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According to the new administration, John Buturla has an iron clad contract with the Town and there is simply nothing the mayor can do to control him. And the proof of this? The mayor has done nothing and John Buturla continues to smile and persecute any officer that does not kneel before him. All the while these two officers, their wives and children continue to suffer.


Crazy you say? How about even crazier? Health insurance companies are exempt from anti-trust regulations. It is perfectly legal for competitors to get together and, well, you can see what they do.

Let us also remember that healthcare “reform” does not become fully effective for another four years but the mid term elections are only 6 weeks away.

More shockingly, an astounding request was made by Matt Catalano (R-3rd District) at the September 13th Council meeting. Mr. Catalano made a request that all departmental expenditures be made available to the public (that’s us) on a monthly basis without the necessity of filing countless FOI requests i.e., posting them on the Town website!

Cap and Down


EPA to unveil latest Raymark plan Written by John Kovach Wednesday, 08 September 2010 14:57 576/600 East Broadway • Excavate Raymark waste from the 100-year flood plain to a depth of four feet and place on the upland portion of the two properties to be capped. • If capacity allows, place Raymark waste excavated from […]

Morale Dilemma


Eight months into a new administration we are continuing and deepening a morale crisis in several key departments in Stratford. The recent articles about the mismanagement of EMS is but only one case. Morale is still at abysmally low levels within our Police Department and getting worse in our Fire Department. It is not that much better at the BOE.