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“I am so flippin’ tired of the bullsh*t spewed out of the mouths of most of the politicians in this Town!” – Patricia Clark Sperling, 2011 That struck us as a very observant statement of how citizens and taxpayers feel in this Town. With the singular exception of raising property taxes year after year nothing […]

We are posting this by popular request. It seems that there are more than enough outraged taxpayers to go around. We have heard arguments on both sides. Perhaps the silliest one is comparing a small town mayor to a CEO. It’s a Town, not a business. A CEO’s primary responsibility is to make a profit […]

This is embarrassing, isn’t it? DTC candidates were only able to hang on to two seats in districts in which they were unopposed or nearly unopposed. Now we have to ask the question: why do we have a Democratic Town Committee at all? It’s not like the Republican Town Committee had any particular message. They […]