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Campaign Income

Have you wondered yet why James R. Miron decided to “run” for State Senate after 4 disastrous years as mayor? Or maybe how it was possible for his 73 year old, unemployed, larcenous father managed to come up with $60,000 (partial payment) in restitution to avoid jail? Apparently, the answer is all the people can be fooled all the time.

Money talks and so does Jim Miron’s campaign debt
Published: 11:24 p.m., Saturday, June 5, 2010
MariAn Gail Brown

Jim Miron, Stratford’s first and former mayor, raked in $98,932.72 last year from his supporters. His campaign committee spent money on consultants, direct marketing and printing, from campaign literature to lawn signs. And when it was over, Miron’s campaign committee was $31,468.30 in debt.

It’s unclear when or how Miron’s committee will repay the vendors the campaign has stiffed. That’s because campaign committees are not like regular debtors. And Miron has no personal liability for his campaign’s deficit. It’s a situation that leaves contractors twisting on the ropes with no one to hold responsible.

Now, the ousted mayor has the Democratic Party’s backing to run for state Sen. Dan Debicella’s seat in the General Assembly’s 21st Senate District, representing Stratford, Shelton, Monroe and Seymour. It means Miron will have a new campaign committee with its collective palm out for money, money, money.

That angers Bob and Cathy Fiorillo at Andrew Graphics in Stratford. Miron’s mayoral campaign committee owes their family-owned business $13,700 for a print job done in August 2009, having paid only a fraction of the bill.

“What nerve this guy has,” Fiorillo says. “Now that he’s decided to run for this state Senate seat, I figure I’m not going to see another dime from him.”

For months, Fiorillo has e-mailed Miron, inquiring and pleading for payment. “A man who doesn’t honor his financial obligations has no integrity whatsoever,” Fiorillo says. “It’s revolting. He has no business running for office.”

The way Miron views the matter, the deficit is “unfortunate, (but) the situation is not uncommon.” Furthermore, he says, his campaign committee will pay all of its bills. In fact, after barely any communication between them, Miron’s mayoral campaign now promises to pay Andrew Graphics $300 a month until it clears the debt.

That pledge came within two hours of a slew of messages and e-mails I sent to the now-candidate Miron. What a coincidence. “Like most hard-working citizens,” Miron says, “I would never run from an obligation.”

Still, his campaign committee has not paid Andrew Graphics anything since March. That was the first payment since the summer, when the printing firm produced thousands of campaign brochures, contribution envelopes and assembled information packets. Two months later, with the mayoral race down to the wire, the Miron campaign hired an out-of-town printer for a couple of jobs, according to its January 2010 financial disclosure report, for which it paid $21,334.08.

Andrew Graphics is a small business that was started in the 1980s by Andrew Fiorillo, and is now owned by his son and daughter-in-law. It performed its end of the contract. Now it’s time for Miron and his committee to hold up its end of the bargain.

Alas, the State Elections Enforcement Commission has no authority to force candidates to assume personal responsibility for deficits rung up by their campaign committees. Too bad. They are the intended beneficiaries. If they can’t manage this pool of money, why should we ever entrust them with our state purse? The only thing worse than a candidate committee mired in debt is a candidate who makes promises and excuses for failing to pony up what is owed.

“Rest assured that you are first on the list to be paid. 100 percent of any money received by the campaign is going to be allocated to Andrew Graphics,” Miron tells Fiorillo in his February e-mail. “It’s difficult trying to raise money for a losing candidate and job hunting for that candidate at the same time,” Miron explains in his missive.

Well, wah, wah, wah. Cowboy up. And quit whining.

Nice work, MariAn


32 Responses to “Miron Income Stream”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    “It’s difficult trying to raise money for a losing candidate and job hunting for that candidate at the same time,” Miron explains in his missive.”

    Jim, why don’t you call some friends for a loan? How about John Buturla, James Cavanaugh, Patrick Riddenhour or Curtis Maffett? None of them would be collecting their nearly six figure salaries if it weren’t for you.

    “after barely any communication between them, Miron’s mayoral campaign now promises to pay Andrew Graphics $300 a month”
    Although it looks like this small Stratford business will become the latest victim of the Mirons, we are forced to ask the obvious; “What were you thinking?”

    You gave Miron credit after his sister was caught embezzling $28,000 from her employer and his father was arrested for 80 counts of First Degree Larceny? I’ll betcha Heather Habelka got paid on time.

  2. 2 rex525

    After my relaxing vacation I cannot begin to muster the energy to comment on this latest Stratford aberration of collective sanity. The Democratic Town Committee should all hang their heads in shame that even one of them could consider this supreme insult to all Stratfordites, yet they voted for it unanimously.

  3. 3 1george1

    How many people on the DTC or their relatives owe jobs
    to the Dicks Miron / Burturla?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    It is increasingly obvious that the Democratic Town Committee does not represent Democratic citizens.

    It is merely a club for Miron & Buturla. They even force you to take an oath of loyalty to Miron. Just ask John Fahan.

  5. 5 mayor2013

    What about the 50 grand he took as severance?
    Where are all his friends? Hit up Susan Collier-Miron?
    How about John Norko? Ask him for a loan.
    What about Mommie – she always came through for everyone in the past? She is probably fed up with all of them as well.

    And now folks, if he is able to get $5,000 in small contributions to his state senate fund; he will be written a check for $25,000 compliments of us the tax payers – under public funding.

    There may not be a law that requires the candidate to be responsible for their campaign debt – but morally he should be the person worrying about this debt and he should be the person making every effort to pay these debts. However, morality does not run in his family.

    Oh boy, somebody better be watching our finances other than Susan Collier-Miron!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 sudds


    “Sudds for Senate ”

    + Public State Funding

    + Sudds Consulting

    = trip for yours truly (& Mrs Sudds I guess… unless PCS has some vacation time coming her way) to Hawaii!!!!


  7. 7 1george1

    Some of the DTC + RTC have become increasingly disillusioned with
    government, even though it appears the political connections will
    allow certain people to be protected.

    The TEA PARTY blew it allowing PALIN DRONE on.

    When a boiling pot has no release, which is what the courts and
    voting once were, even if they were always mostly rigged ….

  8. 8 1george1


    Notice Fahan + Gavin do not criticize the RTC or DTC?



  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Gavin do not criticize the RTC or DTC”

    I think Gavin made the best statement he could when he quit the DTC and he STILL won the Town-wide election to the BOE.

    Just sayin’…

  10. 10 1george1

    No one questions Gavin’s intelligence nor Town resume.

    When one looks at who have been elected in stratford
    and who the Town Attorneys have been and the town
    and baord of ed track record

    Has there been any difference beween political parties?

    sometimes unpaid volunteers can be VERY COSTLY!

    Jus typin …

  11. 11 mayor2013

    Gavin used to be a Republican before he became a Democrat. When he got mad at the R’s he switched to a D. When he got mad at the D’s he switched to an R.
    This is his life-pattern. He stays with a party so long as it is compatible to his needs. He thinks nothing of jumping ship when it will benefit his goal. He is neither an R or a D. He is whatever he wants to be. He has no loyalty to anyone except himself.

  12. 12 1george1

    Mayor 2013 is correct about Gavin appearing to be a born again Republican.
    Mayor 2013 is correct about Gavin having a healthy ego.

    We are all whomever we want to be.
    Gavin has loyalty to his family and EMS.
    I saw him in uniform at Friday’s Brakette’s game.

    While Gavin does have a temper, based on my observations of Stratford politics,
    I suspect Gavin and Debbie Rose had a similar path chosen by people who know
    demographics and who feel they have a need for plausible deniability?

    There are people who actually believe in party affiliations.
    Then there are people who can use party affiliations as a means to an end.

    Then there are people, like lawyers who back both parties and their firms
    and they take over $ 100,000 a year for the last 10 years directly from BoE
    and/or Town and put some back as seed money for campaign control?
    – Some get money not from the Town / BoE directly, but from contractors,
    bid/change order winners, utilities, and various feeder sources.

    Congress gives money to military, bureaucracies, states, towns, contractors
    and various ways to perpetuate their supporters at local, state, federal, and
    international levels.

    Gavin can go from R to D to R and maybe become an I as anti incumbents
    become more popular, like “Dom.”

    – Reminds me

    Dom wanted to be Mayor, yet did nothing for 3 years of Jimmy, including
    not attending Charter Revision.

    Anybody seen Dom at Town Council Meetings or letter to editor or
    any interest in doing anything for Stratford?

    since Danny D’s dad and Dom were Bridgeport police officers
    since Berchem is so tied into Mario Testa and sold out Stratford on the
    airport land, and since all his other clients seem to do well except
    Stratford and Bridgeport ….

    I wonder if ,,,,

    —- We can knock Jimmy for many reasons.

    At least he met his constitutents and didn’t hide in his office.

    My house was not broken into when I met with Jim, like with Harkins.

    —- Normally I am a positive person.

    However …. “This IS Stratford.”

    Gavin and Malloy are both highly intelligence and capable and huge
    disappointments, from my perspectives.
    However they don’t have to please me.

  13. 13 sudds

    “He is neither an R or a D. He is whatever he wants to be.”

    Soooooooo… he actually puts his beliefs over partisan politics???

    The nerve of him!!!

    How dare he not suckle upon the teet O’ kool-aid that the D’s & R’s have nicely laid out for him!!

    Shame on You Mr. Forrester!!! 😆

  14. 14 sudds

    WOW!!! I think I can actually TASTE the sarcasm in my last posting!!! 😛

  15. 15 cstratct

    Hold on there sudds.

    “He actually puts his beliefs over partisan politics?”

    If asked we know that will be Gavin’s response. But outside observers may have a very different view of his back and forth. It may not be about ‘beliefs’ but rather political expediency as mayor2013 points out. And Jezebel, winning a BOE election is a bit different then winning a Mayoral election (which is what some assume is the ultimate goal – I have no idea if that is the goal or not). I may be mistaken but what were the total vote counts for the BOE election compared to the Mayoral election? Are they similar?

    Also, the allegiances are different with respect to the school board as opposed to town government. The constituencies have different motives and agendas.

    Switching parties is one thing, but switching once then switching back leaves the motives open to debate.

    And just so Gavin doesn’t get offended all over again with my posts, I’m NOT saying he lacks principles or conviction. What I am saying is that people on both sides of the political spectrum have the right to question the motives behind the back and forth party affiliation.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Gavin has always been an enigma.

    Perhaps purposely so.

    However, he keeps his word, he follows up and he dedicates countless hours to the Town of Stratford. How many of our elected officials can you say do that?

  17. 17 cstratct

    I’m not disagreeing with what you say Jezebel, I”m just pointing out that with respect to the flip-flopping on party affiliation, it reads as political expediency and appears (I’m not saying that he’s doing it deliberately) to serve his self-interests, whatever they may be.

    He absolutely dedicates countless hours to the town and should be commended for that. That doesn’t preclude some actions from being self-serving.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “That doesn’t preclude some actions from being self-serving.”

    Point taken.

    However, dealing with Miron and the Mironistas would have made me want to puke too. Can’t really fault Gavin for leaving the room.

  19. 19 cstratct


    Your point about leaving the room begs the question of why he entered the room in the first place if that was the opinion people held. If you “can’t fault Gavin for leaving the room” one could certainly ask why he was there in the first place.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “why he was there in the first place.”

    Beats me. You’ll have to ask Gavin “Mr. Enigma” Forrester.

  21. 21 sudds

    Brace yourselves people…

    …you KNOW that we’re now in for a whopper of a Mulligan engima–>WWII–>Nazi–>(magic leap to)Stratford diatribe!!! 😛

  22. 22 johnremtp

    My name is John Rich, and while I’m sure he does not need it I wish to come to the defense of my friend, Gavin Forrester. Yes it is true that Gavin has changed parties but I also did at the same time. Gavin, Bob Calzone, and I had become good friends while volunteering together at EMS. We found that we shared many of the same views and as such, we all began to help Bob with some of his campaigns within the town. In fact I believe Gavin may still have been a registered Republican while managing one of Bob’s early runs for a Council seat. You see we all felt that our opinion of what if right and proper was and is greater than what side of the isle you state that opinion from. But we also realized that you did need to be on one side or the other in order to get some compromise from others within a political body to move that opinion forward into action. We all agreed that those who stand as unaffiliated (so called independents) rarely get to accomplish anything since the will get little if any support from either of the dominate parties. This is why, I believe, Gavin and I switched from R to D in the first place. To work with Bob to try to accomplish things within the town that we believed in. And as such, Gavin be came more involved running for and achieving a seat on the town council, while I remained a somewhat minor player managing Bob’s run for mayor. It was at that time that we all saw that the “old boy networking” of the political system was still at work as the Miron’s were able to bring Jim into the office of mayor. But as most on this blog will agree that was a disastrous administration. By Gavin third term as a Councilman, I believe he found himself out of step with the Mayor and the DTC. His ability to remain as a member of our town’s government as a Democrat was none existent. The party, under the control of Miron would not have endorsed or supported him as a candidate for any seat. With the potential of Mr. Harkins running for mayor in 2009, I think Gavin felt that many of his opinion on where our town’s government should be were more in line with the RTC than the DTC. It was only logical that for Gavin to continue to contribute to our town that he needed to switch parties. And judging by what he has accomplished of the BOE, I for one am glad he did.

  23. 23 jezebel282

    Thanks John,

    I don’t disagree with anything you wrote.

    Although the DTC seems intent upon destroying itself, it is sad that a Town of 50,000 is controlled by less than 150 people.

  24. 24 1george1

    I believe Gavin, Calzone, and John Rich have similar agendas.
    I believe mostly benign related to EMS and possibly Stratford.

    The games played with the first Ethics complaint, related to
    Fredette/Proto and Burturla, caused a lost opportunity to
    have prevented huge loses by the tax payers of Stratford.

    Gavin, Calzone, and John Rich are among about 1000 people
    who could have stopped / slowed down many local issues.
    Retrospectively, it looks like one BIG PARASITE PARTY with
    obsured agenda.

    Very possibly, people manipulate other people into acting,
    which allows the inner party to use PARTIAL TRUTHS to
    OBSCURE the WHOLE TRUTH and preempt true reform.

    The TEA PARTY appears to have many deisred objectives.
    Nationally they detroyed credibility by having PALIN speak
    at their convention = Republicans / Democrats infiltrate
    adn take over movements due to superion experience and
    unlimited public resources!

    Maybe Gavin, Calzone, & Rich have idealism beliefs.

    Calzone, Bob David, Gavin, & Rich appear to follow the party line.
    It is their RIGHT to have their political beliefs and act on same.

    It is my RIGHT to believe they are almost as pernicious as many
    of those they claim to be against?

  25. 25 1george1

    Jim Miron, Stratford’s first and former mayor, raked in $98,932.72 last year from his supporters. His campaign committee spent money on consultants, direct marketing and printing, from campaign literature to lawn signs. And when it was over, Miron’s campaign committee was $31,468.30 in debt.

    $ 98,932.72 Revenue
    $ 31,468.30 Unpaid Debt

    $130.401.02 Total Expenses
    Miron lost.

    I lost. – Cost me maybe $ 600.

    Which one of us was delusional (I know – maybe both)?

    Which one of us was fiscally responsible?

    Which one of us, owed no political favors?

    Which one of us, stiffed no one?

  26. 26 1george1

    2009 Town Attorney Fees

    BERCHEM, MOSES & DEVLIN —————–649,278.96
    BISHOP & JACKSON & KELLY —————-154,022.11
    ROBINSON & COLE, LLP ————————81,375.08
    THE COTTER LAW FIRM, LLC —————–12,144.00
    BUTURLA RICHARD J —————————– 8,100.00
    ——————————————–Total 1 ,118,273.22

    Berchem Moses & Devlin – Stratford Town
    75 Broad Street ———— 2005 Revenue
    Milford, CT. 06040 ——-$ 171,555.95

    Berchem Moses & Devlin – Stratford Town
    75 Broad Street ————- 2006 Revenue
    Milford, CT. 06040 —— $ 530,865.09

    Berchem Moses & Devlin – Stratford Town
    75 Broad Street ————- 2007 Revenue
    Milford, CT. 06040 ——— $ 581,296.90

    Berchem Moses & Devlin – Stratford Town
    75 Broad Street ———— 2008 Revenue
    Milford, CT. 06040 ——— $ 677,972.81

    ============ Kevin Kelly earnings under Miron Burturla? =========

    Over $ 500,000

    The media and other people have a lot of details, that are far
    more than I know ,,,,,,

    People were set up
    People were double crossed
    People sold their souls
    Some people do not believe in souls.

    Some people are all ego and no self respect ….

  27. I am joining you late in the game. I am lookiing into the firm Berchem Moses Devlin. Will anyone be able to give me the skinny on them? I live iin another town and something tells me that they may be differant than they are trying to appear.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “Will anyone be able to give me the skinny on them?”


  29. 29 1george1

    Hi Spinach,

    Berchem is politically connected to the Mario Testa machine,
    if my information is correct.

    They had a very large number of Boards of Ed, Towns, Housing
    Authorities, Parking Authorities amongst clientel.

    They also represet Insurance Industry and are 3rd Party.

    They have various realms of expertise including Real Estate.

    Several Lawyers appear to have come out of “CT. state” practice with
    great contacts, but no private client lists. It appears standard that
    large firms are starter firms and then feed these same attorneys who
    go into private practice or create smaller firms.

    Since they do possess diverse expertise and a wealth of political power,
    including not just favors from other firms, they have or had a Derby
    Detective Rank Office, and I know FEDERAL PROSECUTORS and FBI owe
    them BIG TIME, there are also rumors of family relations in Judicial and
    possibly C.I.A. + D.O.D.

    They have former Army Judge advocates among partners and staff, if my
    memory is correct? They have been working with AVCO, AIRPORT, and
    BRIDGEPORT among others.

    Spinach – Often posts like yours are used by members in a firm like Berchem
    for intelligence purposes.

    From what I can tell about certain lawyers and certain political appointees
    and operatives, they are excessively rich and nitrates and some suggest
    their higher and best use would be for compost?

    Both Warriors and Lawyers consider themselves Knights, like on a chess
    board. The Ethics of both are loyal to their clients.

    The fact that the U. S. CONSTITUTION holds itself to be the superior LAW
    of the LAND and the CONSTITUTION’s constituency is “WE the PEOPLE” and
    that Attorney swear oath as officers of the court and to protect and defend
    the “CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES foriegn and domestic,” and that
    the SUPREME COURT has held that EQUAL PROTECTION of the LAW is the
    ULTIMATE MAXIMUM, many law firms conveniently choose to prioritize the
    POLITICAL PATRONS who choose them, over TAX PAYERS who foot the bill,

    Please refer to Congressional Code of Ethics for all Goverment Service

  30. 30 1george1

    Code of Ethics for Government Service

    House Document 103, 86th Congress, 1st Session – Passed by the Congress of the United States on July 11, 1958.


    I. Put loyalty to the highest moral principles above loyalty to persons, party, or Government department.

    II. Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion.

    III. Give a full day’s labor for a full day’s pay; giving to the performance of his duties his earnest effort and best thought.

    IV. Seek to find and employ more efficient and economical ways of getting tasks accomplished.

    V. Never discriminate unfairly by the dispensing of special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not; and never accept, for himself or his family, favors or benefits under circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance of his governmental duties.

    VI. Make no private promises of any kind binding upon the duties of office, since the Government employee has no private word which can be binding on public duty.

    VII. Engage in no business with the Government, either directly or indirectly, which is inconsistent with the conscientious performance of his governmental duties.

    VIII. Never use any information coming to him confidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means for making private profit.

    IX. Expose corruption wherever discovered.

    X. Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust.

    More on ethics including instructions for display of the above, at the Defense Systems Information Agency (DISA) site at the Department of Defense.

  31. 31 1george1

    I remember in grammar school in the 50s & 60s when we mocked
    the corruption of the Banana Republics.

    Now the stuff happening in Mexico, happen in Bridgeport and all U.S.
    INNER CITIES a couple decades ago.

    Those Beef Eaters and Grass Eater are the same people stealing pensions.

  32. Thanks, George. What is the best course of action to weed?

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