Top 10 Challenge



The challenge is to list ten things you would change about Stratford if you were mayor (or supreme ruler or maybe, say, king). You can list them all at once or one at a time. It would also be nice if you explained why each was important and how Stratford would benefit. Just in case it’s not obvious to the rest of us.

Let’s have it!

Editor’s note: This idea was stolen from a very good friend. You know who you are.

Special Note: George….only 10 and about Stratford.


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  1. 1 1george1

    A note to JEZE + FRIEND.
    I posted the exact same idea, month ago.
    Top 10 Stratford Changes.

    1) Tax Rate 20 Mils or Lower

    2) Raymark / AVCO SAEP / Airport / Ashcroft / Sikorsky / etc cleaned.

    FUNDED by STATE / FEDS with Capital improvement debt paid off,
    instantly lowering MIL RATE by 3 or 4.
    > Part of same would State / Feds BOND SCHOOLS wholey for back debt.

    4) Take ALL PENSION OBLIGATIONS from TAX PAYER and back to the
    PENSION FUND – instantly lowering 4 + Mils.
    > I ain’t giving my ways to fund the PENSION

    5) Have all Health Care max at $ 7,000 Town Contribution, lowering Mil
    Rate by 3 Mils.
    > I ain’t giving my ways to fund the Health Care costs differential

    6) Bring all Building Needs, Bids, Change Orders, Awards, Appointments,
    Promotions, Hiring, Buying, Costs, Mandates, Revenues, Licensing, Fees,
    and Departmental revenues to be unwasteful, unpolitical, and highest
    and best practices

    7) Develope AVCO, Shakespeare, Lorship Boulevard, for desired Economic
    Engines, including reinvigorating the wilting, wilted, and brown flowers.

    8) Redevelope all BROWN FIELDS, which I showed how it can be done in
    my Mayoral run.

    9) Improve all Public Services, especially education to be about PUBLIC
    Education is about LIFE and BUSINESS preparation!
    Why does Education have to be limited to CHILDREN?
    Why is Education’s focus on teaching often useless information using
    techniques that are proven to be failed, when all people WANT to LEARN.

    I guarentee ANY HS minority student and many non minority who is labelled
    having a learning disabilty – can likely recite dozens of RAP / HIP HOP or
    other LYRICS better than a SHAKESPEAREAN ACTOR can recite his/her lines.

    or many other things which are HOT BUTTONS for LEARNING.
    > SPECIALIZATION and CUSTOMIZATION has been higher education and
    business directions which take advantage of the strength of focus.
    > I stongly believe in classic education and LIBERAL ARTS, but EXPOSE the

    10. I have to think about finding a 10th way to improve Stratford.

    However, by reversing the sabotage trends willfully created by stratford’s
    version of C.R.E.E.P. and reestablishing solid materialistic secular models
    of Revenue increase, cost controls, efficiency / productivity amplification,
    with best practices for worker / management / customer relationships
    it frees up money to

    pave and plow the roads – plant / cut the (Syl) trees / bushes / grass

    build, renovate, repair Buildings, Grounds, Vehicles, & Equipment

    teach the children & adults to have better chances for “better lives.”

    provide better senior sevices – Food + Heat/AC + Meds + Utilities + aid

    reward our veterans, non profits, workers, and infrastructure

    relieve over burdened tax payers to more managable levels, so they can
    better enjoy the quality of life amenities and natures’ assets we have.

    create a more business friendly environment, to assist fair profits.

    improve job opportunities for better jobs w benefits.

    reduce ambient and utility costs to residents and businesses.

    protect and serve .. the community instead of selves and patrons, with
    liberty and justice for …. ALL …. and not just party bosses & henchmen

    assist public safety to cease being a selfish parody
    and all ego and no self respect … by those who game the system

    bring back the concept of civil service and public service instead of

    I still have to figure out a 10th wish list

  2. 2 1george1

    Correction the top 10 idea to improve Stratford was blog posted
    multiple months ago.

  3. 3 1george1

    If memory serves, I have repeatedly asked JEZE for constructive ideas
    and one of those times along with debating PORTIA, I again raised the
    same ISSUES, because PORTIA claimed he/she was the ONLY person
    posting constuctive ideas and solutions to problems …….

    Jeze did reply with constructive stuff, instead of the usual wisecracks
    or anti miron, pro government worker in uniform.

    I am for workers.

    I am against abuse, regardless of abusers.

  4. 4 jezebel282



    I think.

    Item #1 on the list is a forensic audit of Town finances. You can’t get to where you are going until you know where you are. A general audit (as required by the State) simply indicates that the credits and debits are in line. Absolutely no movement has been made toward forensic audit in living memory. With the whole variety of scoundrels we have had that have authorized &/or received payments over the years a forensic audit is an absolute necessity in order to restore confidence in our Town Budget.

  5. 5 1george1


    You are welcomed.

    Yes – you think.
    Something many people do not do.
    You articulate your passionate opinions.
    Occasionally we agree. 😉
    Actually more often than it appears.
    Immaterial if we never agreed.
    You think. You post.

    Forensic Audit = Can be G. I. G. O.

    Classic examples:
    Enron controlled what it gave to auditor Arthur Anderson.
    Miron’s people / Police Chief Burturla / Town Council controlled what
    it gave to the F. A. C.
    Bob Sammis & I disagreed with single line of F. A. C. verbage.
    Sammis moved out of state within 6 months.
    My tire was slashed / recently I was (food) poisoned.

    Do you trust a forensic audit where the results could “WARRANT” a
    whole bunch of arrests, if the chains of custody and actions were
    linked with expert pattern analysis?

    I prefer NO locals go to JAIL.

    If you listened to speaches by Governor Cuomo, Malloy, & others …
    If you listen to the talking heads ….
    If you read the pundit, op-ed, letters to editor,
    If you see effect on neighbors ….

    THINGS will SIGNIFICANTLY change …. without any forensic audits.

    Will UNIONS stand for (LOWER THAN) Defined Contribution Plan, and
    sit still for those who plundered the system to KEEP their money?


    Will Tax Payers want BLOOD when they realize just how ripped off ….. ?
    The Tax Payers, so far, have NO PLACE to TURN.

    THINGS will SIGNIFICANTLY change …. without any forensic audits.

    I tried to cause changes for decades …..
    I fear people will see BILLS of PARTICULARS …..
    Your police and legal audience will understand the insinuation!

    Had I been elected Mayor, I believe could have effected changes,
    which would have kept people from JAIL.

  6. 6 sudds

    1) PCS = my personal concubine

    2) Hand the keys of the Shakespeare theatre to Yale University

    3) Sit back and enjoy all of the praise when taxpayers release that I not only got the theatre open… but I did it at no cost to them

    4) Sue the Federal Government over the army plant (I know, I know… but wouldn’t it be fun to watch it play out?)

    5) Provide Robert Scinto with full immunity (provide that he is contractually obligated to build four corporate towers… on Long Beach West)

    6) Fire everyone making over $100k (the economy has 10% unemployment… there HAS to be qualified people out there willing to take less than what we’re currently paying)

    7) Did I mention that PCS would be my concubine???

    8) Order the police force to initiate a coup d’état at the airport… it’s in Stratford… it’s now ours!

    9) 5% tax cuts for the next 5 years… Guaranteed

    10) Mill River Country Club = “Sudds’ Private Golf Course”

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Is that concubine a 1099 position or regular W4? Benefits? …..besides those you dawg.

    Can avatars play at your golf course at reasonable rates?

  8. 8 1george1


    I love most of your top 10.
    I suspect Mr. PCS might object to # 7
    I do not like YALE = Univesity of perversity.
    Several years ago I spoke to Bob Scinto about building in Stratford.
    Mr. Scinto would not say why … but he would never build in Stratford.

    I also ran it by several people, including Laura Hoydic, who told me that
    “Mr. Scinto’s building were not as good as they appeared and that our
    developers are better than Scinto.”

    When I ran that by other people, I got the same reaction …

    “We have developers?”

  9. 9 jezebel282

    Item #2 on the list:


    When talking about tax collection, Mayor Harkins came up with the the most heartless statement I’ve read in a very long time. (Stratford Star, 1/6/2001). “These individuals created this situation,” Harkins later said. “Don’t make your problem the Town’s problem.”

    No, “these people” did not create a recession, close businesses willingly, become unemployed willingly, have their income stagnate or decrease nor did they raise their taxes as the Council and Mayor cavalierly did for 4 of the last 5 years.

    This shows an incredible amount of disregard for struggling citizens. Personally, I find the statement disgusting.

  10. 10 1george1


    I do not understand what happened …
    But again I agree 100% with you.

  11. 11 ronmoreau


    It would be nice if all our elected and appointed officials practiced the Ten Commandments.

    We wouldn’t be in mess.

  12. 12 ronmoreau

    …in (this) mess.

  13. 13 1george1


    1) Happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

    2) Amen

  14. 14 jezebel282

    # 3 Terminate the employment of Police Chief John Buturla. While you are at it, issue pink slips to DC Ridenhour, Chief Cavanaugh, DC Maffet and EMS Administrator Best.

  15. 15 1george1

    Weren’t you the person worked up by Miron firing people?

    If they retired at 33 % of Base …. 😉

    Who will replace Scott Potter, District # 6?
    Jimmy lives about 1/2 mile away … 😉

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “Weren’t you the person worked up by Miron firing people?”

    The difference, as you well know, is that mayor moron’s only criteria for termination was if you weren’t fast enough saying “yes” to any lame brained thing he or Kent/Heather thought up.

    Similarly, mayor moron’s criteria for hiring and keeping you was your ability to say “yes” before he finished issuing whatever order popped into his empty head. Like hiring his brother…..

    Harkins’ problem is the inability to correct the incompetence and corruption left behind.

  17. 17 portia1776


    “When talking about tax collection, Mayor Harkins came up with the the most heartless statement I’ve read in a very long time.” – Mayor Harkins’s statement was, in fact, wholesomely compassionate for the 19,000+ taxpayers who paid their taxes on time and without fanfare. This is, however, not about “feelings” at all. It is a simple matter of the rule of law: every property owner is required to pay taxes. If by choice or circumstance your taxes go unpaid, you must face the legal ramifications: fines, liens, prison (for federal tax evasion and fraud), and, yes, foreclosure. Local tax collection is necessary to fund essential town services. How is it in the least “heartless” to a.) apply the rule of law equally to all property owners, b.) reduce collection costs by expediting the process, and c.) ensure that town services are funded?

    “(Stratford Star, 1/6/2001). ‘These individuals created this situation,” Harkins later said. ‘Don’t make your problem the Town’s problem.'” – Finally, an elected official who is willing to speak the politically incorrect truth. Bravo to Mayor Harkins for putting on notice the 303 property owners that they now need to make good on their accrued debts. “These people” have been derelict in their duty to pay their taxes for the past 2 to 3 years, to the aggregate tune of $1.53 million.

    “No, ‘these people’ did not create a recession, close businesses willingly, become unemployed willingly, have their income stagnate or decrease nor did they raise their taxes as the Council and Mayor cavalierly did for 4 of the last 5 years.

    This shows an incredible amount of disregard for struggling citizens. Personally, I find the statement disgusting.” – Morally and legally it is you, my friend, who are uttering reprehensible statements. We, the taxpayers, are also suffering under the increasingly weighty burden of the economic failures of Presidents Bush and Obama. We, too, are facing rising living expenses and decreasing wages as well as employment prospects. We, too, could put good use to those tax dollars, which we know, in the hands of government, will mostly be wasted on incompetence, inefficiency, unconstitutionality — not to mention the enduring favorites of waste, fraud, and abuse. And yet we, unlike your supposedly hapless deadbeats, have not evaded our personal responsibility.

    The very same Star article (“Nearly half of tax delinquents pay”) noted that 145 of the 303 deadbeats have, when faced with the stiff consequences their irresponsibility warranted, miraculously found the money to pay their back taxes (I know you read this because the “offending” quote does not come until the end). Mayor Harkins found it (humorously) “interesting [how] some of the people who complained about the process came forth and guess what? They paid their taxes.”

    At least these 145 deadbeats, then, I hope you will agree, are only worthy of our scorn. The other 158, including Councilwoman Phillips’ disabled constituent, may very well be unable to pay due to legitimate financial need — their individual financial need. It is, in fact, their problem, one which only they can rectify (unless you or Councilwoman Phillips or Mr. Michalak are willing to pick-up the tab?). Continued inability to pay does not in the least mitigate the deadbeat’s responsibility to pay. Ample warning has been provided. Ample time to seek redress or outside assistance has elapsed and more still remains. Ample motivation — the impending loss of the roof over the delinquent’s head — is given to compel reasonable individuals to action.

    Never mind all that. Councilwoman Phillips earnestly implores sympathy for those who would not help themselves until receiving a repeat notice (was it not grave enough the first time ’round?) Curiously, she does not mention any of the others. No, only the most sympathetic deadbeat will do. The disabled constituent’s condition, however, no more exculpates the others than her own inaction as well as your, Councilwoman Phillips, and Mr. Michalak’s confusing “compassion” with “corruption.”

    Each of you would have the Town be compassionate with other people’s money, the hard-earned money of Stratford taxpayers. But being compassionate with other people’s money is theft no matter how benevolently intended. “[M]ercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent…” in the phrase of Adam Smith.

    Mayor Harkins and the Counsel’s first responsibility is, as he put it, to the “…19,000 households that pay on time.” To do otherwise, to give special treatment to the 303 guilt at the expense of the 19,000 innocent, would have been unfair, unjust, and, yes, downright Grinch-like.

    If Councilwoman Philips and company genuinely want to help this constituent and others like her who fall through the cracks, why don’t they arrange for Sterling House to administer a fund Stratford residents can voluntarily support to help their neighbors in desperate need? I am confident that such an effort would receive a great deal of support. As Adam Meyerson, president of The Philanthropy Roundtable, notes: “Last year [2009] Americans gave $300 billion to charity. To put this into perspective, that is almost twice what we spent on consumer electronics equipment—equipment including cell phones, iPods and DVD players. Americans gave three times as much to charity last year as we spent on gambling and ten times as much as we spent on professional sports. America is by far the most charitable country in the world. There is no other country that comes close.”

    Such a fund, of course, would serve as a last line of defense. There are, as Mayor Harkins elaborated, a variety of options available, provided the deadbeat is willing to take the first crucial step of accepting responsibility for what they owe.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “Morally and legally it is you, my friend, who are uttering reprehensible statements.”

    Once again you are able to take things to a philosophical extreme. While you are quick to call businesses or individuals “deadbeats” you have nothing to reference other than when threatened with foreclosure of a property, some have managed to clear their tax obligation. There is no mention of whether or not employees were laid off as a result or medical benefits foregone.

    My only point being that for a mayor of a municipality where the tax burden has skyrocketed over the last 5 years to say that it is the individual taxpayers’ problem not the Towns’ is, well, outrageous.

  19. 19 1george1

    “Harkins’ problem is the inability
    to correct the incompetence and corruption
    left behind.”

    Do you find then when something is a priority
    it tends to get done?

    Do you find then when something is a NOT priority
    it tends to get NOT done?

    Now I have to read PORTIA who appears to have been hibernating?
    From Jeze’s reaction …. it must be a lulu?

  20. 20 1george1

    “No, ‘these people’ did not create a recession, close businesses willingly,
    become unemployed willingly, have their income stagnate or decrease nor
    did they raise their taxes as the Council and Mayor cavalierly did for
    4 of the last 5 years.”

    I suggest you read my Stratford Star letter to the editor.

    This Mayor – Town Council has been a failure.
    The past Mayor – past 2 Town Council has been complete failures,
    if you define them as representing the entire town and not their
    own Town Committees interests?

    Those 3 Town Councils and BoE are/were Republicans

    The 4 Town Managers – 14 Town Council has been a series of failures,
    if you define them as representing the entire town and not their
    own Town Committees interests?

    The U S Govenment appears to have had a coup in 1963 – 1967, after
    Eisenhower warned of internal usurpations and Omar Bradley warned

    The political parties have waged ECONOMIC VIOLENCE on unafilliated
    and ignorant hacks among them.

    I am against violence!

  21. 21 phineast

    Interesting discussion….you are criticizing Mr. Harkins for being truthful? Unfreakin’ believable. At least he has the balls to say what 95% of the taxpayers in good standing are thinking.
    There are opportunities for homeowners in crisis—–they just need to come forward and work with the officials. The are assistance programs out there for the infirm, but not for the healthy and able bodied. If these people genuinely need help they need to come forward and speak to people that can help. I’ll tell you right now-if they forgive the taxes to these delinquent people no matter what the reason-I will no longer pay. If they set a precedent I’m gonna be first in line to use it. I will call it the entitlement program for the broken backs of the middle class.
    Ms. Phillips knows there are things available for her “highlighted” constituent. She also knows that it is the Mayor’s responsibility to make sure the taxes are collected so she and the other council members can allocate them. So which does she really want? Responsibility or irresponsibility? The camel can’t hold any more straws.
    It really stinks that our taxes are so high. There are lots of obscene mandates that have forced this as well as some political greed(for example the Miron admin payouts and “raises” that weren’t raises for his contributors-just one of hundreds of examples).
    Someone has to stand up and say we each have a responsibility to fulfill-we don’t need to recreate the welfare system.
    At least Portia has a solution suggestion…a community fund……at least there people have a choice if they want to pay other people’s bills instead of being mandated to carry the burden.
    We have a couple of delinquent taxpayers that seem to have plenty of cash to travel, eat out and gamble…but not enough to pay their share of the burden that they willingly accepted. Someone should be garnishing those wages……and monitoring all their cash activity…

  22. 22 1george1

    I believe HARKINS is a LIAR, a CHEAT, and a THIEF, in LEAGUE with Mirons/
    Burturla. I am willing to debate him one on one A N Y T I M E.

    As long as they promise not to break into my home and not kill family and
    friends. Ex-USPS coworked southport, 71 died, and will be buried the day
    after Town Council Meeting

    Friend who was among 1999 auto accidents had 3 in last 6 weeks.
    > Hit / run, while working = $ 500 deductible
    > Day after she picked it up, cut off and state trooper (John B buddies?)
    rule it no fault, when other woman cut her off = $ 500 deductible.
    > Rear ended the other day, like 4 other women (1 twice) in 1999.

    Jim Connors disappeared during public forum, as Judith Terrace was blasted!

    Harkins gave me furtive look every time Judith Terrace issue raised by TC.

    I asked where is our
    1) $ 13,306 like Judith Terrace?
    2) $ 21,200 or $ 21,300 paid for BoE health care, family?
    3) $ 60,000 – $ 70,000 ANNUAL PENSIONS when the NET payment after CASH
    OUT becomes under $ 100,000 Lifetime contribution.

    Watching / listening fire chief and assistant speaking to Malloy about the
    supposed I-95 accident totaling 2 fire trucks, I could not come to believe
    any of them.

  23. 23 1george1

    How many of the so called Tax Payers in good standing are getting
    a piece of the public pie?

    If Town Workers or BoE make more than $ 67,300 they are in the top
    25% of income in the USA.
    > That is family income.
    > Including OT, those are individual pay.

    With Farmer pleading guilty, what will happen to the grievance he
    filed against a certain highest pensioned captain who gets $ 134,000
    annually and put in $ 90,000 over 27 years lifetime, after cash out.

    Another GAME by the BRAIN MISTRUST?

    You people might be 100 % right about certain people, but you kiss the
    butts of people I believe are accessories, including the CALLOUS but
    genteel Mayor.

    Is the Judith Terrace a Miron / Democrat ploy?

    You betcha.

    But, it exposes some of your LYING, THIEVING, CHEATING Buddies for
    part of what they really are, CALLOUS, SELFISH, CRUEL, COWARDLY,
    BULLIES, who believe the CONSTITUTION is for a license for them to
    committ ECONOMIC and PHYSICAL VIOLENCE on people like me and any
    one that is not one of THEM.


    Interesting discussion….you are criticizing Mr. Harkins for being truthful?

    No I criticise Mr. Harkins for being a hypocrite who can feel comfortable
    being a BULLY against an elderly senior citizen without HEAT while having

    Tonight Mr. Harkins sadi they collected 50% of the 303 being foreclosed
    for over $ 600,000.
    Meanwhile, he, Malloy, Philips, Connors and friend gave away $ 360,000
    plus 8 years interest of maybe $ 50,000 net?
    Meanwhile he will pocket $ 60,000 a year in benefits x 4 years = $ 240,000!!

    Phin your “honest” hero collected $ 600,000 from people who would have
    come up with their taxes, in any case since interest and penalties make it
    a losing proposition to delay payment for ANY length of time.
    Who did $ 600,000 go to?
    You? Jeze? Sudds? PCS? Portia?

    Not unless any of you are named John Harkins or live on Judith Terrace,
    or live in oronoque. who should have been held to task by the Aldrich
    Town Council, shouldn’t they?

    All of you arse kissin Republicans can get your heads out of your arse and
    at least Jeze has come around to recognizing reality relating to our Mayor(s)
    past and present.

  24. 24 1george1

    Incidently – I think Harkins and many people in the north end
    are both RACIST and UNPATRIOTIC!

  25. 25 1george1

    I have to give PROPS to PORTIA about this partial paragraph:

    We, the taxpayers, are also suffering under the increasingly weighty
    burden of the economic failures of Presidents Bush and Obama.
    We, too, are facing rising living expenses and decreasing wages as
    well as employment prospects.
    We, too, could put good use to those tax dollars, which we know,
    in the hands of government, will mostly be wasted on incompetence,
    inefficiency, unconstitutionality
    — not to mention the enduring favorites of waste, fraud, and abuse.
    And yet we, unlike your supposedly hapless deadbeats, have not
    evaded our personal responsibility.

    I like many present and past political people, as people.
    I can despise their political decisions.

    Tom Malloy is b r i l l i a n t.
    I believe Tom Malloy choose to forgo his fiduciary public safety and
    oath of office as it relates to National security as it relates to allowing
    me forum to present interrelated local to national issues.

    Tom is a big boy and responsible adult, who is seething about Judith
    Terrace issue, as is Jim Connors and others, who are decent people,
    but put loyalty to NORM above the CONSTITUTION, in my opinion!

    Was Stephanie posturing? I suspect so!
    Are the Mirons behind it? I suspect so!
    Have the Republicans postured? Rhettorical!

    Given a choice between scumbags, one con only choose the lesser
    of two evils, per issue!

    It seems the (R) + (D) delight in alternating becoming the greater of
    two evils, per issue!


    I can not believe the name of the constable Harkins appointed tonight!

    What was it?

    Hint – The same name as DAN BROWN’S PROTAGONIST inDA VINCI CODE,
    among his other books ………. L O L

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “you are criticizing Mr. Harkins for being truthful? Unfreakin’ believable.”

    Truthful? Are you really aware of every delinquent taxpayers financial status? You would have to be if you expect your statement to stand.

    My point is not that people shouldn’t pay their taxes. My point is that a statement like “Don’t make your problem the Town’s problem.” is not only just plain mean, but unproductive.

    There is little or no help implied on the Town website for those who cannot pay the full amount by the tax deadline. That means that taxpayers must somehow research assistance programs on their own. There is an option to pay by credit card, but from the best I can tell, there is also a $10 “convenience” fee PER transaction. Sewer, and say 2 cars, = $30 in “convenience” fees.

    In addition, I have never ever heard of an amnesty period in Stratford to give taxpayers a chance to waive penalties and interest. Anyone with any experience in debt collection will tell you that threats are the least effective method of fully collecting a debt.

    Statements like that make me kinda miss Adam Bauer.

  27. 27 phineast

    Guess I pissed you off a bit, eh George?
    I need to correct you on something. They are not “my Buddies”, lying cheating, thieving or otherwise. I was just stating a point of view.
    The absolutely ARE means of assistance for the elderly and those truly in need. Anyone can fall on hard times for a brief period. It is the people that perpetually pretend to have hard times that need a good swift kick off the gravy train.
    I personally do not collect one red cent from the town. I never have. But I sure do give a lot to it.
    Is Stephanie posturing??? Probably. She is the only candidate that the Dems have that has a shred of credibility-but people will recognize the Miron tactics of fostering the minority vote. We were burned by it when Miron did it and I can guarantee that no one will tolerate that type of manipulation again. You will see the highest turn out ever.

  28. 28 1george1

    Phin –
    Miron actually spent money on black people and in the minority
    Districts, whereas FLOOD POOL and BUNNELL FOOTBALL field
    seem to be favor places among others to steer slush.

    Did Miron do it to get votes and for political purposes instead of
    for the “right reasons?”

    I suspect it was mostly the former and “some” of the latter!

    The new guy “fuller” seems actually even more of a Mironut than
    Jason Santi (anagram = Joins Satan) or Stephanie Philips who has
    very little credibility.

    I was impressed with Kim Meuse answer in the CT. POST related to
    the Judith Terrace Issue.

    First 6 months of Miron + Harkins, I actively tried to help them with
    ideas to lower taxes, increase revenue, and decrease costs, while
    improving services.

    Miron lost me when he knew a certain police captain was collecting
    OT related to the Sikorsky strike and never leaving the Police Station.
    (that is if he was even there?)

    Harkins put off meeting me for months = understandable.
    When we met March 18, 2010, I came home to an unlocked and partially
    opened door.
    Documents from Burturla was missing.
    I did not realize the real objective was to access my networked PCs
    and enter LOG ME IN – Over the next few months my files were deleted
    – especially related to Mossman Case + FBI + JUSICE + ATTORNEYS +
    POLICE REPORTS. I have back ups. I have not bothered to restore.
    Those are important to those creatures. Not to me. They are soulless
    political sluts.
    – Then they went after my business files.

    They cost me thousands to repair and regain control of my computer and
    includes loss of revenue.

    The DATE Harkin’s handlers choose was March 18.
    It is the 49 anniversary of my mother’s death.

    The DATE the FEDERAL CLERK entered the Mossman Civil Trial was Sept 23,
    2004 – It is the 7th anniversary of my uncle’s/godfather’s death.
    It is the first day of fall.

    Dec 22, 1976 my dad died in the VA.
    It is the first day of winter.
    The COURT DATE LoSchiavo handed me for the Mossman canard from Dec
    1998 Town Council meeting, was Dec 22, 1998.
    LoSchiavo was D E C E N T enough to change the COURT DATE to 23rd.
    > He still followed orders and testified and lied in court, like barnfart.
    > But unlike the creatures pulling the strings, his intent was NOT malicious,
    when he was serving the disorderly conduct summons.

    It costs me in excess of $ 30,000.
    However I saw the way state and federal courts work with prosecutors,
    FBI / Justice, state / local police.
    It was worth every penny, as I made a pledge to my father and to my god,
    that I would committ no violence and would find out who was / is behind

    Phin – You are more decent and more intelligent than posters from a
    couple years back.

    You might actually understand what I emotionally posted above and you
    actually might have some honest empathy realizing there are MURDERERS

    They like creating people in the image of JOB, like the BOOK of JOB.


    I have KNOW MOBSTERS, GANG BANGERS, and all sorts of people.

    There is no difference between OMERTA & the BLUE WALL.

    Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Russia, China, Afghanistan and Iraq are more
    likely to have uncorrupt governments than Stratford, Bridgeport or the
    United States.

    The absolute irony is these ignorant low lifes have no idea how rich they
    could be, if they helped the system instead of drained it.

    There is where PORTIA and I agree the most!

    JEZE was termed psychotic by people who read the blog the first year,
    due to the pathological hatred of the Mirons (not completely undeserved)

    However JEZE has showed empathy, sympathy, and a core of liberal arts
    beliefs that I grew up admiring reading Judeo – Catholic – Christian – Mason
    and other writers, who had a self respect and soul …. unlike war eagles
    and the WAR COLLEGE puppets, like HARKINS, MIRONS, BURTURLAS, and
    B UTTER NUTS, in my belief!

    My dad told me …. there was only one perfect person ….

    And they crucified him. ….

    Ironically that person’s quote is the basis for division of Church and State.
    “Give unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s”
    “Give unto God, that which is God’s”

    Ironically that person’s quote is the greatest quote in literature:

    “Forgive them father”
    “They know NOT what they do!”

  29. 29 mayor2013

    I’m posting.

  30. 30 mayor2013

    Posting not going through

  31. 31 mayor2013

    Top Ten:

    #10 – Eileen Murphy returns as Insurance Coordinator.

  32. 32 mayor2013

    #9 – Pat Naylor returns as Community Services Director.

  33. 33 mayor2013

    #8 – Diane Toolan returns as Community and Economic Development Director.

  34. 34 mayor2013

    #7 – Mike Imbro returns as Police Chief.

  35. 35 mayor2013

    #6 – Paul Aurielia returns as Deputy Police Chief.

  36. 36 mayor2013

    #5 – Patty Ulatowski returns as Town Clerk.

  37. 37 mayor2013

    #4 – Elaine O’Keefe returns as Director of Health.

  38. 38 mayor2013

    #3 – Mike Feeney returns as CAO.

  39. 39 mayor2013

    #1 – Mayor Harkins does what he does best . . . resigns.

  40. 40 mayor2013

    System will not allow me to post my #2 choice. Oh well.

  41. 41 mayor2013

    #2 choice is an administrative assistant presently employed by the Board of Education.

  42. 42 mayor2013

    I tried to post all ten in one posting – system would not allow for some strange reason – maybe Jezebel was blocking me??????

  43. 43 1george1

    I believe Mike Feeney will be the Republican choice for Mayor.

    Mike Imbro is personable and improvement over Burturla,
    however he is also worthless and ranking in retirement.

    I do not believe I met Aurielia, but I know family members
    and the former owner of Mr. P’s is tight with them.
    I believe he had/has cushy job with sikorsky & building other
    pension? Nothing against him.

    I respect + like the police, except the very top people who
    refuse to do proper investigation.

    I believe Diane Toolan was never allowed to do her job because
    I believe there is a plan to have Stratford fail and be taken over
    by Bridgeport.

    I am cordial with Pat Naylor. I think she blew opportunities by
    keeping past initiative closed.

    I like Elaine O’Keefe. I definitely want her back.

    Patty U and her husband are collecting about $ 140,000 in pensions.
    A superior person and professional with complete knowledge of the
    past Town Charter.
    The down side is certain political beliefs and being part of the system
    which failed Stratford. I know her powers were limited.
    If I was a prosecutor, the number 1 person for state’s evidence would
    be Patty U, with Gavin among top 5.
    Unfortunately I believe both would NEED immunity!
    Sins of commission vs. sins of ommission – misprison, replace the word

    Eileen Murphy = “YES!”

  44. 44 1george1

    10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You
    1. “Yes, we are reading your emails… and your IMs.”

    2. “You’re too old for this.”

    When Joyce Kalivas-Griffin, 57, saw a job opening at a private school nearby, she immediately sent in her resume. She was hopeful – the description matched her skills almost perfectly – but heard nothing. Then, she noticed that the job had been posted again, so she tweaked her resume to obscure her age and resubmitted it. This time, the school called her in for an interview. Kalivas-Griffin says she nailed it, but she didn’t get the job: She believes that when the interviewer met her and realized she’s no 30-something, her age tipped the scales against her.

    3. “I know when you’re faking the flu.”

    It’s true: The boss often knows if you’re slacking off, job-hunting, sneaking out, faking sick or padding your expense report. In fact, a growing number of companies are hiring private investigators to track employees who call in sick with a suspicious illness, according to an article published last month in Bloomberg Businessweek. Perhaps it’s a sign of tough times. More than one in four employers say they think more employees have been faking illness and taking the day off since the economic downturn began, a 2009 survey revealed. They’re not merely paranoid: About one-third of workers admit to calling in sick to work when they weren’t. And that’s not all your boss knows. “Sometimes the people on my team spend their days putting up a smokescreen to make it look like they are working hard, but I know they can’t be,” one employer at a financial services firm in Phoenix says. Another knew her employee was looking for another job. The lesson: Your antics are, for the moment, tolerated, but they probably haven’t gone unnoticed.

    4. “Your kid? Your problem.”

    By now it’s common knowledge that women earn less than men – about 81 cents for every dollar. Having a kid hurts women’s earning potential even further. The so-called “mommy penalty” may manifest in many ways: A mother may get passed over for a promotion because the boss thinks she takes off too much time to care for her kids or that she’s more concerned about the family than her career. A mom may get overlooked for high-profile projects because the boss fears she won’t devote enough time and energy.

    (I believe many women are superior at multitasking and communications.)
    (In certain industries which I communicate, there is no (site) glass ceiling.)

    5. “I’m your best friend…”

    For the six out of 10 workers who say they’ve considered a boss a friend, this won’t come as a surprise: Being the boss’s pal, or pet, comes with perks. Some bosses play favorites in obvious ways, like giving a particular subordinate the plum assignments or pushing upper management for his raise. Others are more subtle, seeming to treat all employees equally. But then they’ll offer more guidance to a favored worker, or make sure she is introduced to the “right” people, says career and executive coach Roy Cohen. And as long as the relationship works, everyone can benefit: Good relationships tend to lead to higher worker engagement; compatibility can help a worker get a raise or a promotion; everyone likes to work with people they like and trust.

    But the footing is never strictly equal when one friend can fire the other. “You have to be very careful,” says Cohen.

    6. “…And your worst enemy.”

    But sometimes, the boss is your worst enemy. Just as a good relationship with your boss can bolster your career, a lousy one can tank it. Or worse. One study found that, in incidences of “workplace bullying” — “repeated and persistent attempts by one person to torment, wear down, frustrate or get a reaction from another,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management – the boss is the bully 72% of the time. Nearly half of people who were bullied at work suffered stress-related health problems, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Even if your relationship doesn’t deteriorate to that level, your communication can be strained if your boss doesn’t keep his word, gives you the silent treatment, invades your privacy or deflects blame from himself — all of which lead workers to experience “more exhaustion, job tension, nervousness, depressed mood and mistrust,” a Florida State University study found. Worst case, this kind of behavior from the boss can even kill you: A 2008 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that employees who had worked for four years under a boss who was uncommunicative, inconsiderate or opaque were 60% more likely to have a heart attack.

    (More reasons not to like Mirons/Burturlas/Republican proxies)

    7. “I don’t promote based on performance.”

    Usually, workers have to do a good job to get promoted. But in many cases, that’s not enough. Who rises (and who doesn’t) is a mix of factors, most of which workers have no real control over, including supervisors’ preferences, organizational rules and company culture. In some organizations, particularly larger, more traditional companies, seniority may be the main factor in promotion decisions, says Tony Deblauwe, founder of HR consulting firm HR4Change. Seniority-based promotions are more common in the U.S. than in other countries, according to a 2004 study in the Socio-Economic Review, and “more popular than economic explanations would allow.” Compatibility with the boss is critical, too, Deblauwe says: “Who you know makes a big difference, particularly the higher up you go.”

    The reverse is also true: Being smart and capable doesn’t even guarantee your job. One manager in a small Arizona investment planning firm, who declined to give his name to preserve company morale, fired a subordinate whom he says was “very smart,” with good credentials and a degree from a prestigious university. But the manager also found him difficult and hard to supervise, and ultimately fired him: “His strained relationship with me was a big factor in this decision.”

    8. “I’m shallow.”

    As if being thin and attractive weren’t its own reward, being both helps workers get ahead at work, too. The opposite is also true: People who are unattractive or overweight in their bosses’ eyes are punished for it at the office. In spite of the fact that in most professions, attractiveness has no bearing on performance, many bosses subscribe to the notion that “what is beautiful is good”

    according to a psychology researcher from Hofstra. As a result, good-looking people earn 3% to 8% more than average-looking people, who, in turn, earn 5% to 10% more than those rated “plain,” according to a 2005 study by Daniel Hamermesh of the University of Texas and Jeff Biddle of Michigan State University.

    Extra body weight comes with its own employment challenges: 43% of overweight people say they were teased, harassed, fired, not hired, passed over for a promotion or otherwise treated unfairly because of their weight by an employer or supervisor. And overweight people are paid as much as 6% less than their slimmer co-workers in comparable positions, according to Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity ( PDF ). The standards are tougher for women than men: Women with a body mass index of 27 or higher are at “serious risk” of weight discrimination, while men must have a BMI of at least 35 to be at comparable risk, a 2008 Yale University study found. And moderately obese women are three times more likely than moderately obese men to be the victims of weight discrimination, the study also found.

    9. “I don’t have time for you.”

    Bosses have always been busy, but since the cutbacks of the recession, many managers now have even less time to supervise, talk to, or nurture their staffs, Cohen says. Two-thirds of employees say they have too little interaction with their boss, up from just over half in 2008, according to a study by Leadership IQ. “When times get tough, managers become avoidant,” writes Mark Murphy, who worked on the study. And with unemployment so high, some bosses feel they don’t need to spend as much time with their employees: If the employee doesn’t like it, well, there are plenty of other people who would like their job. “A lot of bosses have this ‘but-I-give-them-a-paycheck’ mentality,” says career coach Sherri Thomas. “They think that the paycheck is enough of a thank you.”

    10. “It’s all about me.” (JEZE – KNOW ANYONE like this?)

    Nearly half of workers say their boss has taken credit for their work, and more than a third say their boss has “thrown them under the bus” to save himself, according to a study by Spherion Staffing. That kind of credit-grabbing and blame-deflecting behavior is growing more common, says Thomas. In a tight labor market, “there’s so much pressure to achieve and people feel like they have to be overachievers.”

    HARBOR COMMISSION created many ideas a certain Town Dept head uses!

    Mirons implemented several of my suggestions, as had BoE and Town Council.
    Most benefitted the town – not all. ALL benefitted the political implementer.

    I have heard great ideas from the Public at Town Council and other meetings which were and others which were NOT implemented?

    BoE + Town are about JOBS and PERKS. It is not about what is best for the
    Tax Payers and residents within the Town. I suspect Mayor2013 honestly
    believes his/her list is the latter, where I believe not all of them (most) …

  45. 45 jezebel282


    “BoE + Town are about JOBS and PERKS.”

    Some are, some aren’t. I have watched Town & BOE employees work incredibly hard with no recognition (or OT whatsoever). I watched with incredulity today as a BOE secretary waded through hip-deep snow for 50 yards just to make it to work. Nobody plowed the BOE parking lot (4:45PM and still unplowed). The BOE remains open on snow days.

    You never know when you will need an emergency secretary I suppose.

  46. 46 jezebel282


    I noted, with the exception of Mike Feeney who left voluntarily, that everyone you mentioned was proficient at their job and truly cared about the Town. They all share one thing in common; they disagreed with Mayor Moron in some slight way.

  47. I normally don’t blog, but I thought I should respond to state my positions more accurately.
    Judith Terrace – Councilwoman Kim Meuse and I voted against the decision. On November 1, 2010 our Town Council brought closure to this long-standing issue. Each homeowner was waived the $13,306.67 tax assessment that adds up to the final $306,000 cost for the Town to install a water main that they petitioned the town to install in 2001. In addition, the residents on Judith Terrance may connect to town water system free of charge until July 1, 2011 (6 months allowance).
    The information we reviewed convinced us that they were fully aware of the costs involved in connecting to town water. There is no statute of limitation on when the assessment must occur—60 days or otherwise. Furthermore, all 23 residents where entitled to re-payment terms over 10+ years, or could have opted for a re-payment during the sale of their house. These are the same provisions that all other taxpayers are expected to agree to. Either method is fair and serves the greater public interest. There were four new residents on Judith Terrace who had no prior knowledge of the potential assessment when purchasing their homes; accordingly, we were open to working with those residents due to the lack of disclosure on their property deeds. Again, this was the right time to settle this issue, but we disagree with how it was settled. By passing the burden of the costs onto people in our districts and Town taxpayers as a whole, we have transferred this obligation from people who can, and should pay for it, to people who are struggling.

    Tax Delinquency – As I stated at the council meeting, all residents should pay their taxes, and pay them on time. My request to the Mayor was simply to allow 90 days instead of 6 weeks to allow residents that can demonstrate hardship, to get help to pay their obligations before they lost their homes. The issue arose because I had several seniors and disabled residents who had been making payments, and needed more time to arrange for other financing terms. The financial institutions I contacted said it is very hard to get credit or even a reverse mortgage quickly especially during the holidays. Unlike the final decision on Judith Terrace, I was NOT requesting a waiver of taxes. I felt 90 days to arrange payment was more reasonable than 6 weeks. Of the 300 delinquent taxpayers, approximately 250 are commercial properties, investor or bank owned, or out-of-town land owners, and I agree the mayor should take a hard line with them. The rest are local residents many of whom have been making consistent payments for over a year, owe less than $3,000, and fear losing their home of more than 20+ years. They are not dead beats. Several properties are awaiting a probate decision for the passing of a family member. I simply asked they be treated with reasonable consideration as a member of our community, which makes our town remarkable and compassionate.

  48. 48 jezebel282

    Councilwoman Philips,

    Thank you for taking the time to post. I happen to agree with your decisions.

    Judith Terrace: That is why we have title searches and title insurance.

    Delinquency: Again, Stratford citizens are struggling with a three year recession and 9+% unemployment. That does not make them deadbeats.
    1 million homes repossessed in 2010 -CNN
    By Les Christie, staff writerJanuary 13, 2011: 5:17 AM ET
    “Total properties receiving foreclosure filings would have easily exceeded 3 million in 2010 had it not been for the fourth quarter drop in foreclosure activity,” said James Saccacio, RealtyTrac’s CEO. “Many of the foreclosure proceedings that were stopped in late 2010 — which we estimate may be as high as a quarter million — will likely be re-started and add to [foreclosure] numbers in early 2011.”

  49. 49 phineast

    Jez- I have never professed to know all the circumstances of the taxpayers that are delinquent…but I can tell you that there some out there that I know(because I know them) are personally exploiting the fact they don’t have to pay…..these are NOT the individuals Stephanie was referring to. It is the obnoxious sob’s that knowingly purchased properties that were “brown” and now refuse to clean them up or pay the taxes. They travel, the go out do dinner blow cash like it is their job and refuse to pay their taxes-crying hardship. This is the bs that is worth a fortune to the town. These same individuals KNOW that the town can’t take the property because of the clean up costs-so they hold the property declare losses each year and so it continues.
    You are correct about the Judith Terrace issue and the title insurance….but it has to be dually recorded on the title for it to be eligible-the attorney/attorneys for these individuals didn’t do their job properly(very convenient) and Stephanie is right the rest of the town shouldn’t be held accountable for it, the people that screwed up should. It should have been handled far differently. I wonder if the town has recourse to go after the property owner attorneys. Probably not.
    Stephanie-well written response. Thoughtful. You and I both know that if a taxpayer can show that they are making an attempt to pay the taxes there is a slight amount of discretion that can be afforded by the tax collector-it can also be brought on a case by case basis to council attention as well as the mayor if need be by the accessor’s office and party involved. These cases should be looked at on a case by case-and not a blanket extension-why would you give an extension to someone who has had chronic issues for years? On the other hand someone who has been meticulous for a lifetime and is in a temporary crisis would deserve the extension.
    And honestly, I question the legality of council forgiving the Judith terrace assessment. I think there is something on the books that blocks it-I am researching it. Assessment=tax and I don’t think you can discriminate and “forgive” an assessment because then it is considered an abatement-there are guidelines for abatement’s. You can modify it through the appeal process-but I don’t think you can altogether get rid of it. You can bet dollars to donuts that someone is going to file a law suit about this-which would really be awful. We all know that the party that caused the well contamination as well as the homeowners are the ones that should be shouldering the financial responsibility-end of story.
    As volunteers, this council is doing a fairly good job of trying to work things through for the greater good-but there are a few things that really tick off the taxpaying public-Judith terrace is one of them. I would have rather seen that $300+k go toward reducing our debt and proper pension funding or hell, maybe a $1.00 per household tax reduction………they would even have left over to do the other two …..and still declare a reduction! :/

  50. 50 1george1

    I disagree with Jeze and the Town Council who I believe give away Tax
    Payer money to allies and over tax those who are not members of the
    Town Committees, nor do business with certain people.

    I believe there will be a changing of the guards, which is in process.

    Chris Christy’s crew and view, has Governors Democratic and Republican
    calling him to figure ways to solve their problems. I believe they will put
    in their own crews and double cross the same people who double
    crossed the American people.

    Jan 17 is MLK Jr. day. It is also the 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s
    farewell warning about internal usurpation (OATH > Defend Constitution
    against enemies Foreign and Domestic) by the (takeover by the)
    Military Industrial (political) Complex
    > UNWARRANTED INFLUENCE over every home, business and government
    office = look around folks – it has happened!
    > CONTROL PUBLIC OPINION – by Scientific Technological Elite.

    People with Classical Education believe in ARISTOTLE’S VIEW of the
    CONSTITUTIONAL government, where people like:
    Stephanie Philips, Jezebel, George Mulligan do not have the same
    rights as the ELITE!

    ARISTOTLE’S view included the right to SLAVERY.

    MLK Jr was murdered on the 1st anniversary of him coming out against
    the SO VIETNAM WAR. Watch, Listen, and Read to his MOUNTAIN TOP
    SPEACH – He knew he was a DEAD MAN – Like Christ at Gethsemane!

    NIXON’S Southern strategy included the 13 CONFEDERATE SLAVE STATES
    whereas 23 of 32 Chairmen of Senate House Committees were from those
    13 States and Standard Oil was incorporated in 13 States:
    OH, IL, IN, NJ, NY, CA, KY, IO, MN, KN, MI, LA and Internationally.

    CHINA; and ROYAL Families of Europe and the LEVANT.

    When the COLD WAR existed, the rationale was “they were our dictators!”

    The system Stephanie defends, when viewed internationally does NOT
    care about FREEMEN (slavery exists in many); WOMEN’S RIGHTS; RACE;
    and more.


    I am not the only person in town who know who the players are and their
    relationships, and their in laws, and their businesses, and their political
    and other connections.

    Nor am I the only one who knows about State and Federal connections
    and “family connections” of “cops and robbers.”

    While the political people in town kiss each other’s back side and pretend
    they are for things for appearance sake, there is very little that is NOT
    KNOW by an awful lot of people.

    If you look at the political system like a castle with a couple rings of
    defense, the teachers / police / fire, government workers, elected,
    and appointed are one line of defense.

    The military, bureacracy, and ranking people are another line of defense.

    Corporate and Private Business are another line of defense.

    The public are another line of defense.

    My desire it to turn the defenders around so they see who is using them
    and how they are being (Unwittingly) used.

    For hundreds if not thousands of years political science was classic
    education, and if stephanie and others understood Aristophanes,
    Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Cicero, Homer, and the Bibles, they would
    understand I am not “crying wolf.”

    I see a real enemy to the American Dream for the vast majority of
    Americans, and the use of MERCY NARIES..

  51. 51 1george1

    $ 13,306 x 23 = $ 330,000
    + 9 year Interest = est $ 70,000
    Harkins benefit package $ 60,000 year x 4 = $ 240,000

    Harkins stated 152 people paid over $ 600,000.
    Where did $ 600,000 go?
    to John Harkins + 23 Judith Terrace people.

    Phin is partially right about Brownfield people.
    Conversely I know one property was mandated to use government
    mandated materials and was counting on the property as retirement
    same as many people whose homes are now underwater from mortgage.
    Was it Fed liability or property owner? I do not know.
    I know many nest eggs are wiped out and same circle of —- give away the
    Public Money to friends, including pretend political adversaries.


    Phin, PORTIA writes better than anyone on the blog.
    But would you want PORTIA as President?

    The pen is mighier than the sword as proven by the damage Republican
    and Democratic parties did to american economy and casualties compared
    to our hated enemy AL QAEDA!

    Over 1 million foreclosed 2010.

  52. 52 1george1

    23 X 13,306 = $ 306,038 = CORRECTION.

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    I always wondered why Oronoque Country Club was never made to pay for the water line considering they were the ones who contaminated the wells of Judith Terrace residents.

    I know a resident of Judith Terrace who has a special fund set up for the long term care of his child because of the after effects of being exposed to the contaminated water.

  54. 54 1george1


    I agree with you on both counts.
    1 – Responsible parties make restitution.
    2 – Protect safety and health of all residents.

    There are people living on willow street who moved who have at
    least one child they believe affected by Raymark.

    I would favor the Judith terrace people paying what they should pay,
    AND I would favor the TOWN going after the EPA and Oronoque country
    club or Village, and whatever Town / Legal officials who were responsible
    to compensate any afflicted children or adults, which might mean far more
    money for some, who PROPERLY DESERVE remunification, compensation, and
    damages, with penalty.

    As far as why nothing happened related to Country Club or Village having
    to properly pay, do you think it was impossible that bribes were cheaper,

  55. 55 1george1


    Did you go to golf course Thursday with orange or neon green golf balls?

    I suspect
    1 – No greens fees
    2 – No greens
    3 – Might haveta invent a club? Maybe a version of the sand wedge?

  56. 56 jezebel282


    “but I can tell you that there some out there that I know(because I know them) are personally exploiting the fact they don’t have to pay”

    And they should be pursued vigorously. But that is no reason to assume that all delinquencies are the result of some dishonesty. To make a blanket statement like “Don’t make your problem the Town’s problem,” remains heartless and cruel. Especially when you have squandered $600,000 in lost revenue by SEMS, continue to allow Berchem Moses & Devlin to bill us in 6 minute increments, continue to pay out enormous sums for overtime due to lack of staffing and continue to allow the “bulking up” of employees who are soon to retire.

    Paying for the “Town’s problems” is what taxpayers do. We expect these problems to be resolved by management, not by us. That is not the case in Stratford.

  57. 57 1george1


    I agree with you 100%.
    Someone help Jeze off the floor.


    I e-mailed to you, the Mayor’s Benefit Package.
    I will e-mail my reply to Ron Ing.

    I actually suggest more life insurance as $ 50,000 is about 1/2 year
    for someone with wife and young children.

    Other than that I thought there were many excesses and many holes
    in information in the package?

    1) There is no mention of the gross premium costs of Health and Life,
    nor type of Life Insurance, which can price wildly, especially if there
    is the Country club surcharge for finder’s fees? 😉

    2) There is no mention of FICA, MEDICAID, SOCIAL SECURITY, etc.

    3) There is NO gross or net VALUE of the Benefit Package, nor percent
    of the value of the plan compared to the Mayor’s salary?
    A) Decent real private sector plans can be 40 % above Pay.
    B) Including wild Pensions of Teachers and police / fire I guestimate
    they get 120 % – 140 % benefit over Base Pay
    C) Administration staff do not see wild O.T. so PENSIONS are far less
    EXCESSIVE (compared to Private Sector)
    D) With 58 total days off, excluding bereavement and Personal development
    of a 260 day M – F schedule and the other PAID benefits, I am guestimating
    Miron’s Benefit Package – (Oooops Freudian goof!) Mayor Harkins Benefit
    Package is 80 – 90 % over Base Pay!

  58. 58 phineast

    Jez, great posting. These volunteers deserve our undying thanks and praise for their dedication, loyalty and expertise. The 2 with the most longevity on your list deserve our highest praise-and that would be Barry Kelly who graduated in the very first class back in 1977 and Bunny McQuilton. There are many others as you pointed out but these 2 have gone above and beyond to the extreme.
    Thank to all the volunteers. You are the unsung heroes in this town.

  59. 59 phineast

    this ended up on the wrong topic….sorry

  60. 60 1george1


    I suspect jeze will not punish you.

  61. 61 ronmoreau


    So…..What’s Item #4?

  62. 62 jezebel282


    “So…..What’s Item #4?”

    Convert the Town Attorney to a fixed salaried position and convert adjunct law firms to an open bidding process.

  63. 63 1george1

    adjunct = good word.


  64. 64 phineast

    Jez…if you think Feeney wasn’t a political appointment it is a sad day. I really thought you “got it” as to the political nuances here in town. He is without a doubt a political appointment-he may have more accounting skills than the reference you made but he is unquestionably up to his neck in it. Just follow the “lineage”—really Jez, come on.

  65. 65 jezebel282


    “if you think Feeney wasn’t a political appointment it is a sad day.”

    Perhaps. But IMHO, Feeney got the job as assistant town manager on his own. He worked hard for Mark Barnhart and was promoted when Barnhart left for Fairfield. He jumped at the chance to be CAO in Bridgeport (he was pretty young then) and did a good job as Bridgeport’s CFO.

    He is not active in the RTC nor DTC and never will be. His father-in-law, Barry Knott, has quite a few fingers (ok maybe an arm and leg) in Stratford politics. But Kate is a very nice, intelligent and attractive wife and the change in Mike Feeney has been positive.

    I have no problems at all with Mike Feeney’s capabilities….yet.

  66. 66 phineast

    Jez- you need to sharpen those investigative journalistic skills…dig deeper, if you think he got the job on his “own”… will eventually connect the dots and realized that is not exactly the case.

  67. 67 1george1

    I agree with PHIN.

    Barry Knott golfed weekly with Fabrizi.
    Very tight.

    Barry Knott + Burturla worked together on Raymark, before it opened.
    Why finish the job, when it can be a perpetual billing gold mine?

    Barry Knott + Burturla negotiated the HANNEY DEAL.
    I was the one who told Barry about using licensing to benefit the town
    and hopefully get the theater opened sooner with a better deal for the
    Tax Payers. Barry and Burturla turn my idea to benefit HANNEY.

    Mike Feeney was renting the home of Marge and Ray Voccola when he
    was being appointed Town Manager.

    Mike married Barry’s daughter.

    There are more links …..

    As people, I like most of these people.
    I dislike many of their political decisons.

    I have already blogged, I expect Mike Feeney to be Harkins replacement.

    I NOTE the NEW HAVEN police chief is under duress, similar to Stratford’s
    “apparent” issues with Rank and File. It looks like he is on his way out?


    IF I WAS a CYNIC this is how I believe things were planned & will play out?
    1 – McNeil + Soto get a free PASS.
    2 – Farmer gets AR after pleading guilty to a minor charge.
    3 – McNeil + Soto get a reinstatement.
    4 – Chris Miron gets a 6 or 7 figure “settlement” under SEAL, in part
    because Farmer will or has pled guilty and is protected from personal
    liability because he was acting in official capacity, ergo the Town has
    5 – John Burturla gets his time in to collect DEFINED BENEFIT + 401/457?
    6 – John Burturla takes job as New Haven Police chief.
    7 – McNeil get promoted to Chief + Soto to Captain or D/C
    8 – Statute of limitations “appears” to pass on highest Defined Benefit
    Pensioner, whereas there was only a GRIEVANCE, purportedly by a non
    credible ex-union president who pled guilty, even though the grievance
    may have been filed PRIOR to claims of impropriety?
    9 – LIEberman is appointed to replace Robert Gates as SECRETARY DOD.
    10 – Robert Gates retires back home to his native RUSSIA.

  68. 68 phineast

    Good job George! you almost have a bingo…….almost, just one more piece of the puzzle and you will have it with regard to the “F” appt.
    Only time will tell about the time table…

  69. 69 phineast

    one more thing George…Feeney will NEVER replace Harkins…no matter who he is married to. He alienated toooooo many people during his Napoleanic stint as Town manager. It is unfortunate in one respect because he is a bright guy-just not brite enough….capishe?

  70. 70 jezebel282


    “if you think he got the job on his “own””

    Phin, I’m not sure what the Stratford connection would be in the State of Maine. As far as I can tell, Mike Feeney simply submitted his resume for assistant Town Manager and was hired by Barnhart.
    Until otherwise demonstrated, Feeney is going to work every day and doing the best he can. As for Feeney running for mayor…I just don’t think so. That would be a 50% pay cut. Feeney is young enough to put in a couple of years and get hired away at a much larger salary just like Branyan did. He’ll leave Stratford and never ever look back.Besides…Gavin Forrester will probably run for mayor. (If he does, you heard it hear first!)


    The item I like best is your item #7. McNeil would make a GREAT chief.

  71. 71 phineast

    Jez- personal connections are very interesting and do NOT restrict themselves to one state. The theory bears out it is WHO you know….in this case we are fortunate in that we got the what he knows too.

  72. 72 phineast

    George- McNeil sadly will never become chief…it will be in violation of a regulation that came about kindness of the former DC, I believe-you can not supervise family members. There is more than one McNeil and Joe is related to one of them. This would be one of the reasons he would be bypassed. Same goes for Alan Wilcoxson-he would make an amazing Chief..he actually has excellent experience…but… can’t supervise a family member. Unless of course the reg gets changed!

  73. 73 1george1


    There are some things I do not know about Mike.
    There are thing I know, but not for here.

    I did not bring up Barnhart for reasons.
    At the end of the day, they all do what they are told to do:

    When RAY was alive Fredette’s Favorites sayings were:

    “They are ALL PUPPETS”
    “ALL lawyers are W****s!” (esp T-berry)

    I had gotten permission from Fredette to attribute (the first one)
    on the blog. I suspect he would have no problems with the others.

    Only one time Rich told me I made public something he meant in
    confidence. I do not betray confidence. Rich was a source of mostly
    harmless information as are most of the people who talked to me.
    I do not see or talk to Rich.
    Likely I see and talk to Gavin more than Rich and Gavin is not open.

    As long as I am alive, and even if I am not,I do not see Gavin as having
    any chance at Mayor.
    1 – Town Charter # 1 Chairman
    2 – Town Charter # 2 Co-sponsor and namer of committee members as head
    Democrat, and then became R immediately after Term was over?
    3 – R then D then R, at a Time when the politcal parties peaked oppression.
    4 – 63 % increase in Pension Obligations in his first 5 1/4 years on Council.
    5 – Increases in Taxes and Budget, while on Council
    6 – First year as Chairman BoE a DISASTER
    7 – Raymark + Shakespeare + AVCO + Airport + LBW + RR PARKING
    8 – Did not create another Charter when he went public it was broken,
    after he claimed to write a check for FOI…. Nor did he articulate all of
    the things wrong.
    9 – Nothing happened with FOI information!
    10 – No PENALTIES to MIRON / BURTURLA or anyone who appears to have
    done anything wrong.
    11 – No public support for most of Jeze’s ousted friends except for a few
    who landed on their feet at BoE: Naylor + Branyan + Pat B
    > For a couple people, they will be able to collect BoE + Town Pensions,
    which is some compensation for heartbreake I know people had, esp
    Diane Toolan, who I understand was taking care of her mom.
    12 – Ineffectual HELP on McNeil – unless it was all planned as a cover for

    Sorry Jeze, you are far from the first to claim Gavin setting himself up to
    be Mayor. There are several past and present Council people, BoE, and
    party people who suggest Gavin has been positioning himself for mayor.
    1 – Outstanding EMS Service
    2 – Town Councilman 6 years
    3 – BoE – 1 Term
    4 – EMS Building
    5 – Long Brook Park Grant
    6 – Supported RAC + Save Stratford (= accomplished nothing)
    7 – Scheduled public meetings (= accomplished nothing)

    Further, I do not see him giving up C. F. O. of an Insurance Company with
    exotic capabilities about the time AVCO SAEP, AIRPORT, SHAKESPEARE,
    RAYMARK and other coast line properties are getting close to time tabled
    development (within 2 years)

    Feeney has the apparent resume and relationships, as noted and can
    get the backing of the leading party attorneys.
    > Assistant Town Manager
    > Town Manager
    > Assistant to Bridgeport Mayor
    > C.O.O. B.o.E.
    > Barry’s son-in-Law
    > Barry connected to Kelly, Jackson, & Bishop and was very proximate
    to their Ferry Avenue office (across street from Ann Miron’s home)
    > Barry connected to Burturla with many past Billing Opportunities
    and Quo pro Quid ….
    > Knows how to take political instruction and not be public
    > Lost weight and looks good in suit and is a better speaker than Ben
    Branyan or Barnhart.
    > People have spent time and effort positioning him to have the right
    contacts and back ground.
    > Mike has diverse back ground to KNOW the SITUATIONS and ANSWERS,
    for the OFFICE, for which he RAN.
    > For all I know, his mom might be related to Berchem or one of his
    privateers or someone in Hartford or Central Committees?

    > Branyan is qualified for Mayor and Phin notes Stratford resident.
    > Ben Barns is qualified for Mayor and a Stratford resident.
    > Barnhart is qualified for Mayor and was a Stratford resident.

    I would love to debate any of them, except Branyan who does not appear
    to want any part of elections, and is a nice person.

    None of these potential Mayors are Dummies.
    Puppets or willing actors … yes. Dummies NO! That is disconcerting!
    (Tom Malloy is among the smartest, as well, as Dannel.)
    (Dodd was the smartest elected I had met. Not a fan – just an opinion.)

    Ben Barns is the smartest of the lot, with the best resume and political
    connections. Also a decent person, from minimal exposure to him.
    Barns would destroy anyone in a Debate, relative to FACTS and PROCESS
    in GENERAL. However, he is NOT a proven PET of the local powers but is
    tied to DANNEL.

    Suppose he was the R candidate and Jim Miron was the D candidate?
    Who would lose the election?
    Who would win the election?

    Who would lose?
    Citizens and Businesses of Stratford
    Who would win?
    Status Quo party bosses and hacks.

    It is not like 23 Stratford residents would grow balls and run for offices?
    It is not like any D or R Committee member would … / support others?

    Jeze – I like McNeil as a person.

    There have been an increasing set of facts and circumstances that make
    it appear he was/is part of another Stratford …. situation …?

  74. 74 1george1

    I was refering to an election between Jim + Mike F.
    It now appears ambiguous = sorry.

    I had gone back and added comments about Gavin, Barnhart, Barns,
    both Malloys and others.

    So the winning election points between Jim + Mike are less obvious
    than when I first wrote them.

    In composition, I do make errors of grammar and typos among others.
    With MS word, spelling errors show up, as do grammarical issues.

    Even then … imperfection …

  75. 75 jezebel282

    Item #5: Deal with underfund pensions.

    Oh wait, Captain McNeil did that, didn’t he?

    Stratford police contract addresses underfunded pension liability
    Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:18 p.m., Friday, January 28, 2011

    STRATFORD — The town took an important step toward addressing its vastly underfunded pension liability Friday by reaching an agreement with the police union to institute 401(k) retirement plans instead of pensions for new hires.
    The newly designed contract, which still must be ratified by the Stratford Town Council, offers defined contribution plans to all future police department members while maintaining obligations to current employees, all of whom have pensions.
    Several police and fire department retirees now receive more than $100,000 in pension payments each year, including a police captain who retired last spring with an annual pension of $134,000 — far above his last salary. Padded packages like these are the result of contracts that include overtime payouts in pension calculations.
    Under the new contract, the town will match 401(k) contributions made by future employees up to 6 percent. About 60 officers hired between 1996 and July 1, 2010, will receive pensions based strictly on base pay. The pensions of officers hired before 1996 — there are about 39 of them — will continue to receive pensions calculated from their base pay plus overtime.
    Municipalities across the state in recent years have begun to push the burden of saving for retirement onto their workers. A 2007 state task force on municipal pensions found that 36 of 169 towns had already switched to the defined contribution model. That number has increased in the last four years, and Stratford — a town that in August had an funded pension liability of more than $150 million, or 66 percent — will now join those ranks.
    In addition to rewriting the retirement plan, the new contract also calls for across-the-board pay increases. Employees will receive a retroactive pay raise of 1 percent, and 2.5 percent raises on July 1 of this and next year.
    A $1,200 cap on health insurance obligations has been erased, making current and future employees responsible for 12 percent of their insurance premiums. On July 1, 2012, that amount will increase to 13 percent.
    The four-year contract is set to expire June 20, 2013.
    Police Union President Joseph McNeil characterized the new contract as a “good deal all around.”
    “I’m very pleased with it,” he said. “This is something we had to do.”
    Mayor John A. Harkins declined to comment on the contract prior to its ratification by the Town Council. (Too busy I suppose)
    “The bottom line is, we didn’t create this pension mess and the mayor didn’t create this pension mess, but we’ve got to deal with it,” McNeil said. “And we did.

  76. 76 1george1

    CT POST – B LYTE (blight Story)
    on Stratford Police Union contract
    – appears to assure increased Pension Debt
    The NON SEQUITOR email in TIMING CONTEXT appears to be a THREAT
    on my LIFE – in my interpretation!

    With Fenton Fire Trucks website showing 2011 + 2010 Pumpers and
    Rescue Trucks from $ 180,000 to $ 280,000 it appears both the town
    Police and Fire unions and management “to protect and serve ….”

    The United States political system has always been self serving for
    those who are titular and actual heads of government and the
    praetorians who protect them, with “uniform” protection.

    SO FAR there has been mutually reinforcing continuity.

    SO FAR there has been time tabled co-ordination.

    SO FAR there have been successful cover stories, myths, lies, and
    convenient historic revisionism.

    Nothing is going to change because of what I write or post or say!!!

    With Chris Christy being contacted by Republicans and Democrats,
    Don’t believe me? Check Websites and business publications for projections?

    This is supported by over burdoned lower and middle income families
    and individuals; smaller businesses; beleaguered social security recipients;
    portfolio deminished upper income; foreclosed; unemployed; under-
    employed; underwater home owwers; decimated Tax Bases; offshored
    Industries ….. I do not think the above story will not be reversed.
    Don’t believe me? Check Websites and business publications for projections?

    I could be wrong.

    But Jeze, McNeil, and those dependent on the PUBLIC TREASURY for
    their self serving activies and family revenues may be likely to have a
    rude awaking?
    Don’t believe me? Check Websites and business publications for projections?

    High Heating Oil and Gasoline costs + High Credit Card Rates + lost
    ability to borrow against homes or businesses due to high credit card
    rates and low credit avialability will see and increase in foreclosures
    and bankruptcies.
    Don’t believe me? Check Websites and business publications for projections?


    Book by Robert Gates describing the Soviet Communist Party members
    dynamics and history appears to parallel many things happening in the
    United States.

    HOW MUCH MONEY is necessary for you to SELL your REPUTATIONS?
    SELL OUT your TOWN?
    SELL OUT your / our COUNTRY?

    Some of the blog readers friends “slashed my Tire” in 2008
    attempting to murder me and endangering innocents?”

    Some of the blog readers friends “likely poisoned me” Dec 4, 2010.

    Some of the blog readers friends / patrons likely murdered my family and
    friends, and caused mostly rear end vehicular accidents, besides what
    they did to local political people who were in the way of the timetable
    and plans.

    Past Modus Operendi has been: vehicular “accidents,” “fires,” “surrogates,”
    “non-discernable biotoxins + pathogens + mutagens,” “collateral damage
    attacks on family/friends, including out of state,” “financial sabotage,” and
    “other ways and means.”

    posted on blog “”

    George Mulligan
    429 Housatonic Avenue
    corner of Homestead Avenue
    Stratford, CT. 06615

  77. 77 1george1

    Dr. Phil:
    Philip Zimbardo
    The Lucifer Effect:
    Understanding How Good People Turn Evil
    (Random House)

    Philip George Zimbardo (born March 23, 1933) is an American
    psychologist and a professor emeritus at Stanford University.
    He is president of the Heroic Imagination Project.
    He is known for his Stanford prison study and authorship of
    various introductory psychology books and textbooks for
    college students, including
    The Lucifer Effect;
    The Time Paradox.

    Zimbardo was born in New York City on March 23, 1933, from a
    family of Sicilian immigrants. He completed his BA with a
    triple major in psychology, sociology, and anthropology
    from Brooklyn College in 1954, where he graduated
    summa cum laude.
    He completed his M.S. (1955) and Ph.D (1959) in psychology from
    Yale University. He taught at Yale from 1959 to 1960.
    From 1960 to 1967, he was a professor of psychology at New York Univ.
    From 1967 to 1968, he taught at Columbia University.
    He joined the faculty at Stanford University in 1968.

    In 1971, Zimbardo accepted a tenured position as professor
    of psychology at Stanford University.
    There he conducted the Stanford prison study, in which
    24 normal college students were randomly assigned to be
    “prisoners” or “guards” in a mock prison
    located in the basement of the psychology building at Stanford
    (three additional college students were selected as alternates,
    but did not participate in the study).

    The two week planned study into the psychology of
    prison life ended only after 6 days
    due to emotional trauma being experienced by the participants.
    The students quickly began acting out their roles,
    with “guards” becoming sadistic
    and “prisoners” showing extreme passivity and depression.

    Does this help explain?:
    Nazi Germany
    Israel / Palestein conflict
    Moslem issues
    Catholic v Protestant Wars – conflicts
    Democrat + Republicans vs. Americans

  78. 78 jezebel282


    Was there a relevant point to any of that?

  79. 79 ronmoreau


    Was there a relevant point to any of that?”

    I think George needs a new page.

    “The bottom line is, we didn’t create this pension mess and the mayor didn’t create this pension mess, but we’ve got to deal with it,” McNeil said. “And we did.

    A small step. But in the right direction. Well said Captain McNeil.

  80. 80 1george1

    Mayor Harkins was elected to the 1995 Town Council,
    which created the DEFINED BENEFIT PLAN.

    If Captain McNeil was one of the 39 hired prior to 1996,
    then his PENSION can include OT Calculations and perhaps
    a SETTLEMENT timed to bulk up his PENSION?

    I wonder who negotiated the contract (or reviewed legalities)?
    Burturla / Miron? or their partners Kelly + Florek?
    > Tim Bishop has been on vacation.

    Point of the POSTS?

    The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

    I forgot where I read it, but defined BENEFIT pensions came into vogue
    across America, starting late 1980s, as a way to keep POLICE from blowing
    the whistle or arresting political people from profitting on DRUG traffic.

    DRUGS created CRIME and were a boon to TRIAL ATTORNEYS who could tell
    clients to go back out and SELL more DRUGS to PAY LEGAL BILLS.

    DRUGS caused building more JAILS and increase political KICK BACKS.

    YEAH – Jeze and Ron – there right be a point and it may or may not be
    relevant to this blog string, in case there was a “possibility” there was

    I would like to believe McNeil and believe in McNeil and everyone.

    There are many good and decent people on the police force and in all
    branches and levels of government.
    > some of those people told me about past goings on.
    > I had interesting email exchanges with a deceased respected person
    about things that happened in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s where she
    might have had an opinion on The Lucifer Effect:
    Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

    However, did or did not dick & jim miron, dick burturla and others get
    involved in the mini budget and subsequent pension issues, along with
    Harkins, who was elected to the 1995 Town Council?

    Follow the money.

    To me it is getting to be a moot issue, based on STATES / MUNICIPAL DEBT
    and the possibility of a STOCK MARKET crash?

    The $ 99 million Pension Portfolio was $ 34 million in early 2009.
    From a technical perspective, the DJIA has not tested the Bottom.
    There has been NO DJIA recovery E V E R, without the DJIA testing Bottom!

    American government has embodied the practices of “THE PRINCE”
    When convenient, double crossers have no protection from being double
    crossed. Don’t believe me?
    Why not read quotes that have stood tests of time, posted other stings?

  81. 81 1george1

    Could accurately prophecize.
    No one believed her.

    The Prince:
    Why keep your promises to “certain” corrupt / corrupted people,
    when it no longer benefits the Prince, who then appeals directly
    to the people?


  82. 82 phineast

    When the defined pension was approved, I don’t believe that anyone could have predicted 1) that we would have a mayor in power as awful as Miron that actually encouraged the abuses. 2). The people that voted on the plan never thought that with the checks and balances in place that anyone would be able to abuse the plan or have an inept management that that ignored the abuses or assisted with them. 3) I don’t believe that anyone ever envisioned the “perfect storm” of OT would ever occur in Stratford, after all it is a relatively quiet town with no a hell of a lot going on. I don’t believe that anyone would have ever thought Stratford would have contracted the worst case of democrat’s political sarcoma in the history of the town that created a working environment so hostile and horrible that a mass exodus would take place to deliberately allow for that cancer to become terminal. No one had a crystal ball back then. They don’t now.
    They are doing the best they can to mitigate the damage one piece at a time without creating more damage. One thing the guys in the PD are known for is stepping up to the plate to help out the taxpayers during negotiations, they have historically many many times. Not so with the fire dept. or the BOE-it occurs rarely and in very very limited areas.
    George exactly what poison did you ingest????? Seriously, it was and is flu season.
    Sh!t happens….viruses are out there-you don’t want to get sick?, stay home.
    #80 FYI- Bishop has not been off on a sunny Island with taxpayer cash, he had a death in the family. It sucks, but people die, George, it is part of the life cycle.

  83. 83 1george1

    I believe your beliefs are in error related to points 1 + 2 + 3.

    See who was elected to the 1995-1997 Town Council.
    See who were on prior and subsequent Town Councils and held
    postions like Town Attorneys and assistants.
    See who were involved in the 1989 mini budget and the pension
    related causes? (Causal to 1991 Referendum)

    PHIN follow closely to my opinion on Stratford RUBE GOLDBERG politics
    of possible QUID PRO QUO:

    NOTE the people on the 2001 – 2003 Town Council and Attorney /
    Assistant Town Attorneys and what was done related to

    PENSIONS not getting Town FUNDING,

    causing worsened UNDERFUNDING, below upper 90% in 2001

    justifying the TRANSFER of PENSION BOND interest + principle from
    the BOND to the TAX PAYERS,

    allowing for RUN AWAY PENSIONS,

    caused by 1999 PENSION recalculation, taking CAP off PENSIONS,

    after 1998 BOND of $ 95,000,000 and INVESTMENTS

    raising the 1999 portfolio to 110% of fully funded.

    Dick Burturla was not directly involved in the 1995 antics – Harkins was.
    INDIRECTLY the Mirons + Burturlas + RTC + others appear to ACT in concert
    with the POLICE + FIRE unions, who need




    PHIN – The FLU angle is the PARTY COVER STORY.
    FLU season happens
    Virulent FLU that time frame – NATIONALLY a couple incidents.

    Some food / no one else got sick
    My drink (soda) was unprotected when in bath room.
    Party was for a relative of wife of a certain interested person – that I
    had not known prior to attending party.

    Sunday – virtually comatose with some Food Poison Symptoms
    Monday – virulent Food Poison Symptoms
    Tuesday – virulent Food Poison Symptoms
    Wednesday – virulent Food Poison Symptoms, start to waiver = could work.
    Thursday – Walk in clinic. No blood work suggested. I supplied symptoms.
    Doctor reacted to my descriptions. Normal office tests.
    Friday – antibiotics / site closed by time end clinic

    A normal Food Poison lasts about 24 hours.
    This incident affected me mentally and physically.

    Later in following week I was able to find NO ONE ELSE had FOOD ISSUE.
    That indicates FOOD was NOT causal, since I was the ONLY victim.

    I have stated and writen that I had (food) poison and inferred I was
    poisoned based on sequences and facts.

    PHIN – You asked question that STRATFORD POLICE never ASKED.

    STATFORD POLICE never called nor ASKED about MARCH 18 breakin
    which led to RELATED FILES to them, MOSSMAN, FBI, JUSTICE, others
    being DELETED.

    STRATFORD POLICE never investigaged nor ASKED about number letter
    substitution code, writen in STAR and spoken about @ Town Council
    seen on channel 79 for Jan 10 Public Forum that links multi decade
    (reagan year KAL 007 + Locker BIE + Valujet 529 + others
    Air Plane Flight #s to subsequent
    9/11/2001 > AA 11 + 77 /\ UAL 93 + 175 = I cage G2 or I C 1717 age,
    9 = I
    3 = C
    1 = A
    7 = G
    5 = E
    — >
    11 + 77 = ANAGRAM of 1717 year Mason Grand Lodge founded
    7 = G + 7 = G /\ G + G = G2 = WW II Military intelligence G2

    SULLENBERGER: 1549 = numbers are anagram of word > “idea”
    1 = A
    5 = E
    4 = D
    9 = I

    I know have have given to authorities the above and more.
    These include linking series of deaths (natural + Not)
    and vehicular accidents in

    In person, I could explain far better.
    I recognize these are beyond beliefs and EXPERIENCE of most people.

    CHURCHILL > “Body guard of LIES.”

    J K GALBRAITH > “Emancipation of Belief.”

    PHIN – Quick compound question I belief you have integrity to answer.

    J ROCKEFELLER (WV) did not intentionally take greatest transfer of Wealth
    by OIL PRICES (dragging natural gas + coal prices) rising from $ 12.58 to
    $ 147 a barrel (?) (12/1998 to 6/2008 (just before 9/2008 Stock Crash)
    sabotage all Federal oversight of insider trading by Executive + Legislative

  84. 84 phineast

    George-I KNOW who was in power at the time of the acceptance of the defined pension benefit. I stand by my statement, so we will have to agree to disagree. I know good ole’ Richie was the mini tax man which was the “launch” point for several other “ventures”. But I don’t believe even HE believed or knew at the time the true escalation of problems that would arise-especially in relation to the change of government as the change was not even a blip on his radar at the time. Once the change took place He knew damn well what was going on. But even HE couldn’t control the lunacy that was in the first office of the mayor…and it was lunacy in my opinion make no mistake.
    George-next time you go to a party don’t leave your cup lying around. Even teenagers know that. I still believe that it was a viral illness….they don’t do a lot of flu confirmation tests anymore. Too expensive, and has no clear beneficial action…the treatment is the same if the test is positive or negative and you still have 7-10 days of clear misery.
    It is clear there are people in town that are information and favor collectors. Some work for the town and use the information to get favors and others are politicos that use favors to get information. Stratford is not alone in dealing with scum like this.
    I absolutely will NOT comment on your absurd notions regarding Masons. I don’t care what your anagrams say. It has nothing to do with Stratford politics.
    What I believe about Bush/ Cheny are very separate things. I personally have the opinion that I am very glad there was no need for presidential succession. Do I trust Cheny???? Nope. He is a very very deliberate man…nothing is an accident. Bush on the other hand was between a rock and a hard place and had a natural ineptness that didn’t foster confidence. Do I think Bush is better than Barry???? Oh yeah….at least Bush is an American and a Christian and doesn’t have 17 alias’. Do I think what THEY did was deliberate??? I will let you know when I finish the book.
    One final thought- you may want to as Jez to get you personal information off the blog…..if you spit in the wind enough times it is gonna hit you in the face. Be smart and careful about what you put up-no need to advertise.

  85. 85 1george1

    None of the local players are rocket scientists and as Ray V said
    about a certain “lawyer” …. he is too greedy!

    In the 1990s a blind monkey with a dart gun could pick a stock that
    was going up and getting 12 – 14 % return on investment.

    It was
    1995-1996 for Defined Benefit
    1998 for Pension Bond
    1999 for Police recalculation, un-cap
    By 2001 the Portfolio was under 100 % fully funded.
    UP TO HERE, PHIN – I can agree with your position.
    Even until SEPT 11, many people thought DJIA could return

    2002 Town Council actions insured the pension bond could not pay
    for itself and the obligation. By then the PIGS were into the TROUGH.

    PHIN: please GOOGLE “PLATO’S Republic: RING of GYGES”

    Gavin’s first 5 1/2 years on Council until early 2009,
    PENSION OBLIGATION was up 60 %.
    That included Jim Miron’s first 43 months, increasing 42 %

    The stuff going on between Police + Fire / Mirons + Burturlas and
    the RTC + DTC is partly real …. and partly plausible deniability, in
    my opinion.

  86. 86 1george1

    I am surprized you actually don’t believe Miron + Burturla were a major
    part of creating the NEW FORM of GOVERNMENT?
    A certain over compensated lawyer saw revenue shoot up 300 % more,
    once the Mayor form of government started.

    1998 Pension Obligation was about $ 5.9 million
    2009 Pension Obligation was about $ 17.8 million

    Years ago, I was told what the Police / Fire other pension settlements
    would be, and what the projected cummulative total obligation was 2B.
    You would never ever guess the source and I aint given clues, except it
    was a one timer.

    PHIN the party was at a public bar, where I never had a problem before.
    Hindsight is 20 /20.
    Including hindsite advice.
    I guess my tire being slashed was also a VIRUS.
    It was before the 2nd try for the FAC chair to use the term
    “no discernable wrong doing” was voted out of the report.

    You make recognize the term “NO DISCERNABLE?”
    It was used along with the term “WRONG DOING.”
    It was used along with the term “BIO TOXINS.”

    pathology lexicon.

    While I was playing a video game, I overheard a young man, I had never
    seen before point out someone and said to his buddy “that duded just
    slashed somebody’s tire.”

    I had a chance to whisper that person’s name into Jim Miron’s ear.

    I had a chance to place that person’s name into the Stratford police
    report, but the police refused to use it.
    Further, if was part of the documents and files deleted after the March 18
    break into my home, with very specific targets.
    Maybe there are back ups.
    Maybe there are not.
    Those were more important to the people who broke in than to me.

    PHIN only reason I got involved in Stratford politics was because I was
    trying to find a way to get honest police to investigate different series
    of deaths.
    You can believe what you want.

    PHIN – You know what RED HERRINGS and FALSE FLAGS are?
    Such are my references to MASONS, JEWS, CATHOLICS, PROTESTANTS,
    and others, who each have ICONS, RITES, RITUALS, and TERM which
    can be used to manipulate them.

    Repeatedly I have writen there are good and bad in everything.

  87. 87 1george1

    Since before 1987, I have been stuck in a no win situation and
    and their equavalents at State + Local level.

    The know my personal information better than I do.

    Even my social security number is a 3 word anagram, within the
    same number substitution code.

    Same year my mom died, her brother moved to Bayberry Lane,
    while a relative on my dad’s side also moved to Bayberry Lane.
    One was Rocky Hill. One was Westport. Same year,

    Home I bought in Stratford in 1978?
    3 months after I moved in, after working thru brokers/lawyers,
    I found the owners were parents of my step sister’s best friend.
    My sister and gram, were visiting this home the night my mom died.

    My dad and I lived on the POST road, Fairfield.
    We would work is separate POST offices in fairfield + southport.
    My USPS 402 Pequot Avenue, Southport 06490

    402 = dob = date of birth (note above my ss # spells a message)
    PE = English word for hebrew 17 and seen on Mason Symbol
    upside down capital letter “G” and others had simple capital “G.”
    QUOTA = cover story was EEOC need to hire more minority/gay/whatever
    VENUE = Place where a trial takes place. (trial = labor combat)
    (I didn’t “go postal” like they wanted)
    South port? = KKK became masonic after 1900s.
    Members call themselves “Ghouls”
    KKK had deviant masonic foundation = see “Forrest Gump”
    The film Forrest Gump featured a man (played by Tom Hanks) named
    after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Imperial Wizard of the KKK

    The man I replaced in USPS was ROYAL EVERETTS, a 32 nd degree Mason,
    same as SAM BAUM, whose company hired me, after I walked from USPS.
    > Westport cafe I hung out during USPS was across street for LODGE.
    > BERCHEM CASTLE on the GREEN is next door to a LODGE.

    I am not anti-mason.
    They used Catholics.
    They used Jews.
    They used Irish.
    Virtually every race, color, creed, religion was used, including the
    nominal Democrats and Republicans, who I surprized several when I
    went to D + R nominating meetings.
    THEY HAD ME STUMPED, because I could not ID them as a SINGLE GROUP.
    zip codes – southport was 06490, fairfield 06430, stratford 06497
    number letter substitution code
    06490 = OF DIO (God in Latin)
    06430 = OF DCO (District Columbia – Operations)
    06497 = OF DI G (Could mean Drill Instructor “G” – or – GI “D” – or ??)
    anagram of OFDIG ….. IF GOD or IF DOG
    (dog face = military + Plato Republic)
    “Soldiers are like DOGS. They are loyal to those who feed them.”

  88. 88 1george1

    PHIN –
    How do you know the BUSH are really BUSH?

    How do you know they are Christian?

    Do you know any christians or catholics who go to church or
    jews who go to temple, who do not practice their religion’s
    dogma and life style?

    Nixon went to china.
    Reagan committed treason with iran contra, but stock crash / oil
    prices and the timetable of 200th anniversary of CONSTITUTION’S
    W Bush ended capitalism.

    Do you honestly believe Obama was not picked by the same people
    who pick all the presidents?

    Our buddy Joe McNeil loves YODA.

    Does “THE FORCE” refer to “POLICE FORCE” or
    “a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power?”

    object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders

    sith anagrams? hits or sh*t

    J. EDgar HoOver
    The expression “Jeddart justice” or “Jethart Justice”,
    where a man was hanged first, and tried afterward
    (compare Lynch law), seems to have arisen from one
    case of summary execution of a gang of villains.
    COMPARE to OXBOW INCIDENT = Hanging of innocent man.
    OXBOW road, fairfield began at the end of my uncle’s driveway.

    ST JAMES has extremely interesting diversity of interpretations,
    and so close to “STERLING” house.

    Just because I raise certain icons and nuances, doe not mean I
    am against certain people. I recognize people can use icons to
    get people to react the way the want them to react.

    Compare the Chi Rho to
    U. S. Military P X
    Microsoft Windows X P

    In marketing it is playing on a psychological BOND.
    Much like name JAMES BOND for the KJB

    IMPERIAL EMPIRICS long ago taught the RULERS to manipulate people
    rather than dictate to them to get them to react as desired.

    The Force/Star Wars – WORTHY or UNWORTHY? Is it as it appears?

    The ORIGINAL STAR WARS MOVIE, did not have a single black actor.
    The Voice of the villain DARTH VADER was black man James Earl Jones.

    Latent racism?

    Premeditated manipulation?

    Name of Prince Charles wife is “Camilla” Parker Bowles

    The Knights of the “White Camellia” was a secret group opposing
    the northerners in the U.S. Southern states.

    Popular conservative v liberal debate show was CROSS FIRE.
    It was also a play on the words or image of BURNING CROSS.

    BUSH would make a neat TAG NAME, wouldn’t it?

    There are people who plan wars.
    There are people who condition masses of people to prepare them
    for whatever damn fool direction they want to send people.

  89. 89 1george1

    “But I don’t believe even HE believed or knew at the time the true
    escalation of problems that would arise
    -especially in relation to the change of government as the change
    was not even a blip on his radar at the time.
    Once the change took place He knew damn well what was going on.
    But even HE couldn’t control the lunacy that was in the first office
    of the mayor…and it was lunacy in my opinion make no mistake.”

    I was told RB has protection.
    I was told everything that happened was planned.
    I was told what the end game was.
    So far nothing has been wrong.
    Despite my efforts ….. the lemmings ran over the cliff …

  90. 90 1george1

    PHIN indicated not believe in Startford anagrams or tag names?

    Mossman = m O. S. S. man
    Burturla = U R Brutal (anagram)
    Imbro = Imbro g lio
    Jason Santi = Joins Satan (anagram)
    Miron = m IRON (curtain)
    Malloy = m ALLOY
    Vedock = Vedoq society (detectives)
    DeCilio = (reversed) OIL iced (note time on council = time saddam war.)
    Cabrol = OL CRAB
    Knapp = Knapp Commission

    Stratford was key in COLD + HOT Wars, when above were hired!
    There are a bunch anagrams/tag names, for me and others.
    The question is, are they appropriate meaning for roles played?

    Connections to Stratford:

    GHW Bush first Job = selling ASHCROFT for DRESSER
    Son Neil Mallon Bush named for President of Dresser 1950s
    Cheney was CEO of Halliburton 1999 = OWNED Dresser
    George Mulligan DOD liaison to White House = in charge SIKORSKY AF #1
    Met charming friends of Syl, years ago at Home town Buffet who told me
    General Omar Bradley son lived in Stratford (after my quoting in CT POST)

  91. 91 ronmoreau

    62 jezebel282 on January 20, 2011 said:

    “So…..What’s Item #4?”

    Convert the Town Attorney to a fixed salaried position and convert adjunct law firms to an open bidding process.

    A cash cow.

    The plum of political plums.

    Patty was surprised when she found out that the school superintendent could spend op to $7,500 without going out to bid or BOE approval.

    How about the town attny. spending up to $50,000 (recently approved by the town council) without council approval?


  92. 92 1george1

    Agreed about Town Attorney being fixes salaries
    which were posted by Jeze, myself, and others.
    – Not necessarilarly in this string.

    The change for Town Attorney from ??? $ 750 ???
    to $ 50,000, i believe was 10 months ago. ???

    I also agree with Ron.

  93. 93 1george1

    Town Attorney fees
    BoE Attorney fees

  94. 94 jezebel282



    It has been a favorite stash for years. This year is a record amount.

  95. 95 1george1

    Do you have specific totals other than what Budget shows?

  96. 96 jezebel282


    “Do you have specific totals other than what Budget shows?”
    You are kidding, right?

    You would have to ask your friends Richard Buturla and Tim Bishop. I don’t think even Harkins knows.

  97. 97 1george1

    Per conversation with Bishop last night, I already sent email request
    to Tim, Mike F, & Sue C for which attorneys were paid how much
    FY 2009-2010 + 2010-todate per
    Town Attorneys
    BoE Attorneys
    HR Attorneys

    That was late this am.

    I expect some answer by mid day THURS.
    Check back

  98. 98 1george1

    Every year I would suggest at Town Council Public Forums to hire
    Grant writers. Mayor James Miron was smart enough to incorporate
    my idea and his Grant people found over $ 10,000,000 (million)
    in 2 years for various things. (1 mil is $ 4.5 million)

    I set this idea again at April 11 Town Council Public Forum.

    I knew nothing about Stimulus money, so I give Props to Mayor
    Miron and Christine. I do NOT expect PROPS back.
    I do expect the idea in Jim’s next election platform. 🙂

    Specifically to give the Library what their TRUE BUDGET justifies
    and then give more money as SEED MONEY 2 hire to Research
    Librarians, with Masters Degrees in Library Sciences to find grants
    and let the Town and BoE Grant writers write and maintain the
    Grants. The SEED MONEY would have to be PAID BACK for that
    year and the subsequent year, where workers justified JOBS!

    Whatever FUNDING was for the Library, the Library would keep.
    FUNDING is TOPIC SPECIFIC. However subcategories are fungible
    and inter/intra account transfers can solve problems.

    Research Librarians found, for the TOWN, BOE, or FUNGIBLE
    SWAPS, they could get 10 % credit towards the SEED MONEY.
    On residuals FUNDING they could get CREDIT for 5 %

    The Library has to FUND their own retirements.
    I strongly suspect the Master Degreed Research Librarians
    could find all kinds of inexpensive electronics and more …

  99. 99 1george1

    From Mike Feeney – BoE

    One correction – YTD for BMD is $55,913. A bill was recently processed.

    Shipman Goodwin is a good firm.

    Those funds were in service training courses that were offered to the district.

    Weber M. Jackson is an Atty from Hartford that was hired for a board hearing.


    — The above is a follow up to the below

    Here is the information from the BOE


    Berchem Moses Devlin
    $ 47,998

    Weber M. Jackson
    $ 1,830

    Shipman Goodwin
    $ 690

    2010 to YTD

    Berchem Moses Devlin
    $ 47,498

    Weber M. Jackson
    $ 900

    Jezebel and I emailed.
    I believed these numbers likely low.
    Jeze believes accurate.

    I have found Mike Feeney as forthcoming as Ben Branyan, so far.

    To put in perspective?

    Harkins, Bishop, Geen, Sue, & Ron have not come up with the
    specific numbers per line item of the Mayor’s benefit package.

  100. 100 1george1

    Belated: HAPPY HANUKKAH!

    Early: Blessed / Happy Holy Thursday, Good Friday, EASTER

  101. 101 jezebel282


    A zeisen Pesach to you too.

  102. 102 1george1


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