Leaving Money on the Table


$600,000 muff

Recently obtained reports cite the fact that Stratford EMS was unable to respond to ~1300 calls last year, which would be roughly 25% of the call coverage or approximately $600,000 dollars in lost revenue for the department.

$600,000 in lost revenue. This is not a guesstimate since the numbers were confirmed by separate reports from AMR corporate in Colorado which contains nearly identical numbers. Additional reports are available from the Southwest Regional Communications Center (the agency that used to do our EMS/FD dispatching for 1/3 the cost.).

Under the management of Donna Best there is $600,000 of revenue that is now totally gone. How much more next year? We suppose as long as the paramedics, EMT’s and other volunteers continue to cower in front of Ms. Best, it won’t matter.

Does anyone else think Stratford EMS could use an extra $600,000?


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    The Town has finally rid itself of Justin Loschiavo. However, much more must be done. We can no longer afford the incompetence and inflated egos that have “managed” this Town.

    We fully expect that Ms. Best will retaliate against her perceived “insubordinate” volunteers. She will be wrong. She has many more upset people than that. Ms. Best needs to understand, as Miron had to be made to understand, loyalty is earned not demanded. Dedication to service is free and is not bought.

    The same goes for Buturla and Cavanaugh who are both light years away from understanding that as well.

  2. 2 1george1

    What is your source?

    Can you forward to Harkins + Malloy + Philips?

    If there is to be a tentative 3 mil increase = $ 13.8 million
    If there is to be a tentative 2 mil increase = $ 9.2 million
    If there is to be a tentative 1 mil increase = $ 4.6 million

    If even 50 % of the lost $ 600,000 can be recovered and applied
    to Budget deficit.

    I believe my idea of hiring TWO RESEARCH LIBRARIANS with Masters
    Degrees in Library Sciences can find an ADDED $ 5 Million in NEW
    Fed / State GRANTS and Stimulus Money

    These are all 1 TIMERS.
    Some will need partial Matching funds
    Some will be monies for things we normally would not spend.
    However if about 1/2 of that is ONE TIME RELIEF for MONEY out of
    this BUDGET, it “MIGHT” offset 1/2 of 1 Mil.

    I saw the Financial Advisory Commission info on Cash Accounts where
    $ 64 million was earning .75 % and $ 30 million was earning .75 %
    There has to be places where 2 % or 3 % interest can be found, adding
    maybe 2 % interest to an average of $ 60 million = $ 1.2 million extra.

    Not my idea = it goes to Art Stengel

    If various people can come up with $ 6 million in new revenue, we might
    be ale to avoid a tax increase for at least the coming year?

    Suggestions welcomed

  3. 3 1george1


    EMS is all volunteers, except whom?

    How much are the volunteers paid?

    What would it cost if volunteers decided …..

  4. 5 jezebel282


    “What is your source?”

    Now, George, that would be telling wouldn’t it?

    “How much are the volunteers paid?”

    Ummm, they are called “volunteers” because, oh never mind. I heard they get reimbursed something like $35/year for their uniform. If they get blood on it, they have to wait till next year. In fact, they get charged $25 extra if they insist on pants with pockets. I hear those are called the “nice ones”.

    “If various people can come up with $ 6 million in new revenue”
    Well, it beats handing AMR $600,000 we could have had.

  5. 6 phineast

    Jez the one thing that is missing from the report is the REASON that EMS could not respond. It is a volunteer based service. It is hard to get volunteers 24/7/365 especially when the scheduling methods are absolutely archaic and the volunteers get minimal respect from their PAID dept. head. That being said, if you want to move to a non volunteer based EMS then you need to find the money for the salaries and benefits. Money in, money+++ out. I would need to see a full business plan for the service before any real discussion could take place-or at the very least shown a model service that has been in operation for over 10 years-it gives you the ability to see the highs and lows form year to year and maybe not repeat mistakes others have already made. If the move is made to switch EMS over to paid EMT 24/7/365 the current management would not be sufficient to run the operation. I’d be interested to see what plans or business models people come up with and post for this.
    I would be most interested in the salary and benefits projection costs…to see if it is worth the $600k.

  6. 7 matpcat

    Seems like some people don’t like Donna Best, that being said. The Stratford EMS is a money maker, are in the black and scheduled to pay the debt service on their new building. Hardly cause to hang anyone.

  7. 8 jezebel282


    “It is hard to get volunteers 24/7/365 especially when the scheduling methods are absolutely archaic and the volunteers get minimal respect from their PAID dept. head”
    Did you just answer your own question?

    “if you want to move to a non volunteer based EMS then you need to find the money for the salaries and benefits.”
    Absolutely not. The thought never occurred to me. Our finest and caring residents are DONATING their time, talent and service to the most critical needs of our community. Who would disrespect that…besides Donna Best, that is. Our EMS deserves our support and gratitude. It is amazing how rare it is for a patient or family to thank EMS personnel for helping. It is even rarer for Ms. Best to pass along those thanks to the crew.


    “Seems like some people don’t like Donna Best”
    Only the ones who have to work for her.

    “The Stratford EMS is a money maker, are in the black and scheduled to pay the debt service on their new building.”
    They are so successful that they can leave $600,000 for AMR to pick up?

    Ms. Best appears to be a classic “Kiss up, Kick Down” kind of manager. When you run an essentially all volunteer service, you don’t spend half your time on disciplinary memos or punishments. Volunteers run on dedication and morale, not paychecks.

    The point of all this is not to “hang” anyone. The point is that residents and taxpayers of Stratford are entitled to the finest leadership we can find. In the most critical areas of safety and property we are a long, long way from having it. Our Police, Fire and EMS are run by martinets who haven’t had a creative thought in decades and the lowest morale in their departments of any services in CT.

    Did Harkins create this situation? No. We all know who did. But, like everything else for the last four years, it is up to Harkins to fix. Emergency services are a critical function of a mayor. Our own lives and property depend on these services.
    I can’t think of anything more critical than calling an ambulance and having the call handed off to another service in another Town. Can you?

  8. 9 phineast

    Jez- it was not a question- just pointed out what was missing from the report–the WHY-to the missed $600k

  9. 10 rex525

    I may be mistaken but isn’t Donna Best under the Fire Chief? I would think his lack of oversite on this matter would also be a crucial part of this puzzle. I’m sure this liar for hire could enlighten us with quite a fairy tale if asked where the breakdown was.

  10. 11 mayor2013

    Oh my God, I hope someone from the mayor’s office is reading this blog and reports this info to him for investigation. This is really very poor! Someone has got to take some responsibility for this and straighten it out immediately.

  11. 12 1george1

    Mayor 2013

    There is nothing preventing any of you from meeting the mayor, or calling him,
    or e-mailing him or sending an anonymous letter.

    You could try the press and others.

    You could try your councilors and/or town attorney and/or police chief.

    The last one was more tongue in cheek, than the others. 😉

    Councilor Catalano has posted and maybe interested in improving the
    town revenue, while not necessarily hanging anyone….

    I am sorry chris seems to have stopped posting.
    He has much to contribute – intelligence, passion, capability, & more.


    I was teasing when asking how much EMS volunteers are paid,
    to make a couple of points!

    1 – Unpaid volunteers, who are competent, save tax dollars.

    2 – We can’t afford some supposedly unpaid volunteers and a couple
    Town Councilors come to mind.

    3 – I was pretty sure you could document “YOUR FINDINGS.” This way
    if you or others publicly make it known, it pressures change.

    4 – Chris – i acknowledge other peoples’ good ideas, including yours.

    Happy April fools day and coming Good Friday / Easter and past
    Pesach – Passover

  12. 13 cstratct

    I haven’t stopped posting George, I’ve just got some other situations which are of higher priority at the moment. I still keep up with what’s going on.

  13. 14 jezebel282


    The “why”:

    Because we don’t have adequate staffing to cover the call volume.

    Example; During the weekdays there are 2 Ambulances on duty, there should be 3 (the standard).

    Sunday from 1200-0000 there is 1 ambulance on duty. 1 ambulance is simply unacceptable, and the Town is too busy for 1 to be covering 50,000 people. Especially with our senior population. Because Ms. Best plays a huge factor in not getting volunteers to work resulting in the bare minimum showing up.
    The service does over 6000 calls a year which averages 16-20 calls a day.
    Unless we can get our shifts staffed and proactively try to fill them, people don’t want to take the abuse from Ms. Best.

  14. 15 matpcat

    Donna Best aside, I responded to this because sitting through a budget workshop with all the public safety units recently was pretty discouraging. Everything that needs to be fixed is “contractual” and not up for discussion at that level. The EMS was the lone bright spot as a source of revenue to the town. Is there an opportunity to increase that revenue? Absolutely.
    I wholly respect the volunteers in EMS, they provide an incredible service to the town. I’ve known many of them throughout the years (my mother and brother among them) and they are some of the most dedicated people I have ever met.
    I also got scooped up off the road one time as a kid and could not have asked for better service and more friendly faces. I believe I was attempting to break the neighborhood record of jumping 6 or 7 garbage cans on my bicycle at the time.
    For what we pay the others in overtime we could buy an ambulance a week.

  15. 16 jezebel282


    I couldn’t agree with you more. EMS personnel in Stratford are the best there is. There is simply no justification for the way they are treated.

  16. 17 1george1

    It was good to read posts by Chris and Matt.

    The $ 35,000 a week paid to O. T. for 1 department couldn’t
    buy an EMS replacement Vehicle, fully fitted.
    Probably within a a long month?
    Every month.

    That reminds me.
    We BONDED $ 900,000 for 2 Fire Trucks
    $ 570,000 for the custom truck
    $ 230,000 for the non custom Truck

    We NO BID 2 noncustom trucks for $ 400,000 each
    and $ 100,000 to equip them.

    $ 900,000 BONDED to BUY 2 fully equiped Fire Trucks
    of which 1 was custom and the other non custom.

    Our NO BID 2 no custom FIRE TRUCKS happen to cost
    $ 900,000 fully outfitted?

    WHAT HAPPENED to the $ 230,000 NON custom FIRE TRUCK
    and could we have gotten another one SAVING $ 440,000
    or almost 1/10 th of a MIL?

    Will anyone humor me on APRIL FOOLS day and at least pretend
    to be outraged at what appears steered spending?

    Mayor 2013 or Phin, what about an atta boy, george?
    I know – it takes 20 awshits to offset 1 attaboy. 😉

    Yo Jeze, at least pretend to be outraged that almost as much
    waste went into lost Fire Truck BID as could have been saved
    by changes in EMS Department head?

    Do you ever, criticize your own,
    or is that against the keener’s handbook?

  17. 18 phineast

    Awshit, attatboy, April Fools! 😉

  18. 19 1george1

    🙂 Thanks Phin

    I also noticed that the front page of the CT. Post on April Fools
    day had the LoSchiavo + Miron stories.

    Could it be some one caused the stories to both break when it could
    only be published on April Fools Day?

    Wait, that would mean the Harkins Administration co-ordinated an
    April Fools sorty, wouldn’t it? Or would it?

    Why would the Harkins Administration
    or the people pulling the strings, do that?

  19. 21 jezebel282

    It seems that Donna Best reports directly to ….wait for it….Fire Chief James (Liar for Hire) Cavanaugh.

    Do you think he even knows this?

  20. 22 jezebel282


    With a volunteer-starved EMS department and a fully staffed Fire Department (including paramedics) can anyone at all explain why we let $600,000 slip through our fingers and go directly to AMR?

    If Fire Department staff can’t pick up the slack because of morale and recruiting problems at EMS (and they will both be NEXT DOOR to each other soon) why do we need THREE administrators (Cavanaugh, Best and Maffet) to lose $600,000?

  21. 23 1george1

    If this is a QUIZ, maybe it is Stratford’s version of “economy to scale?”

    ie: PAY MORE = GET LESS?

  22. 24 rex525

    Jezebel282: “If Fire Department staff can’t pick up the slack because of morale and recruiting problems at EMS (and they will both be NEXT DOOR to each other soon) why do we need THREE administrators (Cavanaugh, Best and Maffet) to lose $600,000?”

    I’m not sure but I’ll take a stab at it. Maybe it’s because they are three incompetant, short sighted, self serving, life long bureaucrats that don’t give a damn for anyone but themselves? Isn’t it easier for them to just to reduce services to save money, isn’t that what bureaucrats do?
    My for sale sign is up.

  23. 25 rex525

    The fish rots from the head down.

  24. 26 jezebel282


    The other problem is that if the FD were able to pick up that slack, the $600,000 would go a long way towards, say, paying off two new fire engines or an ambulance or two.

  25. 27 rex525

    Not to mention keeping company 5 staffed and running. The Justin case is fine, but WHEN is the Harkins administration going to off load the Miron deadwood that get paid to waste the BIG money and offer no solutions? Probably not before my house is sold I’m afraid.

  26. 28 jezebel282


    Taking money OFF the table:

    This one is going to cost us plenty.



    Mr. Jasinski proved wrongful termination at the state labor board, and he proved a hostile work environment attributed to Donna Best’s leadership, Mr. Jasinski is suing the town for defamation of character, slander, libel. He was also terminated 2 days before he was supposed to have open heart surgery. He is allegedly seeking 4-5 million dollars in compensation.

    Thanks, Donna.

  27. 29 cstratct


    I don’t know Mr. Jazinski, but why put forth the misconception that a favorable ruling from the state labor board will lead to a finding of defamation, slander and libel in a court of law? I’m reasonably certain the burden of proof is much higher in the court system. The labor boards are narrowly focused and while the party may recoup lost wages and benefits through the board’s opinion, it’s a far cry from proving defamation, slander and libel.

    It could result in a verdict, an out-of-court settlement or nothing besides lost wages and benefits (and of course legal fees).

    This was filed two days ago, how about we see where it goes before jumping to a conclusion such as “this is going to cost us plenty.”

  28. 30 jezebel282


    “I don’t know Mr. Jazinski”

    I do.

  29. 31 1george1

    You may turn out correct, especially considering what I have seen
    of Stratford’s politics.

    However, Christopher’s well articulated position brings forth the fact
    that if you know someone and like them, you tend to see them in a
    white hat, who can almost do no wrong, from what I have read.

    Christopher has exellent points about favorable conclusions, because
    we have all seen that people who have been wronged, do not necessarily
    find themselves made whole in the political justice courts / labor law.

    > Some times it is who the attorney is connected to and the ability to
    control the docketing; frame the issue(s); control admissible evidence and
    witnesses; and conttol the jury / arbitration pool / selection process.

    Conversely, you appear to respect some of my positions, even if you do
    or do not like other positions’ relevancy.

    I suspect you view me with having one of those reversible hats:
    Outside / inside can reverse to white / black, with a lot of gray? 😉

    I guess that is why they make so many flavors of ice cream?

  30. 32 cstratct

    Okay Jezebel, but you knowing him doesn’t have any bearing on whether he could win a defamation case in a court of law. I’m not arguing that Mr. Jazinski wasn’t wrongly terminated. I’m not even arguing the merits ofthe case at this point. But you make a huge leap saying this is going to “cost us plenty” and using it as justification for your ongoing commentary on Ms. Best. You have obviously chosen sides with respect to most of the individuals you discuss here, which it seems is the point Mr. Bauer was making in saying he wasn’t going to discuss those issues here.

  31. 33 jezebel282


    “but you knowing him doesn’t have any bearing on whether he could win a defamation case in a court of law.”

    The reason there are courts and attorneys is that reasonable people cannot agree on a solution.

    This is obviously not Ms. Best’s first time: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2010/01/17/ems-training-equipment/ or Jasinski-DOL Case https://stratfordcharter.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/fp78b.pdf

    “the point Mr. Bauer was making in saying he wasn’t going to discuss those issues here”

    Mr. Bauer is free to discuss or respond to whatever he wishes to here. Just as we are free to discuss whatever we wish. I am certainly not going to refrain from posting what I feel are clearly unjust treatments of citizens and employees.

    Is this case Harkins fault? Clearly it is not. Was this situation allowed to spiral out of control? You betcha it was. Is it likely to happen again and again? Pretty sure it is.

    Now what would a reasonable person conclude the solution to be?

  32. 34 1george1

    Now what would a reasonable person conclude the solution to be?


    Hey! This IS Stratford! 🙂

    Right Suddsie olde boy? 8)
    Nice day for Suddsie to walk Rocki.
    Or Mike R to make like Tiger on the golf course.

    If Tiger was a real golfer, he would have had set of 18 mistresses.
    As it is the GREENS FEES seemed a little stiff, and he often appeared
    to exceed PAR….

    I am not even going to ask about match play or strokes …

  33. 35 sudds

    “Nice day for Suddsie to walk Rocki.”

    Ummm… George… you do realize that Rocki is just a standard run-of-the-mill house cat (who allows me to live in HER house), right???

    “Or Mike R to make like Tiger on the golf course”

    Hey Mike… did you know that Great River is only $60 for 18 holes (with a cart) this week???

  34. 36 mikereynolds


    Yes I know…and you get a continental breakfast and use of the range.

    I’m aching to go but just get there.

  35. 37 jezebel282

    All right you guys…cut it out!

    I just put my skis away.

  36. 38 sudds

    geesh Jez, you’re slacking!

    I already went to Great River last week (shot a 102… not my best round ever… but certainly NOT my worst either)… and have another tee time for this Saturday 1:00!!! 😀

    PS… Mike… do NOT go hungry… the “continental breakfast” is a couple of mini-pastrys on a plate in the pro shop!!!

  37. 39 jezebel282


    “shot a 102… not my best round ever… but certainly NOT my worst either”

    And how did you do on the back nine?

  38. 40 1george1

    Sudds, Mike, + Jeze
    Good to see some joyous posts on this glorious day.

    I am going to make you feel good about your golf games.

    I had never played golf.
    When I was about 19, I and 3 buddies went into a BAR’S
    We did not use CARTS.
    We were the last FOURSOME.
    They had us use CARTS for the final 9 holes.
    We came in LAST, 2nd to LAST, 3rd to LAST (me) and 5th to LAST.

    Our FOURSOME shot 596.

    However, none of us cheated.

    I suspect the same number of shot could happen at Mill River
    Country Club and the foursome’s likely total?

    Maybe 296?

    I think some of those at MRCC at Stratford’s Handicap! 😦

  39. 41 jezebel282


    Stratford EMS to get head-to-toe assessment

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 21 April 2010 18:26

    Emergency Medical Services in Stratford will soon get a head-to-toe examination.

    The Town Council unanimously voted April 12 to follow through with a recommendation by the EMS Funding Committee to spend up to $5,000 to hire CS Strategies to review EMS operations. The money will be drawn from the EMS fund.
    “EMS has been the third rail of politics for some time now, probably three decades,” Mayor John Harkins said. “There have always been some issues between volunteers and staff, differences on how it should be run, what priorities it should be focused on.”
    EMS Chief Donna Best said it was her understanding that several departments would be reviewed. No, Donna…it’s just you. Who told you different? It wasn’t Cavanaugh was it? LOL!

    “How can we best serve the community?” she said. “I’m anxious to see what areas we can improve on, if any. I’m sure there are always places to improve.” Umm, someone send Donna a link to this blog.
    Best said the current roster includes about 100 volunteers, about 25 per diem paramedics and emergency medical technicians, and four full-time paramedics.
    “Between the volunteer and per diem and full-time staff I think we’re doing an excellent job,” she said. Except for giving AMR $600,000 worth of business and disciplining volunteers.

    But of those 100 volunteers, only one third are riding the required 144 hours per year, according to Debbie Dias, president of the Stratford Volunteer EMS Association.

    “I don’t know the actual volunteer list we have, but about 30 are actually active in fulfilling their commitments,” Dias said. “It’s gotten pretty bad.” Could it possibly be management, Debbie?
    She said the review could result in “positive change” for the volunteers. Not to mention residents.
    “I think it’s a combination of the morale there, and people aren’t happy with the way things are going,” Dias said of the situation.

    Best said there were no issues in meshing paid and volunteer care providers.

    “The responsibility of an EMT or a paramedic is the same whether you are paid or volunteer staff, as are the training requirements,” Best said. “It doesn’t matter if you are being paid to provide the service or volunteering to provide the service. There’s not a real distinction. That helps a lot.”
    Stratford EMS is constantly recruiting volunteers, Best said, and provides training.
    Some volunteers are found through Explorer Post 4911, which gives young men and women a chance to experience EMS.
    “There are EMT and paramedic training classes in the area,” Best said. “Their students ride on our ambulances during training and observe what it is to be part of an EMS system. Through that there’s a lot of recruitment.”

    Changes suggested by the review could, “give more reason for people to come back and volunteer,” Dias said.
    “I’m excited to see if there are some positive changes for the volunteers,” she added.

    Volunteers are crucial to the operation, Harkins said, as Stratford EMS is a self-sustaining service. Bills paid by patients cover the cost of operations and equipment.
    When staff is short, Harkins said, a private service such as American Medical Response must be called.

    “The more volunteers we have, the more money we can keep in Stratford,” he said. “If we hire AMR, we’re leaving money on the table. More volunteers means more services to the people of Stratford, which means more money to the EMS fund. Every time AMR shows up in Stratford, it’s money to AMR.” Now where have we heard this before? Lemme think… Oh yeah! HERE!

    The Town Council April 12 approved the hiring of a fifth full-time paramedic, who Best hoped could start as soon as possible.
    Stratford EMS has five ambulances, three fly cars that double as supervisor’s vehicles, a communications vehicle and a special operations vehicle that carries lighting and extra supplies that would be needed in a mass casualty or other large scale incident.
    With a “very large elderly population,” Best said the majority of calls to Stratford EMS are medical emergencies.
    The presence of Interstate 95, the Merritt Parkway and light industrial areas also means a number of injuries.
    “It’s a really diversified call basis,” Best said. “People who volunteer and work here get a lot of good experience with medical calls and trauma calls.”
    The examination now focuses on the EMS system itself.
    “We want to continue talking to all the different groups, how we can maximize current resources on EMS, what we can do to make it better, such as recruiting volunteers, management,” Harkins said, stressing that the review was “no slight to the current folks at EMS.”

    Disclosure: Stratford EMS personnel have saved the life of a relative of mine. As far as I am concerned, EMS volunteers and paramedics are the GREATEST.

  40. 42 mikereynolds

    My hope is that Mrs. Best’s lack of leadership is exposed.

    However the fear of retaliation my cause volunteers and officers to not tell the truth.

  41. 43 jezebel282


    “However the fear of retaliation my cause volunteers and officers to not tell the truth.”

    It is worse than that. Before 2PM today AMR picked up another 3 calls due to understaffing.

    There are EMS personnel that buy their own equipment (like a pulse-oximeter) because they just don’t want to go through the ordeal Ms. Best puts them through to get the Town property repaired.

  42. 44 1george1

    Fearful volunteers?

    Why not quit and go someplace else?

  43. 45 jezebel282


    “Why not quit and go someplace else?”

    Because…oh never mind.

  44. 46 1george1

    It was a rhettorical question.

  45. 47 jezebel282


    Police charge Bridgeport man in fatal stabbing
    Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:13 p.m., Monday, June 14, 2010

    STRATFORD — A Bridgeport man is being held in lieu of $1 million bond in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 28-year-old man early Monday at a Hollister Street residence.

    Here is the side note to this tragedy; Once again, Stratford EMS was not available to answer this call. It had to be given to AMR.

    Let us hope that after yet another expensive study, the consultant is able to tell us what everyone already knows: Stratford EMS is mismanaged and there is a staffing crisis.

  46. 48 jezebel282


    Since April 10 2010 , $5,000 has been spent (withdrawn from EMS funds) to study the “efficiency” of Stratford’s volunteer EMS service and to make recommendations.

    The results?

    Nothing. So far.

  47. 49 1george1

    Who withdrew the EMS Money?
    What was it used for?

    Departments can spend money, interdepartment

    Only the Town Council has the Town Charter power to move
    money from one department to another.

    I forgot … The Town Council gave away control of $ 50,000
    increments to Town Attorneys

  48. 50 jezebel282

    The Town Council unanimously voted April 12 to follow through with a recommendation by the EMS Funding Committee to spend up to $5,000 to hire CS Strategies to review EMS operations. The money will be drawn from the EMS fund.
    “EMS has been the third rail of politics for some time now, probably three decades,” Mayor John Harkins said. “There have always been some issues between volunteers and staff, differences on how it should be run, what priorities it should be focused on.”

  49. 51 jezebel282


    Stratford EMS Fees (Set by the State of Connecticut yearly) for all Stratford residents:

    For a Basic Life Support Care/Bill. ~$470.00
    Advanced Life Support:– 721.00 (All that has to be done is an IV by an IV Technician or Paramedic to qualify)
    Advanced Life Support II- $1000-$3000 (completely dependent on types/combination of drugs/interventions administered)

    All the fees apply to actually being transported to the hospital. If an ambulance shows up at your home/business but you don’t not get transported by ambulance even if you receive definitive care you won’t receive a bill.

    If you’re a Stratford resident you are not obligated to pay any ambulance bill, or pay an outstanding bill if your insurance company didn’t pay or you’re uninsured. You submit the bill back to the towns EMS Funding Committee for review and it is absorbed.

    And the bad news:

    If you are transported out of the Town of Stratford by another ambulance service because you activated 911 and Stratford has no ambulance, you may submit that bill the EMS Funding as well and the town will pay it from the EMS Fund

    I apologize for the initial error in the above article. The Town of Stratford did not only “lose” $600,000 in revenue. The Town actually incurred the additional costs of paying outside ambulance services.

    The EMS Committee has developed an ingenious system that greatly benefits each and every Stratford resident. EMS provides critical emergency medical care to every Stratford resident. It does so at no cost to the Town budget. It solely depends on insurance funding, charitable donations, fund raising and most importantly…VOLUNTEERS.

    However, without proper staffing the system falls apart. Each call that Stratford EMS fails to respond to eliminates the revenue the fund might have received from between $470 – $1000 (on average). Worse is that the patient can then have Stratford EMS Fund PAY the cost of the private ambulance company fees.

  50. 52 sudds

    Our current town leadership is USELESS… end of discussion!!!

    I’m actually starting to think that the donut guy with the dead squirrel on his head would have been a better choice!!!

  51. 53 1george1

    The EMS story is one reason I give respect to
    Gavin, Best, + Calzone.

    Although they appear to have issues amongst themselves.
    And I was disappointed to learn Best / LoSchiavo relationship.

    Gavin + Calzone have lot of good points – but they play the game
    and overall political decision appear to benefit insiders @ our cost.

  52. 54 1george1


    Dom was a pace car / horse.
    He was playing a role, in my opinion.

    I belief things were set up to have Jimmy as #1
    Then Harkins # 2

    Part of larger law firms get involved in planning things:
    Elections / Candidates
    Economic delays / developments

    Most often to get changes they want, they cause things to be WORSE
    so they can be the SOLUTION.

    One example was TOWN CHARTER resolution.
    Airport delays / expansion

    I believe everything hooked into the new WATER TREATMENT PLANT

    Those things take planning and construction.
    INFRASTRUCTURE has to be done, PRIOR to Development!

    Was that your picture in the paper about GOLF FUND RAISER?

  53. 55 sudds

    “He was playing a role, in my opinion.

    I belief things were set up to have Jimmy as #1
    Then Harkins # 2”

    Soooo… who’s #3 gonna be??

  54. 56 sudds

    “Was that your picture in the paper about GOLF FUND RAISER?”

    No newspaper would be dumb enough to print my ugly mug!!!

  55. 57 sudds

    PS… cheap plug for a GOOD cause… (Jez, please don’t delete)


  56. 58 1george1

    “He was playing a role, in my opinion.

    I belief things were set up to have Jimmy as #1
    Then Harkins # 2″

    Soooo… who’s #3 gonna be??

    If Gavin was not the CFO of a SPECIALTY INSURANCE Company,
    he would be the logical person, based on town resume.
    > Likely to make TON of money after 2011 Developments
    > Vulnerable to pension issues.

    Malloy is among the most intelligent of the past/present councilors.
    > Huge disappointment!

    Maybe Norm Aldrich or Lou DeCilio would want to front
    > Likely to make TON of money after 2011 Developments

    I think Dom prefers to play golf and enjoy retirement?

    Tom Carroll, Bill O’Brien, and Ed Goodrich became embarasments
    > the first 2 lacked overall knowledge of issues
    > Ed has the passion and personality, but not the profile.
    > My opinion ALL were more decent as political people than ….

    They had Harkins, off in Hartford, with plausible deniability.

    I have a couple of ideas for Martinet, I mean Mayoral office.
    However, sometimes my ideas, become their ideas?

    Catalano, could be being groomed, if the SHAKESPEARE things
    develop they way they should have 3 decades ago?

    Maybe Laura Hoydic? She bounced around Stratford resume.

    let’s see:

    Who dresses good, like Harkins, and has no political scruples, like ….?

    I mean besides the Lawyers, RTC, and a few DTC ….

    Could it be Mr. Pearly Whites, with his Stamford connection and fast
    tracked on Town Charter, FAC and others …..?

    Who will they kick out, or KILL, in the 3rd District to get him on the RTC?
    They replaced: Moreau, Joy, & Goodrich.

  57. 59 jezebel282



    “cheap plug for a GOOD cause… (Jez, please don’t delete)”

    Plug? What plug?

    This plug?

    Sterling House announces its 19th Annual Sterling Classic Golf Tournament to be held on Monday, Sept. 20th, 2010 at Mill River Country Club, Stratford. Sponsored by Wal-Mart, PMA Companies, Bridgeport Fittings and Aurora Natural Products, the tournament is an important fundraiser for Sterling House with the goal to raise $25,000 for its Community Crisis Support Programs. The tournament format is a 4-person scramble. 1st and 2nd place team prizes will be awarded for low gross and low net team scores. Entry fees include 18 holes of golf, cart, lunch and dinner, awards, raffle and one hour open bar. Entry registration on first come-first paid basis. For more information contact Patty Calabrese, Special Events Coordinator at 203-378-2606, Ext. 107 or pcalabrese@sterlinghousecc.org. Register at Sterling House, 2283 Main Street, Stratford or ONLINE.

  58. 60 1george1

    “Was that your picture in the paper about GOLF FUND RAISER?”

    No newspaper would be dumb enough to print my ugly mug!!!

    SUDDS GOOD plug for Sterling House golf tournament
    – What is the PRICE?

    Sponsor include
    Bridgeport Fitting – Councilor James Conner?
    PMA Group – Councilor Tom Malloy
    Walmart – Part of Rockefeller / Bush Trilateral commission as China’s
    number 1 client
    Aurora Foods – so far, I have not connected to Bill O’B + Sudd’s Sterling
    House – interesting history of flexible owners

    Incidently – the persona Bill O’B personally presents (Great guy-beloved)
    and Sudds presents (wisearse) are diametric.

    However I am far, far nicer person than some of my postings, based on
    having to often defend myself.
    All I ever aspired to be (presonality) was a nice guy (Mensch)
    Even nice guys have to defend themselves.
    When attacked from the gutter, no one stays clean ….

  59. 61 sudds

    “Catalano, could be being groomed”

    You mean Councilman “I don’t know what we’ve spent your money on over the last 10 months… but now that the Shakespeare Theatre isn’t going to that guy in Rhode Island I don’t care… so I’m gonna spend even more than was requested” Catalano?

    God help us!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Maybe Laura Hoydic[k]?”

    I don’t know if we could be so lucky! I have NEVER met a person who I consider to possess the perfect trifecta (one of actually being nice, smart and a real leader) that our elected officials should possess!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    note to Mrs. Sudds: see… I am not a TOTAL sexist pig!!! 😛

  60. 62 sudds

    PS… thanks Jez!!!

  61. 63 jezebel282


    No problem. Next time maybe send me a jpg?

    There is only one person I would even consider voting for next time. I doubt it has even occurred to this person to run.

    Anyone else would have to prove it to me. No more “least worst” choices.

  62. 64 sudds

    “There is only one person I would even consider voting for next time.”

    Aww… thanks Jez… but I’m not really interested unless I’m named King, Lord, etc… I could NEVER deal with the dolts on the Council!!!

  63. 65 jezebel282


    “No problem. Next time maybe send me a jpg?”

    Ummm…on second thought. Maybe you shouldn’t. The Western District Major Crime Unit of the CSP might seize your computer.

    “NEVER deal with the dolts on the Council!!!”
    Why bother? It’s not like they have any power.

  64. 66 sudds

    “Ummm…on second thought. Maybe you shouldn’t. The Western District Major Crime Unit of the CSP might seize your computer.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! (but the scary thing is you’re probably right)

    “Why bother? It’s not like they have any power.”

    Let me know if you still say this after you get your next tax bill!!!

  65. 67 jezebel282


    “Why bother? It’s not like they have any power.”

    “Let me know if you still say this after you get your next tax bill!!!”

    Really you think they actually changed something in Harkins’ budget?

  66. 68 1george1

    Branyan, Feeney, and Barnhart have done the manager job.

    Branyan is the only one I would consider voting for.
    Why take a 50 % pay cut from BoE?

    Years ago, in an economic development meeting, Diane Toolan
    asked Laura Hoydic when they would need the demographic
    data for the Chamber of Commerce Stratford book.

    I will never forget the look on Diane’s face when Laura told her
    the book had already gone to press. (months early)
    – It was a cold thing to do, to have old demographics in that book,
    which is a full year of humiliation, for someone actually trying ….

    Toolan wrote grants, and had her hands tied behind her when she
    tried to do economic development since both political parties have
    been busy sabotaging Stratford to make matters worse, so they
    could manipulate the changes they want.

    The Parking Garage will directly across the street from the company
    Laura Hoydic managed renting business offices and around the corner
    from her brother’s Pub.

    The “development center” – a take off on my proposal to increase the
    height of many stratford businesses to 4 stories, and ergo increase
    business density and property taxes, will directly benefit Laura’s brother
    and former (present) employer.

    This is a way of life in Stratford and other politics.
    Harm political opponents like O’Meara and I
    Benefit political allies.

    Using the assets of the town strictly to benefit RTC + DTC while sucking
    dry the rest of the town.

    When I think of the RTC + DTC – I envisulize them uglier than the Predator,
    and with the ethics of ghouls.

    Away from politics – many are extremely charming and nice people.
    I like Paul and Laura Hoydic, outside of political decisions they allow,
    endorse, or participate in.

    I just described “political conspiracy.”

    question if it is use of discretion … or ABUSE of DISCRETION?

  67. 69 jezebel282


    “Branyan is the only one I would consider voting for.”

    Nope. Not him.

  68. 70 1george1

    You can pick your druthers

    Branyan did the job.
    He tried to be non political. Impossible.

    Sylvia’s Jason has great potential.
    Too great for Stratford Septic bottom dweller.

    Diane Buda is exceptionally honest and too conservative.
    She unlikely to want any part of it.

    Bob Sammis moved out of Stratford.
    Obviously TOO INTELLIGENT.

    NOT a SINGLE LAWYER who has been Town Attorney or Council,
    NOR any of the USUAL SUSPECTS would get my vote.

    Cornish is extremely intelligent, but again … political captive.
    No to O’Connell + Koperwatts, from the usual suspects.

    McNeil seems to have the integrity and guts ….. capability?
    However … this is Stratford.

    There are some good people among D + R and in Town.
    I am not sure any that are qualified and have integrity would want it.

    If I was mayor, the Town Attorney(s) would be on Salary and very busy!
    > My focus would be on the Feds, State, and certain area people.
    > Identify and topple the Feds, and the rest crumble like dominos and
    sychophantic minions.
    > Despite the Feds to State to Local power structure, individuals, local,
    and state have unarticulated powers under 1st, 4th, 5th 9th, 10th, & 14th
    Amendments and under specific parts of the Preamble and Constitution,
    > Then to the U. S. Code, CT. General Statues, and Town Ordinances.
    > Revolution by evolution, ballot over bullet, rule of law over perversity!

  69. 71 jezebel282


    “McNeil seems to have the integrity and guts ….. capability?”
    I’m pretty sure you have to live in Stratford in order to run for mayor.

    None of the people you identified would get my vote.

    The sad truth is that the residents of Stratford are simply shut out of the process. As has been proven TWICE, an independent candidate doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in this Town. As long as Norm Aldrich and Rich Buturla have an iron grip on the throats of the Republican and Democratic Town Committees nothing will change.

    All you need do is examine the statements and actions of any (Really. Any. It doesn’t matter which one you pick.) elected or appointed official. Not a single one has issued a position or statement supporting the residents of Stratford in opposition to a party line vote.

    No one in Town Hall has even mentioned Joe McNeil, Orlando Soto or Doug O’Meara. They have allowed Fire Chief Cavanaugh’s defamatory statements about Assistant Chief Murray to stand. They continue to allow Police Chief Buturla to persecute anyone he desires as well as reward those who succumb to his pressure with our money. They continue to allow our own EMS to distribute emergency medical calls to outside agencies costing residents funding and delaying critical care.

    Sometimes it is even worse. They blame the BOE and “greedy” teachers, custodians, secretaries and aides for a 62% increase in insurance premiums demanded by a private insurance company. The real question should be why we are locked into that vendor? Not even a question. It’s easier just to blame the unions.

    No. Residents have no place in the politics of this Town.

    We will continue to have “one and done” mayors while almost nothing happens to move the Town forward. They will bend to whichever party boss talked them into running. Every four years we will have a new group of administrators that know very little about Stratford.

    As the Police, Fire, Teachers, PW, Supervisor’s, clerical unions become weaker we will see services directed by political decisions rather than circumstances.

    Again, to use an simple example; Not a single teacher in Stratford complains about a pension. Why? Because it is run by the State and properly administered. Their pensions are out of the hands of a party-controlled council. The other benefit is the taxpayers have a ZERO liability when a teacher retires. NONE. Not a penny. Nothing. Can we do this with our PD and FD? Absolutely. Tomorrow. Will we? No, absolutely not.

    The worst part is that I shouldn’t even be writing about this. This blog shouldn’t exist. Not that a lot of DTC & RTC members wouldn’t like that. But there should be no reason for these comments. We all should be able to conduct our own business without worrying about how the Town and BOE are run.

    I truly look forward to the day when I click “Delete all?”, step away from the keyboard and put the mouse down.

    Sigh…but clearly, today is not that day.

  70. 72 mayor2013

    Sigh…but clearly, today is not that day.

    Thank God!

  71. 73 1george1


    YOU have come a long way in recognizing what I believe is the WHOLE TRUTH,
    in what you wrote above.

    In arguing with me and others, and watching and listening to what changed
    and what has not changed, your positions evolved. (A sign of intelligence.)

    2 or 3 years ago, you could not have come close to the reality you wrote.

    I believe you can only solve a problem, once you clearly identify every one
    of the real parameters of problems.

    Your blog helped prepare me for the debates and letters to the editor.
    Many people told me I was the best informed candidate who made the most
    sense when talking about Stratford, during the debates.

    I was not perfect. I was good.

    Jimmy won the debates on talking points and preparation.
    However everyone knows he lied and was hated by voters.
    No one wanted a SPLIT VOTE.
    That guarenteed HARKINS would WIN.

    Rich Burturla to the Mirons, and bringing John Burturla to cover them under
    Harkins, after Imbro / LoSchiavo?

    Are there 2 political parties or do they comingle at the top of the heap?

    Your above post, also does not blindly give homage to the UNIONS.
    They know what is happening.
    They made their choices.
    More choices are coming.
    I have hope that their PATRIOTISM will overcome GREED…..

  72. 74 jezebel282


    “I was not perfect. I was good.”
    You were very good. Unfortunately your strongest opponent is you.

    “Jimmy won the debates on talking points and preparation.”
    Clearly he did not. Most normal people are aware that whatever comes out of his mouth only has a nodding acquaintance with the truth.


    “Thank God!”

    Thank you?

  73. 75 sudds

    “Sigh…but clearly, today is not that day.

    Thank God!”

    You sure do have a lot to say for someone who thinks that they’re actually going to be mayor… yet are too big of coward to say who you are!!!

    Note: the only reason why I don’t say who I am is because I know that it erks people to not know who I am!!! 😛

  74. 76 jezebel282


    “the only reason why I don’t say who I am is because I know that it erks people to not know who I am!!!”

    Umm..do you really think they would be “erked” less if they knew?

  75. 77 sudds

    “Umm..do you really think they would be “erked” less if they knew?”

    Definitely NOT… but some people are in fact Irked (sorry for the typo) by not knowing who I am! Heck, one jamoke was even talking about who “Sudds” is.. with me! LOL!!!

    But my point is that I am not the one who thinks I am going to save Stratford in a few years… yet is doing an AWFUL job of campaigning by not revealing who he/she is!

    Is that REALLY the cajones that the town needs to actually get things done???

  76. 78 jezebel282


    “Is that REALLY the cajones that the town needs to actually get things done???”

    I am not in a position to say. I am merely a two dimensional avatar, you know.

    2013 could probably win if Miron, Costello or Best ran again (and they probably will). I believe Harkins is finding that satisfying the many political demands of the usual crowd in this Town is not a very gratifying position. It is certainly not as much fun as the State Legislature where you are one voice among hundreds.

  77. 79 sudds

    “2013 could probably win if…”

    I doubt it… he/she justs sounds like a whiny little brat to me!!!

    Has he/she actually offered up a single suggestion yet???

  78. 80 jezebel282


    “Has he/she actually offered up a single suggestion yet???”

    Has anyone else?

  79. 81 sudds

    But, has anyone else proclaimed themselves to be the next (err, umm, ahh, actually it would be the first, wouldn’t it?) great mayor of our town???

  80. 82 jezebel282

    Nice dodge.

  81. 83 ronmoreau

    You guys and gals do realize that if an Independent were to ever win the Mayoral position, the 2 political parties ,along with there henchmen ,would rip him apart while he was in office.

  82. 84 jezebel282


    “the 2 political parties ,along with there henchmen ,would rip him apart while he was in office.”

    So what?
    The RTC and DTC have so little credibility (even with you) that it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Being a mayor is not a lifetime position. We’ve had the RTC & DTC running things for twenty years now. Anything better? The first task is to solve the pension problem. That’s actually easy. Turn over the PD and FD pensions plan to the State. That takes a huge pile of money out of the hands of the Council and their party backers. Then you place professionals in the positions of the Directors. And then you let the Town run itself. Most Town employees know exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Once a year, you campaign all over again for an acceptable budget.

    There’s more, but you get the idea. You have to break the grip of the RTC & DTC party bosses.

  83. 85 sudds


    We (ok, most of us… I’m betting $20 that you sleep with a little stuffed elephant at night… LOL! just kidding) can only dream of an independent mayor!!!


    Because NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT THE REPUB/DEM TOWN LEADER HAS TO SAY!!! For the past 5+ years we’ve seen our two mayors quoted (unfortunately sometimes) numerous times in numerous papers… and how many times have you seen our town committee leaders quoted???

    I say we ALL vote for an Independent for mayor*!!! (now we just have to find one [a] with a spine and [b] without a car tire around his neck!!!)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    note to Mayro 2013… if you think I am talking about you… please see [a] above!!!

  84. 86 sudds

    “Nice dodge.”

    Just stating the facts Jezzy-baby!!!

  85. 87 ronmoreau

    I like the way you think.

    Maybe it’s the start of a whole new direction.

    But what can a 2 dimentional avitar do?

    Breaking the grip of but town committees would take much money,live bodies. Motivating the voting publis is a huge task.

  86. 88 jezebel282


    “But what can a 2 dimentional avitar do?”

    It’s amazing what a keyboard and a little outrage can do.

    “would take much money,live bodies. Motivating the voting publis is a huge task.”
    Not really. A clear message and a plan would be more effective. Brochures end up in most people’s trash. And voters don’t usually attend fundraisers…they are busy working.

    But they do READ.

  87. 89 sudds

    “Motivating the voting publis is a huge task.”

    I think Miron did, and Harkins is now doing, a WONDEFUL job of this!!!

    2013 is going to be PRIME for an (I) candidate… because who actually WANTS to vote for a (D) or and (R) anymore???

  88. 90 sudds

    ooops… WONDEFUL = wondeRful!!!

    (d*mn chubby fingers)

  89. 91 ronmoreau

    I don’t see very many new names posting here.

    It would be nice if some of 500+ daily readers of this blog would say HI once in a while and let everyone know what they think. Their real name is not necessary.

    Approx. 14,000 registered Stratford voters don’t even vote, let alone voice their opinion.

    Motivating them to is the key.

  90. 92 ronmoreau

    You would think taking $600.00 out of their pocket every year would do the trick.

  91. 93 ronmoreau

    that should read,

    You would think taking $600.00 MORE out of their pocket every year would do the trick.

  92. 94 jezebel282


    “I don’t see very many new names posting here.”
    Views today: 581

    (and it’s only 4PM)

    Somebody is reading this.

  93. 95 ronmoreau

    500 votes will not win a Mayoral election. When you can say 14,000 read this Blog today, then you will have something.

  94. 96 jezebel282


    “When you can say 14,000 read this Blog today, then you will have something.”

    At that point I start selling adspace.

  95. 97 ronmoreau


    That will solve the money problem, you will already have the live bodies.

  96. 98 1george1

    “I don’t see very many new names posting here.”
    Views today: 581 – (and it’s only 4PM) – Somebody is reading this.

    And I was not posting or looking often yesterday.
    Maybe that publicity from the stratford star about officer O’Meara
    has some people curious.

    If people read OLD POSTINGS, especially when MIRON was Mayor,
    some of the stuff is really eye opening.

    I like Harkins better as a person.

    But as others posted, they joined many of the opinions I posted in
    December, January, and Feb … Time passes. Things stayed the same
    and in some cases GOT WORSE!

    MIRON decreased TAXES

    HARKINS / MALLOY increased TAXES

    Yeah – we can blame the LIES of Mirons / Burturla / Kelly and past Town
    Councils / Town Committees.

    And people are increasingly aware of the ARMY / CONGRESS / SENATE /
    HARTFORD’S involvement in local tampering with Stratford / Bridgeport.


    Thanks for the semi prop.

    For the last 48 years I had a spare “TIRE” around my waste.
    So a “TIRE” around my neck for 5 minutes, does not hurt.

    “TIRED” of being OVER TAXED?
    “TIRED” of “RETRED” political people?
    “TIRED” of SNAKE OIL promises?
    “TIRED” of INFLATED Costs and DEFLATED Revenues

    Sudds, due to the slashed FLAT TIRE – my van became as
    unbalanced as I am! 😉
    I walked up to Jimbo and told him exactly who did it as I
    had reported to the police.
    Officer O’Meara had as much satisfaction.
    Actually, despite the cost, I gain a measure of satisfaction letting them
    know they are low lifes who really are worth direct reprisal. I get them
    where it really hurts – their self image, image around each other, and by
    exposing their “secret plans,” which is a matter of time to either BLOW
    (When it happens – no one can say I did not warn them!)

    > The Council ignored my Public Forum remarks presenting the slashed
    TIRE and also when I put the TIRE in front of me – so why NOT put it
    around my NECK?
    > The YOLK went on to them, as they
    1 – Did not intimidate me
    2 – Caused me to draw attention to the ABUSES they ignored and never
    wanted the press to cover –

    HAS TO SAY!!! For the past 5+ years we’ve seen our two mayors quoted (unfortunately sometimes) numerous times in numerous papers…
    and how many times have you seen our town committee leaders quoted???)

    (Esq. Burturla rebutted something so badly, he became the BUTT)

    I strongly suspect that many of the NEW blog viewers are on the edge
    of politics, such as in the Departments other than police + fire.

    I further suspect the number of police viewers increased due to O’Meara.
    In the past, Norm claimed he was not a viewer … but someone told him xy.

    So I guess we get the good with the bad.
    Maybe even BlueMenthol and others upstate?

    Most people are oblivious to GOVERNMENT and CIVICS, especially the
    LOCAL government and importance of the Town Charter, being the
    equivalent of a local Constitution.

    When the new TAX BILL hits, some / many will see $ 1000 / $ 2000
    INCREASES, including many who owned Stratford homes for 40 + years.
    THAT will get their attention.

    that while some will move out …. I am EXPECTING VIOLENCE.
    And I am expecting the wrong people to get hurt.

  97. 99 phineast

    George-you are wrong, Miron did not decrease taxes. He deliberately underfunded to give them false impression of a decrease and deferred. In actuality that is not a real decrease. Just like every thing that Miron did it was all a lie.

  98. 100 1george1

    All Miron did was propose a decrease, which the Henrick Republican
    Town Council further decreased.

    Ga-VIN – cape of D


    The Mayor PROPOSES. (Miron / Harkins = both fronts)
    The Town Council CREATES the BUDGET.

    I do not hate anyone,
    I do not hide my contempt for certain peoples political decisions.
    We AGREE on many.
    We AGREE on the END RESULTS.

    We can disagree on ways and means or priorities. 😉

  99. 101 phineast

    George-what Miron did was give council bad information and recommendations-they thought he was giving them good information. Any council person would look to lessening the burden if possible- you expect the person in the paid position to give honest info. Miron got an F as the town’s mayor for being a failure, a fake and an F. up that lives in a fictitious thought process . That is why he got voted out and will NEVER win another election and quite possibly may never be able to get another job…People that are paid to do a job are expect to do it correctly no matter how painful.

  100. 102 portia1776

    Jez’s constant and misleading attacks on all Republicans, as well as the mindless support for reactionary unions (as opposed to workers) and every “Progressive” scheme to control more of our lives can no longer be taken seriously. There are terrible Republicans and terrible Democrats and vice versa. But to say “residents have no place in politics” is simply not true. The last election established that sometimes there are candidates who are considerably better than lesser evils. Can you imagine a Mayor Miron’s reaction to the recent punishing storm that hit Lordship? To ask the question is to have already answered it. Mayor Harkins averted what could very easily, in Miron’s incompetent hands, been a major disaster.

    Moving on, Jez writes that as “unions become weaker we will see services directed by political decisions rather than circumstances.” Since when are unions apolitical? Unions may be good or bad, depending on how well they serve their members, but making membership in closed-shop unions mandatory is unfair to hard-working and talented workers (who should be compensated according to their merit and free to associate or not associate with whatever union they please) as well as the taxpayers who pay their salaries. The reason is the anti-individual nature of collective bargaining, which requires unions –- even good ones such as our own finest in the 998 and 407 –- to fight for their worst members, like Justin Loschiavo, and to demand compensation be given “equally.” But there is no equality between a Loschiavo and an O’Meara, Soto, or McNeil. It is an injustice that their dues have been wasted to further Loschiavo’s defense.

    Turning to the $6.5 billion elephant in the room, Jez fantastically believes “Not a single teacher in Stratford complains about a pension. Why? Because it is run by the State and properly administered. Their pensions are out of the hands of a party-controlled council. The other benefit is the taxpayers have a ZERO liability when a teacher retires. NONE. Not a penny. Nothing. Can we do this with our PD and FD? Absolutely. Tomorrow. Will we? No, absolutely not.”

    Let us sincerely hope not. Teachers do have to worry about their pension because, unfortunately, the pension fund has been horribly mismanaged by the State. This prompted them to protest four years ago when the pension deficit was “only” about $5 billion. Who is going to make up this massive and growing shortfall?

    Contrary to the economic fallacies promulgated by Jez and all too many “Progressive” Democrats and Republicans there are only three ways: 1.) raise taxes (on everyone, not just the rich, who already pay over 2/3rds of the CT income tax and a similarly disproportionate percentage nationally. Come now, Comrade Jez, do you want to steal 100% of their income? That still wouldn’t be nearly enough); 2.) take on more debt, which is actually a deferred tax increase; and/or 3.) cut teacher benefits. None of those options is fair to anyone, least of all to our overworked and underpaid teachers. This is, however, the reality we must face due to years of political mismanagement.

    That is not to say the situation is hopeless. Honest and forthright leaders — NJ’s Gov Christie (Republican) or Waterbury’s Mayor Jarjura (Democrat) — are facing these same problems, devising innovative solutions, and, particularly in Jarjura’s case, seeing positive improvements (according to his website: “In 2002, Waterbury’s unfunded pension and other liabilities neared one half a billion dollars. Today, the pension fund is 75 percent funded and its assets are protected from political tinkering”).

    But I come to praise Jez even in criticizing her. This blog must continue to exist, even though it would be better if focused exclusively on the local politics that she knows and lampoons so well. A day when Jez “step[s] away from the keyboard” would be a tragedy for the town. Citizens need a place to gather, share ideas, debate and discuss. No matter how honest, competent, and well-intentioned, it is our responsibility as citizens and taxpayers to remain vigilant in holding our elected representatives to account. Jefferson believed for good reason that “…were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” Substitute “Jez” for “newspaper” to bring the passage up-to-date.

  101. 103 jezebel282


    Most excellent post! Thank you for contributing. Although we fundamentally disagree on almost every point, it is a well written thoughtful post. It encourages me that there are citizens that think.

    Just one point. As for my “constant and misleading attacks on all Republicans”, they actually do it to themselves. Repeal the 14th amendment? Extend Bush tax cuts while denying benefits to the unemployed because of the deficit?

    Ok, maybe two points. As for unions…well the pendulum has always swung both left and right. For the last 10 years, it seemed to be stuck on the right while management has taken most benefits away. In this town and because of our charter and administrative mismanagement (it is not the unions that hired Justin Loschiavo), woe be unto any single town employee if he/she did not have a collective voice.

    I am always amazed at critics who complain about pension funding when elected officials failed to have the discipline to provide the required funding. I would be just as critical of “professional” money managers who are responsible for everyone else’s 401K, IRA’S and Keogh’s. Remember the Republican plan to “privatize” Social Security? If you placed $100 in an IRA 10 years ago you would have $100 today, minus the management fees. Based upon the performance of banks and investment houses, you would have done just as well putting it under your mattress.

    However, the placement of your post is appropriate. When the Town (and by that I mean the mayor), allows $600,000 in revenue to essentially be given to a private company without doing anything, something is wrong. It is neither a Republican nor Democratic issue. Those parties have very little philosophical influence on the RTC or DTC. It is an issue of rolling the dice with residents lives. That is totally and utterly unacceptable.

  102. 104 1george1


    Did Jim Miron give false information to the Town Council?
    Did the Town Council allow it and work with Jim Miron?
    I believe so.
    The Republican + Gavin Town Council created the FAC with
    ONLY 1 charge, while I was on the FAC.
    – I believe it was to cover up the IMBRO – BURTURLA – MIRON
    – COUNCIL, O. T. and PENSION ISSUES of the JAN 2008 Police.
    – – Two FIREMEN retired the saem time at equally high level
    – – Tom Moore, Imbro’s Bro-in-Law, led the FAC
    – – Tom Angelo / Ed Rodriguez included the phrase “NO DISCERNABLE
    WRONG DOING” despite accepting a vote to delete it.
    – – BOB SAMMIS and I were 2/3rd of the SUBCOMMITTEE investigating
    the 2008 retirements. Neither of us got the information we requested.
    – – Both Mr. Sammis + I made comments AGAINST the REPORT Mr. Rodriguez
    was to give to the Town Council.
    – – 3 Days before the rescheduled REPORT by Mr. Rodriguez, my TIRE was

    I showed the SLASHED TIRE to the TOWN COUNCIL, MIRON, and POLICE.
    – NOT ONE of those SCUMBAGS on the TOWN COUNCIL said squat!
    – MIRON said SQUAT
    – The POLICE falsified the report and did not include information I gave
    them in the report, including the PROBABLE perp.

    Phin – ALL of them are SCUMBAGS, who care NOTHING about PUBLIC
    SAFETY, because if that TIRE BLEW on I-95, INNOCENT PEOPLE could
    have been KILLED.
    And NONE of them have HUMAN DECENCY, because I could have been

    From Jan 2006 to JULY 2009 in 43 months, the MIRON regime / FEEHAN –
    HENRICH TOWN COUNCILS increased the PENSIONS by 42 % from just
    over $ 12 million to $ 17. 4 million, and NO ONE said SQUAT.

    The DTC + RTC, ranking personnel, and others are Political SCUM BAGS.

    Miron did implement the defibulators.

    The Emergency Services in Lordship are a tribute to professionals in the
    Emergency Services, where I prefer professionals over voluteers.
    They were on autopilot, regardless of who is mayor.
    I believe the police, fire, and EMS “heads” were all Miron appointments.
    The difference is that Miron would have been taking PUBLIC CREDITS,

    Phin, the above is not an attack on you.
    It is my candid opinion, that your post is wrong on a few levels.

    The people on ALL of the town councils are often very decent people
    and some are pillars of the Community.
    Some past councilors may be complete SCUM BAGS, while most others
    are political cowards or selfish or ….?


    PORTIA 1776

    Your post was well written.
    However I believe it has errors.

    1 – The TEACHERS retirement is a STATE ISSUE and we pay STATE TAX.

    2 – The TEACHERS Health Benefit Plan has Stratford Residents Paying
    over $ 16,200 NET per TEACHER and “RETIREE!”

    – The GROSS cost for family Health Care exceeds $ 18,600.

    – I have the Branyan presentation to GAVIN’S BoE, to prove it!!! 😦

    – I believe Jeze has access to that presentation and could post?

    3 – I believe the Teachers’ benefits SHOULD BE CUT of all EXTRANEOUS
    BENEFITS which cause the package to be 50 % higher than the national
    average of $ 12,000 a year for HEALTH BENEFITS.

    – I do not favor cutting critical benefits, but those areas which allow
    for INFLATED PREMIUMS, giving opportunity for potential “KICK BACKS.”

    – I believe ALL Govenment workers should pay 40 % premiums, instead
    of 13 %, so they would be on par with many private sectors plans.
    > If the Gross Premium was $ 6,000 (Average cost of Health Care 1999)
    or $ 12,000 (Average cost of Health Care 1 – 2009) 40 % represents
    $ 2,400 of the $ 6,000 or $ 3,600 Tax Payer Cost
    $ 4,800 of the $ 12,000 or $ 7,200 Tax Payer Cost

    $ 18,600 + Gross Premium x 13 % Teachers pay = $ 2,418
    $ 18,600 + Gross Premium x 12 % Teachers pay = $ 2,232
    $ 16,200 + per Teacher + Retiree cost to Tax Payers

    If the cost of Insurance was $ 6,000 a year 40 % teacher cost of $ 2,400
    is virtually identical to the 13 % of $ 18,000 Gross cost = $ 2,418

    Moved to: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/the-dark-side/#comment-13212

  103. 105 phineast

    George- we will have to agree to disagree on this sort of….Miron was a paid elected official that had a clearly outlined specific job to do and he lied about it. Deliberately misrepresenting the budget is a crime. While I would have hoped that the council would have stepped up to the plate and EXPOSED the lying sack of crap for what he was-they did not. What ever their reasons they did not serve the people that they were to represent-ALL of them had the opportunity to expose Miron. the only one that came remotely close to calling Miron out was Gavin and even he backed away from it. So we agree on some points but not on others. The people that were volunteering as council members failed in their duty-but they were volunteers that were dealing with a lying vindictive cheating and scheming jerk for a Mayor. They had a right to expect factual information to be forth coming from the mayor with regard to the budget. What they were given was a bill of goods to work with. I am hoping this new council has a higher level of integrity and honesty than the last group. I do know this Mayor we have now is much higher up on the integrity ladder -Miron didn’t even get tot the first rung…he didn’t and still doesn’t stand a chance because of who he chooses to surround himself with-family felons, liars and cheaters……
    I will not go into your conspiracy theories…sorry.
    Just know the next couple of years are going to be difficult–there are some really tough choices that have to be made. I know how I would begin to address the issues that we are facing….I am interested in seeing what John and Irene come up with.

  104. 106 ronmoreau

    “I know how I would begin to address the issues that we are facing….I am interested in seeing what John and Irene come up with.”

    Ya, Me too.

    So far, I’m not impressed.

  105. 107 jezebel282

    “lying vindictive cheating and scheming jerk for a Mayor.”

    Gotta agree with Phin on this one.

  106. 108 jezebel282


    “I am interested in seeing what John and Irene come up with.”

    I am more interested to see what Irene does. Dr. Cornish is an “interim” Superintendent now. Remember her “retirement”? She is officially retired and collecting her pension. With Branyan off to the green fields of Greenwich, the elected BOE has an actual job to do now. Not to mention grievances from every union in the education system (do I hear cheering at Berchem Moses & Devlin?).

    I hope Gavin had a restful summer.

    As for Harkins…well, you know, everything is complicated and takes time. No rash decisions will be made until it is too late or irrelevant.

    (Say, has anyone actually seen Harkins since the election?)

  107. 109 portia1776

    Editor’s note: Due to the inclusion of multiple URL’s within this post it was caught by WordPress’s spam filter. Nothing has been deleted from the original post.

    Jez and George,

    I am most grateful for your warm words of praise, which, I am well aware, are all the more meaningful given their rarity. Now, let me keep earning them…

    First, Jez, I don’t think we really “fundamentally disagree on almost every point.” If that were the case, where is the point-by-point refutation? Where, for example, is your endorsement of “mandatory closed-shop unions”? In place of disagreements on principle, your response primarily broaches other issues that were not addressed in my original post. Sure, on some visceral level, you clearly want to disagree but, fundamentally, you’re more faithful to logic than “Progressive” talking points.

    Second, George, I fail to see the errors of which you speak. We may disagree on cutting teacher benefits, but that is a difference of opinion. I wrote to correct Jez’s support for the State-run teacher pension as a model for public worker pensions, at a time when the pension is running a staggering $6.5 billion deficit — not the pension or benefit packages of individual teachers, something you clearly are better versed in than I.

    Venturing into the weeds to address Jez’s new points:

    “As for my ‘constant and misleading attacks on all Republicans’, they actually do it to themselves.” True, but the keyword is “all.” There are some good people within both parties. In fact, I gave an example from each in my post. Not “all” Republicans favor repealing the citizenship provision of the 14th Amendment (although nearly all “Progressive” Republicans and Democrats favor repealing or at least blunting the Privileges and Immunities Clause of that amendment, which was intended to strengthen the Constitution’s guarantee of individual self-ownership and economic liberty. This is presumably the real motivation behind the extraordinary and ridiculous push to repeal the 14th Amendment under the guise of the immigration debate. For the background: http://reason.com/archives/2009/02/23/restoring-the-privileges-or-im). Similarly, while a majority of Republicans probably favor extending the Bush tax cuts, not all of them do, nor did all of them vote against extending unemployment benefits.

    Two quick notes:

    1.) Given the size of the Democratic majorities, especially in the House, Republican opposition was and remains largely irrelevant. Are you going to blame Republicans that some Democrats initially voted against extending unemployment benefits, too? The real reason for most opposition in both parties was not the deficit – when in recent memory has that ever stopped Congress from spending our money?! – but the ridiculous inclusion of other items in the bill, such as the blatantly anti-job creation new tax on venture capitalists.

    2.) While the rich did benefit from the Bush tax cuts, so did nearly all other taxpayers, who saw their tax bracket lowered. After all, even with the cuts, “the top 10 percent of earners — households making an average of $366,400 in 2006 — paid about 73 percent of the income taxes collected by the federal government (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36226444/).” Meanwhile, the AP article continues, “The bottom 40 percent, on average, make a profit from the federal income tax, meaning they get more money in tax credits than they would otherwise owe in taxes.” A further 7% don’t pay any taxes, but also don’t receive any money back. So the reason to support expiration or, preferably, extension with serious amendment, of the Bush tax cuts is not to facilitate the confiscation of another estimated $200 billion from the rich (a proverbial drop in the bucket to say nothing about the unfairness of doing so) but that nearly half of all Americans pay no national income tax at all! This is no small matter. A statement attributed to Ben Franklin, and which is true regardless, has it that “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

    As for unions, we are not as far apart as you make it seem. I support unions provided workers can be paid based on merit and are free to associate or not associate with whatever union they please. In practice, this would mean that there would be more unions, more vigorous union organizing, and, yes, perhaps even more union militancy. Workers would be the chief beneficiaries of such a competitive system fighting to best represent their interests. They would not be the only beneficiaries, however. Taxpayers would also benefit by the new free marketplace for labor that would open up if the mandatory, closed-shop public sector union monopolies were finally busted.

    Getting back to your point: it is true that the union did not hire Justin Loschiavo. It appears, however, that by virtue of his hiring, he automatically became a member of the union, and was therefore entitled to the same collective bargaining agreement determined salary, benefits, and solidarity as any other officer regardless of how undeserving or how his fellow union members felt about his case.

    “I am always amazed at critics who complain about pension funding…” I think you can do both; horrible mismanagement is horrible mismanagement, whether public or private. There remains two important distinctions to be made: who chooses management and who pays for failure. In the private sector, individuals choose money managers and must accept the consequences of their decisions. They have a compelling interest, their own, to select people who are trustworthy, competent, and experienced. Of course, selecting a money manager with those qualities doesn’t necessarily translate into great returns – luck is often required. Yet competition does usually increase the probability of success. In the public sector, the decisions are mostly made by unelected bureaucrats, who face no rewards for positive results and no consequences if they blow up the government employee’s pension fund they are managing; taxpayers are always there to pick-up the tab. Needless to say, this framework greatly increases the probability of failure.

    “Remember the Republican plan to “privatize” Social Security?” – look to the original Social Security Act as well as the Supreme Court, not the performance of the NASDAQ, for what was wrong with this proposal. In the Warren Court’s decision Flemming v. Nestor, the Court upheld Congress’s right to “alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this Act” by finding “that entitlement to Social Security benefits is not [a] contractual right.” (See: http://www.ssa.gov/history/nestor.html; for a more factually accurate account See: http://www.historycooperative.org/journals/lhr/26.2/tani.html).

    In other words, Social Security can’t be privatized in a straightforward sense because the money you pay-in to supposedly secure Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits is not actually yours. There is no account with your name on it where all this money has been accruing at interest for years as in, say, a respectable whole life insurance policy or IRA or some other retirement instrument. Social Security benefits may or may not be paid at the age and/or level you are counting on. So much for “security.”

    Since privatization is impossible, and, as you say, would, in any case, be a bailout for the “professional” money managers, why not just allow taxpayers to opt-out? Individual taxpayers, after all, are the ones who can best decide how to utilize 12.4% of their yearly incomes. (The Amish, to their great credit, were granted an exemption in the 1950s, citing the virtues of self-reliance and voluntary mutual aid, and seem to be doing just fine without government inducements to sin, I mean, benefits).

    To be clear, before the fraudulent fear-mongers at such groups as the AARP and misnamed Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare, chime in: senior citizens currently receiving Social Security or those near retirement age should continue to get what they are morally, but not legally, entitled to, perhaps with the additional option of a buyout. But there is no reason to continue requiring successive generations of Americans to surrender so much of their hard-earned income for one of the few financial programs that would stand to be improved if run as well as a Ponzi scheme, to their and America’s ultimate detriment.

    We can conclude, once again, with agreement. I couldn’t have said it better myself: “…It is an issue [the pensions] of rolling the dice with residents lives. That is totally and utterly unacceptable.”

  108. 110 1george1


    We agree on Miron.

    We disagree on political scumbags of the Town Council who have
    Town Charter powers they choose not to USE, including
    – creating a another NEW TOWN CHARTER.
    – investigation
    – safety and health
    – CONTROL of the BUDGETS

    The Mayor can move money around within a Department, but the
    Council controls Departmental Budgets.

    The is not and has NEVER been prohibition for the Council to NOT
    speak up about ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, including FRAUD and to

    If the COUNCIL as as GROUP or as a PARTY, did that, it would PAINT
    everyone in CORNERS, which even the CT. POST couldn’t ignore.

    The Council actively worked with Mirons, who actively worked with them.

    They could have exposed all kinds of things. However the people who
    control the RTC + DTC choose the people for election who often have
    family working for government or subcontractors.

  109. 111 1george1

    See Jeze post # 71 among others.

    Ron’s post # 84 is absolutely correct in that being elected Mayor
    will do a limited amount of good, unless honest independent people
    step up for Council, Education, and Zoning.

    There are and have been highly intelligent and capable people on
    those over the past couple of decades. Many with honest agenda
    to serve the town.

    However, silence is concent.

    Omerta, Blue Wall, oath of ancient Orders? I dunno.
    But NO ONE goes ON RECORD with truth.

  110. 112 jezebel282


    “If that were the case, where is the point-by-point refutation?”

    Err…you were kind of critical about venturing into national politics instead of sticking to local issues. Given that I am a bit OCD (just ask George) I try to keep these issues in the appropriate topics, like Finreg or The Parade to November.

    Also, I don’t mind at all being called “progressive” or even (gasp!) “Liberal”. I’m kinda proud of it, actually.

  111. 113 jezebel282


    Donna Best strikes again.

    Jen Simmons, a volunteer EMT, was dismissed today. Her offense? Her partner dropped her off at EMS headquarters (albeit with a non-emergency patient in the ambulance) so she could get to her paying job.

    Her other offense? Testifying on behalf of Jasinski at his Labor Department hearing after Best fired him the first time.

    It’s a little worse because Ms. Simmons doesn’t live in Stratford and had been donating 40-50 hours/week of her time to…us. Now she will donate her time somewhere else.

    It’s like volunteers grow on trees if you are the EMS Administrator. When will this Administration make some sort of effort to take control of EMS?

  112. 114 jezebel282


    How does an EMT get dismissed for causing a 3-5 minute delay in the transportation of a patient, but the administration of 911 calls result in delays of 15, 20, 30 or even 45 minutes before ANY response?

    Once again, there are obvious and dangerous problems with our EMS service and no one in authority is doing anything about it.

    Maybe this administration will react when the family of a patient sues the Town. That seems to be the only thing this administration is afraid of.

  113. 115 jezebel282

    Fairfield marine officer rescues ailing Stratford boater
    Genevieve Reilly, Staff Writer
    Published: 03:58 p.m., Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    FAIRFIELD – A boater with a history of heart problems was rescued by Officer James Wiltsie Tuesday morning off of Lordship Point in Stratford.

    Wiltsie, an officer with the police department’s marine unit, said he was off of Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport when he heard the call for help. “The captain of the vessel was passed out, and his passenger, his buddy, was not a boat operator and he was calling the Coast Guard for help on Channel 16,” Wiltsie said. Since he was close by, Wiltsie headed toward Stratford.

    “When I heard the guy talking on the radio, I could tell he didn’t know what to do,” he said. He spotted the vessel and pulled up alongside, tieing the two boats together.

    The boater was now conscious, but feeling nauseous, and Wiltsie gave him oxygen after bringing him aboard the police boat. “The first thing he said when I got him onboard was `I think I’m having a heart attack,'” Wiltsie said.

    After anchoring the victim’s boat, Wiltsie brought the boaters into Birdseye Dock, were emergency personnel from the Stratford Fire Department and AMR were waiting.

    Yet again, another called given to AMR. Where was Stratford EMS? Who knows. It was only a heart attack. Maybe the crew was being disciplined…again.

  114. 116 mikereynolds

    I have always thought about getting my EMT certification and volunteering here in Stratford.

    But with all the BS from Donna Best I have no interest in volunteering my time and put up with her crap.

  115. 117 1george1

    Phin # 105
    Gavin waved a check around about a ton of FOI information.
    Supposedly he finally got it, despite being entitled to it by Charter.
    Never did anything with it …. did he?

    Same night he stated the Town Charter did NOT work.
    Gavin chaired # 1
    Gavin was among people to create # 2.
    Gavin and the supposedly dissatisfied Council could have opened the
    Town Charter up again for revision.
    However they did not!

    Phin you are an intelligent person and I think very well meaning person.

    Let’s make believe Mirons / Burturlas NEVER EXISTED!
    (Jeze this one was a LOB for QUOTE)

    The Republicans have controlled the Town Council and Board of Ed
    for the Majority of the past 28 years.

    What grade would you give the RTC for the last 28 years, including Weise?
    10 being highest – 0 being lowest:
    1) Taxes – Mil Rate
    2) Economic Development
    3) Pensions responsibile to Tax Payers
    4) Pensions fair to workers
    5) Health care responsibile to Tax Payers
    6) Health care fair to workers
    7) Timely and complete Remediation
    8) Public Safety
    9) Quality of Life
    10) Quality of Education

    Now rate the DTC for past 28 years and you can include ….

  116. 118 1george1

    “Second, George, I fail to see the errors of which you speak.
    We may disagree on cutting teacher benefits, but that is a
    difference of opinion.

    My first focus would be to steer Health Care away from apparent
    kick back potential situations, whereas Stratford pays $ 18,600 per
    for 1400 employees and 1000 retirees and a 60 person company paid
    $ 12,000 per.
    Stratford workers pay 13 %
    Private company workers pay 40 %
    As I pointed out 40 % of $ 6,000 Gross Premium is $ 2400
    13 % of $ 18,600 Gross Premium is $ 2418
    So, under the ideal situation of a Premium that is 1/3rd the present one,
    the cost to Teachers and workers would not change.

    Portia, I believe you are an advocate of Free Enterprise and competition?
    If lawmakers allowed open national competition in Insurance (unlikely)
    do you believe it would be impossible to get basic coverages for $6,000,
    which cover the catastophic situations an more, while allowing Tax
    deductable premiums and Health Savings Accounts to still be superior
    to the private sector?
    Almost everything is negotiable in life.

    I wrote to correct Jez’s support for the State-run teacher pension
    as a model for public worker pensions, at a time when the pension
    is running a staggering $6.5 billion deficit —
    not the pension or benefit packages of individual teachers,
    something you clearly are better versed in than I.”

    I suspect you are very knowledgeable about both situations?

  117. 119 1george1

    Portia # 102

    Contrary to the economic fallacies promulgated by Jez and all too many “Progressive” Democrats and Republicans there are only
    three ways:
    1.) raise taxes
    2.) take on more debt, which is actually a deferred tax increase; and/or
    3.) cut teacher benefits.

    None of those options is fair to anyone, least of all to our overworked
    and underpaid teachers.

    This is, however, the reality we must face due to years of political mismanagement.

    SOLUTIONS: There are more than the 3 suggested solutions, including
    accelorated economic growth and fundamental systemic changes.
    I am a fan of Jack Kemp + Arthur Laffer “rising tide lifts all boats and
    Milton friedman: Dependable Income theory.
    I am a fan of the words of the Marshall Plan and MLK’s Mountain top
    speach, which lays out Adam Smith”s
    1 – Theory of Moral Sentiment
    2 – Wealth of Nations

    SHORTEST TERM a mix is the likely solution, however the government
    seems intent on breaking the system and pitting the Public Sector
    against the Private Sector.

    Compare workdays and workhours and working conditions along with
    Step Increases and C.O.L.A. while claiming NO PAY increases – to the
    students’ parents:
    1 – # of days worked
    2 – # of hours worked per week / month / year
    3 – # expenses and safe working conditions – teachers complain about
    out of control kids. TRY ROOFING in 95 or 20 degree weather?

    I support education and prefer the Stratford Cost of $ 11,000 / year, per
    student vs. $ 60,000 / year, per jailed.
    Realistically Cost per student should be about $ 8,500 / year Stratford.

    I believe Esq, Burturla’s and Florek’s wives are teachers and I suspect they
    believe they have managed things just fine and dandy thank you?

    Interesting browsing through the names of retirees, workers, and the
    elected or politically active. There is an unbelieveable … wait very, very
    believable amount of CONFLICTS of INTERESTS spurring on unpaid political
    voluteers to hold office, for prior, existing, or future compensation for
    themselves and relatives …. including state / federal and othe rmunicipal,
    utilities, and contractors … subcontractors.


  118. 120 1george1

    PORTIA # 109
    Hit many, many, accurate points.
    Many conclusions can be justified and I can agree with many of them.
    Many conclusions I can disagree with in part or in whole for a variety
    of reasons. However they are so entangled with each other, I am not
    even going to try to identify them and agree or disagree.


    ad nauseum.
    At any given time E V E R Y PERSON on this planet can feel diversity of
    positions, depending on the situation.

    There are good and bad
    There are true and there are hypocritical.
    On some things JEZE is FAR RIGHT.
    On other things JEZE is FAR LEFT.
    Often JEZE is somewhere in the middle, but definitely passionate and

    Now any read can substitution many people, including themselves to
    be represented in the above 6 – 10 lines.

    If I am cut ….
    do I not bleed?

    The quality of mercy …

  119. 121 jezebel282


    “If I am cut ….
    do I not bleed?”

    Funny…you don’t look Jewish.

  120. 122 1george1

    How do Jews look?

    It was a joke. No need for a monologue.

    Moved to: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/the-dark-side/#comment-13275

  121. 123 1george1

    There are people who are violently anti-religion and amoral.

    There are people who love to murder.

    There are people who love deceipt and manipulation.

    Whoever thinks they are the fastest draw in the west,
    find either there is someone faster ….
    or someone who will shoot from ambush or from cover.

    Reagan told the story of the PIT BULL who was killed
    by a Chihuahua ….
    He choked on him.

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