Park THIS!


Stratford Town Official To Leave For Middletown Gig
By Cassandra Day

Geen Thazhampallath, chief administrative officer for Stratford since leaving his Middletown position in 2010, was selected from a pool of 10 candidates as the top choice for city parking director. Middletown Mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano has picked his former administrative assistant — and Stratford’s current chief administrative officer — for the city’s new parking director.

How embarrassing is this? Our CAO would rather be in charge of parking in Middletown , CT than be Chief Administrative Officer in this Town. This is a colossal failure for Harkins. By all accounts Mr. Thazhampallath was the most competent and knowledgeable administrator this Town has had since Mayor Moron fired Ben Branyan. Make no mistake, this is truly a loss for residents and businesses of Stratford. There is not a single administrator left in Town Hall that maintains any credibility or respect. We have no doubt that we will survive Hurricane Irene, but we are not so sure about surviving a mayoral system.


7 Responses to “Park THIS!”

  1. 1 1george1

    C.A.O. is political at-will job.
    Housing is better paid Union job.
    Geen has young family.

    Geen was part of 2 finance Bait & Switch to Town Council!
    Violate F.O.I. = potential “intent” per fianaces = felony?
    May 9 > no notice $ 25 million to $ 40 million (up 60%)
    May 23 > no notice $ 280 annual to $ 345 million (up 23%) sewer fees.

    Police & Fire defined benefit pension = disaster waiting to happen.
    @ almost 800 people, I believe it can reach close to 7 Mils.

    $ 18.4 million = 603 DBP divided by 4.4 million = 4.65 Mils
    200 new DBP
    x $ 50,000 = $ 10 million = 2.27 Mils
    x $ 60,000 = $ 12 million = 2.72 Mils
    x $ 70,000 = $ 14 million = 3.18 Mils

    Notice no one answers how much the DBP is set to cost,
    nor mayor’s benefit package.

  2. So he leaves for a cushy job with for his former employer and the blog dedicated to cronyism praises him instead of questioning it? I guess politics is more local than I thought. NIMBY

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Mr. Durgy,

    “I guess politics is more local than I thought. NIMBY”

    Whatever that means.

  4. Love it or hate it he took a union position instead sticking with one where “the most competent and knowledgeable administrator this Town has had since Mayor Moron’ could make a difference. He’s no less a mercenary than anyone here has railed against.
    Someday there will be someone not wearing a tin foil hat that hasn’t lost total credibility long ago in Middletown complaining about the retired Parking Commissioner sapping the life out of their pension funds.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    So you don’t think it was because he couldn’t take the local toxic politics?

  6. Why should I? It;s not like he left his job as the right hand man to be a nowhere Dog Catcher. Oh wait…………………….Friends With Benefits anyone?.

  7. 7 1george1

    Geen has 2 small children & higher paid union protected position
    is better for his family than a political title.

    May 9 – Last minute change $ 25 million to $ 40 million authorization
    to “possibly” BOND by Town Council (up 60 %)
    Did it violate FOI 72 hour notice law?
    Part of Agenda for THAT night specifically noted $ 25 Million.
    (nothing about $ 40 million)

    May 23 – I was only Public Forum speaker
    I railed against the $ 280 sewer fee noting it created revenue
    $ 5.4 million and the BOND should have been paid OFF.
    -> Further 1986 interest on SEWER BOND was $ 45,000.

    Geen & Sue tried what i call another “Bait n Switch”
    They attempted raising SEWER FEE from $ 280 to $ 345 annually.
    – They Town Council woke up & recessed.

    I spoke to Esq Florek about FOI Violation, which GEEN heard
    and saw Chris Carroll 3 seats behind me and John Kovach in the
    back of the room – both with LAPTOPS.

    GEEN knew I would be bloggin here & Patch, with Letter to Editor!

    Whatever the reason, GEEN stated to Town Council after back in
    secession that if the PUBLIC knew there was to be a RAISE in fees,
    then there might have been more Public Forum speakers & that
    there are questions about FOI LAW & posting.

    Stephany led Town Council pushed vote to regular session.
    Malloy & Connors MIA from regular Town Council, which led by
    Catalano, voted 8 – 0 against raising your SEWER FEES.

    Many people regard me as having Tin Foil Hat on National events
    and theories.
    Most of the same people will conceed to my integrity and knowledge
    of local events and situations.
    Especially pension & financial.

    CONTOL FACILITY BUDGET and can answer Mr Durgy’s Questions
    about the disparity of Budgeted cost and Sewer Fee REVENUE?

    Stupid question # 1.
    No one in zillion years would predict 9/11/2001 event as it occured.

    What if an Air Force general decided to have NYC & DC have air
    cover, which might have shot down jet # 2 in NYC & one that hit
    the Pentagon.

    Is it likely the tower might not have come down and there would
    have been far lower loss of
    1) innocent lives?
    2) Police?
    3) Fire?
    4) EMS?
    5) Military?

    Stupid question # 2.
    I challenge A N Y O N E to disprove facts below

    Winter 1998 I paid CASH for HEATING OIL – 58, 60, 62 Cents Gallon
    OIL / BARREL Bottomed Dec 12, 1998 @ $ 10.58 Barrel
    Diesel Fuel was maybe 70 cents gallon ?
    Gas was around $ 1.00 gallon ?

    Bush family history OIL / GAS / WALL STREET
    Cheney OIL / GAS / COAL – Wyoming # 1 Coal export state
    Rockefeller (Senate Intlligence head D-WV # 3 Coal export state)

    The above & George Pratt Schultz were all part of the Original
    Standard Oil Trust or family was partners to Harriman family.

    With OIL going from $ 10.58 Barrel Dec 1998 to $ 147 June 2008,
    is it impossible that supporters of Rockefeller, Bush, Cheney, may
    have “cause” to plan or allow the 9/11 attack?

    I estimate just OIL production exceeds $ 50 TRILLION 1998 – now.

    A former Town Councilor warned me people could die over the
    AVCO development because in meant BILLIONS.

    Are there people in the WORLD willing to cause WARS so they
    can create over $ 150 TRILLION in OIL / GAS / COAL SALES,
    while causing TRILLIONS to go to DEFENSE & SECURITY?

    Are there people in DEFENSE & SECURITY who practice creating
    wars and sacrificing subordinates and civilians.

    My tin foil hat needs adjustments.
    I wish the world leaders were nicer people.

    However the 5 permanent members of UN SECURITY COUNCIL
    are also THE TOP 5 WEAPONS TRADERS in the WORLD.

    UNtil that changes, I see no change in corruption.
    DO U?

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