Out of the Basement


Occupants Needed

Eighteen months after the groundbreaking ceremony (A record pace for Stratford. Only 9 months late.) the new EMS headquarters is scheduled to open this week. Aside from being yet another photo op for Harkins, EMS will finally move out of the basement of police headquarters. In case anyone has forgotten (it has been a long, long time) the cost of the facility is approximately $2 million. Unlike any other structure in Stratford, the facility will be paid for by the proceeds of EMS operations. At a rate of $200,000 per year, EMS will have paid for the facility in ten years.


Which brings us to two questions:

1. Who will direct EMS operations?
2. What will be done to recruit and retain volunteers?


10 Responses to “Out of the Basement”

  1. 1 1george1

    Say isn’t that the FIRE DEPT “coincidentally” next to the EMS HQ?

    When will Stratford have the next Vehicular rodeo / demolition derby,
    featuring vehicles without brakes, because normal maintenance does
    not seem to be done on scheduled time frames?
    Or maybe it is too much work to have brakes fixed after noticing flaws
    when rotating tires?

    I may be the one asking these questions on the blog.
    Yet I hear the same questions being raised by many others.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Yet I hear the same questions being raised by many others.”

    Are you asking what it is that the Fire Chief and his deputy actually do for $182,000 (plus benefits) per year?

  3. 3 1george1

    Nah …. People do not seem to know we have a Fire Chief?

  4. 4 1george1

    Poor Jason got his ears pinned back on
    1 – Tax break for EMS “volunteers.”
    2 – Golf Cart on roads.
    3 – Recommend approving Fire Trucks + Capital Budgets

    It was the best thing for him.
    I believe Jason has thr MOST POTENTIAL of any Councilor
    IF, IF, IF he gets his head outta certain peoples’ butts … 😉

    FIRE TRUCKS were forwarded to regular COUNCIL meeting
    without recommendation.

    I suspect Mr Malloy is irritated with me?

    By encouraging people to touch all the right bases and do things
    the right way, with clear, plain, and evident documantation, would
    a reasonable person conclude I was tryinh to help or hinder good
    government and/or preempt possible GRAND JURY convening?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    In my “rounds” I have not heard a single EMS volunteer talk about “tax breaks”. Probably for a couple of reasons. If they were in it for the money, they wouldn’t be called “volunteers” and secondly, they have much bigger problems than that. Given that all CT towns rely heavily on first responder volunteers it should probably be a state-wide tax break. But with a $3 billion deficit, that is just not going to happen.

    The most effective thing that this council or mayor can do is ensure that volunteers are treated with courtesy and appreciation. Kinda like human beings.

    Golf carts on roads? Stratford residents don’t drive slow enough already?

  6. 6 1george1

    It is common knowledge who Jason affiliates with.

    It does appear those people honestly have disagreements with
    GAVIN and CALZONE, who would benefit from Tax Breaks, which
    I bought up at a prior Town Council Meeting, that it could appear
    as Conflicts of Interests relating to them and Town Attorneys.

    Jeze – Why would your boy, Jimmy, want to throw money towards
    Gavin and Calzone?

    Maybe to sucker the Country Club crony capitalists into shoveling
    more patronage to their buddies, hypothetically?

    Counterintuitive TRAP?

    Golf carts on roads might have been suggested by PUTZ?
    Par for Stratford.
    Always goin for da green.

  7. 7 1george1

    I spoke w a Fireman last night who seemed well intended.

    He raised issue that 2 FIRE TRUCKS were damaged.
    > Insurance Company is paying for lease of only 1 FIRE TRUCK.
    > Both Trucks which hit fire trucks were at fault.
    > If we had 2 leased Fire Trucks = no EMERGENCY.

    Neither he nor I could get Fire Chief, nor assistants, nor Malloy
    to raise the ISSUE.

    Having a chance to MULL the issue over night …. I wonder IF they
    NEED to have only ONE Fire Truck on lease, in order to create the

    Another counter intuitive fact, is that an insurance and town have
    SLOWED the PO to repair a Fire Truck which “happens” to be in
    North Haven, awaiting PO for repair.

    Another counter intuitive fact is that the BID SPECS were set up for
    MANUFACTURERS, and NOT to include resellers like FENTON FIRE,
    where I found lower price FIRE TRUCKS, including 2011 + 2010.
    > NO – I am not an agent for them, nor do I get compensation.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “Why would your boy, Jimmy, want to throw money towards
    Gavin and Calzone?”

    I have no idea whatsoever. It doesn’t even seem like a lot to throw.

    Another consideration is what it takes to be an EMT. SVEMS offers:

    • The course meets two evenings a week, Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 – 9:30PM from January 26 through June 5, 2011. There are also three Saturday sessions from 8:00AM until 4:00PM that are mandatory.
    • You must maintain a passing grade in the class of 70% or better in order to be eligible to take the state and national exams.
    • This course requires significant time for studying material presented by the instructors and is taught at a college level.
    • Please be aware of the following terms of tuition payment for this program:
    • A completed course application and total tuition payment is due on or by the first day of class.
    o Tuition for Non-Stratford residents is $500.
    o Stratford residents’ total tuition is $400.
    o Full-time students’ (youth ages 16 through 18) tuition is $300.

    That doesn’t include State testing fees.

    After paying the money and passing the course you then get to volunteer your time as an EMT. If you want to become an Advanced EMT, you get to take an acceptance test, pay another $500+ and more classroom time for another 5 months.

    That doesn’t include State testing fees.

    Paramedic? Think over a year of training and a couple of thousand in tuition.

    That doesn’t include State testing fees.

    So when we have a certified EMT, AEMT or Paramedic that wants to donate time and talent to Stratford residents, in my opinion, we should let them and maybe even treat them nice.

  9. 9 1george1


    Maybe someone should write a letter to the editor who has sincere
    concern for safety and health of Stratford residents and suggesting
    paid expenses and equipment based on reasonable expectations,
    instead of Tax Breaks as suggested by Jason and others.

    Generally I support these issues and the way you articulated them.
    However, my plate is full (overflowing) on my preferred issues.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “safety and health of Stratford residents and suggesting
    paid expenses and equipment based on reasonable expectations,”

    How many times have you said it? “This is Stratford”.

    Not only will Harkins hire a new EMS Chief at $90,000 (plus expenses) he will continue to pay Donna Best $75,000 (plus benefits) to hang around and annoy whoever she wants to.

    What the hell, it’s only our money.

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