A Little Comic Relief


Miron Campaign Event


It’s nice to see that Heather Habelka (Red Poppy Marketing, LLC) found some work. Of course, she will be paid with money that Miron borrowed which will never be paid back.

“Experienced attorney with strong trial and labor relations background – Elected first ever Mayor of Connecticut’s 17th largest municipality – Government relations specialist – Superior analytical and problem solving skills – Persuasive verbal and written communicator – Effective at managing competing priorities independently – Goal oriented with entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to cost containment and excellent customer service delivery”

This is just too funny.

For some reason, Heather left out:

1. Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
2. Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
3. Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;
4. Irritability and aggressiveness.
5. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
6. Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;
7. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.*

*From The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual


33 Responses to “A Little Comic Relief”

  1. 1 pt4341


  2. 2 phineast

    Red Poppy Marketing?????? For real???????????? Since when do you need to market red poppies??????? Unless of course you sell them in some form………she certainly doesn’t market the kind that the vets sell on Veteran’s day. Talk about a brazen way to prostitute things! No wonder Buturla disbanded the narc squad as one of his first official acts…..sheesh!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “No wonder Buturla disbanded the narc squad as one of his first official acts…..sheesh!”

    And he is STILL at it.

  4. 4 1george1

    Is it a co-incidence that most of the HIGHEST PENSIONERS
    were HIRED about 1977 – 1985?

    Can anyone figure out?

    1) who RETIRED in 1985?

    2) how certain machinations could benefit certain
    Milford, Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, and Stratford Law Firms?

    3) What 3 significant things happened in 1998?

    Red poppie?

    Isn’t a RED a Marxist/Leninist/Communist?

  5. 5 jezebel282

    It seems that Jimmy is Heather’s only client and Heather is the only one who will write anything nice about Jimmy.

    Just one example:

    “Jim Miron was elected Stratford’s first Mayor in a historic election held in November 2005 in that he squeaked in with only 34% of the vote and completed his tenure in December 2009 due to his crushing defeat by John Harkins who barely had to run a campaign.

    Italics mine.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    You may be wondering who in their right mind would actually give cash to Jim Miron.

    You can find some answers here:

    Miron Campaign Filing July 10

    You may recognize some of the names like David Dunn, Edmund Winterbottom, Tony Schirillo, Kent Miller, Heather Habelka, Scott Potter, et al.

  7. 7 1george1

    Dunn – Labor Consultant
    Winterbottom – HR
    Schirillo – over $ 30,000 annual from homeland secur
    Miller – was paid in ex-Town Attorney FEES
    Heather – ex-paid “right hand”
    Scott Potter – $$$ ?

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Since Miron has managed to raise $1,690 (spent $1,000 kinda quick, huh Jim?) I am sure Andrew Graphics will be pleased.

    “Rest assured that you are first on the list to be paid. 100 percent of any money received by the campaign is going to be allocated to Andrew Graphics,” Miron tells Fiorillo in his February e-mail.

  9. 9 sudds


    Hey Andrew Graphics… I have a bridge for sale… any interest??? 😛

  10. 10 1george1

    check in the mail.

  11. 11 phineast

    after reading through the list of donors it was easy to see that they were divided between 2 groups; the ignorant and and the unethically ignorant.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    To be fair, I have provided a link to Kevin Kelly’s campaign donation list.

    Kevin Kelly for Senate

    If anyone has been doubtful, relax. Kelly has been at the magic $15,000 number for quite awhile and if he desires to do so already qualifies for the $75,000 in public financing. He has raised 8 times as much as Miron without even trying.

    His list is not nearly as interesting as Miron’s. Only two names stand out. Stratford’s version of Dick Cheney, Norm Aldrich and….wait for it….Susan Collier, Stratford Finance Director and Miron appointee. Et tu, Susan?

    And then there is poor Lou Decilio. He keeps writing checks from the wilderness he has been banished to.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Oh…before I forget!

    According to Miron campaign documents, Heather Habelka, president and founder of Red Poppy Marketing LLC lists her address as 77 Lenox Street, Stratford, CT

    Hey! Wait a minute! Isn’t that James R. Miron’s address? Do all mayoral aides live with the mayor?

    It must be an error, don’t you think?

  14. 14 1george1

    Phin – good line.
    Applies to DTC + RTC

  15. 15 sudds

    “Hey! Wait a minute! Isn’t that James R. Miron’s address? ”

    Greaaaaaaaaaat… what’s the statute of limitations on sexual harrassment claims???

    Let’s hope that lover-boy-Jim (oh God… did anyone else just throw up in their mouth) doesn’t kick her to the curb before the statute expires!!!

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “limitations on sexual harrassment claims?”

    Umm..so you don’t think it’s a simple mistake, huh?

  17. 17 sudds

    “Umm..so you don’t think it’s a simple mistake, huh?”

    God I hope so… for her sake! Ick!!!

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Well, you know, you lie down with….oh never mind.

  19. 19 1george1

    Red Poppy Marketing LLC lists her address as 77 Lenox Street, Stratford, CT

    Property Taxes?

    Note how little Norm + Burturla pay for large lot mansions compared
    to small lot / small houses?

    John Burturla doesn’t pay Stratford property taxes …. does he?
    What about McCarthy + Fire chief?
    What about Geen and his “assistant?”

    Ing + Collier are Stratford residents, I believe.

  20. 20 1george1

    Interesting claim that so many workers pay no town property taxes
    due to living out of Town
    – 70 % Teachers
    – 70 % Fire
    – 50+ % Police

    HYPOTHETICALLY: that by the Administrators creating extra
    benefit cost

    The Managers could get even higher than those who work for them.

    The more the Health Care costs and other things were padded, the
    more that could be recovered in REFERAL FEES / FINDERS FEES?

    The more Business kept from Stratford, the higher the TAXES and the
    easier it is to justify the changes desired by Attorneys / Developers!

    As bad as Democrats Mirons / Burturlas / Schirillo / Forrester / Fredette
    and other have been, it has been the Republican Town Committees and
    Town Councils and Boards of Education who controlled spending, costs,
    and Revenues – doing the most damage to Stratford!

  21. 21 harpoonstratford

    Holy cow. I haven’t been on your blog in quite a while and just returned out of curiosity. The hate coming out of you guys is overwhelming and frankly sad…especially in light of the fact that the mayoral elections ended last November. Vindictive, mean and about as bad bully behavior as I have ever seen even in high school. It’s wonderful to say such low level comments that do absolutely nothing productive while hiding behind a blog, a keyboard and a computer. Mature up there guys and gals (whomever you are).

    Spell it out. What do you actually have personally against Heather Habelka (as just one example of your picking on people)? Because what you say is definitely not professional and productive. It’s not even based on facts…it’s just plain ‘ole nasty.

    Do something productive with your complaints about people. Volunteer in Stratford politics, donate time for a town committee, do something productive for goodness rather than badness sake. Move this town forward with cooperation and collaboration not with contempt and condemnation.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    Welcome back.

    “What do you actually have personally against Heather Habelka…It’s not even based on facts”

    Would you mind pointing out which statement about Ms. Habelka might not be true?

    In fact, you may consider this entire topic a rebuttal of the statements made on Miron’s website. Some are the things you don’t like. We call them “opinions”.

    “Do something productive with your complaints about people.”

    We do. We discuss the issues in order to have a more informed opinion. And then we vote.

    “Volunteer in Stratford politics, donate time for a town committee,”

    Did you get rid of Rich Buturla or Norm Aldrich yet?

    “Move this town forward with cooperation and collaboration not with contempt and condemnation.”

    We tried in November. Unfortunately the same players we thought we voted out are still there. What’s worse is that the best people are no longer there or are still not with us. Asst Chief Ellen Murray, Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto. All of these Miron issues continue under Harkins.

    Oh…and who was by Miron’s side the whole time? Yup. Heather Habelka.

    (I guess you missed today’s article praising Andrea Boissevain. No comment there, huh?)

  23. 23 phineast

    Harp-you need to grow a thicker skin…..Obviously it wasn’t your wallet that the poppy lady harpooned-then again maybe you did the harpooning with her or you are her.. She recieved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the 4 years she spent “pilfering” the town coffers along side and with the help of the former “king” of Stratford(my opinion mind you but there is the paperwork to see where monies went)-she had more time off(paid) and “where abouts unknown” during working hours than people that have worked for the town for decades had(except the Loschiavo family of course), jobs that should have gone to bid went to her own company–the stationary and dyslexic logo ring any bells??? It tallied over $75k for that job-signs designs and paper and of course the ever important color selection!…That is the information that was available from the budget and finance dept. Now why didn’t that project go out to bid…or is it bed? Nothing hateful, nothing venomous(ok sarcastic, I’ll concede)….just genuine disgust for tax dollars being funneled around the bidding process-the branding certainly couldn’t have fallen under the “emergency” category…like the fire truck did… Just going to be sure it doesn’t happen again under another name change blanket-Siano, Halbelka, red poppy..what ever. A poppy by any other name is just a….
    Just so you know -nobody is picking on her or bullying her-just observations, opinions and truths and public perceptions(that happens when you were part of a over paid underworked PUBLIC administration-the public forms an opinion and evaluation of you)..it is just a statement of the information we were given from town hall during the Miron reign of terror. Much of the info came from Miron’s OWN office. If the former mayor’s “people” gave out information- we should presume it to be true…right???? Like all the “truths” spoken at the now famous press conference……….
    Who knows, maybe the red poppy is her favorite flower or something….my opinion is -it is under the or something…….

  24. 24 phineast

    Jez- excellent post! Spot on!

  25. 25 1george1

    Harp –
    I confessed I posted a couple sarcastic comments, but nothing of
    substance against “H eat her”

    If you believed people fronted for people who murdered innocent
    people, and other people profited from those people, isn’t just a
    little sarcasm warranted about “certain appearances …. ?”

    Jeze –
    I am getting worried. Again I can’t disagree with your post.

    Phin –
    I do not have access to some of the “facts,” you claim as true.
    I do have access to verify some of the “facts,” you claim as true.
    I agree with most of your position over harpoon.

    However, Harpoon is correct some posts are mean and/or juvenile.
    I confess to BAD HUMOR.
    > I am a BIG, BIG, BIG KID at heart and toooo IDEALISTIC – proof=TOYs!

    If I posted as mean, it was usually, reactionary and I believe deserved.
    However, I honestly try to keep my references to be politically based
    and / or what I believe reasonable people would consider vampiring
    public money, unfairly and unreasonably.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “Jez- excellent post! Spot on!”

    Believe me, it was nothing.

  27. 27 phineast

    George- Feel free to go to town hall and verify. It is all there. Anything I put out there was my opinion-sarcastic as it may have been-and there was nothing juvenile about it. If you look at a persons actions who is/was in the public eye- they chose to make and chose to put themselves in the public eye-they need to be honest at least with themselves…..because public opinion can get right to the heart of things-and deliberate dishonesty ALWAYS comes to light.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “because public opinion can get right to the heart of things-and deliberate dishonesty ALWAYS comes to light.”

    There you go again with that freedom of speech stuff. Listening to you, you’d think it was a Constitution right or something.

  29. 29 1george1

    It is not that I do not believe you.
    To the contrary.

    However, if they steal O’Meara’s computer and perhaps they
    same people are tampering with my computer …. perhaps
    how words are phrased on a politically based blog are important
    to clearly establish INTENT as POLITICALLY BASED.

    You accessed FACTS.
    I have not accessed those FACTS?
    Only so many hours in a day…. for the unpaid ama tuer,
    while certain professionals can use public funds and tools …

    NOT every dishonest thing always comes to light.

    There are some people who turn the ‘CONstitution into
    ‘intellectual and legalized PROstitution.’
    For some people MONEY or POWER are more important than SEX …

  30. 30 sudds

    “For some people MONEY or POWER are more important than SEX …”

    Idiots!!! 😛

  31. 31 jezebel282


    “Idiots!!! ”

    Have you SEEN Jim Miron? Some people don’t have a choice.

  32. 32 jezebel282

    Honest to goodness, you just can’t make this stuff up!

    Reception with Congressman Jim Himes
    Friday, August 27th – 5pm
    Liquid Lunch – Shelton
    Suggested contribution:
    $50 however contributions from $25-$100 per person accepted


    “Summer is a time of fun. If drinking alcohol please use designated driver. If you need an attorney for a DUI contact me for help.6:45 AM Aug 20th via web
    James R. Miron

    And who is that guy next to Mayor Moron?

    James Gang

  33. 33 sudds

    The liar or the wrestling-lady… can we get a do-over???

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