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On Saturday 7/3 at 6pm personnel started arriving for town and fireworks coverage. It is estimated there were between 15-20 EMS personnel at the station at 6pm. The personnel included 5 Officers representing all supervisory levels. One of EMS’s four remaining ambulances had already gone on a call. Between 615 and 630pm, three 911 calls […]



Several weeks ago it occurred to us that Stratford teachers never ever complain about their pensions. There are never any reports of abuse, there are never any accusations of mismanagement and there are never any budget problems. We wondered why that is. The answer, it seems, is that the Town of Stratford does not manage […]



Usually these screens are filled with stories of corruption, incompetence and insanity. Every once in a while we are very pleasantly surprised by a program from the Town of Stratford that is a true benefit to residents and demonstrates the caring the Town shows for it’s citizens. This is one of those programs: Stratford compiling […]

It’s nice to see that Heather Habelka (Red Poppy Marketing, LLC) found some work. Of course, she will be paid with money that Miron borrowed that will never be paid back.