Whose Turn Is It To Raise Our Taxes?


This year's ballot

October is fast approaching, which means lawn-sign season is almost here. After that, it will be November 8th before you know it. Time to trudge down to your polling place and pick whoever you think is the least worst Council candidate. The choices are very, very slim. You will probably vote for whatever name has a “D” or “R” at the beginning of the row. So far as we can tell, there are no viable Independent candidates for anything….yet.

The real question will be which political Town Committee will raise our taxes this time. Neither one has an interest in lowering residents’ or businesses’s tax bills. The overriding concern is which district’s pet projects get funded, who gets the lion’s share of political appointments and how many strings can get pulled without anyone noticing. You will not hear about our Town Attorney’s budget being ten times that of any Town within driving distance, what the best way to improve emergency services might be, how to restore Public Works to an acceptable staff level, or why with so many “qualified” political appointees we must spend tens of thousands of dollars on third party vendors and consultants.

If you do get a chance to actually meet a candidate before November 8th here’s a trick question to ask: What is your plan to lower my tax?


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Correction: George Mulligan may run for something as an Independent.

    Get well and hurry back, George. We miss you.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    Is George under the weather? That would explain the lack of verbose postings lately.

  3. 3 portia1776

    George, feel better soon!

    Jez, great post! You do a commendable job dispensing with the nebulous, indefinable, and ridiculous Marxian “social classes” to get to the heart of the matter. A little background. There is no such thing as the “middle class” — not because of any recent change, but because there never was. Individuals cannot be aggregated purely in terms of transient economic conditions, which may only, if in any sense at all, tell us something about their consumer preferences. A person in Connecticut is, as a result of being deemed “middle class,” made no more likely to share the moral, political, cultural, and economic views of a person deemed “middle class” in Georgia. If that same “middle class” Nutmegger were to move to Mississippi, they would likely find themselves considered quite wealthy, but would be out of step with the supposed other members of their newfound rich “class” of Mississippians. Obviously “Class solidarity,” as the success of the Bush/Obama stimuli to keep even the fictional official unemployment number below 8.3% or the mythical Keynesian multiplier whereby $1 taxed (stolen) from the ever-decreasing number of income taxpaying Americans is transmuted by government geniuses (bureaucratic alchemists) into $1.55, is non-existent. Nearly all Americans, especially those who decry the wealthy (such as multi-millionaire and non-union employer Nancy Pelosi), want to be wealthier than they are now. I know, I know what a horribly bourgeois notion held-over from a time when America still had an economy worthy of the name “free enterprise system,” the pauper of the day could through dint of hard work become a millionaire, and we welcomed millions of immigrants through a mostly laissez-faire immigration system without fear of unemployment because individual worker rights to contract were as yet unscathed by government and monopolistic union coercion (taxes, regulations, work rules) to advance racism, socialism (government social control), sexism, and xenophobia.

    Jez, as you are right to write, there are only two real classes in America today, the Political Class and everyone else. The Political Class is composed of members of both parties as well as corporate socialists/crony capitalists. While there are occasional differences of opinion within the Political Class — Democrats by and large favor the special interests of monopolistic unions, financial services, “green” energy, and trial lawyers, while Republicans generally favor fossil fuel, pharma, and other business associations — these are matters of emphasis, not principle. The elected leadership of both parties, smoking buddies Obama and Boehner, are in perfect agreement that they know best how to plan, manipulate, and otherwise control the lives of individual Americans. And what a fine job they are doing, too, judging by the monsterous growth of Big Government over the last ten years, our precipitous fall in economic freedom rankings (predicted on this blog many months ago by me), and our perpetual “crisis” racked economy. While it has come down recently, 50% of the Political Class still believes the country is headed in a positive direction. Just 16% of the Americans they arrogantly presume to control agree, according to Rasmussen Reports.

    A supporter of the Bush administration’s notion that that national government has the authority to flagrantly violate individual civil and economic rights in the name of “compassion” and “security” is in no position to bemoan that the Obama administration is doing likewise, though to a worse degree. In this sense, I am in agreement with Jon Stewart. The policies of the Bush administration were, almost to a one, abominable. Where I cannot agree is to accept Stewart’s exploitation of that sad fact to exculpate the continued abominable policy-making of the Obama administration, which is fully responsible and must be held accountable for its failed polices. Wasn’t “recovery summer” last summer? If Obama’s only focus since day one has been JOBS and he has “created or saved” millions of JOBS, how come fewer Americans have JOBS now than when Obama took office? If Bush was a “fascist” for the bipartisan “Patriot Act,” what is a proper term for Obama, who has removed safeguards from that obscene law and is even encouraging Americans to spy on each other #attackwatch, as is (was?) their right?

    The Humble Libertarian writes “Everything the American people detested so strongly about Bush has not only characterized the presidency of his successor, it’s gotten much worse. Don’t believe me? The following is a list of 100 ways President Obama is just like President Bush. We might as well consider it a third Bush term on steroids, or call Mr. Obama’Bush 2.0.’ If you honestly didn’t like Bush, you can’t possibly justify liking Obama, not unless you ignore the facts:” http://www.humblelibertarian.com/2011/08/bush-20-100-ways-barack-obama-is-just.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm. The list is exhaustive and exhausting to read, but is a must read for those not yet disabused by reality of their false emperor Obama’s poverty of good intentions and achievements.

    While Jez frequently puts on rose colored glasses when looking to the control-freaks in Washington for direction, I submit that Jez’s point — “Neither [political party] has an interest in lowering residents’ or businesses’s tax bills. The overriding concern is which district’s pet projects get funded, who gets the lion’s share of political appointments and how many strings can get pulled without anyone noticing” — is truer, because more consequential, on the national level.

    Perhaps, Jez, giving a watch, without the ideological frames on, to “The Spending is Nuts” will help strengthen your skeptical acuity at a distance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AgL-I3PxHE

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “is truer, because more consequential, on the national level.”

    I am going to disagree with this statement for a single reason; Nothing effects our mortgage/rent and our children’s education more than local property tax. In this Town that responsibility (blame?) lies with 10 council people and 1 mayor. We blindly elect anyone with a “D” or “R” to the Council while we discuss what our single president, 1 Representative and 2 Senators should do.

    That may well be because that’s what appears in the major media while what happens at RTC/DTC meetings essentially remains hidden. Most Stratford residents don’t know what the Council does or even who represents their district. It’s amazing, but some residents wonder who this guy “Harkins” is (but he seems to look like a nice guy, doesn’t he?). Until we start paying attention to what these people do, our taxes will only (substantially) increase without anything at all slowing the increasing burden on Stratford residents and businesses.

  5. 5 ronmoreau

    “Most Stratford residents don’t know what the Council does or even who represents their district”

    It goes way beyond that. There have been and are people on the DTC and RTC that don’t even know that they are elected officials of the Town of Stratford. The same people that decide who represents us at all levels of Government. At least they know who their council representative is?

  6. 6 jezebel282


    I can’t blame DTC members much. You have to go to the Town Clerk and FOI the DTC membership list. At least RTC members have the guts to publish their names: http://www.stratfordgop.com/index.html

  7. 7 ronmoreau


    Perhaps, as a public service, you could publish a current list to let the Stratford Democrats know who their repesentatives are on this important committee. After all you are a ‘life long’ Democrat.

  8. 8 ronmoreau

    After all, it would be nice to know WHO endosed the Stratford Democrats running in thisNovembers election.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “you could publish a current list”

    Better yet, maybe a DTC candidate could actually perform a public service and post it.

    “After all you are a ‘life long’ Democrat.”

    Being a Democrat has nothing to do with being a member of the DTC or voting for their candidates. Neither does being a Republican have anything to do with the RTC.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “There is no such thing as the “middle class” — not because of any recent change, but because there never was”

    I have to take exception to this one too. Of course, it does depend on your definition du jour of the “middle class”. Perhaps you have forgotten things like the GI Bill (probably the most effective higher education program ever) or the creation of something called “suburbs”. There was a time when a single member of a family could obtain work and continue to effectively support the entire family. Cars and homes could be purchased, food and clothing bought, heat & electricity paid for and if you got sick you could go to an actual doctor. When you saved your money (there was money to save) the banks would not immediately gamble it in a casino. Instead, the banks would lend it to other people. That’s how the banks used to make a living.

    In other words, there definitely was a “middle class”. And the U.S. thrived. This class has been under attack for nearly two decades (can we say it was started by Newt Gingrich and his ridiculous “Contract with America”?) and are beginning to be aware that no matter what they do, the attack continues on all fronts. The average tax bill in Stratford is becoming unbearable as it approaches 50% of a typical mortgage payment. The cost of a four year degree at a State college is now over $75,000. Jobs? There are none available. There are people with Master’s degrees who are lucky to be working at $17/hour (no benefits, of course).

    So…who’s fault is this? The answer, whether we like it or not, is that it is our fault. We believed the bastards when they told us what’s good for Wall Street is good for America. And we voted for them. We are only now coming to the realization that almost every member of Congress is merely a shill for some large campaign donor. In a way, you are correct; we cannot look to Washington for solutions. They have been thoroughly corrupted. On both sides.

    In Stratford it’s even worse because it is mostly hidden. This year we gave the mayor more than $188 MILLION to run this Town. Are there any doubts that it won’t be enough next year?

  11. 11 1george1

    Brilliant post by Portia and counter by Jeze.
    Too bad Chris no longer posts.
    I love the Macro Economic.

    Locally George can not run for anything.
    Aug 10 was the Deadline to petition.
    I had already decided I would not run.
    Then Diane Buda ran. For awhile I reconsidered.
    They through the Aug 18 jury duty at me.
    In a court house a political dissident is meat.

    Matt Catalano has a base and long time connections in Stratford,
    compared to me.
    Strategically, it would have been intelligent to elect me vs. Matt.
    I would get STEAM ROLLED 9 to 1 on every vote!

    Too many important things happening in Districts 1, 2, & 3.
    * Raymark Permanent Cap
    * Raymark Dumpsite
    * I – 95 exit 33 (My neighbors are fleeing safe / low traffic street)
    * AVCO – BIRNEY, DODD, LIEBERMAN & Army Lawyers retired
    and can feast on Lobby money. Same w FAA, EPA, DOT, DEP.
    * LBW will be absorbed in Bridgeport’s 744 acre East Side Develop
    * AIRPORT will expand. (Casino idea or Massive Condo?)
    * I spoke to Natera’s partner. FAA told them they could build
    13 stories on parts of AVCO. Marcia Stewart confirm. Zoning
    has no say on Army property.
    * 600 apartments / condo on Lordship Boulevard may become
    part of a series of low cost housing in District 2 & 4 to accept
    East End Bridgeport evicted from massive Stamford like high
    class Buildings. They gotta go somewhere.
    – First run through was trial balloon. No ELEVATORS=NO WAY
    – Harborside will be very upscale condos
    – AVCO very upscale condos
    – Pleasure Beach still smell for CASINO?
    – Stratford around Train Station will have many 4 story buildings
    per the Developmental Center.
    Unfortunately I pointed out the solution to Stratford TAX mess
    is more 3 – 4 Story Buildings where 1 – 2 story exist = Scinto!

    Stratford is Westport and Fairfield 40 years ago.
    People never left after HS
    People came back after college.
    Everyone is either related to each other or knows each other
    and their families who went to school together, except Condos
    and Oronque
    Once, the local Town & BoE jobs went to people who live in town.
    Strategically, jobs go to out of towners who have SELF INTEREST
    and NO INTEREST in the COMMUNITY or keeping TAXES LOW.
    LOYALTY to POLITICAL PARTIES over the Constitution and to
    the people who actual pay taxes

    20 years from now it will look like Westfield Mall
    > Yuppiedumb Starbucks, Gap,

    Mike Reynolds = Verbosity good word.
    I thought it applied only to speaking?
    It applies to writing too!

  12. 14 mikereynolds

    Yup George is back.

  13. 15 jezebel282


    There is no update. Not a single member nor candidate has provided a list of members of the Democratic Town Committee.

    They must be more secretive that the Bilderberg Group. Right, George?

  14. 16 jezebel282


    Apparently there is a hint of response.

    The only candidate running for Council in November has hinted that there may be a problem with the budget:

    “Dave Fuller
    11:58am on Friday, September 30, 2011

    Jezebel, You hit the nail right on the head with the Town Attorney budget. Seeing that budget (as well as HR and other parts of the budget), I couldnt support the budget this year and why it got my no vote. Service cuts to public works and elsewhere with a tax increase is not good for the taxpayer. I would like to see the TA budget cut by a third, and have some of that money restored to public works and some of that money go back to the taxpayer.”

    Beyond some nebulous calls for “transparency” and “responsibility” this is the most specific response we’ve gotten from any candidate. We are now about a month away from making our choices and this is all we have?

    If only there was a choice of “None of the Above”…..

  15. 17 jezebel282


    With 33 days to the Council elections we have no idea what the candidates plan to do to/for us if elected.

    Two notable exceptions are Robyn Greenspan who has posted some very good comments and the brief statement above by Dave Fuller.

    At this rate, it is no wonder that the voters will stay away in droves. After two tax hikes and reductions in service, it would serve us right if we blindly voted for incumbents and gave them permission to do it to us again.

  16. 18 1george1

    Does a make any difference what the CANDID ATES say they will do?

    1 person can cause influence for change.

    A second person on any voting group (BoE / Council / Zoning) is
    needed to second a motion.
    Diane Buda & I could have made Town Council meetings warmed
    up, but we would have lost every vote 8 – 2.

    5 Votes are needed to force Harkins to vote a position, to break ties.
    Interesting if the vote on harkins pay raise would be 5 to 5?
    Can he vote and violate the 1992 Ordinance prohibition from self
    It was a Referendum question, ignored since, with no penalties.

    6 vote wins a margin, or 5 votes if only 9 councilors attending.

    8 votes is a super majority.

    Yo, Mike Reynolds – your buddies tried again.
    But I survived, so far.

    NOTE: AVCO SAEP anagram: “SAVE CAPO”

  17. 19 jezebel282


    “Does a make any difference what the CANDID ATES say they will do?”


    Otherwise there remains no reason to vote other than looking for a “D” or an “R”. And that is totally irrelevant in this Town.

    If candidates are not able to articulate what it is they will do, they do not deserve a single vote (other than their own). It is the only way voters can choose intelligently.

    Personally, I do not care if they are good citizens, mothers, fathers or volunteered a few hours. I don’t care that they lived here (since when is that a requirement?) for a million years. We need to know what they will DO. It is the best chance we have of bringing this Town out of the slime.

    There is no longer any excuse not to make clear what each candidate wants to do. There are now multiple outlets available to any candidate. This blog, the Patch and the Committee websites (Oh right…the DTC doesn’t have one). Save the lawn signs. Tell us why you deserve a seat on the Council.

  18. 20 1george1

    In the past you have expressed disdain for:
    Corrupt Republicans
    Corrupt Democrats
    Insipid Marxism
    Abusive Divine Right
    Gullible beliefs du jour
    Extremes within Tea Party

    I can only imagine the disdain you might express about
    the occuppy Wall Street, which the Demon-crats and
    others will likely try to usurp the way Palin(drone) and
    fiends fronted Tea Party convention?

    So far the OWS has appeared to be against the Status
    Quo and so far favors decent treatment of Americans,
    and jailing of the crooks (ain’t gonna happen)

    We seem to agree with Adam Smith, (some) of Milton Friedman
    positions and Laffer/Kemp economics for “compassionate
    capitalism.” If the theories were implemented and properly
    regulated, the results would/could almost be the Socialists’ /
    Marxists’ Objectives?

    I find that what happened to the USA is analogous to Markist’
    Shumpeter’s “creative distruction,” or the opposite of “order
    from chaos.” “Ordo ab Chao.” or “De chao ordo.”

    Are there any politicians you would support?
    Who are they?

  19. 21 ronmoreau

    jezebel282 on September 27, 2011 said:

    There is no update. Not a single member nor candidate has provided a list of members of the Democratic Town Committee.


    Robyn Greenspan,(Democarat) candidate for Town Counsil in the (th District has published a current list of DTC membership. It’s not only important to know where a candidate stands on town issues. Knowing WHO is behind that candidate equally important. Thank you Ms Greenspan.
    Here is the current DTC membership list:

    Rick Marcone – Chairman
    Beth Daponte – Vice Chairperson
    Secretary – Ariana Fine
    Treasurer – Ken Bishop
    Deputy Treasurer – Kent Miller

    Bruce Alessie
    Janice Andersen
    Meg Bachtel
    Terry Backer
    Ann Alice Baker
    Ben Barnes
    Peggy Barnish
    Frank Bevacqua
    Ken Bishop
    Robert Bradley
    Adam Brill
    Emma Brooks
    Richard Brown
    Edward Buckmir
    Rich Buturla
    Immacula Cann
    Susan Collier
    Jean Collier
    Jim Connolly
    Ann Coonley
    Beth Daponte
    Janice Daponte
    Robert David
    Sonja Devitt
    Laura Dobosz
    Vincent Faggella
    Larry Farrell
    Maria Ferrera
    Ariana Fine
    Dave Fuller
    Robert Galello
    Olivia Gombar
    Laurie Goodsell
    Robyn Greenspan
    Judy Hampel
    Ronald Hojdich
    Alicia Huggins
    Howard Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Ralph Jowers
    Richard Kennedy
    Irene Kostzewski
    Aubrey Kyburz
    Ron Langdon
    Flo Langdon
    John Sib Law
    Maryann Manera
    Rick Marcone
    Terry Masters
    Kim Meuse
    Dan Milewski
    Kent Miller
    Edward Monroe
    Dave Mooney
    Denise Nelson
    Mary Northcott
    Gerald O’Leary
    Marjean O’Malley
    Alvin O’Neal
    Joe Paul
    Stephanie Philips
    Barry Powell
    Joan Pruzinsky
    Mary Ray
    Bonnie Reynolds
    Anthony Ross
    Betsy Ross
    Peggy Russ
    Jason Santi
    Kathy Santi
    Anna Scala
    Judy Scala
    Anthony Schirillo III
    Jim Sheridan
    J. Roger Shull
    Patricia Slauson
    John Sober
    Amanda Soderberg
    Pat Sorrentino-Galello
    Helen Tashjian
    Paul Tavaras
    Kevin Weiss
    Tara Wexler
    Eileen Wilson
    Mary Young

  20. 22 ronmoreau

    Robyn Greenspan,(Democarat) candidate for Town Counsil in the 9th District.
    (Sorry for the typo.)

  21. 23 1george1

    Neither James nor Richard Miron are on the above list.
    Richard Burturla is still on the DTC.
    Dick Miron & Dick Burturla have always been as the saying goes
    ” thick as thieves ”
    In the late 1990s – early 2000s I almost never saw one without
    the other. They were almost joined at the hip? (wallet?)

    The whole thing regarding the TOMBSTONES smells.

    When there is a retirement / changing of the GUARD, it is standad
    for the former WARD BOSS to be CAUGHT in DISGRACE for a sin,
    to distance himself from the PARTY.

    However, the boss doesn’t get indicted, convicted & jailed for the
    REAL criminal events.
    It is analogous to confessing
    * venial sins and ignoring the mortal sins
    * misdemeanor and ignoring capital felonies

    I am NOT writing or suggesting this is true of Mirons / Burturlas,
    however I have often seen the M.O.

    The retiring people also take the HIT for responsibility of the
    government operations.

    I note GATES & MULLEN recently retired.
    Bush, Cheney, & Dodd are out of office with Lieberman soon
    to follow.

    Lieberman was mentor to Blumenthal They had the Ribicoff seat.

    Political elected has defined roles assigned, not unlike treaties,
    between allies

    Our U S CONSTITUTION is akin to a more refined MAGNA CARTA,
    whereas the BARRON’S and FAMILIES divide Territory, much like
    the Mafia supposedly used the Federal Reserve districts to define
    territories and modeled themselves after the Rockefeller Standard
    Oil Trust, if relatively recent information is correct?

    The ORDER of ST TAMMANY (a phony Saint) and COLUMBIA
    something are involved in TAMMANY HALL, like the various
    other ETHNIC GROUPS – Irish – Jewish SAM Univ – Polish –
    British Masons – Scot – Welch – French – Spanish – Greek –

  22. 24 jezebel282


    Well, I notice Heather Habelka and Buturla are missing as well. But we still have Kent Miler to kick around.

  23. Jez, you really need to lay off smelling the (red) poppies. Remember what happened to Dorothy? These “new Democrats” — Gombar, Greenspan, Fuller — are just Mironisas with a little better marketing sense. Mike’s theory is not so far fetched. A more than cursory review of the DTC list reveals an appalling number of Mironistas, in the leadership and rank-and-file. In fact, every member of the DTC leadership is a Mironista! Where is the “change,” exactly? What is there to “hope” for from Miller, Buturla (he is still there, check again), Fuller, Tashjian,.Daponte, Santi, Ross, Marcone, Schirillo, the list goes on. The score may have a slightly different emphasis, but the musicians are the same.

    This is not to say I forgive the Republican candidates for their silence. They should win on the merits. Even with so little to go on, no one should be under any illusions: voting “anyone but Miron” still means voting straight Republican.

    Why? NO DTC candidate has, as of now, proven themselves to be deserving of consideration for the public trust because NO DTC candidate has, despite ample opportunities and offenses, ever repudiated a single instance of Jimmy Miron’s incompetence and corruption.

    NO DTC candidate has ever voiced a single criticism of Jimmy or Dick Miron — not about the Loschiavo hiring, not about the treatment of John Fahan, not about the baseless firings of talented Town employees, not about the Mirons’ harassment of disabled and ill seniors, not about endangering public safety, not even about literally robbing from the dead,

    But since the topic before us is on the economy, and you seem to be writing under the influence of Dem fantasies involving the glories of government command-and-control, I will re-post what I wrote to Robyn Greenspan on the Stratford Patch, in response to her article http://stratford.patch.com/blog_posts/high-taxes-are-just-a-symptom-80abcb01

    Ms. Greenspan,

    You are right to identify “high taxes” as “just a symptom” of systemic problems. What is unclear from your article is what you plan to do about those problems beyond the typical, politically convenient answers Democrats tend to offer: “waste, inefficiency and unnecessary spending” are bad (is anyone for those things?), taking a scalpel to the budget that will (magically) cut only things “not at the expense of town services” is good, and we should have absolute faith that the best “leader” with the most brilliant “strategic vision” can pick “which industries will yield the most growth, jobs, opportunities and contributions to the tax base.”

    All of those things were in fact promised by candidate Barack Obama in 2008. During his first two years with a completely Democrat-dominated Congress, such that Republican opposition was irrelevant, Obama managed to massively increase “waste, fraud, and abuse,” never wielded the scalpel against a single spending increase as apparent from the national government’s debt increasing more under Obama than in 8 years of George W. Bush’s miserable tenure, and Obama’s “social democratic” agenda has, as socialist polices are wont to do, yielded economic stagnation, crony capitalist/corporate socialist corruption with the forced taxpayer subsidization of failed or non-viable financial/”green”/auto and other businesses, devastating increases in poverty and dependency, and violating the civil and economic liberties of every American.

    Forgive me for being skeptical when hearing the same notes of the Democrats’ siren song once again.

    Perhaps you are different. In order for us to judge, we will need to know more about what kind of “leadership” and “strategic vision” are being proposed.

    You write that “another new pizza place or deli will only fill our bellies and not our wallets.” Are you saying that as a member of the council you would look down upon new restaurants opening in Town? Do you not think that the owners, workers, and patrons of such establishments, present and future, contribute to the betterment of their own lives as well as the tax base? Who should decide that Stratford doesn’t need another pizza place?

    Isn’t another way of saying “Economic growth… Is being approached here as a random filling of spaces” that entrepreneurs are freely choosing where they expect to be the most advantageous place to start a business, and consumers are freely voting with their feet on whether the entrepreneur was right? Should not consumers, as opposed to council members or “economic development” bureaucrats, be sovereign when it comes to making such decisions?

    Isn’t another way of saying “We shouldn’t be waiting to see what businesses we attract; we need leadership who has a strategic vision for the kind of town Stratford can be, and which industries will yield the most growth, jobs, opportunities and contributions to the tax base” that Town government should intervene in the market to pick winners and losers, using taxpayer dollars to subsidize supposedly “good” businesses (manufacturing) while ignoring or even raising taxes on “bad” businesses (restaurants)?

    Your positions are, to my regret, shared by many Republicans. Senator Kelly’s positions are based on the same erroneous premises. Connecticut has for a long time had a bipartisan consensus that “economic development” is best planned by government. Such planning by “experts” has given us the Kelo v. New London injustice and debacle, and no private-sector economic growth since 1989.

    What we need is for Town government to create a freer environment, lower taxes and less regulatory burdens for all, conducive to real economic growth — the more random, the better.

  24. 26 1george1

    to the anti-miron:

    You make a lot of legitimate points.
    You take both Bush & Obama to task

    1) The RTC controlled the TOWN COUNCIL & BoE
    about 26 of past 30 years.
    I believe Burturla & Mirons work with Kelly/Bishop, Lou, Norm, etc
    I believe Berchem works with Willinger – DeNardo’s cousin.
    Does it make a difference if RTC or DTC picks are elected?
    So far, the proof is the RTC BoE & Council – thumbs down.

    Einstein & Al Gore: Definition of Insantity
    If you always do
    what you always did
    and to expected a different result
    defines insanity

    2) Do you honestly believe that until REAL, TRUE INDEPENDENTS
    run for and win ELECTED OFFICE, we will have any differences?

    NOTE: The establishment is highly effective taking over political
    movements like the Tea Party, occupy Wall Street and all past
    decent sized 3rd party candidates.

    ROSS PEROT made sense for awhile – then folded, like his VP
    ROSS made his FORTUNE from the PENTAGON Contracts.

    Was Eugene McCathy an intentional namessake (Liberal D)
    counter point to Joe McCarthy (Radical R)?

  25. 27 jezebel282

    The real election question:

    The current budget of $188 MILLION costs every man, woman and child in Stratford $3,760 per year.

    Ask your candidate if he/she is OK with this.

  26. 28 ronmoreau

    Jez, I don’t know about anyone else. According to my MTG statements it costs me about $6500/yr. Not to mention $500/yr. for sewer use.

  27. 29 jezebel282


    “it costs me about $6500/yr.”

    Such a deal! I pay more.

    But I said every man, woman and child. $188 million divided by 50,000 residents.

  28. 30 1george1

    Collectable Taxes are 81 % of Stratford’s BUDGET
    The other 19 % are STATE & FEDERAL GRANTS
    and other Revenues not considered USER FEES
    or LICENSES.

    The CFAR Consolidated Financial Annual report
    INCLUDES everything and it was something like
    $ 220 million.

    I believe there are about 22,000 Private buildings.
    Off hand, I forget if the approx 4,000 business were
    inclusive or added?
    I do NOT know how many Businesses declare their
    Business where there home is?

    RON – how are you paying $ 500 Sewer Fee / Tax?

    The SEWER FEE / TAX is $ 280 ANNUALLY.

    Harkins through GEEN was trying to SNEAK it to $ 345.
    I spoke AGAINST the FEE being $ 280 as too high,
    and where did the money go now that the WPCA BOND
    was PAID OFF & it was OPEN IN OCT 2009?

    – In 1986 the TOTAL in the BUDGET was $ 45,000 ANNUALLY
    for the SEWER BOND.

    they heard there was intent to JACK UP FEES to $ 500/year
    to SELL to PRIVATE COMPANY, who could further rip us off.

    I wonder if there would be FINDER’S FEES for that or when
    the BANKRUPT EMS and sell it OFF.

    stealing the RESULTS.

    Today JIM MIRON was right about the “LIP SMACKING.”

  29. 31 ronmoreau


    ” RON – how are you paying $ 500 Sewer Fee / Tax? ”

    $500 (+)= 2 family.

    My home is average. Like many Seniors in Stratford. With $12,000 social security less $6,500 taxes doesn’t leave much for them to live on. I can afford my house. Would not like to be forced out because of taxes. As what’s happening to many Stratford Seniors.

  30. 32 1george1

    Would make for a fine Letter to the Editor, even the CT POST
    might PRINT? (pardon the editting)

    “With $10-12,000 social security less $ 4,000 to $6,500 taxes, it
    doesn’t leave much for Seniors in Stratford to live on.
    I can afford my house. I am working and healthy (so far)
    I would not like to be forced out of my home because of taxes.
    That is what is happening to many Stratford Seniors and to
    people who lost their jobs.”.

    You JEZE – Why not POST the CATALANO Letter to the EDITOR?

    Even SUDDS would have to CONCEED it to be UNUSUAL for a
    STRATFORD POLITICIAN to SUGGEST ….. (wait for it)
    (wait for it)
    PROBLEMS STRATFORD has, and MUST ADDRESS, instead of
    quietly sitting in the BUNKER and figure ways to further BANKRUPT
    both Stratford and her Citizens / Businesses ….

  31. 33 jezebel282


    “You JEZE – Why not POST the CATALANO Letter to the EDITOR?”

    Mr. Catalano never had trouble finding this site before. If he wants to post it here he is more than welcome.

  32. 34 sudds

    “You JEZE – Why not POST the CATALANO Letter to the EDITOR?”

    Maybe it’s because Catalano is a #$%^ing IDIOT!!!

    “The truth is Stratford’s legacy is the result of a fat bureaucracy with no real motivation to help us, the citizens, who live here.”

    Bureaucracy… like… oh I don’t know… THE TOWN COUNCIL… which… HE IS A MEMBER OF!!!

    I vote that we guarantee Catalano a job at the Shakespeare theatre (if/when it opens) so that he can move on to other topics!!! Instead of writing letters to the editor perhaps he should spend his time using his Council-influence (God help us) to FORCE the government to clean Raymark up!!! (heck, we already spend like $15 trillion on legal fees in this town… what’s another frivolous legal fee if it gets the attention we need???)

    CATALANO’S COMPETITON (whoever he/she is) FOR COUNCIL – 2011

  33. 35 sudds

    PS… is it just me, or does anyone else find it a strange coincidence that he “just happened” to get this information a week before the election???

    It couldn’t possibly be that he has been dragging his feet on information (vital to the community which he wants to SERVE) just so that he could release it a week prior to the election, could he??? Nah… not possible… please forget that I even mentioned it!!! (WOW… I can actually TASTE the sarcasm in that one)

    CATALANO’S COMPETITON (whoever he/she is) FOR COUNCIL – 2011

  34. 36 mikereynolds

    I believe his competition is Amanda Soderburg…not that you would know it from the utter lack of campaigning.

    And not just her…is it me or is there a distinct lack of lawn signs and other campaign related “stuff” this year?

  35. 37 sudds

    “…is it me or is there a distinct lack of lawn signs and other campaign related “stuff” this year?”

    Let’s just hope that this trend continues!!!

    I (personally) think that campaigns should be charged/fined $100 per sign per day for every sign that is still “out” more than 6 days after the election!!!

  36. 38 jezebel282


    “CATALANO’S COMPETITON (whoever he/she is) FOR COUNCIL – 2011”

    Since you decided not to run in the 3rd District, Mr Catalano’s opponent is….nobody. He is running unopposed. But we are glad you are keeping up with the candidates in your own district.

  37. 39 mikereynolds

    I thought Amanda Soderburg was running in the 3rd?

  38. 40 sudds

    “Since you decided not to run in the 3rd District”

    Sorry, but I’ve got more important things going on in my life right now! :raz:

  39. 41 jezebel282


    “I’ve got more important things going on in my life right now!”

    Whew! At least you still have enough time to blast Mr. Catalano every chance you get.

  40. 42 sudds

    I ALWAYS have time to fight stupidity!!!

  41. 43 1george1

    Ms. Soderberg is a long time friend of Dave Fuller.
    She was a place holder until they found someone.
    They didn’t.

    Stephanie # 2, Matt # 3, & Connor # 9 are running unopposed.
    Jason Santi # 4is opposed by Mike Singh.

    # 1 Mary Young is a better candidate than Chris Barnaby,
    who I like as a person & who “may” be wising up?

    # 5 John Dempsey has a heavy weight fight vs. Olivia (lil) Gombar.
    I like & respect John. Olivia has an “everyman (woman)” quality
    about her. I would love to see her as Council Chair.

    # 6 Dave Fuller has a heavy competition vs. Ken Poisson (teacher).
    Republican polls tend to be accurate.
    They think they will win 8 – 2, despite not campaigning

    # 7 Maria Ferrara is bright & capable vs. Mr. Budnick who also
    has good points

    # 9 Kubic’s legacy should, but won’t guarentee Ms, Greenspan
    to be elected. It is a bonus that she is intelligent & caring.

    # 10 Paul Hoydic is unofficially unopposed by FLO something?
    Paul is a nice guy. But RTC politics s u c k.

  42. 44 jezebel282


    Torrington mayoral aide Stephen Nocera leaving for post in Stratford (Updated)

    …”“There is room to grow in the position and I will have some more responsibility as well,” Nocera said during a telephone interview. “I am excited about the new challenges and opportunities and humbled that the Town of Stratford gave me the opportunity.
    Nocera said to position is similar to a city manager position. He said he will be overlooking Stratford’s budget and reporting to Mayor John Harkins.”…

    Poor guy. He must have not met Ron Ing or Marc Dillon yet.

  43. 45 1george1

    NOCERA > anagram

    C ONE RA

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