Really? Miron Lied?


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More damaging evidence in report that recommended seizure cop’s firing
Published: 04:40 p.m., Sunday, April 25, 2010

Richard Weizel



That determination was made by Chief Administrative Officer Geen Thazhampallath after a disciplinary “Loudermill” hearing for public employees facing termination that resulted in LoSchiavo’s firing last month. LoSchiavo had been placed on “light duty” when his driver’s license was suspended after the crash, though the suspension was lifted a few months ago.

The CAO’s report was forwarded to Mayor John A. Harkins after the hearing, who immediately dismissed the 32-year-old son of former Deputy Police Chief Joseph LoSchiavo and Human Resources Assistant Linda LoSchiavo.

Documents obtained by the Connecticut Post in response to a Freedom of Information request also show that in a final report recommending his dismissal by the CAO, who acted as hearing officer, LoSchiavo made misleading statements about his medical history to a trio of doctors. The CAO, however, rejected the town’s argument the officer was aware he was about to have a seizure the morning he was driving his patrol cruiser.
The CAO states in the report, however, that Human Resources Director Ronald Ing discovered “inconsistencies between statements made by LoSchiavo to town appointed neurologist Dr. (Samuel) Bridgers several months ago and in prior statements by the former officer to his personnel doctor Philip Micalizzi and to an on-call doctor hired by the town, Dr. Joel Kunkel, during LoSchiavo’s original employment process during 2005-06.

Kunkel recommended at the time against hiring LoSchiavo due to medical reasons.

The town charged LoSchiavo misled Dr. Bridgers regarding his awareness and the frequency of pre-seizure warning signs, and failed to provide the doctor with the “totality of his medical records when he was to hand deliver them.”

While Thazhampallath rejected the town’s argument the officer was aware when he was going to have a seizure, he expressed greater concern about LoSchiavo’s alleged lies and withholding of vital medical information from doctors.

“LoSchiavo admits fearing further public scrutiny of himself and his family,” the CAO states in the report. “This information, in the eyes of this hearing officer, was critical and vital and material to Dr. Bridgers independent medical review of LoSchiavo’s fitness for duty.

“The fact that LoSchiavo now admits to the mistake and lie does not relinquish the seriousness of the act,” Thazhampallath states. “The safety of LoSchiavo, his fellow officers and the public could have been at stake or compromised. This untruth proves to be a determining factor in this case.” However, the specific “untruth” cited is redacted in the report.
But the CAO’s final conclusion is clear. “Thus, it is determined that Officer Justin LoSchiavo, based on the presented medical documentation, reports and personal testimony, did engage in Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, did fail to uphold the Integrity of his badge, and did fail in Attention to Duty.”

It also turns out former Mayor James R. Miron knew far more about the seizure disorder that afflicts LoSchiavo and risks that hiring him would pose than he was willing to reveal last June after the officer crashed his patrol car.

Miron was so concerned about protecting the town from potential legal liability from LoSchiavo that he and LoSchiavo signed a carefully worded legal agreement as part of the officer’s June 1, 2006, hiring that was unknown even to the local police union.

The document includes significant details about the seizure disorder that allowed the town to extend LoSchiavo’s probationary period from the usual 15 months to up to 27 months and terminate him immediately if he suffered a seizure — on or off the job — during that time.

Under the pact, LoSchiavo agreed “not to file any complaint or charge alleging disability discrimination” under state and federal statutes, including the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

That could hamper efforts by LoSchiavo’s lawyers to file a lawsuit over his termination, based on his medical condition. Town officials say they believe LoSchiavo likely did have at least one seizure during his probationary period, and that if forced to prove it, they will be able to.

Miron repeatedly denied last year, while still mayor, that he had read a report by former Police Detective Nelson Dinihanian, who recommended LoSchiavo not be hired for medical and other reasons.
Meanwhile, Attorney Jon August, representing LoSchiavo, said while legal action is still being considering, “everything is on hold” until the completion of a grievance that was filed on behalf of LoSchiavo to the state’s Mediation and Arbitration Board.

LoSchiavo’s personnel documents also reveal that — despite being rejected as a police officer candidate in 2005 because of “medical” reasons — and admissions he stole town property, smoked marijuana, abused sick days, failed to report “under the table” income to the IRS and was unable to provide an up-to-date driver’s license during interviews in Stratford and at least one other police department — LoSchiavo was still hired by Miron six months later.


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  1. 1 1george1

    Is any of this stuff criminal?

  2. 2 jezebel282

    “Is any of this stuff criminal?”


    Yet the only ones that continue to be punished while innocent are Captain Joseph McNeil and Lt. Orlando Soto.

    I guess you would call Justin Loschiavo the “low hanging fruit”. Linda Loschiavo is still collecting a paycheck from us and Joe Loschiavo is still collecting his nearly $100,000/year pension from us.

  3. 3 1george1

    I can not believe no one in Stratford police has any clout to be able
    to get a warrant for arrest or arrests….?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    The only ones with clout are Buturla, Popik and Loschiavo. They can get any kind of arrest warrant for anything. They don’t even need, what’s the legal term, dislike? No. Malice? No. Vengeance? No. Oh yeah! “Evidence”!

  5. 5 jezebel282

    I guess no one is surprised Miron lied.

  6. 6 phineast

    In my humble opinion Miron wouldn’t know the truth if it came up to him and bit him in the ass. So is it a surprise? Nope. The truth coming out of his mouth would have been though…. 😉

  7. 7 1george1

    I believe the Mirons know the truth.
    They are also deluded.
    But they know the truth and think everyone else is too stupid or malleable.
    It is NOT OVER. …. like the terminator said … they will be back ..

  8. 8 genuinephyllis

    Hate to say this but was the fmr mayor ever capable of telling the truth???
    This comes as no surprise

  9. 9 jezebel282


    Richard Miron (you know, Jimmy’s dad who pled guilty to felony larceny?) is STILL a member of the Democratic Town Committee.

    He and Rich Buturla sit down with Rick Marcone on a regular basis and tell him what to say and do.

    It makes you wonder how low the bar will get for the DTC.

  10. 10 1george1


    Jimmy was capable of telling the truth.
    In fact he often did so.

    However, it was often done in a self serving scenario for foundation
    for plausible deniability, to set up exculpability and/or mitigation.

    The Mirons/Burturlas coordinated the play and choreographed the
    steps with the various RTC Town Councils, BoE, an Zoning.

    Always there is some mixture of truth in every position.

    I always like various people in the RTC + DTC.
    I recognize people have political agendas.
    I accept that.
    Yet, when people know right from wrong and are apparently good
    people ….. it causes me sadness.

    The last 4 weeks I was published by the Stratford Star.
    I made a case that most people were ignorantly entrapped.
    Yet I pointed out the benefits they TOOK as BAIT!

    I have left doors open for the local attorneys, political committees,
    elected officials, and unions to make a choice.

    Will they work with the general population, which they have been
    screwing over, yet sworn to protect …?

    I am NOT confident groups will walk from peer pressure and sweet heart
    deals, like monkeys trapped by keeping their fist grasoing the cookie in
    the cookie jar, guaranteeing capture.

    If the open their fist, they can pull their hand away … and escape.

    Reader’s might want to google a short story called “the monkey’s paw.”
    (Be careful what you wish for)

    Or will they allow people to continue to use them as insulation that
    will not hesitate to double cross and scapegoat them?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    To no one’s surprise Linda Loschiavo, the HR assistant, is “out sick”…Still. Although she is not in any union and merely “tracks” the supervisors” contract, she is apparently taking full advantage of their (not hers) negotiated contract.

    If you are unaware of the terms, they may take one full year of sick time (at full pay, of course) and then come back for one day. Then they may take another full year of sick time. We hope Ms. Loschiavo is managing to get plenty of shopping, dining, sleeping late and attending parties into her schedule to relieve her stress.

    In the meantime, Ron Ing is the sole Town employee in HR struggling with union negotiations, hiring, benefits, payroll, grievances etc. In our collective memory, we cannot recall a time when HR was staffed by a single individual.

    Note to John Harkins: Pssst….Ms. Loschiavo is an “at-will” employee. There is no actual contract. You can actually insist she returns to work or abandon her job.

  12. 12 sudds

    It sounds to me like she already HAS abandoned her job!!!

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “It sounds to me like she already HAS abandoned her job!!!”

    Just the work part of it.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    From the Stratford Star:

    “As I have always maintained, the hiring of police officer Justin LoSchiavo was done properly, the interests of the Town of Stratford were protected and all laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, were followed,” Miron said in a statement Tuesday.
    “As reported in news outlets, Officer Justin LoSchiavo, like many town employees, including police officers, had a medical condition that was under control with medication,” Miron added.
    “Unfortunately, Officer Justin LoSchiavo’s medical condition was irresponsibly and improperly used by the police union and their handpicked mayoral candidate to create hysteria and a campaign issue during the mayoral campaign of 2009,” the former mayor continued.“I believe that Officer Justin LoSchiavo was fired by Mayor Harkins as payback to the police union that strongly backed his campaign for mayor.”

    That’s right Jimmy, it was a conspiracy. We all remember the wide-spread “hysteria” while Justin was out on 270 days of paid “sick leave”. Payback? HAHAHAHAHA! Once a sociopath, always a sociopath.

    * Frequent mood swings
    * Stormy relationships
    * Social isolation
    * Angry outbursts
    * Suspicion and mistrust of others
    * Difficulty making friends
    * A need for instant gratification
    * Poor impulse control
    * Alcohol or substance abuse
    * Disregard for others
    * Persistent lying or stealing
    * Recurring difficulties with the law
    * Repeatedly violating the rights of others
    * Aggressive, often violent behavior
    * Disregard for the safety of self or others
    * Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    * Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    * Expecting constant praise and admiration
    * Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings*

    Yeah…that’s pretty much it.


  15. 15 1george1

    JEZE – YOU MISSED an OPPORTUNITY to give examples, which I
    will do for you, but writing in GENERAL TERMS, and NOT about
    anyone specifically. … . 😉

    * Frequent mood swings

    * Stormy relationships

    * Social isolation

    * Angry outbursts

    * Suspicion and mistrust of others

    * Difficulty making friends

    * A need for instant gratification

    * Poor impulse control

    * Alcohol or substance abuse

    * Disregard for others

    * Persistent lying or stealing
    HEY! “This IS Stratford!”

    * Recurring difficulties with the law

    * Repeatedly violating the rights of others

    * Aggressive, often violent behavior
    FINANCIAL VIOLENCE and AGGRESSION is a subtle format ..
    COVERING for MURDERERS and VANDALS ….in both parties …

    * Disregard for the safety of self or others

    * Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness

    * Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    DITTO ..

    * Expecting constant praise and admiration
    WHO ELSE …

    * Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings*


    Let’s have a can you top this.
    DICKS are far worse the JIMMY, who was following party orders

  16. 16 jezebel282


    Many good examples. But it is rare to find so many wrapped neatly in one ugly package.

  17. 17 1george1


    I just wrote in general terms, not about anyone specific.
    I also try to be specifically political and nothing personal!!

    Conversely I was surprized not to see specific examples from you.
    I would be careful though …

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “Conversely I was surprized not to see specific examples from you.”


    Have you read this blog?

  19. 19 1george1

    SOME of my posts are Hardball. Some Softball. Some fast. a few lobs. . . .

    I gave you a T – BALL ideal for a STRIKE
    or a V – BALL suspended for a SPIKE
    I gave generic examples you would LIKE

  20. 20 phineast

    Jimmy–explain to the public how a person who has a seizure disorder that still has seizures is considered stable on medication? As long as they continue to have seizures that is NOT considered stable by any stretch of the imagination OR ADA. The fact that this individual and his family who were involved in the hiring process—which in my book is not only unethical but criminal-appears to have lied to and manipulated the admin and the actual process to get the town to pay the health care costs for this individual as well as a permanent free ride. I am thinking it is time to take the gloves off and go after the entire bunch-each and every one of them violated the public trust for personal gain- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  21. 21 1george1

    PHIN: While going after people you do not like, you ar very likely to
    SNARE many family members and allies of this Blog.

    Many of those don’t post. They read.

    Most of those were suckered into thinking the gravy train would go
    on forever and see around the country there is increasing anger by
    poor & middle income, and the higher income people are paying out
    rageous benefits and revenues….. , which cause kick backs ….

    It is time for people to reassess situations and be with the people and
    against the political parties leadership.

  22. 22 phineast

    Snare away.

  23. Here is a letter for the Star:

    Dear Editor Kovach,

    At last sighting, disgraced ex-mayor Jimmy Miron was running a quixotic but lucrative race for state senate. Thanks to Connecticut’s appalling and unfair “clean election” public financing scheme, Miron was able to coerce taxpayers to “contribute” over $75,000 to his campaign — albeit that is a small price to (forcibly) pay in order to see him go down to defeat in a landslide… once again.

    Now we have a new installment in the serial known as “The taxpayers of Stratford may never be free of paying for Jimmy Miron’s 4 years of incompetence, arrogance, and corruption.”

    I refer to “Town ordered to rehire cop,” in the March 17th Star. One would be justified, given the article’s disregard for the facts, lack of context, and Miron’s lengthy harangue on multiple subjects, to think this less a news story than a press release for the farcical Miron mayoral restoration campaign already underway. The distinction between your “reportage” and Miron’s statement is difficult to discern.

    Too harsh? Hardly. In your telling, the LoSchiavo affair, far from being the coup d’grace of Miron’s failed administration, is merely an artifact of the 2009 campaign. This is the implication of your shunning the case’s factual record — Detective Dinhanian’s report, Captain Knapps’s report, the opinions of multiple doctors, then-Police Chief Michael Imbro’s and former Chief Administrative Officer Ben Branyan’s testimony, the suppressed accident report and dispatcher recording, and the now not-so-secret Miron-LoSchiavo Pact — for a meager quotation from a then-candidate Harkins flyer. Your article’s curious referential omissions of that primary source documentation ill-served the Star’s readers, particularly those who missed Richard Weizel’s excellent investigative reporting on the case.

    It is impossible to understand the “mockery of reason” (to quote the CT Post editorial board’s judicious judgment) that is the ruling of the Connecticut Labor Department’s Board of Mediation and Arbitration, without knowing something of the case’s background. Keeping this requisite knowledge from your readers is, then, synonymous with trying to keep them from rejecting, as they should, Miron’s attempted masquerading of the Labor Board’s malfeasance as a vindication of his own.

    As Miron says: “…I have always maintained, the hiring of police officer Justin LoSchiavo was done properly, the interests of the Town of Stratford were protected and all laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, were followed.” Would it not be of interest to your readers to know that the ADA, despite its multitude of faults, did not require Miron to put a gun and police car in the hands of an epileptic seizure sufferer? LoSchiavo should have been classified under that law as a “direct threat” to the safety of himself and others. The ADA’s “direct threat” exemption could have reasonably been invoked given LoSchiavo’s prior seizure-related car accident, failure to report multiple seizures since 2004 to his physician, the Town appointed physician’s determination that he was unfit for duty, his own physician’s opinion that he should not “perform any activity which could cause serious injury” were he to become unconscious, as well as his abusing alcohol — which, in addition to being a seizure stimulant, can prove fatal by inducing status epilepticus.

    LoSchiavo’s boozing allegedly included a drunken binge that began the night before the accident and slurred into the early morning of its occurrence. Nevertheless, you allow Miron’s absurd assertion that LoSchiavo’s “medical condition… was under control” to go unchallenged.

    While LoSchiavo’s medical ineligibility should have been reason enough to do the right thing, Miron had ample moral, ethical, and legal justifications, as well. LoSchiavo had, by his own admission, “stole[n] town property, smoked marijuana, abused sick days, failed to report ‘under the table’ income to the IRS and was unable to provide an up-to-date driver’s license during interviews in Stratford and at least one other police department — LoSchiavo was still hired by Miron six months later (” Does that sound like the CV of a common criminal or one of Stratford’s Finest?

    Jimmy Miron was not only reckless in flouting prudent public safety recommendations and endangering lives with his nepotistic hiring of LoSchiavo; the overwhelming and undisputed record shows that he did so knowing full well what could happen. Former Police Chief Imbro has rightly said of LoSchiavo’s crash into multiple cars — less than a quarter of a mile from thousands of potential pedestrian victims — on Stratford Day 2009: “This was just an accident waiting to happen… we can all be thankful nobody was seriously injured or killed.” Contrary to Miron’s brazen denials, the LoSchiavo case was a campaign issue because it spoke to his deficiency of character and judgement. As for the alleged “hysteria,” there are a number of current and former Town employees who describe our ex-mayor’s erratic and authoritarian behavior as hysterical.

    When Weizel’s Freedom of Information inquiry exposed his secret pact with LoSchiavo, the always flamboyant Miron was conveniently unavailable for comment. He remained so until this present outburst, perhaps in the mistaken belief that we, the voters and taxpayers of Stratford, would overlook or forget Miron’s many misdeeds. Let me be the first to assure him that while you, in the tradition of your predecessor, the mendacious Mironite Fred Musante, seem to share that wish, we remember. On the 3rd and 2nd of November 2009 and 2010, Miron received electoral repudiations at the ballot box.

    I expect voters to continue to hold accountable James R. Miron as well as the Stratford Democratic Party that he and his felonious father, Richard Miron, still control. Any Democrat unwilling to disavow the Mirons and their malevolent methods should not be entrusted with public office. Similarly, any “reporter” who prints Mironite lies verbatim while suppressing the facts should not be trusted as an honest news source.

    To take but two examples, in his litany of accusations against Mayor Harkins, Miron bemoans this year’s supposed “school closures.” Except, and as you know, not a single school is slated to be closed. Would it not have been of interest to your readers that Miron’s contention that 0+0 = >2 is false? Does it not warrant mention that Miron’s moralizing on taxing and spending bears no resemblance to his own egregious record of massively raising taxes and wastefully spending taxpayer money on persecuting Town employees and personal perks? There were many times it would have been nice if then-Mayor Miron “stop[ed] wasting taxpayer money on… frivol[ity],” from his ugly defilement of Stratford’s Shakespearean brand through the pre-election flower planting and post-election kiss-off to taxpayers (Miron and his cronies skipped Town with $245,000 of our money).

    While an appeal entails yet more costs to Stratford taxpayers, the simple satisfaction of doing what is right as well as stopping Miron and Justin LoSchiavo from continuing to sully the good name of Stratford’s Finest is well worth the expense.

    To do otherwise, to give in, is actually the more costly option, in terms of dollars and justice. Miron would have us ignore: a.) LoSchiavo should never have been hired by Miron in the first place, b.) LoSchiavo has, from the beginning, only been interested in ill-gotten gain at taxpayers’ expense and even threatened to sue were he not hired (sorry, Justin, no one is entitled to a job, you have to earn it), c.) LoSchiavo, if the Board’s ruling remains, stands to gain salary, seniority, benefits, and be invested with a pension for life – all to be paid at taxpayers’ expense, d.) while it’s wrong for taxpayers to once more have to pay for Miron’s inappropriate and inept decisions, to say as much does not mitigate Miron’s unrepentant culpability for his inappropriate and inept decisions, e.) it is true, as Stratford Blogmother Jezabel, a long-recovered Mironite, has written: not “a single person in the 350 years of Stratford history has single-handedly done more to damage Stratford, it’s taxpayers and its reputation than James R. Miron,” and, fittingly, f.) Miron’s lack of self-awareness led him to Tweet a self-descriptive truth about himself the other day “‘Arrogance diminishes wisdom.’” It does indeed.

  24. 26 jezebel282


    Well said. Did you actually send it to the Star?

    (You may misspell my name anytime)

  25. 27 1george1


    The letter contains 1,322 words.

    The star will publish 500 words.

    The star will publish 250 words
    but mostly if it supports their position,
    or is against it, but poorly writen.

    You best chance for whole PUBLICATION might be the PATCH?

    Tullius – your blog handle is as pretentious as Portia’s.

    Wikipedia > Servius Tullius was the legendary sixth king of ancient Rome,
    and the second of its Etruscan dynasty.
    Tullius was a Roman nomen. Not all those who have the nomen are related
    by blood; Cicero himself did not believe that he was descended from Servius Tullius, though at one point he referred to their shared gens (Tribe)
    GEORGE: Cicero IL was a favorite of the Mafia:

    Your writing style is different that Portia, but is good, without the
    ideological references.

    My perception is that you are a lawyer and familiar with stream of
    chronologically relevant factoids to build your case.

    You are not an ordinary joe, found on this blog … 8)

  26. 28 mikereynolds

    Well said Tullius.

    Curious to see if this brings out any Mironites from under their rocks.

  27. 29 jezebel282


    “Curious to see if this brings out any Mironites from under their rocks.”

    It is very doubtful. First they would have to read it. That’s cuts the potential Mironista population by at least half. Secondly, Miron will tell them it was written by a disgruntled employee or a political rival or someone else that’s out to “get” him. Thirdly, he will claim some lack of factual accuracy even though he has no idea what the words “factual” or “accuracy” mean.

    Once a sociopath…..

  28. 30 phineast

    Tulli- well said- you can get it published if they allow you to be a guest author/contributor.
    I think it is clearly time that the citizens of this town sue Jimmy boy for failing to due his duty according to the oath of office he took and for failing to uphold the town’s charter and it’s duties there in.
    How about if we the taxpayers find a way to attach every avenue/stream of income that ole’ Jimmy may have in order to recoup what ever the town has lost from his dereliction of duty.

  29. 31 1george1

    I suspect Tulli is Portia on a laptop ….
    The posts are too close together (1 than the other) and the vocabularies
    and composition are superb.
    If so, the Tulli shadow is a better read than Portia’s intense ideo …

    I could be wrong, but I was baiting for an answer …
    I also baited a day or so earlier, for someone else to join the fray.

  30. 32 jezebel282


    “I also baited a day or so earlier, for someone else to join the fray.”

    Although well written, Tulli’s post is pretty much what everyone (except DTC members) thinks of Miron anyway.

    What is more troubling is the last year and a half of Harkins’ tenure. He has not corrected much of the damage caused by Miron and has yet to produce a believable budget. I can’t see much difference between Winterbottom and Ing. Sue Collier, our pretend CFO is certainly not doing any better than John Norko although she seems to have more influence on Harkins than she did on Miron. Buturla is still Police Chief (for now), I suspect that any minute Harkins will announce that Deputy Chief Curtis Maffet will be acting Fire Chief. Neither Joe McNeil or Orlando Soto have received the back pay they are entitled to. The Town Attorney still has an unlimited license to bill. We still don’t have an Economic Development Director (and won’t). And the only thing Harkins can figure out how to do is cut programs needed by residents, beat up on unions and give pay raises to the people who say “yes” to him a lot.

    It has been 5 1/2 years since this Town has been managed effectively (or even close to it). At some point we will have to admit that this mayor idea is not very good and way too much power is in the hands of the two street gangs that victimize residents and hinder progress.

  31. 33 1george1

    At least Harkins dresses nicely.
    Unlike Jimmy Miron’s jacket + tie, Harkins has nice suits.
    Not as well dressed as Adam Bauer’s suits.
    Unlike me, there are no “lunch stains” on Harkin’s clothes.

    If I believed there were any differences between John, Jim,
    and Dom, wouldn’t I have backed out and thrown my “weight
    behind” the one I thought was honest and independent? 😉

    The Mayors came from the same groups of people who chose
    the Town Managers, who chose Town Attorneys and Department
    heads, who hired and promoted as well as BoEs who contracted
    Superintendents who hired and promoted. GIGO.

    It is not like the hires are not intelligent and capable.

    There are also many who are honest and well meaning in government
    and in political parties.

    I have to question the braodness of this statement:
    “beat up on unions”

    Looking at Police + Fire Pensions and Health Care for BoE + Town,
    as well as other benefits and perks ….. most of the people in the
    unions are doin pretty good … wouldn’t you agree?

    March, April, May, June > I think Soto + McNeil will be authorized to be
    back paid by July.
    I am more sure about Soto than McNeil.

    I heard 2 years ago and again this year McNeil has a problem.
    It is not insurmountable.
    The best thing working for McNeil was the rehiring of Justin ….
    > I would explain to McNeil …. no one else.

    > A major player in the Administration, believes both will be settled.
    I can not say or write who … to anyone.

  32. 34 mikereynolds

    Someone please make him go away. Every time he get’s a quote in the news I just want to wash my hands.

  33. 35 jezebel282

    Sound familiar?

    * Frequent mood swings
    * Stormy relationships
    * Social isolation
    * Angry outbursts
    * Suspicion and mistrust of others
    * Difficulty making friends
    * A need for instant gratification
    * Poor impulse control
    * Alcohol or substance abuse
    * Disregard for others
    * Persistent lying or stealing
    * Recurring difficulties with the law
    * Repeatedly violating the rights of others
    * Aggressive, often violent behavior
    * Disregard for the safety of self or others
    * Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    * Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    * Expecting constant praise and admiration
    * Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings*


    The Castater “win” says more about the ability of Town Attorney Tim Bishop to actually win a case versus its merit. You know, like the recent loss against Loschiavo? But hey, it’s only $1.8 MILLION per year. What can you expect?

  34. 36 jezebel282


    “Someone please make him go away.”

    I almost forgot. The reason he is resurfacing from the depths is because no one on the Democratic Town Committee has the nerve to tell him to go away. It is merely evidence that the DTC is still controlled by Mironistas.

    If they continue to do so, strategically they are handing the RTC and Harkins a free pass. No one, in their right mind, would vote for Miron for anything. Not for Council, not for mayor, not for State Rep, not for State Senator, not for the BOE, not for anything. This will essentially be a one party Town because there will be no viable alternative.

  35. 37 phineast

    sounds like tullius has old Jimmy Boy’s number.
    also sounds like Jimmy boy may have a “problem” of his own……maybe he identified really closely with Justin’s personality issues and substance abuse problems, not to mention his larcenous character.
    someone needs to pack Jimmy’s suitcases and send him away to where people are like him….my choice is jail..but the nut house will do.

  36. 38 1george1

    JEZE: The Castater “win” says more about the ability of
    Town Attorney Tim Bishop to actually win a case versus
    its merit. You know, like the recent loss against Loschiavo?
    But hey, it’s only $1.8 MILLION per year. What can you expect?

    GEO: Details?
    Where can one find details?
    What $ 1.8 MILLION per year?
    For what?
    To whom?

  37. 39 jezebel282


    “Where can one find details?”×450/

    “What $ 1.8 MILLION per year?”
    Legal exp/Collective Bargaining $301,500

    Town Attorney $1,598,808

    $1,598,808 + $301,500 = $1,900,308
    My bad…it’s actually more.
    Plus whatever gets quietly transferred from other departments.

    “For what?”
    Do you know? I don’t.

    “To whom?”
    The Town Attorney. (Kinda makes Cornish’s salary look like she works at Burger King)

  38. 40 1george1

    Last year Town Attorneys were paid $ 1.2 million total Town side.
    I believe that includes HR Budget.

    This year they are running over Budget of $ 1 million. Don’t have exact $#.
    It is in the monthly

    However BoE also has Attorney Fees.

    Cornish is an attorney … birds of a feather?

    I like Cornish & general kids first, better than O’Connell.
    Don’t like the Budget $#s.
    Don’t like the rebuilt Administration Staff – Her answer is 30 management
    for 900 staff is hardly over staffed. Maybe right? Maybe wrong.
    > Worst kiting of Salaries for everyone was under O’C.
    > They circumvented 2 % cap year after year, with hidden raises.

    Once you get a HIGH BASE, the % increases can be disguised as low,
    especially, when they HIDE STEP INCREASES, as not included.

    I support education, police, and fire.
    Not at the pay and benefits costs.

    I want police and fire to be able to earn O.T.
    NOT runaway O. T., but reasonable, especially for the youngest …
    NOT included in PENSION (ABUSE)

    The Mafia is less hypocritical than A N Y O N E in the Bar Association,
    with a few exception. But not JUDGES or members of the Political
    Justice System, including Town Attorneys.



  39. 41 1george1

    JEZE – Short version.
    1) I think you DOUBLE COUNTED within BUDGET

    A) The attorneys usually double or tripled billed the actual time,
    according to what Ray Voccola personally told me.
    B) Ergo, you may have been using attorney technique in calculations.

    2) Without a consolidated version of Town + BoE Budget, with certain
    key specifics broken down, the tax payers doe not accurately see the
    true total annual costs of
    A) Attorney Fees
    B) Health Care, break downs
    C) Benefits as a category, keeping Pensions separate
    D) Over Time
    E) Capital Debt true cost
    F) UNFUNDED MANDATES true COST annually for 2 decades
    G) ECONOMIC EXODUS – Counter Development true COST annually for 2 decades
    H) BUDGET COSTS abuses in BIDDING/AWARDS/CHANGE ORDER and other places.

  40. 42 jezebel282


    “1) I think you DOUBLE COUNTED within BUDGET”

    I only counted two line items. I know I’m not a math major, but I’m pretty sure I can add two numbers together.

  41. 43 1george1

    JEZE It leads to an interesting question.

    I know BoE + Town are separate accounts.

    Are Town + Town HR separate or cummulative, for Budget purposes?
    You believe the former.
    I believe (d) the later.

    NOTE the issues raised in my Stratford Star Letter to the Editor?

  42. 44 mikereynolds

    So today the state Labor Board ruled that the town fired Justin Loschiavo with cause and he wasn’t entitled to unemployment benefits. But these are the same people who said the town had to hire him back.

    To me those are contradictory rulings.

  43. 45 jezebel282


    “So today the state Labor Board ruled that the town fired Justin Loschiavo with cause and he wasn’t entitled to unemployment benefits.”

    This is just such a sordid, disgusting and low-life story…kinda like when Mayor Moron tried to get his brother on the PD.

    I might even have to take a shower and wash my hands really well after typing this.

  44. 46 1george1

    Guess who made out on this mess?

    I wonder what Esq. Burturla has billed on the entire case?
    He was Town Attorney of record, right?

    I wonder if a certain Law firm will donate to political campaigns of
    people related to certain state employees, managers, appointees?

  1. 1 All you need to know about James R. Miron | tullius11

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