“There’s one for you, nineteen for me.”*


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Like the sun rising in the morning, the Town of Stratford has mailed new property tax bills. (You should get yours today). There is still that small detail of telling us what it is for. The Town hasn’t seen fit to publish the approved budget yet. Not that that would delay them in collections. You will probably notice that no matter how old your car gets, the tax on it remains the same. That’s what happens when the Council raises the mill rate year after year. What you haven’t received yet is a letter from your mortgage company or landlord indicating a rise in your monthly mortgage/rent payment. Not to worry, the Town sent them the bill too. It might take them a couple of weeks to let you know.

Before then, of course, you will already have less money to pay it. The State will be providing you with a smaller paycheck too (if you still get one). That is after you’ve paid off the the increased difference. It seems wage earners have been getting away with murder by not paying what the State wanted since January 1st, 2011. You’ll have to make up that difference. Yes, it’s incredible but true. The State passed the increase retroactive to Jan 1, 2011. And they want their money now!

Makes you want to go out and get a drink? Forget it. Wait till you see what any alcoholic beverage will cost as of today. If you smoke, well, you shouldn’t. Now you won’t be able to afford it either. Actually, almost everything will cost more since the new sales tax of 6.35% went into effect today too.

Sooner or later someone should start asking what we are getting for all this money.

*George Harrison-1966


15 Responses to ““There’s one for you, nineteen for me.”*”

  1. 1 1george1

    If you owned certain stocks, it was a good week.

    But then, there is capital gains tax

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “If you owned certain stocks, it was a good week.”
    There will be a bad week too.

    The market at its best is only a predication of what may occur. Or not. At its worst it is only a slot machine except that slot machines have real money inside. But no matter what, the house always profits.

    Trading stocks is not an indication of anything that is happening. It is only an indication of what investors think will happen. As we have been painfully made aware, they can be disastrously wrong.
    Like any other activity, don’t play the game unless you know the rules. You wouldn’t take your plastic chess set and expect to win when you play against a grand master. Why would you put your money on the table when Goldman Sachs is playing against you? Or for that matter trusting your retirement to someone you’ve never met to put it somewhere that you have no understanding of.

    We, as Americans, have been lied to so often we are becoming immune to it. We no longer care what anyone says. We simply no longer believe anyone. Not our bosses, not our clergy, not our bankers, not our doctors, not our pharmacists not our media and, most certainly, not our elected officials.

    The day after our country’s 235th birthday, things are dreadfully wrong. They are wrong from Stratford Town Hall to Hartford to Wall Street to the Capitol Building to almost anywhere you’d like to name.

    We are burdened by the politics of distraction. As soon as someone says “Democrat” or “Republican” you are being distracted. The real argument is over. You can stop listening, reading or watching. You are not going to miss anything important. Likewise, when you hear “Big Government” or “Socialist” or “Right wing conservative” the argument is over. My personal favorite is “taking our country back”. You can now release your seatbelts and move about the cabin. Nothing is going to happen.

    Until the discussion turns to what works and what doesn’t work you should not be interested.

  3. 3 1george1


    There is not a single point of your post which I disagree.

    There is much I would add, but some of that is belief.
    Yours is an accurate description of the reality and perceptions.

    Unfortunately! 😦

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “There is not a single point of your post which I disagree.”

    I am writing this date down.

  5. 5 1george1

    Hey Jeze,
    Why don’t you drive by a couple of local homes, Businesses
    and Town Buildings, to see if they are “FROZEN OVER?”

    Please NOTE:
    I wrote “local”
    I did not write (only) Stratford. 😉

  6. 6 1george1

    What happened to Mayor 2013?
    Quit in 2011?

    Is Sudds on a bender?

    I am thinkin,
    of takin up drinkin,
    due to stinkin,
    taxes snuckin!

    Local, feds, n states,
    takin food from our plates,
    with each passin dates,
    stealin from our fates.

  7. 7 1george1

    JEZE: Now that tax bills have hit the Tax Payers,
    why not have one of your friends, allies, or alter egos,
    submit your very fine op-ed above as a letter to editor?

    It says all the things I have been pointing out as warnings.
    Except ….. it is in easy to understand language.

    I prefer the obtuse.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “why not have one of your friends, allies, or alter egos, submit your very fine op-ed above as a letter to editor?”

    Mostly because I think more people will read it here.

  9. 9 1george1

    JEZE: Mostly because I think more people will read it here.

    GEO: I suspect your readership has more cannibals, vampires,
    ghouls, goblins, gremlins, sycophants, peeping toms, voyeurs,
    leeches, parasites, witches/warlocks/wizards, coven ants, ogres
    ritualists, voodoo worshipers, zombies, dummy mummies, pukas,
    werewolves, banshees, gargoyles, fairies, leprechauns, azazels,
    devils, demons, rats, skull n bones, scaredy crows, hags, dingbats,
    ghosts, monsters. fiends, imps, satanists, tempters, shadows, job’s comforters, invisible men, and golem molders than the public press.

    While most people would consider the above as insults, there are
    many who embrace the dark side, and thrive on schadenfreude,
    sadism, and psychic disfunction.

    Predicated on what I have read in this blog from some of the
    posters, there is a confluence of cowardice and perversity among
    some of them, who I assume read and choose not to post.

    Most of them know who they are.

    Moved to: https://stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/the-dark-side-ii/#comment-16991

  10. 10 sudds

    “Is Sudds on a bender?”

    I wish! Instead, I’ve been working/studying too much lately!!!

  11. 11 1george1

    Workin & studyin? No bender?

    Did you (any reader) see and hear June 13 Town Council meeting.
    on Channel # 79 – specifically Sue Collier suggesting another BOND
    for covering the Defined Benefit Pension.

    Sue, Geen, Harkins will NOT answer my FOI on TOTAL
    Projected cost + projected recipients.

    By 2011 – Total Tax Payer cost exceeds $ 200,000, 000.
    It was supposed to be ZERO.
    The ROI was supposed to repay the BOND and all PENSIONS.
    Seems like it is FRAUD?

    The Interest + principle were $ 198,000,000

    By 2017 Pension Shortfall Deposit + Interest + Principle exceed
    $ 290,000,000 – $ 310 million range, when BOND is REPAID.

    Even by then the PEAK for annual Obligation will not have hit.
    I project the PEAK to be over $ 35,000,000 (million) annually

    I project total cost to exceed $ 1 BILLION

    JEZE – this reply square is messed up.
    It has WordPress Twitter + Facebook button in the middle of the square.
    One way to try to minimize my posts?

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “One way to try to minimize my posts?”

    If only…..

    WordPress calls it an “upgrade”.


    “I’ve been working/studying too much lately!!!”
    I have faith in you! Soon you will be able to spell B-U-D-W-E-I-S-E-R like everyone else.

  13. 13 1george1

    Sometimes this square is blank.
    Sometimes the square still contains my last post.

    Is this effect universal …?
    Or just Stratford?

    On Stratford Star – wen I went to home page, there were bars
    across the top of thehome page, and I would have to hit a button
    under the bars. Then I could back door to the News or whatever.
    All gone = fixed.

    However the upgrade caused blockage, AGAIN, one I went beyond
    the original area of this box.
    In this instance, the square was blank.

    Maybe the NORMAN – PLANTAGENTS did not like my Letter to the
    editr? Word Press is based in the U K, isn’t it?

    Tin foil HAT TIME?

  14. 14 sudds

    “Soon you will be able to spell B-U-D-W-E-I-S-E-R like everyone else.”

    Uggh… shouldn’t the whole “I before E except after C” thing make it budwieser???

  15. 15 jezebel282


    Keep studying. I think “Heineken” is the next course. And next semester is wines. I saw the syllabus and it does include “Châteauneuf-du-Pape”.

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