Police Officer Wanted!


Doesn't fit all

The Town of Stratford is looking for a certain Police Officer link to information. We would like to add a few requirements:

1. No relations to mayors, councilmen, town attorneys, department heads or police administrators.
2. No prior health history, drug use or thefts that must be covered up.
3. No hanging out in Stratford bars off duty.
4. Must get along with Firefighters even though they get a better pension.

Stratford is a pretty nice place to work as a police officer. The vast majority of citizens are pleasant, honest and hard working. The only ones you have to be suspicious of are ex-elected officials, Town Attorneys and, of course, a couple of members of the PD. We are working on that.

We would also appreciate it if, after you are hired, that you waive at us occasionally, maybe even stop and talk to us once in a while, pretend to pay attention (buy a bluetooth for your cell phone) while on duty, and if at all possible go easy on the parking tickets around the train station.

You might get extra credit if you can remember that Stratford is one of those places that the first 10 amendments to the Constitution still applies, no matter what a mayor says.

You all thought this would be about Jennings, didn’t you?


6 Responses to “Police Officer Wanted!”

  1. 1 1george1

    I wonder whose relative(s) has 2 years experience, getting paid
    far less than $ 1,000 a week, likely in a smaller (area) town, with
    lower Budget and responsible political people and lawyers?

  2. 2 1george1

    I wonder if the wife of the potential candidate is a TEACHER,
    and daughter of a Lawyer or Town Committee Member?

    By posting 2 year minimum experience, doesn’t that exclude the
    majority of the pool of potential candidates?

    I wonder if the application process and test score was completed,
    prior to the job posting? (See EMS debacle)

  3. 3 1george1

    I had oblique threat

  4. 4 phineast

    George- there is a huge cost savings when you hire an officer that is already POSTC. There is also a huge amount of risk involved, no matter who is hired. The 2 year experience component opens the door to applicants like “little Lo’s” wife…who wanted a position in Stratford to start(really bad idea)……. but having no experience opens the doors to candidates like Christian Miron(another really bad idea)… We need our HR Dept. to be very careful in selecting a candidate-the PD doesn’t need any more black eyes from poor administrative choices like we had during the Miron tenure-that was one continuous set of bad decisions that have lifetime ramifications(ie: good ole’ Justin for example-wich was far more than a really bad idea).

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “The 2 year experience component opens the door to applicants like “little Lo’s” wife”

    REALLY? There’s another one? Sigh….

  6. 6 1george1

    Phin – Thank you for your insightful feed back.
    – I am aware of the benefits of hiring ab experienced
    Police Officer, I didn’t believe it necessary to post same.

    I concentrated on the likely possibilities since “This IS Stratford!”
    Sylvia and I would agree on most “Bad Guys” and disagree on some
    “Good Guys.” JEZE & I have similar situation, since allies tend to
    treat allies and patrons differently than boat rockers and threats
    ro sweet jeart situations.

    60 minutes is showing a SAN DIEGO Stand down of 947 men women
    and children who are homeless VETS and families.

    3,000 volunteers, including many, many government workers who
    are among America’s most PATRIOTIC people.
    Then there are the creatures like Bush – Cheney .. and appointees.
    Has any Rockefeller served in the Military?

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