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A Load of Crap


What, we wonder, is going on here. Almost every year the sewer use “fee” (how is this not a tax?) has gone up. This year the Harkins Administration wants to raise it a whopping 23%. Of course this in addition to the tax hike the Council just passed. According to Harkins’ proposal, he is seeking […]

Medal of Merit


” Assistant Chief Thomas Murray was the on duty Shift Commander at the time the storm struck and responded to Lordship to assess the situation. Upon arrival to the area his size up found the situation on the ground in utter chaos. He found that despite the number of town officials also in the area […]

Budget Remorse


It seems that every Council person is running away from this budget and tax increase as fast as possible. Both those that voted for it and those that voted against it. The “for’s” claim that is it regrettable but they acted responsibly. The “against’s” claim that they had a better mystery plan. In the meantime, […]

PROPOSED DEMOCRATIC ADD-BACKS $10,000 – Restore Arts Commission $96,000 – Restore Highways Supt. $236,000 – Restore Library Funding $36,000 – Restore P/T Public Health Nurse $20,000 – Restore Parents Place $50,000 – Restore Clerk for Police $150,000 – Restore (3) Public Works employees $63,000 – Restore – Mechanic $50,000 – Tree Replacement/Removal $20,000 – Restore […]