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Former Army plant proposed as destination resort Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer Published: 02:50 p.m., Saturday, October 23, 2010 STRATFORD — A Milford-based real estate developer is touting a $1 billion plan to develop the former Army engine plant into a destination resort. Robert Hartmann, 62, of Hartmann Development, said he has already spent more than […]

Operate This!


Since it has already been announced ( ), we see no reason to miss out on our own announcement. Michael Feeney (former Town Manager of Stratford) has been selected as the new Chief Operating Officer of the Stratford Board of Education replacing Ben Branyan. We think this is an excellent choice. Mr. Feeney has managed […]

The Least Worst


It’s that time again. We are again confronted by the least worst choices that will govern us for at least another two years. Please take a moment to visit and closely examine your choices in your particular district. As usual, listed below are the editor’s picks: * denotes winner Judge of Probate: Paul Kurmay* […]

Rules Update


Sadly, we have had to augment our rules for posting. There have been several recent postings by Mironistas that attack and threaten private citizens. Please make note of the rules for posting: Anyone with an opinion is entitled and invited to post here. Rules: Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the […]

I mean really! Honest to goodness! Former deputy police chief sues over ‘untruths’ Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer Published: 08:03 p.m., Thursday, October 14, 2010 BRIDGEPORT — As Stratford’s deputy police chief, Joseph LoSchiavo was the target of controversy. He suffered through verbal attacks from the public and within the police department after his son, Justin, […]

With less than a month to go until election day, this campaign season is as underwhelming as we have ever seen in Stratford. It is so bad that neither political Town Committee has a functional website. Most voters in Stratford have no idea who’s actually running for anything or why.

In the meantime, in order to resolve the current EMS volunteer shortage, the EMS administrator is offering money to people who had previously volunteered at no expense. As EMS volunteers are converted to per diem employees the question becomes why should we have EMS at all?