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After experiencing the worst devastation in memory, any praise given to the hard working employees of our Public Works Department is not enough. They have been in Lordship helping residents and clearing the way for United Illuminating from just moments after the storm. We hope there is a way to avoid laying off 11 of […]

Stratford has been blessed over the years with women who have worked tirelessly, bravely and effectively for the citizens. Some names come to mind immediately. Pat Ulatowski is one of them. Before being forced out by Miron after 39 and a half years, she dedicated thousands of hours to the taxpayer (unpaid) to ensure that […]

Have you wondered yet why James R. Miron decided to “run” for State Senate after 4 disastrous years as mayor? Or maybe how it was possible for his 73 year old, unemployed, larcenous father managed to come up with $60,000 (partial payment) in restitution to avoid jail? Apparently, the answer is all the people can be fooled all the time.

Miron apologizes for gravestone thefts; pays back widows Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer Published: 01:20 p.m., Friday, June 4, 2010 BRIDGEPORT — Standing in Superior Court Friday morning Richard Miron publicly apologized for the first time to stealing thousands of dollars from elderly widows and dozens of other people who had paid him for headstones for […]