate that Mayor Harkins is (hopefully anyway) taking his time to build a proper case before he just fires someone!!! (don’t we already have enough lawsuits against the town for wrongful termination?)

  26. 27 mayor2013

    This family is bold, arrogant and dishonest. The longer she remains in that office, the more danger and damage she will commit. This is the same woman who kept her son on the town’s health insurance when he wasn’t even employed any longer. She is the employee who approves such payments. When it was discovered by a former finance director back in the early 2000’s or so, through the audit, he asked that she be terminated immediately. Instead, a letter of reprimand was placed in her personnel file. (I’m certain the letter is gone by this time.) But, just think, if she had been terminated, all of this succeeding series of events regarding that family probably would have never occurred. She has been playing games in there for as long as she has been employed. Name another employee whose entire immediate family and some aunts have all had a job with Stratford?????? She is unethical and must leave, either by resignation or termination and she must do so at once!

  27. 28 mayor2013

    And sudds, if the mayor allows this and Susan Collier to continue – well, what can I say? I won’t have to say anything – the mayor will fail and fail miserably.

  28. 29 jezebel282


    “(don’t we already have enough lawsuits against the town for wrongful termination?)”

    Yes we do. And Berchem Moses and Devlin are still billing us for them.

    And just to pound it in a bit more…what employee of the Town would look to HR as a resource as long as the Queen of Fixes is still there?

  29. 30 phineast

    Jez- I think you were posting to George in #24 but thinking of me… should I be flattered? 😉

    Sudds- I agree, but patience and tax dollars are running to thin to wait much longer. There would be nothing wrongful in the termination discussed-there is no requirement of just cause-and in the current financial state a temporary position cut of this nature would be a cost savings–especially with what she has cost the town in alleged improper actions.

    2013-while I agree with posts #27 & 28, I also want to avoid extra legal fees via lawsuits. Knowing how that family operates they will find a way to get a kickback from the attorney fees…… Who are the aunts and what Positions do they hold?????????
    I don’t know if any of you read the Star today……
    I would like to give my congrats! to Lou DeCilio for having the balls to say what we all want to say to miron the moron. Just f’n go away….and stay away…and if choose not to, then we will choose to find a legal way to put you away(jail)….
    Lou, your letter made my day.

    Next I would like to thank John Harkins for his candid letter to the people that was published. I know it is just the tip of the iceberg that he is revealing(some of the writing is now on the wall…) and it is my hope that he reveals the rest so the public REALLY understands the shambles that miron the moron left the town in and how deep of a financial hole he left with his excessive and compulsive spending much of which was geared strictly toward his campaign- much of which was without council authorization and knowledge-a blatant charter violation. I also appreciate that Mr. Ing needs a week or two to begin his employee evaluations in town hall–Here is my plea to Mr. Ing-FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, START THE EVALUATIONS IN YOUR OWN OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stratford can’t afford another minute of what has been happening!!!!!Thankyou.

  30. 31 jezebel282


    “Jez- I think you were posting to George in #24 but thinking of me”

    Yes, well, #22 was short and to the point. I got confused for a second.

  31. 32 phineast

    Was that an insult?

  32. 33 jezebel282


    “Was that an insult?”

    No. THAT was the compliment.

  33. 34 1george1

    I compliment Jeze whenever I reasons to do so.
    Jeze has also complimented me.

    Jeze deserves compliments, often.
    Many bloggers agree with most or many of her view points,
    I agree with some.
    I disagree with many.
    Although I am shy and reticent about …. 😉

    I also compliment other bloggers.
    Occasionally …. 😉

    Often I will comment about bloggers posts.
    Sometimes I simply read and ignore.
    Sometimes I miss the comments.

    There has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of opinions
    in the last couple of months, than a year ago,
    Part of it is new blood among the bloggers.
    Part of it is Miron is gone.

    The Health care debate was very enjoyable to read.
    Partly because of content.
    Partly because it is a relevant national issue into stratford’s lives.

    So far other people have not seen relevancy of some of my posts
    and positions.
    If you read my letter to the editor in the star, it lays foundations

    1 – for debunking the local political posturing,

    2 – for setting up the entrapment aspect from “national” motives.

    I am both an accuser

    and I can provide exculpation, alibi, and mitigation.

    and I can be causal for funding towards making stratford viable and whole.

    If, and only if my conspiracy theory and timetables are correct!

  34. 35 jezebel282

    Thank you, George.

  35. 36 1george1

    MARCH 14, 2010 @ 11:15 pm BLOG
    The next career move post # 36
    by George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford. CT.

    Jeze you are welcome for my cpmpliments and constructive …
    Jeze and others, I would appreciate Feed Back on the below post to see
    if any of you think there are more than co-incidences related to money;
    ideology, compromise (pictures of brothel or gay or infedelity?), + ego.

    George’s invitation to discuss conspiracy theories moved to:

  36. 37 jezebel282


    Justin Loschiavo was terminated today.

    Justice served. Next….

  37. 38 mikereynolds

    I wonder how long until Loschiavo files a lawsuit.

  38. 39 phineast

    Congrats to the citizens of Stratford-finally we have someone looking out for us.

    Justice served? Hardley-not until the mother is gone, daddy’s pension is revoked, McNeil and Soto are reinstated, Burturla and Cavanaugh are gone and moron is in jail. Then justice will be served.

  39. 40 jezebel282


    I may have been wishfully thinking:

    Harkins: New evidence in Stratford cop’s case

    Written by John Kovach
    Friday, 19 March 2010 14:47

    The Harkins Administration announced Friday it has uncovered new evidence while reviewing Stratford Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo’s application to return to active police duty.

    “In the course of determining the town’s legal obligations with regard to the employment status of Officer Justin LoSchiavo, an internal investigation has uncovered new information,” Harkins said in a press release. “While I am legally prohibited from discussing the details of the case, the evidence raises questions regarding the officer’s application for employment with the Stratford Police Department and efforts to return to active duty following the events of June 6, 2009. In accordance with federal law and the oath I have taken to uphold that law, the Town has initiated the required hearing process to allow Officer LoSchiavo to answer questions raised in the investigation.”

    LoSchiavo had an accident while on duty in a patrol car on June 6, 2009. Investigators ruled he had a seizure at the time of the crash, raising questions about his hiring as a police officer.

    He has been on light duty, but the 180 days allowed has expired. He remains on light duty pending resolution of his application for active duty.

    The Town of Stratford is required by federal law to conduct a “Loudermill Hearing” in LoSchiavo’s case to provide him the opportunity to explain or refute information gathered by an employer in the course of determining that person’s employment status. The outcome of the hearing will determine whether LoSchiavo is allowed to return to active police duty, according to Harkins.

    Harkins urged patience from Stratford residents in the matter.

    “The case involving Officer LoSchiavo is legally complex and exposes the Town of Stratford to enormous liability if handled improperly,” he said. “State and federal law are not designed to be expeditious with regard to labor relations. My most important responsibilities as mayor are to protect the public’s safety and shield the taxpayers from unnecessary legal liability. Acting in the best interest of Stratford residents requires me to ensure the town respects due process in all personnel decisions, regardless of the delays that may follow.”

  40. 41 1george1

    At the very least, this gives a degree of “JUST CAUSE” to
    McNeil, Soto, & Farmer.

    I hope they don’t take the easy path and sue the town,
    and sue the right people, as individuals, abusing official

    It is my understanding that at least McNeil wants vindication
    which a criminal trial would do, if found not guilty.
    Plus he and others gets FREE DISCOVERY in criminal case.

    If there is legitimacy in the Justice System, which I doubt,
    the Berchem Malpractice Insurance will cover all Town
    Health Insurnace, reasonable help to the PENSIONS and
    cut the TOWN DEBT …. if people have integrity and balls.

  41. 42 jezebel282

    Gee, I wonder if they will suspend Justin without pay?

  42. 43 1george1

    My guess about suspension is NO.

    “The case involving Officer LoSchiavo is legally complex and exposes
    the Town of Stratford to enormous liability if handled improperly,”

    he said.

    “State and federal law are not designed to be expeditious with regard
    to labor relations.

    My most important responsibilities as mayor are to protect the public’s
    safety and shield the taxpayers from unnecessary legal liability.
    Acting in the best interest of Stratford residents requires me to ensure
    the town respects due process in all personnel decisions,

    regardless of the delays that may follow.”

  43. 44 jezebel282


    “It is my understanding that at least McNeil wants vindication
    which a criminal trial would do, if found not guilty.”

    There is the little matter for McNeil, and to a lesser extent, Soto, of going without pay for the past 9 months, being demoted and suspended before that and all the nice things Miron and Buturla said about him in the meantime.

    If he does sue the Town, we should just write him the check and at least save the attorney’s fees.

  44. 45 1george1

    An unfortunate aspect of “just suing the town” is “appearances,”
    analogous to the Christian Miron law suit.

    There are some people who told me the whole thing is just another
    scam by police for big “pay days.”

    I “KNOW” there are A LOT of very good people in government and their

    I believe Joe McNeil is near the top!
    I know people who grew up with him / his family. NONE says anything bad.
    Even if I did not know people who know Joe McNeil, he carries himself
    the way I would expect an honest and modest person to behave.

    Whenever Rich Burturla was in the Council BULL (s…) PEN within the Town
    Council 1/2 moon, whenever I moved to see and hear better in the front
    row, his hand would rub against his head blocking my eyes from his eyes.

    Florek and Kelly the last couple if months will sneak a look at my eyes and
    then quickly look away.

    They do not carry themselves as if they were innocent the way McNeil
    does. One Stratford cop told me he was over a 20 year vet and SOTO
    was/is the finest cop he ever worked with….. No one has personnly
    talked to me about Farmer.

    These people know I believe they allowed most Stratford problems to
    happened AND I believe they front for people who murdered my
    parents, uncles, gram, niece, and others.

    There are people in government, in the military, and in the police,
    among others who bond themselves and murder for political reasons,
    which unlike personal murder for passion, these are dispassionate
    murders ,,,, not unlike picking a country to go to war like in the Mid
    East, or Asia, or Africa.
    not unlike the Holocaust or genocides of American Indians, and the
    slavery of Blacks in America and genocides / slavery elsewhere.

  45. 46 jezebel282


    Incredible but true!

    LoSchiavo files for disabilty; hearing on his future continued

    Written by John Kovach
    Thursday, 25 March 2010 13:49

    A hearing on the future of Stratford Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo was continued Thursday, one day after he applied for a disability pension.

    Despite the application, Town Attorney Tim Bishop said LoSchiavo had not retired.

    Accompanied by two attorneys and two representatives from the Stratford Police Union, LoSchiavo entered Room 213 in Town Hall shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday for a Loudermill Hearing, at which he would be allowed to refute charges that could lead to his termination.

    LoSchiavo has been on light duty since he had an accident in a patrol car while on duty June 6, 2009. It was determined that LoSchiavo had a seizure at the time, and that his seizure disorder was noticed during his application process, but he was hired anyway.

    Loudermill hearings are held regarding disciplinary action, but not medical issues.

    There was a recess around 11 a.m., when LoSchiavo and his representatives met in a stairwell after waving back the media and closing a hallway door.

    Slightly more than an hour later, the hearing adjourned, to be resumed next week.

    Jon August, attorney for LoSchiavo, said they had subpoenaed the doctor who performed the most recent exam on the officer. That physician had requested time to respond as it met his scheduled. August said it could be sometime next week.

    Bishop said he hoped to reconvene Monday.

    After the hearing is closed, Chief Administrative Officer Geen Thazhampallath has 15 days to make a decision on LoSchiavo’s prior request to return to active duty.

    August said he was unaware that LoSchiavo had filed for a disability pension until Thursday morning.

    Come on, Mr. August…the whole Town knew he would pull that months ago. Just like his daddy before him.

  46. 47 phineast

    Justin filing those papers is an admission that he is unfit for work. Just because he is unfit for work doesn’t mean it is our responsibility. It is time to cut him loose once and for all.

  47. 48 jezebel282


    “Justin filing those papers is an admission that he is unfit for work.”

    I think that was proven on a bright, sunny June 6th day when he CRASHED into five stationery cars (one of them occupied) because he was having a SEIZURE while on duty and driving a patrol car. He was the only one who had to be taken to the hospital because he was having a SIEZURE at the scene.

    Does anyone not get this?

  48. 49 1george1

    Does anyone not get this?

    Jeze, I get it that everything has always been on plan for diversions.

    Similar comparison that by having outrageous issues on the headlines,
    it keeps the biggest issues from being addressed locally and who have
    been in major parts caused by National + State:

    Like LoSchiavo mess, everyone is concentrating on HEALTH CARE and
    JOBS on the NATIONAL LEVEL, instead of the Town Charter, Assets,
    and others locally, and who OWNS Corporate and leverage controlled
    Private America.

    Please: Indulge the below and I dare any one to counter:

    Meanwhile OIL PRICES are DOUBLE the historic doubled highs of 1980s
    and GASOLINE is triple 1998 prices.

    Meanwhile an unnecessary War in Iraq, that would have been over in
    a month had OSAMA BIN LADEN been killed, has increased WAR FACTORY
    PRICES, as well as OIL prices and built up SECURITY, DEFENSE, + POLICE

    Meanwhile the REST of the DJIA tanked and was easily bought up.
    They only need 51 %.

    Meanwhile ex-Communist USSR economy is strong due to EXPORT PRICES
    ENERGY MARKETS = Western Europe

    Meanwhile ex-Communist CHINA economy is strong due to EXPORT PRICES
    of former USA factory products, except AUTOS, which were given to
    Europe + Pacific Rim

    Meanwhile O. P. E. C. OILograchs power is strong due to EXPORT PRICES

    Meanwhile EUROPE ROYAL FAMILIES Wealth is strong due to control of
    the rest of the World being pit against each other.

  49. 50 1george1

    To give you props, I BELIEVE you posted (probably sarcastically)

    1 – Justin would apply for Disability pension

    2 – Christian Miron’s application to Stratford Police and subsequent leak,
    was probably a way to get Stratford Tax Payers to pay off DICK’S life style.

    3 – McNeil, Soto, + Farmer would likely be found not guilty and get huge
    settlements from the Town. I predict they would not be able to get at
    Miron + Burturla + others, and likely part of someone’s plan, which McNeil,
    Soto, and/or Farmer would “likely” be “unwitting and harmed PAWNS.”

  50. 51 jezebel282


    On your 3rd item, I have heard nothing even close to any kind of punitive damages sought by either McNeil or Soto. It is my belief that they simply want to be made whole. In Captain McNeil’s case since his own Laudermill “hearing” he was demoted and suspended. It is absolutely reasonable for him to expect to returned to his well-earned captain’s rank with full seniority and back pay.

    As for Lt Soto, it is equally reasonable for him to receive all of his back pay, time-in and seniority.

  51. 52 phineast

    Jez- actually his unfitness was proved by 2 doctors prior to his being hired-Kunkel and his OWN primary care…it became highly illuminated on 6/6/09.
    Justin has had his disability papers filled in since entering the academy-that was the intention all along. Anyone that has ever met this kid knows that he has no interest in work of any kind( unless it involves raising a beer to his lips)….

    George- the national crisis that are going on were not conspired to divert attention from the Lo family, the issues were around long before they were a spec on the radar.

  52. 53 1george1

    NO PHIN –
    There are similarities in creating diversions from REAL ISSUES.

    First comes vindication and reinstatement.
    Then there is basis for suit for damages.

    Who believes there are direct interwoven relationships among?
    Chris Miron

    Who believes the results of the first has direct influence on others?

    Who believes there was motive to set up __________ ?

    Chris, what do you believe?

  53. 54 jezebel282


    We don’t disagree.

    As for the latest playing of the “disability” card..well, as PT Barnum said, there is one born every minute. Obviously his “back injury” did not prevent him from being at work on June 5th or 6th. And he was certainly nimble enough to try to get away from the Post photographer. It’s about as believable as paying $75,000 for the Deputy Thief’s false teeth. Or perhaps donating to the Loschiavo’s favorite charity: The Loschiavo’s.

  54. 55 mayor2013

    Jez, And we seem to have a several in Stratford. And, the mother of Justin continues to be employed and earning a very handsome salary – and as the HR Assistant – so how fair can these hearings be to the taxpayer. She brags about the fact that “she knows what is going on.” Has anyone checked her medical deductions? I bet she is covering her grandchildren – or should I say, the taxpayers are coverning her grandchildren. IT IS ALL NUTS! And, it appears to be continuing on without any challenge from the administration. What is wrong with this picture!!!!!

  55. 56 jezebel282


    “it appears to be continuing on without any challenge from the administration”

    Sigh…I know. This administration seems to be perfectly happy with the status quo and the same staff that supported Miron in whatever he wanted to do.

  56. 57 cstratct

    I agree with Phin. Not everything is a conspiracy and not everything is connected. You’re trying to create associations where none exist.

    Is that clear enough of an answer for you?

  57. 58 1george1

    Completely isolated post.
    Are there relationships among the police issues?

  58. 59 1george1

    I just watched the Michael Moore movie, “CAPITALISM, a love story.”

    It is not against anything except people who abuse the system,
    and people who derive less opportunities from the system.

    This has been true of every system throughout history.

    And NO not everything is a conspiracy

  59. 60 1george1

    Can A N Y O N E write where we can read Mayor Miron’s campaign
    literature about his PLAN for the SHAKESPEARE THEATER and NOT
    about his postures about the conveniently undefendable HANNEY

  60. 62 1george1

    I read the lead story for Monday night raw.

    In that story, there was no Miron Plan, just arguments about negotiations
    and what is constituted as legal.

    In 6 meet & greets / debates, I only heard Jim Miron rant against the Hanney
    Plan, as Chris does (more articulately)

    I never heard Jim set forward his plan for PUBLIC DEBATE.

    Have you or anyone?

    Do suspended or cut off negotiations count as a plan?

    If I had my Town Attoney do 14 negotiations, do I or do I not have
    enough material to set up a PLAN to COUNTER the Council-Hanney?

    All I heard was Miron knocking the Hanney plan, which is easy to do.

    I would have set forward a PLAN to counter HANNEY’S – COUNCIL and
    shouted it to the WORLD.

    Chris claims NO ONE had a plan.

    I counter there was (likely) a hidden plan and it likely involved DOGSTAR.

    Yes I am splitting hair semantically, because when looking at Lawyers’
    work product, words are the devils in the details.

    I have Chris so infuriated, he can not and will not step back to review.

    Both of you are as stubborn as I am. And Jeze you are as argumentative
    as Chris and I, and as much a wisea.. as Sudds and I.

    It also could be you love reading that Weisel story so much ….
    Gavin calling Miron a “nut”

  61. 63 jezebel282


    “and as much a wisea.. ”


    Miron never really had any plan for anything. Let’s not pretend he actually cared about anything other than wielding power and taking our money.

    I can guess (it’s only a guess) is that the reason he was opposed to the deal with Hanney was that Mike Julian and a couple of Republicans on the Council liked it.

    None of that changes the fact that it was a bad deal. At the end, it was an interest free loan of $3.5 million for 40 years with no collateral or capital requirements for the borrower. There was no business plan, no indication of potential revenue, no promise of quarterly reports, no benchmarks…no nothing. “Here’s $3.5 million. Good luck.”

    As it is Miron plunked a new roof on this decrepit building with no commitment from anyone to do anything.

    At least Christopher was screaming his head off about how bad this Hanney deal was.

  62. 64 phineast

    1st off-Linda being in the HR Dept is a travesty of the worst kind-but I am confident that that situation will be resolved in the very near future because everyday that goes by she proves herself more and more incompetent.

    After a much closer examination of the proposed budget and some intense questioning of the areas with increases and shifts-I now understand why Stratford is in crisis-it is because miron ran the town budget like he runs his personal one-he over spent and exhausted department budgets by deliberately under projecting specific needs to make it look like he spent less for his attempt at re election. For example, let’s use Jez’s pet peeve the T.A. dept. when Harkins walked into the office on Dec. 13, there was no money left in that account to pay the towns legal expenses-miron had already over spent the account–no shocker there to me- but realistically miron deliberately and methodically under calculated-if he won the election he would have blamed the council for not adjusting the amount up and he would have blamed the lawsuits the town is involved in. So what we have is a budget shortfall of more than 1/2 million dollars in that Dept-as well as all the lawsuits that are coming up that were created by the former mayor’s inability to think before he acted. Hence the number you see in the budget that is proposed. No one is happy with the number, not the new Mayor and not even the T.A., but they are being honest and realistic and the number they put forward is sadly correct. Let’s look at something that is apparently a common practice in town and the BOE…if you have a certification that needs to be maintained the town pays for it, lock stock and barrel year after year in both the BOE and on the municipal side. It is a contract negotiated line-is it right that the taxpayers should foot the bill for something that is required to keep the job? Maybe that is a comparison that need to be looked at in the private sector. When you add up all the costs involved in the depts and the BOE that is no small chunk of change. But is a contract negotiated item that has to be included until it is negotiated out. The mayor is hamstrung on this as he is with much of the budget. The municipal side of the budget is fair-but a tad top heavy-which I believe will be corrected once the public and council get to discuss concerns. The BOE side still needs some major work-there are extra curricular activities that need to have financial responsibility shifted to the users before the start their school closing threats. It is unfortunate these are the things that need to be cut but in better times maybe they can be reinstated. Nobody like to tell someone that they can’t have everything that they want, but the reality is many taxpayers are facing foreclosures and band or foreclosure? Football/soccer/marching band is not going to be the priority. Until about 10 years ago Marching band had to pay to play and they still do to a certain extent. They had to pay for everything, buses, instructors, uniforms, instrument-while football and all the other sports teams got a free ride literally-what I am try to do is show you that there is imbalance in the programs and extracurricular-is not part of the curriculum.

    We need to get the Theater moving one way or another. Chris know his stuff when it comes to the theater, that is for sure. Personally, I want to see it up and running and doing some Shakespeare in the summer and some in the winter with other types of things offered in between. I believe that a summer Shakespeare Festival is the way to go and finding other festivals for the other seasons is THE way that we are going to begin to resurrect the local economy along with bringing business and manufacturing back to the tax rolls.
    Miron is gone-and that alone is a huge incentive to come back to town and do business.
    Miron predicted that Harkins would have to raise taxes-because he knew he set it up that way.
    George- the only conspiracy that I believe was in town was between the LO family/Miron and Buturla, and the former mayor trying to find ways to funnel money to his father to keep him out of jail. Jez is right moron was on a power trip stonger than any acid he may have allegedly tried.
    Personally, I think the rest is a stretch even for you.

  63. 65 jezebel282


    “So what we have is a budget shortfall of more than 1/2 million dollars in that Dept-as well as all the lawsuits that are coming up that were created by the former mayor’s inability to think before he acted.”

    Unfortunately, the line item is “salaries/fees”. If it were for settlements the proper place would be “contingency” or “liability”. The suits that are pending for labor issues should probably be settled forthwith. Given Miron’s penchant for firing it is very unlikely he did so with valid or legal reasons. The only case that should be fought is Christian Miron’s “defamation” suit and whatever legal fiction Justin Loschiavo comes up with.

    “Football/soccer/marching band is not going to be the priority.”

    Cutting these programs might make some seniors feel like there is belt tightening, but a more effective solution would be reducing the number of assistant principals and freezing the remainder’s salaries.

  64. 66 phineast

    Jez you are not entirely correct on the legal stuff-there is a lot more there than you realize, once you realize exactly what those “fees” entail you will understand….call the office and speak to the TA-not to the secretary-she is a “Buturla is God” devotee and has a tendency to share info that should not be shared with the wrong people(the lo’s).

    While I agree with your comment about the assistant principals those are contract issues that must be negotiated this year. Feel free to express your opinion to the BOE members.

  65. 67 cstratct

    George, you give yourself far too much credit with respect to your “effect” on me. You are the one who continues to beat the conspiracy drum on a dead deal.

    The new administration and Town Council appears to be moving in the right direction. I did what I felt was the right thing to do at the time. I also admitted my mistakes and apologized for my behavior at the June meeting. But I don’t apologize for getting involved and making sure that people were aware of the details of a bad deal.

    But here’s something to keep in mind: None of this was about you. If you think I’m “infuriated” because of you, the joke’s actually on you.

  66. 68 1george1

    Chris, you got me to smile

    Part of this became about me when:
    1 – You (multiplee) insulted me personally;
    2 – Disparaged my attempts to make people aware as CREDIT HOGGING
    (my term) or falsely claimed I claimed to be SOLE SOURCE (whereas I
    look at as trying to establish credibility and informative on town issues);
    3 – Effectually called me a LIAR (many issues);
    4 – Effectually claimed I am the ONLY person who believes there are
    5 – more

    Whatever the administration does, it will be in concert with the
    desires of the Town, State, and National parties / goverment.

    NO ONE in GOVERNMENT OFFICE does whatever he / she wants,
    without carefully paying attention to the support system-people.

  67. 69 mayor2013

    Jez you are not entirely correct on the legal stuff-there is a lot more there than you realize, once you realize exactly what those “fees” entail you will understand….call the office and speak to the TA-not to the secretary-she is a “Buturla is God” devotee and has a tendency to share info that should not be shared with the wrong people(the lo’s).

    Then, god damn it fire her – she is another appointed non-union person. See, this is the kind of stuff that upsets so many people. Why doesn’t the mayor discharge her and Lo??????

    Tell me Phin, you seem to be in the know…..why is this allowed???

  68. 70 jezebel282


    Gotta go with 2013 on this one.

    “once you realize exactly what those “fees” entail you will understand”

    We are talking about a Town Budget here. Should we have to guess or search out the one or two people in Town that might know? Shouldn’t it be, you know…clear?

    John Harkins has a degree in Public Finance. If he can’t tell the difference between “salaries/fees” and “liabilities/contingencies” I think his parents deserve that tuition money back. And we deserve a Finance Director that does know the difference. I’m just not buying it. $1.5 million is worth some details.

  69. 71 phineast

    The son is protected by a union contract and the law…so they are going by the book-they have too. The union members are embarrassed that they have to represent him because they want him gone too–no one wants him as a back up.
    The public doesn’t want him as a first up…..
    We have a new HR person in town that has just finished the budget process and is now ready to move on to doing what miron failed to do…evaluations of the T.H. staff.
    I have been told that many have been paying very close attention to what the mother has been spending the town time doing…I’m talking about her co-workers that are reporting to management-they can’t stand her either-her actions have “cast the shadow of shame” over town hall for far tooooooo long and according to people that have to deal with her on issues on a regular basis she doesn’t do a good job….lots of errors etc….A guy I know retired 15+years ago and he received an improper bill for his health insurance–he had to hire a legal beagle to get her to fix it and now he wants his money back for the legal beagle…she should have to have it deducted from he salary -the taxpayers should have to pay for that. She doesn’t have time to do things that are important but she has plenty of time to do things she isn’t supposed to do-like process her own kid for hire.
    The question is why was any of this ever allowed?????????????? I have confidence that Mr. Ing will be professional and do what is in the best interest for the town, very soon-so far he seems very professional. Time will tell-

    Jez-Harkins knows the difference-very well-I suggest you ask him directly about the numbers-when you find out what is in them for lawsuits against the town(strictly from miron’s time and actions) you will have heart failure-for every motion in court there is a fee. Call Harkins or Bishop and ask them-put the nitro-tablets on the table first though. Also don’t forget this year all 6, count them, 6 contracts are up and time is part of the negotiation process-unless we get lucky and they all sit down at once-but not likely………….

  70. 72 mikereynolds

    I haven’t weighed in lately but…

    Having been a reader of this blog for quite some time one of the over-riding themes has been the outrage over Mayor Miron’s flagrant firing of so many people with little reason or due course. The outrage was well deserved.

    We have a new mayor now. And what is he receiving criticism for? For not firing people fast enough. You can’t have it both ways. Let the man do his job. I know John. He is not going to make impulsive decisions based on anyone’s opinions; especially from municipal leadership experts found on a blog.

    Now some of these people that our folks here maintain should be fired immediately are “at-will” employees and according to our folks here means they can be let go at anytime for any reason. And these people would be correct.

    However, have any of actually worked in HR or in any management role?

    At no company I have worked for or been a manager at can you just fire someone outright. At-will, union, or otherwise. Any HR manager/director worth a penny will tell you that you still need a reason…you need paperwork…you need something to backup the firing of an employee.

    And especially in our little town you better have your ducks in a row before you fire someone because filing a lawsuit seems to be a birthright.

    If you recall many of you screamed outrage over the amount of the town attorney line item in the proposed FY 10-11 budget. Rightfully so but go ahead and start firing people and we’ll see how much that number increases.

  71. 73 mayor2013

    You simply exercise your right of appointment – no court, labo board or otherwise can find against you. If you are “at will” you are “at will.” You can be an outstanding employee such as Elaine O’Keefe, former award winning Health Director – she was an “at will” employee and every labor lawyer she visited told her the charter was clear – the mayor could terminate you with no reason. And, for the record, Miron never gave her a reason – just wanted to take the Health department in another direction. And, sadly she was gone.

    And, for the record Mike, I have been a high ranking management employee for most of my adult life.

  72. 74 mikereynolds

    And most people will leave it at that and accept it.

    But there are a few leading candidates for firing in this town that have been spoken about frequently here that we all no just won’t leave it at that and accept it.

    Hence that very high town attorney budget that everyone hates so much.

  73. 75 phineast

    Mike-you are correct–I have confidence that John and Mr. Ing will do the right thing. One thing you need to realize is the public has a right to point out what we perceive as PROBLEMS and yes, even OFFER a solution. The mayor doesn’t have to listen, but it behooves him to at the very least listen and investigate with people that are credible-not people that are golf buddies of Buturla. If someone calls and say Mr. Mayor we have a pot hole on this road that is going to swallow a car if you don’t fill it in..he sends out someone to be sure there is a pot hole then fix it in the name of public safety. So if a taxpayer calls and says Mr. Mayor we have a problem that we noticed-two of your employees conspired and hired their own son and in doing so corrupted the hiring process. It would be appropriate to have someone investigate the situation that doesn’t have a conflict of interest like the former mayor and Buturla boys did…. we have seen what happens when a politician doesn’t listen to the people then lies to cover it up… He gets his ass kicked in the election.
    I don’t think Harkins is the kind of guy to take things lightly. He does pay attention and that is a good thing. You are correct, he is thoughtful in his approach and really wants to be sure it is done correctly to prevent further problems and expenses. I would rather him take his time and load the bases and then smack the ball out of the park with a real keeper of a home run than to rush and make an error dropping the ball. We had 4 years of dropped balls and bad publicity because of it. I am willing to try Mr. Harkins approach….

    You are right about the “leading candidates” and their mind set…..anything they can make others pay for they will under any guise at their disposal…..even a cruise.

    One thing Mike-on this forum we do have the right to express our opinion and vent our frustration–sometimes creative solutions are borne from that very type of discussion. I’m glad you weighed in…it is always interesting when you do.

  74. 76 mikereynolds

    Phin…vent away. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I agree with you.

    But its hypocritical for some to rail against a mayor for firing people outright and then criticize another mayor for not firing people outright. As I said before you can’t have it both ways.

    I believe Mayor Harkins will take his time to assess the situation and come up with a viable course of action. He’s been in office since the beginning of December. Let’s give the man some time. It took Miron 4 years to screw this town up. Its going to take more than 4 months to fix it.

  75. 77 1george1

    You have posted very reasonably.

    To each,
    I have bever been a fan of MironS – BurturlaS and some of their DTC,
    However, they do what the party tells them to do.
    The same is true for a larger circle in the RTC, who are actually far worse
    than Mirons / Burturlas on fiscal irresponsibility and fiduciary obligations.

    I have placed one of Fredette’s quotes often on the blog:
    “Hey! This IS Stratford.”

    Another quote when talking about Lawyers in town, generally ….
    “They are all w…..s”

    Another quote about the DTC + RTC.
    “They are all Puppets….”

    (I do not except myself, nor Fredette from being puppets or Pawns
    on someone else’s chess board.

    In reading the CT POST about the Botti-Lauretti allegations, isn’t it
    strange that Botti was charged as a CONSPIRATOR and NO ONE ELSE
    was named as a COCONSPIRATOR?

    Hey Chris and others, when I write about Conspiracies … I make it known
    that I believe there are far more than ONE PERSON.

    What kind of a Conspiracy is charging only 1 PERSON?

    The Justice Department had all kinds of tapes, yet appeared to play
    nothing incriminating by Lauretti.

    Why was this even bought to Trial?

    The FBI had the Stratford Russian brothel and no JOHNS / minimal scandal?

    The FBI got ROWLAND, GANIM, & NEWTON, but let FABRIZI walk and gagged
    the guy who wanted to spill more……?

    It appears the FBI either is
    1 – conspiring with others
    (ergo at least there is more than 1 person)

    2 – after bigger fish

    I have a very credible source who told me the FBI is looking closely
    at Stratford.
    And I have made it clear I have NO RESPECT for certain people in the
    FBI or JUSTICE or certain other Government officials.

    I respect the Constitution and legal laws of the USA.

    I believe there are RANKING people EXTREMELY HIGH RANKING
    people pulling the puppet strings in Stratford.

    As bad as the MAFIA is, they are not hypocrites.
    They do not murder by cowardly sophisticated means like POISONS and
    NOR do they work by TIME TABLES.
    NOR do they work / act assiduously by SCRIPT.
    NOR do they have a universal and SIMPLE CODE PAD for clues.
    NOR do they use ULTRA sophisticated TECHNOLOGY.
    NOR do they implant and embed War Gamed + plotted messages within
    friendly extremely media.
    NOR do they have the same access around the world to impregnable

    At the top of any group are people who get other people to do what
    ever they want to get done. See Federalists Papers # 4 + # 10.

  76. 78 jezebel282


    “Jez-Harkins knows the difference-very well-I suggest you ask him directly about the numbers”

    I did (you know Jez better than that, don’t you?). And yet here we are debating legal salaries and fees. It is reflective of the “answer” I got.

    Lawsuits are public record, by the way. If you check, there appear to be no new lawsuits filed ( Civil fee greater than $2,500 in demand: $300 ea. ) no new jury seated ($425 ea.) and very few new motions ($125 ea.).

    Fees are not secret either. Nor are they exorbitant. Berchem Moses & Devlin’s (who we are still paying) favorite tactic is to pepper the court with useless motions while billing their own client for the work.

    BUT…that is not the point, is it? The point I was making was that Harkins promised transparency and a clean government. $1.5 million for salaries/legal fees with no annotation or explanation is not a good start. Maybe you will take it upon yourself to call Mayor Harkins and receive some sort of private explanation which you may or may not share with us.

    That is unacceptable. It should be a public explanation and on the record. It is our money. I have repeatedly requested something on the record that we can all debate. Yet, here we are.


    “And what is he receiving criticism for? For not firing people fast enough. You can’t have it both ways.”

    Actually you can have it both ways. Miron took real pleasure in firing anyone who slightly disagreed with him. We lost talented, dedicated and award winning employees. Mostly to other municipalities and organizations (Elaine O’Keefe is doing excellent work at Yale New Haven) and most of the others are productive for someone else. He replaced them with…well, anyone who swore the oath of allegiance to Miron. It is time to bring professionalism back to Stratford. We certainly don’t need graduates of the Waterbury School of Corruption or administrators that are being sued by the IRS.

    You can’t build an ethical and efficient organization with corrupt and incompetent staff.

    George – nothing kills a debate faster than one of your posts.

  77. 79 phineast

    Mike-the BIG difference here is Miron fired people to make political payments. The people he went after did not have a history of being unfit for the job or lying to the public or stealing from the town. The people that the taxpayers want gone are the ones that are in place that have done those things and created an atmosphere of such public distrust that it is compromising the safety of the residents. Those are the people that need to go-we need to put the trust and respect back in this community-can’t do that with an unfit officer, with a corrupt portion of HR, and major issues surrounding the police and fire chiefs. That is the bottom line.
    Until the debris is cleared we can’t rebuild. Notice I didn’t say anything about Mo from PW? He hasn’t done any of those things so he isn’t in the crosshairs of the public eye, same thing with Lisa Pippa. So you see it is not everyone-just the people that have grossly abused the public trust. Making those decisions will put Harkins light years ahead of Miron if he bases his hires on qualifications and experience and not on politics, which is what he has done so far. If you remember he told everyone that he would make an assessment and no one would lose a job based on politics that included the former mayor’s cabinet. He didn’t fire those people-Miron did.

  78. 80 1george1

    Gavin pointed out in an earlier post that I had a better attendance
    record at meeting than some of Miron’s staff, specifically P W Mo
    McCarthy. The new Council is not happy with his NO SHOWING @
    Buildings & Neeeds. It is only 1 night a month.
    Mo is in crosshairs, of some people.
    Not necessarily with the Public.

    Police and Fire have had the highest visibility.

    They also have by far the most
    O. T.

    In Harkins state of the Town, he mentioned outsourcing to private
    sectors, but did not state where?

    Town Attorney needs opposite of outsourcing to reduce costs.
    PW – We can lose “free” garbage pick up & more.
    FIRE – there are people who want similar to Shelton. Not me.
    POLICE – I do not want Black Water

    If writing the reality of situations is killing a debate about the way
    things could and should be, I fell badly.
    However, the political parties pick the volunteers they want and
    leave out all of the other people who volunteered.
    It is an “inconvenient truth.”

  79. 81 mikereynolds

    “George – nothing kills a debate faster than one of your posts.”

    Hilarious. Great way to start the day.

  80. 82 1george1

    Mike if you want to start up again …..
    You are entitled to your opinion.

    Facts are that:
    > some bloggers have agenda – personal benefit at the tax payers costs
    > some bloggers may be criminally inclined
    > some bloggers have legitimate different political views.

    Mike, your more recent posts have been far superior to your initial posts.

    While people can deride my political opinions and facts, after a period of time
    they are often proven true.

    There are some people that believed the world was flat.
    (despite the shadows on the phases of the moon)

    People believe what they want to believe.
    People believe what they were taught, despite the fact that sometimes
    what they were taught was proven to be wrong.

    Oh – I:
    – have been wrong before.
    – will be wrong again.
    – try to build on ideas.
    – try to inform.
    – attend meetings and talk to wide range of people.
    – help some of the newer people be aware of process + facts + past
    – do not make money – nor seek appreciation
    – am willing to confront issues and people who are bad for the town
    and who hurt people

    – am willing to debate politics, and am flattered that my post can kill
    debates, since I interpret that as Jeze CONCEEDING I am CORRECT? 😉
    Ergo – there is no need to continue a debate….? 8)

  81. 83 jezebel282


  82. 84 jezebel282

    Back to the subject:

    Justin Loschiavo’s employment with the Town was terminated effective immediately.

  83. 85 1george1

    Things can now get even more interesting.

  84. 86 phineast

    Now it is time to go after those that allowed this to happen in the first place…they used their jobs to betray the public trust for personal gain. Make an example of them, use the new law to revoke (at best) or shrink thier pensions and force them to make restitution to the town for the wasted money on training, salary and bene’s that he should have never received. The gloves are now off and the gauntlet has been thrown down…demonstrate zero tolerance and make the message loud and clear.

  85. 87 phineast

    George- Mo makes choices like every one else. If he chooses not to show at a meeting that he is supposed to be at then someone should be following up as to why and let the Mayor’s office or the HR director know. If he wants to be out of crosshairs then all he needs to do is his job and do it well. Too many good hard working people are looking for jobs that are qualified and fit to do the job-so if you want to keep it you perform. If you don’t care, then leave or get the escort.
    Justin got the escort because he shouldn’t have been there in the first place, he did a poor job when he wasn’t out “sick” or “injured” which I believe were all lies with the exception of the seizures…..time for the people to be reimbursed by him and his parents for the fraud they perpetrated on the town.

  86. 88 jezebel282


    “If you don’t care, then leave or get the escort.”

    You mean like if you were the Fire Chief or Police Chief and left town to go home in a snow emergency?

    Or maybe not maintaining school grounds because Miron was mad at Irene Cornish?

  87. 89 phineast

    Jez- You might have jumped the gum a bit—read the article that says they have 15 days to decide……

  88. 90 jezebel282


    My source is impeccable. Termination effective today. Done deal. It’s not nice to lie on applications.

    Gee, I wonder which person in HR approved that application? Any guesses?

  89. 91 phineast


  90. 92 mikereynolds

    Are you sure??? You jumped the gun last week.

  91. 93 1george1

    I do not like anyone being fired.

    Otherwise, I definitely agree about people who were responsible
    having to compensate the town.
    Democratic, Republican, and other people.

    Further I would like officer O’Meara to be whole as well as McNeil,
    Soto, and farmer, if everyone was innocent or justified …….

    I would like officer O’Meara ro be healthy and back on the Stratford
    police force,, as well as others.

    I definitely agree about people who were responsible having to
    compensate the town. Democratic, Republican, and other people.

  92. 94 jezebel282


    “Are you sure??? You jumped the gun last week.

    You are correct. I did. The Laudermill hearing had been delayed and rescheduled and then, of course, the doctor’s testimony was demanded. I had assumed the outcome was inevitable. Which it was, just not on that day.

    But again, my source yesterday is, well…pretty damned good. Terminated effective immediately.

    Here’s the fun part: Justin and his parents will probably make all kinds of noise about the unfairness of the process (never mind 10 months of injured on duty/light duty), the disciplinary write ups, low test scores, lying on the applications, extension of light duty… They will claim whatever they can think of. Harassment, hostile work environment, disability, discrimination, paper cuts, measles, whatever.

    They will ask for union representation and arbitration or threaten some ridiculous lawsuit. But FIRST they have to ask the Union President for help: Captain Joseph McNeil.

    Remember Joe McNeil, Deputy Thief?

  93. 95 phineast

    Jez- if he is terminated, the union is no longer under any obligation to even answer the request.
    I am hoping you are correct and we will begin to see the start of the “removal of debris” from miron’s term. We all would like to have things move quicker, no question about it, but I don’t want them to have a snowballs chance with any trumped up claims. Next step is to ban the parents from all non public areas in town…in accomplishing this you have to take the next steps toward justice.

  94. 96 jezebel282


    “Jez- if he is terminated, the union is no longer under any obligation to even answer the request.”

    Wouldn’t that be nice? But unions tend to represent terminated employees all the time.

    Banning the Deputy Thief from the PD would be up to Chief John Buturla. You think that is likely? He’s a huge part of the problem, not the solution. We are STILL stuck with him, you know.

  95. 97 1george1

    I believe in legitimate unions, who are advocates to protect workers jobs
    and to negotiate for the best possible contact for pay, benefits, & pensions.

    Conversely, I do not believe in abuses management or unions.

    Unionism grants due process and protections that non union and contactors,
    do not have.

    Courts & NLRB will defer to the exhaustion of grievance arbitration process.

    Analogy to explain process:
    My Southport USPS in 1980s was merged with Fairfield USPS which was a bit
    larger then Stratford police union. Back then National and Regional Unions
    were trying to force unions our size to the Regional Rep, who was using me
    to cost our merged local union to merge with his union so he could take
    $ 30-40,000 union dues, towards his pay.

    In the USPS – NALC, it was the regional rep who was the NALC arbitration

    The NLRB expected my to file against the NALC union.
    I refused.
    The USPS caused the problem.
    The USPS + NLRB were under Reagan and anti workers rights.
    USPS had also set up an anti-semetic trap as all key people were Jewish.
    Regional Rep
    National Law firm
    USPS Labor Relations
    NLRB Regional Manager
    Both of the Arbitrators

    I learned I was regarded as fat, happy, and dumb for not filing against
    the union, by these people and local organizations (Ancient Orders)

    I also watched after termination the reactions of those order’s
    K of C
    Business groups

    I realized everyone was being manipulated, since I had seen this situation
    before with the USPS harassment of my father, a decorated WW II combat
    Veteran in the Phillipines.

    I had been entrapped with “NO WAY OUT.”

    Everyone was given their agenda and I and coworkers were meat.

    I quietly tried to use my Constitutional Rights within the system and had
    sworn to find the abusers.

    NOW, it the LoSchiavo case, there are elements to continue to try to
    destoy unions. The above post note the situation’s irony.
    I believe the LoSchiavos have different loyalties and integrity than I.
    I believe the LoSchiavos have different loyalties and integrity than McNeil,
    Soto, & Farmer.

    What happens when all the UNIONS and WORKERS RIGHTS are stolen?

    What happens when Town process to INITIATIVE for PETITION to redress
    Grievances to Government are stolen?
    * Jeze has Burturla’s opinion on the Town Charter to NOT issue 3 petitions
    to me for Referendums! I wanted the request to be denied & opinion in
    writing. It is part of a process to destory the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
    * The end game is to turn the Republic into an empire and to use short
    term greed and ignorance of Lawyers, Be UTTER NUTS, Political elected
    and appointed, to work against peoples interests and too late they will
    ASK …..For whom the BELL TOLLS …….?

    Jeze, if my other posts were bummers about debates … save this one
    for just a couple years down the road, when ignorant militias and police
    are pit against each other, the way the Tea Party was taken over …

    The LoSchiavos and the like have gotten and will get pieces of silver.
    Eventually, some people may realize what they did, and turn to the

    Anyone think this decision will be accidental related to the timing of

    Those in highest governments hate JEWS, CATHOLICS, CHRISTIANS,
    CHINA, ORIENT, and ANY groups they will first BUY and then … BETRAY.

    Look to the FLAG of the

  96. 99 jezebel282


    Mike, remember…you heard it here first!

    BREAKING NEWS: Officer LoSchiavo fired

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 31 March 2010 09:47

    UPDATED: 10:20 a.m. Wednesday

    Stratford Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, who hit a car while having a seizure on duty in June, 2009, has been fired for making false statements.

    Mayor John A. Harkins announced the termination Wednesday, one day after a hearing on the future of LoSchiavo’s employment adjourned.

    In a statement, Harkins cited “multiple violations of Section 2.1 of the Stratford Police Policy Manual,” including: “integrity,” “conduct unbecoming of an officer” and “attention to duty.”

    Harkins said LoSchiavo made “deliberately false” statments in his application to return to active duty, which were uncovered during an investigation by Human Resources Director Ronald Ing.

    “Mr. LoSchiavo was afforded due process to answer the charges against him in accordance with federal law,” Harkins said in a statement. “In the course of these proceedings, he willfully admitted to engaging in the misconduct alleged by the town.”

    Jon August, attorney for LoSchiavo, questioned a process in which his client was informed of his termination some six hours after the hearing concluded. August said LoSchiavo was called and told he was fired shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    The statement from Harkins said the termination is effective March 29 — one day before the final session in a Loudermill hearing on LoSchiavo’s future.

    Wednesday, March 31, would have been the fifth anniversary of LoSchiavo’s employment, August said, “which arguably would have entitled him to additional benefits.”

    “I’m suggesting the timing is certainly not without thought,” August said.

    Further questions by August regarding the process include the use of the chief administrative officer, an at-will employee of the mayor, as the hearing officer.

    “The fellow seemed to provide everyone with due process,” August said, adding that some “partiality” could be inevitible.

    Shortly after the hearing adjourned, CAO Geen Thazhampallath told reporters that he had 15 days to render a decision, and that there could be a “spectrum” of possible disciplinary options.

  97. 100 mikereynolds

    What has Vegas put the over/under line at on days until a lawsuit by Loschiavo?

  98. 101 jezebel282


    “What has Vegas put the over/under line at on days until a lawsuit by Loschiavo?”

    I can’t find a bookie willing to give me any odds.

  99. 102 1george1

    To go to my “C – theory” and “timetables” for “smoke & mirror” “diversions:”

    Interesting that planning and operations could easily look at the contract
    and a several year calendar to have this whole thing terminated on the eve
    of passover, IF it was a planned canard?

    Admitting guilt to actions which could and should result in arrest?

    Anyone want to give the over/under THAT will NOT HAPPEN?

    This is another of the UNIQUE political science fiction Stratford acts,
    which even the Marx Brothers or Mel Brooks would deem implausible!

    Every thing in each of the messes are so neatly packaged, so as to
    create legal contortions which hog headlines.

  100. 103 jezebel282


    “to have this whole thing terminated on the eve of passover, IF it was a planned canard?”

    Are you saying the Angel of Death was at the hearing? It would hang together better if Justin was first born.

  101. 104 jezebel282

    In a normal world, Justin Loschiavo would have simply resigned. He could move on to whatever career (maybe not airline pilot) he chose to without having to explain to every potential employer why he was terminated. It is perfectly OK to say “I didn’t like it and resigned”. It is certainly better than “I crashed into 5 cars because I was having a seizure and that’s why I lied on all of my applications.”

    But…he has Joe and Linda for parents.

  102. 105 1george1


    I just report facts, circumstances, and opinions.
    I am not the one writing the script.

    If what I read about Justin is true, he probably has a career
    available as a USPS supervisor.

    This is a mean thought and I apologize in advance?

    Maybe there is a market for human crash dummies? 😉

    If Jim and Dick Miron and certain others, probably myself included,
    were to be CHARITY TARGETS for FALLING into WATER if people could
    hit a TARGET with a SOFTBALL, I suspect we could raise enough money
    to pay off the BUDGET SHORTFALL? 😉

  103. 106 phineast

    Jez-re: post #96…I actually believe that it is up to the Mayor to “secure” police head quarters. If the chief disobeys the order then he would face dismissal. It could be relatively simple, anyone who is not a full time police officer on the current roster of active duty should not have a key fob or access to secure areas without an escort and the permission of both the chief and the mayor’s office. It is kind of like having to get security clearance at Sikorsky. Not an impossible task, but damn inconvenient for those who want to slip past the “guard” and destroy records or alter computer data….

    As for the union–they now have the right to choose-just because unions regularly represent fired individuals doesn’t mean they have to-it can be case or contract specific or a membership decision. If they want to wash their hands of him they just might have the opportunity, and if the membership is smart they will be checking into it 5 minutes ago so to speak, as Justin and his family will find a way to take all the union’s $$$$$$$$$$$. Better to head it off and save it for McNeil/Soto who are deserving of the help.

    It is unfortunate for Justin to have been fired on TV. There is no getting around that one, ever. Unfortunately when you listen to people that are felonious at heart as he listened to his momma and daddy, that is what you get. The saddest part is this guy may have actually been able to be a productive part of society if he had honest and ethical role models. I still sit here in amazement that supposed loving parents would encourage and put their son in such jeopardy-not only physical jeopardy but the emotional jeopardy—this is going to be pretty hard to come back from and be a productive part of society and not a blood sucking leach like he has been taught to be. This is one bender he may not return from.

    Even his attorney said he got more than a fair shake.–he certainly got more than Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto.

  104. 107 jezebel282


    “As for the union–they now have the right to choose-just because unions regularly represent fired individuals doesn’t mean they have to”

    I don’t disagree…much. The problem is that Local 407 has an elected president that is too damned honest and thinks that everything should be fair. You know, kinda like Errol Flynn in tights but with a badge.

  105. 108 phineast

    Doesn’t mean they will put any effort into a grievance. The other grievances didn’t do anything to help anyone, that is for sure.

    They should just let him go……he is no longer a contributing member…….

  106. 109 rex525

    jezebel282- “You know, kinda like Errol Flynn in tights but with a badge”.

    Jez, I believe Joe McNeil is straight though.

  107. 110 1george1

    I walked into a pension board meeting in January or February, a little late.
    Across the room, sitting next to each other, were Mayor Harkins and Capt
    McNeil, who had been obviously comfortable next to each other.

    Many people love or like and respect Mayor Harkins and Capt. McNeil.

    They appear to be very solid and decent.

    Conversely what do they know about all of the things which happened in
    Stratford politics over decades. What have they done about it? What will
    they do about it?

    Stratford’s political history places mud on everyone.

    The NO BID FIRE TRUCKS places anything moving forward.

    In general, political science fiction creates scapegoats for illusion

  108. 111 mayor2013

    As always, you are “spot on.” His parents encouraged all of this upon their son. However, it is how the Loschiavos have operated their entire lives. Anyone who might want to go digging into their lives from beginning to end would see what a dysfunctional parental operation is like. The parents lied, connived, cheated, wheeled and dealed and used the town of Stratford for their base of operation since day one. And, except for this conclusion – they have always been successful and made no bones about bragging about it.

    I say, well done to the mayor and his CAO. Of course, it is not over, but at least the town has begun to stand up to employee theives and draw a line in the sand.

  109. 112 1george1


    As a former union steward, I never quit on my former workers, fired or not.

    The same as every person should have competent attorney representation
    in law. the same is true for labor representation.
    Beyond decency and fiduciary obligation there are legal and financial obligations
    with the NLRB and COURTS as future remedies for union members.

    Ironic that good union people are easily abused and sychophants have leverage
    of people who want to destroy honest labor rights, benefitting them.

    When I read this blog and know some of the writers are police, I wonder
    if people understand concepts of enlightened self interest, Constitutional
    (and Bill of Right) parameters, and ever ethics or religion/philosophy?

  110. 113 jezebel282


    “Jez, I believe Joe McNeil is straight though”

    I heard that rumor too. Despite the trips to Cape Cod and Vermont…….

  111. 114 phineast

    You guys are correct about Joe McNeil. He may file the papers but he won’t be putting in any elbow grease in to it, because Justin was correctly terminated.

  112. 115 jezebel282

    Just when you think it couldn’t smell any worse:

    Miron, LoSchiavo signed secret pact on seizure liability
    Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 04:08 p.m., Saturday, April 3, 2010

    STRATFORD — Former Mayor James R. Miron knew far more about the seizure disorder that afflicts recently fired Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo and possible risks that hiring him could pose than he was willing to reveal last June after the officer crashed his patrol car into four vehicles while in the throes of a seizure.

    Miron was so concerned about protecting the town from potential legal liability that he and LoSchiavo signed a carefully worded legal agreement as part of the officer’s June 1, 2006, hiring.

    The documents include significant detail about the seizure disorder that allowed the town to extend LoSchiavo’s probationary period from the usual 15 months to up to 27 months and terminate him immediately if he suffered a seizure — on or off the job — during that time.

    Under the pact, LoSchiavo agreed “not to file any complaint or charge alleging disability discrimination” under state and federal statutes, including the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

    That could hamper efforts by LoSchiavo’s lawyers to file a lawsuit over his termination, based on his medical condition. Town officials say they believe LoSchiavo likely did have at least one seizure during his probationary period, and that if forced to prove it, they will be able to.

    Controversy over LoSchiavo’s hiring erupted after he suffered a seizure last June 6 while on duty, lost control of his cruiser and struck four other vehicles.

    He was terminated last Tuesday after a disciplinary hearing at which town officials found he displayed a lack of “integrity and attention to duty” and “conduct unbecoming an officer” for making false statements during the investigation.

    Now 32, LoSchiavo is the son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo.

    “As far as we know officially at the present time, (LoSchiavo) did not have a seizure during his probationary period,” said Town Attorney Tim Bishop, “but if this were to go any further in terms of legal action against the town we would investigate further to determine if he did have a seizure during that time and failed to report it, as we suspect.

    “If he were to sue the town based on anything related to his medical condition, we believe there is evidence to refute any claims that he didn’t have a seizure while on probation,” Bishop added.

    But LoSchiavo’s lawyer, Jon August, said he plans to meet with LoSchiavo and his family this week to discuss filing legal action against the town, including a lawsuit based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. August, however, could not be reached for comment about his client’s signed legal agreement with Miron.

    The agreement signed by Miron and LoSchiavo is among the documents in LoSchiavo’s personnel file obtained recently by the Connecticut Post as a result of a complaint to the state’s Freedom of Information Commission.

    Miron repeatedly denied last year, while still mayor, that he had read a report by former Police Detective Nelson Dinihanian, who recommended LoSchiavo not be hired for medical and other reasons.

    Mayor John A. Harkins, in announcing LoSchiavo’s termination last week, said that in the course of determining LoSchiavo’s fitness to return to active duty following the events of June 6, 2009, “several inconsistencies were uncovered in this individual’s personnel files.

    “Upon thorough investigation by Human Resources Director Ron Ing, it was determined that Mr. LoSchiavo made deliberately false statements to town officials during his efforts to return to active police duty following the events of last year,” he said.

    During the disciplinary, or “Loudermill,” hearing mandated for public employees facing termination, LoSchiavo “willfully admitted to engaging in the misconduct alleged by the town,” the mayor said.

    “Law-enforcement officials must be held to the highest standards of professional conduct,” Harkins said. “By willfully making false statements in order to maintain employment with the town of Stratford, Justin LoSchiavo violated the trust of his fellow officers and the public he had elected to serve. As mayor, I cannot and will not excuse, condone or tolerate any employee who uses dishonesty to reap personal benefit at public expense.”

    Chief Administrative Officer Geen Thazhampallath presided at the closed-door Town Hall hearing. His recommendation on LoSchiavo’s discipline was forwarded to the mayor, who made the final decision.

    But August contends his client was not given a fair hearing.

    “Justin is devastated by his dismissal, he really enjoyed being a police officer and what it meant,” August said.

    “I believe it is difficult to provide a fair hearing when the decision maker is a politician and at-will employee of the mayor.” Because Stratford does not have a Board of Police Commissioners, August said the hearing should have been presided over by a former judge or independent arbitration panel.

    Meanwhile, despite submitting a grievance on behalf of LoSchiavo to the state’s Mediation and Arbitration Board, union officials say they are stunned there was a document signed by the former mayor and officer regarding his seizures.

    “There were rumors this kind of document was signed, but I never thought it was really true,” said Sgt. Joseph McNeil, the police union president.

    The union was “never informed of such an agreement, or whether Justin’s probationary period was actually extended, but we should have been. This could change everything regarding the grievance we filed on his behalf.”

    LoSchiavo’s personnel documents also reveal that despite being rejected as a police officer candidate in 2005 because of “medical” reasons — and admissions that he stole town property, smoked marijuana, abused sick days, failed to report “under the table” income to the IRS and was unable to provide an up-to-date driver’s license during interviews in Stratford and at least one other police department where he interviewed for a job — LoSchiavo nonetheless was hired six months later.

    Miron, who last year tried to downplay LoSchiavo’s seizure disorder,did not return calls seeking comment over the last few days.

  113. 116 mikereynolds

    While it certainly smells I think this really sinks Justin.

    If he goes after the town the town will then try to prove he had a seizure during his probabtionary period, which everyone suspects.

    The union sounds like they’re pissed because he had an agreement that they didn’t know about.

    And finally, not that he needed any help, it continues to show what a liar our former Mayor was/is.

  114. 117 jezebel282


    I think this smelly centipede has a lot more shoes to drop.

    Can’t wait for Ex-Mayor Moron’s next letter.

  115. 118 mikereynolds

    lol well said.

    Yes I’m sure our former mayor is typing away already.

  116. 119 phineast

    Can anyone say….grand jury??????? Hello!!!!

  117. 120 jezebel282


    For that you need to contact:

    John C. Smriga
    State’s Attorney
    1061 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    However, Smriga seems perfectly happy to let Miron off with a slap on the wrist after Miron comes up in some magical way with $80,000+.

    It is absolutely astounding that in a slam dunk case like this that Smriga would even bother considering a plea at all.

  118. 121 1george1

    FBI – JUSTICE / State Police – Prosecutors / Attorney General

    LET the BROTHEL johns off the hook
    Let FABRIZI off the hook
    Allowed deal on FABRIZI informant
    Allowed NATERAs to be BIDDER to ARMY
    RUMORED to have bugged TESTA
    RUMORED to have TEAM STRATFORD # 1 Hochman as canary
    Satisfied with 1 charge vs. BOTTI’
    Did not bother to name LAURETTI as co-conspirator
    In Botti – Lauretti BUGS go back to 2003, about the time FEENEY
    was replaced by BRANYAN and about the time of
    REVISION # 1

    Also about the time TEAM STRATFORD went from Hochman to
    REPAYMENT was transferred from the BOND to the PUBLIC

    LET DICK MIRON off the hook for deserved JAIL time for defrauding
    politically connected POLICE Widow and others

    I wonder who else cut deals to be State’s evidence?

    I wonder who is scripting this and if the work for

    They do not seem to want MIRON + TESTA + LAURETTI +
    FABRIZI = Feeney/Knott + BROTHEL Johns + others.

    I agree with JEZE centipede theory, except, I think the FBI
    are setting up their patrons to steal the BRIDGEPORT/STRATFORD
    redevelopment, where the RTC + DTC can’t say carp.

    Or at least create the illusion of local malfeasance …… 😉

  119. 122 rex525

    One little fish down, four BIG fishes to go, now go get the top 2 at the PD and FD and I’ll think you are getting serious! While you are at it, bring back McNeal and Soto.

  120. 124 1george1

    Jon August was an attorney/member of Stratford
    Charter Revision Commission # 2.

    The other 2 attorneys were John Florek and Ben
    Proto who were Town Attorneys and/or Assistant
    Town Attorneys, during much of the 1990s when
    the (Bankrupting) Defined Benefit Program was
    thrown to several hundred workers, especially the
    police who overlook the Stratford Crimes?

    The 1991 Town Referendums were undermined by
    certain people, in my opinion.

  121. 125 jezebel282



    “A doctor, police detective and the town’s then-chief administrative officer at the time advised against his hiring because of his long-standing seizure disorder.

    Despite these concerns, the Miron administration hired LoSchiavo, son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and former Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo, and brother of Stratford Police Officer Joe LoSchiavo Jr., under the condition that he would be terminated if he suffered a seizure during the 15-month probationary period.”

    Who was representing the Town at the DOL anyway? Bishop Kelly & Jackson or Berchem Moses & Devlin? How much did we pay them? We should get a refund!

    The only good news is that Mommy, Daddy and Buturla won’t be there when he comes back. He will have to report to the Captain of Patrol. Let’s see, who might that be now? I hope we are notified the day of his return so we can stay off the streets when he’s on duty.

  122. 126 jezebel282


    I don’t think Loschiavo should be sending his uniform to the cleaners anytime soon. It may be a long, long while before he’s collecting a Town paycheck.

  123. 127 1george1

    “A doctor, police detective and the town’s then-chief
    administrative officer at the time advised against his
    hiring because of his long-standing seizure disorder.


    I was expecting a JOKE and a PUNCH LINE along the type
    of JOKE which usually starts:

    “A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Minister were …..”
    “A Banker, a Lawyer, and a Senator were ….”

    You know the types of Jokes ….
    The ones which describes differences betweeen

  124. 128 1george1

    Who was representing the Town at the DOL anyway?
    Bishop Kelly & Jackson or Berchem Moses & Devlin?
    How much did we pay them?
    We should get a refund!

    Drat, Drat, Drat!!

    N O W you have r e a l l y, r e a l l y, ticked me OFF JEZE !!!

    Drat, Drat, double Drat !!

    You have exposed my s e c r e t … P L A N,

    to make Stratford

    S O L V E n t !!!

  125. 129 phineast

    Time for the town to pull the gloves off and go after Miron the moron for hiring him in the first place. He violated his oath of office-which IS a legality. He was supposed to put the interest of the Town first and above all other interests and he did not do that.
    Not only is there that particular legal issue but the town could in actuality go after him for every penny that Lo boy has cost the town.
    In addition the resident have the right to file suit against the state board for putting an individual’s rights above that of the community as a whole. Can be done, and it should be done to recoup the money they are gonna cost us.

  126. 130 rex525

    Frankly it appears to me that someone dropped the ball on this case for it to be overturned so readily. The big question I have is WHY HAS THE TOWN NOT APPEALED THIS DECISION (according to the CT Post) ?

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