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Driving on Main Street yesterday we happened to notice a different fire truck parked outside Fire Headquarters. This one said “Waterbury” on the side. It occurred to us that the Town may be nearing the end of it’s rental options. Are we already up to the “W’s”? We’ve seen fire equipment from Bridgeport, Milford, Shelton […]

Now that we have a new Stratford Emergency Medical Service Chief and a deputy chief (assistant chief? administrator?) for a mere $190,000 the Town is now looking for a supervisor of Emergency Dispatch. HR Posting. Excuse me, weren’t we told that Chief Onofrio’s salary of $100,000 (plus benefits) was supposed to include supervising Dispatch? Dispatch, […]

Job Posting: Chief, Stratford Fire Department Yet again, Mayor Harkins is bypassing the Town’s Human Resources Department and hiring CBG Strategies to conduct a “search” for a new Fire Chief. How much will this one cost? $10,000? $20,000? We can see why Harkins asked for $100K+ in his proposed budget for “employee recruitment”. If only […]