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The Dark Side


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Former Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo, who crashed his patrol cruiser into four cars while having a seizure last June 6, misled the town on “at least seven instances” in which he failed to disclose “key medical information to the reviewing doctor, told half-truths or was intentionally unthruthful,” all in an effort to return to work and continue as a patrolman with the Stratford police department.

If not, Mayor Harkins has appointed Susan Collier as the new Finance Director. Working under John Norko and James R. Miron, her particular area of expertise is in bankrupting municipalities.

If you had read the documents carefully, one of the items you will have found is paragraph 12 of Assistant Chief Kepchar’s complaint where he alleges Miron authorized the payment of $50,000 in moving expenses to bring Curtis Maffett from Columbia SC to Connecticut. Incredible.

Even worse is the plain and simple fact that within the department already there was an extremely qualified, dedicated candidate who had applied for this position. The candidate lived in Stratford, had been a member of the SFD for 27 years, was highly educated and trained, had an intimate working knowledge of the Town and its physical plant and was even selected as Firefighter of the Year (Firefighter of the Year). This candidate’s problem? Being female.

It is bad enough that Chief Buturla wasted the resources of the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Unit (honest to goodness, major crime?), but he did so with the clear purpose of persecuting an officer who was not only injured in the line of duty, but forced to retire by Linda and Joe Loschiavo. The only word that can be used to describe the treatment of Officer O’Meara is “disgusting”.

Richard Miron, the former Democratic registrar of voters in Stratford, pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing more than $70,000 from dozens of grieving people who purchased headstones from his monument company that he never delivered.