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Officers charged in leak case plan to return to force

Last Updated on Monday, 24 January 2011 18:04 Written by John Kovach
Monday, 24 January 2011 17:46

Two police officers, suspended 20 months after being arrested and facing criminal charges related to the leak of a confidential memo, can return to work Wednesday.
Joseph McNeil and Orlando Soto were granted accelerated rehabilitation Monday, and their records will be wiped clean if they complete a one-day term of probation Tuesday.
“Tomorrow, the charges will be dismissed with respect to McNeil and Soto,” McNeil’s attorney, Chuck Tiernan, said Monday.
Tiernan said both return to work Wednesday.
Retired officer Shawn Farmer was sentenced Monday to five months probation after his guilty plea to one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct Jan. 7.
His attorney, Christian Young, said Farmer’s guilty plea was part of a global agreement that granted accelerated rehabilitation to McNeil and Soto and opened the door to their returning to the department.
“Shawn Farmer is a team player,” Young said Monday.
“The offer was difficult to refuse in light of how it helped the others,” he added. “If it was State v. Shawn Farmer, it would be difficult not to take this case to trial.”
Farmer had moved on to a job outside of law enforcement even before the investigation and subsequent arrests related to the leak of a memo regarding the application of Christian Miron, brother of former Mayor James R. Miron, for a job as a police officer in Stratford.
McNeil, Soto and Farmer were all arrested on computer crimes charges Jan. 24, 2009.
McNeil and Soto have been suspended without pay since.
McNeil, who had been demoted from captain to sergeant, will have his rank restored, Young said.

“I am pleased that there has finally been a resolution in this unfortunate incident, one that should never have taken place in this or any police department,” Police Chief John Buturla said in a prepared statement. “The findings of both the internal and criminal investigations have been confirmed by the guilty plea of former Sgt. Shawn Farmer, based on the charges brought forth by the state. It is fortunate that two other officers charged were able to take advantage of Accelerated Rehabilitation.”
Buturla said it gives “those charged with a ‘crime or motor vehicle violation for the first time a second chance.”
“We will welcome the two officers back to work, as soon as the Town Attorney’s office can negotiate their return,” Buturla added.

RU KIDDING ME, Buturla? If not for your efforts none of these officers nor their families would have suffered.

23 Responses to “Welcome Back!”

  1. 1 ronmoreau


    It’s about damn time. I can’t help but wonder if the guilty plea by Mr. Farmer leaves the ‘door open’ for the Miron clan to get a settlement from Stratford?

  2. 2 ronmoreau

    Welcome back gentlemen.

  3. 3 1george1

    It appears to be a scam to let the OVERPENSIONED WALK FREE.

    JAN 2008 to JAN 2011 is 3 YEARS I wonder about Statute of Limitations?

  4. 4 phineast

    Ron-it seems it will be a stretch even for the larcenist family to apply the disorderly conduct to the attempt at extorting a settlement from the town. Time for the town to exhibit balls of steel with regard to the Miron gang. Block’em, sock’em(figuratively speaking) and lock’em up(literally)-make sure it is iron clad with no windows.

  5. 5 phineast

    Just curious about a couple of things….I want to know exactly how much this whole debacle has cost the town taxpayers from the investigation of the initial allegation to today. Then I want to know if we can have the chief, and the miron gang arrested for disorderly conduct. The have “annoyed the public”. You can refer to the
    CT post article on pg 2 today if you want to know how to qualify disorderly conduct.

  6. 6 1george1

    My arrest was disorderly conduct.
    It is a catch all for fascists, liars, and thieves.

    There are multiple things that Burturlas crew have done to create
    public prescedents and counter points to my false arrest and some
    other counter points relative to certain things.

    Note they paid off Esq. John Williams in a couple items.
    Note they actively work with certain Bridgeport and Fairfield politicos
    lawyers, and business people.


  7. 7 1george1

    CT POST:

    His guilty plea, according to Young, his attorney,
    is not an admittance of guilt, but rather an acknowledgement
    that he caused “some annoyance or alarm”
    to Police Chief John J. Buturla or other members of the department.



    Answer to RON – POST # 1

    “My reputation has been damaged beyond repair,”
    Christian Miron said in the courtroom Monday.

    I spoke to a local very politically connected attorney
    about the time of the HANNEY debacle.

    He felt there would be “a definite 6 figure settlement.”

    Jeze and others on this blog might figure just having the name Miron
    would cause: “My reputation has been damaged beyond repair,”

    Jeze nailed this part from the start.
    I nailed the McNeil being set free with back pay and rank as did others,
    however I was 100 % accurate that the delay took past 3 years on the
    January 2008 pensions.

    It at least appears Farmer likely to have working to help repay Mirons,
    while his fellow union people walked with GRAND THEFT PENSIONS?

    I would faint if JEZE or RON or others agreed


    The police department ended up offering Christian Miron a job on
    the condition that he complete police training, but he refused to go.

    What a surprize? 😦


    “Everyone is pleased that this chapter in our history is concluding,” Buturla said in a prepared statement, “and that we can begin the process of moving forward.”

  8. 8 mikereynolds

    It is obvious to me that Chief Burturla thinks everyone in the town is stupid.

    His statement implies that he had nothing to do with this incident.

    Many of us know better. What a despicable person.

  9. 9 1george1

    Harkins and Burturla did not make friends with robocalls about
    SNOW alternate side of street parking, and that the phone call
    forced you to acknowledge the call.

    His Saturday “yousaidit” post about people being slow to clean
    sidewalks was as insensitive as Harkins remarks about people
    having to pay foreclosures ASAP regardless on NOT even being
    able to AFFORD HEAT, while he was getting a BENEFIT PACKAGE
    with a maximum of 202 workdays and 58 off days, excluding 3 to
    14 annual bereavement days (I hope he never needs, but has 2
    older parents in Oronoque Village and who knows how many
    other older immediate relatives?)
    He also gets paid professional days.

    Harkins controls who his town attorneys are and who his police
    chief and other department heads are.

    There is a difference between stupid and ignorant ….
    or apathetic.

  10. 11 1george1

    Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.
    Honore de Balzac

    A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity.
    Honore De Balzac

    To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance,
    you only have to assume that they will always try to escape
    a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible
    expenditure of intelligence.
    –Friedrich Nietzsche

    The individual has always had to struggle
    to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
    * If you try it, you will be lonely often,
    and sometimes frightened.
    * But no price is too high to pay
    for the privilege of owning yourself.
    –Friedrich Nietzsche

    Battle not with monsters,
    lest ye become a monster,
    * and if you gaze into the abyss,
    the abyss gazes also into you.
    –Friedrich Nietzsche

    Insanity in individuals is something rare
    – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs,
    it is the rule.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong
    gives it a superficial appearance of being right.
    Thomas Paine

    It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be
    mentally faithful to himself.
    Infidelity does not consist in believing,
    or in disbelieving,
    it consists in professing to believe
    what he does not believe.
    Thomas Paine

    To establish any mode to abolish war (and CRIME),
    however advantageous it might be to Nations,
    would be to take from such Government
    the most lucrative of its branches.
    Thomas Paine

    He that would make his own liberty secure,
    must guard even his enemy from oppression;
    * for if he violates this duty,
    he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
    Thomas Paine

    Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.

    “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery”

    Force does not constitute right…
    obedience is due only to legitimate powers.”

    As soon as any man says of the affairs of the State
    “What does it matter to me?”
    the State may be given up for lost.

  11. 12 ronmoreau

    “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
    — Abraham Lincoln

  12. 13 1george1

    You can fool some of the people all of the time,
    and all of the people some of the time,
    but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
    – Abraham Lincoln

  13. 14 jezebel282


    Captain McNeil and Lieutenant Soto return to work on 21 February. The 20 month ordeal caused by Miron & Buturla is finally over for these two families.

    What remains to be seen is what the Harkins Administration will do with/to Police Chief John Buturla. If not for his actions, none of this…let me repeat that….none of this would have happened. Buturla must go.

  14. 15 1george1

    When did Burturla start?
    Was it 5 years ago?
    Is he vested for an $ 80,000 a year PENSION?

    Will his next position be as New Haven Police Chief,
    where he has about 2 years vested and put in what
    ever time he needs for Pension from there + Stratford
    + State Police + where ever + Social Security + 401s
    + IRAs?

    Will McNeil be “heroically” promoted to Police Chief
    on scheduled time table?
    Ooooops – It was claimed on the blog that he does not
    have the background.

    Since McNeil was a 17 year veteran…..
    Since McNeil likely will get a 20 month “settlement”…
    Since McNeil will likely be able to retire with 20 years …
    Since McNeil is under the defined benefit with O.T.
    Shall McNeil’s annual retirement become the HIGHEST,
    due to the contractual computation ripoffs + settlement.

    Personally I do not CARE who retires at what amount.
    If the PENSIONS were off the BUDGET and Town Contributions
    were limited to Pension Shortfall deposits consistent with the
    Defined CONTRIBUTION Plan = that would be equitable.
    > The PENSION BOND was set up to pay for itself and PENSION
    OBLIGATIONS, as proven by the first 3 years PATTERN.
    > THAT PROVES INTENT and undermines the UNION / POLITICAL
    position that ALL of the MONEY was theirs.

    I do NOT care what DOCUMENTS UNION and MANAGEMENT can
    provide, the PAPER trail will incontrovertably PROVE FRAUD and

    There are rampant Conflicts of Interest in Governments across
    the United States and not just CORRUPTICUT.

    I can and would try to protect people and their legitimate pensions,
    without CLAW BACKS and LATCHING which will become PROMINENT
    with the new REVELATIONS involving MADOFF (MAD O.S.S./MOSSAD).

    All of those C R A Z Y cryptograms which irritate JEZE and BLOG
    readers were my I N T E N T I O N A L efforts to make PUBLIC there
    are CRYPTOGRAPHIC CLUES to build a CASE for E N T R A P M E N T.

    If there were local people who committed CRIMES involving PENSIONS,
    EVERYONE INVOLVED could be losers due to LATCHING + CLAW BACKS
    + R. I. C. O. Civil + Criminal Statutes.


    Instead, certain people are sooooo greedy and stupid, they have killed
    members of my family, friends, other people, and made attempts on my
    life – IN MY OPINION!

    IF I DIE, my limited ability to explain it to DEFENSE ATTORNEYS and to the
    PROSECUTION, goes with me.

    IF OTHER PEOPLE DIE or DIED, it is on those who committed, ordered, or
    had knowledge that IF PROVEN – there is only a little I can do or want to
    do, to MITIGATE or EXCULPATE, because my ETHICS is against MANIPULATION
    into people committing CRIMES.


    It is the beginning of a NEW HIGH STORY whereas a TRUE MERITOCRACY
    based on Rousseau’s Social Contract, Jeffersonian end of unjust Trains
    of abuses and ALIENABLE RGHTS perversions, Voltaire’s Enlighted self
    interest, Payne’s Rights of Man/Common sense, Reification of the TRUE
    GREATNESS within the 10 Commandments, Golden Rule, and efforts of
    every parent, to create a better world for their children.

  15. 16 jezebel282


    First things first.

    “Since McNeil was a 17 year veteran…..
    Since McNeil likely will get a 20 month “settlement”…
    Since McNeil will likely be able to retire with 20 years …
    Since McNeil is under the defined benefit with O.T.
    Shall McNeil’s annual retirement become the HIGHEST,
    due to the contractual computation ripoffs + settlement.”

    McNeil was demoted and suspended BEFORE he was arrested with Soto, so I imagine (or at least I hope) that his back pay includes that period as well. Since the entire episode was a fiction concocted by Miron/Buturlas they are certainly entitled to it.

    Secondly, Stratford citizens would greatly benefit from having McNeil as a Police Chief. Honor and integrity should be requirements for that position. Not who your brother is.

    If McNeil retires after 20…oh well. That is the deal we made with him.

    Thirdly, I’m am going to guess that morale will be significantly higher at 900 Longbrook on Monday than it has been in many years.

  16. 17 jezebel282


    Two MONTHS after both McNeil and Soto were reinstated neither have received one penny of their back pay.

    Does anyone run this Town?

  17. 18 1george1

    They may have to wait until JULY.

    Stratford is running behind in BUDGET as FIRE O.T. increased.
    Collier tried couple times transferring $ 800,000 to attorney account.

  18. 19 1george1

    On mayor’s proposed Budget – somehow the pension repayment goes
    DOWN from $ 911 – 914, range to $ 830,000 – 840,000 range.

    Have they or do they intend to refi and extend the years past 2017?
    $ 95,000,000 was bonded in 1998.
    3 years it paid for itself as advertised
    1999 – they changed POLICE / FIRE computations + took CAP O F F!
    2000 – Y2K – Portfolio was still showing surplus though 2001, despite the
    repayment of the BOND and only comparatively slightly KITED PENSIONS.
    > IT appears they were intent on BRIBING ALL POLICE + FIRE hired before
    1996, the year BURTURLA first got his taste of 6 figures from TOWN / BOE.
    > SYL told me BURTULA + D MIRON begged to get control of the PARTY.
    You know how SYL + RAY felt about the others, if you knew them …

    2002 it was slghtly underfunded + the council intentionally did not fund.
    2002 there was golden parachute giving 3 years blowing up the under funding

    REPAYMENT obligation was transferred from BOND to TAXPAYER for “17” years.

  19. 20 jezebel282


    “They may have to wait until JULY.”

    What? Do you mean that when they were suspended without pay (not fired) the Town didn’t put their paychecks in an escrow account like any intelligent person would do? Surely the Town’s Chief Financial Officer would know that.

    Oh…wait a minute.

  20. 21 1george1

    Several people who attended Budget Work shops are alarmed by
    many of the answers they have been getting.

    Finance is postponed.
    Geen is away next week.
    Unsure when rescheduled.

    April 4 > Kelly + Hoydick + Miller to address Public in Town Hall.

    I did not know about EPA recent meeting.

  21. 22 Amphitrite

    So, what say everyone now that mcNeil is not only back, but now back as Cheif?

  22. McNeil is acceptable. No one is without faults. McNeil was as anti-Miron as any reasonable person should have been. Just ask Mike Imbro (ex-Chief of Police) or any of the nearly all union supervisors Miron fired.

    McNeil simply has a difficult time believing that a politician who smiles at you can be just as harmful as one who rants.

    We’ve had worse chiefs and survived. Remember Buturla and Loschiavo? Let’s hope McNeil can manage to create a little more space between Town Hall and 900 Longbrook Ave. Our current tax rate is a crime.

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