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From the Stratford Star: Legal action threatened over hiring of EMS chief Current Stratford EMS Administrator Donna Best is threatening legal action against the town if the hiring of a new EMS chief is completed. “I am preparing a lawsuit against Mayor John A. Harkins and the Town of Stratford,” Attorney Leon M. Rosenblatt […]

Hard Times


Stratford mayor seeks 3.77 percent budget increase Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer Updated 12:51 a.m., Tuesday, March 15, 2011 “…The budget calls for the net reduction of eight town staff positions. The Public Works Department stands to lose four positions, and one position would be eliminated from each of the following departments: tax collector, town assessor, […]

Last week the Board of Education submitted its proposed budget for 2011-2012. It contained a 1.77% increase over the current budget. It has been promptly rejected by Mayor Harkins who insists on a zero increase BOE budget. Since the entire RTC controlled Town Council is up for re-election in November, the zero increase demand will […]

Although not officially announced, it seems that we are finally coming to the end of Police Chief John Buturla’s reign of terror. Very reliable sources have indicated he has finally found someplace that would hire him. Apparently that place is Richmond VA were his friend Bryan Norwood (ex Bridgeport Police Chief) is now the Chief […]

Chief Complaint


It has been announced that Friday April 29th will be Fire Chief Cavanaugh’s last day on Stratford’s payroll. Although we have complained often about his lack of control as well as his difficulty with the truth we wish him well in his retirement. The larger problem for Stratford citizens will be the vacuum created by […]