Democratic Town Committee Rejected….Again.


That would be a "no".

This is embarrassing, isn’t it? DTC candidates were only able to hang on to two seats in districts in which they were unopposed or nearly unopposed. Now we have to ask the question: why do we have a Democratic Town Committee at all? It’s not like the Republican Town Committee had any particular message. They certainly didn’t indicate any desire to lower taxes. In fact, none of the Republican candidates had any particular plan or purpose at all other than being “civil”. So what gives? The DTC has the majority of voters compared to the RTC. Turnout was even fairly high, given that it was an off-year election.

As has been painfully pointed out on these pages so many times, the DTC has failed to distance itself from the purging of the Committee by the Mirons. It simply has no credibility and will not until it rejects the Mironistas in its midst. Or…it can go on losing election after election.


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  1. 1 mikereynolds

    It has to be too simplistic that this is a Miron thing. Right? It has to be more than that, right? As much as I dislike the man can the Stratford electorate still hold a grudge against him and anyone who appears to be a supporter of his? That just seems to easy. It has to be more than that.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    I actually think that was pretty much it, Mike. Well that and run a BOE candidate that was suing the BOE. That certainly didn’t help. And then Amanda Soderberg dropping out.

    Robyn Greenspan had a plan and a good one. Kubic had….nothing. But she lost anyway. I don’t think that Miron posting his silly opinions on Patch helped much either. It just reminded everyone what the DTC had done in the past.

    The RTC will now vote a raise for the next mayor and continue to pour more money into the Town Attorney’s office and more “consultants”. Yet the voters chose not to elect anyone to oppose that. So, yeah, I think it was that Miron taint.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    On the other hand, we are down to one Town committee (the Republican Town Committee) to blame for our next mortgage/rent increases.

    My prediction:

    2012: business as usual, taxes go up.
    2013: Zero increase (mayoral election of course)

  4. 5 jezebel282


    The latest unconfirmed rumor is that Dave Fuller (D-6th District) is leaving the DTC and joining the RTC.

    What’s next for the DTC (is anyone still there?)? Maybe Gavin Forrester will rejoin the DTC and finally run for mayor? It’s not like anyone else from the DTC could run against Harkins……

  5. 6 1george1

    It is not a rumor, nor unconfirmed.

    I saw email from Rick Marcone to DTC member announcing
    Dave Fuller, not just resigned from the DTC, but became R.
    > same email requested canned goods for food bank.
    > (I wonder if RTC request brown bag cash for leaders’ bank?)

    I tried helping the novices & Dave in their election bids.
    I knew it was futile when I found none of them had their own
    monitors for Voting.
    I believe the election was Bridgeportized.

    There was a rerun of NUMB3RS about a rich guy who bought
    a voting machine manufacturing company and planted encrypted
    code to be able to “adjust votes.”

    Stratford being Stratford, in past I raised issues of the TIMING of

    Jim Miron / Dick Miron appeared to make their deal with the Devil
    to get Jim elected Mayor # 1.
    It appeared that was to PAY OFF those who were hired the 10 years
    prior to the 1985 retirement of JOSEPH BURTURLA.

    They created the DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION in 1996, SAME YEAR
    > BURTURLA / BERCHEM first got TOWN / BOE business = $ 150,000
    MINIMUM & likely $ 6,000,000 to over $ 10,000,000 since.

  6. 7 mikereynolds


  7. 8 1george1

    If Mike Reyolds contacts Jeze or myself for the July 2009 EXCEL
    of the Defined Benefit Pension, you can see all of the retirees
    *Alphabet by last name
    *Year Retired
    *Highest Pension to lowest with about 90 % of top 100’s Base Pay.

    I added a couple columns, including a year byyear shapshot of the
    Annual Pension Obligation increases inclduing the remarkable 63
    retirees in 2003, which moved underfunded from the high 80 % to
    just above 50 % fully funded..
    I am awaiting an FOI and I believe the Portfolio is in low 40s or high
    30% fully funded with almost 200 % underfunded.

    When the stock market crached March 2009, at the bottom there
    was only in the $ 30s million in the Portfolio with about $ 16 million
    as Pension Obligated.
    If the Market pulled back more and stayed there longer, and did not
    Bounce back to the levels as quickly as it did, the out flow to the
    Pensioners was $ 1.25 million per month and could have reached
    $$$ ZERO.

  8. 9 jezebel282


    “I believe the election was Bridgeportized.”

    Not really. I think it was “Mironized”. Neither Miron nor his Mironistas will let voters forget that it was the DTC that put him in office and tried TWICE more to do the same thing. Apparently, it doesn’t matter to the DTC how many elections they lose. They are just unwilling to walk away from Miron & Buturla. We saw this with every single DTC candidate in their enormous defeat.

  9. 10 1george1

    My political opinions:
    Dick Miron = Mario Testa
    Berchem Moses = Willinger Bucci

    Only time that Democrats won Town Council, in the last decade,
    was under Calzone.
    The powers that are, needed a break in the continuity. (deniability)

    I doubt Calzone or most of the Town Councils were privy to every
    aspect of what others were planning.

    RTC + DTC, Law Firms, Unions, Managments, State politics, Fed
    politics, Respective Departments & Agencies and their political
    commanders of the Government each have separate AGENDAS,
    which can be manipulated and used by PLANNING & OPERATIONS.
    P & O knows the weaknesses and HOT BUTTONS of each of the
    people they need to seduce.
    Dick is far worse than Jim Miron. There are others far worse than Dick.
    While JEZE & friends have their reasons, they are aiming at the wrong
    targets, analogous to OMAR BRADLEY = KOREA

  10. 11 jezebel282


    “they are aiming at the wrong targets”

    If we can’t fix the politics in here in Stratford what hope have we of fixing even bigger problems?

  11. 12 1george1

    Locals have mutually reinforcements from state & federal.
    Locals are the most vulnerable.

    I do not intend to be an ANN FRANK, nor DREDD SCOTT.

    The Locals are idiots who are in my way.

    The Police & Fire are finally starting to see they will be double
    crossed, it started happening, same as I predicted.

  12. 13 jezebel282


    “same as I predicted.”

    I predict the Earth will explode in a giant fireball.

    It’s that whole “when” thing that I’m having difficulty with.

  13. 14 1george1

    Many of my predictions already became reality.
    Others are recognized as imminent to on the horizon.
    Some are still considered unlikely

  14. 15 jezebel282


    “Many of my predictions already became reality.”

    Mine too! Remember that Flood thing? That was mine!

  15. 16 1george1

    OK Noah!

  16. 17 jezebel282


    Joe Kubic (R-9th) was unanimously “elected” as Council Chairman for the next two years. Amazing. Mr. Kubic “campaigned” on the platform that civility was the only issue that was important. With an 8-2 majority, we expect that council meetings will be civil and nothing else.

  17. 18 1george1

    Nazi Germany.

  18. 19 jezebel282


    It’s not quite that bad. It’s only corrupt and incompetent.

  19. 20 1george1

    It is that bad

    I believe the local political people are unwitting fronts for
    anti-Nazareen (Christ)

    KKK is an Invisible empire
    Britain has an “Invisible University”
    Adam Smith discussed the “Invisible Hand.”
    Hitler Chapter in Mein Kampf: “Behind the mask of Federalism”
    Munich putsch = Mu Nicht without the “T” = Christianity
    Mu nicht = 12th Night

    It is also anti-Protestant & anti-Mason, hiding behind pillars of
    Character & manipulating the “graven image.” or “engraven.”

    It is one thing to tolerate and respect everyone else’s religions.

    It is quite another to “pretend” to be leaders of one group or
    another and divide and conquor for “schadenfreude.”

    Those who protect the Status quo shall be double crossed.
    It has happened time and again.
    They use people they don’t respect.
    When finished with useful idiots, they are disposed of.

    They always KILL the ASSASSINS and the KILLERS of those

  20. 21 jezebel282



  21. 22 1george1

    The people we elect and the people we see on TV are figureheads.

    You never see the real decision makers, nor their chain

  22. 23 mikereynolds

    I see the DTC hasn’t changed much. Their slate of candidates includes one Richard Miron.

  23. 24 jezebel282


    “Their slate of candidates includes one Richard Miron.”

    They have a slate?

    How can you tell?

  24. Mike, one would hope the official minutes of the caucus records the fact I was one of three people to vote no to the slate they presented. I objected to a voice vote and then voted no to the slate. I wanted an individual roll call but Buturla took over the meeting and asked all that were for the slate to stand. I achieved my limited objective of putting them on the defensive and taking away a shout out voice vote. I said that Robert’s Rules govern the meeting according to their rules I had in my hand regarding their parliamentary procedure. Buturla said Robert’s Rules did not govern the meeting. I found that to be an extraordinary statement. If I am wrong about that (Robert’s Rules governing meeting) that is one thing. If he is wrong about that, well that is a completely different thing being he is the lawyer and such. I believe is it supposed to go to automatic roll call if as I objected. But it went to standing up for the yeas and nays so in effect Robert’s Rules still applied anyway as my objection was taken into consideration, just not the way wanted it to.

  25. Rules Governing The Democratic Party of The Town of Stratford: Article VII Procedure: The Parliamentary Procedure of this organization shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. That is section one.

    The catch is this: Section 2 which says: In the event of any omission or conflict of these rules with the Primary Act or Democratic State Central Committee Rules governing the Democratic Party in all towns, the provisions of the Primary Act or Democratic State Central Committee Rules as they my apply shall govern. I lay claim to section 1. Does Buturla lay claim to section 2?? I did not go to any fancy school or anything but someone is mistaken here. Could be me. I am just asking questions..

  26. 27 jezebel282

    Mr. Fahan, Mike Reynolds,

    Can either of you say definitively that Richard Miron is on the DTC?

  27. 28 mikereynolds


    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic (shocking) but here’s the slate.

  28. 29 jezebel282


    I was as serious as a heart attack.

    The endorsed slate includes:
    Terry Backer, Susan Collier, Jean Collier, Ann Coonley, Janice Daponte, Richard Kennedy, Edward Monroe, Mary Northcott, Marjean O’Malley, Joe Paul, Linda Manos, Alex Florek, Mary Young, Jancee Pust-Marcone, Ralph Jowers, Aubrey Kyburz;

    Kent Miller, Alvin O’Neal, Stephanie Philips, Barry Powell, Peggy Russ, Ann Baker, Ben Barnes, Stephen Raguskas, Beth Daponte, Robert Galello, Ariana Rawls, Pat Sorrentino-Galello, Peggy Barnish, Emma Brooks, Kathy Santi, Jason Santi;

    Olivia Gombar, Mary Ray, Phil Young, Meg Bachtel, Immacula Cann, Jim Sheridan, J. Roger Shull, Janice Andersen, Robert Bradley, Maria Ferrera, Judy Hampel, John Sib Law, Terry Masters, Adam Brill, Richard Brown, Richard Brown Jr.;

    James Connolly, Sonja Devitt, Laura Dobosz, Anna Scala, Judy Scala, Edward Buckmir, Richard Buturla, Richard C. Buturla, Larry Farrell, Robert David, Robyn Greenspan, Maryann Manera, Anthony Ross, Betsy Ross, Anthony Schirillo III;

    Dan Milewski, Eileen Wilson, Richard Marcone, Frank Bevecqua, Ken Bishop, Vincent Faggella, Ron Langdon, Flo Langdon, Joan Pruzinsky, John Sober, Tara Wexler, Alicia Huggins, Irene Kostzewski, Ronald Hojdich.

    Editor’s Note: Due to incorrect information supplied by the DTC, Richard Miron and Robert Wannagot were incorrectly included in this list.

    If the story is to be believed, Richard Miron is not on the Committe. But there is really no need, is there? Not as long as Richard Buturla, Kent Miller, Anthony Schirillo III, Alvin O’Neal (did he move to Stratford?) and Susan Collier are there.

  29. Jez I do not recall his name being called. Nor does the person who sat behind me. In all the “confusion: could we have missed his name? Yes. I voted no anyway because we need a new approach and new blood.

  30. that should be “confusion”

  31. 32 jezebel282

    Well apparently his name was not called and is not on the Committee….yet.

    If only there was a DTC member that knew….

  32. 33 mikereynolds

    Ah ok, The Star made an error. I guess their new subscription fee hasn’t improved their journalism.

  33. 34 jezebel282


    Sure it has. They blamed the DTC.

  34. 35 mikereynolds

    lol good point.

  35. To the young lady who shouted out on the floor with the question, “what is going on here.” I have but on word….Democracy. That is what was going on there. Democracy is not just an clean cut academic exercise. Jez, forgive me but I have to ironically get academic here. Emerson asked: “who is a man but a nonconformist?” That is a uniquely American Creed that must be thoughfully applied and not applied just for the sake of it.

  36. above, “I have but one word” I type too fast.

  37. Dick Miron’s name was not called, nor was Robert Wannagot. I don’t know who gave The Star that list.

    I didn’t understand what rules governed the procedures but I was among those who did not stand until Mr. Fahan was allowed to finish speaking. It seemed to me that if this was a forum open to the public then the public should be allowed to speak.

    From what I heard, Mr. Fahan asked his questions and Mr. Marcone provided answers. However, I’m not sure what the questions were trying to achieve.

  38. In effect, Robert’s Rules applied after all because my objection was taken into consideration. When one objects to a voice vote it does not necessarilly mean they object to the slate at that point. It means I objected to an open voice vote and preferred a roll call so as to clearly document specifically the yeas and nays. Of course, I then voted no to the slate itself anyway when called to stand for the nays. The other questions were general housekeeping to be sure we knew who we were voting for.

  39. 40 jezebel282

    Mr. Fahan,

    Unless and until either Town Committee begins outreach programs nothing will change in Stratford. It is my understanding that at the DTC caucus the pretty much the only citizens in the whole Town that showed up were the people on the slate. Ordinary citizens will just not make the effort on their own to dig out the dates or purpose of “caucuses”. They barely show up to vote on election day. They are probably too busy working a couple of jobs or OT just to keep up with property taxes.

    Slate = those people who are “voted” onto to the Town Committee.

    Essentially everyone voted for themselves. In both the RTC and DTC, the same old faces and agendas. In fact, you have members of the same family on both Republican and Democratic Committees. I suppose to make sure not a single taxpayer dollar gets away.

    After years of doing this, I realize that the true influence is not dramatic outrage at public forums during council meetings. That is futile. The real influence will be felt at these Committee meetings.The small effort made here to publicize this just isn’t going to cut it.

  40. Jez, as you know with me you are preaching to the choir. Believe me if I had the time and money I would work hard to get a slate to challenge this slate. You and I cannot do it alone and blogging can only go so far, so I agree with you. I still keep the faith andf have hope. Perhaps that is naive, but as RFK said, “a tiny ripple of hope”…..We can sense and proclaim a new way forward but it is ultimately up to a large group of other Democrats in Town to back it up for us and for themselves.

  41. 42 jezebel282

    Mr. Fahan,

    “it is ultimately up to a large group of other Democrats in Town to back it up for us and for themselves.”

    There is a lot of educating to be done. Recently I received a statement from my mortgage company detailing my 2011 property taxes (now over 5 figures) for a single property. After recovering consciousness and taking a few deep breaths, I had a conversation with a fellow citizen. The citizen was amazed to learn that the reason his mortgage payment went up in August was due to Harkins’ budget. He thought it was his mortgage company that was raising his payment. Astounding.

    It is unbelievable how little ordinary residents know about how this Town “works”.

  42. I am shocked but not surprised. Civics was not taught at all when I went to school some 20 plus years ago. It comes to a point though when individuals have to educate themselves. Basic finance and economics was never taught either. Incredible really.

  43. 44 jezebel282

    Mr. Fahan,

    “It comes to a point though when individuals have to educate themselves.”

    The problem is that most citizens think they are educated. This one in particular knew all about Romney v. Gingrich v. Paul v. Santorum and who was ahead at the moment (minute?).

    But he/she couldn’t name the Councilman in the district. The fact is that most residents (of any Town) do not grasp the importance of local politics. They have no idea that the biggest single factor in their mortgage/rent payment is not the bank, but the Town Council and Mayor.

    It only trickles down from there. It also effects what our children learn or don’t learn, how safe we are in our homes, how we get to work and how our neighborhoods look.

    Citizens hear about enormous pensions being paid out, but not how council after council squandered and underfunded pension obligations. They hear about nefarious characters gaming the system but not how departments are understaffed. They hear about the variety of lawsuits being filed against the Town, but not how the Human Resources Department continually bungles labor issues or how the Town Attorneys office drags out cases.

    All of these things have a profound effect on what we pay into our monthly mortgage/rent checks.

  44. Of course great attention is placed on the Presidential contest because that is the focal point of our national identity in many ways. But as you say it is not the only game in Town. I believe that the voting public in the 1800’s was more in tune with what was going on in their state and local government. They understood more than I think we do today the fluid dynamic that takes place between local, state and federal government. People read more back then too I believe.There was no polling like we have today so the predicted national races by paying very close attention to the results of state races. Today many accept the group think that the Presidential election is all that matters. This is because the media in large part suggests that is all that matters. Also, many as you say simply do not have the time to spend or are not even equipped on how to get the information they need to make a decision about local government. Ironic since we live in the information age.

  45. To elaborate some more on my above comments: In my view from about the time of the Articles of Confederation to about 1860-65 there was this great debate in the nation between states’ rights and the rights and roles of the national government. You had the Whig politician, Henry Clay who championed what he called his “American System” of internal improvements meant to make us a truly connected and continental nation. While today federal funding of transportation and infrastructure included money for highways, rail, bridges and such, there was a time when many in the 1800’s consiidered it against the public interest for the national goverment to support these projects. Jacksonian Democrats like Jackson of course and his protege Jame K. Polk did not feel it was the role of the federal governent to provide for these iternal improvements. Polk belived in a continental nation via conquest, but I am getting off the subject. Anyway my point in all this is being that there was a great debate between the Whig Party and the Democratic Party in the 19th century about the role of goverment on different governmental levels that in many ways we really do not have today as much as people may think there is. Therefore, such a focus today on national politics. I promise no more boring history Jez..

  46. 47 jezebel282

    “I promise no more boring history Jez..”

    Have you been hanging around with Portia?

  47. with Portia? No. Not that I know of I should say. Anyway, my aforementioned above is not meant as an excuse for anyone not knowing how the economy today really works or why their taxes are high or why they may not know who their Councilman is.

  48. 49 1george1

    Mr. Fahan’s attempt to use ROBERTS’ RULES of ORDER?
    Were trumped by RICHARDS’ (Burturla / Miron) RULES of CHAOS!

    Ordo ab Chao, means Order from Chaos (shriners/33 degree masons)
    replaced by Chao ex Ordo.

    I am not a member of any organized political party.
    I am a Democrat.
    Will Rogers

    Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats.
    If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans.
    Will Rogers

    A fool and his money are soon elected.
    Will Rogers

    It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble,
    it’s what we know that ain’t so.
    Will Rogers

    A difference of opinion is what makes
    horse racing and missionaries.
    Will Rogers

    Even if you’re on the right track,
    you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
    Will Rogers

    The only difference between the Republicans and
    Democrats, is that the Democrats pretend to care
    about people, whose lives were ruined by thier policies!

    How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.
    Ronald Reagan

    People don’t start wars, governments do.
    Ronald Reagan

    Politics is not a bad profession.
    If you succeed there are many rewards,
    if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.
    Ronald Reagan

    Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.
    I have come to realize that it
    bears (bares) a very close resemblance to the first.
    Ronald Reagan

    The best minds are not in government.
    If any were, business would hire them away.
    Ronald Reagan

    The government’s view of the economy
    could be summed up in a few short phrases:
    If it moves, tax it.
    If it keeps moving, regulate it.
    And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
    Ronald Reagan

    The nine most terrifying words
    in the English language are,
    ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’
    Ronald Reagan

    “It gave dirty politics a bad name.”
    –On the Watergate affair

    “I always like to go to Washington D.C.
    It gives me a chance to visit my money.”
    –On touring the U.S. Treasury

    “I need money. I have a staff of 30, and four houses,
    never mind the government, to support.”

    “It’s so cold here in Washington, D.C.,
    that politicians have their hands in their own pockets.”

    “It’s hard to play a guy who rattles his medals
    while you’re putting.”
    –On playing golf with President Eisenhower

    “Eisenhower admitted that the budget can’t be balanced
    and McCarthy said the communists are taking over.
    You don’t know what to worry about these days
    – whether the country will be overthrown or overdrawn.”

    “You can tell he used to be a rancher.
    He squeezes Republicans like he’s milking a cow.”
    –On Lyndon Johnson

    “I don’t know if the presidential candidates are running
    for the White House or Animal House.”
    –On Gary’s Hart’s campaign for president

    “(Dan) Quayle thinks Roe vs. Wade are
    two ways to cross the Potomac.”

    “Ronald Reagan is not a typical politician because
    he doesn’t know how to lie, cheat, and steal.
    He’s always had an agent (FBI) do that.”

    “Ronnie’s hero is Calvin Coolidge and
    Nancy’s is Calvin Klein.” –On the Reagans

    “I don’t know what people have against Jimmy Carter.
    He’s done nothing.”
    –Campaigning for Ronald Reagan against Carter

    “Everything Reagan does, Gorbachev does him one better.
    Reagan wears the flag of his country on his lapel.
    Gorby wears the map of his country on his forehead.”

    “A very, very religious man.
    Every time I eat a peanut, I feel immortal.”
    –On President Carter

    “Carter wants to go to Washington.
    He’ll feel right at home there
    – he was raised on a nut farm
    … Every time he grins,
    someone tries to write ‘Steinway’ on his upper lip.”

    “The last time I played golf with President Ford he hit
    a birdie – and an eagle, a moose, an elk, an aardvark …”

    “A lot of people were surprised that Ford picked
    Nelson Rockefeller to run with him.
    After all, Rocky had tried to get the job of president
    three times himself.
    That’s like asking Morris the Cat to watch your tuna salad.”

    “Where else but in America could the women’s liberation
    movement take off their bras, then go on TV to
    complain about their lack of support?”

    “If I had that kind of money,
    I wouldn’t come to Vietnam, I’d send for it.”
    –Denying reports during a Christmas troop show
    in Saigon that he was worth $500 million

    “I guess I have my critics everywhere.”
    –In Saigon where a bomb went off at his hotel
    just before he checked in

    “Now that the war is winding down,
    I want to say I do appreciate you fellows hanging
    around here – just for me.”
    –On a visit to Vietnam in 1972

    The good news is that Jesus is coming back.
    The bad news is that he’s really pissed off.
    Bob Hope

  49. “Mr. Fahan’s attempt to use ROBERTS’ RULES of ORDER?
    Were trumped by RICHARDS’ (Burturla / Miron) RULES of CHAOS!”

    George, LOL. Yes indeed and it was predictable. Sometimes it is difficult for a bread & butter Democrat to compete with a country club Democrat. The rest of your post was illuminating as usual.

  50. 51 1george1

    John, as I posted in the past, I suspect we have some/much politics
    in common, and I posted some semi-humorous political comments.
    Sadly not much changes

    John I have to post my belief your position on Charter Revision
    Commission 2 was Carpet Bagging ….
    We definitely disagree with Referendums related to Budgets.
    I gotta tease ya – bustem on ya!


    John we now see the country club Republicans and Democrats
    want to Abridge my and more importantly your Freedom of Speech
    by moving starting times of Town Council Meeting & Public Forums.

    Malloy abridged the first Amendment by lowering speaking time,
    delayed start time fatiguing attenders, and abused extra time rules.
    (- see Declaration of Independent)

    I hope to see and hear you, Robyn, Mary Young, Olivia, Maria,
    Joe Paul and other Democrats and Republicans come out to
    speak against moving the Town Council start time?
    > IF I don’t see these people come out this ONE MEETING, I will
    regard them as HYPOCRITES and PHONIES, which would “hurt
    me,” because “I judged they were real people” and I tried to help
    them despite (or maybe because of) my disdain for Plutocratic
    Kleptocratic Esquirarchy and Political insider trader pickpockets!

    If NO ONE shows up / speaks up, the KUBIC, MALLOY, HENRICK,

    Without 20 to 40 PUBLIC SPEAKERS, this TIME QUANTITY and
    QUALITY (of position) means EVERYTHING!

    When they change Public Forum from 45 to 30 or 15 minutes,
    who is going to show up to speak for 1 minute or 2 minutes when
    the COUNTRY CLUB imposes on their people to eat up TIME?

    This is the ONE TIME I would LIKE to SEE them TRY to LOAD UP
    the SPEAKERS like they did with DISTRICT 1 GOLF CARTS and
    the ANIMAL SHELTER / BOARD of ED crews.

    The more people who come out to SPEAK on EITHER SIDE of the
    in ACTION.

    & BOARDS of EDUCATION are over whelming.

  51. 52 1george1

    The RTC claim they want to DEVELOP the TRAIN STATION area
    to increase COMMUTERS into Stratford, straight from my 2005 &
    2009 Mayoral platforms.

    Yet, COMMUTERS have difficult time making 6:45 sign up to speak.
    They want to make it MORE difficult?

    KUBIC claimed PUBLIC people can’t stay LATE, yet MALLOY was
    the PUBLIC.

    Mr. Poisson stated BOE MEETING starts 7:15.
    He could have run for BOE if start time is so important.
    However, as a TEACHER, would he have CONFLICT of INTEREST
    if he was on the BOE.
    As a TEACHER, does he have CONFLICT of INTEREST being on
    the TOWN COUNCIL to vote on the BOARD of ED BUDGET and
    the ENTIRE BUDGET, due to HORSE TRADING VOTES for interest?

    Since Chris Barnaby’s mom is a RETIRED TEACHER, does he have

    I am curious the cause of INTEREST to throw $ 313,000 to JUDITH

  52. 53 jezebel282

    Now we know why editors are important. Thank you for the demonstration, George.

  53. George I am against moving the meeting times. I have actually expressed this already to Stephanie Philips. If I am not out of town at work I would be more than happy to express this at the meeting. Liberty depends on vigilance. No matter what people say about you that is one thing you all remind us of.

  54. Ordinance Committee
    Start time: 7:00 PM
    Location: Town Hall Council Chamber
    Occurs: This instance occurs on 1/23/2012.

  55. 56 1george1

    “No matter what people say about you”

    L O L

    2nd Best political compliment I got was from the blog meister/
    mistress “Play Write,” endorsing me over Gavin in 2007 for the
    3rd District,
    “Because everyone in Town Hall hates George Mulligan.”

    Ed “Beefy” Hargus gave me the best compliment ….

    John – I take you comment as a compliment …. coming from the
    source. … 8)

    Jeze puts up with me, because I write the truth, with often coincides
    with Jeze’s feelings about the Mirons 😉

    I am ambivalent (or confused) about Jeze’s thank you, due to
    connecting to the need for editors? But I’ll be able to fall back
    asleep quickly …. 🙂

    I ask the United Democrats, new Democrats, real Republicans &

    Time for for all to play PAUL REVERE

  56. You are welcome George. It appears as though you are starting to realize that carpetbagger statements = argumentum ad hominem???

  57. 58 1george1

    broken clocks are right twice a day.

    piblic initiative referendum = 1st amendment process + check/balance
    budget referendum = above
    Town Attorney set fee total budget = check balance = responsibile
    Financial self interest prohibit = check balance

    Florek was on Miron + Burturla payrole while chair RCR # 2.
    Supposed volunteers?
    At least you and others were unpaid (to me knowledge) 😉

  58. 59 sudds

    “broken clocks are right twice a day.”

    Not if by “broken” you mean “missing a hand”!!! 😛

  59. 60 1george1

    Depending on which hand was missing ….

    Cute baby Much better icon.

    Where is his Tebow shirt?

    Have you snapped a picture of the Tebow pose?
    Babies are very flexible …
    To keep the pose …. don’t use crazy glue ….

  60. 61 sudds

    George… is this better??? 😀

  61. 62 paradisegreen

    I’ve been out of the loop but it seems to me there HAVE been a lot of changes on the DTC. No one should expect a “cleaning of the house” – that will never happen, if nothing but for lack of residents wanting to become involved – but from the list I saw in the star there are many good quality people still on the committee. I can guess the same complaints can be made about the RTC slate too.

    I guess my question is when will the complaints on these committees stop? Unless as already stated, someone wants to go door to door to recruit new registered party members I don’t see a major change in sight. I think those that ARE willing to put themselves out there and volunteer time should at least get some credit. From what I see the majority of the people this blog does not support are gone…

  62. 63 sudds

    “From what I see the majority of the people this blog does not support are gone…”

    Unfortunately, Catalano’s still around!

  63. 64 jezebel282

    “Unfortunately, Catalano’s still around!”

    What is it with you and Catalano?

    Oh…by the way, two more years. He won again, you know.

  64. 65 1george1

    Nice looking baby. Is your son a red head?

    Maybe it is my monitor, but his hair looks almost Orange,
    like one of the Bronco colors.

    I choose not to run against Mr. Catalano.

    I know multiple people involved in trying to get Shakespeare open.
    Not only has he and a few others physically worked hard on making
    it look presentable, my understanding from multiple sources is that
    Mr. Catalano reached into his own pocket to get that program going
    last year.From what I understand it was 5 figures deep.

    I can not imagine Mirons, Burturlas, Norm, Darth, Kelly, Florek,
    Harkins, and anyone putting up even a fraction of that money,
    unless they were (allegedly) over billing to make their party dues …..
    aka kick backs …

    I called Channel # 12, # 8, # 9, & # 61 along with the press.
    I drove by each night or week end day to check attendence,
    and paid a few bucks with each time I showed up.
    So I contributed to Stratford’s cultural revival.

    I have to give Mr. Catalano props for his efforts related to getting
    Shakespeare Theater opened. He actively did more than I did.
    He actively has done more than any of the over priced lawyers.
    He actively did more than Town Councils / Managers & Mayors.
    He also had a role in Midsummer’s night dream and wasn’t bad.

    Mr. Catalano and I have our disagreements, from ideological to
    specifics and personnel, but I prefer him to Sandra Zalik, Rich
    Fredette, Gavin Forester and many others, for many reasons.

    I saw the hand writing on the wall and wanted no part of being
    District 3 Town Council rep this term, even if I had a chance.
    > Mr. Catalano has roots & friends in town that i do NOT have
    and while District 3 can be steam rolled these next 2 years, I
    would have been a LIABILITY rather than an ASSET for those
    people in the 3rd DISTRICT who need and deserve representation.

    Mr. Catalano (& I) may not be as smart as Gavin (few are) or
    Malloy, but I perceive Mr. Catalano to not be one of the crew.

    Mr. Catalano associates with some people, not unlike Chris
    Sylhavey, who cause me to shake my head.
    He actually believes some of the (R) KOOL AID ….

    Plus despite the fact I have a very good vocabulary, Mr. Catalano
    can swear far better than I can, and he is a surprizely astute

  65. 66 mikereynolds

    “I choose not to run against Mr. Catalano.”

    I’m sure he was greatly relieved considering how electable you are.

    Has anyone ever told you that you are full of yourself?

  66. 67 1george1

    Thanks Mike.
    I suspect you (like DeCilio) have never been been accused
    of having sensitivity.

    I never claimed I was electable, unless the parties wanted
    me to be elected.

    However, if I was elected …. Stratford would be far better off
    than with Miron or Harkins ….

    But then there are some who depend on them to steer …

  67. 68 jezebel282


    And who has the Democratic Town Committee selected to lead them into the future. Who will represent Democrats with honesty, openness, transparency, fairness and ethics?

    No one. They elected Rich Buturla.

  68. 69 1george1

    Burturla is proper spelling
    It is an anagram for “U R BRUTAL.”

    Is this confirmed?

  69. 70 jezebel282


    “Is this confirmed?”

    The spelling or the position? Doesn’t matter. Both are confirmed. It should only be a matter of months (maybe years) before the DTC website is updated.

    Sad, ain’t it?

  70. 71 1george1

    It will get really interesting now.

    Burturla was never out front before in Town Politics since 1987-1989.
    RTC has the Super Majority they thought they wanted.
    While they controlled things in Council and BoE for 25 years, the DTC
    was willing to sit back.

    Obama looks like sure bet to win re-election.
    If stock market crashes about may, Oil prices will tumble.
    Big push for jobs. Clean energy for housing & transportation is in
    the works … I-95 will open rest stop in 2-4 months. I noticed solar
    collectors on the roofs of where people pull up for Gas (& electric?)
    Dems control Bridgeport & East End 744 acres for Development.
    Tens, if not hundreds of billions in development. Airport + Avco
    + Raymark = economy to scale = Time table.
    WPCA has Water cleaning paid since 2009 and about 30 % capacity,
    so you can expect the rest is for Airport & Avco.
    Sikorsky Bridge on I-15 is done.
    I-95 Moses Wheeler will be done?
    Route 113 will be moved. Flood gates will be fixed.
    Dems want to build housing project near Lordship Boulvevard to
    turn Stratford into Democrat Town.

    1998 was not just the year AVCO shut down and $ 95 MILLION BOND for
    PENSIONS, and TEAM STRATFORD AWARD, it was also when they reset
    the ZIPCODES with Stratford becoming 06613, 06614, & 06615.
    You have yet to see 06613?

  71. 72 paradisegreen

    Buturla is decent I guess. I heard Alvin O’Neil was running and he might have been a better choice – not as “connected” if you know what I mean. But that’s politics.

  72. 73 jezebel282


    “Buturla is decent I guess.”

    Really? Do you remember a guy named Miron…..?

  73. 74 paradisegreen

    Are they that connected? But no one answered my question. I thought Dick already went through the legal process?

  74. 75 paradisegreen

    I heard Buturla was In the Loop but I didnt realize it went that far.

  75. 76 jezebel282


    “I thought Dick already went through the legal process?”
    He did. Felony conviction. Sentenced: 10 Years Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 5 Years.

    But the Buturlas and Mirons go back a long, long way. Did you think it was a coincidence that John Buturla was appointed by Miron as police chief and brother Rich was appointed the Town Attorney?

  76. 77 1george1

    In late 90s – early 2000s Dicks Miron & Burturla
    were almost connected at the HIP.
    Both constantly at Town Hall.
    Debbie Rose appointed Burturla Town Attorney

    Dec 1998, same raucous meeting the Republicans
    came out vilifying Rose who was elected as a R
    became an I, then went D.

    That night Steve Cleary …… pointed out Mossman
    was in the audience, during his Public Forum time.
    Just after Public Forum I told Mossman if he did his job people
    might still be alive.
    Later I filed a complaint against him to Mark (ChickenS***) Barnhart.

    I had left, came back and sat behind Mossman until
    he left and I stayed until after 1:00 am.

    Next am I called Mossman around 9:30 & spoke to his SEC – turned out

    11:30 am Loschiavo, Evans, & Capozzi were on my front porch handing me misdemeanor summons for DEC 22, 1998
    It was 22nd anniversary of my father’s death.

    Loschiavo was decent enough to change date to 23rd.

    Loschiavo & Barnhart were the only witnessess in Civil Court when
    I sued Mossman.
    I was not allowed a single witness, nor any of my evidence.

    Joe Merly, nephew of ex-Bridgeport City attorney Larry Merly,
    was last minute addition to John Williams staff and went with bare
    minimum procedural defect on a case I have to prove preponderantly.

    Incidently, NOT a SINGLE WITNESS stood up to concur with MOSSMAN


    Burturla / Berchem / Kelly – front for people who murdered my father,
    uncles, grandmother, neice and others, USING DESCRETE methods.

    Berchem office is next door to MASON HALL.
    Westoort merged Berchem branch is next door to MASON HALL.
    stole complete credit for the memorial.

  77. 78 1george1

    The EVIL that MEN DO … long outlives them …

    I have friends who are MASONS who are great people.

    While mistreated in USPS by chosen hacks who were
    Jewish, Italian, Irish, Black, & Gay/Lesbian … I had
    recognized these were individuals with flawed ethics
    and amoral, like many of the Fairfield & Stratford players.
    – There appears to be an endless supply of POLITICAL SLUTS.

    If there is a GOD … I placed an irrevocable curse upon their
    SOULS and those of their decendants….. let GOD judge them
    as individuals.

    None of them … none of them have redeeming social qualities,
    and all of them are COWARDS and SNEAKS ….

  78. 79 1george1

    I believe GAVIN is a MASON.
    I disagree with a bunch of political decisions.

    However his record of Community Service is exceptional.
    GAVIN deserves the respect and accolades he is given.

    The man I replaced in the USPS was a 32nd degree MASON.
    Fantastic person. I fondly called him “uncle.”
    His nephew was one of my (real) uncle’s best friends.

    I have doe work for Shriners, Masons, Catholics, Jews, Protestants,
    and the wide range of Ethnicity.

    I have known all kinds of people.

    While there are many fantastic people among Democrats and
    Republicans – there is more honor among people in the DRUG
    CULTURE and the OLD MAFIA than there is among many of these

    MANY, MANY Government Lawyers and Department heads
    among others would fit …. in NAZI GERMANY.

  79. 80 1george1

    coincidence LIE berban headed SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY
    when JOHN BURTURLA leap frooged everyone to head CT

    coincidence LIE berman & CHENEY are cousins?

    coincidence CHENEY was President CEO of HALLIBURTON for couple
    years before quitting 2000 to become VP.
    coincidence he cashed out Stock Options & price crashed to 20%
    2 years later, while HALLIBURTON type companies were LINED UP
    coincidence – HALLIBUTON owned Dresser/Ashcroft?

    coincidence GWH Bush 1st job was for Dresser / Ashcroft.
    coincidence GHW Busn son NEIL MALON BUSH named for 1st Boss
    NEIL MALON – exPresident CEO Dresser / Ashcroft – ex SKULL n BONES?

    coincidence OIL PRICE bottomed $ 10.58 BARREL 12/13/1998
    & peaked JUNE 2008 @ $ 145 Barrel
    coincidence – MCCAIN & OBAMA visited GM VOLT (electric car
    Plants the 2 weeks after OIL PRICE PEAK & after I emailed ALL
    major Newspapers about Movie documentary called
    “Who killed the elctric Car” starring Nader / Gibson / Hanks / CIA

    coincidendence SEPT 2008 BUSH – PAULSON robbed $ 750 BILLION
    to pay off all of the WALL STREET PEOPLE to buy back stocks at
    the crashed prices to artificially pump up POLICE/GOVERNMENT
    their PWOER BASE content until they NO LONGER needed them
    and could then blame the crash of america on the black guy who
    has socialist leanings, when it was PIRATE CAPITALIST who would
    SABOTAGE the VALUES of PORTFOLIOS of AMERICA and later their
    POWE RBASE among Military, Teachers, Police, Fire, Government
    contractos ….. S U C K E R S !!!! TRAITORS !! CRIMINALS !!!

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