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After experiencing the worst devastation in memory, any praise given to the hard working employees of our Public Works Department is not enough. They have been in Lordship helping residents and clearing the way for United Illuminating from just moments after the storm. We hope there is a way to avoid laying off 11 of them. They have served the Town with distinction and dedication.

Although water and gas continued, not a single refrigerator in Lordship was functional. Needless to say, none of the other things we take for granted were functional either. Lights, air conditioners, fans, phones and, if you owned an electric hot water heater that too. Mayor Harkins (or someone) deserves an immense amount of thanks for providing up to four bags of free ice ever day. That is not something Miron would have done.

We’d like to thank the Stratford PD for keeping gawkers and unnecessary sightseers out of Lordship and the way of Public Works and UI.

Finally we’d like to thank the Fire Department. They were there before the last raindrop fell and although their presence alone made Lordship residents feel as if they were not forgotten, they took control of the scene and made sure that no one who need assistance went without.

On a negative note, it was heard with interest that our Emergency Management Director spent the entire emergency in Bridgeport.


9 Responses to “BRAVO!”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    “We’d like to thank the Stratford PD for keeping gawkers and unnecessary sightseers out of Lordship and the way of Public Works and UI.”

    Yes, they did such a good job that they prevented family members from going to check on elderly family members living in Lordship who had no way to contact said family members.

    Despite pleas from family members to the wonderful members of Stratford’s finest nearly 90 year old family members had to endure 24 hours of no a/c and no means to cook food. Luckily said family member didn’t need to activate their Life Alert alarm that, oh by the way, wouldn’t have worked since the electricity was out.

    At some point common sense has to be factored in to enforcing the the rules.

  2. 2 1george1

    When Hurricane Gloria hit, a tree was sitting on my house,
    with telephone pole wires keeping it from crushing the house.
    A couple friends with chain saws were able to drop a major low
    branch, which was so heavy it allow the rest of the tree to come
    off the house by about a foot.

    A little later in the Day PW came and took down the Tree.
    They came back and removed it after time.

    I lived here since 1978 on the corner of Homestead and Housatonic.

    Homestead only goes to Ferry Boulevard, where the I -95 Underpass
    is and where Ferry Boulvard covers Ferry Creek. TIDAL WATERS FROM

    My house is a direct run between the HOUSATONIC RIVER and a PART

    About 1999 EPA / DEP dumped barrels of Toxins into the Raymark POND
    and then cover it with the impermeable cap.

    Within a YEAR branches of my TREES on the planting strip started dying
    and falling to the ground, endangering pedestrians, kids playing, and the
    traffic. Over a 3 – 4 year period ALL 4 REMAINING Planting Strip Trees
    had died and had to be taken down.

    PW has done more for me than any other Town Dept.
    I have no children and I only went to BIRDSEYE a couple years in
    late 1950s -1961. Nothing from BoE.
    Mossman / Town Attorneys / Town Council / Town Committees and the
    DOD in SIKORSKY / Justice – FBI = worthless scum.
    Most of the Police were extremely decent and knew what they did ….
    Fire Dept helped me with keys in car. (Twice)

    I have motive for liking the workers and trying to shift blame from the
    workers on PENSION / HEALTH CARE to those who have entrapped them
    and will be making them look greedy.


    Saturday CT POST Guest Columnist nailed public retirees.

    There are other information where PENSIONS were TAKEN away!


    The real troublemakers are BIG OIL / POLITICIANS > WAR + CRIME +

  3. 3 rex525

    Since I have been back, all I have heard is what a wonderful job the Public Works Department has done working non stop around the clock since this catastrophe occurred. If even one member of PW is laid off after the “chief of staff” was given a 50% pay increase there needs to be a grass roots movement for a recall election. In times of crisis we need dedicated employees Mr. Harkins, NOT paid political appointees.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “90 year old family members had to endure 24 hours of no a/c and no means to cook food.”

    I believe it was 48 hours, but while I understand the inconvenience to some, I have to ask:

    1. Why didn’t you just go over to the PD and get a note?
    2. Why would you leave a nearly 90 year old relative in the heat and dark? And failing that:
    3. Why wouldn’t you just rent a portable generator from for the AC and lights?

  5. 5 mikereynolds

    I should have mentioned that we were able to get in touch with some friends who live in Lordship and who were able to check on and make sure everything was ok. Said family member was being taken care of by neighbors and she was happy with staying there. It continues to amaze me that senior citizens are very reluctant to leave their home even during a crisis.

    Jeze, a note? You’re kidding right? You don’t understand. They weren’t letting non Lordship residents in, period.

    As for a generator, one, we couldn’t get down there to deliver it. Two, according to the traffic I heard on the police scanner the Mayor’s office “decreed” that generators were not allowed to be running. I don’t quite have the full story on that one but that’s what dispatch told an officer responding to a noise complaint.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “It continues to amaze me that senior citizens are very reluctant to leave their home even during a crisis. ”

    I’m not. Being in a similar situation, I understand. Many won’t use their Life Alert pendant/wristband because they don’t want to bother anyone like EMS, Fire or Police.

    “They weren’t letting non Lordship residents in, period.”

    I know. That’s why the sign said “Lordship Residents Only”. Nothing was open anyway. Most streets were blocked by trees, dump trucks, cherry pickers, fire engines, utility trucks and chippers. The two or three streets that were open couldn’t be clogged by non-essential traffic.

    “Mayor’s office “decreed” that generators were not allowed to be running.”

    Really? The driver for Northeast Generator sure was busy. There are some senior residents that require full oxygen and monitoring. It wouldn’t matter to me what anyone “decreed”.

    On another note: It is amazing how peaceful Lordship is when there are no Harleys racing up and down the streets. I wonder if the PD can keep them out until, say, December?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    A last note on the generators. The concern about the generators was backfeed. If installed improperly, generators can feed electricity back into the grid. The UI workers (who believed no power was being supplied to the grid) would be in danger. Not good.

    However, in a medical emergency, a call to PW or the FD would have insured that a generator was installed properly.

  8. 8 mayor2013


    I’m with you!

  9. 9 1george1

    It was a 25 % raise.
    Otherwise I agree.

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