More Supervisors!


Don't worry, it's only tax money.

Now that we have a new Stratford Emergency Medical Service Chief and a deputy chief (assistant chief? administrator?) for a mere $190,000 the Town is now looking for a supervisor of Emergency Dispatch. HR Posting.

Excuse me, weren’t we told that Chief Onofrio’s salary of $100,000 (plus benefits) was supposed to include supervising Dispatch? Dispatch, by the way, is still understaffed and the overtime spigot has never been turned off. Why can’t they keep dispatchers? Not enough supervisors?

Don’t you hate it when the lies are really obvious? I wonder how far along CBG Associates is in their billing to us. Maybe they can fit in one more lucrative search.


24 Responses to “More Supervisors!”

  1. 1 1george1

    Obvious lies? In Stratford? In politics?

    I wonder whose relative needs an over paid job with obscene benefits?

    Too bad Stratford Tax Payers choose/chose to move out of town…

    Land of the Free
    (How much longer)

    Home of the Brave
    (Love our service men!
    US people have physical courage
    and lack moral courage!)

  2. 2 1george1

    1) The passed BUDGET does NOT include money for an EMS Dispatcher.

    2) Will Mayor circumvent the Town Council and Town Charter again?

    3) Are the political parties simply looking at another former surplus to the
    General Fund, to help further drain Stratford Budget and steer money who
    can kick back (directly) to the political party donation or (indirectly) to those
    in Town Committees, whose businesses do:

    … A) Taxes

    … B) Financial planning

    … C) Close real estate sales (every closing needs 2 lawyers)

    … D) Architecture

    … E) Energy Banking & Lending

    … F) Broke Home / Business sales

    … G) Banking & Lending

    … H) Heavy construction for infrastructure

    … I) Various construction for Building / Remodeling

    … J) Communications: voice, data, VOiP, line runs, wireless, networking,
    ……..Software, Hardware, Peripherals, etc

    … K) Transportation

    … L) Labor, Labor Relations – Employee / Union / Contractors

    … M) Media – Do advertisers get preferred treatment?

    …N) Insider Trading…. oops I mean investing.

    … O) Organized crime like: Gambino, Columbo, Republic-ants, Demon-c-rats

    … P) Public Treasury usage / steering

    … Q) Quid pro Quo

    … R) Remediation / Environmental

    … S) S. O. P. by the S. O. B. of the G. O. P. / D. O. P. es – for the GDP morlocks

    … T) Tax and spend

    … U) U are paying for the corruption

    … V) Vampire politics & Voodoo economics

    … W) you get the idea — and THIS is the BEST SYSTEM?

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “The passed BUDGET does NOT include money for an EMS Dispatcher.”
    The approved budget has still not been posted yet. How are citizens supposed to know what they are paying for? Is this the only little surprise that awaits us?

    “Too bad Stratford Tax Payers choose/chose to move out of town…”
    We have had six years of a “strong” mayor form of government and on balance most voters I speak with are, at a minimum, not impressed. In fact, if the housing market were anywhere near normal Stratford might lose 20-30% of its current residents. Businesses have already made that decision.

  4. 4 1george1

    I believe the Town + BoE Final Budgets do not get published
    until after July 1, in part due to last minute State + Federal
    changes. Plus they can move cost to the next Budget Year.
    > Investigating past Budgets, the Library Research Department
    told me a couple years ago that if I found a PRINTED BoE final
    Budget, to let them know, since none was done previously.
    > I bought that to the attention of C.A.O.Branyan and Budget Hearing
    Chair Gavin Forrester. We now have PRINTED BoE final Budget
    > Reorganized Library has moved past Budgets down stairs and
    closer to the Dumpster or probable Water Damage, if I am correct
    about the INTEGRITY or LACK thereof of TOWN HALL record keeping
    of the BIPARTISANS who appear to squabble, yet manage to divvy up
    the SPOILS with the SAME people getting the BIG BUCKS.
    > Rmarkable co-winky dink?

    If the Mayor and Administration do circumvent the Town Charter,
    is it likely or unlikely they do so, in order to cause an excuse for
    another Charter Revision Commission?
    > The Town Charter is like the Town Constitution, where the political
    parties love making excuses to keep manipulating the rules for their
    own benefit, while claiming they want to improve things.
    > Is my assessment accurate or unfair?

    1) They & parties control lawyers who
    – A) Interpret the Charter
    – B) Have to approve any Referendum issues by Council
    – C) Have to approve any Referendum issues by Charter Revision Commission
    – D) Have to approve any Referendum issues by

    2) The parties control the Registrar who control
    – A) Voters records of who supposely lives where + can vote
    – B) Hiring + oversight of monitors
    – C) Election / Referendum

    3) The parties control the nomination process which controls who gets elected
    – A) Mayor hires, appoints, and promotes some
    – B) Contracted School superintendent hires, appoints, and promotes some
    – C) Zoning & Z Board Appeals which controls development
    – D) Police do or don’t do selective investigation as directed politically.


  5. 5 jezebel282

    At some point someone has to wonder why we do not use CMED for Fire & EMS. Dispatch currently costs us $735,000 and the last estimate for using CMED was 1/7th of that. CMED charges us a flat fee. They do not charge us for OT or benefits.

    Obviously even at $735,000 we cannot retain dispatchers.

  6. 6 1george1

    Outsourcing to replace jobs of police & fire?

    I would much rather proper management and legit costing.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “Outsourcing to replace jobs of police & fire?”

    Nope. Not all at. None of the dispatchers are police or firefighters. CMED is responsible for Southwestern CT anyway. The State of Connecticut requires each Town to support CMED (with money). So we are paying for it but not using it. On the other hand, the difficulty in keeping dispatchers has been a problem for years now and we continue to hemorrhage cash.

  8. 8 1george1

    Jeze, when I am elected Mayor, I want to offer you the constituent liaison
    position for the Mayor, Town Council, and Board or Ed. (or is it bored of ed?)

    While it is possible we could mess things up as bad as the present & past
    talking heads, the residents, business, workers, and media would at least
    know what is honestly happening and not happening.

    I am going for the ZZ TOP or Adams Family cousin IT look.

    I have a feather and whatever else doonesbury had for the poopy bush
    look, lined up for you.

    We can make Mike Reynolds the Golf Pro ….
    if he promises to wear the t-shirt “What? Me Worry?”

    All the Town Councilors will wear ski masks, except the council chair
    who gets the Tory Wig look …. most impressive.
    Especially with all that talcum powder, left over from a former Mayoral aid?

    The Bored of Ed will have to wear an eye patch and a black bandana around
    their head. The board chain gets the pirate parrot for his shoulder.

    We can change the town motto to that of the late WWE Wrestler Eddie Guerro
    “I lie, I cheat, I steal ….come to stratford, whar we kin makes da deal”

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “I want to offer you the constituent liaison position”
    Ummm…isn’t that what a mayor gets paid for? Don’t Council members volunteer to do that for free?

    None of this is particularly difficult or unknown. Most municipal actions are governed by regulation, statute and contract. It is not as if there is investment in new products, acquiring capital, developing markets, meeting production schedules, resource management or trying to squeeze out a profit. Even the consequences are different. If a business screws it up, most of the time it disappears along with it’s jobs and investment. Government never disappears. It just raises taxes.

    This whole idea that we were sold of a “strong” mayor who would be “accountable” is just not true. The only “accountability’ that comes is once every four years, as James R. Miron discovered. In the meantime a lot of damage can occur and there is little or nothing a citizen can do.

  10. 10 phineast

    Jez-there is quite a financial history between Stfd and Cmed, as well as other types of history….you might want to check on it-and reserve or rethink an opinion …..check it out.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “there is quite a financial history between Stfd and Cmed”

    I have no doubt. There is quite a history with the management of Stratford EMS and a LOT of organizations. Some of it bordering on the insane.

    In any event, there are chronic staffing problems at Dispatch. New dispatchers either quit or are terminated in a very short time. It is obvious that something is wrong.

    What is particularly offensive (and the point of this topic) is being told that the highest salary in Stratford for a chief is justified because the position will be responsible for supervising Dispatch and not 60 days later searching for a Dispatch supervisor.

    By all accounts, morale at SEMS has improved under Chief Onofrio and we hope that continues. However, someone misrepresented the case (You know, “Lied”.) and that is outrageous.

  12. 12 1george1


  13. 13 1george1

    It appears one of my comments disappeared or was moved.
    I had a problem logging on.
    My Internet browser needed to be updated.

    I teasingly offered Jeze to be my “constituent liaison.”
    I was completely kidding.

    Jeze, when I am elected Mayor, I want to offer you the constituent liaison
    position for the Mayor, Town Council, and Board or Ed. (or is it bored of ed?)

    1 – I will NEVER be elected MAYOR.

    2 – SKI MASKS for Town Councilors and Talcum WHIG for Chairman?

    3 – Pirate eye patches and babuskas / hair cloth for Board Of Ed and
    Parrot (instead of gavel?) for BoE Chair?

    4 – Mike Reynolds doing A N Y T H I N G, I suggest?

    There were a couple of others.

  14. “What is particularly offensive (and the point of this topic) is being told that the highest salary in Stratford for a chief is justified because the position will be responsible for supervising Dispatch and not 60 days later searching for a Dispatch supervisor.”

    You’re forgetting that the new Director of EMS and Dispatch is the *Director*. He’s responsible for the overall operations of both places. He can’t be at both places watching over everyone and doing scheduling and payroll and quality assurance all the time. That’s where a Dispatch Supervisor will come in. They have had virtually no supervision on a day-to-day basis and I have heard they handle all their own payroll stuff. Someone has the be there working with them to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

  15. 15 phineast

    For almost 35 years Stratford EMS has done a damn good job-their best work being when it was a completely UNPAID VOLUNTEER organization under the auspice of the Police Department and supervised by LT. Bredice. Once there was a PAID non police supervisor, that is when things began to go awry and THEN you get to throw the local politico’s into the mix and it has really f’d the organization up. I have the greatest appreciation for the volunteer EMT’s that graciously donate their time and skills to the citzens of the town-I don’t appreciate those that volunteer and expect a form of pay back by the politicians or anyone else-that is not volunteering it is extortion in my opinion…..those are the individuals that have tainted EMS and of course there is the little problem of supervisory issues…
    Then you come to the DISPATCHERS—-again another group of people that were originally police officers….supervised by hmmm….ahhh the chief of police. Ran very well that way…then some fool thought they would be saving the town money to put civilians in…we have had some excellent civilian dispatchers over the years BUT we have had far more that were in my humble opinion, incompetent. Now we have a gazillion dollar dispatch center with virtually no supervision and it is my understanding major staffing problems as well-and we have a gazillion dollar EMS facility with too many supervisors that have yet to demonstrate they are barely adequate. Then of course we have the mega gazillion dollar fire house that hasn’t had competency in it’s chief’s office since Cybart. And we have a police Department whose building is coming apart who hasn’t had a decent chief since ACTING Chief Bill Milne.
    It is time-long past time-that the residents of Stratford actually GET what they are PAYING for. ——The voters are really upset and frustrated by what they are seeing—we know the democrats in town are awful, and the paralyzation of the republicans is making an independent candidate for every office look good–and Heaven knows what would happen if Dom comes back thinking the 3rd time is the charm……for pete’s sake guys-get your Sh!t together and really accomplish something!! We The Taxpayers Are Sick of Waiting and more import we are SICK OF PAYING FOR INCOMPETENCE.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “He can’t be at both places watching over everyone and doing scheduling and payroll and quality assurance all the time.”

    Are we talking about how this was presented to the Town or the efficiency of the system? I don’t recall anyone from SVEMS or the administration mentioning that the Chief of EMS will be the highest paid Department Chief because the position will supervise Dispatch after we hire a Dispatch Supervisor.

    It is this practice of saying one thing and then doing something completely different that continues to erode this Town. It would have been more ethical to say, ” This is the best guy we could find for the job and $100K was what was negotiated.” instead of putting out a fairy tale.

    [I understand that there is a “wall” between the Town budget and BOE budget, but every single assistant principal and principal earns at least $100K/year. I have no problem whatsoever with the Police, Fire and EMS chiefs earning at least as much as an assistant principal.]

    As for efficiency, well, that’s a whole ‘nother issue. At any given time there are probably more dispatchers on duty than EMT’s or Paramedics. (Remember, $600,000 worth of calls went to AMR and other mutual aid service in one year). Dispatch is less than one hundred yards from EMS as well. But even given that, there are four Assistant Fire Chiefs and an Acting Fire Chief down the hall from Dispatch, not to mention a variety of lieutenants.

    Who would you put in charge of Dispatch? EMS or Fire?

    As for “they have had virtually no supervision on a day-to-day basis and I have heard they handle all their own payroll stuff.”, that sounds as if someone in HR just simply wasn’t doing his job. It’s like saying, “Here, take my checkbook and just fill in the amount you want.” In this Town, that obviously deserves a raise.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “It is time-long past time-that the residents of Stratford actually GET what they are PAYING for.”


  18. 18 1george1

    Phin’s, Bajingo’s, and Jeze’s comments would be very interesting
    if posted on the PATCH, which is read by some of the general
    population. Those posted, are not “my” facts, nor opinions.

    They would be equally interesting in upto 250 words to the CT POST
    or NEW HAVEN REGISTER & upto 500 words in STRATFORD STAR.

    Yet, it appear the bloggers appear to stay below the radar, rather
    than inform the PUBLIC. I can understand that.

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “Yet, it appear the bloggers appear to stay below the radar, rather
    than inform the PUBLIC. I can understand that.”

    Once more, The Post, Star, Patch, Register et al have no legal requirement to publish anyone’s letter whether it has a name or not.

    Neither do I. I just do it because I believe opinions are valuable.

    Obviously, on the Patch you may call someone a “jerk” but you can’t call them a “Moron”. That is their choice and theirs alone.

  20. 20 1george1

    I was able to post on the PATCH, by manipulating their system.
    I asked what happened to your post?
    > i point out i used it to back door post to their viewers.
    – You make not like that.
    > I pointed out a few flaws in the Arguments of
    – Jim Miron
    – Lou DeCilio
    – You make like those.
    > I pointed out a few flaws in the Harkins Administration.
    – You make like those.
    I may go to “my” blog line and post past letters to the Editor,
    which the Star or Post, already Published.
    – Some redundancy – Yet it raises recent & ongoing issues,
    which for the most part, you and I appear to be in agreement
    as NOT being in the PUBLIC INTEREST.
    Congratulations on your EMS success (except Stratford)
    – Why not post the catch-22 / oxymoronic situation you have
    encountered, as it relates to EMS?
    – I would love to read more comments from EMS volunteers,
    who post with dispassionate passion of those things they have
    witnessed and within their specific expertise and interest.
    It is a matter of time, when I will need their services.
    > I wonder if they could make those weight lifter anti-hernia belts
    to be standard issue, if and when they encounter heavy weight
    or super heavy weight patients, such as myself?
    I am pretty sure:
    1 – Calzone would do his best to save me
    2 – Jon would do his best to save me
    3 – Gavin would let me die.

    If any past Town Councilor or party committee member
    (with a couple exceptions) ……

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “3 – Gavin would let me die.”

    That is absolutely not true. And I’m pretty sure Gavin would be greatly offended by that. Gavin Forrester holds a license as an Advanced EMT. I am quite certain he would perform at his finest if you needed emergency care. Whatever you say about Gavin and his other activities (and I’m sure it would be plenty) while he is donating his time to the Town as an AEMT he is performing the most vital service to Stratford citizens. Sometimes it is that simple.

    Personally, I would be relieved if Gavin showed up when any member of my family or friend called EMS.

  22. 22 1george1

    BOB CALZONE + GAVIN + at least 2 others.
    GAVIN had the base of “HEAVY LIFTING”
    I went from 370 Monday to 359 Friday
    I do not recommend the diet.

    They took me from MED NOW to ST V Emergency.
    I would not left Bob treat me to protect him.
    I did not want waters muddied

    I believe I was poisoned
    1) Dec 4 – start of beard
    2) Sept 12 –

    I strongly suspect both were related to Fire Truck sales.
    Monday Council Bond another $ 480,000 for possible $ 250,000 truck?

    Sept 13 – 2 am symptoms of food poisoning / arsenic poisoning
    were a perfect match and ST V Residents agree.
    Watery runs – Semi Comatose – deminished mental ability
    Sept 14 – 2 am – I fell
    6 am I was able to mentally orient to crawl to toilet to lift myself up
    Went to bed
    8 am I fell
    9 am I was able to crawl to toilet to raise myself up.

    I NEVER take more than 1 Bayer Back & Body a day.
    I was taking 2 B B & B about every 2 hours or whenever regain
    consciousness / go to bath room.

    Was able to take bath Wed & Thurs.

    Friday bed was soaked near left leg.
    I discovered water blister.

    Friday went to MED NOW.
    Left leg shin Blister infected.
    They called EMS

    TOXICOLOGY REPORT needs PEE / BLOOD Sample within
    24 hours of poisoning.
    > However first 28 + hours my mental capacity was diminished
    and fluid was consistently evacuating my system.

    I now have a huge paper & electronic trail through many, many
    people in several fields

    and Developers / wanna bees = have motive to murder me.

    Significant damage done to me on several fronts.
    I have tried to protect lives and livelihoods.
    Things could be different and more prosperous for everyone.
    The richer the people are, the more politicians can steal.

    NIXON liked ST BART’S prayer:

    “Though I am wounded
    I am NOT slain
    for I SHALL R I S E
    to FIGHT (strive) A G A I N.”

    -Moved to:

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Welcome back!

    “3 – Gavin would let me die.”
    Obviously, you were wrong on that one weren’t you?

    “I believe I was poisoned”
    Of course you do. Anyone else would have gone with cellulitis or perhaps hypovolemia. (Look it up. I know you have access to Wikipedia, the source of all blog knowledge.)

  24. 24 mikereynolds

    There are so many things I could say. 🙂

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