How Lo Can You Go?


Content of Lawsuit

I mean really! Honest to goodness!

Former deputy police chief sues over ‘untruths’
Daniel Tepfer, Staff Writer
Published: 08:03 p.m., Thursday, October 14, 2010

BRIDGEPORT — As Stratford’s deputy police chief, Joseph LoSchiavo was the target of controversy.

He suffered through verbal attacks from the public and within the police department after his son, Justin, crashed his police cruiser while suffering a seizure and then it was disclosed the younger LoSchiavo had been hired as a police officer even though he had a serious medical condition.
He took heat again when the police union pointed out he was parking an unregistered car in his parking space at the department.
But through it all LoSchiavo remained mum.
So it was a surprise this week when LoSchiavo, who retired from the police department in March 2009, filed a lawsuit against the police officer who authors the union’s website and a local political gadfly (He’s suing George Mulligan too?). In the lawsuit, filed in Superior Court here, LoSchiavo is representing himself.
“The harassment hasn’t stopped and the untruths haven’t stopped,” LoSchiavo explained in an interview Wednesday. “I had thought if I sat back and let it go that it would go away, I didn’t want to lower myself to that level.” LoSchiavo claims in his lawsuit that Douglas O’Meara, of Knorr Avenue, Seymour, a former Stratford police officer, using the screen name “Bollicks,” has printed false and malicious statements about him on the website “Stratford Politics.” (Hey! That’s us!)
In addition, the suit claims that Stratford Police Officer Paul Fressola, the web master of the police union’s website, printed items on the website that are false and question LoSchiavo’s moral character.
“We think this is more than frivolous and we are considering filing a counter claim,” said O’Meara’s lawyer, John Williams.
Neither Fressola nor anyone from the police union returned e-mails for comment.
As a result of the statements by both men on their websites (wait a minute, how many websites are there?), the suit states that LoSchiavo has suffered extreme emotional distress requiring counseling and other medical treatment. It continues that the statements have damaged LoSchiavo’s professional reputation and affected his ability to obtain employment.

“I sat quietly for almost two years and I believe that discretion is the better part of valor, but it got to a point where I could no longer let the statements about me or my family go unanswered,” he said. “I just figured it would go away and it didn’t and continues and I had enough. I just wanted to retire, but it continued and I was left with no choice, but to defend myself.”

He said the statements have affected his present employment, but declined further comment on that. And while he is now representing himself he said he may hire a lawyer.
“But it’s very expensive and it doesn’t change anything whether I do it or a lawyer does it, the facts are still there.” Although the suit states he is seeking money damages in excess of $15,000, LoSchiavo said money is not necessarily the object of the lawsuit. (Then what is?)

New York Times Company v. Sullivan

Cite as 84 S.Ct. 710 (1964)

The public official certainly has equal if not greater access than most private citizens to media of communication. In any event, despite the possibility that some excesses and abuses may go unremedied, we must recognize that “the people of this nation have ordained in the light of history, that, in spite of the probability of excesses and abuses,[certain] liberties are, in the long view, essential to enlightened opinion and right conduct on the part of the citizens of a democracy.” Cantwell v. Connecticut, 310 U.S. 296, 310, 60 S.Ct. 900, 906, 84 L.Ed. 1213. As Mr. Justice Brandeis correctly observed, “sunlight is the most powerful of all disinfectants”.

Note to readers: In case you haven’t noticed, This case is now in the public domain. It was put there as a result of this article in the CT Post and the filing of this suit. Have at it!

10 Responses to “How Lo Can You Go?”

  1. 1 ronmoreau


    It appears that Captian McNeil (even though he has been in suspension limbo for over 1.5 years) is not only looking out for his union brothers and sisters but is looking out for Stratford residents and taxpayers as well.

  2. 2 ronmoreau

    …it was a surprise this week when LoSchiavo…filed a lawsuit against the police officer who authors the union’s website and a local political gadfly (He’s suing George Mulligan too?).


    That would explain why George is awful quiet.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “That would explain why George is awful quiet.”


    No, that’s not it. George is having some computer problems and can’t remember his password.

    (I have no access to passwords)

  4. 4 jezebel282

    George said something that kind of made sense (no really, it was George).

    George mentioned something about the police “outting” Doug O’Meara. Well that doesn’t make sense. But it does bring up a couple of points. Scrolling back two years ago and reading about the original Loschiavo incident makes you wonder how stupid this guy really is.

    First of all he illegally parks a private vehicle…in the police parking lot! Second of all he parks it in the spot clearly marked for the Chief of Police!

    Somehow that is supposed to be OK.

    Then some officer walks by and sees this private car in the Chief’s spot. You know whoever it is is going to find out who is dumb enough to do that. Exactly the way he is trained. Lo and behold it comes back to Loschiavo and unregistered. Whether or not it was is irrelevant. It was from official Police sources.

    All of that is stupid enough. But wait! There’s more! After TWO YEARS (and nearly two weeks after O’Meara files a federal suit) he decides to take the case public and spill it all over the newspaper.

    Thanks George. Sometimes I forget how Lo these people are.

  5. 5 1george1


    You have no idea how low some people really are.

    If they are all working together (this IS Stratford) then there
    will a big to do about the car and certain spicific situations
    where there will be nothing substancial about pension abuse.

    Freddette / Proto had Esq Burturla in a counter pensions
    complaint, after Gavin’s / Calzone’s buddy John Rich (?) filed
    an ethic complaint vs Fredette.

    Sources claimed Proto / Fredette could have caused huge
    problems for Esq. Burturla.

    They stayed away from the real issues ……


    That was about 2002 – 2003?

    2003 Pension Obligations were perhaps 50 % of what they are presently.

  6. 6 1george1

    They got lower!

  7. 7 1george1

    I wonder if anyone saw stratford police chief burturla’s
    quote in CT POST “yousaidit?”

  8. Paul Fressola? Is he the person who has a habit of writing false police reports, and criminalizes citizens while covering up for his own screwups? Me thinks that we’ll all hear more about that soon enough, in another followup lawsuit.

  9. 9 1george1

    I have had several Stratford police “adjust” or “leave out”
    information, or outright LIE on police reports.

    I have also been well treated in the field by several officers.

    There were also a couple times I was followed home.
    I know enough people who were kind enough to tell x to lay off.
    They do not have the pull to clean things up.

    I have nothing negative / nor positive about a certain person

  10. Hi 1george1,

    I’ve gotten the same treatment, although a little more complicated. I am afraid of going further on that.

    However, there is one problem with the police that needs to be resolved: They need to be accountable…not only to themselves, and their Maker, but to the public. Internal police investigations have to end. There is a saying; “One lies, and the rest swear to it”. That is what happens now, especially in Police Departments like that of Stratford. Accountability needs to be investigated by outside resources not affiliated with the police. If you leave it up to the internal police investigators it is likely that they will cover up the truth every time in order to protect their fellow officers. The bad seeds remain, and the departments become breeding grounds for corruption. Yes, corruption, as in the “blame games”, and criminalization of people who become victims of that bad element that continues to grow if nobody has the courage to “speak up” for the truth!

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