The GOP Rabbit Hole


Following the Tea Party

While we wait for our own DTC & RTC candidates to begin planting their lawn signs and telling us how “responsible” they will be with our tax money, we have the spectacle of Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry telling us that they will “take our country back”…from the electorate. They seem to represent the same 12% of the population that thought George W. Bush was a great president. We are still not sure where “back” is. To the best of our estimate it is either the 1950’s or the 1750’s. The message seems to be anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-nonchristian, anti-union, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, anti-minority and anti-science.

Needless to say, we profoundly disagree with this agenda.

Special note to DTC and RTC candidates: once you start your campaigns for your Council seats, please do not waste our time with statements about how the other political gang bears the entire blame for everything wrong with the Town. Neither gang has served this Town or its citizens. Tell us what you will do and how you will do it to lower our taxes and bring competency to Town Hall. These pages will not have patience with candidates who have no plan.


14 Responses to “The GOP Rabbit Hole”

  1. 1 1george1

    Here are a couple of (not) ee cumming “tag names” for Jeze.

    P erry RICK = P R I C K (that is what it spells, like:)
    T om HANKS = T H A N K S

    U. S. JUSTICE DEPT – CT Chief Attorney
    D avid FIEN > anagram > avid FIEN D

    Difference between?:
    Osama Bin Laden
    Obama and Biden
    are the letters B + S!


    DICK CHENEY anagram


    HARRY REID anagram

    – NANCY PELOSI anagrams

    nothing so far

  2. 2 1george1

    jeze – you have super graphics and they even (ususally) seem relevant.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    I only steal the best.

  4. 4 1george1

    No wonder you have come around to so many of my ideas.
    Verifiable from posts a couple years ago on this blog! 😉
    If they weren’t erased about relevance? 😉

    Many of those irrelvant posted & erased are now topical! 😦

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “No wonder you have come around to so many of my ideas.”

    Now you’re scaring me.

    Aside from the Council trashing the idea of saving $200,000 of our money by buying a new firetruck this year, nothing much is happening right now.

    Well, there is always completely ignoring the best firefighters we have and selecting yet another old retiree from another Town to be Chief. (Can you say, “Yes, Mayor Harkins”?)

    But keep up hope. School starts soon and the BOE and Council will have months and months to screw up.

  6. 6 1george1

    JEZE – I thought you would appreciate me reminding you that
    I wrote about INTERNATIONAL, NATIONAL, and STATE issues
    that I believed either affected Stratford or related to Stratford.
    * Gas Prices
    * Heat
    * Health Carei
    * War
    * Drugs / Crime
    * Taxes

    However, at the time you were narrow minded and decided they
    didn’t meet the “relevance” criteria of the blog topic.

    Back then you were erasing them.
    You improved to moving them, thus not censoring! 😉

    I note Jim Miron uses your tactic of not relevant to the blog subject,
    to justify not answering my questions, yours, sudds, Mike, others.

    (this is intended to tease = not hurt)
    Great Minds think alike – Jim & you = same relevance tactics?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    It’s not going to happen. The only thing Mayor Moron has in common with me is that he allegedly breathes a combination of nitrogen and oxygen most of the time.

    You have taken more blogspace here than anyone, including me.

    To be honest, I’m kinda waiting for Portia to defend either Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. Or anyone else to do so, for that matter.

  8. 8 1george1

    I believe Portia has seen the true colors and checked out
    emotionally, if I am correct about ID?

    ct post obit today had wrong
    George Mulligan
    William Roman

    My pc expert was named Bill Roman.
    He was president of pc users club.
    They had people claiming to be FBI
    and expert who led WTC communications
    after 9/11.

    He ceased being my PC expert directly related
    to March 18, 2010 breakin when I was meeting
    with Harkins.
    To his knowledge I was only using my right computer
    and back up.

    He did not know I backed up left computer after moving
    data, well before data.

    After 3/18 break in – the right computer experienced
    deleted files. But not the left computer.
    I pulled the left computer back up.

    Eventually they figure out to look into the left computer.
    They deleted police, fbi, justice, union, town files.

    They could not figure how I still had access.
    I ain’t explainin

    Then they went after personal files.
    I got that stopped.

    PC reloaded, backed up and multiply redundant.

    By now what they had under control now faces implosion.

    That was my intent since 1987 & my kobiashi maru solution.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    The GOP will hold their debate tonight at 8PM. While most people will opt for the more intellectually honest program “Minute to Win It”, some will be attracted as if it were a train wreck.

    Here is a preview of highlights:

    Everything, including rainy days, is Obama’s fault.
    Every regulation, no matter how necessary, is evil.
    Gays, lesbians, women who want abortion rights, poor people, old people, unemployed people, illegal aliens and terrorists (they’re all the same, right?) are the fault of…wait for it….Obama.

    On the “positive” side they will propose:

    Evangelical Christianity for all.
    No regulations for any business.
    No taxes for businesses or those who own them.
    Two guns in every pot.
    And, most of all, no assistance for anyone who becomes sick, disabled or old.

  10. 10 sudds

    And in other news… Chairman Mao-bama (there ya go George… I’ve teed it up for ya… let ‘er rip) wants to give away ANOTHER $300 Billion of our tax dollars…

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “wants to give away ANOTHER $300 Billion of our tax dollars…”

    Gee, the article says that most of it are tax breaks and tax cuts. But maybe you have an advanced copy of Obama’s address to Congress and can post it for us. I’m sure Obama cleared it with you first.

  12. 12 1george1

    Gotta love the tag name for new GOP Front Runner
    P erry, RICK
    Kinda like someone could see the word
    T H A N K S in the name T om HANKS

    Ever notice how much these look alike (DOPPLEGANGER)
    Senator Lieberman
    Senator Palpatine (sith lord – sith is anagram of sh*t)

    WWE Nexus Wade Barrett
    Anti-social security Congressman

  13. 13 1george1

    Front runners for major companies repairing U S Infrastructure
    1) Halliburton = Cheney
    2) Bechtel = George Shultz
    3) Saudi Bin Laden Construction

  14. 14 1george1

    By Adam Clark Estes | The Atlantic Wire – 8 hrs ago

    An Android developer recently discovered a clandestine
    application called Carrier IQ built into most smartphones
    that doesn’t just track your location;
    it secretly records your keystrokes,
    and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    Is it time to put on a tinfoil hat?
    That depends on how you feel about privacy.

    The above is dedicated to Mike Reynolds & Portia.

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