Where’s the Progress?


From George Mulligan:

“Jeze never created a FUN screen, nor fun blog string … Well maybe for Mike R and his golf …. It is not like nothing humorous or enjoyable happens in Stratford….”

Stratford Voter

The Town Council has decided to disband the citizen Financial Advisory Committee. The nominal reason is that the “communication” between the Council and the mayor has improved (although we cannot imagine how much worse it could be than under Miron). We find this to be in conflict with Councilman Catalano’s recent call to post quarterly, if not monthly, budget expenditures. Once the FAC is disbanded there will be no citizen able to access budget expenditures without filing an FOI request. This is not open and transparent.

In the meantime, in order to resolve the current EMS volunteer shortage, the EMS administrator is offering money to people who had previously volunteered at no expense. As EMS volunteers are converted to per diem employees the question becomes why should we have EMS at all?

My pride has not been restored yet and it is difficult to see through this new “transparent” administration. Maybe it’s me. I just don’t think it’s funny.

22 Responses to “Where’s the Progress?”

  1. 1 1george1

    Is that a CLOUD or a DUCK?

    Is that DUCK SOUP or DUCK doo doo?

    The face on the rained on girl looks like that christmas nightmare
    movie with like dark stick figures – weird director / producer?

    Since the FAC was a F A R C E after Bob Sammis, Russ Hayden and I
    left. I am not really unhappy about disbanding it?

    They did force Miron to move some Tax Money from a sole bank and
    get some added interest.

    There was a couple other minor things.
    Only thing it appeared to set up to do was PYA Police Chiefs and senior
    police, from what I can figure out.

    Because Sean Farmer or Joe McNiel filed a grievance related to the highest
    PENSION, I suspect if the PENSION grievance gets pulled, McNiel, Farmer, &
    Soto will get paid off …. ?

    There are some people who prefer to keep their souls or integrity ….

    I have mixed emotions about the new thread.
    At least we don’t have to look at that picture with every blog opening….

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “I suspect if the PENSION grievance gets pulled, McNiel, Farmer, &
    Soto will get paid off”

    What? Wherever did you pull that one from. Why would two honest cops give up 16 months of pay…forget it. That’s just too silly.

    The point is that the ineptitude and obfuscation continues with no let up in sight.

  3. 3 ronmoreau

    Why would two honest cops give up?

  4. 4 ronmoreau


    1 a : free from fraud or deception : legitimate, truthful b : genuine, real

  5. 5 1george1

    I got the reaction I expected.
    Not much.

    Only Jeze and Ron posted support.
    I believe McNeil is honest.
    I do not know the others, but heard great things about Soto.

    might be the CAUSE of the REPRISALS against the others.

    Not unlike whatever Doug O’Meara said or did to the LoSchiavo’s
    after getting hurt covering for jr?

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    This IS Stratford!
    There is absolute corruption!

  6. 6 jezebel282

    For Immediate Release
    Contact: Adam Bauer, Chief of Staff
    Phone: 203.385.4001
    October 5, 2010

    Harkins Orders Monthly Town Expenditures
    Posted On Web
    STRATFORD- In an effort to increase transparency in town government,
    Mayor John A. Harkins today announced that a list of expenditures for all
    departments will be posted on the town’s website prior to each regularly
    scheduled meeting of the Town Council.
    “All town expenditures are legally considered to be public information obtainable
    through a Freedom of Information request”, said Mayor Harkins. “However, I
    see no reason for the Town not to be proactive in releasing this information as a
    means of increasing transparency and building trust with the taxpayers. At my
    direction, a complete list of disbursements made by the town will be posted each
    month on the Town of Stratford website, http://www.townofstratford.com.
    Residents will be able view how their tax dollars are spent, ask questions and provide
    suggestions to my office and their town councilperson and most importantly, rest
    assured that this administration welcomes public scrutiny.”
    Reports will be published on the day of each regularly scheduled monthly Town
    Council meeting and will include data for the most recent month available.

    Wow! Way to go Adam/John! This is a huge step forward! Thank you!

  7. 7 1george1

    We can thank Matt Catalano, who raised the issue I have requested
    for the last couple years.

    Gavin’s Town Council did not choose to do.

    As a result, Norko took the last Budget and made changes between
    the Departments to blance the books.

    That is the job of the Town Council who voted against endorsing the
    books closing and could do nothing about it. It was already done.

    It is another baby step.

    Harkins TV coverage of Council and other Meetings is also more frequent
    than Miron – past Town Councils.

  8. 8 ronmoreau

    Thumbs up Councilman Catalano and Mayor Harkins.

  9. 9 1george1

    Thumbs up Councilman Catalano and Mayor Harkins.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    It seems that EMS is converting volunteers to paid employees faster than they are acquiring new volunteers. No new training of volunteers is scheduled to take place until January 2011 at the earliest.

    In the meantime, absolutely nothing has been “reformed” at Stratford EMS.

    Anecdote (true):

    Last week a senior citizen fell in their residence. Sadly, the senior suffered a compression fracture of the wrist and had severe bleeding. A family member arrived on the scene, stopped the bleeding and rushed the senior to the doctor.

    “Did you call 911?”

    “It was an emergency, why would I call 911?”

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “30 jezebel282 on October 15, 2010 said:
    The word is that Adam Bauer’s replacement is Erin Holroyd (Fairfield County Weekly).

    Chief of Staff? Really?”

    After offering and hiring Erin Holroyd, columnist for Fairfield County Weekly, for Adam Bauer’s position, Mayor Harkins has succumbed to insider pressure and summarily dismissed her and hired a political operative, Mark Dylan, whom he had met while in Hartford. We don’t think she had time to find the coffee machine.

    A couple of things strike us here. Erin Holroyd was opposed to the Miron way of things and most things Miron-like. That speaks to her credit. As Chief of Staff we were not convinced of her qualifications, but as a writer who cared about truth she was just fine. (We are now less convinced than ever that John Harkins is an effective administrator).

    The scuzz factor in hiring someone only to fire them three days into their first week is pretty high as well.

    The third factor that is disturbing is yet another political operative that is more familiar with making the ridiculous look meaningful. (His name is Mark Dylan, by the way.

  12. 12 1george1

    Judith Terrace residents were never charged to hook up to the

    water main. Eight years later, the issue was still unsettled.

    So in November, members of the town council decided

    to clear things up.

    After a lengthy debate, the council voted to “waive the assessment”

    fee for “all Judith Terrace residents” who have “already hooked up

    to the water main” or “do so before June 30.”

    “In the end, it was pretty cut and dry,” said James Connor, who

    represents Judith Terrace residents on the council and voted

    in favor of the resolution.

    “There are so many nuances you have to take into consideration

    when you’re looking at going back and

    assessing people for something from eight years ago.”

    (Mulligan = Especially if it was another political giveaway?
    Who, repeat who, represents the Tax Payers interests?
    Was this LEGAL MALPRACTICE or GOVERNMENT negligence?)

    Factors that swayed Connor to support the resolution, he said, include

    a town ordinance stating that water assessments should be done
    within 60 days and

    (Mulligan = Negligence on Town Officials, which could be
    personally recovered?)

    the fact that property deeds did not previously include mention
    of the water well contamination, he said,

    (Mulligan = Is that Fraud?)

    “At least six people bought these properties after the fact and had
    no idea of the issue,” he explained.

    (Mulligan = Is that Violation of Real Estate, Civil Consumer Laws,
    and possible Criminal Law?)

    I FORGOT this is CORRUPTicut
    This IS Stratford!


    This information was bought to me by friends of JAMES / DICK MIRON….

    So if you want to BLAME / CREDIT anyone, you can blame / credit
    their messengers!

  13. 13 1george1

    Kim Meuse is one of two council members who voted
    against the resolution.

    “While I sympathize with the residents on Judith Terrace
    who have dealt in the past with contaminants leaking into
    their well water,

    the facts remains that

    they petitioned for and

    received a connection to town water and

    were made aware at that time of the cost to each resident to connect,”

    she said in an e-mail.

    “Meanwhile, in the 10 years that the new water main has been available …

    only a few Judith Terrace homes have actually connected.

    The remaining homes have chosen to remain on well water.

    Now with the prospect of a free connection and

    taxpayers on the hook to pay for existing and new connections,

    I wonder how many Judith Terrace residents will decide to
    connect before June 30th?

    “To me, this was the right time to settle this issue,
    but I disagree with how it was settled,” she added.

    “By passing the burden of those costs onto people in my district
    and town taxpayers as a whole

    we have transferred this obligation from people who can
    and should pay for it

    to people who are struggling.”

    (Mulligan = Meuse comments read like something PCS might write?)

    Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/default/article/Council-resolves-water-main-issue-waives-hook-up-933006.php#ixzz19vyMUBT3

  14. 14 1george1

    This was deleted by JEZE, showing the Town Council, Attorneys,
    Town Staff, Press, and others to who the above 2 were sent.

    This preceeded the above two.
    Information was provided to me by friends of Jim + Dick Miron
    + Dick Burturla.


    Sent: Sun, January 2, 2011 9:38:18 PM
    Subject: Has there been any attempt to recover Damages from the
    Gas Company related to Judith Terrace? + Embarassing questions

    Will the Town Council waive $ 13,306 of this & future years taxes
    + interest from 2001, to every person / family being foreclosed
    and to all 19,300 residential homes and the 4,000 businesses, so as
    to be uniform to the giveaway to the 26 Judith Terrace home owners,
    as writen by B Lyte (below)?

    THEN CAME POSTS # 12 + # 13.

    JEZE emailed I had too many LINKS?

    I suspect JEZE meant the email evidence as to whom was sent the email,
    MEMBERS of the government finance and other Departments?

    Friends of the MIRONS wanted to make this an ISSUE, yet appear to be
    HANDS OFF. NOTE – I do not know if Jim / Dick / Dick personally gave OK?
    However, this IS Stratford!

  15. 15 jezebel282


    “This was deleted by JEZE, showing the Town Council, Attorneys,
    Town Staff, Press, and others to who the above 2 were sent.”

    Jez did no such thing. The spam filter caught it.

    WordPress wouldn’t let me approve it so off it went to Bit Heaven.

  16. 16 1george1

    “This was deleted by JEZE, showing the Town Council, Attorneys,
    Town Staff, Press, and others to who the above 2 were sent.”

    Jez did no such thing. The spam filter caught it.

    WordPress wouldn’t let me approve it so off it went to Bit Heaven.

    George is sitting corrected.
    Learned sumptin today.

  17. 17 pcsperling

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    This IS Stratford!
    There is absolute corruption!

    Maybe that’s what should be Stratford’s new slogan…… There are very few politicians I have respect for in Stratford. The good ole’ boys (e.g., Norm Aldrich and crew) are still working their agenda in Stratford.

    Stratford is just as corrupt as Bridgeport – only difference is it’s a Town and not a City!

  18. 18 1george1

    About 6 months ago, the CT POST yousaid it published
    my belief Stratford is more corrupt than Bridgeport.

    My sources tell me
    Berchem & Testa are thistight!
    The police / military have secret societies heavily mixed into
    and controlling the political injustice and corporate systems.

  19. 19 pcsperling

    Stratford is just as corrupt – if not more – than other towns and cities in Connecticut! Let’s not mince words Mr. Crudo – restructure schools? It could mean that some schools will close???? But, their committee is not there to close schools??????? If Norm Aldrich has his way, class sizes will be 30 or better and Stratford Academy will close. I guess that is what he considers “realistic.” ​ Now I know where that comment in the minutes came from. And, what exactly does Norm Aldrich have against Stratford Academy??????????

    And, George is probably right….. I’m not all that happy with the administration at the Town level or at the BOE level. They’re all a bunch of buffoons!

  20. 20 pcsperling

    Oh, and by the way Mr. Crudo….. I doubt very much there was ANY misconception!

    Perhaps the Town should look at furlough days, four day workweek for some departments (or rotating days off so that all employees are on a four day work week). There are many, many CREATIVE ways to work this out.

  21. 21 1george1

    PCS –
    My information is that mr. crudo does whatever mr. aldrich tells him?
    Strickly hearsay and opinions.
    I don’t know if any one in the country club or esquirachy cares about
    Stratford, or any one but them selves… all ego … no self respect?
    > The more exclusive their group and the more games played ….
    > Their plan appears to be to cause financial / other hardships so the
    Tax Payers will do A N Y T H I N G they suggest, for RELIEF!
    Will they wind up like, Humpty Dumpty?

    Some people remind me of Midas – who could not even eat.
    Hidden message/moral in his name spelled backwards? = SAD I M

    I believe we could close schools the entire month of January to save
    costs on heating and bussing, but give computers to all kids both at
    home and at school, from money saved.

    Hours at school can be raised to longer days, and 4 day school week.

    Instead of 180 days of mandated school, perhaps 150 days AT school,
    with longer DAYS, and 50 to 70 virtual school days to prep children
    for the future.

    Schools are important in part because of socialization skills, which NO
    BoE seems to value.

    Extra curricula activies, phys-ed, nutrician, and other devalued aspects
    in schools are part of the YMCA – Strong Kids / Strong Bodies or ARMY
    Strong, or Healthy Minds or anti Obesity / anti Drugs/Alcohol, themes.

    I emailed JEZE an attachment presented to SONY about the reality of
    education and jobs, now and the future –
    PCS can call me and I can e-mail it to her.

    Or I can find PCS e-address by finding old emails from Sylvia, but I rather
    do it the right way.
    (I asked Sylvia, not to include me in her address book e-mails and that I
    did not want the e-addresses she included. I warned Sylvia that I did not
    think SOME of Sylvia’s friends were worthy of her TRUST… but)

  22. 22 1george1

    PCS – There are multiple people on present /past BoEs & Town Councils
    that I like as people and/or respect their intellect and skills.

    However, political decision are made for vested interest reasons and for
    political reasons, which have to do with supporting the political systems
    and the power brokers.

    As PORTIA would have pointed out, … before going ground hog …

    The basis for many of “Adam Smiths economics” is “self interest.”

    The basis for the unrealized hopes of our Constitution was “enlightened
    self interest.”
    Diogenes had better luck wandering ancient Greece to find an honest man,
    than he would looking through the american political justice system?

    Elliott Richardson might be the “last lawyer in the american government”
    with integrity, patriotism, and ethics ….. unless he was part of the scam?

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