How Much For That Mayor?


We are posting this by popular request. It seems that there are more than enough outraged taxpayers to go around. We have heard arguments on both sides. Perhaps the silliest one is comparing a small town mayor to a CEO. It’s a Town, not a business. A CEO’s primary responsibility is to make a profit or increase share value. That is not a mayor’s function at all. A mayor’s primary responsibility is the safety and well being of residents and businesses.

The other silly argument we’ve heard is that the salary needs to be higher to attract quality candidates. Really? Is this a civic position or a career? It is a choice to run for this office, not a job interview. How much does Michael Bloomberg care about his New York City salary of one dollar per year? If you won’t run for mayor because the salary is $90,000 but would if the salary was $110,000 do we really want you as mayor?

It is our position that the highest level of Town Administration has gone from $140,000 per year (1 Town Manager plus 1 Secretary) to $534,500. We have CAO’s, Chiefs of Staff, aides and secretaries. If a mayor’s job is that difficult with such a staff and deserves a raise, that is fine. But pay for it by eliminating a position or two. Say, Chief of Staff. (It’s Town Hall, not the White House).


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    On the other hand, if we go by past performance, I think we are all entitled to our money back.

  2. 2 1george1

    The Town Council + Board of Ed are definitely overpaid.

    I would participate in a petition collection to roll back mayor
    pay + link with actual collected taxes percents.
    But I would not do it alone.

  3. 3 1george1

    Joe Loschiavo & Jim Miron in the CT POST, on the same day?

    Don’t get suckered into a Letter just as Thanksgiving ….

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Holy Moly! Who woulda thought Loschiavo would have the nerve (ok, maybe quite a few people) to come back and and suggest that Stratford taxpayers give up more land and money?

    A vote for safety at Sikorsy Airport
    Published 03:50 p.m., Thursday, November 17, 2011

    I and my family would appreciate greatly the addition of a safety zone on runway 6 as I work out of there frequently.
    Joe Loschiavo

    Read more:

  5. 5 1george1

    I wonder if Joe does Private Plane Charter runs to Columbia or Bermuda,
    with Fabrizi, Testa, DeNardo, & Justice Attorneys / FIB agents?
    Holy Moley?

    What’s next?


  6. 6 jezebel282


    It seems not even an overwhelming RTC win can provide a direction for the Town. The squabbling continues about who serves as Council Chair. One the one hand, you have Joe Kubic who in months of campaigning could not find a single thing wrong with the Town and instead concentrated on “civility” as the only goal.

    On the other hand you have Catalano and Dempsey. While we believe either choice would be better than someone who’s only goal is business as usual, we are a little concerned with Catalano’s singular passion for opening the Shakespeare Theater at any cost.

    Nonetheless, the choice of Kubic would signal the stifling of any honest debate and what little reform remains possible with an 8-2 majority.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Oh…I almost forgot!

    If the only reason you ran for office is that you were promised a certain position (say, Council Chairman) maybe you shouldn’t have run at all.

  8. 8 1george1

    Honest Debate?

    In Stratford “elected political positions?”

  9. 9 1george1

    November 23, 2011 email Stratford Human Resources Director Ron Ing:
    “Mr. Mulligan,
    The base salary of the May or is $90,000.00/year.
    Based on the annual salary and his benefit package
    the daily rate is $ 346.15/day.
    Since the defined benefit pension plan is not available
    to employees hired after September 1999 the Mayor is
    not eligible for the that plan.
    Any employee in the defined benefits plan pays all
    appropriate taxes.
    There is no tax free pension that I am aware of for any
    current past or future Town of Stratford employees.”

    ======== Reply – Questions not adddressed ==============

    Hello Mr. Ing,

    Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    1) Thank you for resending the Mayor’s Benefit Package,
    which you sent in the past and I could no longer find.

    2) Thank you for sending the daily pay rate which allows me
    to calculate the value of MANY, but NOT ALL of the Mayor’s
    Benefit Package.

    These are the unanswered questions, both now and from
    early in the year:

    What is the Tax Payer Cost of:

    1. Term Life Insurance @ $ 50,000
    (I believe it should be 2 x salary = too low)

    2. Medical Benefit – whether or not the Mayor chooses to accept,
    it is still part of the package, and I would like to know the 2009,
    2010, 2011, & 2012 costs for
    * Family * Couple * Individual of the two choices?
    A) Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Care POS Plan
    B) Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Century Preferred Plan
    C) Please place value on the Mayor’s BUY OUT

    3. Workers Compensation, FICA, MEDICAID, SOCIAL SECURITY,
    etc . This is normally a matching number about 15 % of pay.
    However there is a cutoff.


    A) Lease actual cost or Owned depreciation of new or used vehicle

    B) Vehicle Insurance if privately insured, even if the Town
    self insures there is an equivalent value.

    C) Vehicle Maintenance schedule include changes for OIL, Transmission, Tire, and actual parts & labor, regardless if
    done by town or private garage = value

    D) Gasoline actual and estimated

    E) 457 deferred compensation = may have been explained
    in other attachment?


    It is 66 % of the PRO RATED DAILY PAY, based on the
    RATE before DAYS OFF

    WHY is UNUSED SICK LEAVE elidgible for a CASH OUT?

    Thank you


  10. 10 1george1

    USPS adds sick days to years of service.
    13 sick days x 30 years = 390 days or 78 weeks
    78 – 52 (weeks in 1 year) = 26 weeks

    This works out to adding 1.5 years to Pension
    of about 2% of base pay per year, @ time of
    retirement or 3 % annually.

    Let’s guess $ 52,000 annual base pay x 3 % =
    adding $ 1,560 per year.
    Police / Fire get CASH OUT @ 100 % + everything,
    including uniform allowance.

    Uniform allowance rolled into Pensions?

    Who negotiated this?
    Rich Burturla for John Burturla?
    Certain Town Councilor for Bro-in-Law police chief?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “Honest Debate?”

    OK…maybe any debate. Kinda like the mayor’s raise just sailed through the Council.

    Kubic likes to blame the usual suspects for almost everything. In his campaign literature (what little there was) he blames the unions of course for their outrageous pensions. He doesn’t bother to mention the fact that every single penny of every single pension was a result of the contracts negotiated with the Town. Who the hell was the Chairman of the Pension Board? Oh wait a minute…that was Joe Kubic wasn’t it?

    And then there were all those decades of under funding the Town’s pension obligations. Is that the unions fault as well?

    This practice of casting heroes and villains is getting really tiresome. It’s really annoying when you point a finger at the people sitting on the other side of the table and then expect them to not only sacrifice but enjoy it. We see this every time there is a complaint about the BOE healthcare plan. Not a single employee of the BOE requested this plan. In fact, most were extremely leery of it. It was the sole choice of the BOE. But rather than take responsibility, the BOE blames its own employees. WTF?

  12. 12 1george1

    “And then there were all those decades of under funding the
    Town’s pension obligations. Is that the unions fault as well?”

    I believe it was a multipart plan.

    1. (1996) Institute Defined Benefit Program & hire a certain
    Lawyer/firm to protect the DBP people who look the other way
    on crimes & departmental scams, including BoE.

    A) AVCO about to shut down
    B) LAW firms protect from State/Fed oversite
    C) Bribe unions protect “color of the law” activities
    D) Feed preferred venders & political allies

    How does one spell R.I.C.O. & POLITICAL CONSPIRACY?

    2, (1998) Bond $ 95,000,000 with promise to pay DBP from
    investments, which it could do for 3 years because of:
    A – Low # of D B P elidgible
    B – Dart Board R O I in kited INVESTMENTS

    certain people who work with certain law firms, who have
    certain local, state, & federal connections, who “could”
    profit from AVCO after 1 year after retired

    4. (1999) Recalculate DBP, taking the CAP off 60 % of Base Pay
    buying certain police not to investigate certain murders & certain
    financial steering

    5. (2002)For the PE=NUTS of number 17 lovers the Town Council
    did not pay (ONLY) this year’s DEFINED Benefit SHORTFALL

    PE ace (peace) is the proper use of (pe) not the low life scum
    bags who intentionally crashed airplanes into the PENTAGON
    & WTC or killed over 100,000 people in order to SELL OIL to

    With the magic “17” years left the TAX PAYERS get stuck paying
    $ 60,000 to $ 134,500 pensions to peole who contributed less
    than $ 100,000 in the life of their 25-30 year career and deserve
    maybe, maybe, maybe $ 18,000 – $ 22,000 pensions
    > 30 year sikorsky workers pension = $ 23 – 26,000

    The high pensions + lower investment ROI + not contributing to
    the D B P Shortfall dropped being OVERFUNED to 89% fully

    6 (2003) GOLDEN PARACHUTE Caused remarkable 65 NEW
    people to DBP, including many people the FIRE DEPT UNION
    PEOPLE told me were NEVER intended to be INCLUDED in the

    I have NO PROBLEM with people making as much as they can.

    Why should Tax payers be stuck with people ROBBING the system
    because they choose to BETRAY the CONSTITUTION and LAW?

    If political people like SYLVIA, E Fennel, D Paradise, A Kozak,
    and others and people in my circle or used to try to CHILL ME,
    were MURDERED, then e v e r y memeber of the POLICE, FIRE,
    TOWN COMMITTEES, State Police / Prosecutors / Judges,
    U S Attorneys / FBI / Judges are accessories to MURDER.

    – By law, they could have prefened inchoate and color of the
    law, as well as illegal activities.

    – If I am correct and if the FLIGHT #s and other clues prove that
    there was TREASON – then all the PENSIONS and MONEYS are
    BLOOD MONEY earned by cowardly TREASON.

    – The same way that the TOWN CHARTER (remember the title
    of this BLOG?) was SABOTAGED for MONEY, has the UNITED
    STATES CONSTITUTION be SABOTAGED and made unworkable
    for MONEY.

    – I respect REAL MASONS.
    However I believe certain police / military Masons are loyal to
    the (deviants within) British Crown & NOT the US Constitution.
    > Nothing against legit brits, nor good masons.

    – I respect REAL CATHOLICS
    However I believe certain Saint Marks & others are more Mafia
    than the Mafia.

    – I respect REAL JEWS
    However I believe certain Jews have been GOLDEN CALF-ed.
    (like other religions’ secular material reprioritized)

    – I respect REAL PROTESTANTS
    However I believe certain Protestants committed analogous
    crimes against humanity that caused MARTIN LUTHOR to
    POST 95 Thesis.

    Socrates / Plato / Aristotle / Moses > Christ > Muhammad >
    Martin Luthor et al those and GI HAND aka GhandI and
    Mandela (Man de La Ware / Delaware) are the TRUE TOUGH
    GUYS, not the PUSSY POLITICOS and PUNK POTUS (bipartisan)

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “I believe it was a multipart plan.”

    Sure is a lot of multi.

  14. 14 gforrester


    “Not a single employee of the BOE requested this plan. In fact, most were extremely leery of it. It was the sole choice of the BOE. But rather than take responsibility, the BOE blames its own employees. WTF?”

    Now wait just a minute, the fact that no employee was knocking down the door for an HSA plan does not mean that the medical insurance was not presented to ALL of the union via collective barganing and the simple fact remains that a majority of the union membership voted to accept the plab. You make it sound like the Board forced something down the employees throat and that is not the case. The union membership voted for the plan as the BOE does not have the right to change any benefit unless the union signs off on it via it’s membership and collective barganing.

  15. 15 1george1


    Nice plan with $ 5,000 deductable for which is TAX DEDUCTABLE.
    However Malloy BoE paid
    $ 5000 to families plan in 2009 – 2010
    $ 3000 to couple plan in 2009 – 2010
    $ 1500 to individual’s plan in 2009 – 2010

    $ 3000 to families plan in 2010 – 2011
    $ 3000 to couple plan in 2010 – 2011
    $ 1500 to individual’s plan in 2010 – 2011

    My email from Mike Feeney asking for Tax Payer cost was
    $ 2.45 Million in 2009-2010
    $ 1.85 Million in 2010-2011

    According to Irene Cornish / Ben Branyan presentation in 2009
    there were 60 % of Teachers at Top Level making $ 88,000 to
    $ 93,000 annually.

    I have not checked the Budget, but it is not unlikely the highest
    pay scale is $ 90,000 to $ 95,000 annually.
    YES I support good pay for Eduation.
    Question of what is appropropriate pay & benefits?
    Better to spend on EDUCATION than INCARCERATION.

    Gavin what is the per diem pay rate of Teachers and including the
    State Pension, what is the PERCENT of their BENEFIT PACKAGE?
    > 365 Days in year. Teachers scheduled to work 184 minus sick,
    vacation, and personal days.
    > Teachers are scheduled to work class “about 3.5 hours a day.
    YES they have nominal time on HOME WORK & PLANNING.

    Gavin how many past/present Town Councilors/BoE, Town Attorneys,
    and Town Staff have relatives employed at BoE?

    During your 6 years on the Town Council the Pension Obligation
    went up 65 % in 60 months or a higher rate than Jim Miron’s first
    43 months.

    I know this was Negotiated.
    However when the Town Attorney is involved in the Negotiations
    and giving the Defined Benefit Plan to Town Employees, including
    POLICE … and his BROTHER becomes POLICE CHIEF at height

    Bridgeport openly has conflicts of interest with City Councilors on
    City Payroll.

    Florek was on Miron / Burturla payroll, WHILE chairman of the
    Charter Revision # 2.
    No Interest conflicts?

    Malloy Risk Protection sells special Insurance, which IF I under
    stand correctly would be appropriate for DEVELOPERS like for
    AVCO, SHAKESPEARE, AIRPORT or 744 acres of Bridgeport’s
    East End?

    Feehan sells Fire Trucks & is the CT DISTRIBUTOR for SMEAL,
    who the FIRE DEPT claimed was the DIRECT SELL for the socalled
    EMERGENCY, that the prior TOWN COUNCILS conveniently choose
    to IGNORE … I wonder why ….?

    GAVIN what is the PLAN to have LOWER TAXES, IMPROVED BoE
    & Town performance & services, and reduced Interest Conflicts.

    GAVIN – You & Malloy frustrate me.
    Both of you know the ECONOMICS yet still throw money at politically
    connected while supporting
    Machiavelli Politics
    Fabian society economics
    Sheriff of Nottingham police / justice
    Goebbels behind the mask of federalism = education

    Gavin – you & Malloy are far smarter than most people, including
    me – yet you will NOT debate these issues …. will you?

    Oh and the little issue I gave to every Town Council / Police /
    Manager – Mayor / Town attorneys about stratford political people
    and people in my circle of influence – family / friends / support
    who happen to die is dates close to appeal dates that NO ONE
    wants to INVESTIGATE ….

    Where to turn when you are used as refied “Book of Job” or “Ann
    Frank,” or “Dredd Scott?”

    Care to answer or debate?

  16. 16 1george1

    Elect me Mayor and we can put 22 % of my pay & expenses into
    a separate account or whatever necessary for IRS / CT REV.

    I would hire REAL LAWYERS, address REAL ISSUES, and raise
    STRATFORD to where it should be.
    And if POLITICS sabotages or frustrates honest efforts, I will take
    the blame and transparently post the issues.

    Sooner or later someone who loses a home, and there are many
    are going to committ violence against federal, state, & local people,
    which is everything I want to avoid. My life since 1984 & before has
    been trying to protect lives and livelihoods.

    If they crash the STOCK MARKET & KITE OIL / GAS prices any
    more – then many of the 50 % of people living paycheck to paycheck
    will lose jobs and homes.

    What happens to a HEATED TEA POT – when steam release is

  17. 17 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    “You make it sound like the Board forced something down the employees throat and that is not the case.”

    Did I? What was I thinking? The BOE force employees? Perish the thought! That didn’t come until the 57% (or was it 62%?) increase. The plan was sold to the Town as a less expensive solution as well as greater coverage. How has that worked out?

  18. OMFG! There was no choice on the insurance plan. No information was given….. My husband was one of many employees herded in like cattle, handed an envelope, told nothing about the plan except that it was being done to SAVE MONEY and requested to fill out the paperwork and get it back ASAP. Someone in the BOE knew exactly what was happening and exactly what was going to happen a couple years later!

    And…for the record, I’m not happy about the TC approval of the raise!

    I am so flippin’ tired of the bullsh*t spewed out of the mouths of most of the politicians in this Town!

  19. 19 1george1

    Welcome back PCS..

    Finally the Patch is attracting some pretty intelligent people
    (like PCS, Chris, Ron, & JEZE) who have a conscience or

    Sudds & Portia are intelligent, yet.

    Gavin is exceptionally smart, super props for EMS, yet his
    political decisions or process are unfathomable?

    Whatever happened to Mayor 2013?
    We are still a month away from 2012!

    Tonight I asked, then I badgered, Tom Malloy to put a couple
    grand for the Town Hall & Library to have wheel chairs and
    electric carts for elderly and handicapped.
    > Mr. Malloy said he would not put it on the Agenda but would
    mention it for the next Town Council and would ask about $$

    I suggested he pretend these were miniture Fire Trucks or that
    a member of the RTC sold electric carts or wheel chairs. 😦 😉

    The man is brilliant. But he turned out to be politically pathetic.
    Which ever is lower pathetic or pitiful in his political decisions?

    Tonight I saw a full range: Huff n Puff, rationalization, justification,
    evasions, diversions, distractions, strict interpretations, euphenisms,
    pretext, attempted 3rd party endorsement, cunctatation, passing
    the buck, callousness, and total self absorption …. with the usual
    or expected puffery … some people are just …. sad …

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “OMFG! There was no choice on the insurance plan.”

    I think I like your version better. It makes more sense. It’s not like three or four plans were floated to BOE employees and a selection was made. I’m pretty sure it was “presented” something like this:

    “This plan will save $1.9 million or we will have to lay you off and close a school.”

    Now the cost is being blamed on employees. Never mind outrageous premium increases, shifting an ever increasing copay to employees or more layoffs at the bottom of the payscale. The problem is “overuse” by the employees. “Overuse”? Who wants to be sick? “I’m sorry Mr./Mrs. Employee. That lump on your (pick an organ) looks like overuse of your health plan. It will have to stay in. Let’s schedule you for another appointment in the next fiscal year.”

    Perhaps part of the problem emanates from those who are not covered by the plan: Superintendent Cornish and every single board member.

  21. 21 gforrester

    Mrs. Sperling;

    With all due respect you are wrong. If you take the time to have your husband confirm with his union president under no circumstances can the BOE change any aspect of the medical plan without the unions concent. Your husband was handed a form because the Union agreed to the changes as if they had not there would be an unfair labor practise motion filed with the State. What I am tried of is people who disgard facts to suit their own purpose.

  22. 22 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    “no circumstances can the BOE change any aspect of the medical plan without the unions concent.”

    And what were the choices presented to the unions again?

  23. 23 gforrester


    “How has that worked out?”

    Quite honestly the decision sucked. I understand why the BOE members at the time voted for it and hindsight is always 20/20. I wish every decision that we make works but none of us are perfect.

  24. 24 gforrester

    Jez it’s not a matter of choices, The Board makes an offer to change, unions look at the proposed changes and they have every right to say no. If they say no it can go to arbritration or mediation. The BOE does not go to the union and say ok choose either column A or B. We make the proposal and they agree or not.

  25. 25 gforrester

    Jez no one on the BOE is blaming employees for being sick. It’s a fact of the insurance business that if your lost ratio is too big then the company doesn’t make money and your premiums go up. When people ask why did the premiums go up so much the answer is usage. That’s not placing blame, that’s just stating a fact. You don’t think that GM or Ford didn’t go to their employees and say either make consessions or we have to lay people off to balance the budget? What makes Government any different, we have X dollars and need to pay Y bills and if we don’t have the money then we have to make cuts.

  26. 26 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    “Quite honestly the decision sucked.”
    Maybe the most accurate thing you’ve ever said. At least you are the only politician willing to say it. Thank you.

    “Jez no one on the BOE is blaming employees for being sick.”
    You should listen to some of your fellow BOE members.

    “It’s a fact of the insurance business that if your lost ratio is too big”
    I guess the question is “how big”? I find it incredible that with an organization like the BOE which has been operating for generations and has data going back at least that long that Connecticare would be shocked, shocked I tell you, at the “usage” numbers and have to raise rates 62% (not to mention the 12-15% per year after that). Something smells really rotten there and I don’t think it has anything to do with BOE employees. Just sayin’….

  27. Mr. Forrester (since I see we’ve gone to FORMAL):

    “If you take the time to have your husband confirm with his union president under no circumstances can the BOE change any aspect of the medical plan without the unions concent.”

    While they may have been aware that a change in the plan was being looked at, they were herded in and given the package – they did not vote on it or anything of the sort. Apologies, but the administration of the BOE has a ton of corruption and lies running through its blood. As far as I’m concerned, they continue to suck it all in for themselves and the blood they’re sucking away is that of the people who do the real work!

    I have very little faith in the board of the BOE, with the exception of maybe one or two newly elected individuals, and have pretty much lost faith in all but three of the individuals on the Town side of things.

    You are all drinking the kool-aid as far as I am concerned…….

  28. Jez ~ there were no choices! Can I say OMFG again!!!!!! I don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone in the heirarchy of the BOE or Town! Honesty – true honesty – is something that does not exist and hopefully the people I stand behind will continue to stay true to what they believe in and not be swayed by the smell of the kool-aid…….

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Well, as long as you’re paying attention I feel a bit better.

  30. Jez ~ yes, I’m paying attention. I’m not here often….. keeping very busy with family stuff. Having a very active 7 year old takes lots of time and energy, but I do still read and talk to various people (not just my husband) about what’s going on.

  31. 31 1george1

    Something is missing

  32. George, perhaps truth, honesty and integrity???????

    Elected officials and hired administration needs to start remembering how they got elected and who pays the salaries of the administration. WE, THE PEOPLE got them elected, and WE, THE PEOPLE pay the adminsitration’s salaries – not Irene Cornish, not John Harkins.

    Maybe people need to start pitching tents in front of Town Hall, and in the parking lot of the BOE – OCCUPY STRATFORD!

  33. 33 jezebel282



    Ummm…didn’t you used to be a Republican?

  34. 34 sudds

    Does anyone else get excited when PCS gets all fired up??? 😉

  35. 35 jezebel282


    With our appreciation to MariAn Gail Brown:

    MariAn Gail Brown: It’s time for the ex-Stratford mayor to pay the printer
    Updated 10:42 p.m., Thursday, February 2, 2012

    It’s clear from former Stratford Mayor Jim Miron’s blog and his old campaign literature, put together by the media strategist he lives with, that he sees himself as a crusader for the little guy and personal liberty.

    Certainly the people Miron claims to “advocate” for aren’t the folks at Andrew Graphics, a print shop in his hometown, which produced campaign literature for him in his 2009 bid for re-election. By personal liberty, Miron must mean his right to make his own rules for repaying debt and then change them when it suits him.

    More than two and one-half years after Andrew Graphics completed its end of the bargain, both Miron and his campaign committee, after promising to pay for the work, have failed to make good. Yes, the candidate made a couple of small payments, but only in advance of his planned state Senate bid against attorney Kevin Kelly. And those small payments stopped once Miron lost that race.

    Now the scuttlebutt is that Miron wants to return to elective office, either to challenge the Republican Stratford Mayor John Harkins, who defeated him in 2009, or take on state Sen. Kevin Kelly in a rematch in the 21st state Senate District. This is the last thing that the Stratford Democratic Town Committee or the Democratic State Central Committee ought to allow.

    Politicians who want We the People to entrust them with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars need to show they can manage their finances. The first entities that a campaign committee need to pay should be the contractors they hire. The balance owed to Andrew Graphics is $12,522.90 and Miron authorized his mayoral campaign treasurer to offer to pay the business $30 per month to retire the debt after the November 2010 state elections. At that rate, it would take Miron 34.8 years to extinguish the debt, without interest charges.

    “All we want is to be paid for the work we’ve done,” Bob Fiorillo, president of Andrew Graphics, says. “In the 31 years of doing business, we have never been treated in such a shabby way. We’ve never ever had a customer stiff us.”

    In Democratic circles, Miron is known as a gregarious attorney, a micro-manager with a huge ego and a lot of chutzpah. Case in point: the candidate’s suggestion for dealing with his financial obligations to Andrew Graphics.

    “In thinking of ways to get this debt retired (or substantially reduced), I suggest we partner and host a retire-the-debt fundraiser together,” Miron tells Fiorillo in an email. “The campaign would provide the names and address of folks to invite that are still able to contribute under campaign finance law and you could invite anyone else that might be interested in attending to help retire this debt with the understanding that 100 percent of the proceeds up to the amount owed would go to your company.”

    He doesn’t indicate in that email what might happen to any excess money raised.

    Miron, who enjoys commenting and bantering with Stratfordites on his and other blogs, declined a dozen requests to explain how he and his campaign committee plan to pay this printer. He also was offered the chance to explain why his media strategist, Heather Habelka, who lives with him in Stratford, is registered to vote at the same address and runs Red Poppy Marketing LLC from their home, received $8,060.87 from his state Senate campaign committee, with the lion’s share of those funds incurred in the last two weeks of the campaign. Specifically, I asked Miron in emails, voicemail messages and letters over a five-month period if he is married to Habelka, engaged in a common-law marriage, in a domestic partnership or in a close personal relationship, such as a “significant other.” He declined to be interviewed.

    The nature of their relationship is not a question of nosiness. Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program awards substantial sums, in excess of $85,000 for a state Senate race, to candidates who meet its qualifications for demonstrating they have enough grassroots support from voters to wage a campaign.

    But the State Elections Enforcement Commission imposes restrictions on the receipt of this money. For one thing, candidates can’t employ family members. The regulations go on to list numerous blood relatives and extended-family members who are banned from being paid “including: a participating candidate’s spouse, civil union partner, sibling, child … or any such individuals related to the participating candidate…” From the text, it doesn’t appear that the list is meant to be exhaustive and name every person who the candidate is barred from hiring.

    Miron’s state Senate campaign finance reports are being audited by the SEEC, not because of any suspected wrongdoing, but because the 21st state Senate District was randomly chosen for the scrutiny.

    As to whether the payments to Habelka’s business, Red Poppy Marketing, might be improper, officials with the SEEC will only say it is unclear from the statute whether payments to Habelka and Red Poppy Marketing violate the spirit of the law. Meanwhile, there is no complaint pending on Miron’s state Senate campaign to test the legality of this arrangement. Moreover, there is nothing in the Citizens’ Election Program regulations that bars a candidate from employing a limited liability company managed or owned by a family member. A crater-sized loophole that needs to be closed.

    In the final analysis, if Miron and his campaign committee are unwilling to pay the printer, then it’s up to the Stratford Democratic Town Committee to step in and do what’s right. And even that looks doubtful.

    Rick Marcone, chairman of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee, says he commiserates with Andrew Graphics.

    “We’re aware of what’s owed to them — thousands of dollars,” Marcone says. “At this point, we are unable to help. We’re tapped for funds ourselves. And I really do feel bad the gentleman hasn’t been paid, and I’ve expressed my concern (to the Miron committee). We’d like to see this cleared up. But, really, it’s not our legal responsibility.”

    Moral responsibility is another matter. Candidates and their campaign committees, like the Little Guy they depend on, ought to live within their means. The time is long since passed for Miron to pay the printer.

    Read more:

    Thank you, Ms. Brown. Couldn’t have said it better.

  36. 36 mikereynolds

    Wow…great job.

    I’m sure the Stratford DTC loves this kind of publicity. As long as there is any association between the SDTC and Miron they will never win a mayoral election. When are they going to learn?

  37. 37 sudds

    “Miron’s state Senate campaign finance reports are being audited by the SEEC, not because of any suspected wrongdoing, but because the 21st state Senate District was randomly chosen for the scrutiny.”


    Not that I disagree with them though… sounds like he SHOULD be audited!!!

  38. 38 sudds

    Hmmm… note to self

    (1) divorce Mrs. Sudds
    (2) acquire a few signatures
    (3) spend $85k at “Mrs. Sudds Marketing”
    (4) vacation in Hawaii annually

  39. 39 1george1

    FOI Stratford Finance Department would like prove Mayor Miron
    Town Attorney office, from 2006 – 2009 paid over:
    $ 2,200,000 to Burturla / Berchem
    $ 625,000 to Kevin Kelly – Jackson Bishop

    Florek never seems to get a lot from the Town / BoE.

    I can’t help wondering how much he, Kubic, and other make
    directly or indirectly from Berchem and certain other Firms?

    While people like Florek, he had his finger in Stratford pie since
    1991, under Kevin Williams’ – Kevin Kelly’s Bro-in-law.
    They followed the Burturla Town Council.

    Esq Florek was on Miron / Burturla payroll while being chairman
    of Charter Revision Commission # 2, under Town Attorney Burturla
    with Kelly & Florek as assistant Town Attornetys, under Mayor Miron

    Esq. Kevin Williams & Esq Miron was on Charter Revision
    Commission # 1, under Town Attorney Kevin Kelly, with Burturla
    & Florek as assistant Town Attorneys.

    JEZE – You and others know I hate being RELEVANT to BLOG
    STRINGS ….. however what is the name of this BLOG?


    Esq. Kevin Williams & Esq Miron was on Charter Revision
    Commission # 1, under Town Attorney Kevin Kelly, with Burturla
    & Florek as assistant Town Attorneys.

    Esq Florek was on Miron / Burturla payroll while being chairman
    of Charter Revision Commission # 2, under Town Attorney Burturla
    with Kelly & Florek as assistant Town Attornetys, under Mayor Miron

    Stratford Finance Department would like prove Mayor Miron
    Town Attorney office, from 2006 – 2009 paid over:
    $ 2,200,000 to Burturla / Berchem
    $ 625,000 to Kevin Kelly – Jackson Bishop

    I can’t help wondering how much he, Kubic, and other make
    directly or indirectly from Berchem and certain other Firms?

    Was $ 85,000 Tax Payer money given to Mayor Miron to run for office?

    Was or will there be $ 50,000 paid by Town Attorney discretion, given
    by the Tom Malloy Town Council to:
    * Christian Miron?
    * Justin LoSchiavo?
    * Others?

    Where in the Collier Budget can one find Stratford Town Attorney
    case settlement number$ !?!

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “Where in the Collier Budget can one find Stratford Town Attorney
    case settlement number$ !?!”


    In fact, Ms. Collier has lumped so many salaries together it impossible to tell what any salaries for so many positions are. Nice.

    And as mentioned elsewhere, the monthly budget v actuals report has been missing since Oct. 2011. I am guessing that, for Harkins, “transparency” was for a limited time only. Who knew transparency had an expiration date?

    One small fortunate circumstance for us is that each time Miron sticks his head out of his hole all that somebody has to do is whack it with the truth. Nice whack there, MariAnn!

  41. 41 jezebel282

    Note of interest:

    Miron has not objected to a single word of Ms. Brown’s article.

    Amazing, huh?

  42. 42 1george1

    Have you noticed the only ones who complained about my
    Letters to the Editor content were Joe Pedoto and Mr. Brill.
    Both Democrats.

    Someone else complained about my style or lack thereof,
    in Letters to the Editor.

    Notice Lou DeCilio would attack Jim Miron.
    Years ago Lou was seen bowling with Dick Miron.
    For some reason, the Republicans ignore me and do not
    REBUT anything I write?

    Recent Letters and pending situations should change that
    and may cause a 4TH ATTEMPT on my LIFE, by the Mirons-
    DeCilio/Norm, Burturlas-Kelly Matrix.

    Years ago, a Federal Judge found the L . A. POLICE Department
    guilty of violating the R.I.C.O. Act.

    U.S. Attorneys & Federal Judges are nominated by SENATORS.
    The President then selects them. The Senate Confirms.
    Guess why Senators NEVER get investigated / prosecuted?
    Guess why Bush-Cheney, Clinton, Bush, NEVER got investigated / prosecuted, except for minor stuff?

    In Iran Contra – Oliver North admitted to Treason & Criminal Acts.
    In Watergate …..

    FBI investigating East Haven police over Racial acts.
    Wonder why the FBI never investigates DRUG TRAFFIC in
    Bridgeport (Harbor), Stratford (airport), & East Haven (airport)

    I strongly suspect the Dick Miron Tombstone farce was to create

    There is a Time Table.

    There is a GAME being played, using the OLD TESTAMENT &
    NEW TESTAMENT most perversely, in order to manipulate over
    BILLION people.

    British Empire had to be able to communication inover 100 languages
    and know nuances of over 100 cultures.

    Intelligence Communities are well practiced in EMPIRICS!

  43. 43 jezebel282


    “Have you noticed the only ones who complained about my
    Letters to the Editor”

    Easy there, pardner. I think it is because everyone else pretty much gave up on it.

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