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Eighteen months after the groundbreaking ceremony (A record pace for Stratford. Only 9 months late.) the new EMS headquarters is scheduled to open this week. Aside from being yet another photo op for Harkins, EMS will finally move out of the basement of police headquarters. In case anyone has forgotten (it has been a long, […]

Eight months after a consultant’s report was released, the Harkins administration has finally made this astounding announcement: “Harkins makes offer to new EMS chief February 16, 2011 at 11:45 am by Brittany Lyte The search for an Emergency Management Services chief in Stratford is coming to a close following an announcement from Mayor John A. […]

Due to many requests, we are providing yet another forum for the variety of conspiracy theories in and about Stratford for our readers’ pleasure. The same rules apply as before. In order to keep the data loading quickly please refrain from posting YouTube videos (links will suffice, do not embed the video) and keep the […]

School Roulette


The Long Range Planning Committee is having their final meeting on February 7th, concerned parents and residents should show up and voice their opinions. Here’s a hint: when a school is closed in your neighborhood, guess who’s actual property value goes down.