A Load of Crap


Sewer Use "Fees"

What, we wonder, is going on here. Almost every year the sewer use “fee” (how is this not a tax?) has gone up. This year the Harkins Administration wants to raise it a whopping 23%. Of course this in addition to the tax hike the Council just passed. According to Harkins’ proposal, he is seeking more than a 400% increase in capital outlay (no details provided) as well as a payroll expense of $1.2 million for fifteen (yes, 15) employees. According to Geen Thazhampallath, Chief Administrative Officer for Harkins, surrounding Towns have higher rates than $280/year, therefore we should raise the rates too. Geen, have you gotten a look at our legal expenses? They are more than 300% than those of surrounding towns too. Maybe we should lower them or get other towns to pay their attorneys more? I honestly can’t remember the last time anyone use such twisted logic, especially considering our mill rate compared to other towns.

This vote is coming soon, so call your Councilperson and ask them why our rates have to go up. And while your at it, apply for a job at the WPCA. Obviously it pays really well.

First District
Christian M. Barnaby (R) 386-1506 cbarnaby@townofstratford.com
Second District
Stephanie D. Philips (D) 377-2119 sphilips@townofstratford.com
Third District
Matthew P. Catalano (R) 375-0265 mcatalano@townofstratford.com
Fourth District
Jason W. Santi (D) 522-4220 jsanti@townofstratford.com
Fifth District
John M. Dempsey (R) 520-9991 jdempsey@townofstratford.com
Sixth District
David Fuller (D) 378-4574 dfuller@townofstratford.com
Seventh District
Kimberly Meuse (D) 381-9266 kmeuse@townofstratford.com
Eighth District
James J. Connor, Jr. (R) 414-1688 jconnor@townofstratford.com
Ninth District
Thomas J. Malloy (R) 378-1688 tmalloy@townofstratford.com
Tenth District
Paul Hoydick (R) 378-9476 phoydick@townofstratford.com


38 Responses to “A Load of Crap”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Thank you, George, for being the only member of the public at the meeting.

  2. 2 1george1

    Thank you JEZE for your HIGHLY ETHICAL and INTELLIGENT concurrance.

    I guess Mrs. Meuse may have been on to something related those parts
    of who JEZE is and how JEZE can present JEZE?

    It my QUIXOTIC quest for Mayor, I made TRANSPARENCY among my KEY
    ISSUES. I even pointed out the political forces control content and
    STAGE EVENTS. Yet even convenient tastes of the truth ….

    Thanks to Matt Catalano and Mayor Harkins for placing MONTHLY EXPENSES
    on the WEB SITE. Yes, Sudds, the same Matt Catalano.
    Per my Letters to the Editor and Public forum comments and inquiries
    from his other Constituents, Mr. Catalano acted consistent with many
    people across his entire District.
    He wished I was less proactive.
    Matt did the right thing.
    John did the right thing.
    Sue Collier did and excellent job accurately posting monthly expenses.
    The O. T. became a self evident issue.
    The Web Budget Pension costs became a self evident issue.
    The Health Care costs became a self evident issue.
    An increasing number of people became aware, including this blog’s
    posters and readers. There are many within the system.

    Thanks to the REPORTING of John Kovach of the STAR and Chris Carroll
    of the PATCH, Stratford is actually getting quality news coverage which
    does not come from the Animal House ZOO’s Central Casting.

    It is too bad the CT POST, STAR, and BARD had not published PENSIONS
    and BASE PAYS 7 years ago, when the LIABILITIES were far less outrageous
    and could be better contained, properly managed, and easier to get back
    on track.

    Earlier today, I contacted each of the Town Councilors, Town Attorney,
    and the press, about my concerns.

    I do not believe everything is wholly transparent.
    If, if, IF I am correct, it gets a whole lot worse.
    There are very few man made / man caused problems not reversible!

    This included some interactive communication.

    My opinions are:
    The BUDGET is a MESS.
    > Gaming the system has turned into a PONZI SCHEME
    > The NUMBERS are unsustainable
    > It would be sooner than later, it would become self evident
    ADMINISTRATION and FINANCE and made huge mistakes.

    While I am one of the people pointing out problems, I am also the
    MITIGATOR and EXTENUATOR, towards solving problems.

    My INTENT is now, has been, and hopefully always be to protect
    lives and livelihoods.

  3. 3 1george1

    Ah … JEZE.
    My toilet does not contain the toilet contents as seen in the above.

    I was wondering where and how one could legally, ethically, and
    morally obtain such a golden goose type producer and “end line?”

  4. 4 jezebel282

    But back to the topic….

    I urge readers to examine the WPCA proposed budget: http://www.townofstratford.com/Upload/147/16273/28959/I%20-%20Pages%2070-73%20-%20WPCA.pdf

    It raises quite a few questions. The WPCA, in theory, is an “Enterprise” fund. Much like Stratford EMS, The Golf Course, the RR Parking lot, etc. Any “profit” is supposed to be returned to the General Fund. Yet of the $8.4 MILLION to be collected only 3% is returned to the General Fund. (God forbid it should be returned to us in the form of lower rates). Tell me again how this is not a tax?

    For example, on revenues that are 400% less ($1.8 million), Stratford EMS transferred more money back to the General Fund ($380,000 v. $260,000) than the WPCA.

    Something is wrong with this picture.

  5. 5 sudds

    OK… I’m still ticked-off by the town going to a “flat tax” (how can Mrs. Sudds and I possibly utilize this service as much as the family of five down the street???), but regardles… ummm… Whiskey — Tango — Foxtrot…

    Capital Outlay Contingency = $1,935,000 ($1,470,000 more than last year’s budget)
    Anticipated Expense = 600,000 (this line never existed before)
    Total “unexplained” = $2,535,000

    Total Budget = $10,944,339

    %age of Budget unexplained = 23.17%

    How can any sane human… (ok, I concede the point that most of our cuncilmembers are probably NOT sane, but anyway…) approve a budget where 23.17% of it is NOT explained???

  6. 6 sudds

    Additionally… once again whoever is preparing these budgets should be FIRED!!!

    People are complaining that proposed budget is 23% more than last year’s… but what about the current year’s project ACTUAL???

    This plan could EASILY reflect a 40+% increase of FY11 actual!!!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “This plan could EASILY reflect a 40+% increase of FY11 actual!!!”
    Thank you!

    I was a bit awestruck at the salary for 15 people. Is this a hand-sifted process?
    I’m not sure how one would go about justifying a $2 million “contingency” fund. There is either an obligation or not. It seems that the $1.8 million allocated in 2011 (this year’s budget) for an “upgrade” will require a “contingency” fund of $1.9 million next year?

    This is the part where taxpayers (oh sorry, “users”) require an explanation from our elected officials.

  8. 8 ronmoreau


    Town government never ceases to amaze me.
    Last week town Councilman were so sorry for raising taxes but they had no choice.( Uncontrollable line items. )
    This week, they bond $56 million, another bond for $7+ million and then propose to raise the ‘sewer use charge’ 23%.
    Ya, They’re sorry alright.
    The next chapter will involve bonding a large chunk of money for building of a public work complex.
    So much for the ‘bond debt’ line item, and giving Stratford taxpayers some relief from all the other increases, (haircuts,gas,food,etc.)
    They wonder why area restaurants are starving.
    The next council will then be so sorry for raising our taxes and blame it on this council.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “The next council will then be so sorry for raising our taxes and blame it on this council.”

    So whatever happened to that whole “accountability” thing that a mayor was supposed to have?

  10. 10 1george1

    I am accountable and responsible.
    I even put my name on blog posts.

    Last Budget Hearing and/or a few Public Forums ago, and a few
    WPCA Public Hearings … and most importantly on THIS BLOG, I
    remember posting, writing, and speaking about the SEWER TAX
    ADDING $ 5.4 million to the WEB Budget and comparing it to the
    1986 TOTAL SEWER INTEREST of $ 45,000.

    Monday night John Casey was a little sheepish in stating there was
    a $ 60 MILLION Bond for the WPCA Water Treatment Plant.

    OK – Maybe Sudds / Jeze did or did not factor? I dun know?

    Howver, Miron made sure the Water Treatment Plant was done Oct 2009,
    BEFORE the ELECTION …. Sure it is political …. But it got done.

    It is too bad SUDDS or JEZE can’t get friend to write a letter to the
    editor. The CT POST won’t print me.
    For some reason they don’t like it when I write about who they are
    in bed with and what they intend to do TO STRATFORD to RAISE

    My Street has 10 houses for SALE. 10!
    The street is only 1/2 mile long.

    There were at least 3 foreclosures as of last year.
    It has gotten marginally better for some.

    But I – 95 # 33 will increase crime.
    It always is HIGH near INTERSTATE entrances.

  11. 11 ronmoreau


    Don’t get me wrong. The Mayor is accountable. The council approves a budget. The Mayor doesn’t have to spend it all. The Mayor has the responsibility to spend our money wisely.
    I often wondered what happens to ‘left over’ money from a bonded project? Is it used to payoff part of the original bond? Or is it Play money?

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “But I – 95 # 33 will increase crime.”
    What’s left that the politicians & lawyers haven’t already stolen?

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “The Mayor is accountable. The council approves a budget.”
    Don’t get me wrong either, it is Mayor Harkins that is proposing this increase and is responsible for the accounting and spending. With his 6-4 majority on the council, where else does the accountability lie?

    We need a public explanation of this inexplicable budget.

  14. 14 ronmoreau



  15. 15 1george1


  16. 16 jezebel282


    “once again whoever is preparing these budgets should be FIRED!!!”

    Now, now. Obviously, you have experience creating balance sheets, P&L statements and budgets. You may even be able to calculate return on investment, operating costs, EBITDA or even cash flow. None of these apply in Stratford. The CFO is not required to be a CPA, have a graduate degree (in anything) or have completed any specialized training. There is only one verbal exam for a political appointee in Stratford:

    Q: How much is 2+2?
    A: How much would you like it to be?

  17. 17 sudds


    First off… always remember that Accounting is an ART… NOT a science!!!

    Secondly… how can anyone make an informed decision without information???

    It astonishes me that our mayor chose to use the “if Shelton jumped off a bridge” argument over facts… and what’s worse is that our Council is (once again) going to rubber stamp it through!!!

  18. 18 1george1

    Ron, Jeze, & Sudds:
    These should all be in:
    Statford Star
    CT Post
    Stratford Patch

    May 9 > Town Council authorized Bait & Switch $ 25 m to $ 40 million
    My 23 > T C authorized $ 7.1 m pre-authorized added to $ 56 m = $ 63 million

    That is $ 103 million
    In this economy?

    Last year T C added 3.3 mils = $ 14.74 m NEEDED for covering PENSIONS.
    This year, same T C never discussed adding $$ for covering PENSIONS.

    Remarkable coincidence last minute BAIT & SWITCH $ 25 m to $ 40 m,
    is a $ 15 million addition?

    Last year needed $ 14.74 million
    Rhis year added bond $ 15 million

    PENSIONS did go up including Dan Ross in the $ 110,000 a year range.
    What was his Base Salary?
    Weren’t his father Tony Ross & close friend Dick Miron on 1990s T Cs
    just before the DEFINED BENEFIT was created in 1996?

    Wasn’t that the conveniet cut offdate for Police DBP, including McNeil?

    Elvis is in the House:
    That was my theme song
    Now it is Stratford politicos and Defined Benefit Pensioners

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “These should all be in:
    Statford Star
    CT Post
    Stratford Patch”

    That would require a little investigatory journalism. Well, ok, maybe a couple of mouse clicks. You don’t find this stuff on press releases, you know.

    (To his credit, Chris Carroll of the Patch did put out the fact that it was tabled because of a faulty notice.)

  20. 20 1george1

    stratfordcharter.wordpress JZEBEL MAY 26, 2011
    To his credit, Chris Carroll of the Patch
    did put out the fact that it was tabled
    because of a faulty notice.)

    (Jeze, Sudds, & Ron posing dynamic questions related
    to stories on PATCH & STAR about Stratford Town,
    BoE, WPCA, Bonding, Sewer Tax, etc)

    GEO = AGREED with the above posts.
    Credit to Mr. Carroll & Mr. Kovach & others as noted
    JEZE, please note & confirm with Mr. Carroll & Mr. Kovach & others

    1 – The $ 25 to $ 40 million, was NOT TABLED for same REASON.
    A – NO ONE raised the FOI ISSUE.
    B – It was Jason Santi who asked for PAPER WORK Sue Collier
    said was sent to the T C on Friday (proper notice) but was
    holding in her hand, the copies to pass out to the T C.

    2 – With the $ 280 to $ 345 Sewer Tax increase w/o notice!
    A – It was Jason Santi who asked for PAPER WORK on $ 280 to $345
    since his paperwork and that on the Podium for Public Speakers,
    both said it was $ 280. It was in the paper as $ 280
    B – It was Paul Hoydic who asked when / where they were going
    from $ 280 to $ 345
    C – It was Matt Catalano who asked when / where they were going
    from $ 280 to $ 345, since last year they were assured the $ 280
    would be enough.

    At brief recess, I politely argued with Esq. Florek about FOI Violation,
    which Florek stated was NOT an ISSUE.
    GEEN could hear both of us.
    I turned and glared at GEEN.
    GEEN knows the LAW. GEEN knows I had caught them. Geen is decent
    person. GEEN knew this was NOT going to be contained, especially
    with John Kovach & Chris Carroll in the audience.
    (Does CT. POST publish ANY Stratford news, except from
    MAYOR, Education, Police, Fire, EMS, other official agencies?)

    Who believes that IF I was NOT there

    and IF I had NOT raised FOI LAW
    related to 72 hours Public Notice

    that there was an FOI delay?

    I am having problems accessing the STAR ONLINE
    so I can’t know what John Kovach reported
    and John has to hold back certain ONLINE news,
    because Thursday PRINT edition.

    I 100 % AGREE Chris Carroll deserve credit given
    for making issues known ON LINE!!

    I post this NOT for a PAT on the back.
    I post this that if ED HARGUS were ALIVE and if others
    were involved and knowledgeable at Town Council Meetings,
    this CARP is less likely to have happened
    and been happening.

    I spent ALL TUESDAY morning emailing back and forth with Mr.
    Carroll and some to Mr. Kovach, Q & A about these issues, as
    1 – They (Mr. Carroll) could not hear everything
    2 – They asked for some clarification or added information
    3 – I have been involved w Stratford longer than either John or Chris
    so there were certain background questions.

    I blog this to explain:
    Public oversight can make a difference.
    If we had 20 people like me, Hargus, Buda/Burke, Rimkunis, Mihaley,
    Ciuchuk, and others who do not roll over and comment from electronic
    blinds, but actively got involved and SPOKE to POWER ….
    Would it or would it not, likely, make for an improved Stratford?

    Credit belongs to Mr. Carroll, Mr. Kovach, Jason, Paul, Matt, Geen,
    and others about the delay on the $ 280 to $ 345.

    Meanwhile the Town Council authorized BONDIND $ 103 MILLION
    $ 56 M = Schools
    $ 7.1 M = supposedly pre authorized Bond
    $ 40 M = ReBOND = highly questionable?

    I suspect the bean counters want $ 103 MILLION to invest in the
    STOCK MARKET when it CRASHES sometime after JULY 1 to maybe OCT?

  21. 21 ronmoreau


    “May 9 > Town Council authorized Bait & Switch $ 25 m to $ 40 million”

    What’s that all about George?

  22. 22 ronmoreau


    I’m asking about the $25 million.

  23. 23 1george1

    Note on agenda May 9
    $ 25 million to rebond. “Details to follow.”

    Ergo – Ron I am not in position to answer your question.
    You can get email attachment from Sue Collier.
    You can discuss with her, Geen, Esq. Bishop or district councilor.
    You can get legal questions answered by Bishop or Florek.
    They are the respective experts.
    What I did see and hear was highly suspicious.
    What I know from Budgets and Pensions …. ?

    Here is what I can write:
    Last minute, at end of the meeting, Geen stated new number = $ 40 million.
    Sue Collier then came up to podium
    Jason Santi asked for documents details on Bonding? He had nothing!
    Tom Malloy was chanting “save money.”
    Sue said she sent the document details on Friday.

    Sue happened to have copies for everyone in her hand.
    I have a copy.

    I do not have my copy handy.
    I am not comfortable explaining the details so as to NOT misrepresent
    legal, financial, situations.

    No one asked questions
    Attorneys did not explain paragraph by paragraph,
    which they do page by page in refinance or closings.
    > Each page is normally initialled, in private finances.

    Since no one asked questions and no one explained anything,
    I am not going to answer your specific question.

    No one requested to TABLE.

    If I remember corectly, the VOTE was taken within 10 minutes of
    the DETAILS being passed out.

    It looked FISHY
    It smelled FISHY
    Certain people acted FISHY (Ashamed rather than Proud)

  24. 24 ronmoreau


    The only thing I’ve got so far, the $25 million was a refinance of past bond notes to save money on the interest. Details? If that is the case, does the original purpose for bonding the moneys go away? If so, doesn’t that sound like money laundering?

    Tacking on another $15 million for General Principles is another story. Kind of like increasing our ‘sewer use charge’ by 23 % for the same reason.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “The only thing I’ve got so far, the $25 million was a refinance of past bond notes to save money on the interest.”

    Well the first question is what is the amount of the original bond issue followed closely by how much was paid off and then you can ask how much was refinanced (the whole thing?) and at what “large” savings?

    “Tacking on another $15 million for General Principles is another story”
    What? How many general principles are we building? WTF does that mean? We have $15 million left on the credit card so let’s buy something?

    Who the hell is watching this (besides George)?

  26. 26 1george1

    Thank You.

    Chairman Malloy was repeatedly saying “SAVE MONEY.”
    We agree!
    I am not against rebonding existing Bonds at a lower rate.

    They claimed there was:
    A way to save $ 800,000 annually from $ 9.1 million annual pay off
    of the 20 year $ 95 million PENSION BOND of 1998

    > They did this LAST YEAR to other existing BONDS.
    > However they said they could NOT do it with this $ 15,000,000
    BECAUSE the MATURITY DATE had not yet occurred?

    That is if I heard them correctly?



    I do not have a DEGREE in FINANCE.
    Yet that sounds like NEW BONDS, being called REBOND.
    If it is NEW BOND,
    then it ADDS,
    to the TOTAL BOND DEBT.

    > 3.3 Mils increase last year.
    > .83 Mil increase this year.

    > They Publicly stated MOST of last year’s increase was to be eaten up
    BY PENSION OBLIGATION, which was about $ 17.4 Million Annually!
    >This YEAR they NEVER discussed NEEDED MONEY to go to PENSIONS.
    I know the PENSIONS are a minimum of $ 18.6 Million Annually since they
    were about $ 18.4 from Jan, with 3 not included who retired in JAN,
    including Dan Ross, about $ 110,000 annually.

    1 Mil went from $ 4.5 to $ 4.4 Million, due to economy shrinking
    the Grand List.

    3.3 Mils last year @ $ 4.4 million = 13.4 + 1.34 = 14.74 Million

    Is it coincidental they needed $ 14.74 Million because of the PENSIONS
    and the tried to slip by $ 15 Million this year?

    Sudds, Jeze, Ron:
    $ 14.74 Million compared to
    $ 15.00 Million

    What does that look and smell like?

  27. 27 1george1

    I miss your new graphics and comments.

    I miss the other bloggers, even though most insult me.
    I read between the lines.

    There is a great sadness …

    And the above graphic and comments best describes …..

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “I miss your new graphics and comments.”
    Did you pay your subscription fee? 😉

    Sometimes things are just slow. Unlike for-profit sites (sigh…) there is no obligation to publish something every day. We are never going to publish police blotters, weather reports, horoscopes or structure fires.

    The Town (actually our CFO) has not published the approved budget yet. Hopefully, we will get to look at it before we get the bill in July. But, maybe not. You just never know. Maybe they’ll just include a note that says, “Trust me.” *

    The Bests have filed their suit against the Town, Harkins, Onofrio and everyone else they don’t like. (How did they miss Gavin?) But that could take years to resolve;

    Miron continues his campaign on the Patch to convince voters that he is a normal person. But that is just tiresome. Once a sociopath….

    * Q: How does a politician say “F*%k you”?
    A: “Trust me.”

  29. 29 mikereynolds

    Would it be safe to say that when this suit is either thrown out or adjudicated against the Best’s that they will be officially done in this town?

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “Would it be safe to say that when this suit is either thrown out or adjudicated against the Best’s that they will be officially done in this town?”

    Depends on what you mean. I would say they are pretty much done now except for Ms. Best’s paycheck.

  31. 31 mikereynolds

    I would think that at some point down the road she’s going to lose her job. Either by being fired for cause or the position is de-funded.

  32. 32 1george1

    “Double bubble, toil and trouble ….”

    The bubbling cauldron which (witch?) is Stratford politics
    has seething undercurrents, convoluted subplots, and
    (undertatement) strange bed fellows.

    There are limits and perils when taboos are breached.

    Apollo gifted then cursed Cassandra.

    Is the cursed talisman of the Monkey’s Claw
    about to be reified?

  33. 33 jezebel282


    The Council will hold a hearing on Monday, 13 June at 6:15 PM (at Town Hall) to decide whether or not to raise our sewer use “fees”…again.

    The only explanation for the hike seems to be that we pay less than, say, Milford.

    I knew our crap didn’t stink as much as Milford’s!

  34. 34 1george1

    Patch comment indicated some people want to sell LBW for PENSION FUNDING

    Rumor indicates there are plans to sell WATER POLLUTION PLANT for FINDERS FEES, COMMISSIONS, PENSION FUNDING, and general fund.

    Rumor $ 15 million added May 9 Bonding earmarked to replace the 3.3 Mil increase
    of $ 14.74 Million last year for PENSION SHORT FALL.

    Rumor CAPITAL is being RAiSED for ALL IN, if Stock Market crashes to 7,000.

    Desparate people will do desparate things. People know they are facing jail.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “People know they are facing jail.”

    Nobody is facing jail. Nobody is going to initiate a forensic audit. Nobody is going to launch an investigation into anything. No pensions will be clawed back. None of that. As long as politicians are in complete control of the Town’s operations it just won’t happen.

    If you need an example just take Richard Miron, the former Democratic Registrar of Voters, DTC member and convicted felon. He stole $80+K from scores of bereaved families yet was allowed to keep his registrar position. His only “punishment”? Not much. He was forced to make restitution over a 1 year period (essentially receiving an interest free loan from the families) and 5 years of probation. Not a penny in fines and not a single minute in jail.

  36. 36 1george1

    Tick tock

  37. 37 jezebel282


    The Water Pollution Control Authority wisely rejected the 23% increase in “fees” requested by the Harkins Administration. The Authority is comprised of every member of the Town Council.

    That is pretty unusual for an Enterprise fund.

    Nonetheless, thank you to the Authority members( well, most of them) who rejected the reasoning that our rates should go up because they were somewhat lower than surrounding Towns. If only that applied to our mill rate……

  38. 38 1george1

    Jeze – glad you are echoing my sentiments and prime position.
    I claim our Mil Rate should be 20 and documented same!

    Posted elsewhere, jst before seeing this above post.
    Volunteering to move it on my own. 🙂

    I was only one to speak May 23 about the $ 280 Sewer Fee.
    To give proper credit, it was Jason Santi (of all people) who
    woke up his fellow Town Councilors about lack of info on
    the request to raise Sewer Fee to $ 345.

    The council recessed to discuss surprize.
    I got into 20 foot discussion with Florek about F. O. I. and
    the BAIT & SWITCH. Florek claimed no F.O.I. violation.
    C. A. O. GEEN heard the discussion.
    Expression on his face “Aw S***, we got caught.”

    He discussed with Florek during recess.

    When meeting started again … Geen recommended against
    having the vote because the $ 280 was what was posted and
    the Public (me) spoke about the $ 280 and not the $ 345, and
    if $ 345 was posted, there might be more speakers.

    EVERY ONCE in a WHILE I win one and we win one.

    Last night about 9 people spoke against the increase.
    It included a couple of Senior Citizens, whose fears and
    frustrations touched all 8 Town Councilors present and
    chaired by Chris Barnaby, a decent young man who actually
    believes Kevin Kelly (so far)
    (Malloy & Conners were absent for the night)
    Meeting started with Barnaby, Catalano, Philips and Fuller
    present. Meuse walked in as it was starting.
    Santi, Dempsey and Hoydic straggled in.
    I think the vote was 8-0 against any increease.

    With Malloy and Connors out, SUDDS buddy Catalano chaired
    the regular Town Council Meeting

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