GUILTY! (Another Miron Bites the Dust)


No Surprize here

Richard Miron and Loschiavo in the same week?

Richard Miron pleads guilty to theft of headstone funds
Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer
Published: 11:11 p.m., Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BRIDGEPORT — Richard Miron, the former Democratic registrar of voters in Stratford, pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing more than $70,000 from dozens of grieving people who purchased headstones from his monument company that he never delivered.

The 74-year-old Miron, the father of Stratford’s former mayor, James R. Miron, was asked by Superior Court Judge George Thim how he pleaded to the single count of first-degree larceny. Miron responded: “Guilty your honor.”

State’s Attorney John Smriga explained to the judge that, under a plea deal, all the accusations against Miron were lumped into one charge. Smriga said he would recommend Miron get a suspended prison term when he is sentenced June 4 on condition that he makes total restitution to his victims.

“We are working with the attorney general’s office and expect to have an accounting of all his victims and the money he owes by the sentencing hearing,” Smriga said.

Miron’s lawyer, John R. Gulash, told the judge his client already has about 90 percent of the restitution money and will be able to pay the complete amount by June 4. He said he will ask that his client get a short, suspended sentence with minimum probation at that time.

(I think someone should question where a 74 year old unemployed man with no known assets is going to come up with $70,000+.)

“Restitution is the key,” Thim emphasized.

Both Miron and his lawyer left the courtroom without comment.

Miron, the owner of Lakeview Monument Co., was accused of stealing about $85,000 from more than 50 people who had contracts with him to buy cemetery headstones. Police said he never supplied the headstones and refused to give the victims their money back.

The alleged thefts came to light in May 2008 when Bridgeport Police Officer Verna Kearney complained to police that she had paid nearly $3,000 to Miron for a headstone for her deceased husband, Nelson Kearney, a veteran police officer, but had not gotten the stone or a refund from Miron.

Police said since that first arrest, both they and Kearney have been contacted by numerous others claiming to have been ripped off by Miron.

Kearney, who helped to organize Miron’s other victims, was pleased that Miron had pleaded guilty.

“I hope he does make restitution, if he doesn’t he belongs in jail,” she said. “He got me and a bunch of other people when we were at the lowest point in our lives.”

Among the other allegations are that Miron defrauded a Bridgeport synagogue of nearly $3,000.

Police said officials of Congregation B’Nai Israel on Park Avenue paid Miron $2,800 in 2005 to replace four headstones in its Kings Highway cemetery in Fairfield that were damaged when a car crashed into them. Miron never provided the headstones, however, and didn’t respond to calls for a refund.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit of Detective Frank Podpolucha, a number of Miron’s alleged victims were widows buying headstones for the graves of recently deceased husbands, parents buying headstones for dead children and children purchasing headstones for parents.

In many cases, after allegedly paying Miron thousands of dollars for the headstones and getting neither the headstone nor their money back, the grieving families said they were forced to pay more money to another monument company for a grave marker, police said.

We wonder if the Democratic Town Committee will finally recognize that Richard Miron does NOT belong in an elected position. Maybe they are tired of being thought of as crooks and decided to make the accusation true and continue to let Miron rule the party.


26 Responses to “GUILTY! (Another Miron Bites the Dust)”

  1. 1 phineast

    GUILTY!–tell us something we didn’t know. Like where he is getting all the restitution money from….
    The out come of this case is NOT going to help Blumenthol in Nov. It will most likely be his political demise.
    Miron won’t have voting right-as he will have a felony conviction–a small piece of justice when the people deserve much more.

  2. 2 rex525

    phineast – “GUILTY!–tell us something we didn’t know. Like where he is getting all the restitution money from….”

    I don’t know phin, but I would love to see who brokered all of the granite for the West Broad St. curbing (I bet that would MORE than cover the tab).

  3. 3 1george1

    Let’s see:

    $ 70,000 with no interest for several years.
    Likely to have no attorney fees via barter, for brokering stratford’s mess.
    No jail time.

    What a great deal.

    Conversely, Dick Miron’s name is known as a dead beat.

    One son is despised in the town, by people who only know part
    of his antics, and those of his “allies” and supposed adversaries.

    Another son’s dirty laundry was illegally aired to the world, where
    reasonable people might conclude it was intentional scam, after
    the other messes in Stratford police department and politics.

    A daughter’s name was linked to crime and dirty laundry.

    The family appears disfunctional.

    And yet, they are far from the worst people involved in stratford
    politics and certainly American politics.

    However, they are very convenient scape goats and apparent
    counter points for desired appearances.

    I am no fan since Burturla’s firm covered the mOSSman civil trial
    which I tried to go Pro Se.
    Barnhart + LoSchiavo testified
    Dick Miron + Tony Schirillo were in the BS pen to testify.
    DeLieto had exculpiating tape recording of my call-in
    Diane Buda + Eleanor Burke were unavailable = subpoena 2 % Cap trial.
    I was allowed no witnesses nor evidence I request my attorney to get
    and present, and not allowed to use evidence I had….

    Mirons are typical of many people (not all) in politics, who can be
    blackmailed at any time.

    What good does it to conquer the world, yet lose your soul?

  4. 4 1george1

    Jeze, I was lookin at the nice picture of the scale?

    I noticed what appeared to be clouds of white stuff
    (or snuff) floatin around da scale?

    Was that picture takin in Jimmy’s office?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “I don’t know phin, but I would love to see who brokered all of the granite for the West Broad St. curbing (I bet that would MORE than cover the tab).”

    Now, it’s just a rumor, but apparently a truckload of granite was turned away from the job. No word on whether the Town got a credit for a full truckload of granite.

    Let’s see….at $11/linear foot how many linear feet are in a 40,000 pound truckload?

    But I’m sure the FBI and State Attorney John Smriga are right on top of this. After all, look how well they are doing with the McNeil/Soto/Farmer case.

  6. 6 phineast

    I agree with you Rex-100%.

    Jez- time to crank up the pressure on the AG’s office. If he doesn’t look into where the money is coming from on a bankrupt, “unemployed” man who suddenly is rolling in enough cash to hand over $80k+ it will for sure cost Blumenthal his most coveted wish. He should learn from Jimmy’s mistakes.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Via email from Jason Guberman:

    Due to the nature of my current work (i.e., leading a non-profit academic project) I have to limit my public political exposure. I would not, however, be Sylvia’s grandson if I let the potential injustice of Dick Miron’s plea bargain agreement pass without comment.

    As it now stands, according to the CT Post, if Miron makes restitution to his victims, State’s Attorney John Smriga will recommend only a suspended sentence. Presiding Superior Court Judge George Thim is unlikely to object, judging by his quote in the article that “restitution is key.” While monetary restitution is very important, where is the justice in Miron merely having to return that which was not his to begin with? What will this case say to other would-be defrauders of widows, grieving parents, and orphans? Does Attorney Smriga really believe that a Connecticut jury would not do the right thing and render a fair verdict, or is he not confident in his own abilities to prosecute the case? The nature of Richard Miron’s crimes don’t warrant such leniency.

    My brother, Matty, asked if someone stealing from Best Buy would just be required to return the stolen item without receiving any punishment. For his analogy to be correct, that someone would of needed to have stolen from Best Buy and at least 49 other stores, as well. Miron stole from more than 50 people!

    We should, by all means, be asking how Miron is going to pay back the approximately $85,000 that he stole, if and when that money materializes. The larger question, though, is why this straight forward case is not being prosecuted with vigor? Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been conspicuously quiet about this grave case of grand larceny, when far less serious matters have been fodder for his press conferences. It would be somewhat premature to allege political expediency on his part, but that is currently the most compelling explanation. The victims and tax-payers deserve an answer.

    I hope some of you will write to demand one from Blumenthal (; Office of the Attorney General 55 Elm Street Hartford, Connecticut 06106; (860) 808-5318 ), Smriga (1061 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06604; (203) 579-6506), and the CT Post reporter Daniel Tepfer (, as well as help let the public know by writing letters to the editor of the CT Post ( and by positing on the Stratford Politics Blog (

    Editor’s note: Jason Guberman is Sylvia Guberman’s grandson. You did good, Sylvia.

  8. 8 jezebel282

    It is even more confounding that State Attorney John Smriga or Judge Thim would permit this “plea” bargain given the number of civil suits currently filed against Richard Miron.

    Mr. Miron is also represented by Ellery E Plotkin(100283) of ELLERY E. PLOTKIN, LLC, 777 SUMMER ST, 2ND FLOOR, STAMFORD , CT 06901 a noted CT Bankruptcy attorney. (that took seconds of research).

    Lakeview Monument is still active as a registered business in Connecticut and it will surprize no one at all the the agent for service is RICHARD J. BUTURLA 75 BROAD STREET, MILFORD, CT, 06460

    Now we can all go throw up. Or better yet, write a letter (You know, on paper? In an envelope?) to:

    Judge George N. Thim
    Superior Court
    Judicial District Courthouse
    1061 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604


    John C. Smriga
    State’s Attorney
    1061 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

  9. 9 1george1

    Accused of FRAUD for not delivering $ 85,000 goods?
    Has to make restitution of $ 70,000?
    82 cents on the dollar?

    That is if any of it is true?

    Difference between States Attorneys + U S Attorneys + FBI + State Troopers
    and the MAFIA, is the MAFIA appears to have far more INTEGRITY?

    DeLauro and a couple other Democratic Candidates will be at Baldwin 7:00 pm
    Monday night. They could not wait until the end of Passover?

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “Accused of FRAUD for not delivering $ 85,000 goods?”

    The charge is First Degree Larceny. The latest count is 80+ victims, each for at least $1,500-$2,500.

    Any plea bargain that does not include jail time or heavy fines is a mere slap on the wrist and an invitation to future felons to simply donate illegal proceeds to the State Democratic Treasury.

    What really makes you wonder is State Attorney John Smriga even contemplating such a “deal”. Even if the charges against Miron were valid for, say, only 20 or so families, would he have that much difficulty finding a jury in Fairfield County that wouldn’t convict Miron?

    “DeLauro and a couple other Democratic Candidates will be at Baldwin 7:00 pm
    Monday night. They could not wait until the end of Passover?”

    Any candidate that shows up tonight at a meeting held by the Miron Machine is plainly too stupid to be elected. Just ask Janice Andersen. These candidates should treat the Stratford DTC as if contained a colony of lepers.

  11. 11 1george1


    The people scheduled to be at Baldwin Center are D Candidates
    Susan Bysiewicz, Attorney General
    Merrock Alpert, U. S. Senate
    Mary Glassman, Governor

    Stratford has been ill treated for decades by both pasrties,

  12. 12 jezebel282


    For the record, the sentencing provisions in CT for a conviction of a Class B felony is Imprisonment from 1 to 20 years and a fine of up to $15,000.

    First Degree Larceny involves an amount of property over $10,000 and is a class B felony.

    Richard Miron is STILL a voting member of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee.

  13. 13 1george1

    Doesn’t the DTC meet tonight where Jim Miron supposedly told
    the Stratford Star he might run for a State orafice, I mean office?

    Sudds, calm down!
    I know I typed your favorite word!

    Jeze, calm down!
    I know I typed your least favorite word!

  14. 14 phineast

    Blumenthol’s office ALLOWED this. Prosecutors make deals all the time but it needs to have certain blessings in place. I’m shocked his opponents haven’t picked up on this.

  15. 15 paradisegreen

    Richard Miron is STILL a voting member of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee.


    No. He’s not. He resigned.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “No. He’s not. He resigned.”

    As of when?

    It’s not like the DTC has a functional website, you know.

  17. 17 1george1


    If you own the race track, do you care which ass wins the race?

    In J K GALBRAITH “Economics and public purpose” he wrote about
    the logic of controlling both or all political parties.

    The same way both parties are run in Stratford, it is true in CT and in
    the USA. ROCKEFELLERS, KENNEDYS, BUSH, and others ar ein both parties.

    Locally from Berchem’s firm under Kevin Kelly, two of the 6 dwarf assistant
    Town Attorneys were Tom Cotter (R) and Burturla (D),

    Cotter is on the disability review board, under Miron / Burturla.

    Bishop was the other D.
    Florek was the other R.

    Blando + Foreman were from the UD.

    1ST CRC – Williams, Miron, & Kubic
    2nd CRC – Proto, August, & Florek again.

    Hilgen is an attorney and was involved in changing Ethics qualifications
    and reconstitution.

    Kurmay is in Burturla’s pocket

    DeJoseph in CT prosecutor office. Syl knew his family.

    Tom Murray asked for an email from me of Base Pays, that even I did
    not realize were gone.
    Murray & Ross were going to retire as of last night and pulled them,
    indicating they were reassured.
    Joe McNeil has not replied to 3 e-mails over couple months.

    Sooner or later they all expose true colors.

    It is a moot issue to me, because every local action I have done has’
    been a probe and test, to try to get at the national handlers and
    controllers, whom I desire to convert.
    Not due to religion, or love, or patriotism, or enlightened self interest
    or fear or power or wealth or ideology or compromise or ego or turf.
    They are an endless supply of fungible zombie/ghoulish a**holes whose
    ignorance is astounding, especially among their classically educated.

    Humanity’s enemy is a mindset which is indoctrinated and cultivated
    It makes the finest into the worst and the bravest into cowards!
    It turns military leaders into treasonistic cowards!
    It captures and dupes the most intelligent.
    It turns those claiming to be free, into puppet slaves with guild cage!

    Capitalism is the ultimate form of socialism.
    In a game fairly played there is ample room to reward meritocracy
    and to protect innocent and those less capable to have a better life,
    which raises the entire tide and is infinitely more satisfying since it
    is harder to construct than destruct.

    heroes or zeros?

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Even stonehearts fear their fall
    Sadistic schadenfreude cast criminogenic pall
    Because introspection overcomes all.

  18. 18 1george1

    As expected there was petulant reprisal by Unamerican treasonous criminal cowards who have destructive ability to use technology to interfere with people.

    Such pathetic creatures prove they are slaves and cowards who do not believe
    in Liberty and Justice for all, nor do they believe in equality under law.

    By using reprisal, they admit they are the inferior and not the superior!

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “Murray & Ross were going to retire as of last night and pulled them,
    indicating they were reassured.”

    WRONG AGAIN GEORGE, my sources indicate that last evening the Pension Board approved the superannuation retirements of Assistant Fire Chief Daniel Ross and Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Murray effective July 1st, without prejudiced to either of them withdrawing their applications before July 1st, should they so desire. Does that sound like they were reassured? I’d guess their retirement plans have everything to do with their utter disgust for the current state of leadership (by their superiors) at the Fire Dept. as well as their total lack of support from Town Hall.

  20. 20 1george1


    As previously written I am hard of hearing.
    I heard retirements extended and it sounded like they were with drawn.

    For what it is worth, I do believe Tom Murray when he told me that he did
    not know that Feehan’s Fire Truck company could set the price for Smeal
    Fire Trucks.

    What is documented is Trucks had to go for BID prior to being BONDED.
    The customized Truck was $ 570,000 including equipment.
    The NON customized Truck was $ 230,000 including equipment.

    Instead the FIRE DEPT made huge issue for 2 NON customized Truck for
    $ 400,000 excluding equipment, which was $ 100,000 extra.

    I can believe Tom Murray that he and Firemen would NOT KNOW then
    what he knows NOW.

    It looks like Tom Malloy and Gavin have wasted their intelligence just like
    Darth DeCilio, Norm, and most attorneys.

    It is true of alot of things.

    People get suckered all of the time.
    Myself included.
    Amazing how many people are devoid of shame …..

  21. 21 rex525

    I am utterly disgusted with the fact that we are about to loose TWO MORE employees of this caliber due to politics in this town. The blame for this latest loss should lay directly on the shoulders of Mayor Harkins and his apparent lack of leadership. In an effort of fairness perhaps we should start a new talley for high caliber employees lost for political reasons under this administration as well. It is hard to imagine this loss while we still pay Buturla, Ridenhauer, Cavanaugh, Moffett, McCarthy and Collier. Thanks for your total lack of restoring the pride Mayor Harkins, your campaign should be sued for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

  22. 22 jezebel282


    “As previously written I am hard of hearing.”

    The problem with that is that it somehow travels to your fingers and it ends up here hurting some good guys.

    “I heard retirements extended and it sounded like they were with drawn.”

    Again, you heard wrong. The pensions were granted without prejudice effective July 1, 2010.

    That in itself is a tragedy. These two Assistant Fire Chiefs are the best Stratford has to offer. Outspoken and honest, it is hard to count how many lives they have saved between them. They stand up for the safety of their men and women and the citizens of Stratford. Neither one should retire at their age.

    Sadly, I recall seeing them both at almost every campaign event John Harkins scheduled. They (and Joe McNeil and most of the 407 members) did everything they could to promote Harkins’ candidacy. They were out there in the cold and wind carrying the posters, planting lawn signs and cheering because they believed in Harkins.

    If they do actually retire on July 1, it would be a singular failure of the Harkins administration. It would signify that honorable, ethical and, yes, brave service is simply not valued here.

  23. 23 1george1


    Your intrepretation and spin about what I posted is unexcuseable.

    A) Tom Murray + Dan Ross put in for retirement = FACT

    B) There was some sort of withdrawal mentioned and without prejudice = FACT


    There are so many things that are virtually useless that you support
    while you are silent on things of life and death to innocents.

    However, you have improved your posting on macro economic maladies.

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Let’s review:

    “Murray & Ross were going to retire as of last night and pulled them,
    indicating they were reassured.”

    “Sooner or later they all expose true colors.”

    1. Their retirement was approved without prejudice.
    2. They did not withdraw them.
    3. They were not reassured
    4. Their “true colors” happen to be bravery, honesty and service.

    “There are so many things that are virtually useless that you support
    while you are silent on things of life and death to innocents.”

    On this planet, life and death happen every day. There are those that seek to save lives and fight death. That is what Assistant Chiefs Dan Ross and Tom Murray do every day for a living. They have the medals, certifications and awards to prove it. This is also a fact that cannot be disputed.

    What you type and what you mean may not necessarily be the same thing. Frankly, given the volume of your content nobody has the time or inclination to figure it out.

    I am not going to be deflected from the point which I will state again:

    “If they do actually retire on July 1, it would be a singular failure of the Harkins administration. It would signify that honorable, ethical and, yes, brave service is simply not valued here.”

  25. 25 paradisegreen

    Hi there;

    I am not exactly sure of the date. Within the past two weeks or so. I saw an announcement. It’s a done deal, I just don’t have a document to show you. I guess anyone can find out if they drop in the next meeting of the DTC. There have been several changes in memberships over the past few months. A lot of restructing going on I think. Or at least so I have heard… for whatever that is worth.

  26. 26 1george1

    Hi Paradise,
    welcome to the blog.

    I attended a DTC MEETING a couple months ago
    (RTC = Mill river CC = private property)
    Rick Marcone indicated they would stay with a smaller DTC
    Mirons / Burturla were not (physically) present

    I wonder if the new Ordinance Committee pass to full Town Council
    will pay of DICK MIRON’S debt?

    Town Attorney can now bypass Town Council Finance and Claims Committee
    and the Town Council to write a check for $ 49,999.
    There will be after the fact postings advising Town Council.

    It is not a new Ordinance.
    The prior thresh hold was $ 2,500

    Hey Jeze, if I get it and send it to you, will you create a blog string?

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