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18 months after being vindictively demoted by Mayor Moron, Mayor Harkins has directed that Lieutenant John Conway be restored to the rank of captain in charge of training and safety in the Fire Department. Congratulations Captain Conway! Thank you, Mayor Harkins! Now, about Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto…… Advertisements

Plan A


To the Members of the Stratford Town Council August 2008 Dear Council Members: Pursuant to your request, the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) has reviewed pension issues regarding the payment of “Plan A” police pensions in January 2008. The assumption that a pension benefit is based on the individual/officers annual salary, averaged over last two years […]

He’s Baaack!


Miron considers run for state senate Written by John Kovach Tuesday, 18 May 2010 21:34 Former Mayor James R. Miron is considering seeking the Democratic nomination for the 21st State Senate District. Miron revealed the news on his Twitter and Facebook accounts Tuesday, and confirmed it to the Star. He said an announcement would not […]

Yet again a budget has passed with no actual information provided to those who pay for the budget; Us. We have no information regarding actual costs, expenditures, liabilities or revenues. Apparently the Council believes we have no right to know. The budget “process” remains a municipal secret.



Here in Stratford, we have no such push to open the “books” to public scrutiny. Actual expenditures and costs are a secret. State regulations are flaunted (see pension funding), the public (yes, you and me) are treated as if we are too stupid to understand the complex intricacies of how our money gets spent. Once a year we are treated to a wish list of next year’s budget items based upon last year’s wish list. Who really does get to decide how our money gets spent? The simple answer is, “Not you”.

No one, not the mayor, not the Council, not the Chief Financial Director, not the Town Attorney know where the last $180 million went. Poof! “Give me more.” What’s worse is that there is no proposed restructuring of the administration, no new accounting system, no new efficiencies, no budget transparency and no new responsibility or accountability. It’s just the same old black hole we will pour our money into.