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We have noticed a disturbing little trend lately. Our infamous former mayor has taken to writing the occasional letter to the editor and posting his comments on Stratford Patch ( While we still believe that anyone is entitled to express an opinion (even someone like Miron), it should be pointed out, and repeatedly, that this […]

It makes you feel kind of sad for the fine officers in Richmond, Virginia doesn’t it? But wait, John, don’t forget to take this with you. It might come in handy there too: Aside from all the smiling faces today at the PD (with a couple of notable exceptions) we are now short one Police […]

We have stated this in the body of other topics, but we feel it is necessary to stress the lack of any sort of plan to protect Stratford residents. By the end of this month there will be no Fire Chief in Stratford, no Police Chief and who knows who in charge of EMS. It […]