“I’m melting! Call my lawyer!”


Mutual Aid?

From the Stratford Star:

Legal action threatened over hiring of EMS chief

Current Stratford EMS Administrator Donna Best is threatening legal action against the town if the hiring of a new EMS chief is completed.

“I am preparing a lawsuit against Mayor John A. Harkins and the Town of Stratford,” Attorney Leon M. Rosenblatt of the Law Offices of Leon M. Rosenblatt in West Hartford wrote in a March 28 letter to Asst. Town Attorney Garret Denniston of Bishop, Jackson & Kelly.
A message seeking comment has been left with the mayor’s office.
Rosenblatt, representing Best, wrote that the mayor’s “reckless behavior” left no choice but litigation.
The only way to avoid the suit, Rosenblatt wrote, was to “back off trying to supplant Donna Best as administrator of Stratford’s Emergency Medical Services.”
Rosenblatt contends there is no provision in the charter for the new position, rending any appointment illegal. He called the new position “redundant,” as the EMS administrator had served as the chief.
Using words from the survey that called for creation of a chief, Rosenblatt wrote that “political interference” in EMS operations had created a “toxic environment” in which Best had to run the department.
Rosenblatt alleged that Harkins had targeted Donna Best because of the 2009 Republican primary challenge mounted by her husband, Jonathan Best.

ROTFLMAO! Challenge? What challenge?

I hope every reader noticed that there is not a hint of concern by Best for Stratford residents in this article.

Link to Rosenblatt’s letter


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  1. 1 mikereynolds


    Editor’s note: Several complaints have been lodge about name calling. I have to agree. This is not Topix.

  2. 2 phineast

    Best’s attorney didn’t finish reading the document…..she could have been fired by the mayor for CREATING a hostile work environment. I am betting that there is plenty to support that theory.
    He also missed the part that said the mayor could hire/fire and create positions-not every titled position is listed in the charter. The salary has to be approved by council, however.
    Ms Best is clearly demonstrating that she is not BEST for the citizens of Stratford. Honestly, if she is willing to waste tax dollars-she should be grateful she has an opportunity to retire-instead of being clearly fired. We learned from Miron that job descriptions can be changed-it is completely legal. Ms. Best’s attorney should take note of it-especially if he is working on a contingency.

  3. 3 phineast

    Note to the Mayor—maybe you should change the technical name of the EMS “chief” to EMS administration and facility manager—try to save the taxpayers a few pennies in frivolous lawsuits……

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Note to Leon Rosenblatt:

    As you are reading the comments on this blog, please keep in mind New York Times v Sullivan (1964). The Court declared that the FIRST AMENDMENT protects open and robust debate on public issues even when such debate includes “vehement, caustic, unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.” A public official or other plaintiff who has voluntarily assumed a position in the public eye must prove that defamatory statements were made with knowledge that they were false or with reckless disregard of whether they were false.
    Read more: Defamation – Public, Figure, False, Statements, Law, and Plaintiff http://law.jrank.org/pages/6025/Defamation.html#ixzz1I5EXepjd

    Also keep in mind that there is no prior editing on this blog and the definition of “innocent dissemination” applies. For example, the post office is not liable for delivering a letter which has defamatory content, as it is not aware of the contents of the letter.

    And finally, to prove defamation (or libel) you must prove the statements to be false.

    Good luck with that. My first consultation is free, by the way.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, it is not clear what the claims are in this legal action. As far as we know, Ms. Best has not been terminated. She continues to collect her $75K/year plus benefits. Her title has not changed, she is still “EMS Administrator”. So we will be interested to find out what damages she can actually claim.

    Or maybe she is threatening this “lawsuit” for some other reason? “Scorched Earth” and “Sour Grapes” are phrases that come to mind.

  6. 6 1george1

    I have no first hand knowledge of the inner workings of EMS.

    I am NOT sure the creating of a NEW POSITION by the MAYOR,
    without the prior concurrance and willingness to FUND the
    position is legal and/or consistent with the Town Charter about
    the duties of the Town Council (funding) and Mayor (Administration)?

    It looks like another settlement possibility, which could have been
    avoided with appropriate and due process?

  7. cha ching $$$ and the Town Attorneys get more of our money. It is time they go to straight salary and see how that works..Under normal circumstances it probably would work as a savings but with all this litigation I don’t know.

    Anyway, I say give Town Attorney’s Budget $900,000 and have them come back to the Town Council to justify the rest…Call me crazy…(not)


  8. 8 jezebel282


    “cha ching $$$ and the Town Attorneys get more of our money. It is time they go to straight salary and see how that works”

    I don’t disagree. I wonder how much we paid Bishop Kelly & Jackson to lose the Loschiavo case at the DOL.

    But in this case I think the biggest winner will be Attorney Rosenblatt.

  9. 9 1george1


    You were on charter Revsion # 2 and the position you sponsored was
    which one?

    Among things I had written about at the Time:
    1 – Town Attorney office as employee with set fee.
    2 – Budget (s) Referendums
    3 – Strengthen Term Limits
    4 – Right to petition to Referendum for populist legislation
    5 – Term Limit / Recall

    John you are not crazy.

    However, when “you” take away the checks and balances of having the
    people be able to have/keep a process for exercising their first amendment
    rights for petitioning government for redress of grievances, without
    having to to through an expensive and rigged judicial process …..

    Absolute power leads to corruption and abuse.

    John, if you own a home in stratford your taxes are 40 % higher than what
    they should be.

    If you had elderly neighbors who died this winter not being able to afford
    Taxes and Heat ….. well … you have read my blogs and letters for a few
    years …..

    Some things can’t be undone.
    Some things can be changed

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “You were on charter Revsion # 2 and the position you sponsored was
    which one?”

    To John’s (and Karen Rodia’s) credit, they were the only two members who pushed for a salaried Town Attorney. I was there (in my disguise). Of course, they were opposed by Ben Proto, John Florek and other RTC/DTC members.

  11. George, every government is a government of men. On budget referendum we have an honest difference of opinion. Some ideas beliefs may at first glance appear to have popular appeal and therefore, general public approval. This is the case you would make for budget referendum. However, the public would just vote up and down, yes or no. They would not enter into what Woodrow Wilson called a ”Common Counsel” in his Constitutional Government in the United States 1908. In other words, you unusually do not have a deliberative assembly (Town Council) acting too quickly when it comes together into one place and talks the matter out and hammers out resolutions/ordinances (ideally) based on a variety of opinions and viewpoints.

    Politicians may or may not proclaim one thing or other when campaigning but when the sit down for the first time and put their minds along side individuals with different views and experiences they ideally will come to an understanding of the practical and disinterested conviction (non-political) of the opposite viewpoint. Out of this we get legislation they all can agree upon that has been aired out and debated for the general welfare of all. This cannot happen in a referendum.

    I believe in the people George. I also, however, believe in representative government and making it better. After all, I should believe that if I am interested in government the way that I am.


  12. If people are wondering, I am home this morning so I have some time to post. Nothing else is going on here…

  13. Sorry. George but I had to finally reply to you on budget referendum you always nag me about..

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “I am home this morning so I have some time to post. Nothing else is going on here”

    Be very careful. Watch for sharp knives, stairs and slippery floors. You never know what dialing 911 in Stratford will bring….if anything.

  15. LOl, Hopefully is would bring Gavin if I ever God forbid need them. I am logging off. I’ll chat so other time. Bye bye…

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “bring Gavin if I ever God forbid need them.”

    Really? Gavin? Ain’t he getting kinda OLD for that stuff?

  17. 19 jezebel282

    Getting back to the topic (sorry George), it will be interesting to see whether or not a suit is filed in this case (it has not) or if this is just a nasty attempt by the Administrator Best to avoid being in charge of supplying coffee and doughnuts to volunteers she’d rather persecute.

    Even more interesting would be to see what damages she might claim considering she has yet to lose a dime.

  18. 20 1george1

    comment 16,297

    Is that the number of times you moved my comments? 8)

    Or is that the total number of comments to date?
    > Does that include a couple thousand of my comments JEZE
    deleted, before becoming enlightened? 😉

    Jeze – I bet between you and I, we own about 12,000 comments? 😉

  19. 21 jezebel282


    There is no frequent-poster credit. You still have to stay on topic.

  20. 22 1george1

    George, There is no frequent-poster credit.
    You still have to stay on topic.

    JEZE – Like GOMEZ ADAMS …. I LOVE IT when you talk dirty !! 🙂
    You still have to stay on top. 😉

    Why are you so … hard on … me? 8)

    Your avatar drives me w i l d !

  21. 23 phineast

    Jez—–regarding comment #6—the Council giveth and the Council can Taketh……that salary is only in this years budget….wonder if that is the budgetary cut that is looming in the EMS future of “shared pain”…
    It is unfortunate that EMS is being tarnished by this kind of minutia.
    I am certain Ms. Best did her best-sometimes that just isn’t enough.

  22. 24 jezebel282


    Please raise your hand if you think this is somehow related to the appointment of an EMS Chief:

    Elections commission gives Harkins slap on the wrist
    Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer
    Published 10:15 p.m., Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    STRATFORD — Mayor John A. Harkins violated state law while campaigning for office in 2009 by failing to include voter eligibility information with unsolicited absentee ballot applications mailed on his behalf to 1,000 republican households.

    In response to a complaint filed by Jonathan Best, a Republican who challenged and lost to Harkins in the mayoral primary, the state Elections Enforcement Commission ruled unanimously that Harkins “inadvertently” violated the law and ordered him to comply in the future.

    Just a couple of facts first:

    Anyone (yes, anyone) with an internet connection can download an absentee ballot application from the Town of Stratford or the State of Connecticut. It’s one of those public documents the government wants you to have.

    Harkins believed he was in compliance with the law, the commission said, because the absentee ballot applications themselves contain information about voter eligibility requirements and penalties.

    Yes, they do.

    There is no shortage of things to take Harkins to task for…this is not one of them. This is an act of desperation and vengeance.

  23. 25 jezebel282


    “the Council giveth and the Council can Taketh”

    It’s irrelevant.

    I’m not criticizing your idea, but this “lawsuit” can be rendered moot in minutes. All Harkins has to do is present the position to the Council and have 6 out of the seven (I am assuming Councilman Catalano would not vote contrary to the Best’s wishes) RTC members vote in favor. Done. “Case” is now moot.

    (Remember Miron’s “aides”? They were approved after the fact. Oh, and then there is something called a “Chief of Staff”..whatever that means. Apparently that position exists to provide Brittany Lyte with whatever the RTC wants printed.)

  24. 26 mikereynolds

    You know, if it wasn’t for all those absentee ballots Jon Best would probably have won the primary. /sarcasm

    As our friend Mayor2013 has said in the past (where is he by the way? Getting ready for his mayoral run?) CT is an at-will state. Unless the EMS Administrator position is covered by a contract or is a union position the Mayor can terminate her employment at-will.

    Of course I argued that even though CT is an at-will state in order for an employer to cover itself that employer better have substantial documentation to back up the termination in case of litigation. Gee, just like now.

  25. 27 jezebel282


    “CT is an at-will state.”

    Unfortunately, it is not applicable.

    Sec 9.7.1 Continuation of Terms of Office or Employment.

    All officers and employees of the Town, members of the Council, and members of boards, commissions and committees of the Town shall continue in office until such office terminates by operation of laws in effect prior to the effective date of this Charter or until such office terminates by death, incapacity, resignation or removal for cause of such person. Thereafter, successor or incumbent officers shall be chosen in the manner provided by this Charter
    (See? Checking the Charter is easy.)

    Unfortunately, that never stopped Miron. He would just have the Council defund the position or offer outrageous pensions. In this case, however, giving $600,000 worth of revenue to AMR should be cause enough. Note: when you see an AMR ambulance in Town, we just lost $450 – $1,100 in revenue.

    “As our friend Mayor2013 has said in the past (where is he by the way? Getting ready for his mayoral run?)”
    Lord, I hope so.

    There are so many problems with our emergency services in this Town that to list them might actually start a panic.

  26. 28 mikereynolds

    “As our friend Mayor2013 has said in the past (where is he by the way? Getting ready for his mayoral run?)”
    Lord, I hope so.

    Oh please…he’s just a bag of hot air making anonymous comments. Anybody can do that.

  27. More Wilsonianism for Today: “make parties our instruments, not our masters.”
    Woodrow Wilson 1908.

    Ron is right. The public needs to pay attention to who we are electing toi DTC and RTC. Bye, I have work today…


  28. 30 jezebel282


    “he’s just a bag of hot air making anonymous comments. Anybody can do that.”

    Like you & me?


    “The public needs to pay attention to who we are electing toi DTC and RTC.”

    We? I can’t even find their membership list.

  29. 31 1george1

    JEZE: (Remember Miron’s “aides”? They were approved after the fact.

    GEO: Were they approved AFTER the FACT by the FEEHAN or HENRICK
    Town Council with a majority of Republicans?

    JEZE: Oh, and then there is something called a “Chief of Staff”..
    whatever that means.

    GEO: Aren’t Harkins aids called LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT
    and newly hired CONSTITUENT ASSISTENT?
    > What Legislation has been enacted?
    > Is this why Harkins has been invisible and inaccessible to constituents,
    except when his masters want to break into someone’s home? 😦

    JEZE: Apparently that position exists to provide Brittany Lyte
    with whatever the RTC wants printed.)

    GEO: Thanks for reminding me that Mark’s job appears to be to do
    Brittany’s job for her, so the CT POST will toe the Regionism line.

  30. 32 1george1

    JF: More Wilsonianism for Today:
    “make parties our instruments, not our masters.”
    Woodrow Wilson 1908.

    GEO: Highly intelligent technique of using other peoples’ words
    to express noble thoughts.
    I have to compliment JOHN, whereas he uses same technique I
    and (apparently) Kevin Kelly uses, at least John + I attribute and
    do not plagarize. 8) 🙂 😉 L O L !!
    Then again Kevin is a Lawyer. You know how they are with
    L I E – A B I L I T Y ! 8)

    JF: Ron is right. The public needs to pay attention to who we
    are electing toi DTC and RTC. Bye, I have work today…

    GEO: It only took 1 1/2 years, but JOHN finally recognized the basis
    for my entire campaign of running for Mayor and Town Council …. 8)
    I am flattered …. imitation is the best form of compliment 🙂 😉
    > Maybe John has hope yet ….. He might even come to recognize that
    REFERENDUM benefits his child, wife, and himself, more then me. 😦

    These posts made my am!

  31. 33 jezebel282


    “Aren’t Harkins aids called LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT
    and newly hired CONSTITUENT ASSISTENT?”

    Really? No kidding? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    OK…now THAT’S funny!

  32. 34 1george1

    JEZE: John,
    “The public needs to pay attention to who we are electing toi DTC and RTC.”
    > We? I can’t even find their membership list.

    GEO: You might check those posters on the POST OFFICE WALL?

    Question: what is the difference between the Mafia,
    and Justice/FBI/ U.S. JUDGES/ U. S. ATTORNEYS;
    State Police/States’ Attorneys/Attorney General;
    Town Attorneys/Ranking local Police?

    The Mafia aren’t Hypocrites.
    They are actual laisse faire Capitalists.
    They are not WELFARE QUEENS.
    They deliver pleasure, besides pain.
    They are less cowardly dealing with people man to man,
    instead of hiding behind guards and security, from problems
    they and their patrons caused.

    I like and respect most of the local police.

    Unfortunately they want it both ways, while knowing the truth
    and not taking action against the real criminals in our town as
    they care more about unsustainable kited pensions (Bribery)
    than investigating murders and crime done by the parties!

  33. 35 phineast

    Jez-regard #28—-the council has the right to terminate the funding for any position in town EXCEPT those named in the charter. They cannot interfere with the hiring or firing but they have the right to “unfund” any position-EVEN if it is a union position. They just have to have the kahunas to do it. So if they want to save tax dollars and want it done through administrative reductions in staff- they cut the dollar amount that is equal to the position. It has been done historically many times even BEFORE we had a mayor. They can also ADD funding that equals out to a position’s salary as well—-
    they can do it on the BOE side as well as the Town side of the budget. It has to be part of the ordinance that is up for passage, how the cuts and additions are handled is up to the Mayor and Superintendent.
    As I have said before- I don’t want to see any f the real worker bees lose their jobs-we need people that are willing to do the work at a fair rate-what we don’t need is an excess of overpaid paper pushing primadonnas that think they know every thing but have never actually done the “real” job. Just my opinion of course….
    The other thing that Council has the right to do is to say NO to change orders on projects—-the companies that placed the bids know the scope of the projects they are bidding on and if they calculated incorrectly THEY should absorb the loss. Once the Council starts doing this you will see bids come in that are far more accurate to the actual cost of the project. I have a family member that lives in the midwest who’s community project bids are a project cost analysis range-and the companies must provide receipts and time cards for payment documentation. He said they never have cost over runs and many times have actual cost reductions based on receipts received. Now wouldn’t that be amazing to see in Stratford?????

  34. 36 1george1


    “Aren’t Harkins aids called LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT
    and newly hired CONSTITUENT ASSISTENT?”

    Really? No kidding? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    OK…now THAT’S funny!


    In a …. v e r y sad way … it is funny.
    At least ironic …
    Kinda like Orwell’s double speak or reverse nomenclature:
    Balance moved to: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/the-dark-side-ii/#comment-16329

  35. 37 jezebel282


    “the council has the right to terminate the funding for any position in town EXCEPT those named in the charter. ”

    Over and over again we see the administration, council and certain department heads/chiefs making the same errors. At some point pattern recognition skills have to be applied.

    Fahan had a point. By the end of this episode what we will see is a new chief of EMS and a lot of our money having gone into the Town Attorney’s pocket. Very soon now we will not have a Fire Chief (April 29th) and, according to very reliable sources, even sooner will we not have a Police Chief. Throw in a whole bunch of doubt about who is really running Stratford EMS and we should all be very nervous residents.

    All we can say, as residents, is that we couldn’t care less about the politics. The last thing I would want is an Emergency Services Commander (Police/Fire/EMS) that is approved by the RTC or DTC. I want someone that can put out my house if it’s on fire, save my life if I’m sick and protect me from bad people.

    More importantly, I want a mayor that thinks like that too.

    It is not enough to just conduct a few interviews and make an appointment. In these three positions it is also a question of leading dedicated people. We have three departments manned by staff that are highly trained, highly dedicated and highly professional. They are entitled to quality leadership.

  36. 38 ronmoreau


    “Ron is right. The public needs to pay attention to who we are electing toi(the) DTC and RTC. …”

    Lets give credit where it’s due. You read it here.Brought to you by Jezebel. It starts all over again this January (2012)


  37. 39 1george1

    JEZE et al:
    I appreciate it when people give people their proper due.

    Sometimes I am reminded how political people have to act
    in order to score points, especially within their circles.

    Whether it is Miron’s dependants or RTC dependants people
    have a need to get their nose brown, and sometime actually
    have a valid point.

    Conversely, people know how to read.

    People know who are slaves and who are free.
    Eventually they learn who lies and who tells the truth …

    Sometimes the witches, vampires, and ghouls do melt away ….

  38. I find it strange that a letter from one law office to another reads a lot more like a letter to the editor than a notification of legal action. Odd that it ended up on a CT Post blog as well. Who released this letter to the press? One of the law offices? A Town Council member? Ms. Donna Best or perhaps her husband?

    I thought the people that work in service of the public are supposed to care about the community they serve. It seems like the Best’s are in it for themselves. After all, Ms. Best appears to have a habit of persecuting the people who take care of Stratford’s citizens for no pay or compensation. Now they’re going to sue the town when there’s such a big budget crisis? There’s millions of people without jobs in this country and she’s throwing a tantrum even though she will keep her job, get the same pay, have less responsibility, and probably has a sweet retirement package waiting.

  39. 41 1george1

    All we can say, as residents, is that we couldn’t care less about the politics. The last thing I would want is an Emergency Services Commander (Police/Fire/EMS) that is approved by the RTC or DTC. I want someone that can put out my house if it’s on fire, save my life if I’m sick and protect me from bad people.

    More importantly, I want a mayor that thinks like that too.

    Under the Council Manager form of Government, the Council hired the
    Town Manager, same way the BoE hired Superintendent.

    The Town Committees select and approve all candidates, except when
    they set up Goodrich to fail against Costello?

    Don’t believe that to be true?

    Kelly was backing Goodrich who Kelly claimed could win in South Central
    Stratford, but did not appeal to the UPSCALES or the Majority of (R) in
    the North and Lordship.

    My theory:
    Goodrich was set up to Lose to Dom.
    Best was included to draw from Dom.
    Bill O’Brien was included to dilute the R vote.
    It was decided to throw the election to Jimmy.

    Jimmy’s conduct and persona is the antithesis of Harkins
    image and personality.

    I knew Harkins and Jon were in bed with Jim …. politically.
    I was not going to win ….
    All I did was tell the truth and tried to nail whoever lied.

    Dom was set up to mirror image my positions.
    Jimmy won the debates by a wide margin, but everyone knew he lied.
    Harkins is great at saying nothing.

    I complimented Harkins for an honest answer @ LBW meeting last night,
    when asked, what prevents Bridgeport from swapping Airport for LBW?

    Harkins replied: NOTHING!

    He expanded that it was a Town Council decisions.

    Walt Rimkunis picked up on part of that getting Conservation to say
    that if the Town repaid the $ 910,000 Grant, all deed restrictions
    were lifted ……. then the town could do anything with LBW ….
    > THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PLAN according to reliable sources …

    Someone else raised the issue that Bridgeport could REBUILD the
    BRIDGE …

    Harkins replied about the water taxi and Bridgeport does NOT have the
    money nor plan to rebulid the bridge ….(wait for it) FOR NOW!

    I repeated “FOR NOW.”

    Within 5 minutes Mayor Harkins announced he had to leave.

    He left about 3 minutes before the meeting finished anyway.


    The meeting was a disorganized disaster, with only 1 microphone
    for 5 panelists and none for questions for the audience.
    Dave Wright taped the Meeting and Publicly stated, without a mike,
    his Camera could not pick up people speaking.

    Macia started the meeting and turned it over to a woman who is on
    PYE Board, but was clueless.

    1 of 2 DEP reps opened with a nice statement.
    Later, after my question the other DEP rep stated they are involved
    only up to the Waterline…. distancing themselves from swapping with

    Some young man named Casey is the town’s conservation rep.
    Harkins did a good job letting him most handle answers.

    I am unsure of the other person, but he kept bringing in the political
    and money part of the equation.

    That was the panel

    Morgan Kaolian raised questions about the $ 10 million.

    Harkins stated it was a made up $ # … it never existed.
    That candor surprized me.

    A couple people asked questions about bathrooms, paths, blinds?
    That seem a contradiction to nature?

    Walter raised issue about public access and was threatened with arrest
    for trespass recently. Casey replied the SIGN + RULES will change.

    Several other people had nature related questions and positions as a
    couple from the audobon society were present…..

    — No one ever heard me use so few words …
    A couple people told me my question was a great question Harkins
    did give an HONEST ANSWER, for which I complimented HARKINS

  40. 42 portia1776

    Attorney Rosenblatt’s letter is thuggish, legally ill-advised, and poorly written. After claiming that he “hoped to avoid” a lawsuit — really? Have there been negotiations? Has he exhausted all other reasonable options short of suing? — “but” now has “no choice,” Rosenblatt admits that there is at least one: “The only way to avoid litigation is for Mayor Harkins to back off on trying to supplant Donna Best[‘s]” power.

    What kind of lawyer, exempting Jimmy Miron, Dick Burtula, and others of the “Dewey, Scruem and Howe” school, uses the phrase “back off” in an official letter? What is even meant by the shoddy construction “back off on trying”? Either Mayor Harkins is or is not “trying to supplant Donna Best.” If only he was. Mayor Harkins appears to have taken the path of least resistance, to which Best and her (toothless) bulldog have responded by issuing an empty threat.

    An outright firing would have been preferable and is certainly deserved. Donna Best is obviously not placated by keeping her high-salary, benefits, and pension. No, she feels entitled to her position and power, and is willing to sue to maintain EMS as a personal fiefdom, to the detriment of its valiant volunteers and Stratford residents who more than have to kinda rely on its care.

    A power-mad, well-compensated yet failed administrator with no legal leg to stand on does not make for a sympathetic client (or candidate: Jimmy Miron, Barack Obama). But Rosenblatt, a champion of monopolistic “union democracy activists who want to build a strong, democratic labor movement,” must feel right at home representing the interests of a manipulative and exploitative and taxpayer funded boss, once again.

  41. 43 portia1776


    Anyone who Miron declares an enemy and wishes to “exterminate” is a friend of mine. So it is with the utmost respect that I offer this reproof:

    We have quite enough Wilsonianism (endless wars, perpetual economic crisis, authoritarianism, illberalsim, corporatism, control, racism) every day.

    What is direly needed is some Madisonian wisdom. 20 Days into Obama’s new war, yet another example of the warmongering “Progressive” tradition of Wilson, we should recall Madison’s warning:

    “Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes and the opportunities of fraud growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

    Indeed, beginning under Bush and hastening under Barack “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation” Obama, American freedom is being lost in the fog of continual warfare.

    One of Obama’s campaign slogans, according to Nick Gillespie, should be Obama 2012: Because Bush Deserves a Fourth Term!

    See: http://www.whatthehellhasobamadonesofar.com/

  42. Portia your point is duly noted about Wilson. I like Madison too. I try to extract the positives from the former presidents and apply those. I am very pleased you respect Article 2 section 8…

    It may sound a bit naive but I yearn for the day a US President once again can proclaim our beloved country is at peace and has no conflicts or wars anywhere in the world.

  43. 45 phineast

    Amen to that John.

  44. 46 1george1

    Obama is a Chicago politician.
    Bush is Big Oil. Chicago is the home of commodity trading.

  45. 47 portia1776

    jfahan37 — thank you for the considerate and kind remarks. Don’t forget Article 1 Section 8, too 😉

    I agree, it is important to take the best from each president. Of equal, if not greater, importance is learning from where they went wrong. From re-segregating the federal government to the income tax, alcohol prohibition to imposition of the FED and economic controls, lying us into WWI and launching an anti-Constitutional war on individual liberty worthy of a fascist despot (indeed, his skill at propaganda inspired several), there is much to learn from Wilson in the way of “what is unconstitutional,” “what should a public servant never do,” and “what are the strange fruits yielded by ‘Progressives’ when in power.”

    You’re not naive at all. Peace should be the goal of our domestic and foreign policy. Too few in both parties, even those claiming to be anti-war, really are for peace. The majority of anti-war protesters and pundits were apparently only anti-war when war was initiated by Bush.

    Senator Rand Paul’s resolution to reassert the 1973 War Powers Act — which, we should recall, was passed to prevent another Vietnam and was passed over power-mad “Progressive” President Nixon’s veto — was defeated 90-10. All 10 of votes in favor of reaffirming the constitutional limit on presidential warring, were Republicans.

    According to Reuters, “The problem with Paul’s amendment, as seen by many members of the Democratic majority, was that it quoted then-Senator Barack Obama’s words from 2007 in what appeared to be an attempt to embarrass the Democratic president (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/05/us-libya-congress-idUSTRE7347TW20110405).” Get that? It’s embarrassing to remind now-President Obama what he said when he was then-Senator Obama.

    Then-senator Obama’s assertion that “the president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the (U.S.) nation” was only valid, according to now-President Obama, when the president’s name was Bush, not Obama.

    President Obama is not liable to be embarrassed by anything, regardless of the fact that his rank hypocrisy is endangering the lives of Americans. More worrisome is that he has articulated no limiting principle to avoid future conflict. Continual warfare, begun by Bush and made worse by Obama, will continue without end.

    Phin, in light of your agreement with John, I forgive you for your comical accusation that I am “Jimmy.” No, I am the anti-Miron. There is not a word I would change in the masterpiece Tullius wrote on l’affaire de Miron et LoSchiavo (http://tullius11.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/jim-miron/ ). My take-downs of Senator Kelly’s policies (https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/campaigns-mercifully-end/#comment-15808 ) were, as previously stated, prompted by disappointment (as someone who supported him against Miron), principled disagreement (the best that can be said of his legislative agenda is “contradictory”), and annoyance at Kelly’s repeated acts of plagiarism.

  46. 48 phineast

    portia–I never claimed to be perfect….you must have sounded like a narcis*&%, bull*@! aszh)&# if I thought you sounded like Jim……
    It must have been in reference to the first amendment—as Jim sites it often when it is to his benefit…but has no problem denying it to anyone one else(remember the gag order…)
    Almost everyone not on the DTC is considered the “anitMiron” these days. 😉

    I understand your upset at Sen. Kelly’s lack of writing ability-I also realize that unless you work in the Senate or for the Senate you may not fully understand the “protocols” used by the “party” for newbies. I know that I don’t understand why it takes so long to get things done sometimes and it is frustrating. Same applies locally-but at least I know John is attempting to bring sanity back to town departments…..

    I love the fact that Obama’s own words are biting him in the AZZ….I am disgusted that innocent soldiers and civilians are paying the ultimate price for his inexperience, ignorance, and arrogance.

  47. 49 1george1

    PHIN: I love the fact that Obama’s own words are biting him
    in the AZZ….I am disgusted that innocent soldiers and civilians
    are paying the ultimate price for his inexperience, ignorance,
    and arrogance.

    GEO: I AGREE WITH I am disgusted that innocent soldiers and civilians
    are paying the ultimate price for —- inexperience, ignorance, and

    (Missing letters, cryptographically: B S – B A I L) 😦

    People behind Bush + Cheney + Rumsfeldt were likely behind 9/11
    and invasions of IRAQ + AFGHANISTAN. FOLLOW the MONEY.

    (Oil/Gas – Stock/Bond – Real Estates/Portfolios)

    > When Collin Powell spoke at UN, he made sure George Tennant was
    sitting right behind him.

    > Truman supposedly had not known about the A-Bomb

    > LBJ + McNamara escalated So. Vietnam and then later QUIT speaking volumes!

    > Nixon installed the Tape Recorders.
    – 1999 victory without War = Nixon Book
    – 9/11/2001 – Nixon likely not as powerful as he thought?

    > Eisenhower warned of internal usurpation

  48. err, yes Article 1 section 8 Portia. I was just testing you….

  49. Portia I revisited the War Powers Act last year. I will gather my notes and revisit this subject with you at a different time. I have a bit of a different take on some of this.

    I think it is important to take a moment and evaluate how we all received certain notions for better or worse in Western Civilization.

    I am not going to go into great depth at this stage but if we all remember the Treaty of Westphalia and even the Treaty of Versailles they were about protecting the sovereign right of individual countries to do what they wanted in their respective territories. We (the West) departed from this paradigm if you will because of the atrocities of the Holocaust and Rwanda and so forth. The move was from respecting sovereign right to that of intervention and protecting those against humanitarian risk which became the guiding principle governing foreign affairs.

    Intervention in ohh let’s see Bosnia, Iraq, …Libya . The idea to protect has taken over self determination. American Exceptionalism of course plays a part in all of this. The major fault line for the modern US President is to decide when and if to intervene in such conflicts like Libya.

    It’s Friday and I am outta here…

  50. 52 jezebel282

    Gentlepeople, please. Note where you are posting. Please post in the correct topic. It makes it easier for readers (if they are reading).

  51. 53 1george1

    Drat …. now I have copy cats, posting in wrong places too?

  52. 54 jezebel282


    “Drat …. now I have copy cats, posting in wrong places too?”

    See? I told you this would happen. I don’t want to spend time herding cats, thank you.

  53. 55 1george1

    JEZE you know CATS and attitude ….

    They J U S T d o n ‘ t C A R E !

  54. 56 portia1776


    So as not to upset Jez, I am posting a response to your latest post over on the Dark Side II.

    George, I hope you don’t mind… imitation is…

  55. 57 1george1

    Sincerity is a nice sentiment.
    As is flattery.

    My married friends tell me, their spouse resorts to this when the
    spouse wants something or did something …..

    Jeeeesh … I can believe how cynical some people are ….

  56. 58 jezebel282

    Just a word about enterprise funds. In case anyone is unaware, Stratford operates several enterprise funds. Among these are the parking facilities at the train station, water pollution control (sewers), Short Beach Golf Course and, of course, Stratford EMS Service.

    The profits (or losses) from these operations are swept into Stratford’s General Fund. A reduction in “profits’ from any of these operations means a reduction in revenue to the Town and ultimately results in an increase in our taxes. The recent hogwash about how EMS is “independently” funded and does not cost us anything more to have two administrators at $180,000+ is exactly that; hogwash.

    Similarly, the position that Stratford requires a golf “pro” at a very short municipal par 3 golf course is even more hogwash.

  57. 59 1george1

    The GOLF PRO money is tiny potatoes.

    EMS is bigger potatoes.

    But the SEWER MONEY could be a real SLUSH FUND!

    I forget whether it was $ 4.5 million or $ 5.4 million collected from
    Sewer Assessment Taxes. That has MORE than DOUBLED in 12 years.

    I got a fuzzy answer from John Casey, who was unsure of totals and
    the specific costs. He did say Airport and Shelton would have to pay
    fees like everyone else and there were different fees for Business than

    I believe there are over 22,000 dwellings and 4,000 businesses.
    Dom and his associate claimed to go to them all.
    Yet I know many who never saw them.
    Although I saw them wandering around North Stratford.
    Physically I could not do whatever they + Eleanor did with diane!

    It seemed anything Diane, Eleanor and I did, Dom (claimed to) did more?

  58. 60 jezebel282


    “The GOLF PRO money is tiny potatoes.”

    Perhaps. But I would trade the golf “pro” for a PW employee with a plow any day.

  59. 61 ronmoreau


    ” I forget whether it was $ 4.5 million or $ 5.4 million collected from
    Sewer Assessment Taxes. That has MORE than DOUBLED in 12 years.”

    “I got a fuzzy answer from John Casey, who was unsure of totals and
    the specific costs. He did say Airport and Shelton would have to pay
    fees like everyone else and there were different fees for Business than

    It’s actually a ‘Sewer Use Fee”. If it was called a Tax we would be able to write it off on our income taxes.

    Residents pay a flat rate per living unit. (2 family house pays 2 fees/year.) I believe buisness’ pay based on their water bill usage. Water in = water out. I don’t recall anyone ever questioning it. A slush (flush) fund? It probably is worth investigating.

  60. 62 1george1

    George, “The GOLF PRO money is tiny potatoes.”

    JEZE: Perhaps. But I would trade the golf “pro” for a
    PW employee with a plow any day.

    Sometime: 1999 to early 2000s at Town Council Public Forum,
    I suggested putting PLOWS on Garbage-PW / Fire / Police vehicles.
    I learned you can’t do that with EMERGENCY VEHICLES.
    However the HEAD of PW, implemented the idea and we picked up
    extra plows, using existing active and reserve vehicles!


    GEORGE: “I forget whether it was $ 4.5 million or $ 5.4 million
    collected from Sewer Assessment Taxes.
    That has MORE than DOUBLED in 12 years.”

    RON: Residents pay a flat rate per living unit.
    (2 family house pays 2 fees/year.)
    I believe buisness’ pay based on their water bill usage.
    Water in = water out.
    I don’t recall anyone ever questioning it.
    A slush (flush) fund? It probably is worth investigating.

    GEORGE to RON: Thank you.

    to READERS:
    A couple of the benefits of a blog like this?

    1 – Low profile issues are raised and discussed.
    2 – Political / Government personnel are discussed.
    3 – Possible places for Tax cuts or overruns are exposed.
    4 – DOTS are connected.

  61. 63 jezebel282


    Best sues mayor, town and others

    Written by John Kovach
    Monday, 09 May 2011 12:33

    Stratford EMS Administrator Donna Best has filed suit against the town and other parties regarding the hiring of a new Emergency Medical Services chief.
    Best, who is still employed as EMS administrator, and her husband are seeking an injunction that she be “reinstated to her rightful position as director, chief and administrator of the Stratford EMS,” in addition to damages “in excess of $15,000” and “such other relief as the court may deem just and equitable.”

    It calls for new EMS Administrator Philip Onofrio to be removed from his job and to repay the town “some or all” of the salary he has received.The suit also contends that Best and her husband have suffered “significant emotional stress and legal fees,” and seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages and legal costs.
    Citing Town Charter, attorney Leon M. Rosenblatt of West Hartford wrote: “Best is a permanent employee under the law. She cannot be terminated without just cause.”
    Mayor John A. Harkins has said that Best is not being terminated.
    The suit alleges that Harkins plans to cut funding for Best’s job “in a budget in the near future,” and calls that a charter violation.
    Marc Dillion, chief of staff for Harkins, said the suit has been referred to Town Attorney Tim Bishop, “who will comment when/if the time is appropriate.”
    A message has been e-mailed to Bishop.
    Best’s complaint, dated May 9, names the town, Mayor John A. Harkins personally and professionally, Onofrio, state Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113th), CBG Strategies LLC and Emergency Medical Management Solutions LLC. Perillo is a principal of CBG Strategies.
    Jonathan Best is also named as a plaintiff. He is an EMS field coordinator in the Public Health Preparedness Section of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and also works as a consultant for EMS agencies.
    Jonathan Best also ran against Harkins in a Republican mayoral primary in 2009.
    He filed a complaint on which the state Elections Enforcement Commission (EMMS) ruled against Harkins. The matter was resolved with the signing of a consent order by Harkins.
    The Bests’ suit alleges that Harkins, in his role as mayor, conspired with Perillo and CBG Strategies and Onofrio, who “was or is” director of operations of Emergency Medical Management Solutions, to “eliminate Ms. Best” and replace her, “in violation of Stratford Charter.”
    The complaint also alleges that Harkins acted in retaliation against Jonathan Best.
    Further allegations contend that Perillo “harbors animosity” toward Jonathan Best for issuing a report critical of Echo Hose, which provides emergency medical services in Shelton.
    “Several changes in operations occurred over time as a result of his study, and Mr. Perillo eventually lost his position.”
    Donna Best was targeted by Onofrio, the suit alleges, because he worked for EMMS, and she “blocked” its effort to get the billing business for Stratford EMS.
    The Bests allege that Harkins hired Perillo to do the study of Stratford EMS. That report, they said, contained “a number of inaccuracies, which were identified by Ms. Best.”
    Her changes did not make the final draft.
    “The errors were caused by the fact that Harkins, Perillo, and CBG Strategies, LLC, had pre-ordained that the ‘study’ would conclude that a reorganization of the Stratford EMS was necessary, and that Stratford EMS should be put directly under Harkins’ control.”
    Rosenblatt also wrote that Onofrio was chosen, and that a “nationwide search” was never conducted.
    The suit alleges that Town Charter was violated when Onofrio began receiving his salary before Town Council approval.
    “Mr. Onofrio’s salary is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” Rosenblatt wrote. “His position is duplicative of Ms. Best’s position.”
    Perillo then took over Onofrio’s former job in Bristol, according to the complaint.
    Citing “information and belief,” the Bests allege that Onofrio will steer billing for Stratford EMS to EMMS, “further to enrich himself and his associates.”

    Makes you want to run right down to EMS and sign up, doesn’t it?

  62. 64 mikereynolds

    Why would John Harkins retaliate against Jon Best? That doesn’t make sense. Harkins cleaned Best’s clock in the primary and practically neutered him politically. You haven’t heard boo from Jon Best since that beating. Jon Best poses no threat to John Harkins so that argument doesn’t wash.

    Some parts of this lawsuit seem to be a bit over-reaching. How can the Best’s demand that Onofrio pay back his salary to the town? What legal standing do they have to demand that?

    And talk about shooting the messenger. The results of the study indicted Donna Best’s leadership so she turns around and claims the report is wrong and her “corrections” were not included. As well they shouldn’t. I’m sure they were just excuses and finger pointing at others.

    Instead of suing the town and wanting the Phil Onofrio’s salary repaid how about you not waste the town’s money with a frivolous lawsuit and we’ll call it even?

  63. 65 jezebel282


    Well, you know, the Best’s always put Stratford’s interests first……

  64. 66 sudds

    “The suit alleges that Harkins PLANS to cut funding for Best’s job “in a budget in the near future,” and calls that a charter violation.”

    In that case…

    Hey PCS… husbands usually die before their wives…

    So, based upon this lawsuit… 😉

  65. 67 sudds

    “The suit also contends that Best and her husband have suffered “significant emotional stress and legal fees,” and seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages and legal costs.”

    Come to think of it, Mrs. Best cut me off in the parking lot of 7-11 this morning…

    …I think that I just might be feeling some emotional stress about it!!! 😛

  66. 68 jezebel282


    “Hey PCS… husbands usually die before their wives…”

    It just occurred to me. Your wife didn’t say “I do” did she?
    She said, “Alright already!”

  67. 69 1george1

    As people I like Jon + John.

    In Stratford, you never know about a need to create “implausible deniability”
    to protect each other from lawsuits like CONSPIRACY & FRAUD from the
    R.I.C.O. Act; LACHES; and CLAWBACKS.

    From Donna Best perspective, it is a smart move.

    If, IF the Republican dominated Town Council was going to terminate her
    position …. and last months’ Town Council Meeting which Jon + Donna sat
    through, Stephanie hardly gave Donna a ringing endorsement in these hard
    economic times.

    They sued Harkins personally and professionally.
    That sends a message to the Town Council, what if Bishop loses?

    My last week’s Letter in the Star and on their Website and that of the
    PATCH does not endear me to many people.

    I sent an email today that really ticked a couple of Town Councilors.

    They are playing with peoples lives …
    Just like the EMS ISSUE.

    There is NO HOMELESS SHELTER. Yet we have plenty of empty buildings
    and caring citizens who do all kinds of volunteering
    At least 3 foreclosures on my street in past 2 years.
    Some seniors only hot meal is at Baldwin Center.
    Many people are behind on Mortgages.
    Over 10 % unemployeed
    Who knows how many are under employed
    Economic Exodus –

    Many portfolios wiped out
    Some doing well in Stock Market now
    Threats to hurt Education and families by cutting schools & libraries
    understaff Animal Shleter = possible threat to caring for animals
    Pot holes more plentiful than the Town Flower, better know as For Sale sign?

  68. 70 jezebel282


    But back to the topic. This is such a sad attempt at threatening the Town with a frivolous lawsuit into keeping a job (without accountability) for life.

    It is also incredibly demoralizing to the people who do the actual work of EMS for free.

  69. 71 phineast

    Have to tell you this whole lawsuit thing is disgusting. I am ashamed of Donna Best and MORE ashamed of her husband.
    Obviously they have an attorney that is an “ambulance chaser” so to speak as it is very very clear that he has not read the charter and if he has he clearly has a reading comprehension problem…aren’t there tapes he can listen to????

    The charter does not state that Donna Best is a permanent employee. It does however state that any and all positions in town are at the financial discretion of the town council and the people that are hired for any and all positions are under the direction of the mayor. Read it and weep Donna. The mayor has the power to change the qualifications for a position and does not need council OR union approval to do so. That is a lesson we learned from Miron. Donna has the right to apply for the new position when it was posted-if she didn’t-to me it says she was not interested in it or she felt she didn’t have qualifications to apply. If she applied and was not selected-well honey, them there are the breaks…..the charter clearly states the NO ONE can attempt to influence the hiring or firing process that the mayor has. Quite honestly- her lawsuit smacks of extortion to me-and that is clearly her way of trying to influence the process. NO NO NO she can’t do that-not allowed.
    So what happens now???? Does the town file a suit against her for trying to influence the the process???? I am thinking that on behalf of “we the taxpayers” that maybe we should file a suit for causing US undo stress in our tax bills by her extortionistic tactics to try to force the mayor into hiring her in the new position or give her a windfall so she can have a permanent vacation! Yes indeed, I think it is clearly the taxpayers turn to go after her personal assets to recoup what she is costing the town.
    I used to think that this couple truly wanted what was “best” for Stratford-that is obviously just a lie-they only want Stratford taxpayers cash because it is “best” for them…I am grateful that he didn’t get elected…sounds like he’d be just like Miron-she certainly is.

  70. 72 jezebel282


    I agree with you completely (How often does that happen?).

    Just imagine what most of the volunteers have had to go through while she was in charge. “Significant emotional stress”? You have no idea.

    As for Jon, well, he seems to share a lot of traits with ex-mayor Moron. Vengeance was a specialty. It is a shanda fur die goyim to be such a public momzer. (Look it up, Jon.)

  71. 73 1george1

    A shanda fur die goyim
    For those who aren’t familiar with Yiddish, the title of this post
    is an expression that literally means ‘a shame before the nations’
    … but which is used colloquially to describe any embarrassing or
    compromising behavior performed by a Jew where a non-Jew
    can observe it.

    momzer – English translation: bastard

    — hmmmm

    I understand even less why JEZE would object to Mrs. Meuse’s
    reply: “Bingo”

    There is a lot of passion against Jon and Donna, from EMS and Jeze
    and friends.

    I like Jon from the little I know.
    However he seemed to be involved with Mirons, LoSchiavo, and others.
    He worked for Bridgeport Bucci, NYC Andrew Stein, & Fairfield Jackie Durrell

  72. 74 jezebel282


    For those of us who are old enough to remember, the phrase a “shanda fur die goyim” was entered into the court record by Abbie Hoffman in the trial of the “Chicago 7” after the police riots in Chicago in ’68. It was Hoffman’s response to one of Judge Julius Hoffman’s rulings. It just seemed appropriate again in this topic.

    “I understand even less why JEZE would object to Mrs. Meuse’s
    reply: “Bingo””

    Well then, let me explain. That whole thread on Stratford Patch is very disappointing. Perhaps more so because an elected representative and importantly, an active member of the DTC, feels that unless the source of an opinion is identified it is worthless. Total rubbish. As we have seen time after time in Stratford vengeance and retribution are the favorite sport of the RTC and DTC. Never mind that she declined to discuss the lack of detail in the DTC alternate proposal.

    Nonetheless, ideas have merit regardless of their source. One does not need to be a member of the Republican or Democratic Town Committee in order to have a valid opinion. We, in fact, all express our opinions anonymously on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. There is a reason for that and it is sad that Ms. Meuse does not understand it.

    To sum up: Bingo THIS!

  73. 75 sudds

    If Mrs. Best is the EMS Administrator… why does the fleece she was wearing this morning say “CHIEF D. Best”???

    Is there any hope that insubordination is a fireable offense???

    PS… and why does someone heading to work at EMS need to buy a newspaper every morning???

  74. 76 jezebel282


    “Is there any hope that insubordination is a fireable offense???”

    Apparently it is enough reason for her to terminate volunteers and paramedics.

  75. 77 sudds

    I thought breathing was enough for that?!?!? 😛

  76. 78 1george1

    I do NOT know what Ms. Meuse knows or does not know?
    Your explanation here, was not apparent there … in that venue, was it?
    I could not resist having some fun with your reaction to “BINGO.”
    When I read and translated your post about Jon Best, I was struck by
    what I read as very harsh criticism (I do not know if deserved or not?)
    of Mr. Best and your over the top reaction to “BINGO.”

    I have not doubt it was a ZINGER.
    I have suspicions on why you choose to stay anonymous, despite being
    one of the worst kept secrets in town. But I respect & understand that.
    I prefer that people not be anonymous.
    > I gave props to Gavin, Jon, Fahan, Chris, and others along those lines.
    > Yet I understand each side of a legitimate “ISSUE” (about “not hiding”
    vs. having the right and reasons not to identify oneself).

    I believe there are good, less good, and bad among the DTC + RTC,
    and among your friends, followers, allies, or alike thinkers.

    I am curious if you have spoken to every Councilor and Board member?
    I have missed a few board members.

    This should make JEZE day ….

    I do KNOW that after I reply emailed your address to Chris Carroll,
    Esq, Miron did not BLOG as he committed.

    I do know that after you posted on PATCH comments.
    Esq, Miron did not POST PATCH BLOG comments as he had done.

    I wonder if Esq, Miron fears a debate with you where eventually the
    Public might actually read the dialectics?

    Mr. Carroll was somewhat crazed when only Dave Fuller posted BLOG.
    Mr. Carroll was over actively pushing me to start.
    I needed time to review the rules and post what I wanted and carefull
    of the foundations I laid and information I made available.
    We spent part of the weekend before we were each comfortable.
    So I posted my BLOG.
    I made certain changes and additions to satisfy his concerns.
    Fuller is now, not the only BLOG.

    Further I pointed out how active my comments were, so if he got pressure
    or questions from HQ about the BLOG people backing out on him, he has 2
    BLOGGERS and many comments, and my point by point objection handling,
    blaming HQ for holding off until the middle of a work week to post and expect
    working people to “DROP EVERYTHING” and work for THEM, for FREE.

    Jeze, I know you and I know the feeling. 😉
    However, we each do it for ourselves, as well as others. 🙂

  77. 79 1george1

    Mayor Harkins was crazed threatening to call the police on me if I did
    not leave the room, before all of the councilors entered for Executive
    Session. He kept saying the same thing, which I could not understand as
    John Dempsey, speaking next to him, was speaking very loudly and I am
    hard of hearing.

    “If you do not leave the room, I will call the police,” is what Mayor Miron,
    oooops, I mean Mayor Harkins was saying? I honestly could not hear that.
    So I stepped out of the room. From the Hallway, I asked the same question?
    Mayor Harkins kept repeating “If you do not leave the room, I will call the
    police,” which I could hear as I was walking away …. He NOT genteel John!

    Maybe half the Town Councilors were in the room. Meeting hadn’t started.
    I had questions as to:
    1) how / why a $ 25 million rebonding authorization goes to $ 40 million?
    2) why the $ 40 million details were not not on the agenda, but a note
    …. for $ 25 million authorizations, with details to follow.
    3) why the 3 papers had a weird smell? It kinda smelt … f i s h y ? 😉 😦

    Earlier Chairman Malloy gave me a quick count on Public Forum.
    I tried to finish my sentence.
    Unlike Mike Costello and others he was rude to me, interupting me.
    I objected.
    He RUDELY told me SIT DOWN.
    I objected to his tone, but walked away.

    Magicly a uniformed police officer appeared.

    Paula’s husband was the next one called.
    – He believed I got a short count on speaking time.
    – He felt we should get more than 3 minutes
    – He agreed with my first amendment comments
    – He had his oen story about an elderly woman in tears who can’t afford
    taxes, which was confluent with my request for a TAX DECREASE!

    During his 3 minute Public Forum a 2nd uniformed police officer appeared.

    Next a woman spoke for the SCHOOLS. Chairman Malloy allowed them to
    cheer and carry on for a few minutes.

    During her 3 minute Public Forum a 3rd uniformed police officer appeared.

    Next an elderly man spoke about his problems paying taxes and how he was
    NOT the only SENIOR or person with those problems.

    When he finished, I stood and continued to applaud him after everyone
    stopped, making a counter point to Chairman Malloy’s BIAS.

    After the 3rd uniformed police office came to the back of the room, I did a
    control test to see their reaction? I walked down the hall out of their sight
    for about 2 minutes and came back. They did not move. That meant it was
    unlikely they intended to arrest me that night. (Exigent vs. Non Exigent)
    (Warranted vs. Unwarranted)

    Police Captain Joe McNeil show up, not only not in uniform but in a shiny
    blue shirt. Later I would talk to him, giving him my hand out, and asked if
    the shiney blue shirt was for a “Dancing With The Stars” guest appearance?

    Tactically, it was a huge mistake for Malloy / Harkins to bring the POLICE
    around, when there was ZERO cause and obvious PROVOCATION, especially
    after my Letter to the Editor, which mocked everyone, while educating the

    Some Public Forum speakers have spoken directly about issues I have raised
    to increase the PUBLIC’S awareness. It is rare that I do not have a couple
    people stop and thank me for speaking out … I ask them to do so … but …
    I get direct and indirect verification that my attempt to help steer back the
    Town are having an affect …
    – Slashing my tire and food/drink poison might be considered direct.
    – Defensive positions in BUDGET HEARINGS
    – Lower Tax increases than projected, though I was told last year the majority
    of Council, as many as 8, would decrease taxes …. I knew better.
    – Defensive positions on blogs.
    – Seepage into CT POST and STAR LETTERS.

    If they KILL me they make me a martyr and bring heat on them.
    If I have an accident or get attacked … I raised those issues about family
    and others.
    I intend to peacefully try to benefit people who are hurting and try to
    protect my friends and family and town. Que sera, sera.

    The FBI / JUSTICE / State Police are SCUM.

    It would be IRONIC if the MAFIA to FILE R.I.C.O. ACT and SHERMAN
    ANTI TRUST ACT law suits against the government for taking over and
    monopolizing their business.

    It would be IRONIC if the AMERICAN PEOPLE FILED a R.I.C.O. ACT and
    against the POLITICAL PARTIES for taking over and monopolizing their
    business, foreclosing homes, lost careers and stolen savings.

    It is not inconceiveable under the 9th AMENDMENT.

    I would hate to be the JUDGE who would be TASKED t throw out that case! 🙂

  78. 80 1george1

    The FBI / JUSTICE / State Police are SCUM.

    CORRECTION: I meant certain FBI / JUSTICE / State Police are SCUM.

  79. 81 phineast

    George…how do you know for sure what Harkins was really saying if you can’t hear???
    lip reading from the back of you head is a real talent… 😉

  80. 82 1george1

    Phin: George…how do you know for sure what Harkins
    was really saying if you can’t hear???

    GEO: I am hard of hearing … if one speaks up, or talks directly to me,
    or if someone else or ambient noise ceases, it increases my ability to
    hear. When John Dempsey, (who was in front of Harkins, almost directly
    in our path) stopped talking loudly to whomever he was talking to across
    the room, I could hear Mayor Harkins directly & complied stepping out of
    the room and asked my question again.
    Harkins repeated from maybe 10 feet away – I heard & walked away.

    Phin, if you would like to learn where to take remedial a reading course,
    I will be glad to try to find one for you. 😉

    I admit to the fat finger issues without spell check on the blog … 😦

  81. 83 jezebel282


    “I would think that at some point down the road she’s going to lose her job. Either by being fired for cause or the position is de-funded.”

    Sigh..where to begin?

    By the Town’s data (circa 2008), Stratford EMS should be responding to 5,000 calls per year and therefore conservatively generating revenue north of $2 million. That is something they’ve never done. The last “actuals” I could find were in the neighborhood of $1.6 million. American Medical Response (AMR), of course, picking up $600,000 worth of business here in Stratford. Old news.

    Typically when SEMS responds to a call, the billing will amount to $450-$1,200 (depending upon the circumstance) per call. If SEMS is getting 14 calls per day as they claim…that is a lot of money. Which probably explains why AMR is located in 21,000 towns & cities in 38 states.

    The problem is that SEMS relies heavily on volunteers. Those numbers are declining steadily. It is nearly impossible to find certified volunteers than can afford to donate more than part of a day per week. The process to become a volunteer is long, rigorous and expensive. It is not made any more attractive by an officious, ego driven administration. It probably doesn’t help much that one administrator is now suing another.

    Phil Onofrio, the new EMS Chief, certainly has his work cut out for him.

  82. 84 mikereynolds

    Which makes me wonder how she’s kept her job for this long?

    There is plenty of cause. I don’t understand why she’s had this job for so long.

  83. 85 1george1

    Note: The people from the Branyan Administration, who were
    not dumped by the Miron Administration?

    Note: The people from the Miron Administration, who were
    not dumped by the Harkins Administration?

    Note: who landed on their feet?

    Note: Where the Attorney Power Bases intersect or reach?

    Much like the video of the “INVISIBLE GORILLA”
    Most people had inattentional blindness or disorders… ie
    They can not see…. what is hidden in plain sight.

  84. 86 jezebel282


    “I don’t understand why she’s had this job for so long.”

    Really? Just move to Stratford, did you? Have you heard of the RTC or DTC?

  85. 87 mikereynolds

    Yeah I live here.

    Why would either town committee be helping her now?

  86. 88 jezebel282


    “Why would either town committee be helping her now?”

    The question was “why she’s had this job for so long”. How it will end is another matter. Obviously, the longer it drags on the worse it is for taxpayers and those who have to initiate a 911 call.


    Got names or positions? Except for Town Attorneys, I can’t think of any who did very well.

  87. 89 1george1

    1. Someone collects a Town pension and works at BoE.

    2. Someone else went from Town Manager, to C. A. O., almost
    doubling his salary and then moved to greener pastures.

    3. Someone retired with annuity, 401 (5 years) and gets a C.O.L.A. @ 65
    Then picked up a nice pt BoE gig. to keep 6 figure income

    4. Someone retired from the Town with a C.O.L.A. @ 65
    Not sure if she stayed retired or not.

    I like and respect # 2 + # 4.

    Don’t really know # 1

    # 3? > I have “extremely” mixed feelings over. In some ways I pity him
    even more than I pity the Mirons / Burturlas / Kellys / ETC. despite
    their SWAG and possibility they have gotten away with ……!

    NOT a MATTER of what you or I feel they deserve or don’t deserve.
    My perception is that events definitely BENEFITTED them over a probable
    long period of time.

  88. 90 jezebel282


    1-4 are a direct result of Miron inability to work with anyone who did not genuflect with all deliberate speed. None of the examples you speak of would exist but for the actions of Jim Miron. I can say specifically that 3 & 4 was solely Miron’s decision to buy his own way with our money.

    # 2 was summarily terminated by Miron without warning. Any other explanation is simply false.

    Finally, not a single one wanted anything at all to do with Miron.

  89. 91 1george1

    It was very, very much posting.

  90. 92 jezebel282



  91. 93 1george1

    You would NEVER believe that I have A L W A Y S known this:

    l e s s
    m o r e

  92. 94 jezebel282


    “SOMETIMES l e s s is m o r e”
    Perhaps, but I always prefer a subject, verb and object in a sentence.

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