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Voting procedure in Stratford

With less than 2 weeks remaining (it’s on November 8th) until the Council and Board of Education elections, time is growing short for voters to make up their minds. This year we are particularly insulted by the lack any information by either Town Committee detailing their candidates’ background or position. In some cases, the districts they are running in are not listed (RTC candidates). In other cases, not even their names are listed (DTC candidates). If you are a plain old voter it is possible for you to drive around town with a memo pad and jot the names down that you see on lawn signs or perhaps wait for your doorbell to ring and a candidate appears.

So what kind of information can we use to make our picks? The answer is “not much”. Whoever gets elected will have a considerable say in what our mortgage and rent payments will be, not to mention our children’s education. Statements like “Move Stratford forward” or “Caring about this Town” are, well, hogwash. Who would say ” Move Stratford backward” or “I Don’t care about this town”? Those comments are insulting and unacceptable. Based upon the utter lack of information we are forced to limit our picks:

1st District: Nobody
2nd District: Stephanie Phillips
3rd District: Nobody
4th District: Nobody
5th District: John Dempsey
6th District: Nobody
7th District: Nobody
8th District: Nobody
9th District: Robyn Greenspan
10th District: Nobody

Board of Education: Nobody. But, particularly NOT Immacula Cann.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    By way of explanation, we have selected Robyn Greenspan in the 9th because she alone of all the candidates has singled out structural problems in the Town including the enormous funds allocated to the Town Attorney and HR department.

    We have also selected Stephanie Phillips because she has proven to be fair, intelligent, articulate and, well, running unopposed.

    John Dempsey has accepted the challenge of funding our emergency services properly. We hope in his next term he will focus a bit more upon how they are managed as well.

    We cannot accept Immacula Cann as a candidate at all. She is currently pursuing legal action against the BOE and her election would be an acceptance by the voters of an obvious conflict of interest. We have enough of that without endorsing it.

  2. 2 1george1

    Actually Jeze, although Robyn is the better writer,
    Olivia Gombar has done the superior job in laying
    out most of those issues.

    Both John & Olivia are good people.

    John is OLD GUARD & votes PARTY.

    I originally thought Mary Young would be the strongest

    By far it is Olivia.

    Robyn posts writes very well.

    I know Olivia & Mary have walked their Districts.
    I do not know if Robyn has done meets & greets?

    Robyn appears to have done OK at Oronoque.
    I have not been able to get feed back.

    I expected pictures of Mirons / Burturlas on the dart boards

  3. 3 jezebel282


    That’s why we have elections. I found Ms. Greenspan’s response far more focused and specific.

  4. 4 jezebel282

    Maybe a great question for any candidate (especially an incumbent) would be based on the performance of either Miron or Harkins why they think this:

    Council to consider pay raise for next mayor

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:31
    The mayor of Stratford is underpaid, town leaders seem to agree.
    The Town Council must now decide by how much.
    The Ordinance Committee, made up of all Town Council members, unanimously voted at a special meeting Wednesday, Oct. 19, to forward to the council a proposal to increase the salary for the town’s top elected office, effective with the 2013 election.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    I just can’t help it. Here are two more comments from the article:

    “Malloy said the salary needs to be commensurate with that of the CEO of a corporation with 1,000 employees and a budget in excess of $200 million.
    The mayor must oversee, Malloy said, some employees who earn more money, including, he said, “excessive overtime at the Fire Department.”
    James Connor (R-8) said 23 employees currently make more than the mayor.”

    Let’s take Malloy’s inane statement first. CEO’s running a $200 million company (Really? Is that where our taxes are going? They are $188 million now.) have to produce a profit. It takes less than four years to fire a bad CEO. Based on taxes rising and services being reduced for the past six years, the mayor should be fired. When is anyone going to learn that municipal government is not a business?

    And then there is James Connor (R-8). Employees make more than the CEO? It happens all the time. A CEO wants his best sales people making more in commissions than he does in salary. Has anyone on the Council ever worked in the private sector? (Lawyers don’t count).
    Let’s all try to remember that a mayor doesn’t actually do the work. The mayor sets the policy and everyone else does the work.

    And do we have to take one more gratuitous swipe at the Fire Department, Tom?

  6. First, thank you for the endorsement. Of course, this now intensifies the scrutiny I’ll be under should I be elected. I don’t think Jezebel likes being disappointed. 🙂

    My focus is people and progress, not party and politics, and it is my hope to bring others on the Council into that vision. There’s a way to work toward solutions, and not frame discussion as “win/lose.”

    As for the Mayor’s salary: Evaluating compensation, particularly in the absence of performance metrics, is complex requiring more than a cursory glance at neighboring salaries or a fixed cost-of-living percentage.

    Comparing the Mayor to the CEO of a company is apples to oranges. The way compensation is structured by the Charter doesn’t make the Mayor seem like the head of a public or private company, with the Council as the Board of Directors.

    It is set like a fixed short-term contract rate with no performance management goals and no economic scalability. It is so flawed that it leaves the door wide open for the type of arbitrary conversations about salary that we are seeing in this article.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Ms. Greenspan,

    “First, thank you for the endorsement.”
    You’re welcome. However, not everyone is a fan of this blog. You may find some voting against you based upon my endorsement.

    “Of course, this now intensifies the scrutiny I’ll be under should I be elected.”

    “I don’t think Jezebel likes being disappointed. ”
    If only I could make a living by being disappointed by Stratford politicians…

    “no performance management goals and no economic scalability”
    My plan is to pay the mayor a $90K/year salary and a 5% commission on every dollar he lowers taxes (with the approval of the Council). We’ll have the lowest property taxes in the Northeast in no time.

  8. 8 1george1

    About 2,001, Barnhart was Town Manager.
    I left after a Pension Meeting.
    Union reps were talking outside:

    “Management wants to give us the pay & benefits….
    What ever we get … they gotta get more …

    The Budget isn’t $ 200 million. It approaches $ 190 million.
    The CFAR may have total numbers around $ 230 – $ 240 million.
    Something Olivia posted … (teasing – Jeze)

    If we didn’t have Council Chairmen like Malloy, Henrick, Feehan,
    Crudo, Calzone (sorry bob), Cabral / Copperwatts, Burturla,
    maybe our Budget would be $ 160 million … ?

    BoE has 803 Employees – $ 85 Million Budget
    Town has just under 500 Employees = $ 61 Million
    Defined Benefit has 604 Pensioners = $ 19.65 million obligation

    The Pension + other Town Benefits = $ 34.3 Million
    BoE Benefits = $ 17.4 Million

    Those Benefits combine for a remarkable $ 51.7 Million
    Add $ 10 + million for Capital improvements = $ 62+ Million
    or almost 1/3 rd of the $ 185 – $ 189 Million Town Budgets.

  9. “My plan is to pay the mayor a $90K/year salary and a 5% commission on every dollar he lowers taxes (with the approval of the Council). We’ll have the lowest property taxes in the Northeast in no time.”

    Let’s not presume the Mayor will be a “he.”

  10. 10 jezebel282

    Ms. Greenspan,

    Ooops! Did I say “he”? What was I thinking?

  11. 11 ronmoreau

    “If we didn’t have Council Chairmen like Malloy, Henrick, Feehan,
    Crudo, Calzone (sorry bob), Cabral / Copperwatts, Burturla,
    maybe our Budget would be $ 160 million … ?”

    These guys were only one vote on their respective councils. How about making a list of the other approx. 190 other council representatives, for the last 20 years, that are equally guilty?

  12. 12 jezebel282


    “How about making a list of the other approx. 190 other council representatives”

    Oh no! Now he’s going to do it!

  13. 13 ronmoreau

    How many Stratford voters could even name 10% of them? For that matter how many voters could even name their current council representative?

  14. 14 jezebel282


    You are correct. It amazing (and really sad) that most do not realize that these 10 people are the ones who decide how much more their mortgage payment will increase.

  15. @George, you mentioned Meet and Greets. The Dem Candidates have one coming up this Saturday:

    It’s an informal, open event, designed for us to engage with residents and hear more about what they want and expect from elected officials.

  16. 16 1george1

    Robyn: Good move about the meet & greet.

    Jeze & Ron are correct.

    Despite the fact Ron was one of those Town Councilors,
    some things can only be seen “in retro spection.”

    The Council Chair & BoE Chair are defacto ring masters
    of the circus (too appropriate)

  17. 17 ronmoreau

    “…Despite the fact Ron was one of those Town Councilors,…”

    20 yrs. ago. Was never on the RTC,prior to running for an elected office. Was told there was no room for me on the RTC. Even as a Councilman.

    Robin is a DTC member. By her own admission, during Mr. Mirons endorsment for Mayor.

    She talks the talk. If elected, will she walk the walk?

    I don’t think so.

    By the way, who was that other person, you supported to run for Mayor instead of Jim Miron?

  18. @Ron, why the doubt? As I’ve said, I didn’t meet Mr. Miron until he sought office. And, knowing someone is not an indicator of who I am and what I do. I dont know about you, but there have been few people in my life, thus far, who have been influential enough to change my behavior, or that I want to completely model.

    Please don’t question my motives or pre-judge my actions in advance of me giving you reason to do so.

    (Robert Calzone was also seeking the nomination.)

  19. 19 1george1

    I believe Bob Calzone is one of the better people in politics.
    He & Gavin deserve praise for EMS Volunteering.

    Do I agree with voting?
    Of course NOT.

    If Robyn does not get elected – it is a moot issue.
    If Robyn does get elected, what she says and does, and depending
    on the Council make up – how she votes, makes a difference?
    – Proof is in the pudding.

    Malloy & Connor could vote for / against things, like Feehan &
    other did, once they knew the results from others’ votes.

  20. 20 portia1776

    @Jez, “Who would say ‘Move Stratford backward’ or ‘I Don’t care about this town’?”

    Ah, but Robyn is saying she will move Stratford backward. She, Fuller, Gombar, and every single Democrat running for office wants to restore us to the tender mercies of Miron’s authoritarian reign. If any of them care about this town, that is certainly a strange way of showing it.

    You are right to lament the somewhat disrespectful lack of campaigning. But is a paucity of Republican candidate responses really reason enough to go over to the Dark Side? Maybe it’s just me, but the weird refusal of a single DTC candidate to either criticize past Miron misdeeds or foreswear future support justifies voting “Anybody but Miron” by default. A vote for Greenspan or any Democrat is a vote for Miron.

    Richard Fredette is right to point out the “clear difference between the Republican slate and the Democrats’ slate; the difference is character and the resume to do the job. The Republicans are running people who have been involved in Stratford through volunteering for many different civic organizations. They are business owners, people who were raised here and have chosen to raise their families here. On the other hand, the Democrats have endorsed a bunch of staunch Miron supporters.”

    I do, however, commend your libertarian proposal to curb government spending and regulation.

    @Robyn, “Let’s not presume the Mayor will be a ‘he.'” — Let the Miron sex change speculation begin!

    We actually agree on this “Please don’t question my motives or pre-judge my actions in advance of me giving you reason to do so.” There is no need to pre-judge you. You have given us no reason to doubt that you are an unrepentant Mironite. In answer to my questions, , you could not bring yourself to acknowledge a single mistake that Jimmy Miron (or do you prefer “Dear Leader”?) made, not even for his most indefensibly brutish and authoritarian behavior.

    When asked about the hiring of the morally and medically unfit Justin LoSchiavo, you tacitly defended Miron’s cynical endangerment of public safety. Perhaps even worse, you dishonestly deny knowledge of Miron’s threatening of John Fahan, and think nothing of Jimmy Miron’s legal thievery and Dick Miron’s illegal thievery, except for wishing the DTC’s PR had been better. For shame.

    These issues say much about your character, judgment, and intentions. But you should also be disqualified for office on the basis of your policy goals: hiring an “economic development” czar, disparaging businesses because they don’t fit your definition of “economic development” (tell that to their owners, workers, and patrons), and unifying Stratford around a centralized economic vision that would make a North Korean bureaucrat blush.

    @Ron, Robyn is walking the walk. Anyone who doesn’t think she is a Mironite is as self-deluding as the people who voted for Obama because they thought one of the following: a.) he’s a politician, he doesn’t actually mean what he’s saying about revoking individual civil and economic liberties (“negative liberties,” “spread the wealth around,” “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” “individual salvation depends on collective salvation”), b.) even if he does really mean it, he’s not really going to follow-though (think Bill Clinton), c.) even if he is a leftist and really does deliver more government intervention, who knows, maybe, just maybe, this is the time foretold when command-and-control will finally work!

    Nope… repeating Hoover and Frankling’s mistakes, Bush and especially Obama’s crony capitalism/corporate socialism has failed again. Here is the Obama Administration by its own (devastating) numbers:

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “wants to restore us to the tender mercies of Miron’s authoritarian reign.”

    I am still taking Ms. Greenspan at her word. You have to start somewhere. To date, she is the only candidate of either Committee (I can’t bring myself to call them “Republicans” or “Democrats”) to acknowledge that the Town Attorney and HR department are out of control.

    Now, it would be very very nice if she came out and plainly said, “I do not support James R. Miron (or any Miron for that matter)”. But that may too much to ask of a politician. Who ever heard of a candidate saying something plainly?

    On the other hand, her opponent, Joe Kubic (R-9th) is depending upon people to vote for any “R” on the ballot in the 9th District. It’s not like he’s even tried to compete.

    “a centralized economic vision that would make a North Korean bureaucrat blush.”
    “as self-deluding as the people who voted for Obama”
    Really? North Korea? Obama? You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

  22. 22 1george1

    Apparently you have not read Olivia Gombar’s posts, per
    Town Attorneys and other issues.
    Actually I know you have …because you replied to Olivia..

    I believe Ms. Greenspan is actually among the brightest
    lights in this campaign, along with Olivia.

    In the early part of the race, I thought the strongest new
    candidate was Mary Young in # 1.

    Maria Ferraro is no slouch either.

    However, none of the NEWBEES will have any of the own,
    trusted supporters as Monitors for the election.
    While Rick Marcone is a decent person, the DTC SUPPORT
    and the DSC support has been almost non existent.
    Do I smell an 8 to 2 Bridgeport style election for Country Club
    coutesans, clowns, coactors, and cronies

  23. 23 1george1

    I wonder if PORTIA would care to comment on Town Council
    Chairman Malloy’s actions, compared to Miron and what the
    Republicans are supposed to stand for?

  24. 24 jezebel282


    “Apparently you have not read Olivia Gombar’s posts”

    Yes, I have. I had also read letter after letter by her to the Post and Star supporting anything and everything Miron did. Once a Mironista…..

  25. 25 1george1


    I was and am a Miron critic.

    There were things he did that I consider accomplishments
    and/or good for stratford, and/or parts of the community.

    Likely motivations were political for votes or support.

    You have become a legit critic of Harkins.
    You and others (I’ll pick on Mike Reynolds) supported Miron.

    Would it be fair to you and to Mike, that Harkins has become
    what you and Mike criticize?

    Olivia & some of the other D may or may not be Miron supporters.

    Given the choice between the Mirons and the Country Club R,
    could it be they believed they supported the lesser of 2 EVILS?

    What were their choices?
    ME? (I)
    DOM? (R)
    BEST? (R)
    Tom MOORE (R)
    CALZONE? (D) – stepped out
    GAVIN? (R? > D? > R? > future I?)
    Fredette / Thornbury / Voccola? (U D)

    I was frankly surprized by some of the support and animousity
    about Voccola / Sylvia & the old guard in both parties.

    While you know and support certain people for certain reasons,
    many people have similar complaints about the OLD GUARD.

    Politics helps ALLIES & hurts ENEMIES.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “You and others (I’ll pick on Mike Reynolds) supported Miron.”


  27. 27 1george1

    I meant you & Mike supported Harkins.

    Do we nag you about that mistake, which you admit?
    Maybe to some, the Mirons are the lesser of evils or
    better than the choices given?

    I don’t agree with choosing them, yet I can understand
    why some people hate (pick one)
    Political Parties
    Certain government entities / functions
    Cotton candy

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “I meant you & Mike supported Harkins.”

    It is hard to express my disappointment in Harkins. He has either failed or not even attempted to correct the abuses of Miron’s disastrous rule. The Town Attorney’s budget has only increased, the PD still has enormous issues to correct, FD personnel have been treated shamefully, EMS is being bled and Town morale is declining. Over time Harkins has become more and more remote from his constituents and Town employees.

    And yes, I supported Harkins as did many others. Four more years of Miron was completely unacceptable. Until the DTC finally rejects him publicly, we will essentially have only RTC candidates to vote for.

  29. 29 1george1

    There are some in every department treated shamefully.
    But the brunt was inflected on the citizens.

    When will you admit that Harkins is a continuation of Miron,
    and the same people arranged for both of their elections?

    Jeze …follow the money …
    personnel is policy …

    Conmen have to create plausible deniability that they are NOT
    working together!
    Otherwise it is a CONSPIRACY and FRAUD.
    Arbitrations & Judicial Rulings & Contracts where Conspriacy or Fraud

    Who among the Lawyers, Police, Fire, BoE, Contractors, managers,
    workers, and committee members want to see their sweetheat
    contracts invalidated?

    1 – Money would have to be paid back.
    2 – Damages can be treble.

    Don’t get mad at me …. boys and girls.
    Harkins was in HARFORD when HARTFORD passed the LAW that
    IF CORRUPTION was proven, PENSIONS could be taken away.

    If the INTENT was always to take away PENSION in 2013 or 2017,
    PRIVATE SECTOR WORKERS whose annual INCOME is a fraction
    of WHAT Government PENSIONS are …

    The PEOPLE at the LOWER LEVEL will be so busy fighting each other
    the people SELLING drugs, wars, & kited OIL / other prices will continue
    to drain the American People..

    The POLICE are handcuffed with GOLDEN PENSIONS & BENEFITS
    that could turn into N A D A!.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “When will you admit that Harkins is a continuation of Miron,
    and the same people arranged for both of their elections?”

    I thought I just did. S’matter? You can’t take “yes” for an answer?

    Obviously, Miron is not yet gone. He is intent on reminding people he’s still around. Unless and until the DTC publicly rejects him and his relatives/cronies they will continue to lose election after election. The only “safe” district will be the second where the RTC cannot find a candidate. Look for the return of Alvin ONeal in 2013 when Stephanie Phillips is termed out.

    In the meantime, Harkins is content to sit and watch the machine spin. With the occasional taxpayer reward to a few favorites (The Town Attorney and HR) as well as a consultant or two, you are correct. Not much has changed, although Harkins is way cuter than Miron. Doesn’t Harkins look great at pizza shop & deli openings?

    I almost feel bad for the current DTC candidates. They just can’t seem to break free of the Miron curse. Take Dave Fuller. He is saying all the right things a candidate should say. He may actually have a plan that taxpayers need. Sadly, his past support of Miron (including his position as Treasurer of Miron’s miserable taxpayer funded run at State Senator) continues to haunt him.

    On November 8th, the RTC will maintain their power without even breathing hard. Not a single RTC candidate has proposed anything new. According to them everything is just fine, thanks. And voters will go to the polls and color in the dots next to the “R”. If they bother to go at all.

  31. 31 1george1

    I thought I just did. S’matter? You can’t take “yes” for an answer?

    “JEZE – It jus feels so goood reading it!” 🙂

    I spoke to the Democratic Candidates Sunday.

    NONE of the NEW CANDIDATES has anyone of their OWN PEOPLE
    cut off date.

    Why BOTHER CAMPAIGNING when the VOTES are already totalled?

    MARCONE & PHILIPS and the others didn’t bother to tell any of them
    or help with ANY DONATIONS …. ZIP … NADA … NUTTIN $$!

    They knew nothing about applying for matching funds or FUND
    RAISING. Fuller was appointed. He wasn’t elected.
    > Steph is unopposed
    > Kim is gone
    > Santi isn’t campaigning & Singh might actually be a stealth win,
    unless he drops out.
    > Catalon is unopposed
    > Connor is unopposed
    > Hoydic is nominally opposed.

    > Robyn deserves to beat Kubic
    > Olivia deserves to beat John, who actually has communicated
    more in this month than several years – I like John as a person.
    > Mary Young is a superior candidate to Chris B
    > Maria Ferrara is a superior candidate than Budnick, who I hear
    has not campaigned & dislikes the MRCC.
    > I would not be surprized if Ken Poisson beats Fuller. I like Dave
    a lot. I am disappointed on a couple recent votes! He did a good
    job posting – better than anyone except maybe Robyn?
    However Poisson is a STRATFORD MAN with DEEP ROOTS and
    a TEACHER, which exposes him to many parents and the people
    in the BoE & Town.
    IF he is TEA PARTY
    The MR CC crony capitalism of steered entitlement & patronage
    based wicked warped welfare is ANTI THETICAL to those concepts!

    Governor MALLOY might NOT be GOVERNOR if it were NOT for

    Town Council Chair MALLOY is first COUSIN to DANNEL.
    They have a winning formula …
    Rigging elections with phony votes – hypothetically?

    Who will investigate?
    > the STATE POLICE?
    > the LOCAL POLICE?
    > Whitey Bulger’s cousins in the FBI?

    The CORRUPT-icut POST
    Champions of the connundrums …

    1) When is airport expansion not an expansion?

    2) When does a safety issue only involve private plane pilots
    and passengers

  32. 32 jezebel282


    Robyn Greenspan
    Stratford Council Candidate Talks Dog Park, Toxic Waste, More

    Mostly because I’m the editor, I’m going to skip “Littering”.

    “Salary of the Town Attorney
    Take a look at the town budgets and you’ll be staggered by the escalating legal fees, currently peaking at nearly $2 million being spent in the town attorney’s office…the town attorney can be made an in-house position.”

    Absolutely positively! We have recommended this on these pages for literally years. For this alone, Ms Greenspan deserves every vote in the 9th District. (It’s a little more than $2 million actually. There is a $301,500 slush fund in the HR department for “legal exp/collective bargaining/PI. Whatever “PI” is.)

    “Economic Development
    Hiring an experienced economic development director”

    Again, for this alone, she deserves every vote in the 9th. It’s been so long since we had anyone in this job, I’ve forgotten the job description.

    “Environmental and Hazardous Waste
    What we need to break through the gridlock is the kind of innovative thinking 3rd District Town Council member Matt Catalano has proposed: cost-effective EPA-approved soil-cleaning technology.”

    Does anyone still have Elaine O’Keefe’s number?

    Stratford Army Engine Plant
    “If we could subdivide, remediate and build on the less contaminated sites, that development would spur further growth and provide momentum to build on the next parcel, and the next, until the area is fully cleaned and developed.”

    Here I must disagree. The Town does not have the resources (money) to remediate this brownfield no matter how small the parcels are. This site was brought to this condition because the property owner (the U.S. Army) was and is exempt from EPA regulation. The Army is hoping to dump this in anyone else’s lap. The last reliable estimates I’ve heard is a cost of $90 million just to bring it to a light industrial level. That is why the property just sits.

    “Shakespeare Theatre
    I’d like to explore partnering with an educational facility”

    Sudds? What was that guy’s number at Yale?

    “Stratford Center Redevelopment”

    “Stratford Dog Park”
    Someday after Stratford Center Redevelopment

    “Public Safety
    Understaffed Police and Fire Department, Pensions”
    You can complain about salaries or you can complain about overtime but not both. At least Ms. Greenspan recognizes that. You can also complain about pensions contributions or putting an adequate amount in the pension fund but not both. At least she understands that too.

    “An Addendum: Mayor’s Salary
    Does the next mayor deserve a salary review to ensure we’re in alignment with municipalities similar to our demographics? Yes. Do I think that equals $25,000? Definitely not.”

    Every single incumbent should be forced to answer this question since they will vote on it at their last session. At $225,000 we spend more than enough on the mayor’s office. If a mayor wants a raise, let’s get rid of a “Chief of Staff” or an assistant or two.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    So far, Mr. Kubic’s responses have been “Issues? What Issues?”

  34. 34 sudds

    ““Shakespeare Theatre
    I’d like to explore partnering with an educational facility”

    Sudds? What was that guy’s number at Yale?”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    @#$% the Council… ROBYN GREENSPAN FOR MAYOR!!!


    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University

  35. Perhaps it’s just me but it appears as though the Star forgot there are candidates for the Zoning Commission not just for Zoning Appeals. I am a busy guy so correct me if I have missed something here.

    Just about the only coverage I have seen for Zoning was Christopher Silhavey’s letter to the star.

  36. @Sudds, I don’t know if I should hire you as a campaign manager or move out of town before the mayor candidate search begins.

    @Jezebel, how do we direct Patch readers over here to see your ringing endorsement? 🙂

    On SAEP: I wasn’t really clear, although, in my head I make a lot of sense. I wasn’t suggesting the Town buy and remediate the property. I meant we should apply pressure for subdivision and then get the less contaminated areas sold quickly first, to provide momentum for future developers.

  37. 37 1george1

    My Letter to the Editor last week was delayed 3 weeks.
    The 28 letters this week pushed out my Letter and at
    least 1 other Letter didn’t make Publication.

    Last week Kovach had the Voter guide.
    This week the star published 28 letters.
    Everyone of them has to be logically arranged & formatted.

    Most of the Star is a 1 man operation, which includes updates,
    meetings @ night, & emergency coverage.

    Mr. Fahan is correct in part of his criticism.

    While Jeze justly praise Ms Greenspan.
    THE PATCH SUBMITTED 9 or 11 specific questions to ALL of
    To the credit of Dave Fuller & Robyn Greenspan they replied
    to the PATCH.

    I have been contacted by candidates in both parties.
    One asked a question that stumped me and I had to ASK
    Stephany Philips …

    Where is the MONEY in the BUDGET for LAW SUIT SETTLEMENTS?

    I don’t KNOW.

    (without intending to put words in Stephany’s mouth while I type :
    Stephany replied she does not know where the money goes when
    we (Stratford Attorneys) … “win a settlement?”
    > YO Sudds / JEZE there is a SOFTBALL LOB!

    The money for LOST SETTLEMENTS ….
    is mostly found in the “CONTINGUENCY FUND.”
    Some is found in “AFFECTED DEPARTMENTS.”
    Some is found WITHIN the “ATTORNEYS’ BUDGET.”

    Stephany pointed out this MAYOR has moved TOWN ATTORNEY
    FEES (supposedly) related to contract NEGOTIATIONS to H. R.

    I counter pointed, it is like trying to find ALL of THE PAY / O.T.
    They have several PILES, which LOWERS the TRUE PICTURE
    of the TRUE TOTAL COST of:

    The BoE has their own shell games.

    SUDDS you continue to amaze and often dismay me.

  38. 38 1george1

    Robyn posted while I posted.

    The reality is the ARMY does what the ARMY wants to do.
    They are the 800 lb Gorilla.

    My belief is certain ex-Army Lawyers & ranking politically
    appointed officers set themselves up for a post retirement
    payday along with DODD, LIEBERMAN, and a variety of
    Federal, State, & local INNER PARTY parasites.

    It really doesn’t matter what we say, do, write, blog, or platform
    about AVCO. Catalano’s Letter, however warmed the seats of
    some people. They don’t like that.

    Robin is correct about SUDDS & JEZE.
    Although if people go back & read JEZE from the beginning,
    and many of the hateful anti mirons … it isn’t pretty!

  39. 39 sudds

    “SUDDS you continue to amaze and often dismay me.”

    I prefer to save my “amaze me” skills for the ladies… but feel free to jump on the “Sudds has been right all along”-Bangwagon while there is still room!!!

  40. 40 sudds

    “@Sudds, I don’t know if I should hire you as a campaign manager or move out of town before the mayor candidate search begins.”

    Come on now Robyn… the mayoral job in Stratford is awesome!! It offers GIANT pay raises, and all you have to do it (a) attend a few opens and (b) hire a bunch of other people to do your work!!!

  41. 41 jezebel282


    “the Star forgot there are candidates for the Zoning Commission not just for Zoning Appeals.”

    I hear they were going to but ran out of room after printing every single letter from members of the RTC and DTC. Could those letters be any more transparent?

  42. “ran out of room”

    ohh that explains it……By the way Mayor’s salary should be done through budget process I would think, not ordinance. What do I know? I only prevented automatic mayoral salary increases within the 4 yr term from being codified in the Charter.

  43. 43 portia1776


    “I am still taking Ms. Greenspan at her word.” — Please do.

    “Town Attorney and HR department are out of control.” — Are these new problems? Where was Ms. Greenspan’s outrage when Jimmy Miron and Dick Buturla were responsible? It’s not like she is new to Town politics. She served on the DTC at the pleasure of Jimmy Miron.

    Or do such problems only warrant her attention when you can blame the other guy and are running for office?

    Jez, you want to believe something that is just not supported by the evidence. Robyn Greenspan is a Mironite. Mr. Kubic is not. Contra Robyn, Kubic is not afraid to call a “tyrant” a “tyrant.” And, lest we forget, he has steadfastly opposed Avalon Bay. What else is there to talk about?

    “Really? North Korea?” — If uniting everyone behind a centralized vision of supposedly good intentions works, then North Korea, the place most united behind a centralized vision of supposedly good intentions, should be doing splendidly. Oh, right, Kim Jong-Il’s socialist slaves are in the midst of another government-created famine crisis. What great and glorious achievements we have to look forward to…

    George, I have never been a member of either the RTC or DTC, but have been to meetings of both.

  44. 44 portia1776


    “I almost feel bad for the current DTC candidates.” — “almost”?! I feel bad for the taxpayers should any DTC candidates (Mironites all) get elected.

    “They just can’t seem to break free of the Miron curse.” — Maybe that’s because they aren’t trying? Jeez, Jez, have you forgotten who these people are? Lou Decillio said it best You most certainly won’t fid any Republican candidate who would sit silent and support the payouts, the nepotism and the risks to public safety like the entire slate of Democrats did with our former mayor.”

    “Take Dave Fuller.” — Sorry, he’s all yours.

    “He is saying all the right things a candidate should say.” — We’ll get to this in a moment.

    “He may actually have a plan that taxpayers need.” — Would that be his plan to waste even more of our money proving that town government cannot run our golf course… again?

    “Sadly, his past support of Miron (including his position as Treasurer of Miron’s miserable taxpayer funded run at State Senator) continues to haunt him.” — I appreciate the attempt. I really do. It is miserable that we were forced to fund Miron’s campaign. But the only thing “sad” about his past support of Miron is… his present support of Miron. What has Dave said that you find so compelling?

    In last week’s Star, he had an opportunity to put his support of Miron in the past-tense where it belongs. Did he? No. Instead we were treated to a response worthy of Chris, another unrepentant Mironite.

    How do you know a politician is in the wrong? A tell-tale sign is when they start complaining about a “lack of civility.” President Obama can’t debate his way out of a paper bag, but is always at the ready to cry foul. And it works. Instead of talking about the real issue at hand, there is endless debate on the non-issue of supposed hurts.*

    Fuller says its uncivil of Republicans to point out his connection to disgraced ex-mayor and legal crook Jimmy Miron. He cities this as an example of “character assassination” and “obfuscation.” But his argument is, in fact, obfuscating the real question, which is one of veracity. Was he a supporter of Jimmy Miron’s failed administration? Re-election campaign? Quixotic run for state senate? Yes–Fuller is guilty on all three counts. Did Fuller monetarily benefit at taxpayer expense from his relationship with Jimmy Miron? Again, he is guilty as charged. The only harm done by making more widely known his record is to his electoral prospects. Quite understably, he would prefer voters not to know of his past exploits. Ditto Robyn Greenspan’s miserable DTC tenure. Any harm his characters has suffered is a pre-existing injury. Arrogance, incompetence, lying, cheating, stealing, paranoia, contempt for Stratford voters, hyper sensitivity to criticism, a desire to exterminate “rats,” and character suicide are symptomatic of chronic Mironism.

    For Fuller’s next trick, he defends his work “as a political consultant…. That is how I earned a living” by equating it with the morality of work itself “If this is wrong, then we are all guilty for having jobs or seeking employment.” No one faults him for working, even for someone as despicable as Jimmy Miron. But who should pay for such work: Miron supporters or taxpayers? Fuller misses the immorality and injustice of forcibly taking money from taxpayers to support campaigns. Fuller, Robyn, and the DTC call this “clean” election financing. No, the word for it is theft. It is immaterial that Miron and Fuller had government serve the roll of front woman.

    “There they go again.” — Add plagiarist to Fuller’s political bona fides. A more appropriate Reagan quote for Fuller, Olivia, and Robyn to learn comes from his “A Time for Choosing” Speech. 47 years ago Reagan said “For three decades, we’ve sought to solve the problems of unemployment through government planning, and the more the plans fail, the more the planners plan. The latest is the Area Redevelopment Agency.” (Despite the additional “R,” supposedly for reinvestment, Obama’s ARRA failed just as spectacularly as all its predecessors and successors ever will).

    “I pledge to advocate for solutions to restore… public safety.” — Really? Where is Fuller’s (or Greenspan’s) statement in support of the Town’s legal action to prevent Justin LoSchiavo from ever drawing a salary or receiving a pension from Miron’s dangerous and nepotistic hiring of him in the first place? Right, because they supported and still support Miron and LoSchiavo. For this reason alone, Robyn, Fuller, and the entire DTC deserve to be defeated. “Let’s work together to make Stratford a better place to live,” by continuing the still incomplete demironification of Stratford.

    *Look, if you can’t answer tough questions, if you’re not willing to put your ideas out there to be scrutinized, if you’re so fragile that any dissent or even support that is not totally sycophantic cannot be tolerated, then you do not deserve to be in the arena. The language of combat is a recurring theme in political discourse for a reason. Politics was never meant to be civil. On the contrary, voters should be wary of those who seek the power to infringe upon our individual civil and economic liberties. Until the “Progressive” era, after which journalists and politicians increasingly became part of the same too cozy political ruling class, the newspapers held politicians accountable in ways we are only now getting back to thanks to the lassiez-faire internet (Of course, President Obama and other lame politicians and bureaucrats are pushing for “net neutrality” and other regulations as a means to silence dissent and fetter free speech on the net. But for now…)

  45. 45 jezebel282


    So what is the choice in the 9th? An alleged Mironite or a known lawyer that doesn’t see any issue facing Stratford?

    I agree that it is sad and nearly outrageous (OK, plain old outrageous) that not a single member of the DTC will publicly state any rejection of Miron(s) . It is completely stupefying that they are willing to lose an election for him.

    I cannot explain it.

  46. 46 jezebel282

    On the other hand, it would be nice for the RTC to apologize for Norm Aldrich, Bob Connolly, Dom Costello and a few others.

    “won’t fid any Republican candidate who would sit silent and support the payouts, the nepotism and the risks to public safety like the entire slate of Democrats did with our former mayor.”

    Really? How about $2.1 million for Kevin Kelly’s law partner, Tim Bishop? How about approving funds for a “chief of staff”? Maybe 18 months of continued legal fees persecuting Joe McNeil and Orlando Soto? How about giving the Town Attorney carte blanche up to $50,000 each? Raises for our new Global IT Director, I mean, the HR Director (you know, the one who screwed up the hiring of four assistant fire chiefs?) The CFO? The Legal Secretary? Maybe paying two Town Attorneys to sit around at Council meetings?

    No, I can’t agree that the RTC is guilt free. The RTC is just the other gang.

  47. 47 1george1

    While ranting against Mironasties, you actually quote Darth DeCilio?

    You praise QUID PRO QUO Kubic?
    Rumor was THAT was his e-address?

    Maleable Malloy is by far the WORST Town Council Chairman, ever,
    in not small part that he is the most intelligent person to be the Chair.
    My perceptions are his actions are MALFEASANT!.
    > Congress can not ABRIDGE FREE SPEACH = MALLOY can/does!
    > Councils & Police are charged by Charter to uphold the LAW,
    > Liberty & Justice for ALL – or SOME?
    (If they have dust on KNEES & IF the tip of their NOSE is BROWN?)
    > MAY 9 – A 60 % increase in AUTHORIZING BONDING with ZERO
    advance NOTICE of intent to go from $ 25 to $ 40 million?
    > May 23 another $ 63 Million authorize BONDING = TOTAL $ 103 M?
    BENEFIT PACKAGE! These CLOWNS want to give a RAISE?
    > CIRCUMVENT the BID PROCESS by EMERGENCY declaration of 2
    > Refuse to auhorize wheel chairs or electric Cart for LIBRARY which
    may be in violation of American Disabilities Act or against the spirit?
    – Maybe NO ONE in the RTC or DTC sells WHEEL CHAIRS
    – More likely they STEAL the Wheels to revisit teen hubcap habits?

    They want to give Horrible Harkins a pay raise?
    What has he & MALLOY done except throw MONEY at
    DEPARTMENT heads, much like maniac miron
    Try to SELL the WATER TRICK or TREATMENT Plant
    Sit on the RAYMARK WASTE remediation
    Keep Sikorsky & Shakespeare CLOSED
    Try to destroy the Historic White House

    The BEST MONEY this town could spend is create a DUMPSITE
    and put the RTC + DTC and their mindless moronic minions in
    with the other STRATFORD TOXINS.

    Even the OLD MAFIA had more integrity and patriotism than this

    Apparently none of them has MIRRORS in their HOMES …
    Worse it doesn’t look like it is gonna end any time soon …

    These clowns actually recite the Pledge of Allegiance and a PRAYER,
    before doing EXACTLY DIAMETRIC and ANTITHETICAL to any known
    reasonable interpreations of the intents of those …

    While calling the Mirons all kinds of names, you ignore the drunken
    sailor spending of the Republican TOWN COUNCILS.
    > MOST of the MONEY seems to being steered to anyone who is
    part of the mutually reinforcing circle of jerks

  48. @Portia, the timing and content of your vitriolic rants has become predictable, which makes it easy for me to just scroll past it.

  49. 49 1george1

    Portia is brilliant when quoting many Milton Friedman positions
    and has a grasp of many macro economic theories and ways
    they can be beneficially implemented.

    Portia, to his/her credit has bashed both Bush crass and Obama
    mass mess ups.

    Their is an empathy void, toooo typical of the Republican BUND
    of an ELITIST CABAL.

  50. 50 portia1776

    @George, “Portia is brilliant when quoting many Milton Friedman positions and has a grasp of many macro economic theories and ways they can be beneficially implemented.
    Portia, to his/her credit has bashed both Bush crass and Obama
    mass mess ups.” — Thank you! Glad you give me credit for my principled consistency of opposing the crass and mass.

  51. 51 portia1776

    @Robyn, Do you know who else “just scroll[s] past” criticism? Who banishes criticism with phrases like “vitriolic rants”? Who refuses to answer legitimate questions about their positions? Jimmy Miron (you should have seen that coming…).
    Why don’t you do Jez and yourself a favor by clarifying your answers to my questions:

    You wouldn’t want voters to go to the polls mistakenly thinking based on all your previous answers that you’re a Mironitie, right?

  52. 52 portia1776

    “An alleged Mironite” — Where is the evidence to justify “alleged”? I’m still open to being persuaded otherwise, but nothing she has written could lead any reasonable person to believe she is anti-Miron.
    “or a known lawyer that doesn’t see any issue facing Stratford?” – Attorney Kubic is right on the issue of paramount importance, one I consider pre-requisite to talking about anything else. That issue is the election of Miron and Mironities.
    “I agree that it is sad and nearly outrageous (OK, plain old outrageous) that not a single member of the DTC will publicly state any rejection of Miron(s) . It is completely stupefying that they are willing to lose an election for him.” — Thank you, I was getting worried!
    “I cannot explain it.” — Try the simplest explanation: Mironities like Robyn Greenspan are not going to publicly state any rejection of the Mirons because then they would cease being Mironities.
    Besides, you already have explained it, remember: “It is absolutely clear that the DTC needs a total cleansing. The disastrous and controversial term of Mayor Moron is a product of the Stratford DTC. We will be paying for his lack of leadership for years to come. I’m sure that there are many honest and honorable Democrats (like me)in Stratford that could be members of this ‘street gang’. If only they were allowed to. The current DTC leadership will do anything and everything they can to prevent this from happening. If we think the Miron/Burturla faction will just go away, we are sadly mistaken.They are already setting their sites on the next Mayoral election. A complete change in membership of the DTC is necessary otherwise it will be business as usual for Stratford Democrats and Stratford residents will again be subject to their drive-by shootings ( ).”

    Robyn was one of those DTC members you thought needed to be “changed.” Did I miss something?
    “On the other hand, it would be nice for the RTC to apologize for Norm Aldrich, Bob Connolly, Dom Costello and a few others.” — Really? Greenspan, Fuller, and Gombar served on the DTC with Dick Miron even after he was convicted of a felony — robbing tomb stone money from over 70 grieving families. Norm, Bob, and Dom just aren’t in the same league.
    But I will not, as Robyn does, point at the “other guy” who has done worse to excuse bad behavior. Who has done a better job calling out Kevin Kelly than I? I’m all for having at the issues and holding all accountable regardless of partisan affiliation. After the last mayoral race, you were clicks away from retirement. Remember what we said? Jezebel is needed now more than ever.
    “No, I can’t agree that the RTC is guilt free.” — Are the RTC candidates not Mironites? That is a necessary and sufficient reason to vote Republican… for now.


  53. 53 jezebel282


    I do not disagree with almost everything you wrote. I would love to see Ms. Greenspan or any DTC member to simply write “I do not like Jim Miron”. That not a single DTC member will do that is a complete mystery to me. Everyone has a right to change their mind and seek redemption.

    “Norm, Bob, and Dom just aren’t in the same league.”
    Oh yes they are. They just didn’t get to be mayor.

  54. 54 ronmoreau

    Jez, Susan Shaw,Owner- Collected Stories Bookstores,said it best..”The only way to counter what is bad about elections is to vote. ”

    Voting every November is important. Even more important is voting in Town committee elections being held this coming January. The Republican and Democrat Town Committees are the ones who endorse everyone who runs for puplic office under the party banner. These elections are open to all registered Republicans and Democrats respectively. Voter turnout for this election is almost non existant, allowing certain persons whom I would not want to represent me for anything.

  55. 55 ronmoreau

    …to be elected.

  56. @Jez, I make it a point to not publicly express dislike for any individual, preferring to focus on an action or deed.

  57. 57 mikereynolds

    Ok Robyn how about:

    I don’t support or like Jim Miron’s hiring of Justin Loschiavo.

    I don’t support or like Jim Miron’s paying $250,000 to staff before leaving office.

  58. @Mike, based on the information i have, I would agree with those statements, as they are not things I would have done myself.

  59. 59 jezebel282

    Ms Greenspan,

    How about “I don’t like Miron’s decision to give away special pensions with a 2% escalator clause”.


    “I don’t like Miron’s trying to get his unqualified brother on the PD”


    “I don’t like Miron’s forcing department heads to write letters calling employees liars”.


    ” I don’t like Miron’s authorization of tuition payments for his secretary to go to nursing school and paying her to attend class instead of working”.


    “I don’t like Miron’s use of subpoenas to drag 67 senior and disabled citizens to court.”


    “I don’t like Miron’s persecution of two good officers for standing up to him”.

    There’s more, but feel free to start with any of the above.

  60. 60 1george1

    I wonder if you saw 60 minutes story with Jack Abramoff?
    While he appeared to specialize in Republicans and 60
    minutes / CBS tend to be definite Democrat leaners, it
    was pretty clear the system needs an enema.

    To your credit, you have nailed both sides.
    ( I admire legit Republican & Democrat people & issues )
    ( I have nailed, like you, what I believe are abuses)

    I have friends who send me just anti Obama stuff or anti
    Pelosi and Reid.
    A feew send anti Bush Cheney.

    I favor the sentiment of the AID to COLIN POWELL who
    – CHENEY kinda shut down after that comment

  61. 61 1george1

    Your paramount important issue about Kubic is absurd.
    Would you support HITLER if he was anti-Miron?

    I an’t find something on the internet about a certain
    person being found to violate certain “financial rules.”
    It was a step below criminal OR at least someone looked
    the other way …. kinda like the plundering or Wall Street
    and Main Street

  62. 62 jezebel282


    “Would you support HITLER if he was anti-Miron?”

    Fair point.

    As I said, although I would have preferred that Ms. Greenspan had taken a stronger anti-Miron position, she remains the only candidate to identify the issues and has the courage to propose an actual plan.

    She is therefore my choice in the 9th District.

  63. 63 mikereynolds

    34 voters so far at Stratford High.

  64. 64 1george1

    it is 9:15 – I do not know what time Mike posted the 34 voters?
    if it was 6:30 am – then that isn’t bad.
    if it was 9:00 am – then it is slow – as expected.


  65. 65 mikereynolds

    Is it too simplistic to think that this is still Miron fallout?

    What else could be causing town voters (I know, only 20% voted) to give the Council an 8-2 Republican majority? Was it a better job by the RTC to get the vote out? Was it a bad job by the DTC to get voters out? Was it the fact that Democratic candidates refuse to renounce Jim Miron thus causing guilt by association?

    I thought that Robyn Greenspan had a great chance to win the 9th and no way did I think Fuller would lose the 6th. Those two shocked me.

  66. I suppose it goes without saying the Stratford Democratic Party has much to think over because what they are doing is simply not working.

  67. 67 1george1

    I knew it was NOT going to be PRETTY when I found out at VAZZY’S
    that the date PASSED for the NEW BEES to have their OWN PEOPLE

    I just do NOT believe the VOTE COUNTS.

    District 1 A is the Lordship side of the Airport
    District 1 B was my side of the Airport – Barnaby 117 + Young 117.
    * Elm * Waterside of Housatonic. 1/2 of rest of Housatonic.

    17 is the secret handshake sign, where room 217 is now 213.

    My political opinion
    – I don’t believe the registrars, attorneys, and parties don’t cheat.
    My political opinion
    Marcone is a nice guy. But $ 30,000 + Health Care + benefits for
    20 hour work week to be House Dad for 3 kids, allowing wife to
    work and still be loyal to Burturla / Miron ….

    My political opinion
    Burturla / Berchem are the real problems, hooked to Testa / Finch
    / D Malloy > Nancy DeNardo > Sal D > cousin Willinger

    Dom ex Bridgeport Police as was Dan DiBiCella’s father.

    Kevin Kelly’s mom secretay to Mossman

    John & Rich Burturla father Joe – Stratford Police Captain

    ex-Police Chief Imbro in-law to Ex-State Trooper Tom Moore,
    with Schirillo & John Burturla State Troopers.

    Joe Harry – CT assistant state Prosecutor = ex Stratford Police

    Dom Comers – former Bpt FBI cohead = ex Stratford Police

    Whitey Bulger rule rather than exception with FBI / POLITICS.
    My understanding is FBI / MILITARY coordinates all COCAINE
    in US. Fabrizi never stood trial & the stooley was not allowed
    to testify in court.
    SIKORSKY expansion will allow cocaine to reach directly from
    the Bahamas, due to bigger fuel tanks = greater range.

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