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“On Wednesday, leaders of two prominent Tea Party groups, Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation, and Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots called for Boehner to be replaced in light of his bill. “Now Boehner is in the process of surrendering again. He is surrendering not to [President] Obama, but to the status quo […]

It is mid-summer and time for our political gangs to pick the next raft of candidates who will raise our taxes. To be sure, every single candidate from either gang will decry the high tax rate here in Stratford, oppose the Airport and support Economic Development as a way to reduce taxes…until November 9th. (Election […]

Let It Burn


And so after more than a decade of deregulation, tax cuts for the top 2% of the population, wars of dubious causes, depletion of individual wealth, massive unemployment and inane discussions we find ourselves at the limit of our credit. Unbelievably it comes down to the position of cutting social programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, […]

The Town of Stratford is looking for a certain Police Officer link to information. We would like to add a few requirements: 1. No relations to mayors, councilmen, town attorneys, department heads or police administrators. 2. No prior health history, drug use or thefts that must be covered up. 3. No hanging out in Stratford […]

Like the sun rising in the morning, the Town of Stratford has mailed new property tax bills. (You should get yours today). There is still that small detail of telling us what it is for. The Town hasn’t seen fit to publish the approved budget yet. Not that that would delay them in collections. You […]